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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the news keeps coming. shawn yancy in with the news edge at 11:00. >> we begin with breaking news from nats park tonight. the celebration's underway right now of the nationals lost tonight's game, but they won the nl east championship. the fireworks went off. the champagne bottles popping in the locker room and on the field. it's a huge night of celebration and relief for fans and players. let's get right to fox 5 sports director scott smith live inside nats ballpark tonight. >> reporter: order has been restored on the field, but the party continues downstairs inside the clubhouse. nats still going strong with that party. of course, i didn't plan on taking an early evening shower, but once i joined the party downstairs i certainly got that and more. they are going strong downstairs, rightfully enjoying this victory. of course, a 2-0 loss, but the
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braves' loss was the magic no. 1. braves lose. they win the nl east title. this is kind of the little trophy that i got, the t-shirt, the nl east division title t- shirt. they got something much better, the twist title itself. let's show you some of the earlier celebration -- the nl east title itself. let's show you some of the earlier celebration. they pop open the champagne and the goggles are out, but they couldn't keep it to themselves. they wanted to celebrate with the fans at nationals park. gio gonzalez was the first out of the dugout. jayson werth soon followed, the entire team enjoying with the fans. of course, the fans chanting with the players. they even made their rounds around the field giving high five's to everybody in reach. bryce harper, gio gonzalez all enjoying this moment, of course. they are now enroute to the playoffs with the division
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title in hand. let's listen to zimmerman following the game. >> reporter: well prepared for the champagne shower and they just never stop coming. aren't you worn out? >> but to go through that and come out on top with these guys is unbelievable. >> reporter: still a long way to go, right? >> oh, yeah. hopefully this is the tip of the iceberg. we want to be in this position year in, year out for a long time. >> reporter: this city is so playoff baseball starved. you deliver and give it to them so quickly in your career. did you have any idea it would happen like this? >> two years ago when i got drafted i knew we were going to have a great team. we had a great organization with strasburg, zimmerman and werth, great staff, great group of guys. i thought we were going to win definitely. i had no doubt in my mind. i want to come out here and win for this town and this city. that's how i've always been.
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>> reporter: the party lasted at least 45 minutes on the field and is continuing right now. you look at this in perspective. three years ago they were the worst team in major league baseball. today they are the toast of the town, toast of the nation, in fact. the fans enjoying this one as well. i'm sure the party is going stronout on the streets. bob barnard is out there with the fans taking part in all the fun, i'm sure. bob, take it away. >> reporter: hey, scott, this is a memorable night for washington sport fans, for nats fans, for baseball fans. the few here inside they've locked this gate. the main center field gait is still open. they're gobbling up -- gate is still open. they're gobbling up new merchandise. we can show you video from masn earlier. this was at 9:44 tonight when word came. it was going into the bottom of the 9th here in washington. nats were down 2-0 and the word came from pittsburgh that the braves had lost and so the
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place went crazy and that's how the fans here found out that the nats were the nl east champions. this game hadn't ended, but thanks to the pittsburgh pirates beating the atlanta braves tonight they're nl east champs and very happy. here's some of the taste of the fans' reaction here on the sidewalk. >> i can't even express right now what i'm feeling. this is amazing. it was kind of anti-climatic a little bit, but we're going into postseason. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> i'm just extra happy that we lost but we won. it's just -- i don't know. i just feel great. >> really pumped we actually clinched for the division. i knew we were going to the playoffs, but this just makes it so much more better. >> reporter: what did you think of that game? >> good. >> reporter: who won tonight?
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who? >> washington! >> i think it's huge because last year this time we weren't even considered making the playoffs and for us to win this year is just amazing. >> reporter: how did you get this shirt so quickly? >> the minute that the nats clinched because of atlanta losing they cleaned out all the old shirts from the store. they put these out. they put out the hats. they put out the shirts. >> reporter: didn't see the hats. >> everything was ready to go. >> nl east champions 2012 washington nationals! >> yeah! >> reporter: it's still loud here on the sidewalk outside nats stadium. all the employees are leaving. they're very happy. there are still two more games in the regular season, tomorrow and wednesday night against the phillies 7:00 here. so the season is not over, but the celebrating has begun. >> bob, i know you've covered sports from time to time in our town. let me ask you can you ever remember a time where this much excite happened after a loss?
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>> reporter: good question. no. not really. will had asked me earlier what i would compare this to? i think the night barack obama was elected president there was electricity in the air. since then almost four years i think this is the next best thing really. it's been quite a night here. >> earlier we were talking about all the fans still inside. from your perspective does it look like almost everyone has cleared out now heading home? >> reporter: pretty much. duane, show them these folks. this is one of the employee exits. you've got some folks who work the game who bought some merchandise. they're dancing thumbs up hanging out having a good time. really most of the fans have made it home, but just the folks who worked here. how you doing, okay? yeah, near good. it's been a heck of -- they're good. it's within a heck of a night and we're seeing a lot of people who work here leaving with shopping bags with shirts and hats. >> bob barnard, thank you so much for giving us the perspective outside there with the fans.
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speaking of fans, our facebook fans overwhelmed with excitement now that the nats clinched the division title, many leaving congratulatory messages on our wall. we invite you to go to our my fox d.c. facebook page and leave your own message for the nats. we'll have much more later in the show from nationals ballpark. a news alert in frederick, maryland, more gunfire today after a string of unusually violent day including the city's first murder this year. fox 5's karen gray houston is live in frederick with the latest. >> reporter: there was a murder here sunday and it was the first murder in frederick this year. this is the city that only had two homicides in all of last year. 36-year-old lamont ellis was gunned down early sunday morning about 2 a.m. shot multiple times according to police found in mullinex alley. his friends gathered for a vigil tonight at the very spot where he was killed.
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they believe he was the victim of an attempted robbery, but police say they have not yet determined a motive. meanwhile gunfire rang out around 5:30 this evening in the 300 block of west south street, shots that could be heard from police headquarters. area residents say somebody started firing a weapon after a big street fight involving 15 or 20 people. police say one person was stabbed and is in serious condition. no word on whether the two incidents are connected. police are waiting for autopsy results on lamont ellis. >> we believe he was downtown at some of our downtown establishments. we think he left downtown, was leaving with a group of people or walking with a group of people when he was walking through the alley to his transport to leave for the evening. >> i just hope that they catch this person really soon and he didn't deserve this, you know. he's now left a child -- two
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children with no father. it's just a horrible thing, horrible thing. >> reporter: police made one arrest tonight that was drug- related. they don't have anyone in custody in connection with the shooting or the stabbing. anyone with informationbout the killing of lamont ellis is asked to call police at 301-600- tips and you can remain anonymous. shawn, back to you. i was a ghoul. i was a thief. i stole people's lives. >> d.c. sniper lee boyd malvo speaks for the first time apologizing to his victims since he and john muhammad went on a three week killing spree that terrorized the d.c. region. tomorrow marks 10 years since that shooting rampage began. malvo spoke to the washington post in an exclusive interview. will thomas is here with more. >> lee boyd malvo was a teenager when he helped kill 10 people and shoot several others. now he's in his late 20s
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spending 23 hours a day in a small cell thinking about what he did. he told the washington post that fellow sniper john allen it and trained him so that he would be doing anything when asked to do it. that included murder after murder. malvo says he's sorry but said there's no way to properly convey an apology to the victims' families. >> what am i going to tell them? i'm sorry i murdered your only child. i'm sorry i killed your husband. i'm sorry i murdered your wife. what do i tell the child who was waiting for his father to come home, his dad never showed up? >> malvo also said he hopes the families of the victims can forget about him and move on. he said they shouldn't allow him to victimize them for the rest of their lives. tonight we spoke with the husband of this woman, lori luis rivera who was gunned down at a gas station in kensington maryland. she was vacuuming her car. she had just dropped off her 3- year-old at daycare. he said it's hard to take
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malvo's advice. >> we're going to be victims for the rest of our life. in the back he's just going to smile and i don't believe what he was saying. i don't believe that at all. i didn't feel anything remorse from him at all. >> rivera has since moved to california, sacramento. he's remarried, has two more children besides the young daughter that lori left behind. he still wears the wedding ring from the marriage to lori. the victims rights foundation is joining forces with the montgomery county church, the county police and the local football and cheer program. they held a prayer vigil for those victims this week. the vigil is thursday, october 4th at 6:30 at the goshen united methodist church in gaithersburg. still ahead if you have a child that wears diapers, you might want to stock up, why there could be a worldwide shortage on the way. >> sue is tracking more rain in the forecast.
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>> we've got patches of light rain around the area tonight, nothing dampening the spirits of washington at this hour, but there will be a little more tomorrow. throw an umbrella in your car. i'll let you know what to expect as the news edge at 11:00 continues. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. ah.
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being recalled and a heads up to anyone who still has kids that are using diapers. will thomas now with your fox 5 top five. >> hi, shawn. up first tonight why you may need to stock up on diapers. no. 5, the world could soon face a diaper shortage. the global diaper supply is at risk following an explosion at a japanese chemical plant that makes acrylic acid. it's the key ingredient in disposable diapers. other acrylic acidmakers have been operating at full capacity to try to meet the demand. no. 4, turn off the television when you're not watching it or listening to it. even background tv noise can have a negative effect on children. researchers say some children are exposed to nearly four hours of background tv noise every day which can hurt their cognitive functioning and social play. no. 3, honda recalling nearly 600,000 accords to fix faulty hoses. a defective power steering hose could leak fluid and catch fire.
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the recall affects 2003 to 2007 accords equipped with v6 engines. the company will make repairs for free but won't have the parts until next year. we'll keep you posted. no. 2, heads up. there are new laws when you drive through maryland. if you come to a nonworking stoplight, you have to give pedestrians the right-of-way. if you don't, you face up to a $90 fine and two points on your license. at no. 1, if you ride one of those, a scooter or moped, maryland law requires you to wear a helmet and protective glasses. you have to have a title stick other your scooter and liability insurance. the new law is pretty simple to ensure scooter and moped riders are more accountable for their driving. that's a wrap on your fox 5 top five. >> sue palka and i can't let this go. the nationals took the championship. one up. oh. that's why i'm not on the team. >> you neverren what the ball is going to, do -- never know
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what the ball is going to, do the humidity in the studio. >> what about the humidity outside? >> it's very humid. we'll have a little fog overnight, very patchy light rain, nothing that wrecked the game. you saw the ponchos a little bit. a couple people had umbrellas up. more rain tomorrow and maybe a wet commute in the morning for some people, especially if you live in maryland. we'll start with a look at the streets. you can see some of the routes here, route 1 and route 110 in virginia, a little reflection on the road. you can see very light rain that has been moving its way up from the south. that's what we'll continue to see. what we'll start with is what you can expect the next two days and of the next two days tomorrow will be wetter at 75 degrees. so a lot of clouds, maybe a little morning fog, periods of drizzle, occasional showers and maybe in the afternoon we pop a thunderstorm as well. wednesday any showers we have will be very early in the morning and move out of town pretty quickly. wednesday actually ins up being
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a little taste of early -- ends up being a little taste of early september with temperatures around 84 degrees. right now not everybody is getting rain and sometimes the very feign mist or drizzle does not show up on radar. this -- fine mist or drizzle does not show up on radar. this is moving pretty quickly northeast, so the kind of thing where you need intermittent windshield wipers. down to our south a bit more to come. here's a new batch in charlottesville. follow that forth south and another bigger batch which may again ride closer to the interstate 81 corridor. that's the warm front coming north. weigh look at the entire east coast -- we look at the entire east coast. we've got the warm front and area of low pressure which will bring some of that moisture. a couple fronts to deal with. when we wring everything out, i think we're only talking about 1/4-inch of rain or so. might be a little heavier in this blue batch.
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that could enup being 1/2-inch or -- end up being 1/2-inch or so through wednesday. temperatures will be warming up even from today, 72, 70 and 72 at bwi thurgood marshall today. won't be cold tonight, 65 degrees still thanks to the clouds and showers. your temperature trend the next self days with the average being 76 shows a couple warm days in our future, sunnier wednesday at 84, thursday 79 and friday is another warm one. these three days in particular, wednesday, thursday, friday, looking mighty fine. here's your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast, a nice run of days coming. in the weekend we'll find temperatures cooling, 74 saturday, maybe a couple showers sunday as the temperature drops to 67. even cooler still for monday at 64. that's your seven-day forecast, but we are all talking about what happened tonight. scott and lindsay are still out at nats park where i am sure the place is still just buzzing. it was such great fun to watch that game tonight even if they
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did lose. let's send it out to you guys. this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with scott smith. >> reporter: there is buzz in the air still. the players may be on their way home. this is the celebration after a division title, like to say after a world series title. >> reporter: been 79 years since the team has had a playoff. >> reporter: you got a little swag in your hands, a t-shirt, nl east champion t-shirts. i'd like to say we're both dry, but lindsay kind of dragged me downstairs and ian got us. >> reporter: you play it off well. your hair still looks really good despite the fact that ian desmond had two peers over our heads, pretty good time. >> reporter: some of the highlights, of course, the magic no. 1, pick it up in the 2nd inning. it's phillies darren ross, a triple into left center field. bryce harper rattles off the wall. two runs score, not much
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offense for the nationals tonight. they did have their opportunities, however, adam laroche getting an opportunity with runners on. he get caught looking. so the offense not there tonight, but they are watching the scoreboard and at 9:45 an announcement was made that the braves had lost and that's all they needed. fans celebrate. davey johnson loving it blowing a kiss to the fans and the celebration ensues. it starts downstairs in the team clubhouse. the champagne is popped. the goggles are on, but they just couldn't keep it to themselves. they had to share it with their fan base out here and they come out and celebrate with the crowd. the crowd hangs out, thousands of fans and celebrating with them. obviously a lot of fun for everybody, but especially sweet to one of the longest tenured nationals, ryan zimmerman. >> this whole year was a huge
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group effort. everyone came together. everyone did so many things to help us get to where we're at now i haven't even thought about me or myself or how long i've been here because all these other guy deserve it just as much as i do. >> i'm happy for the guys. they've been through it a lot, especially guys like zim and everybody else who has been here so long. this is fun. this is great. it's just one step. the celebrations get more and more fun as we go along. >> words can't describe these fans. all games they were so loud. i guess it's what to look forward to in the postseason. >> reporter: the celebration continued and our reporter lindsay murphy was in the middle of it. she got a one on one with stephen strasburg. stick around. that's coming up next.
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>> reporter: welcome back to nats park. stephen strasburg was shut down in early september and many wondered will he feel like he was part of this victory? he was. he contributed to 15 wins and tonight he enjoyed it. >> definitely an amazing feel, so happy to be a part of it. i'm so happy that it's happen so quickly, but the job is not done. we still got a long way to go gear ready for it. the games in april mean as much as they do in september. that's what i keep telling myself. i know the guys that are picking up the slack now that i'm done. >> reporter: how did i manage to get more champagne on me than you? >> it's dried off a little bit. >> reporter: what was that moment to be with your
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teammates and friends jumping around everybody going crazy? >> it's awesome. i never experienced that before and it's pretty addicting. i definitely want to do it again soon. >> reporter: congratulations. >> thank you. >> you've been part of this the whole time and i feel like it's only fitting that we celebrate. it's not much. >> reporter: welcome to the team, buddy. feels good. >> we'll be back right after this. are you ready ? share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99.
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