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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 31, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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still playing out. both the obama and romney campaigns are scrambling to switch up their schedules and recalibrate their messages as they reond to sandy. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts right noufrment this is halloween, wednesday, october 31st, 2012. there's your live look outside. much more traffic this morning than we've had in a you a mornings. >> metro also open today. normal service resumed this morning. however, some bus routes could be affected by flooding and road closures, so build in some extra time for your trip. the federal government is open today, though employees have the option for unscheduled leave and telework. most students will head back to the classrooms but some schools are still closed due to power outages. in fairfax county, the following schools will remain
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closed. they are language ly langly. in arlington county, bar croft elementary school is closed n d.c., jefferson county will remain closed. >> prince georges county, excel academy is closed n howard county, bowman bridge elementary school is closed and arundel county will have 17 schools that are closed today. you need to check the schools' website for that list. we will have all the information on the bottom of our korean and on tucker. > good morning, allison, good morning, everybody. tough to have the schools closed on halloween because it's a fun day to be at school with the halloween parties. light rain in the area, a lot of this isn't touching the
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ground so the trend is to take the rain out of the forecast. we're not sure we're going to be cloud-free today as we continue to beunder the influence of what's left here with sandy. there's your bigger look at satellite radar. the center of circulation now pushing up north of pennsylvania into new york, and you can see still a wide area of stormy weather here, including some rain showers pushing into the southern new england and on the back side, we're still dealing with the mountain snow in west virginia and western maryland. should be dry for the ghosts and goblins going out at 5 p.m. as we're going to be on the cool side. reagan national, 43 degrees, dulles 40, trick or treat weather, temperatures in the 50s. falling quickly into the 40s by 6 p.m. and dry with mostly cloudy skies. all right. that's a quick look at weather.
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let's do traffic with julie and unfortunately she's gotten busy. let's get to the crew in sky fox. they happen to be hovering over two separate incidents on the belt way. the crash on the outer loop occurred back in our 4:00 hour -- 5:00, rather, and that one involved multiple vehicles. you're going to find one lane to the left getting by with outer lanes stacking up. then on the inner loop of the belts way across from the ikea, that's where our second incidents has popped up. it is the two left lanes that are tied up and lanes on that inner loop starting to back up. to the far right side of your screen, that is the traffic coming southbound off i-95 leaving the icc heading on to the outer loop of the belt way. 95 grid locked at this point. your better bet, your options
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are to use 193 in maryland or 410 west-east highway but do not commit tote belt way until further notice. we've had some problems at virginia this morning. we have had accident activity eastbound 29 at 286. that has cleared. georgetown pike has storm damage. flooding continues to plague us. you'll find a portion of northbound 195 tied up and that's due to and accident. average speed head north 16 miles an hour headed out of stafford. more delays on inbound 95. in some places, complete devastation left behind from superstorm sandy. this morning the storm is being blamed for 50 deaths along the east coast and nearly 7 million homes and businesses remain without power. >> one of the hardest hit areas, hoboken, new jersey. sandy flooded about half of that town.
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the national guard arrived last night to rescue thousands of people stuck in their homes and apartments and delivered supplies to fooded areas. we're sharing more video of roof top rescues fr staten island, new york. a helicopter rescued five adults and a child yesterday. in new york city the mayor says it could be several days before the subway is running again. all 10 of the city's tunnels that carry passengers under the east river were flooded by the storm. but there are some small signs of recovery. the new york city marathon will go on as planned this sunday and the new york stock exchange will open today. as officials begin to assess the economic impact made by sandy, it's estimated that she will end up costing about $20 billion in damage and $30 billion in lost business. president barack obama is skipping battleground states to visit victims in new jersey. the republican governor often
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criticizes the president but has praised his handling of sandy's aftermath. meanwhile, mitt romney will be back on the campaign trail today with stops in florida. yesterday he scheduled all events due to accept and instead, collected food and donations for storm relief in kettering, ohio. . and the governor of maryland will get a first hand look at the devastation along the coast later today's. the pier in ocean city was destroyed by superstorm sandy. governor martin o'malley will visit a shelteand john the mayor to get and update on the damage. residents along the potomac fear additional flooding this morning. . >> reporter: good morning, allison.
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we're hearing a plane over ahead, we know national airport just down the river is trying to get up to speed but officials over there are saying they are watching the potential for the potomac river to continue to rise. communities all along the potomac and look at this beautiful sunrise -- but xhunts all along the water front are looking at that. we had a little bit of flooding yesterday and they are expecting high tide today and tomorrow. all eyes on that to see what is going to be coming downriver and perhaps what the impact will be in these areas. take a look at where it was yesterday. old town alexandria used to this, what they call minor flooding. happens every year and sometimes more than once a year, and while they brace for possible flooding of historic proportions, it turns out that the water only came up a few feet, submerging this lower part of old town union street and king street for a couple of blocks in either direction.
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once the wind and rain stopped, plenty of onlookers that came to look. they were well prepared with sand bags but it is not over yet. >> there are expectations that it's coming up to 10 feet. it's measured by the pillar over there. there's a foot increments, so we're being precautious. >> unfortunately those to the north of us haven't been so fortunate. we've been fortunate but many people not to fortunate. >> reporter: that is really the sentiment from many of the people here. we have flooding here, it could have been much, much worse. again, they are talking about perhaps when high tide comes at 10:06 this morning and thursday morning is expected to be more than that, potentially above the 10-foot mark, which would be maybe about to here on me, which would be above some of the windows in the businesses, so that could cause more damage here than what they normally have. however, the highest flood here was 1933.
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that was about -- a little bit higher than this, so we are well prepared for it down here in alexandria but certainly you don't want to see the danl to homes and businesses. tony and allison. >> mel melanie, thank you very much. we have some new video of sandy's aftermath to show you from early this morning, downed wires on fire in the 4500 block of mccomb street. the wires caught some leaves and trees on fire. power has now been cut off and the flames are out. utilities companies are still hard at work trying to get the power back on to customers. at least check, dominion, virginia, still has over 20,000 people in the dark. bge has just under 30,000 and petco is down to under 1400. now, dominion did seem to be one of the hardest hit
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utilities but they made rapid progress. how long might be it be for the remaining 0,000 or so customers without power. good morning. >> good morning. >> where are you now as far as back online? >> we've restored about 93% of the customers who are effected by this storm and we expect we will make great progress today. we have all the right resources and the right number of resources to tackle the work ahead of us. we expect that by the end of the day tomorrow, we will have all of our customers affected by this storm back online with the exception of those that -- where there are some access issues out in the western lavin county area. >> some are surprised that the number of outages you had in virginia compared to some of the other areas in our region, any idea why initially there was so many people without power? >> it's the track of the storm and the force of the storm.
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and you know, just with every weather system, we just -- it depends on where the storm hits most, and we were impacted. we could have had a bigger impact, we know that, but for those customers who are still without power today, you know, all that doesn't matter. they just want to know when we're going to be in their neighborhoods and what we can say, is we will be there in force today and getting lights back on. >> figure out sort of basically what kind of damage you sustained or what kind of damage you're putting back on. we were waiting for those trees to fall, we were talking about that yesterday, is that the main issue here? >> what we've seen is some pockets where there is significant to catastrophic damage. what i mean by that, locates throughout our service area where we have multiple trees that have come down across power lines, breaking poles, breaking cross arms and causing spans of wire to come down. for example, in one area in
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mcclain, we have 20 broken cross arms and 10 spans of wire that are down, and we need to make those repairs today in order to get a lot of our customers back on in the mcclain area. >> all right, well, we do thank you for checking in with us again this morning, lehi anderson with dominion power. >> any time. >> we wish you the best of luck with the continuing restorations. it is now 7:12 on this wednesday morning. she transformed the white house into a social and entertaining icon. this morning, we remember leticia baldridge. >> three pipe bombs explode at home in virginia with specific targets in mind. the wizards open up their season in cleveland. dave ross is back with a look at how they did in this morning's sports breakfast. >> i am hoping john wall played some. a live look outside. we'll get the latest in weather
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and traffic from tucker and julie. that's coming up next. anncr: which do you believe?
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what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barack obama and...
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welcome back. a check of this morning's local and national headlines, police in virginia are investigating three explosions at two different homes in stafford county and one in the city of fred rikzburg all caused by homemade bombs. the blast caused a lot of damage but no one was injured. we are remembering the life of leticia baldridge this morning. baldridge, who worked in embassies in europe before coming to the white house later
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made a name for herself as the first woman executive at tiffany's and founded her own public relations company. she wrote more than 20 books on social etiquette and advised five first ladies. she passed away monday night in bethesda. leticia baldridge was 86 years old. >> wow. >> she could have written far more than 20 books on social etiquette and other things. what a life. >> all right. 7:17 now. tucker is back. >> good morning. >> how are you doing? >> fine. we're going to maybe some more sunshine this afternoon and weather-wise, things will be cool for the trick or treaters but it shouldn't be rainy or windy. fortunately the forecast is going in the right direction. 43 in washington, 35 this morning in pittsburgh. we've got some chilly air out there, 35 in chicago, 33 this morning beckley, west virginia, so lots of 30s to start your day.
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this is october, after all, temperatures running unseasonably cold for this time of year. shower activity winding down. i can't guarantee you won't see a leftover shower or sprinkle during the first part of your day but as the day trends on here, we'll see less and less shower activity and maybe as i mentioned, a few peeks of sunshine this afternoon as leftovers of sandy continue to push away. you can still see hanging out over the atlantic and new england, it will carry off to the north and east eventually we'll see late day sunshine. tomorrow should be partly sunny and a little nicer. 55 today. temperatures in the cool department the next several days but a lot more sunshine starting tomorrow. hang in there, we're turning the corner. julie right is keeping and eyes on the roads. there are a lot of problems this morning. >> we're having trouble with the signal from sky fox. let me map out a couple of
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things and hopefully by the end of the report we'll get them back for you. northbound along i-95 we've had troubles because of earlier accident activity, that was causing a headache. again with the accident activity, you'll sown eastbound 236 tied at prosperity with only one lane of travel able to get back. . do not attempt to travel through standing water. you'll find downtown there are a number of traffic lights not working properly including 7th at independence and nebraska. treat these intersections as four-way stop. traffic on the belt way before you leave the -- we are told there is and ongoing investigation however the reconstruction team has yet to arrive.
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once the reconstruction team arrives on the scene, they will begin their investigation pick up 410, 95 over to the icc but do not commit to the outer belt of the loop way until further notice. on the inner loop, we had and incident near the ikea, that was tying up the left side of the roadway and causing a back- up. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. well. >> we got to move this thing along. >> boy, we are tight for time. dave ross is here for sports. >> i want to give some props out to adam laroche of nationals, late last night he got his first ever gold glove award. that is hard to do, people so, congratulations adam laroche. i hope the nats resign you. that's a decision the front office has to make. let's talk about the wizards in their season opener,
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there's john wall. nat ily clad, he has a knee issue, he'll be out for a month. your point is well taken. there's bradley deal your rookie, he's probably about 17. they're drafting well, tony, because this is my pick for the new rookie of the year, check back in between months on that call. pargo knocked down the three. is he playing instead of john wall and they took the lead which was impressive but in the end they couldn't hold it. the cavs come back and get the win but the wizards showed in guts coming back. we have to talk about dee
7:22 am
hall. you can't take off your helmet and then this, i don't know if there was contact there but then the hands and the cursing and this is the worst part here, he keeps going after the official. that doesn't bode well for what the league will have to stay. here's what d hall had to say yesterday on idea. >> nobody is going out there trying to bully the referees and likewise, they shouldn't be out there bullying us. he can't see what that ref is saying to me. if you can go back and thing changes, you would. i can't take the play back, all we can do from my point of view, from the referee's point of view and nfl and nfl pa is figure out a solution so the problem doesn't happen again. >> we don't oppose what the official said and i get what he's intimating there, but roger goodell does. he'll meet with that official and if this comes down to he
7:23 am
said-he said, d hall is going to lose. i'll be curious to see what the league has to say. you can't go after and official and get ejected, that's bad enough but when you continue to go back, i don't think that sends a good message to roger goodell. >> and you can't use the profanities. >> you cannot. and he knows better. he's had incidents in atlanta and oakland and now here. but you have to tone it down. >> thanks, dave. a traffic alert in georgetown as halloween celebrations kick into full year later today. what you need to know next. and holly is playing breaks drest up this morning. -- playing dress up this morning. she's coming by with some great costume ideas.
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it's easy to forget with all the attention on the
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superstorm but today is halloween. georgetown should be bustling like years past. the area is a hot spot for halloween. be advised, there are a number of street closures starting at 4 this afternoon. they will last into the thursday morning hours. for a list of closures and parking restrikes, go to myfox the washington regional alcohol program's service rides run. the free rides home are for fares up to $30. still ahead a live look at the damage from sandy in staten island, new york. plus, both president obama and mitt romney have to make difficult decisions in the days ahead in the aftermath of sandy. we'll take a closer look as we inch closer to tuesday. this year, america's privately-owned freight
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railroads plan to spspend $23 billion on their network. that's like building 4 nat's stadiums, 5 wilson bridges, and 8 dc convention centers...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers.
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anncr: every president inherits few have faced so many. four years later... our enemies have been brought to justice. our heroes are coming home. assembly lines are humming again. there are still challenges to meet. children to educate. a middle class to rebuild. but the last thing we should do is turn back now. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. we had a good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care.
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mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. that's like launching 4 mars rovers, 10 gps satellites, and 20 space shuttles ...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. welcome back. it's 7:30. these are live pictures over hoboken, new jersey, where they had some flooding and damage from superstorm sandy. many, many people had to be rescued out of their homes and businesses in the wake of the storm due to flooding. they're going to try to get
7:31 am
things a little bit back to normal there. parts of hoboken are very charming >> spent a lot of time in hoboken. >> did you? yeah. we continue to follow the aftermath of superstorm sandy. >> we know every part new york city was afced by the storm. fox's carey drew is there this morning. looks like total devastation behind you. >> reporter: total definitesation, good morning to you, tony and allison, that's the best way to describe what's going on on staten island. this is a pile of debris. this used to be a home. this home was completely leveled as a result of this hurricane. you can see the home text to is t-is still standing but this home just didn't make it and there is debris scattered all over the place. i'm seeing a soccer ball, some furniture from inside the home, and this is really the scene up and down the block here on staten island.
7:32 am
if you look over here across the street, you'll see debris everywhere. some people tried to put boards up, sand bags, but they just didn't make it. if you look all the way at the end of the street there, that area that's kind of to the left of your screen there, that used to be three homes which were completely destroyed because of this hurricane. you can see some of the debris now left behind. you can see there was a telephone pole that's leaning across the street, just total devastation here and now police say a total of six people have died here on staten island as a result of this hurricane. so just a total mess here on staten island. and this is the scene really as you drive up and down the streets here, horrible to look at, hard to even put into words the destruction. one guy who passed by earlier, he said, you know what, it looks like a war zone and that's the best way to describe it this morning. >> just horrible scenes coming from new york.
7:33 am
carey drew reporting. >> pictures of the big tanker, the big huge boat. >> that came ashore. >> unbelievable. let's get right to the good news. i'll start with the halloween forecast is we should be enjoying a relatively quiet weather period around here for your trick or treating night, so conditions will get better throughout the day today. not going to be a beautiful afternoon but at least we'll be able to get in some dry hours here by late day. ghostly clouds acreepy chill, upper 40s just in time for the trick or treaters. highs later this afternoon in the 50s but we'll quickly fall back into the upper 40s with mostly cloudy conditions for the day today. things are starting to wind down now. sprinkle just to the east of washington. we've got some fairly persistent showers north and west towards hagerstown and
7:34 am
into southern pennsylvania but that's about it. can't rule out the possibility of a sprinkle or shower this morning. then things will gradually improve at as far as wind and rain. i don't think we have much of that in the forecast. i can't guarantee it will be a sunny bright day, but there should be some breaks in the clouds. after plenty of rain to start your week out, we should be drying out and some sun today. reagan national, 43 degrees, 39 gaithersburg, 41 in hagerstown. afternoon highs in the 50s. winds south 5 to 10. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than they would normally be for halloween. and this accuweather 7-day temperatures are going to remain cool the next coupe of days and generally dry. might be a quick shower on friday and early next week we have some more showers but most of the weekend looks dry. let's see some traffic and get the latest from julie. on the roads right now, we are still looking at this
7:35 am
accident which occurred on the belt way before you reached new hampshire avenue at the riggs road overpass courtesy of sky fox, they're hovering over the scene and it's taken time for the reconstruction team to arrive here. only one lane to the left is able to get around the scene of this crash and that's what we zoomed in for you. jeremy, this is a great shot. delays on the outer loop are beginning to slow at route 50, so coming out of landover, this is what you're waking up to this morning. allow extra time on the roads. 193, 410 even the option of heading south on the belt way coming across the wilson bridge could save you a lot of time versus sitting through this, because again, this will be a lengthy investigation. southbound 95 gridlocked at this point from 198 out of laurel to the exit for the outer loops. you guys coming from the north to the south, better bet take the icc and use that as your work around. we've got some problems with the storm damage and the
7:36 am
cleanup continuing to tie up georgetown pike, so that means it's closed until further notice as well. we've got accident activity on southbound 28. two right lanes tied up at the scene of that crash. we have accident activity that will show your whole eastbound 236, that's tying up the right side of the highway. flooding still and issue this morning. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> julie, thank you very much. we want to show this political and programming note for you, our maryland senate debate originally scheduled for 9:00 this morning has been rescheduled because of the storm aftermath. we do apologize that we were not able to reschedule it before election day. allison. . tony, thank you very much. this time next week a lot of people will probably be very blurry-eyed from staying up way too late to find out the
7:37 am
results of the presidential election. there are also important senate and house races that may come back to the wire. we haven't seen you two together for a while, peter fan, good morning, peter and republican political strategist jim inainasnezi and your beautiful hair. [ laughter ] >> don't say anything. >> let's talk about this storm and the effects on the campaign, the effect it had. were the campaigns pushed back very greatly, peter, let me start with you? >> i think it's in some ways it's tough on the president because he's missing three days, mitt romney missed about a day or so, not even that. and this is important to be out there to energize your troops, get them going, but, look, you know, politics takes a second stage in this kind of situation. the president did the right thing in even chris christie in
7:38 am
new jersey, who he's touring with today, was very laudatory about the president. i don't think i can handicap this one way or the other who it would really help but it does take the campaign off the front pages for a few days, that's for sure. >> jim, we saw mitt romney in ohio yesterday helping storm damage victim, sort of blending the two, or did his campaign get put on hold? >> they're donating, instead of getting campaign know nation donations, they're giving it to the red cross. you have to be sensitive to what happened to the folks in new jersey and new york state. the president gets a break here, to be quite honest with you, because now he gets to fly to new jersey and do the photo
7:39 am
op and pretend he's concerned about this. >> you're saying the president isn't concerned about americans? >> i'm not saying he's not concerned but if you look at what happened prior to the storm, he was running around america campaigning very hard and -- as was -- but my point was it wasn't working in the polls. his polls were going down so, this gives him the chance to be regal again and he's good at being regal. >> look, look, he's doing what he should do. he's been on top of this. i hate to do this to my friend jim. >> wait, wait, peter -- >> in the debate last year when they were talking about fema, john king asked him should we cut fema and put that money into other things. he said, his response, should fema be occur failed to save federal -- curtailed to save federal dollars, romney said absolutely. every time you have and occasion to take something from the federal government and send
7:40 am
it back to the states, that's the right direction. if you can even go further and send it back to the private sector, that's even better. >> peter -- >> quick point, that is that you cannot run for president, you cannot talk this way when it is -- it was very clear with george bush, he undervalued fema, to put it under homeland security, put brownie, great job brownie who was a horse guy, political appointee in this, this has been professionalized, pulled up, fema runs well because you have a president that believes in it. >> okay. >> jim? >> are you telling me that barack obama made -- before barack obama, fema sucked is that what you're telling me? >> i'm telling you. >> no, that's what you're saying. >> they cut the budget for it and president bush undervalued this operation and showed mitt romney -- i'm talking about mitt romney now saying he would not get rid --
7:41 am
>> have you watched the clips? >> you were there, you were up in new hampshire when it was happening. >> i was watching it. >> i watched the clip, peter, he didn't say that. >> he didn't say what i just read? >> the whole discussion was about downsizing government. he never said we should cut fema. he should we should take funds and -- >> you want to ask chris christie about that? >> sure. give him a call. >> look. >> come on, peter. >> my point on this, jim -- >> what is this? >> two different approaches as to how government works best. i think this president handled this well, i think the comments from mitt romneyened n-that debate is irresponsible. >> let's talk about the house and senate. >> wait. >> i want to talk about the senate. we could debate this point all day. which races are you watching and the momentum on the house
7:42 am
side because we only have a minute or so left. >> close races all over the country right now. i mean, they had ten raceness toss jaup categories -- toss-up categories. republicans could control the senate, the democrats could keep it. i think the race that is -- nebraska is tough, montana is tough for the democrats. big mistakes for the republicans in missouri, democrats were supposed to lose that, now we'll win it. indiana is close. brown in massachusetts, one poll even, one poll with him up. these races can go i think either way. >> final word, jim? >> i think races can go either way. but we talked about irresponsible, what happened in libya in is it the movie? for a two weeks we heard about the movie. >> jim, everything is coming out. the administration is revealing everything.
7:43 am
>> mr. transparency. you know when it will come out? after the election. always will. >> we have to cancel the debate today. maybe we can continue this in the 9:00 hour. i have to let you guys go, jim and peter. tony, over to you. you know what? we'll be right back. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. my name is julian bond. i know a little something about fighting for what's right and just. maryland's gay and lesbian families share the same values and they should share in the right to marry. i believe people of faith understand this isn't about any one religious belief. it's about protecting the civil right to make a lifelong commitment to the person you love. join me in supporting question 6. it's the right thing to do.
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i just separated jim and peter, everything okay. >> yes, calm them down. >> it's close now and -- >> i know. right around the corner. >> less than a week to go. tucker is here with the weather. guess what's going on this weekend? >> what is? >> extra hour to snooze. >> oh, yay! i had forgotten all about it. >> bad news is it will be getting dark at, you know -- >> like at 5:30. >> no, even earlier than that. 4:45. >> what? >> we're going to lose and hour of daylight on the back end of it. >> really early. >> i'll let you know when the sun is going to set sunday but i think it's about 5:15.
7:47 am
going to be an educated guess. let me mention the storm, still some showers out there. we have cloud cover. winds have lightened up. mostly cloudy day for us with a few scattered showers early, maybe even a little sun later today. trick or treaters, no problem, it will be cool. kids are going to want a jacket or a shirt because temperatures will be falling into the 40s but we should be dry. there's your accuweather 7-day forecast, 50s, the winning number for the next several days. chilly in the 30s and 40s at night and a quiet weather pattern. we'll take it after the last couple of days. >> yes, we will. let's go to julie. she's keeping and eye on the traffic. >> it's been a tough go out here on the roads. we're still dealing with storm debris and cleanup and flooding, plus the accident activity which occurred on the outer loop of the belt way before you get to new hampshire avenue. some rafk was able to squeeze by single file on the left shoulder.
7:48 am
this is going to be a lengthy investigation once it begins, so heads up, traveling the outer loop of the belt way. we've already got the delays that extend from route 50 to new hampshire avenue, well over and hour and a half commute, that's just on the east side of town coming from route 50 towards the accident scene. a lot of people cutting inbound on route 50, from 197 to the parkway, that's a 30-minute ride. we have ult nat routes including -- alternate routes including 93 and 140. of course nvirginia, we're still dealing with problems here as well. we had accident activity along eastbound 236 at prosperity tying up a lane, flooding still a big deal for us this morning, braddock road, and we've got the accident activity here southbound 28 at the toll road. you'll find two light rains are closed.
7:49 am
-- right lanes are closed. still ahead, more people than ever are expected to celebrate halloween this year. really? that includes holly. >> okay, i've always celebrated halloween, what are you all talking about? but you're right, seven out of ten people are celebrating halloween this year. that is the highest number reported by the national retail foundation. we are live at jean's costumes in kensington, and yes, it is on, it's going to be a rush. coming up, we'll talk about great last-minute ideas just if time for trick or treat. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home
7:50 am
7:51 am
with resolve deep clean powder.
7:52 am
the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. well, can you tell me how much the average american will spend on halloween this year? okay, nearly $80. that's according to a study from the national retail federation.
7:53 am
i can tell you were going to go too high. >> it was rhetorical question. >> yeah. >> plenty of stores are back open and ready to help you. they want you to come in. they missed a couple of days of sales. holly morris joins us from jean's costumes in kensington. oh! courage! >> no, i'm not a lion. >> oh. >> definitely not the cowardly lion. think a little closer to home. what could i be? >> a fox. . >> reporter: a fox, yes! i thought that was appropriate, holly from fox 5. the fox costume is one of the new costumes they've got in here. they have missed a couple of days, it's always a mad rush on halloween but they're really expecting a big rush now because the phrase they're using is now it's happening. everyone was wondering if halloween would happen with hurricane sandy but it is on and it's time for you to get
7:54 am
your last-minute costumes here. good morning to you, andrea is the meetinger. manager. let's talk about what's hot, what people can get and where they should start. >> okay, holly. we have so many things at jean's costumes. last minute things if you're looking for a quick costume, we've these little accessory kits. super heroes are always big. this is basically a t-shirt and a bask. we've got power rangers. we've spiderman. we have captain america. . >> reporter: see, someone's calling already. they're like hokay ooorya, you're open! >> we have the ninja turtles. some other ideas, we have "toy story." we have the little jessy hat. >> reporter: these are all easy things to do. this was hugely popular.
7:55 am
look at that, the lorax from dr. seuss, they have one left. >> we have lots of cat in the hat accessory kit. it's a hat, tie and mittens. >> reporter: what do we have over here? >> we've got lots of adult women's costumes, some short and sexy things but they fit very well. >> reporter: also in all sizes. you don't have to be a size 2 to wear these. >> exactly. we've ordered some plus size costumes so everybody can dress up. >> reporter: let's head over this way and talk about things that are timely, like new and different for this year. >> okay. this year in our kids costumes, we've gotten -- we have the stand-byes, but we have some zombie costumes that are popular. zombies are really popular this year and we have lots of makeup for that. >> reporter: you said harry potter is always a big deal.
7:56 am
>> harry potter is a huge deals. we have a full set of hats. >> reporter: if you come around here, you were talking about easy accessories that people -- it will be chill kri tonight so people might want to dress up their kids. >> here's ear and tail sets, lots of noses. these are great if you put on sweat pants and turtle neck, you can accessories. >> reporter: what's the biggest request you're getting from people coming in? >> biggest requests are for zombie makeups. were wolf is huge. we have two of them. >> reporter: two. >> we have the hairy hands to go with it. >> reporter: we're going to do more in the next hour including rental costumes. we have a link to jean's
7:57 am
costumes on our website,, but it's one of the things that are brand new are the x-ray goggles. you can see through people's clothes. tony, i didn't pick you as a tidy whitey top. >> wow, can go through the desk, too. if you love to ski, you might be able to hit the slopes in west virginia sooner than you first thought. >> sandy dumped several inches of snow on snow shoe mountain resort. next hour we're going to check with snow shoe about the possibility of and early opening. anncr: their ads, hopelessly untrueue. a west virginia casino launching the biggest ad barrage ever.
7:58 am
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8:00 am our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, northrop grumman. straight ahead at eight, haupting images on this halloween, all part of sandy's aftermath. from the flooding in new jersey to the power outages at home, the cleanup begins the slow recovery. >> we'll check in with tucker and julie in just a moment but first, though, and update on the storm's impact. so far, sandy is blamed for deaths of more than 50 people
8:01 am
right now nearly 7 million homes and businesses all across the east coast are in the dark. thousands more are underwater or in pieces. current estimates show damage from the storm pushing $20 billion. the total impact of the storm is still being assessed in parts of new york and new jersey and today, president obama will visit the region to get a first hand look at the devastation. in hoboken, new jersey, almost half of the town's population remains flooded and in seaside heights, the resort boardwalk and roller coasters are in shambles. garden state governor chris christie took and emotional tour of the coast yesterday calling the damage left behind unthinkable. >> great difficult day. >> the damage also taking a toll in new york city. the big apple subway system is
8:02 am
still partially underwater, so are the airports. downed trees and debris littered the streets of manhattan and at the same time parts of queens literally looked like a war zone. that's where a fire destroyed as many as 100 homes in a flooded beach front neighborhood. things are slowly getting back to normal at our local airports. passenger traffic was picking up this morning at reagan national. still, there are plenty of delayed and canceled flights to various destinations in the northeast. did you see the images of laguardia? >> no. >> the runways are covered in water. >> unbelievable. >> extraordinary what's going on up there and you know, thank goodness, i know we have problems here but thank goodness nothing like that. >> yeah, stuff. around here we're going to be doing better and better. i peeked out the door and we have a little blue out there. maybe more sunshine than we thought later today.
8:03 am
couple of leftover showers and sprinkles towards hagerstown, other than that, you're going to wake up to mostly cloudy skies today. i think it will be some peeks of sunshine or periods of sunshine during the course of your day as things gradually improve around here and as was the case yesterday, our winds should be lyinger as well. temperature right now at reagan national, it's cool, 43 degrees. 43 at reagan national. 33 in beckley, west virginia, 38 in columbus, 34 in chicago. highs only in the mid-50s but those are you what are going trick or treaters should be just fine. it will be 54 at 5 p.m. but quickly falling back into the 40s by 6 and 7. make sure the kids have a sweatshirt or light jacket under r underneath their costume. the federal government and most public school systems are open today but some individual schools are still closed because of lingering power issues.
8:04 am
the full list is on our website, as life begins to return to normal, that means more traffic on the roads. let's check in with julie. >> tony, you're absolutely right. unfortunately we hit the door this morning and ran into accident activity on the outer loop of the belt way which has now changed, we now have the right lane and shoulder getting by the scene of the crash which remains under investigation. big delays on the outer loop of the belt way, so that's a good 10-mile back-up. again, from route 50 to new hampshire avenue, over and hour and a half commute right now on the top side of the belt way. you'll want to use alternate routes like 50. keep in mind, alternates also include 139 and 410 in maryland as you work around to avoid this stop stretch of the in virginia, we've got problems
8:05 am
with wires down and that's what's tying up a portion of lee road. flooding is still and issue for your commute this morning, so be prepared to find closure as on 227, portion of 202 at marlboro pike. >> julie, thank you very much. utility companies still hard at work. dominion, virginia, still has 20,000 people in the dark. pepco is down to just over 1200. well, flooding continues to be a major concern for people in our area. >> and residents along the potomac river are bracing for more high waters as high tide is expected in a few hours. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live now with the latest. >> reporter: we are down to dry
8:06 am
pavement here in the bottom of old town alexandria we intersection of king and union streets, sort of like a low- lying bowl or basin here that floods once a year, maybe a couple times of here. this area here along with gc and prince georges county still under a coastal flood warning until 2 p.m. friday, and this back here, behind me, down near the old dominion boat club, the oppose to him ak river, that's where all eyes are on high tide, 10:06 this morning. while it braced for flooding of historic proportions, the water only came up a few feet. once the win and rain stopped, there were plenty of onlookers waiting to see what sandy brought. businesses, residents in the low-lying area were well- prewade with sand bags -- prepared with sand bags that the city distributed.
8:07 am
>> people come down and ask how we deal with the shops being flooded and they basically close it up, raise up their all furniture off the floor and deal with it. it's been doing this for -- i've been here 55 years, i've seen it worse. >> this was not how i imagined my first trip to the d.c. area, so we are stuck here until thursday because of the storm. >> reporter: but all in all, not a bad place to be stuck if you have to be stuck somewhere. most of the businesses, many of them opened yesterday and we expect a lot of businesses open today. city government is open. we did see a couple of maintenance trucks down here checking to see if there was any debris left over, if there were, they could clear that out again. high tide expected here at 10:06 this morning. some people are talking about perhaps being a foot above where it was yesterday but certainly not to those historic levels that were well above six feet above the ground level here. also high tide expect ned
8:08 am
georgetown shortly before then, about 9:43 this morning, so we'll be watching and waiting. they expect the worst of it perhaps to come tomorrow morning. tony and allison. >> melanie al melanial wick in old town. over in maryland, governor martin o'malley will tour devastated areas along the coast at about noon today. sandy has been the center of attention since hitting the nation. also we are less than a week away from election. >> still ahead, ak lee it issues voters are facing in virginia and maryland. stay with for all your local headlines as we continue to track the aftermath of sandy. on our website, you can read about the hunt for a suspected bomber in stafford county. time right now, 8:08. we'll be right back. 
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
in the wake of hurricane
8:12 am
sandy, dozens of trick or treaters will have to find a new place to party. the first family has canceled its annual white house halloween event while the president monitors the storm cleanup and recovery. it is 8:11 right now. sure hope the first dauths can get some trick or treating in. >> hope so. >> they might be getting a little old for that. >> how old are they now? >> the youngest one is -- i think it's over now. >> she might be able to pull it off. you're never too old to trick or treat. >> i have teenagers couple to my house sometimes. >> what happens when you answer the door and you see them? >> i refuse to give them candy. >> all right. what you got for us. let's get to the forecast. all right, so we got clouds across the area. there's going to be more sunshine than yesterday. not going to be a beautiful day and it's still going to be on the cool side, but you know, a little sun will do great
8:13 am
wonders for us and it should be dry for trick or treaters later this evening. leftovers of sandy still doing her thing. some rain showers and snow across parts of the area. around here, clouds today but i stepped outside a few minutes ago and saw some blue out there, so i'm hopeful we'll get some sunshine out there. reagan national, 43 degrees. dulles 43 degrees, bwi marshall, 41. here's a look at your accuweather 7-day forecast, temperatures in the mid-50s. these temperatures will remain very cool as we turn the corner into november tomorrow. our average daytime high should be in the mid-60s but the good news is generally a quiet weather pattern with conditions looking favorable this weekend. we should have sunshine both saturday and sunday. all right, that's a look at weather. let's do some traffic and haven't had a chance to have any fun with julie today because she's been busy all morning with traffic issues.
8:14 am
happy halloween. if you're going to be an older kid and ring the door bell, put some effort into a costume. >> what kind of you serving up this year? >> i got the big bags from the costco with the 2006 and kit cat and reese's cups and the whole thing. >> i'll be over about 5:45. >> you'll be over after the show. i know you. you guys we are still dealing with accident activity that remains under investigation. this approaching new hampshire avenue, one to the right, one to the left, using the shoulder to get by. 10 miles back, from 202 to the accident scene. over and hour and a half drive on the outer loop of the belt way. 197 out of buoy to the bwi parkway, so it is getting better as you travel inbound but your. we still have
8:15 am
problems with wires down, trees down, we're still cleaning up from sandy, obviously, so we've got glee road blocked at 123 with wires to contend with. and water street remains unfortunately under water near route 4, and of course 202 at the marlboro pike remains closed. no accidents to report on the other side of town. your lanes are open as you continue around the capital belt way headed toward 270. but this is going to be the big eye sore. in virginia, 395 remains heavy. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. six days left until voters hit the polls and at least one candidate will be back on the campaign trail. while president obama surveys the east coast, mitt romney will spend the day at rallies in florida. republicans say the nominee
8:16 am
needs to walk a careful line showing respect for the storm's casualties and making a case for his bid for the white house. the commonwealth has 13 electoral votes and maryland has three hot button referendum issues on the ballot. joining is robert mccarthy to talk about this. i like the halloween garb. >> keeping with the season, tony. >> i should have done the same. there's a lot going on locally. let's talk about maryland because we're seeing the ads, constantly, particularly on gambling, question 7. we have the same sex marriage issue, and we also have another issue which is -- >> the dream act. >> let's talk about those. >> it let's talk about first what's most likely to pass, which is based on the polls.
8:17 am
looks like the dream ak, ballot question 4, which would grant in-state tuition at maryland colleges and universities to undocumented immigrants whose families have been paying state taxes all the way through their time in high school. it looks like that's going to pass. the "washington post" had a poll in the middle of the month, it was ahead by more than 20 points. it looked much closer in a more recent "baltimore sun" poll, but the people i talked to think that that's going to pass and fairly easily. then the next, you know, somewhat less likely to pass, although still looking i think personally pretty good is same- sex marriage and i'm checking my crib sheet here, that's question no. 6. i don't want to get it wrong. if you vote for question no. 6, that's for same-sex marriage in maryland. the post poll had it ahead by nine points. the "baltimore sun" poll more recently had it dead even.
8:18 am
and there's some signs even in the sun's poll of some movement against it, some african american voters making the decision late. >> you menged african american voters on that issue. one of the most interesting ads that i've seen recently is the one by julian bond coming out and talking about this issue. >> the people who support same- sex marriage have made a real point of getting african american supporters of same-sex marriage on the airways, president obama obviously being no. 1, but also julian bond and other african americans because the polls show that whites overall support it and blacks overall oppose it, and so trying to -- the supporters are trying to get the better margin or at least less bad margin among african american. >> the gambling issue. >> very close.
8:19 am
i give a slight -- i'm leaning -- my prediction is i think slightly that same-sex marriage is going to pass and i think personally, the gambling, i'm thinking is more likely to lose but again, it's going to come down to turnout. it's coming down to sort of last-minute efforts and campaigns. the post had it -- post poll had it dead even, the sun poll has gambling losing by quite a big margin. our pollster, the post pollster put in a plug, has a really good record in my experience. even when our pollster disagrees with others, my experience is our pollster tends to be right. he says it's even, it's probably even, but there is -- are certainly signs with disillusionment with gambling compared to four years ago, skepticism among voters whether the money is really going to help education and that could go down. >> virginia, battleground state for the presidency. >> yes.
8:20 am
>> and for tim cain and george allen. >> right. >> a lot of -- >> again, let's start with what's more likely. it seems as though cain, the democrats, has a lead over allen going into the last few days of the election of the the post poll had him up by seven points, other points have him leading. obviously allen could close that. allen could overcome that. it's all going to come down to turnout and get out the vote. it looks pretty good right now, cautious positive for tim cain to beat george allen of the presidency in virginia, battleground state, it's a toss- up. the post poll had the president up by four. other polls have it closer or have even romney slightly ahead. i think that is really a dead heat going into election day. and the, you know, the movement has been towards romney in
8:21 am
virginia as everywhere else, following the president's poor performance in that first debate. i do -- my gut feeling is the president still has a little bit of a lead there, but anything could happen on election day. the polls could be wrong, obviously, to the extent that he's ahead, it's just barely outside the -- the president is ahead, just barely outside the margin of error and that's really one to watch on election day. >> this is notable because the president von virginia last time around. it will be interesting to see how goes virginia and how goes the nation. >> if the president wins virginia, he will win the reelection. it's hard to see how romney gets enough votes in the electoral college if he loses virginia. >> we'll see you again soon. allison, back to you.
8:22 am
>> 8:21. it's 43 degrees. on another quick political note, our maryland senate debate originally scheduled for nine this morning has been canceled because of sandy's aftermath. we apologize we weren't able to reschedule it before election day. coming up on fox 5 morning news, a somewhat unique aftereffect of and east coast hurricane. how the storm could help gas prices drop. later, the last-minute halloween rush. holly is live at a local costume shop about what's open and what's -- what's hot and what's not when it comes to trick or treaters. we'll be right back. ♪
8:23 am
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hey! hey, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts' smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's deliciously irresistible. hurry in today. the smoked sausage breakfast sandwich is only at dunkin' donuts for a limited time. grab one today.
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in just over and hour, the new york stock exchange will reopen for business for the first time since last friday, but it is nothing close to business as usual. it's working on back-up generators. there's no phone service and there are no internet connections. traders will try to use their cell phones to place orders. you might want to wait a day or two before you start trading. a quarter of new york's cell phone towers are offline. >> it's going to be tough. anyone filling up with gas might notice the prices are
8:26 am
dropping. >> prices slipped 11 cents. aaa says the national average for regular is 3.52 a gallon. 3.56 in maryland and in virginia, it's 3.38 a gallon. >> there's some good news for you. >> a little bit of good news and i believe we will talk again with the folks at fox business right after 9:00. >> okay, good. >> about what's going on today on the markets. >> very good. meanwhile, still ahead in our next half hour, tricky treats. >> your kids are sure to load up on candy this halloween but all the sugary treats are not created equal. we'll find out which candies are the worse. is that for you? we'll talk to steve about it. >> that one there i don't like it. >> but it's so good. you don't like bito honey? >> no. >> the storm may have moved on but the effects are going to be felt for some time.
8:27 am
the latest on sandy's devastation coming up. out othe blue oneay, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired... i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives.
8:28 am
turns out that when we built that stage, it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:29 now. rescue crews continue to work around the clock looking for people stranded by sandy. this is new video of rooftop rescues from staten island, new york, showing crews scooping up five adults and a child. the national guard is also assisting with rescue efforts. recovery efforts continue in the garden state. as governor chris christie said yesterday, it will be a long road back to normalcy. >> jennifer davis joins us now live from one city in new jersey, where they are trying to recover. jennifer? >> reporter: hi, tony and allison. really new jersey took the brunt of the damage. we're in a small fishing community. they call it a fisherman's paradise. when the water moved in, the
8:31 am
force was to immense, the houses tell the story. they could not withstand it. it blew through this one and the metal is ripped like paper. there's a staircase twisted. since there's no wall on the back of this house, you can see straight in the bathroom. this bar of soap still sitting there. who knows how that happened. it's the only thing that's where it's supposed to be in this area. as you move to the next house, it was washed off its foundation. it looks like a toy house a kid was playing with and abandoned on the floor. the water was so forceful as it came through here, it tore through the bulk head and you can see from the piers and deck pieces of wood in the water and they look like tooth picks. i talked to a resident and he looked dazed and said he is still in shock. they have never seen anything like that. they knew they were vulnerable
8:32 am
and evacuations were ordered, but a lot of people didn't heed them, because they say after hurricane irene it wasn't so bad here. certainly this storm is a new category. when it comes to cleaning up here, it will take a long time. >> jennifer davis, thanks very much. it's hard to even understand that kind of devastation when you see it. it's like -- jenny is right, a bar of soap sitting there. >> i've been to devastation like that, and tv doesn't really -- we look at it and go, that's terrible, it doesn't really capture it. >> right. >> it's extraordinary. >> certainly can't capture the human pain associated with it. >> right. >> yep. it's been tough. going to continue to be so, i'm afraid. >> you hate to say we dodged a bullet, you don't feel comfortable saying that when people are hurting so bad. what's going on today? >> right. i want to do trick or treat. turn the corner into something
8:33 am
more fun. >> we need to know. >> here we go. the good news is, i think we'll be dry. not a lot of wind. fine conditions. a little cool, and a creepy chill. [ creepy laugh by tony ] >> tony, that was pretty good. or was that you, allison? upper 40s as trick or treaters head out to take care of business. if you clouds. not a perfectly sunny day. leftovers here associated with sandy to our north and west. but better conditions as we get into the afternoon hours. maybe a little sunshine along with our temperatures on the cool side. highs in the mid-50s. you can see the spin continues out there and things becoming less and less well organized with what's left over with sandy. still showers into pennsylvania, still have storm warnings, winter warnings out
8:34 am
to the west for left over snow. things will be getting better from here. will be cool. now 43 in washington. 43leonardtown. highs later, mid-50s with sunshine this afternoon. good forecast for the weekend, with temperatures a little cooler than they should be. should be sunny and dry saturday and sunday. that's a look at weather. allison, over to you. i have some very important information, tucker, thank you so much. your kids are sure to collect a lot of candy this halloween. but some of those treats have a few extra tricks to watch out for. fox consumer reporter steve noviello joins us from dallas. who knew there was so much to look at, steve? good morning. >> are you going trick or treating with the kids tonight? >> you know i am. >> all right. i'm not going to ruin halloween for you, but i'm at least going to tell you a couple of things you might want to know before
8:35 am
you give it the free for all, right? let's start with skittles. come in the fun sizd packs. here's the problem with skittles, high the glycemic index, which means they'll spike your blood sar and leave you craving more candy. a better option, i'm not saying it's healthy, but a better option, peanut m&ms that will release sugar into your bloodstream slowly and feeling more satisfied for a longer period of time. you're out with the kids, trick or treating, you get hungry, so you think, i'm not going to splurge, but i'll have one tootsie roll, maybe two, and next thing you know you've had six. these are 50-calories each. that's 300-calories. for people who especially watching their weight, you would never grab a cupcake while you're out, but six of those and you may as well.
8:36 am
some of the worst offenders are candy for the occasion. reese's will do halloween pumpkins or trees for christmas. the trees are 170-calories each, versus the peanut buttercup which is only 105- calories. let's talk about these. what's the better choice here? starburst or jolly ranchers? >> jolly rancher. >> excellent. here's the reason. when it comes to calorie comparison, they're pretty much equal. here's the problem with starburst. if you're like me, you never have one or two or three. i have the whole sleeve sometimes, right? chances are, if you're eating jolly ranchers, because they last longer, you'll eat one, maybe two. the number of them you'll ingest will be fewer and save you on the sugar and calories. finally, some of the best candy is my favorite. good news for me this morning, right? junior mints and york peppermint patties.
8:37 am
here's why they are a good choice, not a healthy choice, but a good choice. because of the mint flavoring in them, it ruins your palate for anything sugary afterwards. >> look at you, steve, i like all those tips. thank you so much. happy halloween. >> thank you. >> tony, note to self, don't take my carton of cupcakes this year when i go trick or treating. >> great information. really good. thank you. still ahead, sandy's impact west of the district. we're going to talk live with the president of snow shoe resort who is digging out from an october blizzard. >> first, the force is now with disney. yep, we're going to tell you about the landmark deal disney made with star wars creator george lucas. 8:37. we'll be right back. anncr: it's said that character is what we do...
8:38 am
when we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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[ star wars theme music ] princess leia is now a disney princess.
8:41 am
>> because disney paid more than $4 billion for the studio and the rights for the franchise. fans are new hope for a new chapter in the space saga. kids has announced a seventh movie set for release in 2015. it plans more movies every two or three years after that. creator george lucas said he always ould live beyond him and wanted to see a deal in his lifetime. okay. i wonder if mickey will be in the movies. >> i hope not. turning to sports, the wizards kicked off the regular season in cleveland last night. star guard john wall looked on from the bench, with an injury keeping him out for a month. at one point the cavaliers jumped out to a 16-point lead. in the end, the wiz fall short.
8:42 am
congratulations in order for adam laroche, winning his first gold glove award. is it gold glove or golden glove? gold i guess it is. orioles led the al with three players, jones, hardy and catcher matt weeters. >> golden glove, boxing, that's where i'm getting confused. coming up next, early winter in parts of west virginia. we'll check out sandy's impact at snow shoe resort. >> then, what's still on and what's not when it comes to trick or treating. good morning, holly. oh, holly! >> reporter: let them eat cake. this is one of the newest rentals here in kensington where we are live, and where halloween is on and the rush is on to get the last minute costumes. we'll talk all about that. plus, we are going to talk about the events in and around the area still happening and
8:43 am
the ones that have been canceled. we have all the trick or treat information you need to know next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. my n name is julian bond. i know a little something about fighting for what's right and just. maryland's gay and lesbian families share the same values and they should share in the right to marry. i believe people of faith understand this isn't about any one religious belief. it's about protecting the civil right to make a lifelong commitment to the person you love. join me in supporting question 6. it's the right thing to do.
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8:46 am
are you wondering where to find that last minute costume to make the most of what's left for halloween or searching for a place to take your kids? >> holly morris knows where to go and she -- now, that was a quick change. >> how are you doing this, holly? >> reporter: i rethought the marie antoinette thing. didn't work out for her. this is one of their new rentals here. jean's costumes in kensington has been here for decades and people know to come here. they always get new things in, too, like this. that's why i wanted to show this off. andrea is here, the manager. >> good morning. >> reporter: you wanted to do queen of hearts not because it's new, but it's a good group
8:47 am
outfit. >> yes. people have allison in wonderland parties all year. so we carry a huge line of stuff that people can go in a group. >> reporter: let's look at the things. they have the fun hats that go along with it. >> we have the same hat holly is wearing. we have mad hatter hats. we have -- help me out, white rabbit. then we -- he's always late. then the march hare head piece. another white rabbit head piece. >> reporter: too much fun. and you have other options, right? >> yes. we have a couple of rentals. this one is inspired by the tim burton movie, which is also holly's head piece is inspired by that. we do it with the poofy underneath. >> reporter: these are people
8:48 am
that want to go all out? >> absolutely. >> reporter: how much do you still have available? >> we have quite a few rentals available. this one is still available if you wanted to be the mad hatter for halloween. the rentals, you need a driver's license and a credit card. you come in, reserve the costume. set it aside. we set it aside for you and it's guaranteed for you. >> reporter: done and there you have it. let's head back out this way. there are -- tough when you're the queen of hearts. you need high door ways to walk through. a lot of people just want to throw something on. you have a wide array of masks here. >> we do. masks and tuxedos and fancy dresses have become popular. we have a lot here to choose from. >> reporter: new want to see how great it can look with a home made outfit, jeanette, the associate editor and calendar editor for the magazine. how cute you are. >> thank you. >> reporter: show off your outfit you made. >> got the mask from the store,
8:49 am
tutu is home made. a mix of make it and buy it. >> reporter: i like it. there's been a lot of question about what's going to go on and not happen in terms of halloween because it's been a rough couple of days. let's go through some of the things washington parent knows is going on and around our area. >> spooky tops is happening, still going on, washingtonian center and fairfax corner. happening at about 10:00, and that's an event for toddlers. >> reporter: mall events indoors? >> a lot of the malls are moving forward. it's safe, indoors, you can go from store to store. >> reporter: smithsonian museum? >> the great zucchini will have a concert, and the national museum of the american indian is having a spooky story time with native tales at 4:00. >> reporter: jonah's tree house? >> it's a great event for kids.
8:50 am
five dollars to get in, affordable. >> reporter: party at adventure play care. >> it's a great option to drop your kids off. happening all day. five dollars off if you wear a costume. >> reporter: rec centers? >> most of the rec centers and the libraries are hoping to move forward, it's dependent on the power situation. make sure you call ahead or check washington parent. we're updating our calendar and home page. >> reporter: speaking of calling ahead, a lot of the outdoor events, especially farms, they are not having their events. the best advice, go on their web site. is our web site, we have a link to washington parent, they're always in the know. that's a great resource and gene's costumes as well. more halloween fun in our next hour. back to you. >> i'm enjoying it. holly, thank you so much. >> great information. while hurricane sandy drenched much of the eastern
8:51 am
seaboard, it's caused blizzard like conditions in parts of west virginia. it dumped more than a foot of snow at show shoe mountain resort. we have the president of snow shoe on the phone. good morning, frank. are you there? >> i am, good morning, tony. >> is it more than a foot now? >> yeah. you know, it's tough with the winds to get an exact measurement. but which estimate between 22 and 26 inches total. >> are you going to be opening early because of this? >> well, we lost power to the entire region here. our cone and surrounding counties lost power at about 4:30 this morning. before that point we were looking at doing some skiing this weekend. i can't say now we'll be able to do that, because we're not sure when we'll get the power back. >> okay, that's a big issue. i understand you've been having internet problems and that kind
8:52 am
of thing, too? >> yeah. when we get high winds, it is a remote location, so communication problems, long distance lines, internet, things like that do go down intermittently. internet supported by a series of small buildings located around the county. frontier, the telephone company, supports those and they have generators in most of the buildings. but when they lose power, it's pretty easy for a large region of our county to lose internet connection when we get winds. >> with that, and i want to turn away from the skiing aspect for a moment, are conditions out there, would you consider them dangerous now? a lot of show -- snow, high winds, now you're without power. >> i don't think we're in a high danger situation. the winds, really, the winds aren't bad here anymore.
8:53 am
our issue is more related to a main line somewhere between here and the pennsylvania border. you know, 24 hours ago, had you asked me is it dangerous, i would have said if we lose power at this time, it could be dangerous because we were in blizzard conditions. 12 hours ago i would have said no, we're looking forward to going skiing. as of right now, we are just more focused on providing power. the temperatures during the day will get into the 30s, at night into the lower to mid-20s. what we want to do is make sure we've got heat and power available to the people who are here on the mountain. if we can work together with the county emergency services to provide extra shelter space to people who are around the county, then we'll also do that, as we did during the derecho in the summer. i wouldn't necessarily call it
8:54 am
dangerous. the main issues now are concerns over property damage with freezing water lines. >> frank deberry, keep us posted and we'll let the folks know who are interested in coming out that way. thank you, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> yeah. ♪ he did the mash ♪ he did the monster mash ♪ time for our facebook fan of the day. we say hello and good morning to greg. greg says he begins and ends each day with fox 5. since he has put together a great hoggette costume, he should earn the honor of being the fan of the day on halloween. congratulations. happy halloween. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan, leave a comment under greg's picture. time now for our my first 5 photo of the day. >> we say hello to kyleer davis. kyleer will turn one on november 2nd.
8:55 am
good morning to you. he's hardly a monster, so cute. so cute. kyler could be a boy or girl name. i'm assuming it's a boy. >> i'm thinking it's a boy. >> i have a skyler. so could be. happy birthday to you. >> looks a little bit like julie there. not because he's a monster, because of his face. waiting for high tide. we're going to alexandria for an update on the river situation. >> halloween plans changed for some, including ours. log onto to check out the halloween fun there. it's 8:55. we'll be right back.
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right now at 9:00, look at that picture, homes and businesses destroyed. the threat of flooding continues and millions are cleaning up the destruction left behind. >> also ahead this hour, live reports from virginia and new jersey. plus, how the storm is impacting the upcoming presidential election. good morning. i'm alison seymour. >> i'm tony perkins. we want to mention that metro is running on a normal schedule today. amtrak is running on a schedule. meantime, this is video of national airport this morning. a lot of people still waiting for flights to resume. that will likely happen some time today. the federal government is open today. however, some schools are closed. you can find that information scrolling at the bottom of your tv screen or by going to >> let's check in with tucker


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