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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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waiting to daylight to get the full extent of the damage left behind by superstorm sandy. >> the storm brought new york city to a stand still leaving millions without power and crippling its subway system. >> and here at home, the clean- up is now under way. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. all right. this is a live look outside right now at ocean city where the waves continue to do their thing out there. it is a little chilly. really cold as we're not out of he woods yet with all the rain and wind, not just yet. so good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. we'll get updates from our live reporters in just a bit. president obama has declared a federal disaster in new york and long island. the area took a hard hit from the storm. now, this is video of a
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transformer exploding last night. officials purposefully cut the power to lower manhattan to minimize damage from the flood waters there. the storm is now blamed for 16 deaths and at least seven of those in the new york region. flooding a major problem as well. >> mass transit was crippled by the floods. take a look at this path station in hoboken. you can see the water pouring through an elevator shaft. new york's subway system is shut down today. several tunnels ared intoed. officials say it is the worst disaster in the history of the city's 108-year-old subway system. >> incredible pictures there. we are spared the worst of what sandy had to offer but there is still some damage out there this morning. >> and because of that, there are still many closings this morning. metro is closed again. that includes metrorail, metrobus and metro access. we are hoping to get an update on when service will resume later on today. >> federal government offices are closed again. so are most local government offices and schools. there is also a complete list
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of closings on a lot of folk still going to have to weather what is left behind. >> yes, we still have, as wisdom said, a lot to go through in terms of some rain and winds to deal with. let's get right to it and take a look at what is happening. now, what was sandy, hurricane sandy, now just a low pressure system has lost its drop we'll characteristics. it is now 90 miles west of ?rid. maximum wind still strong, 65 miles per hour. it will move its way up to the north. -- it is now 90 miles west of philadelphia. you can see that we still are under the gun in terms of wet weather. plenty of rainfall through our area and we'll see that continuing into the course of today and into this evening. by tonight, we should start to
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get a gradual, gradual clearing of it and we'll see lighter shower activity. once again, don't be fooled as you are driving out there. a lot of low-lying areas still very dangerous. here are some of those rain totals for you. bwi broke a record with 5.51 inches of rainfall. aspen hill, over 5 inches of rainfall there. in bowie, more than 5 inches. winchester, 4 inches. record-breaking rainfall at dulles with 4.25 inches of rainfall. that is just an indication of some of our areas. those winds extremely gusty as well. 61-mile per hour winds recorded at national airport. 60 at baltimore and 54 at dulles. annapolis, 69-mile per hour wind gusts. here is a lock at our current winds across the area. -- here is a look at our
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current winds across the area. the gusts are still pretty strong. we have gusts up to 26 miles per hour in martinsburg and 25 here in d.c. your seven-day forecast shows you the wet weather stick around today. we had, back to drier conditions under cloudy skies before we start to seat sun again as we move through into thursday and the rest of the week. once again today, the win will be very strong so do be careful out there. just remember, it only takes a couple of inches or so of water to cause some problems and be careful with that. just a foot or so as far as cars are concerned so if you are just not sure of any areas that could be flooded, low -lying areas, don't drive into them. it is just not worth t when it is dark outside, keep your eyes on roads and side streets in the event of any downed trees or power lines. >> a reminder too, out west of the snow conditions they're dealing with. the maryland state police have closed interstate 68 in garrett county because of conditions.
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so a lot of snow that is still falling out there in the higher el vagues. so we'll keep abreast of what is going on out there. let us know as well out there, west virginia, people in maryland, what you are seeing and experiencing. sounds like a dangerous situation out there. >> there was a blizzard warning out threat too so visibility down to nothing. >> thank you. let's get to julie wright to see what is happening on the commute. >> all right. i'm just going to piggyback on what gwen was saying. just a little bit of water can send you guys into hide low planing especially if you are driving too fast. overhead signs in maryland warning that speed restricts have been made. on all maryland highways, no more than 45 miles per houren and quite honestly, that is a little too fast in my opinion. you just don't know what you will run up against tree debris, storm damage. proceed with caution. if you got to be out here on the roads this morning, allow extra time and just slow it down. play it safe if you have to be out here. we are dealing with a lot of
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flooding, wood burn south of gallows road for the flooding. burke lake road and rolling road had's of an accident i-95 approaching triangle. route 1 at 2 # 6 for flooding. you get what i'm saying. you are hearing the song. it is flooding, storm damage, wind debris, everything that is out there on the roads right now that authorities need you to stay off of so they can clean it up for you. 450 near the mall for flooding. windy conditions continue to keep closed the bay bridge at this time. 39 # at duke street, no issue reported right now. lanes are open in both the main line and hs as you continue out toward the 14th street bridge -- 395 at duke street.
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at father hurley boulevard, i have a tree down along the right side of the road. heads up continuing in out of clarksburg. you don't want to be doing 55 or more coming south on it 70 because you think the road is wide open because it is not. watch the speeds and remember overhead signs are warning you that speed restricts are in effect down to 45 miles per hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. -- speed restrictions are in effect down to 45 miles per hour. continuing our sandy coverage now, heavy rains and powerful wind ripped through ocean city all day yesterday. >> the severe weather flooded roads and waves could be seen crashing over the seawall. fox 5's lauren demarco is live there now with an update. >> reporter: whipping winds continue this morning and it is very cold out. the rain whipping against us as well. in fact, the set-up that we've got going on here, we are sort of out on a balcony overlooking the boardwalk. they've got these hotel rooms in the hotel we're staying at where we've been keeping the equipment and trying to take
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shelter between our live hits. last night during sherry ly's live hit of course the win creates a tunnel between the sliding glass door that we use to get out to the balance donnie and the front door of the room. every time you open one, it is hard to get through. last night, the front door of the room actually flew open off the hinges. it is gone. so we had to move over into doug wilkes' room, thank you for that, doug. we are currently working off of that. the tide does look like it is picking back up. high tide set for about 9:00 a.m. this morning. yesterday, we saw that waves were crashing over the seawall. less than a foot of space between the top of the seawall and the sand at this point. so hopefully, later today, or later this morning when the tide comes in, we don't see any additional flooding but it certainly could be the case because it does look like the
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waves are raging at this point. so we'll keep you updated on that. for you no, i can certainly tell you it is very cold and some folk are still without power in the downtown area so hopefully, if anyone is in those homes, they are bundled up. back to you. >> all right. thank you. coming up next, more on the impact of sandy on new york city. hospital patients forced to evacuate when the power went out. >> and a dramatic rescue off the coast of north carolina as the search continues for captain of a well-known ship. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment.  in virginia, we know education means opportunity. that's why tim kaine expanded pre-k... championed higher ed and job training... helping make virginia "the best state to raise a child." but george allen has not made our kids a priority. as governor, he tried to cut funding for public schools. in washington, allen voted to end tax deductions for college tuition. and now, a budget plan that devastates k-12 classrooms-- all to pay for even more tax breaks for the wealthy.
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the coast guard says a woman who was rescued in the atlantic after abandoning a tall ship in rough water has died. the 42-year-old woman was unresponsive when the crew pulled her from the water off cape hatteras last night. they are still looking for the captain. the hms bounty was a replica of
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and 18th century ship. fourteen people were rescued before it went down in rough seas yesterday. >> the storm made landfall not far from atlantic city, new jersey and it washed away part of the famous boardwalk there. now, get this. millions of kids night not be dressing up for halloween tomorrow because of the storm because new jersey governor chris christie is promising that, if conditions are not safe for trick or treating, he will sign an executive order rescheduling halloween. he already ordered the guard be state parkway closed from the driscoll bridge to cape may. at the height of the storm, several hospitals in new york city evacuated patients after the power and flooding became a problem and back-up generator failed. the vacs included 20 babies from a neonatal intensive care
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take a look at the latest numbers right now. hundreds of thousands of people are left in the dark this morning in d.c., maryland and virginia. here are the current numbers, believe, right now. dominion still by far with the most with just under 120,000 customers out in northern virginia. pepco right now dealing with about 25,000 outages. bge has 86,000 out. 86,000 out. the power is out at your house too. >> yes, unfortunately. >> ?ts. >> yes, but i'm he hoping to have it back later today. >> so are a lot of people. >> wishful thinking. >> didn't you report is it six
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million or five million people up and down the he on eastern seaboard. >> without power you are talking about? >> isn't that right? >> i can't remember but yes you're -- >> they have to do all the assessments. >> one of their issues is going to be the winds. they can't go up into the buckets unless the winds are under 30 miles per hour. we're still getting some gusts out there. we will this morning. here is the good news. things will get gradually better today. we are not quite there yet. we've still got some rain across the area. the wind will lighten up here during the afternoon. there is your radar. showers, even some heavier rain falling across the region as we speak out towards reston and leesburg. getting a pretty good rain rate here and then off to the east and south into prince george's county up towards crofton and bowie. rain rate as well pretty good. so rain will be with us here for the first part of the day.
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i think we'll even see showersling near the afternoon. the steadier rain should start to fall off a little later. there you go. that is an amazing sight. you will not see that any time soon. big swirling area of circulation here. center of what was left over of sandy is right there in southern pennsylvania. of course, it lost its identity here as it moved inland last night. it is basically just what we call an extra tropical system at this hour and it will be lifting off gradually to the north and north and west during the course of the day. so as it gets farther away from the area, our winds will lighten up and eventually the rain will start to fall off but you can see, we've still got several more hours of steady rain and at this point, the soil is saturated. most of the area pick up more than 3, 4, 5 inches of rain yesterday and we'll add to those totals today. flooding will become an, latter today. out to the west, if you are traveling in west virginia, that is actually wintertime weather. snowfall rates out there, 3 to 4 inches an hour in some spots
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so travel will be, to say least, not pleasant if you are headed out into portions of west virginia around western maryland later. land later. current winds gusting in d.c. at 28. they are not dangerous winds but they are unpleasant if you are outside trying to cleanen -- clean up your yard, that kind of thing. 45 the current temperature in washington. 45 in annapolis. it will be a cold day. you are generally looking at the high temperatures and i'm he not even factoring in the wind chill. with winds out of the north and west at 15 or 20, it will feel colder than the actual temperature. winds south and west now. they will be shifting a the later today and eventually out of the south. occasionally gusting as high as 50 and that gives is a wind advisory for today. so we've got a wind advisory for the rest of your day --
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rest of your tuesday. there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. temperatures remain cool but at least we get the storm out of here finally by tomorrow. hopefully, we can get some trick or treating in. 54 your daytime high and the rest of the weekend, temperature in the 50s. let's do traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> a lot going on out here. metro still has suspended service at this time notch metrorail, no montgomery county bus, no metrobus today because of all of the storm damage clean-up that is going on. dealing with a lot of flooding wood burn south of gallows road. burke lake at rolling road, we have a lot of tree debris to clean up. we had tree debris reported alike the georgetown pike. no problems reported on the major arteries northbound i-95. the crash was before you reach quantico. that should be out of the road.
6:22 am
joplin road due to flooding. we saw the portion of route 1 shut down at 286. all of this due to flooding. we are still dealing with 214 at river road. that is blocked off because of flooding. bay bridge remains closed until further notice. we've got clean-up continuing along route 1 due to flooding. there is a portions of 198. that is still shut down between old gunpowder road and sweitzer lane due to storm damage and clean-up. that is what we're finding along 108. the accident was southbound on the bw parkway at 450. that has cleared. 355 remains close off between dr. perry and route 80. if you can stay put, we strongly suggest that you do so. give these crews time to get out there and clean up this mess before you head out in it. if you have to be out on the
6:23 am
roads this morning, you will notice that the maryland overhead signs on your interstates and highways are saying maximum speed is no more than 45 miles per hour out on the highways and interstates. so take note of that. allow extra time out on the roads if you have to be out there today. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. our coverage of sandy's aftermath continues here on fox 5 morning news and also on >> coming up next a look at more of the damage in our area. we are talking about downed trees. they are a very big problem for home owners. going to go live to laurel, maryland when we come back. co
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by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage, it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. as expected, trees are causing a lot of problems this morning. we've got them down blocking roads and that is trouble for drivers. >> of course. but for some home owners as well, it is even worse when a
6:27 am
huge free comes crashing down on the roof of your house. melanie alnwick is live in laurel with more on the storm's damage. >> good morning to you. not just on roofs but cars as well. left night, wade situation in oxon hill where a tree in an apartment complex came down and smashed a number of cars. and then here in the city of laurel, they had about a dozen trees come down including four that came down on top of homes especially this home in conti road that was declared uninhabitable. a huge tree crashed through the roof around 6:00 last evening. the people did have to leave quickly and they are now dealing with a very expensive repair. now, the city of laurel is very close to the river. thats with another issue that a lot of people have been talking about. not just trees but would there be flooding. the city of laurel very close to the patuxent river. just a few little bits of urban flooding but the worst is not yet over. here is pete piringer. >> in the days to come, watch
6:28 am
those low-lying areas, the smaller creeks and tributaries, patuxent river is one but the potomac river is another. we'll have to watch that. i think the next couple of days that we'll have some problems with the water situation and even if we get some wind and some of the branches are going to come down further. >> reporter: that is the big concern here. you can see that tree behind me. this is one of those trees that they think may come down if you are themple it is split right down the middle. it will cause some problems for the power lines and also for some of the poles here. that again as we are continuing to watch this storm, even when the rain stops, that means we are not quite out of the road yet. that is the latest here from laurel, maryland. fox 5 morning news will continue in just a few minutes. anncr: seven-hundred-thousand jobs.
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superstorm sandy is the worst to hit the biggest city
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in the u.s. in recorded history. in new york city, south of 39th street, it is in the dark this morning. and a dangerous construction crane dangles over midtown forcing evacuations. and for the first time since 1888, the stock exchange is shut for a second day. the storm is blamed for 16 deaths in the u.s. and canada. from washington to boston, subways, buses, train and schools are all shut down. more than 7,000 flights are grounded. >> one of the big of the stories coming out of new york is this raging fire in queens. it haened overnight in the beach side community of breezy point. at least 50 homes we understand were destroyed. the fire went to six alarms with some 120 firefighters involved in fighting the fire. it is unclear right now how it started. we were pared the worst of what sandy had to offer but there is still some damage out there. >> because of that, there are still many closings this
6:33 am
morning. in fact, metro is closed again. that includes metrorail, metrobus and metro access. we are hoping to get an update later on today. >> federal government offices are closed again today. so are most local government offices and schools. there is also a complete list of all the closings. just head to for more on that. but yeah, just still a mess and you look at the pictures up in new york, what they were having to deal with and hear awful the damage coming out of there. we have our own as well but we avoided some of the worst, i think. >> we d and they really, really got hit hard. we still have a lot of things to deal with here as you mentioned at home so let's get right to it. we'll show you exactly what is going on out there. this has been a very active system with plenty of flooding and strong winds and even the snow. here is a look at what was hurricane sandy. it is actually now about 90 miles west of philadelphia as a
6:34 am
low pressure system but it will continue to move its way up to the north. you can still see the wide area that is still impacted by this system. and this is going to continue for the next few days for sure. so here is a look our fox aaccu-weather sentinel radar. you can see we still have pockets of heavy rainfall here. i want to caution you about doing any driving especially when it is dark outside to any low-lying areas. you can't estimate the exact depth of water so just be very careful. this will continue into the course of the day into the evening before we start to get a break. we do have flood warning currently in effect. snowfall, that is exactly what has hit parts of west virginia. that moved by a little bit too fast for us. here is a look at some of those totals ranging from 5 to 7 inches of snowfall over parts of west virginia and it is still snowing there. not only is it snowing but they have blizzard conditions and as a result of that, there is a blizzard warning in effect. six to 12 inches above 2,000
6:35 am
feet in the higher elevations predicted for them. we've just seep some of those totals already. awinds a major factor here. visibility is down to pretty much nothing. -- wind a major factor here. heavy, wet snow mixing with rain at time as well for them. snow will be the heaviest this evening. we'll see the numbers climb in terms of accumulation. winds from the west 30 to 40 miles per hour. gusts up to 60. so as i mentioned, the visibility really low and temperatures there into the low 30s. so across the potomac highlands as well as areas of the west virginia panhandle. they are seeing a lot of this. i'm rain totals from sandy. record-breaking rainfall. and rain totals from sandy, record-breaking rainfall.
6:36 am
winds at 20 miles per hour at d. c. the wind dusts from 21 to 36 miles per hour. julie, how are things on the roads this morning? >> it would be nice if we could get people out on the roads. i don't think that is a good suggestion at this point. because simply put, we've got too much going on. too much clean-up that needs to be done before we can get people moving once againen woodburn south of gallows road for flooding. we are just hitting some of the highlighted areas here. there is a lot more to deal with than what we're able to put up on the maps right now. tree down tying up the gw parkway before spout run. the flooding continues. shreve mill road is shut down because of flooding from yesterday afternoon. the georgetown pike, huge tree down blocking the roadway at this time. once you make your way out it the major arteries, i think it is better for you but it is
6:37 am
just getting there that is going to tie you up. we have accident clean-up that continues northbound off of 95 at quantico. job lynn road at aidand because of flooding. and there is also a portion of route one that remains blocked off at 286. this is all due to flooding. if you come up to an intersection where traffic lights are not working or you encounter flooding, you want to treat the intersection where the lights are dark as a four- way stop. if you approach a roadway where there is standing water, turn around, do not drown. still dealing with standing waters for our friends along 214. 214. metro service suspended today. they tell us hopefully by noon, they will able to give us an answer as to when restoration will happen. metro suspended service until further notice. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. metro closed again this
6:38 am
morning. >> before things are up and running again, officials need to make sure sandy didn't damage the roads or rails. joining us now is diocesan stessel -- is don stessel is on the phone. >> i'm sorry. good morning. are you guys there? >> good morning to you. >> wisdom, as you said, we want to get another assessment of how the system weathered the storm. early indication indications i will say are pretty good. we've-- the early indication i will say are pretty good. starting around 7:30 this morning, our track patrols will go out again on all five metrorail lines and do an inspection of the entire system being checking for damage and any damage to the substructure
6:39 am
under the tracks and we'll go from there. as you mentioned, we expect to have more information for customers later this morning, certainly by noon about what and when to expect restoration of service. >> and dan, are you seeing that most of the damage that you're expecting, are you concerned more about the above ground rails more so than in the tunnels, are we think something. >> it has been a combination. stuff that has happened below ground is really water infiltration that we see in any kind of heavy rain storm and it is nothing that should alarm -- nothing that really alarms us. we see it any time there is severe weather. our crews have been out with it and we have avenue been taking the appropriate counter- measures for that. the type of things we've been doing with above ground, some flying debris, some construction fencing blew on to the tracks in certain locations, that kind of thing. we've had local power issues, nothing that would stop us from
6:40 am
restarting service. but we've been dealing with that and we'll have an update for everyone on what to expect in terms of rest rig of not only metrorail but also metrobus which will be dependent on road conditions. for metrobus w avenue got supervisors out actually driving the routes right now noting where we've got downed trees and where we may have to set up detours for customers around those obstacles in the roadway. >> you are expecting the update about noon today in. >> certainly by noon. that is to say, just to be very clear about this. that is no to say that service will be restored at newport but we will have more information later this morning about when to expect service on metrorail and metrobus to be restored. >> thank you for joining us and giving us that information this morning. we appreciate it. >> you bet. >> the new york city subway system in danger this morning after water rushed in. >> the new york police say the
6:41 am
911 system was overloaded. the power to lower manhattan was cut off as a precaution. as fox's david lee miller reports, highways in new jersey were shut down as well. >> the superstorm has made landfall slamming into the new jersey coastline and beyond heavy rain is crashing in. >> the garden state parkway is closed from the driscoll bridge down to the end of the parkway in cape may. >> reporter: in the big apple, officials continue to urge caution. >> do not go outside. it is still very dangerous. and from now not storm is well past, you just have to shelter in mace. you need to stay wherever you are. let me repeat that. you have to stay wherever you are. >> reporter: in an attempt to lessen damage from the storm, new york city's main utility cut power to more than 6,000 cut mir in lower manhattan. >> we are doing that to reduce the look likelihood of damage to both our equipment and our
6:42 am
customers' equipment. where. >> reporter: that number adds to the more than 1.1 million customers without electricity in long island and the northern suburbs. massive wind gusts also to blame for a partial building collapse and a toppled construct crane atop a luxury high-rise. more than 300,000 people have been ordered to evacuate. >> old people don't want to leave their home. i'm stay here no matter what. i said mom, i'm carrying you out of here if i have to. she finally came to her senses. >> reporter: forecasters say the worst of the storm is yet to come. it could be the largest to its had the continental united states in history. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. >> sandy brought some heavy snow to parts of west virginia as well. >> joining us now on the phone is item wise with the office of emergency management in randolph county, west virginia. jim, thank you so much for talking with us this morning. you guys got hit pretty bad as well. >> absolutely. we did. >> so give us an update right
6:43 am
now on what are dealing with. >> not seeing a whole lot of nick. we don't have any power in the entire county. road crews are out working. we've got a significant amount of snowfall especially in the higher elevations and we are talking well over a foot, probably closer to two feet of snow. travel was almost nonexistent other than the snow plows but we have no power within the county. >> any idea or timetable -- i know you are still assessing the situation. any idea or timetable on when some of power may be back on? >> haven't received word from the power company as of yet. still trying to contact some of those folks as far as the timetable but nothing concrete yet. >> give us an idea of the conditioned i guess right now. you said the power is out. i know it is difficult to see. what is it like though for your crews to even get out on the roadways. are you even able to do that right now? >> some of service personnel are having a difficult time
6:44 am
getting from their homes, getting out of the driveways. if not near a main road, some of them are still snow bound. difficult to get some service personnel out to where they need to be. >> we are taking a live look right now of some roadways out there and just the amount of snow that you have. any advice for people this morning. i no he there are a lot of people that are probably not able to see this but perhaps word can get passed along but what you need from folks out there this morning. >> we would just tell people, if they don't have to be out, just to stay home. we do have shelters up and running throughout the county as far as those that have been out for an extended period of time without any heat. we do have shelters open and if they do need transportation, we will see that they get it. but if they don't have to get out, please stay home. >> are you hearing reports of many accidents. they have interstate 68 closed
6:45 am
down in gulf air the county. >> we've had numerous, numerous car -- vehicle crashes. nothing significant where the roads have been shut down but some of the roads have been temporarily shut down. some of the mountainous routes because of -- they're impassage. outside of that, just several vehicle accidents. >> good luck out there. >> we appreciate you taking the time. we know you're very busy this morning working out there. >> thank you. >> quite a mess there. of course, we'll continue our coverage and we'll be back in a moment.
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all right. in the morning line, a hero's welcome home for the world champion san francisco giants. the team arrived back in the city by the bay to a roaring crowd yesterday. some players greet the fans with some high fives. giants finished the sweep of the tigers on sunday to win
6:49 am
their second world series tight until three years actually victory parade is being held tomorrow morning. that ends with a rally at city hall. look at them carrying the trophy through town. >> you kind of forget there is something else going on other than the storm right now. >> i forgot. >> the first game of the world series. looks like he is carrying it kind of casually. >> it's their second one. if they drop it, they've got another one. >> they look so happy too. they're probably just tired. >> uh-huh. probably tired from celebrating. >> and partying. >> while the rest of us hid in our basements. >> a lot of tired right now with this weather. >> the winds were howling last night. winds gusting over 60 miles per hour pretty much area-wide. as we got into virginia, wind were in the 50-mile per hour range. we did have hurricane-force winds for i few of the
6:50 am
locations. indeed, winds got into the mid- 70s. your radar, still raining. the rain will be with us for several more hours and in fact, we have a flood warning. north and west of the city out towards reston, pretty good rain and right through the city at the moment across the beltway and out to the east, bowie, crofton, are getting pretty good rains and into prince george's county as well. rain will be with us as well for several more hours. things will gradually improve kind of step by step with each passing hour. the win -- the wind will lighten up a little bit with each passing hour. what an amazing storm. look at that swirl out there. not too often you will see circulation like that parked across the mid-atlantic but the center of circulation right had b. there into southern pennsylvania and still drawing moisture. look at that fetch there drawing moisture and pulling it
6:51 am
up into new england. on the back side of it, of course, we just did the interview with our friend out in west virginia but they are getting some extremely heavy snow. hearing of snowfall rates 3 to 4 inches an hour out here. traveling out to the west, blizzard westerning for much of west virginia and western maryland. for us, the rain will continue here for several more hours. you get the idea. we're not done with the risk offed intoing. in fact, we have a flood warning for most of the area here through late this afternoon as we switch maps -- as we switch maps. i don't know what is going on with the computer. let me see if i can get the maps to switch. as we do, you will be able to see that we've got rainfall -- there we go and the flood warning will continue here through 11:00 this morning. they will probably extend this as the flood warning is a combination of rivers and creeks that are overflowing their banks and of course, all the rain that we had out there
6:52 am
last night causing some,s on -- causing some issues. julie will have more on that. with high tide arriving later this afternoon, we'll have some extremely high tides along the western shore of the chesapeake and tidal base in. be ready to that. 45 in washington. it is cool out there. 41 in gaithersburg. extremely cool temperatures for late october this afternoon. 47 your daytime high. rain likely. still windy out this although both should lighten up later this afternoon. let's do some traffic and get the latest from julie who will tell you about flooded roadways. >> on the roads right now, what we are finding is a lot of debris and flooding and tree damage that needs to be cleaned up before we can get people out and about this morning. this also affects your commute headed into the district. flooding situations have occurred in closing south dakota avenue between new york avenue and bladensburg road. route one shut down between seventh and north capital
6:53 am
street and that is due to standing water. southbound along 270, we have the large tree report down in the right tree of father hurley boulevard. a portion of 35 # remains blocked off between dr. perry and route # 0 until if you are -- a portion of 355 remains blocked off between dr. perry and route 80 until further notice. still cleaning up tree debris off the g. -- off the gw parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. . our live coverage of sandy's aftermath continues throughout the morning right
6:54 am
here on fox 5. all, >> as we go to break, here is a live look at ocean city, maryland. our own lauren demarco is out there reporting this morning saying it is raining and getting colder. ing colder. fox 5 morning news will be back in just a moment. anncr: which do you believe? what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
all right, we want to share more of your pictures of the storm. this photo is from a fox 5 viewer in woodbridge, virginia. we're getting report of flooding and trees down across the area. be careful on the roads this morning if you have to get out. that is huge. we've seen a lot of that throughout the area. >> the sun gets up and everybody starts taking in and assessing the damage they have around their house. i'm sure we will see more. >> get them off the power lines and the whole nine yards.
6:58 am
>> remember, you can e-mail pictures, to my weather photo at g mail .com. >> and you can upload or download, however we say it to the fox 5 weather app too. pretty easy to do that, too. >> we haven't seen the fan. the day. >> it seems like forever. >> so we want to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. brittany wharton. brittany tells us today is her 25th birthday. >> happy birthday. >> and all she asks for was the power to stay on and i hope your power is on, brittany. i know a lot of folks don't have it this morning. i hope you have a birthday wish. and for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, log on to our facebook page and leave a comment under brittany's picture. good morning. >> i'm happy to see that picture. it means things might be slowly getting better. >> slowly. >> coming up on fox 5 morning news, over a dozen dead, millions without power. billions in damage. super storm sandy left a wide
6:59 am
path of destruction across the east coast. bringing new york city to a standstill. >> and here at home, it appears we escaped the worst of sandy, but there is still a lot of cleanup ahead. flooding, downed tree, road closures, power outages, and all an issue across our region. we have team coverage from ocean city to alexandria. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. there is a live look at ocean city. it is raining there. it is chilly. but the waves, nothing like what they were yesterday at this time. it is tuesday, october 30, 2012. ocean city is still dealing with some gusty winds and rain. some roads there remain flooded as a result of the superstorm. meantime hundreds of miles inland, it is not the surge but the snow. a live look at i-68 in western maryland. that area and a lot of west virginia dealing


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