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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 19, 2012 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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the giants are having fun tonight on a friday night in st. louis. boggs deals kozma. gets it over to first and posey a 1 for 4 night. that will bring in hunter pence, who hit the ball that started the trouble for lance lynn. a chopper back to lynn. he spun around back in the fourth inning, fired to second. nobody really at the bag. the ball hit the base, went into center. one run scored. three more that inning would score. four unearned runs and now it's 5-0 after the home run by sandoval. strike 1. one out, nobody on.
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the 0-1. down and in. one ball, one strike. chris carpenter and ryan vogelsong on sunday evening. in san francisco if there is a game six and it's looking more and more like that will take place. if there's a game seven. kyle lohse and matt cain. vogelsong so good in game two. here's the 2-1. that's a foul ball, 2-2. >> tim: and the way giants fans love their gigantes, that place will be rocking on sunday night if we get there. >> joe: vogelsong in game two. allowed 7, allowed one run or four hits.
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here's the 2-2 pitch. two out. geico in-game box score for the giants. they have six hits on the night. only one home run among the six and that happened moments ago with sandoval leading off here in the eighth. sandoval scored a couple of times. a base hit for posey. two-run single by the number 8 man, brandon crawford. that four-run fourth. here's brandon belt, who is now 0 for 14 on the road during this postseason. takes the strike. with two out, nobody on, the 0-1
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pitch. down and in. the cardinals will be turning to chris carpenter, who is 10-3, his career during the postseason. a starter and loser in game two when he went two, allowed five runs, only two earned on six hits. that's strike 2. zito is going to go back out for the bottom of the eighth. here's the 1-2 pitch. got out in front of it. hooks it foul. the cardinals in the bottom of the inning with rzepczysnki getting loose, will have a pinch hitter for boggs, then jay and
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beltran. the 1-2 pitch. inside. 2-2. that breaking ball is down. belt laid off it and the count full. nothing is ever in the category of easy in the postseason or easy for either one of these two clubs. the cardinals have shown their resilience last year, this year against the nationals. bruce bochy's team did the same against the cincinnati reds. the 2-2 pitch is outside. a two-out walk.
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with two down in the inning, blanco coming up, boggs will stay in there and work to the left fielder blanco, who is 0 for 1 with two runs and a walk scored. there goes belt. got a great jump and no throw by molina. stolen base for brandon belt. >> tim: good base runner. twelve stolen bases in fourteen tries during the season. >> joe: now a 1-0 pitch to
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blanco. rbi chance is easier in that swung on and missed or tipped into the glove of molina, strike 1. 95 for mitchell boggs. that game on sunday night, by the way, will start at 7:00 eastern if there is a game six. here comes the 1-1. popped in the air to left. holliday going back, on the move. he's got it to end the inning! and a nice run-and-catch by matt holliday to end the top of the eighth. an inning that started on a home run by pablo sandoval. he's made it 5-0, giants in game five. down three games to one as we go to the bottom of the eighth. "and then, there's both." "erika tsubaki is a big fan of both." "that's what she and her team had in mind when they designed the all new ford escape."
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>> joe: glad you are with us tonight. it's game five. giants facing elimination. they handed the ball to their 34-year-old left-hander and barry zito has been great k. pitch number 100 starts the bottom of the eighth and it's upstairs. skip schumaker pinch-hitting for mitchell boggs. he went one inning, allowed one hit on one and one strikeout and
10:40 pm
one walk. 2-0 on schumaker. >> tim: looks like skip is taking all the way. taking the first pitch and the second pitch. >> joe: here's the 2-0. on the outside corner. 2-1. affeldt is up again, as is casilla, the right-hander. here's the 2-1. good pitch on the hands of schumaker. 2-2. the right-hander is getting ready to work in the ninth.
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the 2-2. a strikeout starts the eighth. a six-strikeout night for barry zito, as his night continues. >> tim: that's the impressive thing about zito tonight. not only strikes, but quality strikes. a good curveball stays inside to fool schumaker. >> joe: it brings in jon jay, who is 0 for 3 tonight. hitting .200 in this nlcs. he waits. he takes the strike. jay has flied to left, grounded out twice. 0-2. the last time the cardinals were shout out in a postseason game,
10:42 pm
game four of last year's world series in arlington, texas, the game started by derek holland, who last the 8 1/3. upstairs, the count 1-2. it evened that world series at two games a piece. here's the 1-2 pitch. just outside. 2-2. >> tim: close. >> joe: the next from zito. chopped foul right at the plate. the cardinals started this night trying to wrap up their 19th national league pennant.
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the giants are looking for therapy 19th and if they do it they will become the third team in nlcs to come back from three games to one. that's a fair ball. he looks back at the umpire as jay is on with one out here in the eighth. >> tim: it may have landed foul, but it went over the bag fair. all it has to do, of course, is go over the bag. good call by first base umpire jerry layne. >> joe: you see belt look back at jerry layne. it's a one-out single. the batter is beltran. bruce bochy is going to stick with barry zito. >> tim: that is often a base umpire's difficult call. the ball that goes over the bag
10:44 pm
and lands foul. because to the naked eye you think it's foul, but it's not. >> joe: beltran. ball 1 down and in. a high strike and it's 1-1. now sergio romo, the closer for the giants, joining santiago casilla. affeldt has taken a seat. one ball, one strike on beltran. giants lead by five in the eighth. ball 2.
10:45 pm
113 pitches tonight for zito. here's the 2-1. three balls and a strike. with holliday on deck, the pitch count piling up on zito with two right-handers getting loose. righetti on the phone. you have to believe this is it for zito. >> tim: this hitter. >> joe: fly ball into right center field will slice to pence and maybe zito will get another hitter. two out in the inning.
10:46 pm
and man he won't. 115 pitches tonight, the highest pitch count of the season for barry zito. all the infielders go in to pat zito on the chest to say thank you for the job tonight. >> tim: three good defensive plays behind zito tonight and what a job by barry zito. >> joe: the cardinal fans even appreciate that effort by number 75. casilla coming in with two out the bottom of the eighth. okay guys, here we go. everybody say, 'cheeeeeeeee-eeeeeese'.
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>> joe: the previous high this season for barry zito, 114 pitches. that was his first start. and that was his complete-game shutout this year. now 115 pitches. that gets him through 7 2/3. no runs on six hits. santiago casilla takes over with holliday at the plate. ball 1 inside. matt holliday 0 for 3. zito struck him out twice. struckout six on the night. the only walk handed out by zito was the intentional pass to kozma to load them up in the second. he got a double-play ball off the bat of lance lynn. here's the 1-0. 2-0.
10:50 pm
a swinging strike to make it 2-1. >> tim: the cardinals totally shut down by zito tonight. the only opportunity to score, the real opportunity in the second inning, a single by molina, a double by freese and cardinal fans thought that st. louis was going to collect some runs, but not so. second and third, nobody out, and they did not score. >> joe: jay is at first with two outs. there's a strike and it's 2-2.
10:51 pm
casilla trying to send this thing to the ninth. here's the 2-2. off the end of the bat, foul right side. giants in the ninth will have the bottom two in their lineup. it appears as if mujica will be the pitcher for st. louis. motte is the closer next to him. but mujica has been throwing since the start of the bottom of the eighth. the 2-2. off the hands and fouled straight back.
10:52 pm
this cardinal team had the second best record in baseball against left-handed starters this season. the best record belonged to the san francisco giants. the cardinals at 31-17, but you wouldn't know it with what zito did to them tonight. holliday strikes out for the third time tonight. casilla comes in and strikes out matt holliday. that will send this game five into the ninth. congratulations for zito from buster posey and the infielders.
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♪ ♪ >> joe: brandon crawford starts the ninth inning with a line drive into right right at beltran. one pitch, one out.
10:56 pm
mujica takes over. a loud out starts the top of the ninth inning. the patter will be aubrey huff. there are the numbers for mujica this postseason. it's his seventh game. huff bats 1 for 6 in this postseason. the first from mujica is outside, ball 1. a swinging strike and the count 1-1. st. louis, not bottom of this ninth inning, their last chance to try to end this nlcs here at home and avoid a game six. they will have the heart of their lineup. huff is out in front of that
10:57 pm
pitch and he's in the hole 1-2. >> tim: that's a good pitch. miller is warming for the cardinals. >> joe: here's the 1-2 to huff. reaching out for it, grounds to descalso. two out. a big weekend, it looks like, coming up on fox. college football returns tomorrow, double-header action, stanford and cal, followed by k-state and west virginia. then on fox nfl sunday, most will see the redskins and giants or other regional action, and it's looking moreland -- more and more like on sunday evening, ground 6 of the nlcs. don't need to leave your couch all month long.
10:58 pm
foxtoberfest is here. two out and the top of the ninth inning. pagan has struck out twice, grounded out and popped up. he's been a consistent performer for the giants this season. but a hitless game five as he lines out to descalso, sending us into the bottom of the ninth inning. the cardinals last chance here at home. romo getting loose. 5-0, giants. powertrain warranty is 40,000 miles more than ford. and this workhorse gives you the power of a v8 with the highway fuel economy of a v6. incredible! right? an amazing test drive. i agree. [ male announcer ] it's chevy truck month. now during chevy truck month, get 0% apr financing for 60 months or trade up to get the 2012 chevy silverado all-star edition with a total value of $8,000. hurry in before they're all gone! zach canton's dad gave him a pep talk
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share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99. >> joe: we talked a lot about barry zito tonight. he had some help. sandoval a catch in the first inning. a sliding grab by pence and
11:01 pm
scutaro. that big smile from marco scutaro, as arias takes over. romo is one of the most likable pro athletes i've talked to in a long time and someone who truly appreciates where he is with this organization. >> tim: so engaging and such a story. up in relative poverty in salinas, california. his dad and mom both were born in mexico. came to california. he signed a 1.57 contract earlier in the year. the cfo and president of the giants told us a very moving story. >> joe: the batter is allen craig. first up in the bottom of the
11:02 pm
ninth. strike 1. >> tim: there's larry right there. larry was telling us when romo signed the contract, that he was in tears, saying that he's never thought of making that kind of money. and you hear about all the big salaries being paid all over, joe, and it's just the most moving thing to see a guy who appreciates it like sergio romo. >> joe: one ball, one strike on allen craig, who has doubled tonight 1 for 3. romero has settle into that closer's spot. there's the good breaking ball from romero. strike 2. sergio romo telling us before the game he will never forget getting jay bruise in the ninth inning of game five, the division series that's correct
11:03 pm
battle, scott rolen, and what it meant to his teammates to get them to the next level and complete that come back. the 1-2. 2-2. >> tim: bruce and rolen represented the winning run if they connected and then cincinnati would win. but they didn't. romo did and the giants. >> joe: 2-2, the count. craig, one of just two extra base hits tonight for st. louis. romero. line drive, caught! scutaro to his left. one out. our big play of the game delivered by ups. let them put the power of logistics to work for you.
11:04 pm
two on, one out. scoreless game until this throw by lance lynn with nobody at the bag. it hits the second base bag to score the first run of the night. that collision between sandoval and kozma. three more runs that inning. the last one driven in by zito. great pitching by barry zito tonight. romo deals low to yadier molina with one out, nobody on. barry zito worked all four corners of the plate. pitching down early and then pitched up late. the cardinals in this series, it looks like they will continue to game six. they have got to get more out of their big bats in their lineup. holliday 0 for 4 tonight. 4 out of 21 in this series. allen craig just two hits for
11:05 pm
this nlcs. the guy at the plate, 6 out of 19. on the outside corner. 1-2. lance lynn, the starter for the charles tonight, impressive early. struck out five through three innings but could not get through four. here's the 1-2 from romo. 2-2. adam wainwright, good in game four. barry zito, tremendous in game
11:06 pm
five. with one out. line drive, base hit to left. off the bat of molina, who is 2 for 4 tonight. it will bring in david freese, who has a double tonight. freese has doubled, lined out, flied to center. over the inside corner.
11:07 pm
strike 1. descalso on deck. romo trying to wrap it up. zito the first 7 2/3. casilla got an out last inning. there's strike 2. the 0-2 pitch. just outside. romo told us before the game that this has been a season where he's figured out that maybe he is good enough to do this closer's job.
11:08 pm
maybe he was betterthan he thought he was. >> tim: how about that honesty? >> joe: here's the 1-2 pitch. david freese. takes low. just one more note about that game five, after he got jay bruce he said here's rolen walking in with a chance to win it. he thought to himself who do you think is more nervous, me or rolen? rolen has done it before, he hadn't. romo won that battle. the 2-2. a strikeout for out number 2! the cardinals down to their final out here in game five. >> tim: the best slider in this inning to the three hitters that romo has faced. a sweeping breaking ball to get
11:09 pm
freese. >> joe: casilla's dad started as a giants fan, became a dodger fan. romo, rather. then when sergio was drafted by the giants, he had a talk with his grandfather and said we are going to have to change your allegiance. slowly but surely his grandfather has come around. sergio had molina take second. runner at second, two out. the 0-1 to descalso. strike 2. the cardinals talked last year a lot about a happy flight after a
11:10 pm
win, going to the next city. that will be one happy flight for the giants, thanks to the work by zito. descalso takes low. if the giants can hang on and force a game six sunday night. shutout baseball through 7 2/3. descalso trying to extend it. he is 1 for 3 on the evening. here's the 1-2. outside. 2-2. arias has taken over at third. crawford, scutaro and phelps.
11:11 pm
blanco, pence in right. posey flashes the signs and now the 2-2. away. 3-2. romo ready with the 3-2 pitch to descalso. fly ball into left. blanco is there and the giants
11:12 pm
have won game five and force game six on sunday night! the first guy leading the charge out of the dugout is the left-handed starter, barry zito, who goes 7 2/3, allows six hits and did not allow a run. >> tim: more than what the giants could have asked this evening. >> joe: a three hour, three minute game and a 5-0 win for san francisco in game five. zito 1-0 now this postseason. lance lynn, 1-2. it will be carpenter and vogelsong on sunday evening in san francisco. carpenter lost that first go round to vogelsong, who went
11:13 pm
seven strong for bruce bochy and the giants in game two. so while they gather in front of the dugout, we will take you down to chris meyers standing by with the giants' hero. >> with barry zito. thanks, joe. if you felt the weight of san francisco on your shoulder, you certainly carried it well tonight. congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> what was working for you best? >> i had all my pitches working tonight, five pitches and different locks, changing speeds, doing what i do. >> obviously getting this back to san francisco is important. >> yeah, yeah, very important. >> this is a game you had to have. >> yeah. elimination. the most important thing is to get it back and our fans can be a factor in the game. that's a huge thing. >> the first career bunt single when you drove in a run, did you see something that caught your eyes look at freese at third base? >> i was taking a look seeing
11:14 pm
where everyone was playing. i figured why not. just gave it a shot and ran as hard as i could. >> in your twelve or so major league career years, i know you are worried about getting to the world series. where does this performance rank for you? >> this is good for me. especially in a giants uniform, and a lot of people have been saying stuff and for me it's about doing it for san francisco wright now. >> congratulations. >> appreciate it. >> all right joe, tim. >> joe: thank you, chris. what a job by barry zito. we will take a break and come back and wrap-up our night in st. louis. in nlcs is traveling back to lifornia. they celebrate in san francisco and in that giants' dugout here in st. louis. we will take a break and come back after this. san francisco wins game five, 5-0. 
11:15 pm
 a group of women attacked, one of them sexually assaulted,
11:16 pm
tonight police on the hunt for this man. >> plus it wasn't because of bad language or violent behavior, the skins fined 20 grand. the reason might surprise you toght after the game. rty-seven. of americans. including people on medicare. but what about his plan for you? romney would replace guaranteed benefits with a voucher system. seniors could pay six thousand dollars more a year. a plan aarp says would undermine medicare. you're no earned your benefits. don't let mitt romney take them away.
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>> joe: it's a 5-0 giants win in game five. barry zito over lance lynn. st. louis up three games to two in this nlcs. we will take you down to ken rosenthal. >> ken: buster, start with you. a simple question. what made barry so successful tonight? >> he pitched. pitched at his finest, i think. he moved the ball in and out, up and down, changed speeds. did an unbelievable jobs. >> you have been through a lot in san francisco. he's worked really hard. how happy are you for him tonight? >> really happy. i've only been here a few years, but i see how hard he works no matter what and no matter if he's struggling or doing well. he puts in the time off the field, and his preparation is
11:18 pm
second to none. >> buster, thanks very much. >> thanks. >> pablo, you fouled the ball off your foot early in the game. then you made the catch, the hit in the fourth inning and the home run how many is your foot? >> sore, sore. you have to play with your heart. and in a game like this you want to do everything. you want to stay in the game. no matter what you want to keep playing and support your team no matter what. >> you guys are down three games to two. you obviously needed this one tonight. how do you like your chances going back to san francisco? >> excited because we are going to play at home. we are going to play at home and he throw unbelievable at home. we are going to go there. we got the opportunity to spend one more day with the fans. we are going to play there hard, play our game. >> pablo, thank you. take care of the foot. back to you. >> joe: thanks, kenny. 5-0, the giants win it behind zito in game five. coming up next, except on the
11:19 pm
west coast, your local news. tomorrow on fox, college football returns with a double-header. 20th-ranked stanford battles cal followed by big 12 show down k-state and west virginia. this week on nfl sunday they sit down with president obama and mitt romney to find out the one thing both candidates are fully in support of. redskins super rookie rg3. at sunday. for more information on tonight's game and other major league baseball news, log on to, powered by msn, the world's favorite sports site. so long from st. louis. you've been watching fox sports, your home for the 2012 nlcs and the world series. here's jack white. see you sunday night!
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captioned by. closed captioning services, inc. ♪ ♪ lavar arrington: i hate losing.
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hate it. but right now we're losing jobs and money for...
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our schools to casinos in other states like west virginia. question seven creates 12,000 jobs with a new resort casino... and expanded table games here, in maryland. we all win with question seven. new jobs. money for schools, and instead of marylanders... spending 550 million dollars in other states... it gets invested here. vote for question seven. for maryland. i'm on my way. anncr: geico. fifteen minutes or more on car insurance.ercent for a free rate quote, visit or call 1-800-947-auto.
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president obama: i'm barack obamthis anncr: victims. dependent. that's what mitt romney called forty-seven percent... of americans. including people on medicare. but what about his plan for you? romney would replace guaranteed benefits with a voucher system. seniors could pay six thousand dollars more a year. a plan aarp says would undermine medicare. you're no earned your benefits. don't let mitt romney take them away. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're following breaking news tonight, a deadly collision between a metro bus and a car. it happened just before 10:00 at seed pleasant at the intersection of central avenue and soppler lane. a passenger in the car died.
11:24 pm
about eight passengers on the bus went to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. we're following a developing story, a verdict in the trial of two prince george's county police officers accused of beating a university of maryland student. thanks for staying up with us. i'm will thomas. one officer not guilty on all counts, the other guilty of second degree assault put cleared of misconduct in -- but cleared of misconduct in office. fox 5's audrey barnes has the details. >> reporter: prince george's county police officer james harrison is facing 10 years behind bars. a jury convicted him of second degree assault in the baton beating of university of maryland student john mckenna. it happened in march of 2010 after a maryland versus duke basketball game. mckenna, the state's attorney and the police chief all say the real victors are community members in prince george's county. county. >> we believe tonight that the citizens of prince george's county have spoken loudly and clearly that although we
11:25 pm
appreciate and we really honor the protection that is provided to us, that protection must be reasonable and that protection must respect the dignity of every human income in community. >> definitely glad -- being in this community. >> definitely glad that some justice has been done today. it's been a long two years for me and my family, but there's a broader crime committed here and it spans way further than the two cops charged in this trial. so we hope that the department of justice continues their investigation. >> reporter: officer harrison will be sentenced december 15th. corporal reginald baker was acquitted of all charges, back to you. also new tonight we're focusing on the case of a man accused of trying to firebomb the boston common mall yesterday. federal agents are now searching his apartment just hours after he appeared in federal court. fox 5's maureen umeh was first on the scene of that federal raid and joins us live from the newsroom. >> it still isn't know why leon
11:26 pm
traille jr. allegedly threw a molotov cocktail in that mall. he didn't say a word in court this afternoon. perhaps now federal agents will learn more after going through his apartment. >> all the streets were blocked off and we just saw afts going pretty much any and everywhere. >> fbi, atf, arlington police and fire crews swarm an apartment on the 2300 block of 11 street in north arlington friday evening -- 11th street in north arlington friday evening. this is where leon traille jr. lives. >> they went in through the window, but maybe they were trying to make sure something wasn't going on at the front door. >> reporter: traille recently moved into the apartment blocks away from boston common mall. arlington county police arrested the 29-year-old thursday three hours after he allegedly tried to firebomb the food court of the mall. this witness saw it all go down and says a 40-ounce beer bottle with gasoline and a lighted wick came crashing onto the floor in front of his
11:27 pm
restaurant. >> i heard the shallow bottle. it was about 50 feet away from my store and when i looked up, i saw smoke. there was flame for about 10 seconds. >> reporter: he says a group of coastguardsmen eating lunch at his restaurant ran over and stomped on the shattered device. >> it's not like a throwing. it's more like a toss. so shatter is not really spill too much over there. >> reporter: traille now faces a federal charge of arson. police say during their search for the suspect they found a bag with three other molotov cocktails on the second floor of the four-story mall. nobody was hurt in the incident, but the attempted firebombing did force the evacuation of the mall for several hours. s. >> we want to find it out what's inside his head. what would cause an individual to terrorize a local mall at lunchtime? please. >> it's not known yet what was found inside traille's apartment. neighbors say the entire scene is unnerving all of it made
11:28 pm
worse knowing a firebombing suspect has been living in their midst. >> when you come out of your house and see something like this, you don't know what to do. >> leon traille jr. is a software engineer that worked at some major u.s. corporations according to his linked in page. he is held in jail until monday. >> i know you said traille didn't speak in court. any word of a possible motive? >> we don't know. officials are hoping to learn more in the subsequent court dates. >> maureen umeh with the update, thank you. prince william county police are looking for help trying to find a man who attacked three women at gunpoint. the attack happened last night along fuller heights road in the dumfries area. police say the man initially tried to rob the victims, but they didn't have any money. that's when the suspect took one of the women from the group and sexually assaulted her. >> this is a crime of opportunity. i don't know based on the facts that i have that it necessarily
11:29 pm
could have been prevented. >> police have released this composite sketch of the suspect. his face is partially concealed, but police hope someone will recognize him and give them cale. give-- a call. another big story this friday night a prince george's county police officer killed in a crash on branch avenue we're told was not wearing a seatbelt among the preliminary findings released today about the accident that killed 28-year- old officer kevin bowden. fox 5's john henrehan has a closer look tonight on the investigation. stigatio >> reporter: given the tremendous impact of the police cruiser into the base of a utility pole, it may not have made a difference in this case, but a grim faced chief of police revealed to reporters that at the time of the accident thursday afternoon -- >> we have also confirmed that the officer was not wearing his seatbelt. >> off-duty officer kevin bowden was northbound on branch avenue, a divided four-lane highway where the speed limit is 55 m


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