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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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there were not eager to talk. we came to this house in northwest dc looking for paula broadwell. neighbors told us they had recently seen her here. the owner, mritly asked us -- politely asked us to leave. >> we left the property but now law makers like chairwoman diane want to know why they were left out of the loop on the fbi. >> we received no advance notice. it was like a lightning bolt. >> he quit after admitting an affair. questions are now being raised if broadwell had access to classified information like this comment during a speech in october. >> had actually taken a couple libyan members.
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>> the fbi informed him -- the family friend warning her to stay away from him. >> our concern would be the security concern. >> 35 year veteran of the cia and now executive director of the spy museum says the scandal has the potential to threaten national security. >> whether it's the director or simply a case officer or an analyst, if there is something in their life that is elicit, illegal and they would not want to have exposed it opens them to coercion. >> neighbors told us a planned 40th birthday party was canceled. not known if she will be asked to testify publically or privately. congress and the fbi continue their probe. >> the fbi uncovered this
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relationship between paula and patraeus in looking into the e-mails. told the ap tonight that the former general is quote shocked that broadwell will have sent harassing e-mails to another woman. spokes person told abc that his wife is not pleased with it. >> that is even an understatent. >> we are learning more about how they met. in 2006 met him at university. initiated a case study of the leadership. in 2010, broadwell begins an authorized biography. sworn in as cia director. november 2011, the affair began. in 2012, biography is released. may 2012, the fbi begins investigation. and july 2012, the affair ended. we're following a news alert from maryland. police are questioning a montgomery college student who reportedly was
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distraught and may have wanted to do harm on campus. the alert says the student being questioned was upset about a relationship breakup and quote felt like shooting people for fun. no decision has been made on whether the student will be charged. two weeks after super storm sandy an frustration continues to grow. 70,000 homes still without power in new york. of those still in the dark, 46,000 are along long island's south shore where there's water damage to panels and wiring. the service can't be restored without inspection or repairs. >> it has been horrible. we feel like refugee s going from home to home. it's a disaster. >> new york mayor is sending in teams of contractors to pick up the pace. president obama is scheduled to visit areas on thursday. >> the nation paused to pay tribute to the nation's war
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heroes. a special ceremony recognizing the sacrifice of those killed in conflict. this veteran's day marks the 30th anniversary of the dedication. 50th anniversary of the beginning of the vietnam war. >> names you know you reach back in time and connect with those who remain as young and vibrant as when you last saw them. and this memorial and visitor are one. no other monument i know of attains this level of intimacy. >> 418,000 americans were killed in world war ii. >> the veterans rising once again. the mojave desert cross was ordered removed on claims it was unconstitutional. a local artist is honoring
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our nation's veterans with a stroke of a paint brush. takes old photographs and turns them into colorful pieces of art. >> this is the story of a portrait artist. >> she is a salvation army girl. a doughnut girl. >> you went over on c 54. and a veteran of the second world war. >> everybody was involved in world war ii. everybody wanted to get in it. i had friends that couldn't get in because whatever it might be and very disappointed. on this veteran's day, griff holland looking at an old photo album. and one image in particular. >> i don't know what i was doing there but i don't remember when the photograph was taken. >> it's a photograph of griff as a 19-year-old pilot. that artist turned into a color
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portrait that inspired this exhibit at arlington national ceremony. >> i was scared to death. he thinks griff looks cocky. >> we could hardly wait to fly. >> the exhibit of our greatest generation is not just men and flying machines but factory workers and nurses as well. >> somebody e-mailed me after i did the portrait. she wrote to me i'm crying because i'm seeing my mother for the first time as a 20-year-old. i knew her only from these black and white photographs that to me were part of a photo album and now seeing her in color makes her real. and that's been the reaction i've heard over and over. i never thought about that. >> studio is right next to the exhibit here of the women and military service. on the wall, a portrait of chris's father also a pilot during world war
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ii. >> he was young. he was only 67 when he died. but he's now buried at arlington. >> he captured. >> this was the most rugged plane ever built. >> griff says he's impressed of the portraits of our newest veterans and the artist's latest project. women of the first world war. >> fox 5 news. >> coming up, the district's only fire rescue boat docked for good. what's to blame? then black friday count down. retailers announcing new early bird store hours. >> thanksgiving is next week. and we have to say good-bye to that nice warm air. only have a few hours left of it. i'll let you know what to expect later tonight and tomorrow. and i bet the skins enjoyed the bye week. >> they sure did. they get set for another struggling team. the eagles. who will be
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philly's starting quarterback on sunday? and battling back from injury. a full report ahead in the news edge at 6:00. 
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the river rescue boat is in distress. the 50-year-old boat has expired documentation. broken communications system and needs nearly $700,000 in repairs. city inspector's audit found the boat capable of rescue operations. needs to be brought up to code. it is a sign of changing times in america. more women than men have driver's licens. looked at gender trend between 95 and 2010. fewer men are getting a driver's license. 25 and 29 with a driver's license dropped. the share of women fell by half that amount. shoppers, rev your engines. black friday starting on thursday this year. plus,
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leaving family dinner to go shopping. trading in old christmas lights for new ones. and is there a new iphone on the horizon. consumer crunch. >> some consumer stories creating a buzz tonight. we're crunching them down for you.
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put down the drumstick, finish your pie. post thanksgiving shopping on thanksgiving. target stores announce they are opening at 9:00 p.m. thanksgiving. and k-mart is opening at 6:00 a.m. on thanksgiving morning. dozens of petitions are going around calling on retailers to allow families to spend thanksgiving together and open on friday instead. might be time to start thinking about christmas lights especially if you want a deal. home depot holding christmas light trade in. you can take in old working or nonworking strings to be recycled and you get coupons from $3 to $5 off energy efficient. runs through wednesday. thinking about the next general race iphone? apple is. according to digi times out of china, trial
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production of the iphone 5 s is expected to start in december with full production in the first quarter. reporting that could suggest a spring release of the newest iphone. industry blogs say that potential buyers can expect updated camera and faster processors. >> good thing i waited. frjt facebook is updating comments page trying out a new feature that would allow users to reply to a comment. the reply button will be placed alongside the like button. the audio alert could be deactivated. >> and that will chase me right off there. we're going to get you updated on weather headlines. a couple sprinkles have started through northern virginia and that will be the beginning of us saying fair well to the 70s. nice and mild today up to 72 degrees.
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now the colder air is coming and in through town with showers. we'll see those later tonight and into the first half of tuesday. tomorrow afternoon should be drier and also a lot breezy and colder on our tuesday afternoon. and most of this week we're going to stay in the low 50s. cooler than average after our warmer days. dulles 70. bwi up to 69. and down to 63 now. but you can sure see the beginning of the front is. 37 in cincinnati. 34 in chicago. we're hard pressed to find much in the way of warmer air as colder air moving across the nation behind this frontal boundary. we've had the clouds and the beginning of lighter sprinkles and showers starting to run up and into northern virginia here. most of us this hold off until later tonight. i expect we'll see the showers
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moving through to 11:00. and linger into the first part of tomorrow before getting out of town. check out the future cast. give you an idea of the time line. and maybe snow on the western edge of it. coming through the nighttime hours. 11:00 seeing that through the district. by 7:00 in the morning, wet commute. pick up a quarter inch of rain. some of you in these areas might get a little more. and by noon, most of us this east of 95. and the sun is coming out on the other side of the beltway. sunny afternoon. and winds out of the northwest may blow to 10 or 20 miles an hour. future cast suggesting something might try to develop closer to the coast later this week. not sure that affects us. we know it will be rain showers if it does try to sneak up closer to the midatlantic. right now not expecting that. overnight, the cool front will be swinging on through and nice big change back
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to the low 50s tomorrow. again, with the breeze and the sunshine most of this week looks settled. overnight 49 degrees. winds out of the northwest. and tomorrow expect that breeze to stick with us. only about 53. 20 degrees colder than it was today. morning showers, drier afternoon and definitely a real chill in the air. 50 degrees. by noon, 52 and chilly breeze even if it is drier by 4:00 looking for temperatures around 51 with a breeze continuing. some places that only get into the mid and lower 40s. the breeze also still showing up here through the afternoon hours. 53 what we're going to tap out. 48 for leonard town. 49 for dulles. quite a big change. fox 5 accu weather 7 day forecast.
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we have your 50s on there. wednesday about 50. we're going to say there's a possibility of showers as we look farther down this period. maybe sunday into monday. another one of these coastal systems trying to run on up. seems tobe a little active in that department. definitely this will be a little below average. average is 59. a chilly week coming . appropriate for the run up to thanksgiving. >> piece of movie history has been sold. judy garland's blue and white dress sold for $480,000. the buyer anonymous. wore about 7 versions of that dress throughout the making of the movie. >> gets off to a great start as georgetown raises the curtain on the season. up next with sports edge. a french dare devil goes swimming with sharks. plunged into a tank with 25 sharks. the diver says it was not a
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publicitiy stunt. sharks have more reason to fear us than we do them. 
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the redskins use their long break to prepare for the short week. they play two games in the next ten days. off to dallas for thanksgiving on thursday. the coaches with a head start on the game planning and a list of injured players may be shrinking. he was imited. the right foot is still not 100 pirs and there was pain -- 100% and there was pain there. outlook is better for maryweather. is expected to make his debut this week. today was jamal brown's first practice of the year.
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he was on the physical unable to perform list since under going hip surgery. the skins have two weeks to make a decision on whether to activate him or not. >> i'm eager to see after a week or so how it feels. i feel good. it was a great day for me. went in and got extra work that was limiting me a little bit. but i told jordan black, i take the rest of these. it just feels good. >> the eagles on sunday, they won't have to contend with mike vic. knocked out with a concussion. headache remained today. rookie nick foles will make his start. the third round draft pick out of arizona has become a philly favorite. what back up qb isn't a fan favorite?
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threw for 219 yards, a touchdown and pick 6 for yesterday's loss. georgetown hoops overcame a slippery start on board the ussbatan on friday but logged. a 61-55 win. a huge lift from smith. he came off the bench and poured in 19 points. he was 4 for 4 prosecute 3 point range and made his first 6 shots from the field. a big impact after otto left the game. smith rivea was the most highly talented this year. already making his presence felt. and maryland's alex lin has been named the player of the week. 13 rebounds. both career highs in 72-69 loss to kentucky. tonight maryland hosts in the home opener. also tonight capitol's head coach will be inducted into the hockey hall of fame. >> thanks. over to shawn yancy
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for a look at what's coming up tonight. >> continuing to follow that developing story in maryland. a threat on a montgomery college campus. what led them to the suspect and reaction from the students. plus, a local nursing home under the microscope following the death of a patient. a history of health and safety violations. more on the home's problems and hear from a former patient in a fox 5 investigation. >> christmas tree is on its way to dc. first, the 73 foot spruce made a special stop to denver. picked up from the white river national forest in colorado and making a series of stops along the three week 5,000 mile journey. expected to arrive on the capitol lawn on november 26th. the tree lighting ceremony will be held next month. >> tree lighting time already. yeah, you know what, usually cold by the time we get down there. starting to make that transition already. today 72 degrees.
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tomorrow only about 53. wanted to give you a look at radar here. as we put this in motion, light showers working their way up. and eventually into western half of leuoden county. a good wall of showers heading toward our area later tonight around 11:00 or so. move through quickly ahead of a frontal boundary. look at our accu 7 day forecast. mostly in the morning hours and it will definitely be sunnier in the afternoon but blustery as well as we get into the afternoon. on wednesday, our temperature about 50 degrees. and it looks like it will be a fairly sunny day from sun up to sundown. thursday, one week from thanksgiving, folks. can you believe that? about 52 degrees. a few clouds around. same deal for friday. we're going to be watching things down at the coast. while we end most of this week on the
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dry side, looks like there might be an area of low pressure and give us showers in the sunday into monday time period. we'll continue to keep an eye on all of that and looks like that will be our next chance of any showers after what we get later tonight and tomorrow morning. >> and below average or above? >> below average all week. >> and news is always on >> keep it right here. tmz is coming up. see you.
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