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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 8, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're following several big stories tonight. jerry sandusky speaks from prison, what the former penn state football coach is saying about his conviction on the eve of his sentencing. >> plus the nats are bringing their playoff hopes back home after a tough day on the road. we are live in st. louis. >> and we are also live in
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richmond tonight for the senate seat showdown. george allen and tim kaine face off. but we begin tonight with those tumbling temperatures outside. thanks for joining us tonight, everyone. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. hard to believe it was 80 degrees on saturday. if you stepped out tonight, need to bundle out. that's not all. a few areas are getting showers. sue palka in the weather center with the latest. how low will it again? >> tell you. what the suburbs are already -- go? >> tell you what. the suburbs are already down in the low 40s. this is more typical for the end of november. our high temperature today was only 55, the coolest we've been since way back in late april. let me show you where the showers are. it's nothing like last night, but as we get in a little closer here out toward the leesburg area and reston you've got some very light sprinkles even through the great falls area. this is not anything real heavy, but we'll keep a few showers in the forecast overnight. the real story, though, is the
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cold. check out these high temperatures today. it has been a while and yes, it is a huge adjustment from all that heat that we had, especially as you mentioned 80 degrees saturday. check out temperatures right now. the district is still 51, but the suburbs down to the mid-40s and it will fall from there. we're not worried about frost locally or any kind of freeze, but in the purple area out to the highlands where there was snow mixed in with rain above 2,500 feet today, you've got a freeze warning going until 9 a.m. you can follow that all the way up to pittsburgh and upstate new york with frost and freeze advisories. here's what we expect overnight, dropping down to 38 degrees in frederick and hagerstown, 39 culpeper and winchester, about 45 degrees in the district. yes, that's cool. maybe we could call it cold. hope your furnace doesn't click on too much tonight. i'll let you know whether or not we can get a warm-up into town. hint, i think it's doable. breaking news in montgomery
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county, maryland, police on the scene of a shooting in silver spring. this is a live look at good hope road courtesy of sky fox. you can see there are some police vehicles on the scene or police personnel there on the scene. police received a call from a homeowner around 9:00 this evening telling them he'd shot an intruder and that the intruder ran off. there's no word if police caught the intruder, no word oint truer's condition nor if the two people knew each -- on the intruder's condition nor if the two people knew each other. a day after the nationals won their first playoff game in franchise history they're back at it again this afternoon trying to build a two-games to none lead over the cardinals with another victory. >> sports director scott smith is here. how did we do. >> it's tough to go on the road and win two on the opponent's turf. let's just say the nats are happy to bring the series back to washington. we'll pick up highlights in the bottom of the 2nd.
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nats trail 3-1. john j. slaps a base hit to the opposite field. daniel descalso comes around to score. michael morse throws to second in time to get j. jordan zimmerman allows five runs. deficit 7-1, nats fighting back. zimmerman takes lance lynn deep to left field, a solo home run. next batter adam laroche, little rally perhaps, follows suit to right field off lynn, back to back jacks, deficit now 7-3. top of the 7th now an 8-4 ballgame, somewhat manageable. zimmerman with two on lines out to left field. jayson werth tags and scores. the relay throw is awful. harper tries to go and is tagged out. nats fall to the cards 12-4, series tied 1-1 surrendering double digit runs to the cards now, nothing new. the fourth time this year that's happened. let's hope the cards got those runs out of their system.
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lindsay murphy joins us live from st. louis with more. >> reporter: hey, let's just call it like it is. this was an ugly game for the nationals. the cardinals 12 runs on 13 hits and once again pitching is a concern for this nationals ball club. jordan zimmerman has been consistent all season lasted only three innings, his shortest outing since coming off tommy johns surgery. so think about that a second. this ballclub you would think would be down. they aren't because they came to st. louis, split the series. now they have the upper hand. it's something we call home field advantage. >> it's a great lineup over there. they swung it well. you got to tip your cap sometimes and come back that next day. that's the great thing with baseball. we get to come back the next day and play and have some fun and really enjoy our first postseason. >> starting on the road against a tough team like that. if you can go 1-1 and basically go home and win a series. it would have been really nice to win today, but obviously things didn't turn out that
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way. we'll forget about this game and take the split as a positive and go home and get ready for a tough series. >> you work all season for home field advantage. you come into a hostile environment like st. louis is and you got to get one game. that's the important thing. we were able to get one last night. obviously you hate losing, but getting the first game was very important to split the series and head home, home field advantage. >> reporter: game three back in d.c. on wednesday at 1:07. edwin jackson gets the start for the nats. this is kind of ironing. he was with the cardinals last year -- ironic. he was with the cardinals last year and pitched in four postseason games for them. >> you at least have two more games in nationals farc. we're also monitoring the o's
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taking -- park. we're also moon toring the o's taking on that seer -- monitoring the o's taking on that sees up 2-1. in northwest d.c. fans are still optimistic the nats will go all the way. take a listen. >> i definitely think they have a chance to win the world series. i wouldn't be surprised. >> i'm kind of taking it as it comes. i have tickets, so obviously i'm optimistic. >> they've got all the missing parts, great pitching, good bullpen and some great hitters, be nice to have them come back home. >> again the nats play game three of the series here in d.c. at 1 p.m. this wednesday. a fox 5 news alert, at eve of his sentencing former penn state coach jerry sandusky is speaking out from jail. fox 5's lauren demarco following this from the newsroom. >> jerry sandusky never took the stand in his trial, but in an audio statement from behind
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bars today the former penn state croche declares his innocence denying he -- coach declares his innocence denying the acts he was convicted of and says he didn't have an opportunity to prepare for trial. let's listen to a clip of his statement. >> a young man who is dramatic, a veteran accuser who always sought attention started everything. he was joined by a well orchestrated effort of the media, investigators, penn state, psychologists, civil attorneys and other accusers. they won. i've wondered what they really won, attention, financial gain, prestige willable temporary. before you blame me -- will all be temporary. before you blame me as others have look at every and everybody. >> sandusky was speaking on com radio, a student run station at penn state. throughout the statement he referred to his victims only as accusers. he said he will fight for a second chance and for justice. tomorrow a judge will sentence sandusky on 45 counts of sexual abuse. you'll recall he was found guilty in june of abusing 10
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boils over 15 years. -- boys over 15 years. prosecutors say as many as half a dozen of his victims will speak at the hearing tomorrow, sandusky also expected to speak and a certificate his innocence. legal experts say it's like -- and assert his innocence. legal experts say it's likely the 68-year-old will spend the rest of his life in prison. you can hear the statement in its entirety on click on web links. george allen and tim kaine squared off tonight debating the issues in the race for the senate. fox 5's karen gray houston is live in richmond tonight. any fireworks? we apologize. we are having technical difficulties right now. we'll try to get to karen in a few minutes. let me see if we have a little bit more from the debate tonight. do we have that? >> it is not a time to recede. it's not a time to ruin the
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modernization of our armed forces with these disproportionate cuts that are coming through our national defense. now tim and his allies up in washington are saying we couldn't want to avert these cuts from defense as the house did or do something similar. what they want to do is raise taxes. >> when george was in the united states senate, he voted to privatize social security. that would have been a huge catastrophe prior to the collapse of wall street. what i would do is over time allow the payroll tax cap to adjust upwards as a first way of protecting the solvency of the program rather than changing the retirement age. >> reporter: this is one of the most closely watched senate races in the country. the stakes are high. the candidates know that what happens here in virginia is tied to what happens at the top of the ticket. that was very obvious tonight. they called it the people's debate ithe battle of the
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former governors. democrat tim kaine won the coin toss to go first and the first thing out of his mouth was a joking reference to mitt romney and the firestorm that he created when talked about cutting funding to public broadcasting and in the opening remarks kaine promised he wasn't going to fire big bird, but quickly the debate turned serious. as in recent campaign ads, republican george allen took off the gloves and slammed tim kaine as a tax raiser. while he said he wants to protect virginia from billions of dollars in cuts in military spending, that was george allen, but looking to attract that all important women's vote, kaine seized every opportunity to point out how he differs from george allen. they sparred over medicare, social security, the economy and spending. now they were polite. they talked about their differences.
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alan bashed kaine for taking that job as chairman of the democratic national committee. he said he should have been spending more time and paying more attention to the state of virginia. meanwhile kaine said that they covered a lot of territory tonight. he's called this hour the fastest hour in show business. we caught up with the candidates after the debate, more on what they thought about how they performed coming up on the news edge at 11:00. back to you. coming up the search for a missing virginia teenager comes >> plus the race for the white house tightens up as mitt romney makes a major jump in the polls, how the democrats are hitting back. >> wait till you see the incredible discovery after a man heard a funny noise coming from his car engine. >> there are plenty of opinions about gay marriage in engine. now a pro athlete is joining the fight, details tonight on the news edge at 11:00.
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tray logic end to the search for a missing fairfax county -- a tragic end to the search for a missing fairfax county teenager. bryan glenn's body was found today. friends of the family tell fox 5 it was glenn. the high schooler disappeared 10 weeks ago today. >> our condolences in this instance to the glenn family. >> police searched the area where the body was found, but apparently missed it. a medical examiner will have to positively identify the body and determine the cause of death. montgomery county police shot and killed a man in silver spring earlier this morning. tracy woodford called 911 and told dispatchers he had a gun and wanted to die. officers found him outside a house on woodland drive and negotiated with woodford almost two hours before they say he cae at them with the gun. they shot him. he died at the hospital. police determined the gun was
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just a replica. now to the race for the white house, the latest polls show mitt romney with an edge over president obama and it may be thanks to his debate performance. today mitt romney got started on the topic of the next debate, foreign policy. tom fitzgerald reports from.s >> reporter: in battleground virginia mitt romney targeting the president on foreign affairs. >> on this vital issue the president has failed. >> reporter: at the virginia military institute romney said president obama failed to prevent an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya and as president romney said he would arm syria's rebels. >> and then ensure that they obtain the arms they need to defeat assad's tanks and helicopters. >> israel and america stand together. >> reporter: in the middle east romney says the president has alienated the u.s.' strongest ally, israel. >> we can't support our friends and defeat our enemies in the middle east when our words are not backed up by deeds.
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>> reporter: but democrats are hitting back. >> amateurish, that's what news media and fellow republicans called mitt romney's gaffe filled july tour of israel and poland. >> i said we'd focus on the people who actually attacked us on 9/11 and today osama bin laden is no more. >> reporter: polls released monday show mitt romney has closed the gap. politico has the president's lead down to 1%, gallop has the race tied at 47% and rasmussen has the race tied at 48%. >> when we push those uncommitted voters and ask which way they lean the results get closer, 48-48. >> reporter: results that the republican nominee says puts this race up for grabs. >> there's a lot to happen in the next 30 days. >> reporter: in a fox 5 interview senator john mccain said the obama administration
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handling of the libyan consulate attack is part of a pattern of confusion in u.s. foreign policy. >> how would we know, though that, mitt romney would perform better as a president in a similar situation? >> a lot of times it's not the crime, it's the coverup. what's the worst thing is five days later sending our u.n. ambassador out to every major news outlet saying this was a hateful video that caused a spontaneous demonstration. that's outrageous. >> reporter: but with four weeks left one campaign is trying to keep building its momentum while another is trying to rebuild its lead. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin is here. as always, great to see you. let's start off with poll numbers. are you surprised that the debate performances seemed to have this much impact now on the polls? >> really i'm not. he did a really dazzling job of turning the race into a tight race. >> you meet mitt romney by he. >> i mean mitt romney and the
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president all but admitted that was a very off night. i'm more interested as we've talked many times before about the state polls and seeing those tighten because the popular vote or the national poll does not proclaim anybody a victor, but even in the major swing states we see a tightening of the race. so the momentum has changed. we were talking about a possible landslide based maybe even a week ago, but this debate has been a really seminole point in this campaign for now. >> let's talk about an upcoming debate. we know foreign policy will be the focus of one of those debates. mitt romney criticized president obama today on foreign policy and using his popular catch phrase hope is not a strategy. you can't lead from behind. do you think mitt romney has done enough to explain what his own foreign policy would be? >> no. i listened to that and watched the entire speech and he's very murky on his specifics, more than anything wanting to establish sort of a
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psychological feeling that the president has been weak. he hasn't been decisive enough. he quoted winston churchill talking about george c. marshall whose alma mater was vmi, being a defeatist. he wants to create that aura that president obama has not been forceful and has not been in the tradition of kennedy and truman and eisenhower peace through strength, but in terms of actual specifics as tom fitzgerald pointed out, the only really difference was arming the syrian dissidents rebels, but he didn't say who was going to arm them. >> so many questions we have that could stay on romney and obama, but let's turn quickly to local politics. there was a debate tonight between democrat tim kaine and republican george allen. who do you think won? >> i think kaine did just because allen didn't answer some questions about privatizing social security, didn't answer whether he was for the dream act and also
10:22 pm
painted allen with one statement repeated over and over again that allen said in the senate that i want to ram their soft teeth down their whiney throats. that isn't the bipartisan patina that you want and i think they both have 100% name recognition. this is really very gentile, but at the same time i think kaine scored more points in this particular debate. >> 29 days to go, the rhetoric amped up. we know you'll be following all of it. thanks for coming in. talking skins coming up next. tonight all eyes are on robert griffin, iii after yesterday's nasty hit left him side lined with a concussion. coach shanahan updates his condition, plus a dr. weighs in on the injury. [ barack obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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[ female announcer ] he says... president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt romney supports actually does. moreuge tax breaks skewed to the wealthy. while cutting nearly eight hundred billion from medicaid... even though middle-class families rely on medicaid
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to help loved ones cover nursing-home care. and it helps parents support children with disabilities. if mitt romney really "cares," wouldn't we see it in his priorities? if mitt romney really "cares," i"i'm not in favor of a a$5 trillion tax cut. that's not my plan." mitchell: "the nonpartisan tax policy center concluded that mitt romney's tax plan would cost $4.8 trillion over 10 years." vo: why won't romney level with us about his tax plan, which gives the wealthy huge new tax breaks? because according to experts, he'd have to raise taxes on the middle class - or increase the deficit to pay for it. if we can't trust him here... how could we ever trust him here?
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one day after an eighth straight home loss the focus for redskins fans is still the health of robert griffin, iii knocked out of yesterdays game with a con can. sports director scott smith -- concussion. sports director scott smith back with the latest. >> he feels good today, no dizziness, no makes which is good. he took some tests and rested up this afternoon. if he passes those tests, he can do light conditioning on the treadmill tomorrow. team doctors will monitor him throughout the week to make sure symptoms don't return. if they do not, he's free to practice and play sunday. the injury took place with six minutes to go in the 3rd quarter. we've seen this plenty of times, this hit by atlanta's sean weatherspoon. griffin left the game under his own power. when he walked off the field, he told mike shanahan he was fine, but coach could sense that he wasn't. >> initially robert came off the field and he knew the score, he knew the quarter.
10:27 pm
about two, three minutes later he went in a little box and he didn't know the quarter, didn't know. so it changed. so after that procedure we take him in the locker room and he goes through a standard test and they compare that to the test when he first comes in for his physical. at that time they determine if it's a concussion or not. when that test was not the same as the initial test he took, that's when the doctors come up with a concussion. >> his brain now as with anyone is much more susceptible to damage both a dispute prolonged from another trauma within the recovery period from a previous trauma. until that recovery is complete the brain is much more susceptible to acute and long term damage. >> concussions are a serious matter. quarterbacks have been forced into retirement because of them, ie, troy aikman, kurt warner. as griffin knows and his head coach will tell him, an extra yard or two isn't worth a
10:28 pm
career cut short. coming up tonight controversial ads made their debut in several metro stations. the strong reactions from riders next. >> also ahead a local man's car engine making a funny noise. wait till you see what he found inside. >> if you see a story we should look into, give us a call. we'll be right back. mitchell: "the nonpartisan tax policy center concluded that mitt romney's tax plan would cost $4.8 trillion over 10 years." vo: why won't romney level with us about his tax plan, which gives the wealthy huge new tax breaks? because according to experts, he'd have to raise taxes on the middle class - or increase the deficit to pay for it. if we can't trust him here... how could we ever trust him here? ♪
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're monitoring metro now. those controversial signs that started popping up at several metro stops today referring to muslims as savages. some worry they could make metro and its commuters a target. fox 5's maureen umeh has the story. >> reporter: the signs began going up just before noon monday. two independent contractors carefully putting up just one poster in each of four metro stations. glenmont, takoma park, georgia
10:32 pm
avenue and u street. the ads aren't particularly visible. many riders walked right past them without noticing, but those who did stop to read the poster had strong reaction. >> it's absolutely idiotic. it's so fundamentally stupid i can't even begin to engage with it. >> why try to mobilize people to hate one and not the other? >> reporter: the posters read in any war between civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. support israel. defeat jihad. the american freedom defense initiative won the right to have them hung. the lawyer says it's protected free speech. some riders agree. >> i do not think that anybody should have the right to call anybody a savage, but at the same time this is america and we have freedom of speech. >> reporter: some believe the ads equate muslims with savages. metro went to court to stop the ads from going up after receiving verifiable threats in. new york where the posters have been up several weeks a woman was arrested for trying to spray paint over one of them. so far there hasn't been a similar scene in d.c., but some
10:33 pm
riders wonder if that won't soon change. >> i think it's wrong to call people savages just because we don't -- just because they don't live the same standard as you. so i think it's wrong to put that up. >> they probably have a legal right, but there are a lot of things you have the right to do that are still absolutely stupid. >> reporter: metro officials had no say when or where the posters went up. the ads will appear for one month. in northwest maureen umeh, fox 5 news. federal officials started drafting safety standards for the nation's subway and light rail systems including metro. the move comes three years after several derailments and crashes including the one on metro's red line in 2009. according to the washington post, federal officials met last month in d.c. to discuss the new rules which will take several months to write. talk about a close call, a maryland man driving his car heard something weirdcoming from the engine. what he discovered had firefighters very busy today. this is kind of a fun story. >> if is for a change.
10:34 pm
this one -- it is for a change. this has all the ingredients to be the most viewed on our website probably the most talked about at your house. here are the two key ingredients, a rescue and a very cute animal. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: prince george's county firefighters on scene of a rescue, this footage captured tense moments as they tried to make a save. the man driving this car knew something was wrong. >> i kept hearing a chirping under the hood and i drove a little bit and i drove some more and i said that's a cat. >> reporter: listen carefully. you'll hear it, too. >> i lift up the hood and didn't see anything, so i went under there and i actually seen a kitten inside of the hood. >> reporter: so he called 911. firefighters showed up to this beltsville parking lot and tried to help. >> agained that we're going to need a jack. so -- we determined that we're going to need a jack, so we went across the streeto the local maintenance shop, got a
10:35 pm
jack, started fishing around and found the cat again, but every time we went for the cat it kind of backed into a don't. >> reporter: 45 minutes later firefighters recovered the kitten by using some good old instincts. >> we took a big easy which is used for opening car doors when somebody locks their keys in their car and we put this thing down behind -- it's a long pole. we put it down behind the cat, kind of tapped the cat and the cat moved forward into an open area and we grabbed the catch. >> reporter: question now, where does the kitten end up? >> i'm a dog original, so i can't take it home. -- owner, so i can't take it to them. i would love to, but i can't. >> reporter: the kitten is just fine but understandably a bit jittery around a big tv camera. a vet checked the little one out. it's a girl about 3 weeks old. >> did you see that thing? it just jumped right into my hands backing away from darrell's big tv camera. you're probably wondering what will become of the cat. turns out one of the firefighters has a friend that will adopt the kitten.
10:36 pm
>> what about a name? >> i guess ultimately it will be the person that adopts the cat, but the firefighters like columbo since it is columbus day. makes sense, although i think column poe sounds like a guy's name. -- columbo sounds like a guy's name. >> i do, too but i like guy's names for girls. could you live on $30 a week? coming up a city leader takes on the challenge to shine a light on an important cause. >> later a giant brawl that involves two wedding parties, reaction from witnesses coming up from.s up from.s taking a journey on the highway costing you big time this columbus day, the national average for regular unleaded up 12% since this time last year, now $3.82 a gallon. you think that's bad? it's a lot worse if you live in california, the golden state seeing a record high average price of $4.67 a gallon as it deals with refinery problems. mean while just in time for the
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holiday shopping season wal- mart and american express are teaming up to offer a prepaid card service. it has no minimum balance, no monthly or annual fees and no overdraft charges. the service called bluebird will launch next week online in over 4,000 wal-mart stores. red bull is charging further into the energy drink market by adding fruit flavors. reports saying this spring customers will be able to get a high octane drink with lime, cranberry and blueberry flavors. that's business. i'm eric bolling.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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new developments in that nationwide meningitis outbreak.
10:41 pm
maryland officials identified two more people bringing the total in the state to five. the death toll has risen to eight nationwide. health officials are reporting 105 confirmed cases in nine states. fox's jonathan serrie has the latest. >> pain, it's to manage the pain. >> reporter: the centers for disease control and prevention has a bold warning. 13,000 americans might be at some risk in a meningitis outbreak that's linked to tainted steroid injections for back pain. back pain. >> the problem is that if that steroid is contaminated with fungus and it's injected directly into the spinal fluid, that can travel up to the linings of the brain which are the protective linings and if those get infected, that's how you get meningitis. >> reporter: the steroid was made by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts which has recalled the product. this particular form of meningitis has a long incubation period. it can take up to four weeks between a patient being infected and developing storms.
10:42 pm
the steroid was shipped to medical -- symptoms. the steroid was shipped to medical practices in 23 states. tennessee health officials are rushing to get the word out to patients. >> in many cases that meant knocking on doors. >> reporter: patients saw this medication as a way to manage pain without surgery. >> the procedures that they wanted to take i'm not going to do surgery. you don't tamper with your spine. that's pretty dangerous. so i decided to try this route. >> reporter: even though this potentially contaminated injectable was recalled september 26th , some patients may not even know they're infected until mid- to late october because of that long incubation period. in the plane jonathan serrie, fox news. there's a battle of opinions on the baltimore ravens team, not about football. hear from two players and very different opinions about gay marriage tonight on the news edge. >> first it was the bacon shortage. now it may be harder to get apples at 11:00. finances
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could you live on $30 a week? some folks in our area have no other choice and rely on food stamps just to get by. to bring attention to how little some people have just to put food on the table, one d.c. council member is putting herself in their shoes. fox 5's matt ackland takes a closer look. >> i'm going to get some bananas. that's for chump. >> reporter: grabbing a shopping cart and with the help of a friend, council member mary cheh set out to gather enough food for seven days. >> two for $5. >> reporter: cheh looked for cheaper foods, things that can be used to make several meals. >> let's put these back and i'll just take four. >> reporter: adding up each item cheh was forced to give up things she usually tosses into her cart, raisin bread, fresh flowers and her favorite, blueberries. >> see, look at this. this amount of blueberries here is $4. i can't get that. >> reporter: cheh is trying to bring attention to the
10:47 pm
supplemental nutrition assistance program known as snap or commonly called food stamps. the program helps over 140,000 d.c. residents. 47,000 are children. 10,000 are senior citizens. on a tight grocery budget there's no money for treats. >> maybe you want to buy like a nice cake or something like that. there's no room for that. >> reporter: after carefully adding up all the items this is what $30 will buy you. cheh held her breath as the cashier added up the last item. that took her over budget. >> if i take bat nana off, would that work? >> that -- a banana off, would that work? >> that would work. >> reporter: and it did with 40 cents left to spend. >> is this really say what to do? it's so artificial. it can demoralize you. >> reporter: council member cheh said she'll begin the seven-day program tomorrow and she's confident we'll be able to make it through. we'll check back in with her later in the week. matt ackland, fox 5 news.
10:48 pm
d.c. goodies got their fill of goodies at the davis d.c., the annual event wrapping up tonight. more than 50 area restaurants brought their best to pennsylvania avenue for the weekend. there are also more than 30 special beers on hand. >> everybody who ventured out, well, they had to. it was awfully chilly out there. >> i think i heard karen gray houston say say her teether chattering. >> i already started the interns warming up my car this year. >> i'm off the hook, then, wonderful. i don't think it will last too much longer. this is definitely a cold shot. this is not a changeover to winter quite yet, but wow, this is a nice little sample of what is to come. tonight we've had the lightest of a few showers moving around the region, clouds hanging tough and i think the story tomorrow will be mostly dry, but hard to get rid of the
10:49 pm
therefore, still a little on the cool side. we'll start out with radar. you can see we're not seeing a lot of rain. what we are seeing is very light. so light scattered showers, scattered about. probably be a little more around manassas into reston. so you're getting a bit of activity in northern virginia. i think that's kind of how it will go overnight, just spotty showers here and there but not real wholesale rain for any one particular location. i think tomorrow just a spotty shower chance is it. in fact, let's look at the next two days so you have an idea we'll have a pretty big temperature contrast tuesday and wednesday. tuesday, 58 degrees, so definitely still on the chilly side. now if we do at least get some sunshine in the afternoon which is possible, it won't feel as cold as today did when we didn't have any sunshine at all. today was rather raw. wednesday we're back to sunshine and our temperature with a south wind will jump back up to 70 degrees. so perhaps you won't have to filled with the furnace too much more as we get through
10:50 pm
another cold shot. this is definitely unusually cold for this time of year. we've had most of the northeast joining in with us with the cold. also you heard us saying earlier in the newscast a little snow above 2,500 feet in the mountains. they definitely got that and a little gropple. through tomorrow we're still kind of in in pattern with high pressure to our west bringing in a chill and this area of low pressure off the coast which has been bringing a lot of coastal showers and thunderstorms up and down the east coast, that is also still going to be a factor tomorrow. we are only 55 degrees today as a result of that same side up. we'll be a little warmer tomorrow and perhaps a little drier. boston only 56 degrees, buffalo 50 degrees, but i wanted you to see as we look at high temperatures around the country there's still warmth on the map. no doubt there's been a pretty big adjustment. st. louis was 62 degrees today, lincoln, nebraska 73, still
10:51 pm
warmer temperatures, not quite seeing high 90s all over the place, but we'll get back to something a bit more seasonable in a couple days. 51 degrees in the district right now. we're already into the 40s in so many other areas, 43 hagerstown and martinsburg, 41 in cumberland. you're headed for the upper 30s night. for the most part the showers, if we have anything left, very light this. composite showing it a little heavier, but i wanted you to see the area of low pressure along the coast has created more, but even that is starting to shift off the coast. we watch the back edge of the clouds. they'll have a tough time clearing through the i-95 corridor tomorrow. hopefully it will at some point, but don't be surprised if it's more clouds than sun the good portion of the day. if you live towards interstate 81, it will get sunnier earlier. 41 degrees tonight in the district. spotty showers in the forecast and a patch or two of fog, headed for the upper 30s in the
10:52 pm
suburbs. cool on tuesday, 58, average around 72 degrees. maybe a few foggy spots at 8 a.m. at 47 degrees. by noon probably still fighting with more clouds than sun, 55, but i think some sunshine by afternoon, temperature 58. it will feel better tomorrow than today, but a lot of company in the 50s. i don't see too many places cracking that 60-degree mark tomorrow, but a nice big jump up as we get into wednesday. quick look at your futurecast into tomorrow morning we go. if we have any leftover showers, probably more to our east, maybe a patch or two of sun what our futurecast suggests. you can see where east of d.c. it's kind of hard to get a lot of sunshine going back into the forecast. we'll keep our fingers crossed, wednesday looking good. let's check out your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. we talked about the next two days. sun is back wednesday with a temperature of 70. a front schwinns through. i think it comes through -- swings through. i think it comes through dry and drops our temperature to 64
10:53 pm
degrees. friday, saturday and sunday we warm up again. sunday may be 73 degrees and don't faint, but it might actually be a dry weekend. >> huge! >> people trying to get to the pumpkin patch, you could have a good weekend for that. well, if you want to ski, you can do that as well in minnesota, that is. wild mountain resort in taylor falls opened up for skiing and snowboarding yesterday. two weeks ago the water slides were running. now there's 2 feet of snow on the slopes surrounded by a little grass, of course. >> as soon as it dips below freezing, we want to have a crew on hand 24/7 just in case so we can turn the guns on. yesterday i was thinking i think it's going to happen. >> reporter: what did you do last weekend? >> i was water skiing. >> reporter: you were water skiing on the water last weekend? >> yes. >> reporter: this weekend you are? >> snowboarding. >> reporter: is that kind of nuts in a week you can do that? >> yeah. it's pretty crazy. >> i think brian bolter would love that. this is the first time the resort has had both winter and
10:54 pm
summer activities on the same day. the alpine slide was also opened yesterday. >> perfect vacation. snowboarding and golf same day. one of new orleans' poorest neighborhoods has become part of a tour p.m. some residents are not happy. tour buses roll through the lower 9th ward hit hard by hurricane katrina in '05 still struggling to recover. residents are complaining saying the buses bring people to see fats domino's house and brad pitt's charity homes and they're putting residents on display. >> the residents feel they're being disrespected. they couldn't want to be looked upon as a sideshow. we want the tour buses to respect our homes and our community. >> residents also say the infrastructure in the area is finally getting fixed and they don't want the buses to tear it up. coming up next today happiness ends in chaos, one man dead, several under arrest after two wedding parties got in a big fight all caught on camera. >> at 11:00 lawmakers calling
10:55 pm
for the government to investigate the skyrocketing gas prices, why you're paying so much more at the pump next on the news edge. ♪ [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. and the first ever es hybrid. i"i'm not in favor of a a$5 trillion tax cut. that's not my plan." mitchell: "the nonpartisan tax policy center concluded that mitt romney's tax plan would cost $4.8 trillion over 10 years."
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say. new york city high school guidance counselor lost her job because of a job she held 20 years ago. tiffany webb had a picture of her modeling when she was 18 to 20. she told the school district and got hired, but her old photos still kept popping up on the web. the school district decided to hire her. she's now suing for wrongful termination, sex discrimination and violence of her first amendment rights. detroit's police chief is out of a job after a sex scandal retired effective immediately. ralph godfrey was already under
10:59 pm
investigation for sexual investigation with a subordinate. godfrey was the fifth police chief in four years. the mayor says the city will conduct a nationwide search for his replace. more arrests expected in a big wedding brawl in philadelphia over the weekend all caught on camera. a fight broke out between two wedding parties and spilled into the lobby of a hotel. officers had to use batons and a stun gun to get the crowd under control. the uncle of one of the brides died from a heart attack outside the hotel. at least three guests were arrested. a 15-year-old is the one who caught all this on camera. >> started to get louder and i thought that doesn't sound like they're having fun anymore. i better go out and watch. >> a very unfortunate melee. it sure would have been a time for people to celebrate at a wedding reception. >> police don't know what started the fight but they do know alcohol was involved. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00.


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