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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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promises and a passion to win are the focus as both candidates make the most of these final moments on the campaign trail. >> president obama would be able to deliver but he hasn't. and i will. >> we've made progress these last four years. >> this morning, polls continue to show america should be prepared for a tight race up until the very end. and as the nation focuses on the outcome of the election, areas hardest hit by the from storm are facing another challenge this morning. fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now. good morning. a tinge of cold -- or not cold, chill in the air. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. one day before election day. the good thing being even
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though little monday, if you are tired of the political ads, you only have one more day of them. >> hopefully, it will be over soon. >> well, yeah. hopefully. >> the political ads should stop. after the election, there is no point. >> looking at the positives here. >> that's right. >> looking at the positives, we'll have a lot of sunshine today. got some clouds out there this morning. should be a dry day and a mostly sunny day. >> we'll take it. >> let's go right to the maps and take a look at what we have first and that is my way of saying i'm not sure what map we're going to see first but we'll see something here. the temperatures are on the cool said. right now, we are in the 30s and low 40s. in fact, we are 42 here in town. there we go. satellite-radar, showing you some cloud cover to start your day. if you are south of fredericksburg, you've got clear skies but many of us or most of us have the clouds. they'll break up shortly and we should be in for a partly sunny morning and a mostly sunny afternoon and it will be dry.
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i know it looks ominous out there but we aren't going to get any rain showers today. your temperature right now, 42 at reagan national. 39 at dulles. 40 at bwi marshall. it is chilly actually freeze warning was put out for counties just to our north and west early this morning. i don't think we'll see freezing temperatures early this morning but we might in 24 hours. there is your forecast. 50 your daytime high with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. >> all right. look good. thank you, tucker. >> time now to check in with julie wright once again. >> right now, we are checking out the crew in sky fox in the northbound drive along the bw parkway as you continue north of 197. temporarily, we had the road completely shut down. now, we do have traffic able to squeeze by single file to the right. a lot of equipment here on the scene headed northbound. if you are coming north, expect to find yourself in a backup before you reach 197. you guys may want to bail out pick up powder mill road. you do not want to stay on the northbound stretch of the bw parkway headed northbound right now. if you have a trip out of bwi,
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take this as a warning and plan on using 95s athe workaround. let's take it back inside so we can update the ride elsewhere. report of another crash southbound on the baltimore- washington parkway approaching 410. volume increasing as you work northbound continuing out towards 395. no accidents to report continuing out to the american legion bridge. on the bridge, that is where they're checking for accident activity. keep your eyes peeled for that as you continue on the inner loop working your way from tyson's and continuing up towards the american legion bridge and out towards 270. check for the the crash here. we have reports of delays on the metro blue orange line. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> it has been a tight race for weeks and one day before the presidential election, numbers are still showing strong
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support for both candidates. a new "washington post" abc news poll shows president obama with 49% to republican nominee mitt romney's 48%. now, other polls reveal similar signs that this election day will be one to watch from start to finish. >> and was as we all know, it will be another hectic day for both presidential candidates. >> president obama and republican nominee mitt romney will be making stops in a number of battleground states today. fox 5's melanie alnwick is here with more on the final full day of campaigning. >> reporter: good morning. the campaign planes are crisscrossing each other through the critical states. today, president obama is in wisconsin, ohio and iowa. mitt romney starts out in central florida and then he travels here to fairfax, virginia and then to ohio before bringing this long campaign to rest in new hampshire. that is where president obama began campaigning sunday. he ended in aurora, colorado cheered by a crowd of 20,000 people late last night. he also made stops in florida and ohio telling supporters he will continue to build on the last four years. mitt romney wrapped up his day
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in newport news, virginia in front of a large crowd at smithfield foods. he warned supporters of a difficult future if president obama wince a second term. talks of bipartisanship at rallies arer in the day. >> as long as i'm commander in chief, we will pursue our enmuse with the strongest military the world has ever known. but it is time to use the savings from ending two cars to pay down our debt. ur debt. -- two wars to pay down our debt, rebuilding america, repairing roads and bridges, putting people back to work right now. >> the same path means $20 trillion in debt pass onto our kids. it means crippling unemployment and stagnant tax-home pay and depressed values and it means a
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davis stating military which we must not allow to have happen. -- it means a devastating military which we must not allow to have happen. juror thank you. election dais logistical challenge all its open. now, new york and new jersey are facing it as they continue to recover from the superstorm. polling locations are being moved. generators are being brought in and all the equipment is being set up as quickly as possible. in new york, if turnout is below 25%, the state could extend voting by one day. continued shortages gas and the search for housing added to the growing challenges facing storm victims. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is comparing the storm's impact to hurricane katrina. he says as many as 40,000 people were left homeless by the storm though that number is worst case scenario. public schools in new york and new jersey are hoping to return
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students to some sense of normalcy. some cools will reopen today and others possibly by wednesday. people are still waiting in line for hours to get gas. the defense department has set up stations in the new york city areaway 10-gallon limit. -- some schools will reopen today. some breaking news from the sandy storm zone. a small earthquake has struck in northern new jersey. the u.s. geological survey says the 2.0 uake hit at 1:19 this morning in ridgewood, new jersey. some residents reported hearing a lot boom when the quake struck but for reports of damage this morning. coming up next, changes are coming to d.c.'s speed camera fines. >> the mayor makes a move to lower what drivers will pay but the battle to make them even lower is not over just yet. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment.  [ earnest ] out o of the blue one day,
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we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired...
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i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage, it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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d.c. police are search for the person who shot and killed 22-year-old andre jackson. the shooting happened early yesterday morning 30g900 block of ridge road in southeast. police handed out flyers asking for the pub's help. they are offering up to $25,000 in reardz for information leading to an arrest. -- yesterday morning in the 300 black of ridge road in southeast. -- they are offering up to $25,000 in rewards for information leading to an arrest. the speed camera fines will now be coming down. coming up at 9:00, we'll talk to aaa about the changes. we'll see what they have to say about t. no changes here. in sports, the redskins are riding a three-game losing
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streak. they fell for the carolina panthers on sunday. rg iii was sacked four times. they are heading into the bye week so at least they won't get beat this week. that is the up side. >> that is one thick we don't have to live through come monday morning. >> i wonder what coach shanahan has to say about this week. early voting proves to be popular this election year. now that it's over, we'll have a look at who saw some of the biggest turnout and what the result will be counted. >> tucker has your election day forecast. we'll be right back. [ mitt romney ] we have to work on a collaborative basis.
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look, the reason i'm in this race
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is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. early voting turnout was large this yearen nearly a third of the nation have
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already voted. more than 17,000 people cast their ballots early in silver spring. result will be announced when the polls close inform you are heading to the polls tomorrow, keep these times in mind. polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the district and maryland. and they're open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. in virginia. >> it will be a nice cool day tomorrow. hopefully, it will hold out for election day. looks like we are starting to finally get a little bit of light out there even though it way stay dark much longer. >> does that make sense? >> no, not really. >> no, didn't make sense. >> just sort of rambling. >> not going to call you out on it. >> when we fall back, our sun is going to rise an hour earlier so we'll have the same amount of light. it will just be different times. >> right, yes. but that is what i was trying to get at . it made sense in my
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head. >> you got the election forecast right. >> trying to cover all the bases. >> that was great. >> can i go back to bed? >> 42 in washington. 39 this morning in manassas. off to the north and west, we had a freeze warning overnight. these temperatures are not quite getting to freezing for most of the area with the exception of culpeper which is now reporting. 40 in fredericksburg. it will be another cool one. yesterday's daytime highs were in the 50s. we'll be right there again today. a little bit of cloud cover. you saw the sun starting to get up. it is getting up an hour early now and off to the west, some rain showers and i pretty good storm system out toward st. louis that will dive down to
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the south. it will get some energy and curve back up along the coast by wednesday. so tomorrow for election day around here, we should be fine. lots of sunshine with some cool temperatures by wednesday and thursday, we'll be dealing with this coastal low that will bring us wind and rain by midday wednesday and unfortunately, bring some heavy rain to parts of the country that don't need it including new jersey and new york. looking fine this afternoon after a cloudy start. plenty of afternoon sun and again, watch that coastal storm t will do the big curve here and start to work up the coast by tomorrow night and during the day on wednesday. we'll get rain showers around here by we had afternoon. could be a% of heavy rain particularly east of the city wednesday night and early thursday. that will push out to sea by the end of week. today, morning clouds, afternoon sun, 51 your daytime high. winds north and west at five to 10. our average daytime high should be in the 60s. cold tonight, 35 the overnight
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low. clear skies, cold conditions. here is your seven-day forecast. pretty good good rain around here by wednesday and thursday with the nor'easter. let's get a look at traffic with julie wright. >> got a lot happening right now. northbound on the top stretch of the bw parkway as you approach 198, we find the crew in sky fox. park police tell me at least seven people involved in this accident northbound on the parkway where only the right lane is able to get by. expect to find delays leaving powder mill road northbound on the baltimore-washington parkway headed up toward the accident scene. if you have a flight out of b wait a minute, better bet is to police chief early. -- if you have a flight out of bwi, better bet is to leave early. park police estimating about seven vehicles involved in this crash. southbound, your lanes are open. no issues reported on the southbound side until you reach the beltway. that is where authorities tell me they are now checking for a
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crash near 410. let's take it inside so we can update the ride elsewhere. problems on the inner loop of the beltway as you travel out of virginia. leaveling the dulles toll road continuing up toward the american legion bridge, two left lanes now tied up at the scene of this accident. the outer loop of the beltway, you will find your lanes are open. metro's blue-orange line still experiencing delays. they are single tracking right now due to a track problem we had earlier this morning. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. a look at how superstorm sandy impacted the market. >> and analysts are watching the results of the presidential election along with the rest of the nation. what the end result could do for numbers the rest of this month. back in just a moment. ant it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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i'm drinkin' a dunkin' latte. i'm in love with my dunkin' latte. it is a treat. they're packed with flavor. it's my kind of latte. try the simply delicious latte everyone can enjoy. america runs on dunkin'! welcome back. a politically packed week on the market as wall street continues to recover from the superstorm. lauren ?imenty is live in new
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york with this morning's business beat. good morning. >> good morning. >> -- lauren simonetti is live in new york with this morning's business beat. what do we expect this week with the election and all? >> it is all about the election. we really don't have too much data coming in week and everybody is focused on tomorrow. many people are saying it is just going to remove this uncertainty that we've had for so long. so whether it is mitt romney or president obama once again, i think many investors will be breathing a sigh of relief just to know. this morning, we are completely flat and that is as can be expected with such a big event tomorrow. >> apparently, eecter with a it goes, it sound like typically in the upcoming months that stocks tend to do well. -- either way it goes, it sounds like typically in the upcoming months, that stocks tend to do well. >> you find that in election years, the market rallies in november and really in december. the gains on average of 1.7% in
6:25 am
december on during election years. these numbers come from the invest group and they were done for "usa today." the numbers get kind of interesting. they also break it down fai. democrat wins, the dow will fall in november on average .7%. when an incumbent wins, the dow gains 1.3% but if that incumbent is a democrat, then the gain dwindles. >> if the redskins win, then this will happen. everybody is coming out of the wall with t. >> whatever. >> all right. thank you so much. we'll check in with you tomorrow. >> all right. coming up next, a look at where the candidates will spend their final hours before decision day and as the focus of the nation shifts, new york and new jersey work to overcome new challenges from the aftermath of the superstorm.  [ mitt romney ] we have to work on a collaborative basis.
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look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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24 hours from now, polls will be open in virginia, a key battleground state. national numbers continue to show this will be a tight race. a new "washington post" abc news poll shows president obama with 49% to republican nominee mitt romney's 48%. polls open in maryland and the district at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. in a few minutes, we'll have a closer look at how new york and new jersey are handling election day in the wake of last week's superstorm. new york city mayor michael bloomberg says as many as 40,000 people were left homeless though that is worst case scenario estimated at this point. now, public schools are working to reopen this week and gas shortages continue to be a problem. new jersey has rationed it in some parts of the state. the defense department has set up stations in the new york
6:30 am
city area with a 10-gallon limit per person. >> things are just so rough there. it is just amazing to watch. it is cold up there too. >> very chilly. temperatures in the 30s to about 40 this morning. unfortunately, the cool weather pattern continues and they will get heavy rain here i'm afraid by the middle of the week. >> last thing they need. >> another big nor'easter. let's get to local weather. we are doing fine. sun is up and doing its thing although you may not see it yet because we have a lot of cloud cover to start your morning. we should be in for a mostly sunny afternoon. it will be a nice pleasant day with a bit of a breeze out of north and west. our high temperatures will only top out near about 50 degrees. currently, it is 42. 42 in washington but look at how much of the area is below freezing. beckly, west virginia, 28 degrees. a very chilly start across the mid-atlantic and new england. early clouds, afternoon sun. still a little cool for this time of year but we should be
6:31 am
nice and dry for your monday. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright now. it is trouble on the outer loop of the beltway approaching route 4. a new crash reported in prince george's county tying up the left side of the highway. the crew in sky fox still hovering above what police are telling me is a seven-car pile- up northbound on the baltimore- washington parkway before you reach 198. traffic squeezing by single file to the right. this will be with us for a while because we have a lot of clean-up to do. a lot of vehicles to remove from the site waste slowdown from before powder mill road and continuing up towards laurel physical you have a flight from b wait a minute, a better bet would be to stick with bwi, use that as the work
6:32 am
around. thrs-- we have a slowdown from before powder mill road. metro's option-blue line still experiencing delays due to single tracking between eastern market and stadium army. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. the presidential candidates will continue their crisscross through battleground states today. >> both made stops in four states yesterday and have their eye on several more today. melanie alnwick is tracking both candidates on this final day before the election. >> reporter: good morning. hard to believe it is all coming for a close after a year of campaigning and all those political ads. today is more about getting out the vote than gaining new support. the candidates aren't stopping until the first votes are cast. president obama will spend mop in with is wis where he leads by four points and then onto ohio and iowa where the race is much closer. sunday, the president held rallies in new hampshire, florida, ohio and colorado where he finished the evening with a crowd of 20,000 supporters. mitt romney wrapped up sunday in newport news, virginia where
6:33 am
he told supporters he will ensure a strong military force. he also made a first campaign appearance in pennsylvania which may now be in play. monday, mr. romney will visit florida, virginia, ohio and new hampshire. by the end. day, both candidates will have hit ohio twice in the past 48 hours. >> since 1964, every democrat who has won has had to win ohio. jimmy carter didn't win it. the dukakis lost it, gore lost it. and clinton won it twice. so it really is a predictor and it is 18 electoral votes and romney can't win without winning ohio. >> mitt romney has never led in ohio polls but he he has steadily cut into the president's lead there. in virginia, it is a statistical tie with obama
6:34 am
leading by just 2/10 of a point. >> sure is tight. tomorrow, maryland voter will have their say on same-sex marriage, college tuition for illegal immigrants and expanding gambling in the state today, a rally will be held at montgomery could college in -- montgomery college in support of the dream act. governor martin o'malley and congressman steny hoyer will hold a news conference urging voters to support same-sex marriage. d.c. mayor vincent gray is lowering some of the fines from those speed cameras now. the new fines take effect today. violations up to 10 miles over the posted limit will now run $50. and violations up to 15 mimes -- miles per hour over the limit will now cost $100. coming up at 9:00, we'll truck to aaa about the changes and see what they have to say about it -- we'll talk to aaa about the changes and see what they have to say about it.
6:35 am
time now for the morning line and the redskins now on a three-game losing streak after sunday's loss to the carolina panthers. let's go live now to the sports junkies with 106.7 the fan and fellows, the panthers were just awful so the redskins, from what i've seen so far, outside of rg iii and alfred morris, are pitiful. not many playmakers. i think rg iii is just covering up for a lot of the issues that they already have. >> wisdom, you're right. a couple of week ago, you look he had at the opponent and called them sorry. they have a few bright spots in rg iii and alfred morris, beoverall, it is a bad team and wave been talking about it all morning on 106.7 the fan. why even bring shanahan back at this point. this is year three. his record is horrific. is there any indication he will be successful the rest of the season or next year. >> nobody in this room expected
6:36 am
playoffs but we did expect a little something called progress in year three of shanahan and the redskins are going in reverse. >> every week, it is something different. >> yesterday, the defense wasn't terrible but i believe they are still on pace for the worst defense in the history of the league. every week, it is something different, the special teams or the offensive line or the defense. >> and wisdom, if you are trying to build in this foundation of hope that a lot of redskins fans think that they have here with rg iii and morris, you got to beat teams like carolina. you got to beat teams at home. and what hand hand said last week, it is a must-win. a lot of fans have a problem with him saying that and certainly have a problem with what he said yesterday and the evaluation period thing but you have to beat carolina at home. you absolutely do. >> you can't say we're in a must-win in week nine and in you lose, now, there is no
6:37 am
reason for anybody to do anything. >> you do what rg iii did. he stepped to the podium and said i will never give up. i am going to keep fighting for this team week in week out. that is what do you. >> if you think about, it they had their chances in the first half. they didn't punt. offensively, they didn't punt and they had three points. as eb said, something is always wrong with this team. they allowed a quarterback in cam newton to kind of get things going for them. and that is steve smith there on the touchdown. they actually pin him to the two-yard line on that failed drive. boom, they go 9 # yards. when has carolina done that? >> you guys mentioned something that is interesting. -- boom, they go 98 yards. >> you guys are talking about
6:38 am
shanahan. rg iii masking a lot of the issues. the players they have aren't that great. shanahan is now having this press conference where he makes this ridiculous statement giving up on the season with all these games left. how much more of this shanahan debacle can the redskin take? >> i don't know. who knows? i mean a lot of fans want him fired this year. a lot of fans want to give him another year. a lot of fans want to give him his entire contract. >> the problem is, in week nine, week 10, week eleven, the lack of talent is going to show. you aren't going to beat teams if you haven't as talented them. you can only coach these guys up. this team is depleted. >> at least they're disciplined. and don't commit a lot of back breaking penalties. oh, my god. they are the worst in the league at committing penalties. and when you have a deficit of talent you can't commit 13 penalty in a game. it is unwinnable. >> to answer your question, the problem is we bring guys in for a year, fire them like marty, two years, fire them like zorn.
6:39 am
we fire guys all the time that. doesn't work either. might as well let them coach it out, see what happens. i got my feet up. make something happen. >> that's pretty much how it it is right about now. just like you just said. you might as well stick -- i guess you're stuck with him contractually so i guess hope for the best. who knows? guys, always a pleasure. maybe we'll have something better to talk about next time. >> going to be the same conversation. >> all right. >> that's true. like groundhog day. >> coming up, lots to talk about on this day before the election. >> coming up next, we'll show what you new york and new jersey are doing to ensure everyone gets a chance to vote as both states continue to recover from the superstorm. fox 5 morning news is back in just a moment. close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community.
6:40 am
housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. but to me, it's money that i earned. man: to some people, social security is just a number. i count on social security. and i don't want washington politicians like george allen... privatizing it.
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if george allen wants to risk his own money on wall street... that's fine. but i don't want him risking mine. george allen just isn't watching out for us. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising. hey! hey, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts' smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's deliciously irresistible. hurry in today. the smoked sausage breakfast sandwich is only at dunkin' donuts for a limited time. grab one today.
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the superstorm you may remember dropped more than 30
6:43 am
inches of snow in gulf air the county, maryland but things are starting to get back to normal. most state and county roads have reopened now and almost all public schools are heading back to class today. as the candidates make their final pushes, officials in new york and new jersey are now faced with the challenge of getting people out to vote on election day. >> it is a big challenge as clean-up and recovery efforts continue following hurricane sandy. >> nearly a week after sandy hit the east coast, power south annals still plague parts of the northeast. that ang although with damaged and destroyed buildings could mean a lack. places for vote are to cast their ballots. new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he is working to ensure voters way not miss their opportunity to participate in this election. >> we will do anything to help the board of elections. we have to make sure everybody can vote. it won't be ease by but we'll both work hard on that. >> officials in nine are taking steps top sure voter turnout. >> polling places that are not destroyed but don't have power,
6:44 am
you still go to your polling places. we'll have trucks set up there. you will vote old school, paper ballots. that means it will take longer to count but everyone will have the opportunity to vote. >> reporter: with the aftermath of sandy taking center stage, some stay the election is on the back burner. >> others say voting is still a top priority. >> you knew it was coming a week in advance. the same eople who were planning for whatever, they also should have been planning an alternative voting procedure because that is a priority over everything else. >> reporter: recent polls suggest president obama and governor mitt romney are locked in a state race but both sides are predicting a victory. a vi you hear them talking about voting old school and you think
6:45 am
oh, no, what is going to happen i hope nothing happens out that, anything too crazy or anything too controversial. the last thing we need. >> the good news, the weather should cooperate for most of the country. weather at least locally will be nice and quiet tomorrow with temperatures about 50 so that won't be a big factor. >> okay, good. sunrise this morning, 6:40 a.m. so an hour earlier as we fall back there. 37 in gaithersburg. 39 in manassas. dulles, 39 as well. culpeper, 30-degree. we still have a freeze warning just south and west here down into portions of vince. most the area stayed up a little bit overnight with the cloud cover. still plenty chilly out there but we thought we would have overnight lows closer to freezing. 37 in leonardtown.
6:46 am
45 in annapolis. 40 in baltimore. all right. we are looking at our satellite- radar. a couple of interesting features, a little upper level disturbance coming through at the moment. we should lose the clouds. looking for a mostly sunny afternoon although it will be a little chilly here with wind north and west and high temperatures only about 50. this is our weather make fore wednesday and thursday t will dive down into the northern gulf of mexico and then do one of these, curve back up the coast by wednesday and thursday as a coastal nor'easter t could be a strong oneen won't be as strong as sandy. but it will likely bring us a period of chilly rain around here wednesday afternoon, wednesday night into thursday and some windy conditions and we'll have to watch the temperatures very carefully here north and west of town. if enough cold air can mix f we could see it transition over to winter weather not too far north and west of washington by early thursday. we'll watch that. that will bring very heavy rain and wind to parts of country that don't want it up into new jersey and new york. here is your election day weather. most of the country very quiet. showers in the pacific northwest. a little snow there in
6:47 am
wisconsin and our coastal system off to the south and east. this will bring some locally heavy rain to the carolinas, at least south carolina down into florida tomorrow. otherwise, around here, we'll just be kind of chilly with sunshine in the mid-atlantic and new england. 51 today, morning clouds, afternoon sun. enjoy another sunny day there at least the afternoon, wind north and west at 5 to 10. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. fine tomorrow, highs about 50. look like rain develops during the day on wednesday. thursday, we'll have to watch to eif we get any transition to winter weather. -- to see if we get any transition to winter weather. >> tony is here. >> good morning. i know it is election day tomorrow but we're just chatting during connor -- touring tucker's weather
6:48 am
forecast. i wish we could just talk about that all morning. >> -- during tucker's weather forecast. it is now time for ask tony and tucker. this is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today, we have a timely question. great question that comes from tenisha. she writes, i'm just curious are, there is a specific rope why i never hear any of the news anchors discussing who they will vote for and if so, why? good quo. -- is there a specific reason? >> traditionally, news anchors, news reporters are supposed to be objective and as impartial as possible or at least appear that way. i mean everybody has their own opinioned and all that kind of
6:49 am
thing. but generally speaking, the role of the reporter, journalist anchor has been to keep your opinions to yourself and just present the news n recent times, that has changed somewhat as you have cable news channels and the like where it seems like it is all very subjective now, where you know the slant of a particular network. we've gotten to an interesting point in journalism where a lot of it is advocacy journalism. but basically speaking, most journalists having told or been asked not to express their opinion. if we did, then you would think -- >> well, you don't want to influence them. >> and even worse, they would believe that you're influencing how you present the news when you may not be. if you give your opinion, then
6:50 am
-- so. >> it is important to point out there are a lot of news anchors that play it down the middle. i think there are commentators out there. >> we're all adults. i have an opinion. i have my political opinion. >> go out on a limb here. >> i feel like i'm appear adult. i should able to express it. i'm going to tell you exactly who i'm voting for tomorrow. i am voting for -- ing for -- >> don't know where you're getting your information but i'm voting for the other guy. >> i was going to vote for the other guy but tony made so main interesting points here, i think i'm going to switch.
6:51 am
i'm on his team now. >> now know how we all feel. >> there you go. and thank you for giving me some freedom there to feel like -- all right. very good. >> should most post this on the internet. >> if you have a question that you would like to have answered, go to because we don't shy way from anything, ladies and gentlemen. >> i love that old school look that we've got going. >> had to dig way back to find that. >> lats check in with julie wright. >> i'm going it facebook. they have a big promotion out there that says who to vote if. it says vote for linus. it has snoopy right behide him. >> i'm kind of concerned about the blanket. >> that means he doesn't want to be cold. >> how can you not vote for a
6:52 am
guy and a dog. >> because he has a beagle too. >> all right. on the roads, a seven-car pile- up to unfortunately hind are your commute. this is northbound on the baltimore-washington parkway approaching the exit for 198. again, seven cars involved in this cash with sky fox live over the scene. -- to unfortunately hinder your commute. delays northbound on the baltimore-washington parkway now forming back at 193678 that is green belt road. wall-to-wall traffic northbound on the parkway. southbound, anticipate a slow go through laurel. at this hour, that is pretty typical. but southbound delays you will find are stipulate kal with all lanes open. taking it back inside, let's go over to the maps. traveling the outer loop of the beltway, you will find you are slow leaving 59 to georgia avenue and now the crash is on the beltway approaching route 4 pep pep avenue. of a got two left lanes blocked off at the scene of this crash.
6:53 am
average speed now leaving route 5 headed up to that accident scene now down to five miles per hour headed northbound 95/459. we also have accident activity reported southbound along 207 working out toward 28 in rockville. top stretch, definitely below speed from 58 headed out towards germantown. that is almost a 45-minute commute there. accident on the american legion bridge has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> a heartwarming story in the wake of superstorm cabbedy. some people scheduled to participate in the new york city marathon volunteered their time that they would have been running. -- in the wake of superstorm sandy. they are helping with the clean- up, handing out supplies and raising funds. they even start a new race to recover fund that has collected more than $2.6 million. >> we're here to help out a locality of people here in need. we were supposed to run the marathon but that is nothing
6:54 am
compared to what is going on here. we wanted to lend a hand. >> the disappointment has turned into something great and amazing. people are coming together and turning this bad situation into something good. >> the new york road runners donated $1 million. i think that is great. >> that is great. >> they came there for that and they turned it into something great. that is awesome that they stepped up to do this. >> they needed all the help they could get. still ahead, things are getting heated at campaign headquarters this morning. >> we'll take you inside the last-minute election push for hello kitty. 
6:55 am
we had a good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard.
6:56 am
i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care. mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
6:57 am
good morning, everybody. it's a big week. tomorrow we're going to elect our president and right now you are thinking i really don't want to vote for president obama or mitt romney, i may have candidates for you.
6:58 am
hello kitty is running. and her campaign headquarters happen to be right here in dc where it's very quiet. the last mini lex push is on. as you can see there's a lot going on here if you want to come out and be a part of the friendship party. who really wouldn't vote for that? if you want to come down here, everything for all ages. you can get your make up done, picture taken with the lolita girls. they even have ways for you to help get unique merchandise that will support the red cross hurricane fund. we're going to check in with the campaign manager. and just so you know, the demographic is 4 to 4 ever. >> i can't think of any other headquarters that have make up lessons. >> it's my candidate. >> all right. thanks. >> time now for facebook fan of the day. today we say hello to
6:59 am
paul jackson and angela griffin. she can't start her mornings without fox 5. if we were on 24 hours a day she would be watching. >> that's great. >> log on to our facebook page and leave a comment under the picture. >> congratulations to you both. that's it for the 6:00 hour. >> let's send it over to allison and tony. >> happy monday to both of you. coming up, breaking news from the sandy storm zone. a small earthquake hits overnight. plus the final count down as the race for the white house comes down to the wire. both the president and governor mitt romney giving everything they have to win. today, both race through key battleground states one last time trying to secure those last minute votes. >> and by the time the polls open, nearly a third of the country have already cast ballots. early voting is already


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