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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 3, 2012 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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400-yard day for matt barkley. fourth time in his career. third and five. how about that. tossing to the sidelines. agholor drops it. first mistake of the game for this young man. he has a first down as well. so, that brings up fourth down and five. >> charles: he picked a heck of a time to show he was a freshman because we haven't seen it all game long, have we? >> gus: not at all. usc has to go for it. time not on their side. marqise lee in the backfield. barkley. incomplete. and usc turns it over on downs.
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>> charles: and nick allioti, the d-coordinator said, forget playing coverage. watch the pressure. right? watch everybody coming to him. and now what? they covered everyone else. and even the nose tackle, taylor hart, drops into zone coverage, and i think that fooled them a little bit. normally he would rush. he drops and took awaif the middle zone. alonso, really nice job shadowing woods. look at the coverage there. agholor can't get open. well done by the oregon defense. >> gus: oregon now at the sc 20 yard line. and the ducks will not be in a hurry. lamar dawson with the tackle. let's take a look at the road ahead, chasing the bcs title game. >> charles: if you're alabama and if you handle lsu and the last we saw they were up 14-3,
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texas a&m's next for them. >> gus: we'll come back to that in just a moment. oregon messing up our broadcast, get to the line of scrimmage so quickly. >> charles: and do you know something, if chip kelly knew it had happened, he would love it, wouldn't he? >> gus: yes, he would. >> charles: faster, faster. >> gus: barner. first down. fifth of the day. but a flag on the play. >> charles: coming back. be a hold against oregon. >> referee: holding, offense, number 85. ten-yard penalty. still second down. >> gus: it's farrell brown. >> charles: look, texas a&m for alabama will not be easy, folks, did you see johnny football at quarterback? they're playing better and better, at tcu, at baylor, texas for kansas state. notre dame we thought they would have walk-overs, those teams
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will rise up and fight, bc and wake forest before they finish here at usc and oregon next week at cal who lost a tough one friday night against washington, and a huge one with stanford and, of course, the civil war at oregon state. a very tough schedule for oregon down the stretch. >> gus: barner running. hayes pullard with the tackle. a huge day for kenjon barner. prior to that, 37 carries, 295 yards. 4 touchdowns. chip kelly and his oregon team, he has now rushed for 300 yards, officially 38 carries, 300
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yards, averaging 8 yards per carry, breaking lamichael james' record most rushing yards in a game at the university of oregon. >> charles: you don't want to take a loss here for the record purpose, right? you don't want to drop down below 300. >> gus: they hand it to him. he won't take a loss at all! kenjon barner, again, that's number five! kenjon barner with 322 yards rushing. 5 touchdowns. >> charles: they wear you down physically, but they also wear you down mentally. because they keep you thinking, and at an extremely fast rate all game long. and after a while, it's hard for those synapses to keep coming
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together and figuring out what to do, and he waltzes into the end zone. >> gus: great kick-out block on that touchdown run by kyle long. i'm sure that's going to make one man in particular in the building very happy. >> charles: talking about steve greatwood, the offensive line coach? >> gus: ha ha ha. watch kyle long. 74 was at the top of your screen. >> charles: hroniss grasu, 55, also with a nice block. but they always talk about big runs, gus. the first seven yards belong to the offensive line and the running back. anything beyond that you credit the guys out wide, wide receivers, flat guys, to escort you that much farther down the field. i think everyone on oregon did a nice job getting the blocks. >> gus: kenjon barner, record-setting day.
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pac-12 record with 357 yards. reuben mays with 357. >> charles: washington state. >> gus: versus oregon in '84. >> charles: i remember that year well. we played against reuben mays, my tennessee team played against reuben mays and that washington state team. mark griffin was quarterbacking. they came to knoxville and we outlasted them that night. >> gus: so, sc will get the ball at the 35. with 1:52 to go. down 62-45. matt barkley, 29 of 48, 412 yards passing, 4 touchdowns, 2
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interceptions. and matt barkley complete to marqise lee as kiko alonso flinfling s him to the turf. barkley. hit and caught, agholor. and they give him the catch at the 36. >> charles: see the good concentration in that. there's the tip. and how about agholor seeing it and catching it for a first down.
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>> gus: a 21-yard gain. and a time-out called by the ducks. >> referee: time-out, oregon. time-out number thout. >> gus: so, where do the trojans go from here is the big question as you take a look at their upcoming schedule. >> charles: in a sense they cede control of the pac-12 south with this loss. but they can wrench it back by winning against arizona state and at ucla. i think ucla if they win tonight goes into the driver's seat, they're playing arizona this evening. but arizona -- excuse me, usc/ucla head to head could end up deciding this thing, which would almost be, what is that a "back to the future" remember the good old days when we would turn on the game that decided
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the pac-8 title -- >> gus: that's right. >> charles: -- before the pac-10. if that happens conceivably, they could get a rematch with the same oregon team. >> gus: as we take a look at the pac-12 south standings. >> charles: if usc takes the loss and goes to 6-3 and ucla finds a way to win tonight against arizona and goes to 7-2, they take control. but, remember, head to head's your first tiebreaker, so if usc can win out and beat ucla head to head down the stretch, if ucla is still that team, they still have title hopes on the usc campus. still got arizona state to play also.
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>> gus: so, first down for the trojans at the oregon 37. barkley. in trouble! and matt barkley going down. taylor hart getting into the backfield, and that is a sack for hart. >> charles: i mean, you talk about a jailbreak to the quarterback. taylor hart was there almost about the time barkley got the ball. he tried to unload it and get rid of it, but he caught him in the grasp and down before he unloaded the pass. >> gus: first tag of the night for oregon. agholor. juking. can't get out-of-bounds.
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and the clock continues to run with 40 seconds remaining in this one. oregon got off to the big start up 21-3. usc rallied. eventually cut this game to a three-point football game in the second half. but the big story the trojans just with no answer for chip kelly and the oregon offense. kenjon barner, 300 yards rushing. and their young quarterback in eugene is a cool customer. >> charles: i think what usc was counting on, can we put the pressure on them and could the young quarterback handle it. well, remember, as you noted, it was 34-31, third quarter, and oregon kept answering on offense, and that was led by the quarterback, mariota, and then finally the defense got a couple of stops which helped extend the win to where we are now.
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>> gus: fourth down and three and this ball is caught by robert woods. woods running, hurtling, woods trying to get to the end zone and out-of-bounds at about the 2. robert woods with a 28-yard gain. 5 seconds to go. >> charles: and i like the fact that the home crowd recognized the effort despite the fact that it's not going to change the final result. that robert woods continued to fight and scratch and claw to try and make this thing change even though he knows the final score will not be reflective of it. >> gus: first down and goal. five seconds to go. in the end zone. marqise lee with the touchdown. with a second remaining. 62-51.
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barkley throwing his fifth touchdown pass, 483 yards passing on 35 of 54. 2 interceptions. >> charles: did you see that look on chip kelly's face? he's going to enjoy the win, but he's got plenty to work with on his team. that's what you kind of want as a head coach. win the game, but still plenty to say to your team. >> gus: 1,361 yards of total offense by these two teams. 16 touchdowns. two-point conversion. marqise lee the intended receiver, incomplete. olomu there defensively.
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while we wait for the final kickoff, let's take a look at the bcs top ten. >> charles: alabama leading 14-10 at lsu, kansas state up by 18 against oklahoma state at home. notre dame, start your hearts again, irish fans, you got away today. oregon winning big now. and then you see georgia. i thought they might get tested today by ole miss coming off an emotional game against florida. they handled that. florida an ugly game against missouri, but they won. a couple teams idle in south carolina and florida state and louisville, do you know they gave up the opening kickoff touchdown to temple? temple ran it back, 7-0 and charlie strong's team led by their quarterback, blasted temple, and the end result 45-17. now, that's a good story for you, folks, louisville and
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charlie strong still undefeated leading the big east. >> gus: so, with one tick remaining in this game, andre heidari will send it away. and heidari sends it into the end zone for a touchback. >> charles: you know, that's a classy move right there. do you know why? the onside kick is one of the more physically punishing plays in football, and the result's not going to change even if you get it because the clock's going to run out. and i think for lane kiffin to recognize that, not put any players in a punishing spot again, i got to tip my cap to him for that one. i think it's a class move from keeping the kids from having another hit, another contact.
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>> gus: well, disappointing evening for usc. still a lot of football to play. as oregon takes a knee. chip kelly now 3-1 against sc, his team remains undefeated. 9-0, 6-0 in the conference. as oregon wins it 62-51 on the road. 62-51, the final. now let's go to studio "a" where erin andrews is standing by to lead the postgame report. thanks so much coming up on the "at&t postgame show" number bun alabama on the road in death valley taking on lsu. kansas state is leading oklahoma state in their battle for control for the big 12, and notre dame squeaked out a triple overtime victory in south bend.
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colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
10:50 pm
look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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tomorrow on fox nfl sunday some games to look out for include the cardinals in lambeau taking on the packers. the panthers up against the redskins, bears at the titans and the vikings taking on the seahawks. coverage begins with the "built ford tough fox nfl sunday pregame show" at noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. pacific. welcome to the "at&t postgame show." it has a high-scoring affair indeed at the coliseum where the ducks defeated the trojans 62-51. oregon's kenjon barner takes this one to the end zone and sets the single-game touchdown record against usc with five touchdowns. yes, let me say that again. kenjon barner with five touchdowns. erin andrews here with eddie george, joey harrington, let me say it again. now, what i'll say is what we were asking going into this second half. can the oregon ducks play an entire game? because we haven't seen them do that all season long.
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they haven't been tested. what did they have, over 730 yards of total offense? >> yeah. when oregon gets a chance to play a full game, you get numbers like kenjon barner today, 324 yards. 5 touchdowns on the ground. and not only did he just impress the entire country tonight, but he set the stage for a heisman run with big games coming up against stanford and oregon state to finish the season. it's what you do at the end of the year that catch's people's attention. and by the way, freshman marcus mariota 306 and 4 touchdowns through the air with 91 on the ground, a total game from the oregon offense tonight. >> yeah, kenjon barner, the most impressive thing to me about the whole game tonight was he still looked fresh after he ran for 324 yards. he could have ran for more, you know, that was so impressive to see that performance on the other side, marqise lee, you know, almost 400 yards of total offense. the last two weeks he's been amazing even in a loss he looks like the best player in the country.
10:53 pm
i mean, he's so hard to tackle, so slippery, despite the loss, i think he's still a fantastic bona fide heisman trophy candidate. >> yeah. >> you talked about the freshman quarterback, what does chip kelly call him, the high-flying hawaiian. >> the high-flying hawaiian. >> our julie alexandria caught up with marcus mariota. >> congratulations on the win, 300 yards, 4 touchdowns, what did the win do for your confidence? >> it means not a lot only for myself but the whole team, come back tomorrow and look at some film and come back monday. >> they tried to put pressure on you, but you stayed cool as a cucumber in the pocket. how did you stay so poised and unflappable? >> the guys around me, i feel comfortable with the guys around me and i rely on them and they rely on me and it's a good team effort. >> looking ahead to next week, you go up against cal on the road. what do you take from the game and apply it to next week? >> go back and look at the film and we're just going to get
10:54 pm
better, you know? as long as, you know, we can learn from some things and, you know, we'll be better next week. >> congratulations. thank you. >> thank you. >> the oregon ducks certainly in the meat of their schedule right now. looking at the pac-12 standings, oregon sits atop the north at a perfect 6-0 in the conference and with usc's loss, if the winner of tonight's areizona/uca game wins out they'll be the pac-12 champions. let's check in on the s.e.c., the big one happening in baton rouge. there's nick saban in his old stomping grounds! >> you mean there's another game going on tonight? nick saban's number one ranked crimson tide in baton rouge and lacey with the seven-yard touchdown run putting alabama on top early in the second quarter 7-3. but cyrus jones muffs the punt. and it's recovered for lsu, and tigers bomb the alabama 32. they're in striking distance. but lsu would stall out and line up for a 47-yard field goal and it's a fake. a pass to drew olman and man.
10:55 pm
and look at that one. >> yeah. >> and later on a.j. mccareen on a nine-yard touchdown run puts alabama up 14-3. but in the third quart here, jeremy hill for lsu would take it in from one yard out to cut the lead 14-10 alabama on top right now. >> how about the big 12, oklahoma state/kansas state. let's check in on another heisman front-runner, >> number two on the kickoff, makes a couple of defenders miss and breaks away for an 80-yard touchdown. and within a touchdown of kansas state. the second quarter, lofts that, and his pass is picked off by allen chatman who returns it for the big six, kansas up big in this one, 41-20. >> what a thriller in south bend. pitt/notre dame, joey. >> the second overtime, this is woods going over the top.
10:56 pm
but, no, he loses the football. take another look, it's reviewed and upheld and fumbled by notre dame and recovered by pitt in the end zone which sets up a game winner, kevin harper taking a state out of florida state. wide right. and on we go to a third overtime. tied at 23-23. in the third overtime following a pitt field goal, everett golson taking it in from one yard out. notre dame keeps the title hopes alive, 29-26 with three overtimes. >> unbelievable day football. >> who is ranked? >> we didn't even play. don't forget to logon to for the at&t player post watched by us. on the "fox pregame show" r.g. iii is tough to stop, but jimmy johnson will share his
10:57 pm
secrets on how to stop the rookie standout. we'll sit down with defensive stars as well and with coach lovie smith for a look inside the best "d." and that's all tomorrow at noon eastern. it was another wild fox college saturday doubleheader that ended in prime time. as oregon came down to the l.a. coliseum and showed usc why the ducks are sitting on top of the pac-12. ducks senior kenjon barner a redshirt freshman, marcus mariota had a record-setting day against the trojans. oregon keeps their national title hopes alive with this 62-51 win over usc. wow. that does it for us. for eddie george, joey harrington, i'm erin andrews. good night, everybody. 
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own. three days before the election and president obama is hitting the battleground states. his final appearance in virginia with the dave matthews band. i'm laura evans. >> i'm maureen umeh. president obama had a busy travel day today. >> and the president is speaking now at the jiffy lube live amphitheater. let's listen in. >> to our future, you have to ask yourself who do you trust? you may not agree with every decision i have made, michelle doesn't agree with every decision i have made. there might be times when you're frustrated at the pace of change, i'm frustrated sometimes with the pace of change. you know i mean what i say, and
11:02 pm
i say what i mean. you know whether i -- what i believe. you know where i stand. when i said we would end the war in iraq, we ended it. when i said we would pass healthcare reform, we passed it. when i said we would repeel don't ask, don't tell, we repeeled it. >> yeah. >> you know i tell the truth. and most importantly, you know i will fight for you and your families every single day as hard as i know how. so, so, let me tell you. i know what real change looks like because i fought for it. i have the scars to prove it, and you have, too. after all we have been through together, we can't give up on it now. we have to keep pushing forward. that is why i'm running for a second term. that is why i need your vote! [ cheering and applause .
11:03 pm
>> four more years! four more years! four more years! four more years! >> now virginia, let me describe very briefly. i know folks are cold. but let me describe, what am i talking about when i am talking about four? what do i mean by really change? change is a country where every american has a shot at a great education. now government alone, government alone can't do that. parents, you have a parent. students, you have to study, but don't tell me that hiring more teachers won't help our economy grow. don't tell me that students who can't afford college should just borrow money from their parents. that wasn't an option for me, it was not an option for bill clinton. i'll bet it's not an option for a lot of you. that is why i want to cut the growth of tuition in half over
11:04 pm
the next 10 years. that's why i want to recruit 100,000 math and science teachers so that we don't fall behind the rest of the world. that is why i want to train 2 million americans in our -- at our community colleges to get the skills businesses are hiring for right now. that is real change. that is what we're fighting for in this election. that is what is at stake. i want us to live up to this country's legacy of innovation. you know, i am proud. i have been on america's workers and the american auto industry. >> and you're listening to president obama at a campaign rally in virginia, the jiffy lube live angie theatre and this is -- live ampitheatre and stomping with heavy hitters in the democratic area tonight r. >> including president bill clinton. audrey barns has been out there this evening. he's had support from dave matthews and katy perry, to name a few celebrities out is there their?
11:05 pm
>> reporter: yeah, president obama has been on a four-state odyssey today. started at the white house and he was in milwaukee and iowa, and now he's here in bristol, virginia, at jiffy lube live. it's been alive all evening. dave matthews from virginia got the crowd warmed up and president bill clinton told them several reasons why he thinks barack obama deserves four more years. >> he knows that an economy that builds the middle class and gives poor people an honorable way to work their way into it is a lot better than four more years of trickle down. we have been there. we've done that. and he knows that practical cooperation is better than all of this constant ideological conflict and we saw it, didn't we? we saw it in a way the president got off of the campaign trail and responded to
11:06 pm
sandy. >> yeah! >> reporter: and president obama is still speaking to the crowd here. i have to tell you jiffy lube live is packed and every single person in here is on their feet listening to him. they very excited and enthused about his campaign. president clinton said that he's more excited about this one than he was four years ago. so, the crowd will be here as long as the president continues to talk, and it looks like he's getting started. back to you in the studio. >> audrey barnes tonight. thank you. republican candidate mitt romney was also pushing for swing state votes in dubuque, iowa, today. part of his tour of all eight swing states leading up to election day. the pace of his campaign is quicker than the last few days and than it has been in months. romney's message carries everything from generic statements to policy pushes. >> you know what he's going to do in energy, he's going to continue his war coal and gas
11:07 pm
and my advantage, let's take advantage of our natural resources, they're clean and abundant, we bring jobs back in the country and stop sending hundreds of bottoms of dollars to other nations. >> crowds greeting romney today. when he wraps up in iowa, he heads to colorado. the clock sticks down to our tuesday, the energy is up. fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joining us now. good to see you, mark. >> good to be back. >> let's talk about the obama rally in virginia with bill clinton. you have the democrats' top gun stumping in a hotly contested battleground state. what do you think of this? >> obviously, they view bill clinton as an enormous asset. he lost virginia twice when he ran n. '96, he came close. i remember the president four years ago ended his campaign monday night in a large crowd in northern virginia. sixty%, they need 60% to win the commonwealth of virginia and the 13 electoral votes.
11:08 pm
among the nine battleground states, maureen, virginia is the tightest in the polls and they feel that bill clinton is a remembrance or a reminder when times were better, at least economically. >> what comes back to the battleground states and electoral college which, candidate has the advantage at this point? >> right now, it seems the polls -- i mean four years ago, the president won by seven percentage points and won with 365 electoral votes. nobody thinks it's going to be like. that he's defending states he won, he doesn't need to win by that much and seems to be ahead in ohio in the polls, in iowa and wisconsin. he seems to be trailing in florida, he seems to be ahead in nevada and colorado as a tossup. if you read nate silver and the new york times, who i think is the best in compiling all of the polls, right now, the
11:09 pm
president is leading and has enough. >> okay, election day on tuesday. we're expecting a winner that night. you're saying not so fast. why? >> i don't see how you, if it's as close as everyone said, how there will be declared a winner because of one thing, and i brought it up a few days ago and it bears repeating. there will be hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands, let me repeat that, of provisional votes cast in ohio. that is votes that can not be counted because of absentee ballots and other permutations of the election day in ohio and they can't be counted for 10 days. if you have a tight race and 18 electoral votes make the difference. >> right. >> we won't know the results in ohio on election day. >> early voting so far, huge turnouts all over. does it bode better for one or another? >> democrats feel that early voting helps them and that republicans are more reliable
11:10 pm
voting on election day and that early voting with is a boone and asset and i see why romney is going to new hampshire, four electoral votes, one more than the district of columbia. al gore would have won the election in 2000 and won't have needed florida if he had won the four electoral votes in new hampshire. >> the last few days, what will you be looking for from-from- each candidate? anything specific or that hard push to the end? >> and that is up to them. the obama campaign feel they have organized for america, the parallel campaign organization the last four years and they feel they have a better ground game. >> we'll have to watch and see. fox 5 political analyst mark
11:11 pm
plotkin tonight. the board of elections will finalize the list of voters who have not come to the polls. the polls will be open tuesday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. can you find your polling place on our website, and search for a polling place. new jersey officials announced that people can vote by e-mail or fax. first they have to submit an application and that can work, of course, if they can find ee -- electricity and that is why people are lined up for gas. not because stations have run out. without power, the pumps won't work. and david lee miller has more on what is happenings in sandy's wake. >> reporter: days after sandy came through, people are desperately looks for gas getting relief. the defense department setting up emergency mobile gas stations to distribute free
11:12 pm
fuel in the new york city area. and there is a 10-gallon-per- person limit. >> i can report that 8 million gallons of fuel has been delivered. i had the coast guard with us yesterday. they said the port was open and tankers were being released. that is what slowed down the fuel, the tankers being held in the harbor. >> reporter: drivers in 12 counties allowed to buy gas every other day based on their vehicle license plate numbers. governor chris christi essaying he hopes the rationing will ease long wait times and prevent a fuel shortage. temperatures continue to drop and many homes remain without power. >> i don't have power. no generator. but my house is in tact. i'm not going to have power for a week or so. >> reporter: yesterday, the officials cancelled the new york city marathon. reaction is mixed. >> thank god he cancelled the marathon. you know what why? it's not fair. you have people in staten island whose homes are flooded out.
11:13 pm
>> we're very angry. we spent thousands of dollars to bring our family here, paid for hotel room and airline tickets. >> reporter: as recovery efforts continue, forecasters say a nor'easter could hit the region as soon as wednesday. in staten island, new york, david lee miller, fox news. >> sandy prompted losing a crime, new york has good news. the murder rate has dropped since the storm hit between monday morning and friday evening. the city's murder rate has fallen in recent years, 515 in 2011 and 536 in 2012. compare that to 1990 when there were more than 2200 murders. in maryland, thousands are without power after the storm. almost 40% of gary county is still in the dark and they got more than 30 inches of snow. statewide, the number of power outages was 12,000 this afternoon, it could be several more days before the customers are back online. and time for a check on the
11:14 pm
forecast. we're hearing a new powerful storm could hit the east coast next week. >> oh, boy. >> and turn to gwen tolbert in the weather center. gwen? >> reporter: that's right. i know nobody wants to hear. this. >> we're keeping our eye on the system that could bring a lot of heavy rainfall to areas of the east coast. let's begin with a look at the maps. we have cloudy skies outside. things are calm and quiet and we are keeping an eye on things. we have a lot of cooler air and temperatures below seasonal average. the remnants of sandy moving out. to the west, we have that storm brewing and that is for next week and could be a powerful storm up the atlcoast. a lot of variables and we're going to watch it closely to see how it pans out. currently, this is a look at the highs, 50 degrees at reagan national; 48, dulles and bwi- thurgood marshal.
11:15 pm
temperatures from 13 to 14 degrees below the seasonal average. a cold and chilly night, going down to 40 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. the winds pushing from the northwest. 2:00 a.m., that is when the clocks fall back and make sure before you go to bed, you set your clocks back one hour, and that will at least help you to get an extra hour of sleep as we go through. the temperatures right now, though, into the upper 30s and into the 40s everywhere and that is a chilly night ahead. back to you. >> all right, thank you, gwenn. coming up on the news at 10, police need your help catching a criminal accused of attacks a woman on the capitol crescent trail. plus, a sex sexual assault suspect behind bars after attacking two chem in week. >> and coming up later on the news edge, a colorful demonstration on the national mall today. the letter of the day, p for puppets protesting. the news returns in just minutes.
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we had a good d group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care. mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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. it's a popular trail with runners, walkers, and cyclists. the capital trail in bethesda is the site of a recent attack. tonight, police have a sketch of the man who they think is responsible. fox 5s lauren demarco is live in bethesda tonight. lauren? >> reporter: the trail stretches from georgetown into silver spring. in the bethesda area, walkers, joggers, and bikers who use it are on edge. we want to look at the composite sketch released by police. they want to know if you recognize this man. he attacked a woman along the capital crescent trial october 21st. she was jogging in the area just south of massachusetts avenue between the fort summer -- sumner and westmoreland hills neighborhood. the 21-year-old told police she stopped for a group of deer when she was struck from behind in the head. when she awoke, she was in the
11:20 pm
bushes off of the trail and police are calling it a sexual assault. maryland national capitol park officers were patrolling the trail on horseback and bicycle and motorcycle. the attack happened around 7:00 p.m. in the evening. forty minutes after sunset and tonight we spoke with folks who used the trail. >> when i heard about it, i was alerted and kind of upset about it and yeah, was concerned about my kids who come through all of the time. >> the urge to go and do something is stronger than the safety and when that lanes, i have had a long day at work. >> reporter: the suspect is 6 feet tall, a white male, thin build, pale complexion and short brown hair. the police say another while white male was spotted and that man could have information that could help the
11:21 pm
investigation. if you travel the trail, of course, police are reminding you to be alert and be aware of your surroundings. also keep in mind it's getting darker earlier. if you plan to use the trail for exercising or walking between areas, that you do it earlier, before sunset and that you're close to home by the time it's getting dark. that is the latest here. back to you. >> thank you. police have arrested a man who they believe attacked two women in the last few days. on october 26th, they say he knocked on an apartment door on washington place northeast and forced his way inside. he tried to sexually assault her. when she fought back, he stabbed her. police believe the same man entered into a room and pulled a knife and sexually molested a woman. police are looking for this
11:22 pm
person after a robbery in clinton. they believe he robbed the woman in the 8700 block of branch avenue on friday the 26th. it happened around 10:00 p.m. they say the man followed the woman to her car. after she cast a veteran's affairs check at a nearby business, he pulled a gun and demanded her money, police say. he made the woman drive him several blocks away where he got out near suitland road and regency parkway. if you know anything about the man or crime, call prince georges county police. a bethesda road is back open after a water main break this afternoon. that break happened in the 7500 block of arlington road around 4:30. the road was closed between edgemoor and old georgetown road. still ahead on the news at 10, new poll numbers showing the race for the white house hasn't budged. >> plus, another call for the investigation into the consulate attack in libya. coming up, how the obama administration is reacting. we'll be right back. ight back.
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announcer: the washington post on roscoe bartlett: "a champion of the tea ideologue who is part of the problem in congress." bartlett calls medicare unconstitutional.
11:25 pm
and even wants to completely abolish student loans for college. no wonder bill clinton and the washington post both endorse john delaney for his deep understanding of job creation. he'll be "an unusually effective congressman." delaney: it's not about politics. it's about doing what's right to help the middle class. i'm john delaney, and i approve this message.
11:26 pm
. three u.s. senators are calling for congressional investigation into the consulate attack in libya. they want to know whether the white house and the state department handled it properly. >> that is after a class by cable showed the state department knew about the security concerns before the attack happened. molly hennenberg has more. >> reporter: this classified cable was sent august 16th to the state department. that was less than one month before the september 11th attack in libya, and it describes how u.s. personnel on the ground were making contingency plans. the cable reads in part, quote, this daily pattern of violence would be the new normal for the foseable future. it went on to say, quote, personnel could co-locate to the annex, talking about the cia annex. if the security environment downgraded suddenly. it also revealed that they were concerned about the trustworthiness of the libyan militia. the 17 february brigade, which is protecting the consulate. noting that, quote, certain
11:27 pm
sectors of the 17 february brigade were hesitant to share information with the americans. one republican senator said the obama administration wanted to believe that libya was safe enough to keep a smaller security footprint there. >> this has been the story of libya for months. the people on the ground in libya are begging and pleading for additional security. they're being denied additional security. military and civilian security. u.s. security because we wanted to, quote, normal lives relationships with libyan government that didn't exist in ben gauzy. >> reporter: senator graham and fellow republican senators john mccain and kelayotte are calling for a select committee of lawmakers to investigate the attack. the obama administration said that it wants to make an independent review. in the meantime, the president's team at the white house and his campaign, say republicans are trying to take
11:28 pm
advantage of a tragedy. >> as soon as the final report is completed, that will be released. this is not a time for treating this like a political football, which is what mitt romney and many republicans are doing. the american people deserve and want better than that. >> reporter: the state department believes that report will be finished some time in december. in washington, molly hennen ber, fox news. we're breaking down where the candidates stand on an important issue, what you need knowton. >> a husband's public apology. did it work? fox 5 news at 10 will be right back.
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