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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 5, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning, everyone. taking a live look over washington national airport. 32degrees is something like what that says or 43. too early in the morning. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. time now to talk about our weather. tucker, 42, 43, we can't see it. >> around 40 degrees. it will be a very chilly
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morning. kids will want a jacket. much like the weekend, our high temperatures later today will only top out around 50. a cool weather pattern continues. satellite-radar, cloud cover moving through the area. mostly cloudy skies reported at reagan national at the moment. by midday, we'll start to get breaks and a partly to mostly sunny afternoon. as i just mentioned, temperatures will remain on the cool side for just a couple of days. lots more coming up including a look at your election day weather and this nor'easter we've been talking about the last couple of days when that arrives as well. >> thank you. the final push is on. both presidential candidates are dedicating their last full day of campaigning to the battle ground state. president obama is making stops in wisconsin, ohio and iowa today. the president's final event is in des moines before going onto
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chicago. yesterday, the president visited in new hampshire, florida, ohio and colorado. >> republican nominee governor mitt romney is scheduled to be in florida, ohio, new hampshire and virginia. his rally in the comment wealth will be held at george mason patriot center at 2:45 this affect. yesterday, governor romney had events in iowa, pennsylvania, florida and virginia. they are crisscrossing the states. as the candidates make their final push, officials in new york and new jersey are now faced with the challenge of getting people out to vote. >> it's big challenge as clean- up and recovery efforts continue following hurricane sandy. >> reporter: nearly a week after sandy hit the east coast, power outages still plague parts of the northeast. that along with damaged and destroyed buildings could mean a lack of places for voters to cast their ballots. new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he is working to ensure voter will not miss their opportunity to participate in the election. >> we'll do anything we can to help the board of elections.
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we've got to make sure everybody can vote. it is not going to be easy but we'll both work hard on that. >> reporter: officials in new jersey are also taking steps. >> you still go to the polling places. we'll have trucks set up there and you will vote old school. you'll vote paper ballots. everybody will have the opportunity to vote. >> reporter: some say the presidential race is not their main concern. >> it is really like on the back burner. i don't know what wear doing tuesday as far as voting. my school is up the block. i don't quite know yet. >> reporter: others say voting is still a top priority. >> you knew it was coming a week in advance. the same people who were planning for whatever, they also should have been planning an alternative voting procedure. yes, because, i mean, that is a priority over everything else. >> reporter: recent polls suggest president obama and
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governor mitt romney are locked in a tight race but both sides are predicting a victory. in new york, mary ann rafferty, fox news. the hunt is on for the gunman who shot and killed a 22- year-old man in southeast. police passed out flyers last night with a photo of the victim, andre jackson. he was shot early sunday morning in the 300 block of ridge road. some news no d.c. drivers this morning. beginning today, the fines for some speed camera violations will be lowered. d.c. mayor vincent gray announced fines for traveling up to 10 miles per hour over the limit will be reduced to $50 and for traveling up to 15 miles per hour, those fines will be decreased to $100. the fines for those driving more than 25 miles per hour over the speed limit will increase to $300. the red up and are riding a
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three-game losing streak. they fell to the carolina pan shares sunday 21-13 despite being decked out in their 1937 throwback uniforms. robert griffin iii threw for 215 yards but was sacked four times. the redskins fall to 3-6 on the son heading into their bye week. >> at least the uniforms looked nice. >> that's something they got going for them. >> we still have plenty ahead. weather, traffic and all your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. good morning to you. it is monday, november 5th, 2012. live look outside right now and really, it is not too bad this morning. just a tinge of a little tiny bit of cold air. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin.
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you see tucker barnes' shoulder in the picture so we might as well bring him in. >> good morning. >> do you have a good weekend? >> it was a weekend. not as long as julie wright's because she is not here yet. >> okay. we'll talk to her in a bit. >> temperature at reagan national, 43 degrees. dulles, 40. bwi marshall, 41 degrees. we were on the chilly side. expecting high temperatures right around 50 later today. it will be another -- it has been very cool this weekend. this will be cool again today with partly sunny skies. looking at the satellite-radar, there we go. showers, none in the forecast here today but we do have some clouds around. you can see those into pennsylvania, pushing into washington and we'll have some clouds to start the day. i think we'll be partly for mostly sunny this afternoon. it should be a nice afternoon low the temperatures will stay a little brisk here for the foreseeable future. there you go, about 50 degrees at 5:00 p.m.
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should be a dry monday for you. definitely jacket weather. lots of 30s this morning. wait until i show you the bigger map. lots of 30s out there. >> time now to get our first look at the morning commute and here's julie. >> all right. good morning, you guys. off to a quiet start so far with no issues reported around the capital beltway. you will find your lanes are open as you continue to work your way around 66 and off the beltway here the 270. no problems to report continuing southbound working your way out towards rockville and continuing out towards the lane divide. still an easy drive for those continuing their trip on the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. the presidential campaign is down to its last hours. the candidates have one last full day to get their message out and then it is time to get out the vote. >> melanie alnwick is in the newsroom with the final push.
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>> rerter: good morning. both candidates enter marathon runs to hit as many battleground states as possible. as the race ticks down to the final hours, their aim isn't just to convince the undecided. they need to energize their supporter and get them out to vote. president obama began the day in new hampshire and ended in you're ore arc colorado cheered by a crowd of 20,000 people. he also made stops in florida and ohio telling supporters he will need them even after the election to help push his policies through congress. sunday saw a first for mitt romney as he campaigned in traditionally democratic pennsylvania where polls suggest the state is relatively close. romney also held events in iowa, ohio and virginia and his crowds were large and energetic as well. the rivals both talked bipartisanship while stressing their differences. >> it's choice between two different visions for america, between a return to the top- down policies that crashed our economy and an economy that is built from the middle out and
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the bottom up. >> do you think obamacare create jobs? did his war on coal and oil and gas create jobs? did dodd frank regulations help banks make more loans? >> reporter: the latest poll numbers out show president obama and mitt romney in a dead heat. a new abc news wash post poll has both candidates tied at 48%. obama takes the lead by one point in and nbc news "wall street journal" poll getting the support of 48% of likely voters to romney's 47%. today, president obama holds rallies in wisconsin, ohio and iowa. he will wrap up this evening with a rally in des moines. >> mitt romney will be in fairfax, virginia this afternoon for a rally at george mason university and will finish up in new hampshire where he secured the republican nomination. >> thank you. the "washington post" today is out with its endorsements of several major questions on the ballot in maryland. the post endorses question
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four, the dream act, which would allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at maryland public colleges. on question 5, whether to approve the new congressional redistricting map, the post recommends against it saying the map allows politicians to choice choose their voters rather than another way around. the post supports question 6 on same-sex marriage. and on the issue of a casino at national harbor, the post says they should vote for yes seven saying the state can't afford to pass up the projected revenues. d.c. police continue their search for whoever shot and killed a 22-year-old man in southeast. the victim is identified as andre jackson. police last night handed out flyers with his picture on it. there it is right there. the deadly shooting happened just after 2:00 a.m. yesterday in the 300 block of ridge road. police are offering up to $25,000 as a reward for information leading to the
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gunman. starting today, some of of the fines handed out by d.c.'s speed cameras are going down. mayor vincent gray announced fines for traveling between 11 and 15 miles per hour over the speed limit will decrease from $125 to $100 and the fines for traveling between one and 10 miles per hour over, will go down to $50. coming up in the 9:00 hour, we'll get reaction from aaa on the fine reductions. they have not been supporters of the speed cameras in the past so we'll hear what they have to say about this. the next couple of days should be a big test for people affected by superstorm sandy in the northeast. now, there are still more than a million power outages and commuters, students and drivers forced out of their cars will be converging on mass transit systems. there are still long lines at gas station and power generators are being brought in to polling stations for tomorrow's elections. a strong nor'easter storm is expected to hit the region on
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wedne city mayor michael bloomberg says crews are still working around the clock to bring the power back and clean up the mess left behind by the storm. good-bye says 20,000 people would need somewhere to live were public housing residents before the storm hit. the mayor visited staten island and rockaway this weekend to see the damage for himself. things are slowly getting back to normal in western maryland now. officials say about 59% of roads in gulf air the county have opened since superstorm sandy dumped as much as 30 inches of snow in some places. more than 5,000 customers still have no power. today, public schools in garrett county will open on a regular schedule with the exception of four schools. here is the list on your screen. northern high school, northern middle school, hickory environmental education center and grantsville elementary. those four schools are closed today due to water problems. a trip to the zoo turns tragic for one familiar lai.
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little boy mauled to death. >> now, the -- for one family. a little boy mauled to death. >> we'll get the latest as we check more headlines.  [ earnest ] out of the blue one day, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired... i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs.
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the pittsburgh zoo remains closed indim after a 2-year-old boy was mauled to death there. the boy fell about 14 feet off a deck into a den of 11 african painted dogs sunday. this is a picture of what those dogs look like. his mother had put him up on a railing to get a better view of the animals. and witnesses immediately told staff members who called police but the animals mauled the boy. the zoo says it is not clear when he died from the fall or from the attack. zoo keeper managed to get 10 of the dogs away from the child but one dog had to be shot. two atlanta police officers are dead after their helicopter crashes while searching for a missing boy. the crash happened late saturday night just a few miles from downtown. the 40 and 48-year-old officers
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were killed on impact. it is still not nope this morning what caused the crash. authorities say the helicopter joined the search fay nine-year- old who was later found -- for a nine-year-old who was later found safe. und safe. -- it is still not known this morning what caused the crash. the washington redskins on a downward slide. if you watched the game yesterday, another loss for the burgundy and gold. >> we'll have an update on rg iii's ribs too. he apparently got beaten up. >> speak aifg downslide, the temperatures on the downslide this morning. -- speaking of a downslide, the temperatures on the downslide
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this morning. julie wright will have a look at the traffic coming up in just a minute.
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the redskins are riding a three-game losing streak. they fell for the carolina panthers sunday. lowly carolina panthers, 21
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been 13 despite being decked out in their 1937 throwback uniforms. robert griffin iii threw for 215 yards but was sacked four times. the redskins fall to 3-6 on the season heading into their bye week. following the game, rg iii had x-rays on his sore ribs. they came back negative. are we doing this first before we talk to tucker? >> sure. yeah. >> a little bit more on the redskins here. tucker can chime in if he would like. the loss could mean a change in the white house apparently. , if you believe in superstition. in 17 of the last 18 presidential elections, when the redskins win their last home win before the election the incumbent party keeps the white house. when the skins lose, the challenging party wins. >> i'm surprised that has held up in recent years. >> i wonder who takes the time to find that out.
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>> that is a random fact. >> isn't it? >> i've heard this before. i never paid attention to t i don't know what the practical record is. -- a never paid attention to it. >> carolina, their record wasn't great but they paid pretty well at time this season. they're not a bad team. >> yeah. >> okay. whatever. >> we've got a whole lot to talk about. >> let's go yesterday's high temperatures. it was another cool day, a cool weekend but lots of sunshine. reagan national got to 53 degrees. dulles and bwi marshall, 51. right here again today, this is going to be very close to high temperatures. i think low 50s for afternoon highs as we continue to be around a very cool northwest flow in the atmosphere. we've got a the freeze warning just off to the north and west. i think the cloud cover may hold those temperatures just above freezing but you can see we're getting close.
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43 right now in washington. 39 in quantico. but the 30s in places like gaithersburg. 37 in frederick. 36 in winchester. freeze warning just off to the north and west of washington for early this morning. looking at the satellite-radar, we are looking generally quiet at the moment as we don't have a whole lot going on. we have a little upper level piece of energy coming through. that is bringing us the cloud cover. this is holing temperatures in the mid-30s. otherwise, we bottom out about five degree cooler right now. and we'll be with us for the early-morning hours t should dissipate and by late morning -- it should dissipate and by late morning early afternoon, we'll be sunny. we'll in the low 50s today. we are still looking at the coastal storm as we get into wednesday and thursday. it will be the time frame. for election day tomorrow, we should be just fine. a little cool but we'll be nice and dry. by wednesday, some rain arrives. could be some windy conditions around here as well as that
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nor'easter moves up the coast. i'll have more on that coming up. early clouds and some afternoon sun. still cool, 51 your daytime high. clear skies, cold overnight. 35. we are thinking mid-30s in the city. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. mostly sunny skies tomorrow for election day. your nor'easter, wednesday into thursday, got to watch the traffic carefully t could actually end as a period of mixed precip for parts of our viewing area if it tracks close enough. we'll warm up as we get into next weekend. highs will be in the low 60s by the end of next weekend. that is a look at weather. happy monday morning to julie wright. she has the latest with your on- time traffic. >> not a lot happening so far. you will find your lanes are open as you continue around the capital beltway. traffic running smoothly between college park and bethesda. no issues reported for those continuing over at the springfield interchange. you will fine the lanes are
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open as you guys continue northbound on i-95 leaving newington headed out towards 395. no problems to report at the wilson bridge and traffic downtown running smoothly as you travel to each of the anacostia crossings. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. just a little heads up for amtrak riders in the wake of superstorm sandy. today, northeast regional trains will operate with reduced services between d.c., new york and boston. also acela service will resume. amtrak is urging riders to make reservations before heading to the station to avoid any sold- out trains and long lines at ticket offices. in maryland, riders of the bus can expect to pay a little more beginning today. the far for the prince george's county public bus system is going up from $1 to $1.25. the county says the increase is needed due to the rising cost of the maintaining the buses. a maryland man would led officers on a high-speed pursuit over the weekend is now facing several charges including assault and dui.
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teddy reagan junior was said to be driving faster than 100 miles per hour when a sheriff's deputy tried to pull him over. not only did he refuse to stop, deputies say i tried to ram a marked cruiser. two deputies opened fire on reagan's suv. he was finally stopped in charlotte hall and arrested. coming up next, some high- tech buffs bat it would out in d.c. have you ever heard of a hackathon? >> never. >> it involves web sites and apps. we'll have details of the competition coming up. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. web site and app developers have gathered in d.c. for what is called a hackathon, all part of a large are event for techies taking place in the district this week. >> what exactly is a hackathon? lauren demarco explains. co exp
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>> reporter: this week, d.c. is also the nation's digital capital. there is a festival under way focused on bringing together designers, developers and entrepreneurs. coproducer peter corbett says it is a meshing of some of the brightest minds in the field. >> if they pump into each other, they come up with better ideas, form companies and hope any, they stay in washington, d.c. and build that creative economy that we know is all important for the future of the area. >> reporter: organizers have put together seminars, tech cocktails and hundreds of other events including a hackathon sponsored by at&t. the hackathon is all about creativity and generating new ideas for technology. there are about 100 participants broken down into about 20 teams. they are here inside the microsoft office space in chevy chase, maryland. they were working for the next 24 hours trying to come up with the next best thing.
4:54 am
>> we've been working for the last 1 of 24 hours. not too much sleep but the product looks preddy got. >> >> reporter: they create a mobile app. >> this is a group payment system to allow to you separate out or split a bill. >> reporter: in another room down the hall, crisis camp is under way. >> we had an amazing group to him coaght and just found everything at hack week and all these people with different skill sets. >> reporter: they are working on a web site and app that can help in the wake of a disaster like superstorm sandy w so many charities accepting cash, this would help donors identify the ones that would get out aid the fastest to the people who need it most. >> this group has built a framework, like an online framework to house this information and to present it no the public in a easy and effective way. >> reporter: the team are competing for $5,000 cash and other prizes including free trips to the consumer
4:55 am
electronics show in vegas plus it is their chance to make a splash with the big guns. >> if there is an application developed that at&t really likes, at&t has a foundry program which gives you mennorship and access to at&t resources that might make this into i awhole new start-up. >> dream would be to kind of have this as a side business and generate some side income through it. gorse might help you make this into a whole new start-up -- that might help you make that into a whole new start-up. >> the winner of the hackathon was go d.c. and that is a mobile application that uses all local transport apps to give a real-time look at d.c. transit. sounds pretty cool. >> a lot of brain power in that room. >> lots. >> it is all the rage and the
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must-have garment for many women and it turned out the creator is a self-made millionaire. >> it's spanks. we'll talk to the founder when we return.
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welcome back. taking a live look at the jefferson memorial there front and center. another cool start to your day. we'll see some things will warm up or not in a second when we talk to tucker barnes. first, though, i don't know if wisdom wants to talk about this. this is a phenomenon that most women love. we are talking about spanx. they are the problem-solving undergarment that tuck and tighten just where you need it. >> it got me a little flusters a few minutes ago. just a few days ago, the company opened its first restale store in virginia. beth parker shows us. >> reporter: it doesn't feel
4:59 am
like much of a gamble to open the first spanx store in the country. >> we chose tysons because we looked at the country and where we have a concentration of our customers and where we have a great spot in the mall. after we signed the lease, we found it was the location of the very first apple store. >> reporter: sarah blakely has had quite a bit of good karma. >> we have such an enormous collection of all these body shape, body enhancing garments and we wanted to be able to display them in one location. >> reporter: blakely was named the youngest self-made millionaire by forbes magazine. >> they can expect a team that is ready to make you look fabulous actually lot of people shop based on the outfit they are wearing and the body shape and we have


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