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tv   Fox News Edge Special Edition  FOX  October 25, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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en we built that stage, it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. 12 weeks awake and the explain blitz intensifies. romney's focus today is only ohio. several key states are up for grabs. thank you for joining us. it is campaign crunch time for the candidates as they continue to target swing states.
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a busy day today on the trail. tom fitzgerald is monitoring their every stop. >> from flow flow florida to wisconsin and ohio, the candidates were on big complain blitz today. we'll start within the last hour, this is the president making history here becoming the first u.s. sitting u.s. president to vote early. the president cast his ballot in chicago not far from where he used to live. >> i just wanted to bring by some krispy cremes. >> reporter: we'll start in florida where he brought breakfast for a firehouse and then heading to richmond, virginia. >> i was proud and humbled to learn that we have colin powell
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supporting the campaign. i'm grateful to him for his lifetime of service to his country both as a soldier and diplomat. and then we head over cincinnati, ohio. >> obama campaign doesn't have a plan. it's slipping because he's talking about smaller and smaller things despite the fact that the america has huge challenges and that this is such an opportunity for america. >> back to virginia now. that is where paul ryan headed to bristol, virginia. we'll take the founding principals that made us great in the first place and we're going reapply him to the problems of the day and get this country back on track and we'll help good job creators back in the my of fighting jobs. >> reporter: and we land here
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at washington d.c. where joe biden talked about breast cancer research. >> it shows us how long i was in the senate. think about it. think about how far things have come. but there are still too many women getting the dreaded call from their doctors and too many families dealing with the fear and reality. >> reporter: with less than two weeks left, the places are to visit are many but the days to get there or running out. >> let's bring in our play analyst for some more insight. we want to look at this new ap poll thats with just released today showing this race in a virtual dead heat. mitt romney with 47% and the president with 45%. and the percentages are within the poll's margin of area.
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but our question for you, is if anyone is looking at this tonight and is a supporter of president obama and say we're behind in this, how much do the national polls really matter in the big scheme of the state to state battles? >> ask al gore. he won the popular vote by 500,000 votes but he did not have the presidency because he did not have the requires 270 it's a psychological and for mitt romney winning the popular vote. and the worst-case scenario is the following. >> the florida, ohio and virginia, he can lose those three states even indiana and north carolina, which they've all but conceded. if he win every other state that he won four years ago, he can still will. he's got to win wisconsin and he's got to win iowa and he's
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got to win nevada and colorado. >> so let's keep on this for a minute. it's important that people point out that you can win the popular vote for president of the united states right now and still lose in the edirector recall college? >> they. there are they are spending all of their time in, quote, in play. if either one of the can indicates start going places that they have not gone before that will show definitely that president obama is in trouble. if some are some are starts hoeing up in michigan or tense. states that are considered a lock for the democrats, then he's in deep do do as george bush used to say. >> and former governor asked for more resources to
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pennsylvania. >> that may be. >> today president obama received the endorsement of colin powell and there was the endorsement of the washington president going to the president. in this day in age how much do the endorsements matter. >> the "washington post" does mean something in north virginia. they won by virtue of the fact that he was everyone dorsed by the "washington post." and he lives almost in the tennessee border. but that does make a difference in north virginia. colin powell endorsed president obama four years ago. if he didn't endorse him this time that would be a psychological blow. and general powell's endorsement means a lot to one constituency where official needs the help, and that is
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suburban women. >> i want you to take another look back at pennsylvania. when you hear he had rendell, the former mayor of the city. >> former the government and former chairmannen democratic cathy. >> what does that tell you about what is going on in pennsylvania right now? >> i don't know want to be a dooms predictor. but that is the worst possible move. yesterday i reported that a political operative said that he wanted to go and he's 63 years old. they're calling hill him to send him -- calling him and they're going to send him in pennsylvania. does romney show up in mention and do they back it up with advertising dollars. this state has gone democratic. the last time went republicans
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11988. high bored hum efficient one pennsylvania when he did not win anywhere else. >> around the campaign, it appears that mitt romney is moving to counter collin powell's endorsement. we're far from over, the fallout continues from crossersal comments these controversial comments. the you decide 2012 continues. anncr: which do you believe?
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what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. we had a good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard.
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i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care. mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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today's talker, women. we spoke way senior campaign advisor for president obama and advocate on women's issues. >> reporter: people may know her bests the daughter of the late texas governor ann richardss. but she has been a political force of her own in recent years since 2006. she's been the president of planned parenthood. she spoke to us from falls church today and we asked her what fallout she's seeing now after rich murdoch's comments that a rip in his words is a gift from god.
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>> i think his comments puss these issues front and center. this is one candidate in the country that mitt romney has endorsed and run tv ads for. if this is the kind of person with these kind views that mitt romney wants in the united states senate, you can ma'am the supreme court justices that he would appoint. >> we turn to the strategy that is in play here politically. will romney campaign has been able to get female campaign right now. they are trying tie the two men to governor romney to see if they are getting any drift in the support for any women than president obama. >> reporter: i don't think it's the romney campaign or the obama campaign. he's trying to persuade women
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that he's not extreme. but he's not reasoning ads with his direct coast that he would be happy and delighted a bill that would repeal roe vs. wade and let employers decide if women should get birth control. >> error error pull out a statement distancing himself and governor still sports the and date. murdoch should not expect any else till he apologizes for saying that pregnancy after rape is a gift from got. how issues, not health care
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that affect families. >> 5:00 packed, 2500 a family is a killer. and romney want to raise it. it's already a struggle right now trying to make ends meet. >> health of food is one of the most important things forever me in the election. i feel like i pay way too much for health care. >> flexibility at work and being able to take care of my kids and pick them up when they need to be picked up and not feel like i'm leaving people at work ding i know kind of work and that kind of they can we have your vote matters with women's matters. what matters most if this was a women's election. ladies, thank you very much for being here. we all know that women will play a critical issue in this
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election. the gallup poll asked him what was the most important issue for women. the top was abortion and then jobs and health care. when you hear that are you surprised that abortion tops the list? >> i don't think i'm so surprised. i think the economy is right up there with abortions. they're focused on what happening in the economy. this is an interest we. new year's resolution got a direct question in the last -- in the town hall debate from a woman about equal pavement he did not answer t he gave a long wind answer about his persons in massachusetts and he thinks that we should hire women. should we hire women would be an interesting discussion maybe in 1912. should we pay them equally it's 2012. >> that was on equal pay.
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were you surprised to hear abortion tops the list and taxes and social security and are on the bottom of the list. >> i find that heart to believe w the women that i spoke with that have children and families, they're concerned about their jobs and going to the grocery store and prices doubled. and the sizes have gotten smaller and they're concerned when they go to pig up the tank and they're spending 30, 40, $50 to fill up their ank. so i don't believe abortion is the top issue facing our country right now. even thing that are being said that romney is this horn person. rom semiclosing the gap with women right now. i just treated about that today. i think women assumed that he was a monster. and from the debates, they realize this not a monster.
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he's a really smart guy. polls show that min norties and white suburban women made up their minds who they will vote for. but it's the waitress moms or other women deciding the fate about this election. >> what are your constituents telling you about what they think are the key issues. what about are the sites them being called. most of them work for that businesses in maryland and the country as large. they're afraid to hire and invest that is what thewomen are feeling. and they're also small business owners too. we cover a broad range of
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economics. not just that. >> the same poll, it was taken off the second debate, women and men were asked, please tell me if mitt romney or president obama would handle the following issues. president obama received the highest percentage from women in every category except for the federal deficit did he ever fit and the bess. >> if you only had women in the election, he would voluntary it's a within for president obama. i think them recommendly represents them in terms of what they're facing. we talk about abortion that comes in the context of if we should have access to birth control. and i think most people ever listening to that debate having and saying, really. and they see the president as money who has been an advocate
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for them. >> clearly, we could go on with this. thank you very much for yom coming in. we appreciate both of you coming in and sharing on both sides of this today. developing detail in the possible voter fraud valving the son of congressman jim moran. are you better off financially than you were a year ago. the result of a new gallup poll looks like this this is the first time in more than five years that more americans say what do you think? sent me a tweet. 3w4r5á7bthere's possible voter
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fraud and the governor's son has been offering advice how to skirt virginia's new voter id laws. >> reporter: the hidden camera video recorded october 8th, shows patrick moran talking with a man how to skirt
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virginia's new voter id laws by forging documents. utility bills and bank statements are mention. moran was 20 spay the field campaign his father's little house for his tomarrow in os. >> look at the how. that is the utility bill or something like that? >> no, fortunately. >> late last night patrick moran released a statement. in reference to the o'keefe video, hat no point have i or ever i endorse i will fell unethical behaviour. he struck me as being unstable and joking and for only did that human mar him. in hind sight i should have immediately whacked away. we spent the day looking for
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jim and pat trickpatrick moran. the chairman called for jim moran to step down. when we return, the make your own video this elect that is sure to make you dance. like allen's votes to give tax breaks to companies... that ship jobs overseas, his economic plan would... help big corporations, devastating the middle class. allen even voted against tax breaks for small businesses. virginia can't afford to go back to george allen. the democratic senatorial campaign committee... is responsible for the content of this advertising. we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for.
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just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired... i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage, it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. prand you're seeing that rightno quit in amnow.a...ction over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent.
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home values... rising. our auto industry... back. and our heroes are coming home. we're not there yet, but we've made real progress and the... last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years: making education and training a national priority; building on our manufacturing boom; boosting american-made energy; reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where... we can, and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. and ending the war in afghanistan, so we can... do some nation-building here at home. that's the right path. so read my plan, compare it to governor romney's... and decide which is better for you. it's an honor to be your president... and i'm asking for your vote... so together, we can keep moving america forward. i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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and now for the lighter side. i stole your thinned doctor a little bit. >> ask and you shall receive. it's hard to believe that in 204 they got into the presidential campaigns and they're back with more. now you can put yourself in the video. this year it's called the great american danceo. and what you'll be able to do is -- don't you love live television? you'll be able to put yourself into the video. and also what we did by inserting mitt romney into a dance sequence with president obama. [ playing music ] >>
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>> i will never have moves like that as long as i live. drop us a line on facebook or twitter. thank you for joining us on this news edge special. you decide to 12 and you can tweet us at and we'll read them there. keep it here. tmz on tv is coming up next. fox 5 news is at 10. have a great night. man: t to some people, social security is just a number. but to m me, it's money that i earned. i count on social security. and i don't want washington politicians like george allen... privatizing it. if george allen wants to risk his own money on wall street... that's fine. but i don't want him risking mine.
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george allen just isn't watching out for us. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising.


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