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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 10, 2012 10:30pm-11:30pm EST

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to be extra careful. >> i walk every day, every morning and every evening with my dogs. i lot more aware of my surroundings. >> this is about the latest i will walk coming down here. now, i'll make sure that i'm in before dark. >> we did notice some surveillance cameras in the area. no word if they captured the crime but police say, if there is new video, it will be reviewed. lauren demarco, fox 5 news a news alert from the district where a metro bus driver was shot, just after his shift. the driver was hit in the leg by a stray bullet. it happened at about 9:13 last night. the driver is expected to survive. there are no suspects. a motorcycle hit a pedestrian in prince george's county this afternoon. it happened in the 3900 block of branch avenue. investigators say that the homeless pedestrian was not in the crosswalk when the motorcycle hit him.
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both the men's names have not yet been released. d.c. police say they have arrested two people in a murder that happened last week. on wednesday evening, a little after 9:00, they found a cab on fire in the 1400 block of brentwood parkway northeast. the driver's body was inside but investigators say he had first been shot in the head. the victim's name has not yet been released. police arrested 17-year-old joshua mubaine and a juvenile female and charged them both with murder. we saw a beautiful fall day here while the tells will continue in the same number. >> you can see a few clouds rolling your way in across the area. before the night is over, we will see some clearingskies, thanks to a ridge of high pressure. so things will not be all bad. current temperatures, 45 degrees in baltimore, 50 in the
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nation's capital. 45 in gaithersburg. to the south, 46 in fredericksburg and a cool 49 degrees in culpeper and frederick at 40 degrees. we are warming up and guess what, the sunshine is sticking around as well. for veterans day, we have a sunday warm up on tap for you so i hope you will get to enjoy it. details on what you might expect in the week later on. >> i want to correct myself. mitt romney got 206 electoral votes to president obama's 332. if you have not heard the term fiscal cliff this week, you might be living under a rock. just ahead, americans are counting on compromise on capitol hill. what may be done to save you thousands of dollars and recovery efforts continue in new york and new jersey. some lawmakers are speaking out against utility companies there many the stories and much more coming up when the news at
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the time is ticking for congress to decide on the 2013 fiscal plan as the bush tax cuts are set to expire on january 1st. will america be thrown off the fiscal cliff? >> the bush tax cut set to expire in just 51 days which could set off a chain of economic problems throwing america off a fiscal cliff. president obama and house speaker john boehner say that they are willing to compromise. >> a stronger economy means more revenue, which is exactly what president is seeking. >> they should start by making sure that taxes don't go up on the 98% of americans making under $250,000 a year starting january 1st. this is something we all agree
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on. >> reporter: both remain head strong on their views on tax reform. >> we have to combine spending cuts with revenue and that means asking the wealthiest americans to pay more taxes. >> 2013 should be the year to begin our debt through tax reform and entitlement reform. >> reporter: if no agreement is reached, middle class americans could see a $2000 increase on taxes and the unemployment rate could jump back over 9%, spiraling the economy to another recession taxes related to obama's health care plan will be corrected. according to baron, over 1000 government programs will experience, quote, deep automatic cuts. with the fiscal deadline rapidly approaching, many economists ask, can the feat be accomplished in the time frames? >> what both parties need to do is stop the part son politics and go together and not leave the negotiating table until the
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deal is done. >> reporter: but that may be easier said than done. >> i think on paper they are in different places but speaker boehner is wobbly and president obama is feeling nice at this. i'm expecting sione to fold and that's definitely speaker boehner. >> reporter: president obama has invited the top leaders of congress for talks, just days before he departs on a trip to asia. heather childers. this cliff that we keep hearing about was created on purpose. this comes as leaders could not agree on anything. it was forced to agree on a compromise. but the big bush tax cuts could be the biggest motivation to do just that. >> republicans have wasted no time led by boehner saying there should be a compromise and to have a deal, we may have to give up on something.
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we need to give up a percent or two. >> if congress does not act because there is such gridlock in the congress, then the bush tax cuts will expire. republicans want to keep the bush tax cuts. >> failure means that the 2% payroll tax cuts will end. some people in new york city took up shovels and tools to help victims of super storm sandy. the volunteers got on buses at city hall and went to some of the hardest hit areas like staten island. they are sorting goods, checking on residents, delivering supplies. there are 36 diaster recovery centers in new york city with more to come. while things are improving nearly two weeks after the storm, there are plenty of people who still do not have power. fox's peter doocey has more on why some are running out of
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patience. >> reporter: almost two weeks after super storm sandy passed through, some people are still without company. the largest company on long island, lipa now being blamed for poor preparation. >> i don't believe what they did was adequate. i don't believe it was right. part of it is the system design and part of it is just their performance and the fact that these utilities are a monopoly. >> reporter: government-owned lipa asked other utility companies for 700 workers to help them restore power but they ended needing 10,000. the companies that lipo contracted to help them clean up the mess said they are doing extremely well. >> we are progressing very well based on the unprecedented damage on the storm. >> i am very comfortable with how we performed on this restoration. >> reporter: not comfortable with the performance, congressman peter king.
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he wrote a letter to president obama saying that i urge you to personally intervene to ensure that all appropriate federal assets and authorities are fully deployed to the impacted region. king and others want the army corps of engineers dispatched to the island. he says if the corps of engineers can go into baghdad and turn the lights on, they can come here and finish the business. one small business in new jersey is giving away bridal gowns to help people struggling after sandy. women like the one you are about to see at the time to get married in two months. but too busy. the shop owner says she's touched by people's tragedy and wanted to find a way to help. >> i don't know how to -- it's bittersweet. it's like -- we've been crying since monday. every story has been so touching. you cry over it and you smile. >> it's just amazing that this
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woman is doing such a great, great thing. she is an angel. >> reporter: the shop is donating 1000 dresses to brides affected by the storm. almost every dress is a sample that's never been worn. it's a a performingance that one teen is regretting. and this teen is learning his fate after creating a disguise for an heist. heist. 
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sheriff's deputy heard an unusual sound that wound up saving four lives. the alert officers was under a bridge in ohio when she heard puppies crying. when she saw an suv on the brim as someone had thrown two of the puppies. >> i saw the two puppies, they were thrown down over the
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guardrail down an embankment and i saw two more dumbed in the water. >> the puppies are bruised and scarred and scared also and underfed so they'll be kept in the shelter until they are healthy enough to be adopted. a teenager who used extensive disguises to rob jewelry stores will spend five years in prison. the british 16-year-old used prosthetic, makeup and fake facial hair to disguise. police tracked him down in a nearby garden where they found the disguise and a result the jewelry was recovered. while most people are planning for the holidays,others are looking ahead to the inauguration day. rumors are circulating that it may be too late for visitors to book their room in the d.c.
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just days after president obama won his reelection bid, parts of the area have already been blocked off. four years ago, the inauguration crowd was the large he was ever on the national mall. there are reports that hotels in the d.c. area are already fully booked for inauguration day. joining me now is elliott ferguson, the president and ceo of destination d.c. thanks for joining me tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> reporter: i hear that anyone
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looking for a room should be used to rooms booked. >> i can tell you that's not accurate. i've been getting a lot of phone calls because there is some word on the streets that hotels do not have availability. the reality is that there is a lot of availability. >> reporter: what are the deals and packages available? >> here is the thing. most of the package also require a minimum of four night stays. most of the hotel chains, you will find which hotels have availability and, more importantly, what rates they are offering. so not only in washington, d.c. but in the region as a whole, we see that there are a lot of hotels that do have availability at this time. >> i have seen some hotels offering, one in particular an outrageous package that was $2.7 million. there is a limit people should
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consider on how much they should spend for this weekend, for this event since a lot of people think it's historic again. >> there are no limits. there are some historical things that happened years ago in terms of things which corporations did and citizens did, being in washington, d.c. for the first falling racial. some of the things that may seem outrage lust to us are deals for other people. we have been getting a lot of phone calls in terms the excitement but not only coming to washington but welcoming president obama for the next four years. we are anticipating the local, regional and national response but also hopefully an international response. >> are there any off bt beaten path places that people should consider for accommodations, instead of just hotels? any tips that you should have on that front? >> i think finding something that you can afford is going to
10:53 pm, doing your research, looking at what is out there that works best for you? in most cases, folks are going to be looking for things. you don't want to have a car in the city during the inauguration. there are a lot of different packages out there, deals being offered. the most important thing is that if folks are interested in coming to washington, d.c. for the inauguration, there is plenty of availability in our hotels. >> glad to hear it. elliott ferguson, thank you so much for the insight tonight. >> thank you very much for having me. >> see you next time. >> all righty. as they are preparing for another event that draws huge crowds, the macy's thanksgiving parade. today, balloon handlers did test flights with the newest additions to the parade, hello kitty, elf on parade and -- >> which ones of the balloon handlers -- each ones of the balloon handlers for the macy's
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day pa rate go through training for weeks. they have to come in and make sure that they are physically hit, underwant dynamics of the balloon. >> organizers expect 3 million people to attend and another 50 million watching on tv. still to come, not getting enough shut eye? the key to a good night's risumi be more than just medication and a good mattress. and maryland tries to pull off a major upset. lindsey murphy is up next with sports. >> we fly on down to areas in the south. what a big division here in the country. guess what, the warm air is on the way. we'll be back after the break.
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so it's tough because a lot of people are thinking the same thing. they are disappointed this is the way things have gone. the rest of the football season will not be pretty for maryland but there is nothing that they can do about their injury issues.
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aside from their linebacker turned quarterback, they were missing two others as well as leading tackler demitrius hartfield. they were facing number 13 clemson. cory crawford scoops it up on he goes 16 yards for the td. they score 12 in 12 seconds. a couple of fakes, throws into the end zone for hopkins. 28 yards. maryland is held to 180 yards of offense. they are dominated by clemson, 45-10. virginia still has a chance to become bowl eligible, hosting miami today. fourth quarter, cavs trail 31- 28. up the left side for dorsett. 35 yards for the score. hurricane in front. virginia down 5. michael rocco
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who completed a school straight goes to the end zone. virginia rallies to defeat miami 41-40. the hoos have won the last three meetings randy itman's wizards in search for their first win against the pacers. pacers lazy getting back on defense. okafor back. the game tied at 49 at the half. wiz up 2 in the 4th. the former unc star coast to coast for the dunk. game tied at 75. with 7 seconds to go, wizards down 2. they can tie or take the lead. booker, jumper short. the wizards drop their fifth straight. 89-85. still winless. by the way. college hoop, gw lost to youngs town state. and we talked about this. davey johnson will manage the
11:01 pm
nats next year. the team made it official. 2013 will be the last one. one of our team also win one of these days? >> yeah. >> hopefully. >> we have been watching and hoping. lindsey murphy, always, thanks just ahead, the grand opening. a new mega store welcoming familiar faces. we'll show you next when the news at 10:00 returns.
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it's really common for large military installations to have stores on bases with service members and their family. a new bigger than usual base exchange opened in bethesda on the campus of the military hop. >> a gigantic line of people assembled outside a new store in bethesda saturday.
11:05 pm
when the ribbon was cut, the shoppers streamed into the newest naval exchange store in the world. many offer retail stores but the one opened in walter reed is different. >> there was a store here >> it's about 40,000 square feet. this one is 150,000 square feet. the entire previous store fit in our back room storage. >> the new anyyeah exchange is designed differently with many extra wide aisles to more easily accommodate wounded warriors. this onpost store it features a food court and on its opening day, subway spokesman j. c. hayward took a turn behind the counter. >> good enough to eat. good enough to eat. >> reporter: it it was clear from his speed that j. c. hayward had made these before. among the other celebrities on hand for opening day, fitness guru denise austin and cable tv chef robert irvine who interrupted his book signing to
11:06 pm
remember this weekend marks the 237th birthday. >> happy birthday, marine corps. go navy. >> the huge navy exchange is very green in its design. the roof is covered with soil on which newly planted grass seeds. back inside, military families will be able to buy everything from the basics to wine, beer and spirits to wide screen television, all tax free. >> in part because of the surrounding affluent area where a military retirees live and work in their second careers. this naval exchange has a rather high proportion of designer clothing. the whole store has a rather upstale look. >> feels like a macy's or something like that. >> reporter: what did you buy? >> we bought a comforter. >> luggage. jewelry. how about that? jewelry. >> reporter: so is the recession over?
11:07 pm
>> definitely. >> time to get the economy started. >> reporter: delay that talk of sequestration. it's full speed ahead. today ace the 232nd birthday of the marine corps. it was on november 10th, 1775 that the intercontinental congress called for the formation of units to defenders by sea. if we have a day like today tomorrow, i think everyone will be happy. it was gorge just. >> it was. tomorrow is going to be betterment i'm glad because we have a lot of parades. >> we do. >> to honor our veterans out there a lot of people will be doing outdoor activities. mother nature will cooperate. >> yes, she is >> let's take a live look outside. there was a really beautiful
11:08 pm
shot of the washington monuments. some crowds have been rolling through. winds very light as well. and we're going to get a warmup. so, bright skies as we move into sunday for the veterans day festivities and enjoy the warmup. wait until you see where the temperatures are headed. also a chance of rain ahead in the accu weather seven-day forecast and cooler and drier as we move into the later part of next week. we have a whole combination of things going on here. here is the it satellite radar composite. we do have a few clouds streaming in we'll see streaming skies. they'll be out of the way and plenty of room for the sunshine as we head into tomorrow. here is a look at the highs today. we didn't do too badly at all. 625 degrees with the sunshine at reagan international airport. 66 at dallas and 5 about 3 degrees at bwi thurgood marshal. we left the 50s behind at least
11:09 pm
briefly and things will get better, at least in the next 24 hours or so. 44 at thurgood marshall, 43 at gaithersburg. 44 at martinsburg. a cooler 39 degrees at culpeper and winchester, 443 degrees. we have some variance going on as we move into the lows tonight. temperatures are going to be cooling down into the 40s. we range pretty much from the low 40s to the mid-40s, even upper 40s here to the south. to the west, 39 degrees for martinsburg. let's take a look now at radar because i want to show you what's going on here. we've got a real division going on in the country and it's going to be very evident when i show you our temperature map. this is the frontal system that will be coming through. it's creating a lots of storms along the line of it. it's also a big division in the country in terms of temperatures. let's go back to our maps and i will show you exactly what i'm
11:10 pm
talking about. ahead of that front tall system, lots of warm air. the jet stream also responsible for this. temperatures, let's take a look right now into the 60s and 70s. temperatures into the teens, single digits, even. a lot of cooler air moving in. we are seeing that big division. we're going to be on the warm side of that as we head into the course of tomorrow. the jet stream taking that dip towards the west but well to the north as far as east is concerned. we're going to see the warmer conditions continuing to build n a ridge of high pressure will move out. that gives us sunshine. by tomorrow, expect our temperatures to be into the upper 60s with that light southerly flow that is going to be kicking in and we're going to benefit from that as we head into tomorrow. it starts to cool down a little bit once again in the early part of the week. overall, these temperatures will be sticking around. 44 degrees for tonight. light southeasterly winds, clearing skies. as we move into tomorrow, look
11:11 pm
at this. 68 degrees. some of you could reach that 70- degree mark. a sunny day, very warm and pleasant, perfect weather for a parade. let's take a look now at our planner for tomorrow. by mid-day, we'll be at 65 degrees and fox 5 seven-day accu weather forecast, we have a chance of some rain. other than, that not bad. we're going to back to the 50s. you can't beat a near 70 degrees day with some sunshine. >> we're going to enjoy that. a remind you can check the weather any time when you download the fox 5 app. go to the apple store or android market. so, how many pillows does it take to get comfortable? what kind of pillow do you sleep on? in our 24-7 owe city with sleep so hard to come by, it is not
11:12 pm
just the mattress that matrs. have you thought about the power of your pillow? it may hold the key to sound sleep. how do you choose the pillow? we went in search of answers. >> reporter: buck wheat, memory foam, sound pillow. magnetic therapy, swedish therapy, cloud pillow. there is a pillow to suit every ailment, every head position, every body type. they cost anywhere from $10 to $300. bob willette suffers from sleep apnea, migraine and neck and back pain. he spends thousands of dollars and many years searching for the perfect pillow. >> if this was not a good pillow, it puts my neck in the wrong direction and that's where miami grain starts. >> you name it. bob tried it. >> i'm getting head aches. >> foam is her friend these
11:13 pm
days but finding the right foam for her is a challenge. >> after about two or three years, the support was gone. >> i think it should be on your radar screen if you don't like your pillow >> dr. helenellum also known as the sleep doc is the director of the center in chevy chase. i asked her if a pillow makes a difference. >> there is not a huge data but comfort is an issue. you want to be comfortable at night. you want to have a bed environment that's appealing to you and that leaves you feeling comfortable and that's a very individual experience. >> reporter: the problem is, she says, you don't know what you don't like until you've tried it and trial and error when it comes to pillows can be costly. market research shows that 620% of americans experience symptoms of insomnia or sleep disorders. companies across america are trying to sell us a perfect night sleep with pills, premium
11:14 pm
mattress, high-tech pillows, white noise machines, aroma therapy. it's fast become a $20 billion industry. >> when you touch it, you feel it, you just want to lay on it. >> forget the old down pillow feathers. one hotel in d.c. has a pillow menu. >> this is nice behind the comfort. this is number 1. it's very comfortable. has a million and one air beads in it. >> front desk manager devon hingle says that their guests love the menu. >> create comfort and then a low level of customization. >> i actually think that's a great idea. if you are thinking about a very expensive pillow, it might be able to combine it with a vacation weekend and try one on one night and the other one the next night. >> we decided to try the pillow liaison to the test. >> they tried the magnetic
11:15 pm
therapy which costs about $80 in stores, the swedish memory which can run up to 90 on the cloud pillow which we found at cvs for 19.99. kathleen found the magnetic pillow too big and bulky. i like the swedish memory pillow, thought it was comfortable but too high for a correct alignment of my head and neck. i like the cloud pillow the most. its hide was perfect for my neck and height alignment and i like the comfort shape. i may actually be able to buy this pillow since it's so affordable. bob's findings? he says that the magnetic pillow caused a strange feeling in my mount maybe it was the fillings. it was comfortable and i slept on it for two nights but went back to my custom pillow. if i was in a hotel, i would use it, mainly for the support it gave. the swedish pillow initially was okay but i added a thin
11:16 pm
pillow to get the support i needed. i woke up with some neck pain leading to a mild headic. bob said he found the most comfort through a custom pillow made he had made for 150 bucks i new year knew what a good night sleep was until i had, i guess, a decent pillow. it was like i was a new person. >> i don't know that a lot of money guarantees you comfort. i think you have to find out what it is that is making you uncomfortable. >> it just may be that something as simple as your pillow could be the key to a better night's rest and ultimately better health. ♪ good night sweetheart, sleep tight ♪ >> that was laura evans reporting. dr. slen says considering how you sleep could signal other problems. that may be sleep apnea or
11:17 pm
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some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. hollywood legend sherman helmsley can now be buried. the actor's half brother has been trying to fight the wheel. the judge granted the wheel. hemsley is best known for playing george jefferson in the sitcom the jeffersons. he died of cancer in july he was 74 years old. rumor has it that actress ashley judd is entering politics. she is one of the names being tossed around as a potential candidate to fill a senate seat
11:21 pm
in kentucky. judd said she's honored to be mentioned but she didn't play down the rumor. the actress currently lives in tennessee and could have to re- establish residency in kentucky before she could challenge mitch mcconnell. she has taken an active role in president obama's campaign. justin bieber and selena gomez have split saying that their schedule made it hard to date. teachers say this dance was also about raising the learning curb. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: one minute, it is a sidewalk. the next minute, a stage. ♪
11:22 pm
>> my heart was beating real fast. and i felt nervous a little bit. ♪ under the moonlight >> when i'm on the dance floor, the dance floor just kind of speaks to me. ♪ because this is thriller >> reporter: a two-minute flash mob right in front of the national portrait gallery. they are students from d.c.'s savoy elementary school in southeast but, on this day, they're -- >> just like michael johnson. >> a teacher directed from on torch an suv. >> i want to teach them that they can go to wherever i want to go. >> reporter: savoy was traditionally a low performing school but they were celebritiesed by the president' commission on arts to get art supplies, instruments. the award goes to the school that is about to turn the
11:23 pm
corner >> i was born and raised here. so to come back to that community and see how the program is making kids want to come to school, making parents want to get involved, the volunteers, it just really builds into the community. >> reporter: new practiced -- they practiced every month. >> for a day. we played a lot. we feel happy because we get to experience something that we never did before. and i felt good about it. >> reporter: when you saw your faces with the makeup on, what did you think? >> i was frightened, like some type of creature. >> reporter: savoy's test scores are picking up and attendance is, too. they'll remember these moves for a long time. >> i'm a zombie. >> reporter: in washington,
11:24 pm
beth parker, fox 5 news. >> pretty cool. admit it, how many of you did not practice that thriller move when you were younger? i know i did. all right. the night is far from over. the news edge starts right now. >> and thank you for staying with us at 11:00. fallout continues from retired general david petraeus' affair with the woman who wrote his biography. fbi investigators discovered the affair when they looked into allegations against paula broadwell. extra marital affairs are nside risk for cia directors. petraeus resigned his post yesterday. petraeus' resignation comes a week before he was scheduled to testify at the house and senate intelligence hearings.
11:25 pm
those hearings in regards to the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. when the presidential election over and more information beginning to trickle out, lawmakers are looking for more information about the attack. >> reporter: more information begins to trickle out regarding the september 11th attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya the state department says that lawmakers want to see the paper trail. >> we had requests for documents from a number of committees and from a number of staff and members. we have now made documents available. >> many on capitol hill want to know what happened, during and after the attack which killed four americans, including ambassador chris stevens. >> the aftermath of it, just the misleading statements were made, i think everyone wants to understand, what was happening? was there a failure? >> reporter: republicans say that the white house failed to
11:26 pm
provide adequate diplomatic protection overseas democrats defend the president. and meantime, cia director david petraeus handed in his resignation a week before the benghazi hearings, saying that he had an extra marital affair. it's not the cia director who had to testify but the person who was involved at the time of the benghazi and that was david petraeus. >> secretary of state hillary clinton was asked to attend the hearings. however, she's scheduled to travel outside the country next week. four days after the election, president obama has been declared the winner of the race in florida. the president now adds the state's 29 electoral votes to the 30 about 3 he had before. mitt romney finished the race
11:27 pm
with 206. residents in a northeast neighborhood are stunned to learn that two women were attacked and robbed at the same time. the women were taken by force into two separate cars on 48th street overnight. this is aorta near sheriff road. police say the men sexually assaulted both women and stole several of their belongings, including a cell phone. >> this may not be what people consider -- what people may consider the safest neighborhood but we are really a neighborhood oriented -- community-oriented neighborhood. everybody talks to everybody. >> it happened right here at the corner. that's surprising. i never heard of two at a time, two people at the same time, you know, getting tooken like that. that's surprising. >> reporter: police are trying to determine whether the crimes are related to other robberies in the area. the edge on maryland after two people are dead after an unusual accident. a motorcyclist hit a pedestrian in the 3900 block of branch avenue. both the men died. one at the scene and the other later at the hospital. investigators say that the
11:28 pm
pedestrian was homeless. he has been identified as harry calvin lee, jr. the motorcyclist's name has not been released. a metro bus drivers recovering after he was shot in the leg after his shift. investigators say he was not the target. there was a fight on the other side of the road. so far, no arrests in this case. as recovery efforts in the northeast continuation following two back-to-back storms, some sandy evacuees in new jersey are speaking out tonight saying that they are being shipped from one shelter to the next with little answers on when, if ever, they'll be allowed to return home. >> reporter: a so-called tent city popped up at the monmouth park race track set up to feed and house utility workers here from around the country to health but more recently, about 200 evacuees from hurricane sandy were bused here as well. >> the water is getting really high, you know. i was actually on the floor but
11:29 pm
all my stuff was at my other friend's house in storage. i lost everything there, you know. there is nothing left there. everything is demolished. >> most of these people lost all of their belongings and their homes along the jersey shore. >> we were going to try to stay the storm out but the water kept coming up. the water came to the house. we got out of there it was blow my knees. we stepped outside the house and it was above my knees. we walked down the block. >> the red cross says she is evacuees will be moved from the tents and into the main building. they are fed and will be given a cot to sleep. many are frustrate. they are nearly homeless. >> we have been to hell and back. >> and what happened? >> we are considered a natural disaster. it's no longer inhabitable for anybody. >> reporter: where


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