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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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are actually used in the processing. people who are most susceptible to the flu like small children and the elderly should get the shot. that is a wrap on the 10. brian is standing by now with your news edge at 11:00. tonight a fairfax county football team takes the field while remembering a player who will never join them again. a volunteer found bryan glenn's body in a park in fairfax county this week. glen was a senior kicker at woodson high school. his friends spent a week looking for him after he disappeared. >> reporter: not far from the football field lit up with friday nightlights candles at a memorial for player bryan glenn flickered. mimi minnick was instantly drawn to it. >> the candles went out in te wind. i had a lighter in my pocket. i would want someone to do the same for my son. >> reporter: bryan glenn's death hit the community hard,
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especially since he's not the first woodson student to die in recent months, so young taking their pain with them. >> there's some things undefinable that we're not getting right here as a community. for this to have happened to nick, for t to have happened to another student, a sophomore, here in august of this year and now for brian. >> a former football player, bryan glenn, on his passing. >> reporter: the senior kicker's teammates and friends joined the crowd in a moment of silence for him before the kickoff. >> brian was in my english class. so it's really sad to see an empty seat there and knowing what happened to him. >> this is definitely, definitely affecting this school. >> i really don't think they have much connections. i think people put a lot of it on woodson, but i really don't think it was necessarily had anything to do with woodson. >> reporter: the medical examiner still hasn't released the cause of death and some of the kids who stopped at this memorial say they won't truly
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be able to begin healing until they find out exactly what happened. >> nobody really knows what happened and that's really weird like it hasn't actually happened in real life. >> reporter: it could take months for the medical examiner to determine how bryan glenn died and even longer before the sting of another young life lost begins to ease. >> even though officials aren't saying how bryan glenn died, police say there does not appear to be a threat to the public. there is a public memorial mass tuesday at the holy spirit catholic church at 10:30 in annandale. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured a clear image of a robbery suspect. the man here walked into the dunkin' donuts on duke street with a gun. if you recognize him, all alexandria police. it is the coldest night of the season so far. check in with gary mcgrady now. how low will it go?
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>> temperature is dropping. we start with temperatures to give you an idea what's going on right now. here in the city we're holding with temperatures in the lower 50s. it's 52 degrees. it's slow to fall here in town. the wind is still blowing just a little bit. gaithersburg has come up out of the 30s back up into the lower 40s and ght depends on -- we have the clear skies, the cooler air coming in behind the front earlier today. so that's funneling in, but if the winds stay up a little bit, it will keep temperatures from bottoming out in places. you can see most of the readings around and to the west of us are calm. here in the city we're still 13 miles per hour. that's what's keeping temperatures up in the lower 50s and i suspect that overnight tonight wind speeds will be down around 5, 6 miles per hour. so it definitely means it's going to be real cold in spots. freeze warning in places north and west. that includes montgomery county, just a frost advisory here in town and down to
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fairfax county, prince george's county and over towards the bay and anne arundel county, but again all those purple counties north and west, that's where it's going to get real cold tonight flirting with freezing, if not briefly dropping below freezing. nice fall day tomorrow and a bit of a warm-up this weekend, too brian, all that congress up. all year nationals -- coming up. all year nationals fans have rooted for their team and tonight fans poured into nats park hoping for the biggest win in the team's history. game five still in progress. let's get an update from scott smith now. >> the nats got off to a great start scoring six runs in the first three innings, three home runs off the bat of zimmerman, harp earn and morse. the cards hanging around going -- harper and morse. the cards hanging around going into the top of the seventh, 6- 3 nats lead. 40,000 plus in attendance are hoping for a celebration
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tonight. bob barnard is with the fans at the stadium with more. >> reporter: nobody is going anywhere. these folks are up getting a smoke break here. the level of enthusiasm is tempered a little bit because the cardinals narrowed the heed to three runs instead of fix -- lead to three runs instead of six. we've got john from annandale. how you feeling about this? >> it's outstanding, last night's walkoff. it's great for the city. it's awesome. everybody is alive. >> reporter: take a look at this shirt, postseason. you're sticking aro >> i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: what do you think tonight? >> i'm thinking i want the yankees to win so that i can see the yankees and the nationals play. >> reporter: they did. what do you think? >> i'm just grateful to be here for the second night and the nationals are doing awesome and i'm hoping they take the world series. >> reporter: let me tell you there's a lot of beer being drunk in there, long lines at the men's room, standing room
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only tickets 90 to $100 some of those people we stood with, you can't see too much. what do you any so far? how you feeling? >> good. bring on the giants. >> reporter: how about yourself, sir? >> yeah. good night. >> reporter: how tough was it to get tickets to this very special game? >> not too bad. fairly easy. >> reporter: do you mind if we ask how much you paid? >> flipping pizza. >> reporter: one of the vendors here. fell you, what these guys are not missing much -- tell you what, these guys are not missing much, just taking a little break. this game started off real hot. in the bottom of the 1st there was a double, triple and home run before the first out. there's still a game going on. we'll go back in and watch with these guys. >> top of the 7th. the cards have one runner on, big night for baseball in the dmv, another team fighting for their playoff lives tonight, orioles and yankees. o's down 2 and down to their
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final out. c.c. sabathia trying to finish off a complete game four hitter, matt wieters at the dish, groundout and that's your ball game. c.c. becomes the first yankees pitcher since 2000 to pitch a complete game in the postseason. orioles fall in game five 3-1, an amazing run for the o's, 95 wins on the season. baseball's biggest turnaround team. pat least the alcs is set. yankees host the tigers in game one in a best of seven starting tomorrow night at 8:00. >> no rest for the weary. thanks. if the nats win tonight, they will play the san francisco giants sunday. you can watch it right here on fox 5. game one of the world series scheduled for wednesday, october 24th, is also on fox. following a big story from colorado tonight where police say a child predator is on the loose responsible for the death of a 10-year-old girl who went missing last week. fox's dan springer reports. >> reporter: a body found near denver, colorado, identified as the missing 10-year-old girl.
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>> the body that was found in arvada has been positively identified as jessica ridgeway, the missing girl from westminster. the family has been notified. we can't begin to comprehend the grief that they're going through. >> reporter: jessica's body was discovered in the park wednesday about 7 miles from her home. police say they're now focusing on finding a suspect. >> we recognize that there is a predator at large in our community. i want the community to know that we are doing everything within our power to apprehend that individual. >> reporter: jessica began the short walk from her home to school last friday, but she nerve arrived. only her backpack -- never arrived. only her backpack was found two days later. investigators are asking residents to be alert for people they know who might have suddenly changed their appearance. >> we want you to look for changes in habits, patterns, peculiar absences of those around you and report it. >> reporter: authorities say so far they searched more than 500 homes, over 1,000 vehicles
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and responded to about 1,500 tips in this case. >> our priority now is the investigation, the apprehension, and the prosecution of the person that did this. >> reporter: police say they don't suspect jessica's parents. she was living with her mother. her father lives in missouri. in westminster, colorado, dan springer, fox news. the fda issued a new warning about discount drugs. you can find several common medications online for less, but it may not be worth the risk, details coming up. check out the rundown. we're back. >> is in fox 5 news edge at 11:00.
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the fda is cracking down on fake online farms. a survey found 25 -- pharmacies. a survey found 25% of consumers have purchased prescription drugs online. 30% have doubts about the safety of those drugs. fox's brenda buttner has more. >> certain websites may be hazardous to your health, the fda cracking down on thousands of online pharmacies selling fake drugs and not just to folks like you and me, but to medical professionals as well. lisa gill is the prescription drugs editor for consumer reports. she says approximately 1.7
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million people use online pharmacies, but the counterfeit drugs they could be selling carry a very big risk including medication that is watered down. >> so it's not really effective as you would expect it to be and that could be pretty dangerous for particularly medication you need in your system over a long period of time. >> reporter: some of the drugs seized by the fda, viagra, accutane and generic tamiflu which contains the wrong active ingredient. gill says if a site doesn't require a prescription, it's probably bogus. also watch out forsyths that don't let you speak with a -- for sites that don't let you speak with a pharmacist, don't have an address in the u.s., aren't addressed on the usda's websites and have price as to good to be true. many website says falsely claim to operate out of canada where prescription drugs are less expensive and the drugs sold by these companies can even be tainted by poisons or other substances. in new york brenda buttner, fox
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news. you're not imagining it. we really do have one of the worst commutes in the country. will thomas has the details in tonight's fox 5 top five. >> first up apple may introduce a hot new gadget for the holiday season. several sources are reporting apple will debut a cheaper version of the ipad in two weeks about half the size and half the price. this could help the ipad compete with the kindle fire. no. 4, the pentagon says the united states is at higher risk of a cyber attack. defense secretary leon panetta said today an online attack could cause significant damage and he's urging lawmakers to pass cyber security legislation. no. 3, the fda is given the green light for a new autism trial study. they could use the blood from a child's own umbilical cord to help improve language and behavior in autistic children. even if results are positive, it could be a long time until the procedure is made available. no.
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2, more trouble for american airlines, the airline cutting its flight schedule through the first half of november. it's all in response to an ongoing pilot dispute. the airline says pilots are calling in sick and there's very few engineers to handle the maintenance issues. american is cancelling about 31 flights a day and extending its reduced schedule from september and october. and no. 1, no surprise here, d.c. area drivers have the third worst commute in the country. tom-tom is behind the study. d.c. ranks behind los angeles and san francisco for road congestion. that is your fox 5 top five. cold weather settling in tonight. we'll feel it. >> yeah. temperature in d.c. has been staying up a little bit the last couple hours no doubt from all the heat come out of nats park. i'll tell you now if you're with us, you're not a baseball fan. things are getting tense at
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nats park, a lot of people taking a deep breath. here is what is going on out in the city tonight. i don't have to tell you. the frontal system came through and cooled things off. this will be the real coldest night of the season so far, pretty much areawide. we're not talking about a freeze in town, but we'll be threatening with a frost out there before it's all said and done. 52 degrees in the city now, gaithersburg 41, frederick 36, manassas 37, so a few places in the 30s, other places in the 50s. annapolis dropped a degree down from 55. overnight tonight 41 degrees. this is here in town. out in the suburbs it will be even colder than that under these mostly clear skies and winds right around 5 miles per hour or so. if it gets up any higher than that, i think the temperatures will stay up just a little bit, but it does look like by early tomorrow morning we're talking about freezing conditions and some frosty conditions as well.
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tomorrow looks beautiful, though, high pressure in control here. we have still cool air in place from the wake of the front that moved through earlier this afternoon. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 60s. changes will be coming for sunday. i think they're good changes because we'll go from the lower 60s up to the lower 70s for highs sunday and it looks like we'll be dry with a good amount of sunshine, too, temperatures on sunday lower to maybe even middle 70s, 62 tomorrow, lots of sunshine, a few more clouds on sunday, but still very, very nice. again here in town lower 70s, a few of our neighbors down to the south pushing 74, maybe 75 with good amounts of sunshine. high pressure is in control for us. don't worry about these flashes here. that's just some bogus radar information coming in. we have clear skies now and again relatively light winds, high pressure trying to settle in overhead. so all the conditions are
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perfect for temperatures to really bottom out tonight. 41 in town, gaithersburg around freezing, 31 or 32, frederick 27 overnight tonight, dulles right around freezing, all the communities along i-81 down to freezing if not when he lee -- if not below. here in the district down i-95 our northwestern suburbs a little cooler with temperatures only in the upper 50s, but one thing is for sure and one thing is consistent tomorrow. there will be plenty of sunshine. a cold start, 43 in the morning, mostly sunny at noon, 58, cool sunshine at 5 p.m., temperature 61 degrees. again we're looking for 62 tomorrow, 72 on sunday, clouds and sun, a chance for some showers, maybe some thunderstorms coming up monday and, of course, we're hoping that on sunday the nationals will be playing right back here at nationals park and, scott,
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looks like a real nice day for that. i hope they get to play. this is the verizon sports desk with scott smith. >> we are close. the nationals now six outs away from their first ever trip to the nlcs, this game 6-4 nationals lead in the bottom of the 7th. edwin jackson just got out of a pinch in the top of the 7th. we can't show you highlights now, but a strong start. now they need to hang on, three nats home runs early in this one, gio gonzalez had five innings, pitched three runs allowed. a win tonight clinches the series and sends them to the game sunday against the giants 8:00 at nats park. much like the nats the orioles trying to punch their tickets to the american league championship series. it had been 15 years. the o's didn't want the party to end tonight. bird fans on hand and watching a-rod as he was benched in this one for eric chavez.
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a-rod is making 30 million a year. top of the 6th where we start, o's down 1-0. nate mclouth takes c.c. sabathia deep to left field. this looks good if it stays fair. it does not. it hugs the foul pole. umpires rule a foul. buck showalter wants to talk to the umpires. after the replay if shows indeed it was a foul ball -- it shows indeed it was a foul balm. the orioles fall to the yankee -- ball. the orioles fall to the yankees in the fifth and deciding game, a great season for the team. >> they're a special group. you don't know how many times you're going to pass this way and they all got a grip unlike young people. they know they're not bulletproof. they bought into each other and they were good teammates and they were people that our city and organization could be proud
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of and you'll see them again. >> 95 wins and a turnaround team, highlights and an rg3 update coming up. 8@
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welcome back. robert griffin, iii may be back this sunday, no lingering symptoms from last week's con cuts of griffin fully participated in today's
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practice and remains optimistic about starting sunday. meanwhile pierre garcon is listed questionable after his injured right foot limited him in practice today. in second year qb christian ponder they face a challenge. he struggled last year going 2- 9. this year ponder has thrown six touchdowns, only two interceptions leading his team to a 4-1 record. the skins' d know they face a tough test this weekend. >> he's very accurate and athletic, doesn't get enough credit for his speed. he might not be a guy that tries to run for 100 yards, but he'll definitely break contain, get a first down ocean tend the play and make a good -- down, extend the play and make a good pass downfield. college football tomorrow, maryland travel as to charlottesville to face slumping virginia. virginia tech hosts duke at 12:30 seen right here on fox 5. tonight navy with a rare friday night tilt under the lights trying to get to 3-3.
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back to .500 on the season taking on central michigan. opening drive for the midshipmen, keenan reynolds fakes the halfback pass and throws it, finds the back of the end zone. brandon turner for the touchdown, a 23-yard strike. navy takes a 7-0 lead. 3rd quarter reynolds takes the handoff and throws it deep, green, 41-yard strike. navy cruises to a 31-13 victory. it's 6-4 nats in the 7th still out there at nats park. brian is back to wrap up the edge after this. are you ready ? share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8
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wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99.
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taking the edge off with a new level of fame for jayson werth. the nationals outfielder leapt onto home plate after his walkoff home run last night. now he's an internet celebrity. blogers photoshopped this picture showing him crossing home plate on a panda, on a motorcycle and as luke skywalker. werth told reporters he was so excited about that home run he couldn't even remember it and had to watch the game tape to make sure it really happened. over to gary mcgrady now, 52 degrees i hear you say at nats park right now. >> it's 52 right now. it's going to be 62 tomorrow. we'll bottom out tonight in the lower 40s. suburbs will be in the 30s, maybe some frost and freeze as well out there. going into the 8th inning 6- 4 nats. have great weekend. see you back here monday.   >> fox 5 news isn't over.
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