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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 29, 2012 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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cowan has been tell people all day they want people to stay home off the roads. we saw very few cars circling around annapolis checking for damage and looking for flooded streets. one of the things you noticed right off the bat was the bay bring -- bridge were closed and they were very serious keeping people off the bridge. the police officers were guarding the exit and entrance ramps to make sure people stayed out of harm's way. the big problem has been this heavy rain and heavy wind. you can really see it flying off the streetlights and things like that throughout the day. that was causing visibility problems for some people. we didn't see as much flooding as we anticipated because as you said, all the water appeared to be flowing back out into the bay. we did go over to prince george street which runs right in front of the naval academy and that street was completely flooded, but for the most part even the parking lot at the
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city dock which traditionally floods, the was no flooding there. so that's a good thing. we did see a couple maryland national guard humvees patrolling the area. the mayor has asked for a little help. there's 450 national guard troops throughout maryland helping out. we've seen one circling around annapolis. we know they're on duty here. also want to let people know the shelter in annapolis high school has 35 or 40 people there. they plan to spend the night there and red cross tells me that shelter will stay open as long as they need to. what we're hearing now is they think the height of the storm and the biggest effects might be 6:00 tomorrow morning. so there maybe some people that might want to stay in the shelter tuesday night. we'll have to wait and see how that goes, but it does appear the rain is lessening, that sustained wind that we had, the 45, 50 mile-per-hour wind, that's dying down a little bit and those occasional gusts of 65, 70 mile-per-hour gusts, i
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haven't felt one of those in a little while. >> reporter: i'm just as happy. >> reporter: aren't you? >> reporter: it was brutal and the sand and the gravel was stinging us when that was going on, but the problem, brian and shawn, is that all of this rain is falling all over anne arundel county and it's all coming down into the bay. so the national weather service does expect 2 or 3 feet of flooding and again the next high tide is at 5:45 a.m. who knows what we'll find then. one tree came down in anne arundel county. it went into a house in lincecum. no one was injured and there's occasional spot flooding on roadways in low lying areas. that's the latest from anne arundel and annapolis. >> looks like the power is still on there. thank you both. we want to head to old town, alexandria in northern virginia where karen gray houston is standing by. typically in storms like this we start to see flooding there.
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what's the situation? >> reporter: we are here because this area is prone to flooding and you can tell that by what some merchants are doing. this starbucks is doing what everybody always does. they've got sandbags in the windows and doors to keep water out, but so far the water is nowhere in sight. the wind is becoming the real story here tonight and you can tell this sign here that shows what shops are in the area, the wind was strong enough to topple that sign over. now to talk a little more about the flooding, i've got some video we want to show you we shot a few minutes ago, darrell brown, our photographer, that shows you the marina right around the corner, the waterfront marina. the boats that are anchored there were doing fine. they look okay. it's very calm on the potomac. the river seems fine. it is not at the point of overflowing. now the wind is the problem and we understand that there are
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widespread outages in northern virginia. last time i checked dominion power had reported over 100,000 customers were without electricity. that is not the problem as you can see down here in old town. this is south union street. king street is the long street with these beautiful street lamps. all the lights are on in the latches and the stores, the restaurant -- lamps and the stores, the restaurants, the apartments are all dark. the lights are out in there because the merchants are not here. they've heeded the warnings to not come to work today because of the wind. as you can see, the winds are starting to get a little gustier. they're getting a little stronger. that is the problem now here in old town, not the flooding, surprise. >> yes, it is because normally that's what we see, a lot of flooding out there.
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you mentioned the wind seeming to become a problem. i'm also curious, are you seeing people still walking around just being curiosity seekers looking to see what's going on out there? >> reporter: you know, curiosity did what to the cat they say? shouldn't say that, but a lot of people are coming out, young kids, teenagers and people walking their dogs because the dogs have to get walked. they got to come out and a lot of people who want to see what a hurricane is like. it happens of storm. they come out. they take pictures. they walk up and down. they're looking at the marina. fortunately tonight hasn't been a dangerous evening so far. the winds are gusting, but they haven't gotten to the point where they're blowing people down the street. people just want to be part of something what's happening, part of the storm and that's what we're seeing. >> karen gray houston reporting live in alexandria, thanks. we'll take a break and be back on the other side.
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president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. take it up the road a bit to bethesda where bob barnard is standing live outside. they're going to name a sandwich after him he's been this so long after all this. how is it looking? >> reporter: just as you speak, it starts picking up again. it wasn't bad about 30 seconds ago that. sandwich sounds pretty good right now as a matter of fact. fewer people are on the roads, maybe because it's later, but it's been pretty wick off and on the last several hours -- wicked off and on the last several hours. just off the phone with montgomery county police. their main concern is people who come upon high standing water and just up wisconsin avenue we've seen that all afternoon and evening. if you're not aware of it, you go smashing into it, there could be all kinds of problems. they want people who are out to take it easy on the road and if you see high standing water,
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just go another way. down the road off river road at greenway, that road is blocked off. there is power out. we understand a tree has fallen on some power lines. in fact, we did see one of the tree crews contracted by pepco out there up in the air, not too high, but they were working to clear that problem as well. every now and then you see the skylight in that blue green flash that says another transformer is going out. although we've been out through lower montgomery county the last several hours and there's not widespread outages that we see, just here and there some trees down, not a lot of standing water where the road surfaces are like this, but in those dipped areas where people are familiar with there being flooded streets, that's where the problems are. so just be careful. it comes and goes, brian, and there are very few businesses that are open right now. we've seen some, mostly they're closed. some have sandbags like the
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apple store along bethesda row, two layers of sandbags. it's been that way all day and yet maybe we're going to escape this thing without too many major problems because most of the roads are passable that don't have water. there is some tree debris, small branches. we've not seen anything big and major, but again some trees are falling knocking out power in different parts of montgomery county. again, police are saying, you know, if you're in for the night, good because there are still some dangerous roads and some folks hanging out every now and then. >> real quick question, you've been out there a while this evening, did you see a lot of the business community have their doors open this evening and about what time did they start rolling up the mats here? >> reporter: i was wondering why this guy was standing next to me. he's trying to get into his darned car. sorry about that, sir. go right ahead. i thought he was ready to clobber me. >> probably one of the workers
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there. >> reporter: some places are open. dunkin' donuts was open serving only coffee. they didn't have bagels or donuts. the 7-elevens are open. quite a few beverage stores, liquor stores open. gas stations not manned but machines were on. at one point we were at democracy boulevard and old georgetown road not far from montgomery mall. i was there a couple half years ago, 2 1/2 years ago during snowmageddon and the hamburger hamlet was open. tonight it's not open. the 24 hour giant was open on old georgetown road near walter johnson high school. they are still open tonight. so some businesses are. most are not right now. >> bob barnard tonight live in bethesda. just a reminder if you're out there and have a picture you want to share, send it to us at laurel's mayor joins us now with the very latest with what's going on with his city. mayor, thanks so much for
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joining us. what is the latest? >> thanks for having me. we just got back from our emergency operation center and got briefed. we're still dealing with numerous power lines down as well as trees that have been blown over in several areas of the city dealing with some flooding. >> what about damage from the storm? >> we have our cert members and police officers and code enforcement officers out working together to do damage assessments now and hopefully that should come back the next couple hours as well. >> we're seeing pictures now, mayor, of damage scenes from all around our region. what advice do you have for the residents of laurel as we continue to ride out the winds and rains that come through the overnight hours? >> we want to stress that the residents of the community it's not over yet. i think tomorrow when daylight comes, they'll see things that they haven't seen before with trees blown over, wires still down, power outages, but we're
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working hard to address the issues and we just want to remind them to stay off the roads, stay in their homes. again if they have to travel, you know, not to go through standing water and just to be really safe, it's really bad out there tonight. >> certainly good advice. did you guys open shelters for people who may be concerned about riding out the storm in their homes? >> we have what we're calling the robert petrick community center, a comfort station and charging center for those who lost power. they can go charge their devices as well as it will become a shelter if we need to evacuate certain areas of the city. >> hopefully that will not happen at all. thanks so much for calling in and giving us an update on the situation there tonight. >> thanks very much. >> we'll take a break and be back after this.  [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. we're back with coverage of super storm sandy. let's head down to the weather have to talk to gary mcgrady and sue palka. we've been talking about this all evening tonight about areas around our region that typically flood with a little rain, but with everything we've had today we're still not seeing flooding up in annapolis, over in old duncan ya. what's going on? >> -- old town alexandria. what's going on? >> it has a lot to do with the wind today. most of what we've seen today has been strong northwest winds and that has been pushing water away from annapolis. we talked about the bloomingdale neighborhood in d.c. flooding many times this summer. that was from thunderstorms with torrential rain that
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really didn't move. they would dump a big load right on top of them. the rain today has been significant, but you haven't seen one spot getting all of it. so the river flooding and bay flooding has not been a problem because of the wind direction so far. tomorrow the winds will come out of south and maybe we see some of the water rising a bit in places like annapolis and alexandria depending how strong those winds continue to be and how much is running off from previous rainfall. good question, though. glad you asked it. it's all about the wind tonight. i just went upstairs and looked outside and we are getting some of the strongest winds we have had between 9:30 and 10:00. i think it will continue the next few hours. this what is our model guidance was strongly suggesting would happen, picked up a gust at the top of the hour to 60 not only at reagan airport, but on the mall, baltimore 52, winchester a gust to 60 at 10:00 and just
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a couple others we picked up including newlington, virginia, 63-mile an hour gust. we also continue to get a couple very strong gusts out to our east, annapolis 69 miles an hour. of course, we mentioned the district on the mall is 60, poplar springs maryland coming in with 61 mile-per-hour wind gusts in howard county. let's go ahead and very quickly i want to ask if we could jump over to radar. we've had that big band of heavy rain coming through. we'll come back to this in a moment. that has moved south of the city but not as fast as it was before. this might be putting down a lot of heavy rain for those of you in manassas and dale city. let's get in closer and put it in motion again. so not moving as fast as it was before. perhaps you could pick up an inch or so out of that. let's check out some of the rain rates inside that and what we're getting down there is
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about .4-inch per hour, so more significant rain there out toward the reston area and up toward winchester. some heavier pockets inside that that could potentially be dropping a little bit heavier rain. that's what's going on with the rain. winds really probably kind of taking over as the primary story. so with that we'll shoot you back over to look at some of the projected wind gusts that we are seeing as our model guidance is portraying it to us. at 11:00 still hanging onto some of the strongest winds we've seen throughout the day with a 62 projected in the district, 64 at annapolis, 64 at baltimore. look at the 71 in salisbury, wow. that's a few miles shy of hurricane force winds there. out to cumberland 56, maybe a little blowing snow out there. it's certainly blizzard conditions in the mountains where a number of higher elevations have blizzard warnings for 6 to 12 inches of snow above 2,000 feet and even more above 3,000 feet.
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we're running this forward to show you the wind gusts expected at 5 a.m. if you're trying to drive to work, still may be buffetting about by 55-mile an hour wind gusts. 8 a.m. maybe 39 in the city, a little stronger to our east at annapolis. tuesday is not going to be as windy, but it is not a settled day. as late as 6:00 we could still be picking up gusts over 41 miles an hour. that continues into the evening hours. we wednesday morning halloween much better for the kids. we're picking up gusts about 15 miles an hour. so our model has done a great job with that. here is post tropical cyclone sandy continuing to move through delaware into southern pennsylvania you're getting heavy banding from that and the very heavy snow. let's get in tighter on that and show you the snow that's falling in garrett county up
10:53 pm
through 68 and down here west of interstate 83. we even see a little in the ridge tops. can you see that here? those elevations again even farther away from the mountains getting wind driven snow tonight and blizzard conditions, temperatures there down into the low 30s. temperatures are a big story. gary tells me the wind chill was 38 degrees in d.c. >> sandy has weakened to 75 miles per hour. >> gary updates me sandy's winds are down to 75 miles per hour as it continues moving west north west at what speed? >> 18 miles per hour. the pressure continues to come up a little bit. >> it slowed down quite a bit when it made landfall at atlantic city. it was moving forward at 28 miles per hour and i believe it made 85-mile an hour at landfall? >> correct. >> atlantic city is a mess. pittsburgh 37 degrees, beckley,
10:54 pm
west virginia, 31. they're going to pile up some snow in some areas, not necessarily in pittsburgh. check out the pings and blues as we check -- pinks and blues as we check out our futurecast. those pinks and blues are snow. it will definitelying increasing out there. we'll have -- definitely increasing out there. we'll have rain around here still tomorrow morning maybe around 7 a.m., definitely a much drier afternoon, still gusty and snowing in the higher elevations. some of the these blizzard warnings go through the day tomorrow. as we look at halloween, maybe a brightening of the sky, some clouds in the morning, hopefully a better afternoon and drier day. again with our futurecast showing perhaps a spotty shower, this is a snapshot of tuesday, 43 degrees at 8al, still very gusty. -- 8 a.m., still very gusty, by noon gusts of 25 to 35 and by 5:00 gusts of 25 to 30 and a temperature of 44 degrees. here's your fox 5 accuweather
10:55 pm
seven-day forecast. chilly tomorrow, still windy. we recover to 53 degrees wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, much more skittled but not warm, temperatures close -- settled but not warm, temperatures close to seasonal average for november. it got here fast. let's hope it's more settled than the end of october. we'll keep an eye on the winds and give you an update soon. >> i'm just curious, doesn't have to be a hugely long answer. >> well, darn it. >> when these storms are coming and we talk about how important the winds are, was there a way to predict when this storm was coming up the coast that when it hit our area, the winds would be from the northwest? >> i think that was pretty clear. gary, don't you agree? we definitely felt we had a good handle and weren't so concerned about annapolis or other areas in the early stages. that's not to say it might not worsen as the wind changes direction tomorrow more out of the south and southwest, could
10:56 pm
fill up some of those basins again, but we've been pretty dry. so a lot of runoff will be handled for the time being. >> we've certainly seen our share of pictures by some of the things caused by super storm sandy. let's check in with scott smith downstairs with a look at some of the pictures you guys have been sending in. >> we've seen everything from snow to flooding to a lot of downed trees. let's show you some of those already. this photo from the 28th and r street location south east and you can see these are not small trees. these are big trees and they're being uprooted. they aren't just twisting and limbs breaking off because of the wind, but obviously due to the softened rain soaked soil in con junction with those
10:57 pm
gusts, we're seeing some big trees falling down blocking streets. this is what we're talking about exactly, uprooted. this is a giant tree, significant damage to this house on the 4800 block of 26th street north in the yorktown area of arlington, no injuries reported thankfully. there have been other trees falling on houses in that area including at fifth and harrison streets south in arlington. we'll show you this third one. this is temple hills, maryland, another tree, a limb that snapped off onto a vehicle. obviously that's unfortunate. if you have no other option to send your car where falling limbs and trees would not hurt it. we want to encourage you to send your photos into or the fox 5l app. since yesterday we've received 7,500 new upholds of the fox 5 weather app. if you have an iphone or droid device go, to the app store and
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cinch d.c. weather. it will pop up. -- search d.c. weather. it will pop up. >> we're going to take a break. we'll be back on the other side. there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. athat's what the plan georged allen supports... would cost our economy. newspapers called it "economically destructive."
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like allen's votes to give tax breaks to companies... that ship jobs overseas, his economic plan would... help big corporations, devastating the middle class. allen even voted against tax breaks for small businesses. virginia can't afford to go back to george allen. the democratic senatorial campaign committee... is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we're back with break news from huntington, virginia, but first here's a live look in old town alexandria where you can see some of the boats are fine in the waters, nothing horrible going on there right now, but let's go to the breaking news in huntington, virginia where we understand the evacuation order is being expanded. judy peterson with the fairfax county park authority joins us. we know this was two streets earlier, arlington terrace and fenwick street. what's the latest now? >> i do want to clarify this is not an evacuation order. what we're talking about is that residents should be prepared for the possibility of flooding in their neighborhood. bieve this is possible tomorrow afternoon or evening. again we are not asking anybody
11:02 pm
new to evacuate, but if you live east of ft. hunt road west of the george washington parkway, south of bell haven road and north of wake forest drive, you are in the areas that the county is a bit concerned about. we do have county engineers who are monitoring this situation and if flooding is imminent and an evacuation would be required, they'll be called and the public safety personnel will actually come to their door. >> let me ask you. we have a reporter who has been on the scene there all evening long when the evacuations were taking place. there were some people who said hey were not going to heave. how do you handle -- leave. how do you handle situations like that? >> well, of course, it is ultimately a personal decision. our information is based on our belief people would be at risk or there would be potential flooding and so we do encourage people to make the choice that
11:03 pm
the first responders are asking them to when they come to the door, but ultimately it is their decision and so we do respect their decision to leave or not to leave. we do, of course, do this after much consideration and a whole lot of thought. so we would encourage people to follow the direction, but again ultimately it's a personal and family decision. >> for those people who decide to go ahead and leave, do you have shelters set up for them? where should they be heading to? >> yes, we do have a shelter set up at the lee district rec center located on telegraph road in alexandria. we know sometimes people don't want to leave because they might have a dog or cat. we have made accommodations so that if you do have a dog, you can bring a dog on a leash or cats in a carrier. we're working very hard to make them feel welcome and comfortable there. it's an unfortunate situation. sometimes people also just have
11:04 pm
questions and so we have established an emergency hotline and that number is 571- 350-1300. we are here to answer that throughout the night and into tomorrow as well. >> last question, we know earlier we're seeing video right now of fire crews going door to door evacuating people off arlington terrace and fenwick drive. are there specific streets or neighborhoods you're broadcasting this new information to that if flooding is imminent you want them to leave? are there specific areas? >> yes. this is an area that has about 1,900 households and if is the area called bell -- it is the area called bellevue new alexandria area. that is where again our engineers are most concerned that this is a possibility that may indeed come to pass tomorrow afternoon or evening. >> all right. judy peterson with the fairfax county park authority, thanks so much for the update. want to take it back out to
11:05 pm
ocean city, maryland, now where stare live has been standing live at 16th street and the boardwalk. there was a lull and it looked like some of the winds were picking up again there. we know the most expensive devastation will be coming out in the morning when the sunrises, but now are things looking? >> reporter: we're talking about the pier in ocean city and we've seen a lot of flooding throughout the area. i have to say it seems sandy has saved the best for last. this is the worst of the winds. we're getting very strong gusts. it's very hard to stand out here and it's just bitter cold at this point. look at the video that we shot earlier. we were able to get out and assess some of the storm damage in the southern part here of ocean city. this is an area prone to flooding. not only are they getting hit with that flooding from the
11:06 pm
storm surge from the ocean, but coming up from the bay as well. a number of families were evacuated today throughout ocean city. they decided to stay and if just became too dangerous and they -- it just became too dangerous and they called for emergency responders to get them into some shelters. we've got several feet of water in the streets. half the pier is gone. we could have even more damage there, but we couldn't get down to the pier to see exactly how bad the damage is as of tonight. by daylight in the morning we should be able to get a better picture of things. from what we're hearing there is extensive damage throughout ocean city, most of that again due to flooding. we have seen that the seawall here where we're at has mainly held up, that seawall built after hurricane gloria. here where the seawall is protecting them we haven't seen too much as far as damage to
11:07 pm
the businesses along the boardwalk. there has been some sand and overwash onto the boardwalk. for the most part the businesses are okay. further up north in ocean city what we're seeing is that area where we really just have the sand dunes as the barrier, that's where we're seeing a lot of overwash and businesses along the boardwalk at areas on the beachfront that are seeing some damage, damage coming up from the bay, several feet of water around homes as well. boats have become untied or come loose from the docks in areas as well. so a lot of damage in ocean city. we can't get out to all of it. we've seen the number of pictures coming in from our viewers, but things really right now feel like they're getting worse at least as far as the winds are concerned. the rain and surf has pretty much subsided, but this is sort of one last gift from sandy, these high winds giving us one last pounding. >> have you been able to talk
11:08 pm
to anybody staying in that hotel? has anybody ventured out? >> reporter: i have not seen anybody venturing out here except for those news crews working here. there's us. there's some other competitors and folks around here. nobody really that we have seen out here trying to get any kind of look at this. everybody is pretty much heeding the warnings. i think the storm really fright understand people. i think a -- frightened people. i think a lot of people initially didn't take it seriously, but when the day went by and you saw it just pounding the boardwalk here and the waters rising from the bay as high as it did, i think people understood they needed to stay inside. i bet by morning you'll see a lot of people trying to survey damage. right now the roads are closed. that's another reason we aren't seeing people out here. you just can't get by because of all the flooding out there
11:09 pm
and so pretty much we're the ones here. we can see here we've got an emergency vehicle coming through. we've seen a few of them here along the boardwalk in the last hour or so. at this point i can't tell you if they are heading to anything in particular. as far as we know, there have not been any injuries here in ocean city, just the damage that we've been reporting, no injuries so far. >> sherri ly reporting live tonight on the boardwalk in ocean city. >> one of the things we seem to notice is there was a calm a few hours ago and now all of a sudden we're starting to see winds kick back up and we're seeing reports of people losing power. we want to give you an update on the latest power outage numbers, dominion virginia reporting 138,835 people in the dark, pepco 40,922 people and bg and e reporting 7,149 people now without power in montgomery and
11:10 pm
prince george's county areas. that does not include the other areas that bg and e serves. again you see just a massive amount of people out of power tonight and we are getting word that the winds are starting to pick up which means we might see more power outages throughout the overnight hours. >> we'll take a break and be right back. anncr: which do you believe? what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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welcome back. we want to head to huntington, virginia, where a short time ago we talked to one of the officials there about getting the word out of possible more evacuations there. maureen umeh is there live. we're learning they are warning people about what could come overnight. >> reporter: they certainly have. let me set the scene for you here. take a look. it is a darkened street. all you see is that police car.
11:14 pm
the power has been shut off to folks in this neighborhood in anticipation of the flooding that has been the concern all evening here in the huntington community. as you said, the evacuation watch has been expanded to another 125 homes or so specifically in the belle haven and bellevue sections of huntington. officials are watching to make sure if there's a concern about flooding they want to get word out to these people, but in this neighborhood residents have been asked to leave. a lot of them left on their own. we'll show you video we shot earlier of fire and rescue crews going door to door asking folks to get out because the concern is the flooding is probably going to pick up at some point. it hasn't been that bad all evening, but things are certainly changing with the gusting winds much more violently in the last couple hours. a lot of residents took the warnings seriously and we caught up with a couple of them as they were leaving this
11:15 pm
evening. we're having some trouble with that sound apparently, but i can tell you that a lot of the residents here, as i said, decided to leave on their own. they gathered up their things and are staying with friends. there is a shelter opened at the lee district rec center at 6601 telegraph road. that is where county officials made space available, not just for residents, but also for their pets. if you have a pet and you're afraid to leave them behind, you can bring them. there have been provisions made for them, but again this area changing, this neighborhood changing very quickly in that the power was shut off. it looks like it's back on now. i'm not really sure what's going on with that. we'll try to get you an update, but again the bottom line concern is the flooding is going to happen and they just want people to be safe.
11:16 pm
that's what's happening in huntington. >> quickly, have you seen a change in the wind? do you feel like those have picked up out there? >> reporter: absolutely. it's unbelievable. the winds have been gusting so violently within the last hour. it went from just rain and off and on wind, but now it's almost consistent where these heavy gusts of winds are blowing things all over, garbage cans. at some point while we're standing out here it's pushing us as well. so again the concerns those winds will bring the nearby water onto these streets and flood these homes. that's what usually happens here and continues to be the concern. >> let's hope it does not. talking about those winds, let's take it out to annapolis now, john henrehan and audrey barnes standing by live. we're getting a sense won't see a whole lot between now and 6:00 tomorrow morning, but high tide occurs about 5:55 at the city dock, that's when the story will unfold a bit more. >> reporter: that's because of
11:17 pm
all the rain falling for hours and hours. thankfully in the last hour or so the rain in annapolis has let up and so have the wind gusts. they aren't nearly as strong as they were one and two hours ago. because the wind came from this direction out to that way, the bay is that way, the water got pushed out of annapolis. so there was no flooding, but as you mentioned, high tide is at 5:45 a.m. and now that all the water has fallen down in all the streams and creeks heading toward the bay, who knows what will happen in annapolis tomorrow. for the bay today annapolis was a rather quiet town. gusty winds blew through maryland's capital city much of the afternoon. that apparently did not stop the movement of u.s. mail. streets remember largely empty of pedestrian -- were largely empty of pedestrians, probably because of the steady cool
11:18 pm
rain, but a few souls braved the elements, some of them unhappy to learn most of the city's shops closed for the day. given the days of warning over the coming high winds, some store keepers tamed their windows or covered -- taped their windows or covered them entirely with plywood. some stores near the annapolis waterfront were fully sandbagged. perhaps because the wind pushed the water away from annapolis even at high tide at 6:01 p.m. the docks were not flooded. a few merchants stayed open during the storm, this store offering last minute supplies. of course, since it's an ice cream shop, those essentials consisted of various flavors to bring home for the storm's duration. we have been double teaming annapolis today. my colleague audrey barnes has been rooting around annapolis nearby during the early evening
11:19 pm
hours. what did you find? >> reporter: even just coming into annapolis today you knew it was going to be a different kind of day. i can't remember the last time they lowered the speed limit on state highways and today it was only 45 miles per hour. you know the bay bridge was closed as well. so it was very different for travelers today coming through annapolis. instantly you noticed that the wind was a problem and the rain was a problem. there's still a high wind advisory in place for annapolis and a flood watch until tomorrow evening. i just got off an advisory from the annapolis city officials. they really expect the biggest surge to be 6:00 tomorrow morning. so it's not over yet. i think that people cannot get complacent about this storm. the city officials wanted to let people know annapolis senior high school is an open shelter for anyone who needs a safe place to stay. power outages are scattered throughout the city, but there are some. if you need a warm place to
11:20 pm
sleep, annapolis senior high school is a good poppings. >> reporter: were there people there? >> there's about 35 people and a number of pets. it's pet friendly. >> reporter: that pet part is staffed by volunteers who are pet friendly people. that's the latest from annapolis. >> we will be right back after this short break. 
11:21 pm
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11:23 pm
last couple hours or so we've been sort of on wind and rain watch. bob barnard in bethesda watching that for us now. bob, what do you see? >> reporter: brian, it comes and goes. right now the rains are horizontal and they're falling. other times it's not and the winds kind of come and go. take a look. it's late now. not a work night for federal workers, but the roads are deserted. this is a storm drain here along wisconsin avenue and fortunately despite all the leaves down and everything this one is flowing, let you listen for a second. that's a good thing. however, there are many low lying areas in the lower part of montgomery county that are closed now because of flooding. we can show you video from earlier tonight. this is little falls parkway off river road.
11:24 pm
there are national capital park police officers guarding that street. nobody is allowed to go down there. other streets are open that have low lying flooding and that's a concern for montgomery county police. i'll show you some of that in a minute. this is all nighttime. there are some neighborhoods without power off river road. near the whole foods if you're familiar just outside the d.c. line there was a tree that had fallen on some power lines. we saw transformers lighting up the sky and a pepco contractor was out there, not high in the air, put they did have the cherry picker up -- but they did have the cherry picker up working cutting back that tree because that's one of the pockets of communities around montgomery county, the pepco service area, that don't have power right now, not widespread, but there are quite a few. i want to show you daytime video because it illustrates one of the concerns of montgomery county police. these are flooded streets hard to see and it's hard to see at night. this was about 4:00 this
11:25 pm
afternoon we took this video. it shows you what's going on here. this was in the light of day, people driving upon these flooded parts of roadways. this is wisconsin avenue in bethesda and they go flying through the deep water there. that's dangerous, even more so at night when you can't see as well as during the day. so montgomery county police told us though there are fewer people on the roads now, that's their biggest concern is that there are streets that are flooded. some have high water signs and bright orange signs, but it's tough to see. so they want people who have to be out to be very careful about that. really the conditions are not so bad. it just kind of comes and goes. you think maybe it's over. the worst of the winds and rain are gone and then you get walloped again. so very few cars out. conditions on the roadways aren't that bad except in some of the neighborhoods we were in
11:26 pm
earlier where there are a lot of trees and there are some branches down. montgomery county police say some roads are closed because of downed trees, but it's not a widespread situation right now. >> our coverage of super storm sandy continues here on fox fox 5 after this short break. oy would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me, but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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and this is maryland. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney teacher: this is west virginia, pennsylvania, delaware. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million gaming at casinos in these other states. question seven will build a new casino and bring table games to baltimore... generating hundreds of millions for schools. and that money has to go to education. it's the law. so vote for question seven. so we can stop spending all that money here, and keep maryland money in classrooms like mine. keeping an eye on the usual suspects, want to take it down now to old town alexandria.
11:29 pm
karen gray houston is there keeping an eye on things for us. >> reporter: you know where i'm standing in the middle of king street in old town alexandria. normally when there's big flooding down here, it could be as high as my knee or higher. we've seen that before, high enough so that people could ride boats down the street. well, tonight it hasn't happened. i don't know what that means about sandy, the frankenstorm and how it's affecting alexandria, but it's just not making the mark that some other hurricanes have in this area. back behind me just about a block back there is the potomac river. it's relatively quiet tonight and undisturbed. we had video we shot earlier that shows the marina right next to this area and the boats were relatively calm. they weren't really rocking that much in the wind and the water was just peaceful and quiet and unlike what we would


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