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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 12, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight tense moments on a maryland college campus, a threat that landed a student in police custody. >> plus the petraeus sex scandal, some congress members are calling for answers about the fbi investigation and whether paula broadwell had access to classified information.
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>> a story only seen on fox 5, nursing home neglect, the serious health and safety violations at a local facility that turned deadly in one case. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. we'll begin with police swarming a maryland college campus this afternoon. >> a student made disturbing threatening remarks at rockville montgomery campus. tonight that student? custody. fox 5's maureen umeh has the story. >> a student was upset over a breakup. he was arrested on the montgomery college campus less than an hour after witnesses reported hearing him make threats. a threat of gun violence on the montgomery college campus in rockville. witnesses said a student commented he felt like shooting people just for fun apparently upset over a recent breakup. >> the witnesses came to the security office and notified them about the statements made. >> reporter: campus security notified rockville police, the two groups swarming the school
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cinching for the student who made the threat -- searching for the student who made the threat. witnesses describe the scene acescence tens and threatening. >> i didn't know if he was still here because -- because police were still around. >> reporter: police eventually found the student eat lunch outside with no weapon. many students said they had no idea a threat was made. they say it raises concerns about their safety on campus. >> i'm a little on edge because that's serious and it's happened and been in the news. you think it can't happen to you, but you could be one of those guys. >> you hear about this, but you never expect it to happen where you live. >> reporter: officials say the nature of the threat didn't warrant the campus lockdown or immediate alert. they say the appropriate response was taken. >> we send out alerts or lock down a campus when there is an immediate physical risk or harm and it was a verbal threat, but there was no weapons seen on the individual or in the
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vicinity. there was no indication of plans, but it was what he said was concerning enough that they rightly so came to our security office. >> rockville police will decide tomorrow if the student faces criminal charges. school officials say police issued student what's called a letter of trespass preventing him from coming on college campus for three years without permission. former d.c. council chair kwame brown will be sentenced tomorrow on bank fraud charges. he pled guilty in june. federal prosecutors recommended he serve six days in jail followed by three years of supervised release. brown's lawyer asked for no jail time and two years of supervised release and community service. keep it here on fox 5. we'll have the very latest developments tomorrow on this story. a news alert now as more questions arise from retired general david petraeus' affair. investigators found sensitive
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military information on his former mistress' computer, but petraeus says paula broadwell did not get that information from him. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: we came to this house in northwest d.c. looking for paula broadwell after neighbors told us they had recently seen her here, but the owner, broadwell's brother, politely asked us to leave. >> this is private property would. you please leave. >> reporter: is paula broadwell here? we left the property but no lawmakers like senate intelligence committee chairwoman dianne feinstein want to know why they were left out of the loop by the fbi. >> we received no advance notice. it was like a lightning bolt. >> reporter: david petraeus quit as cia director after admitting an fair with paula broadwell. questions now are raised if broadwell had access to classified information like this comment during a speech in october. >> the cia had taken a couple libyan militia members prisoner
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and they think the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. >> reporter: the fbi reportedly informed petraeus that broadwell was sending anonymous e-mails to this woman, jill kelley, a petraeus family friend warning her to stay away from him. >> our security would certainly be the security concern. >> reporter: peter ernest executive director of the spy museum says the scandal has the potential to threaten national security. >> whether it's the director or simply a case officer or an analyst, if there is something in their life that is illicit, illegal, and that would be -- they would not want to have exposed, it opens them to some sort of coercion. >> reporter: back in northwest d.c. neighbors told us a planned 40th birth da party for paula broadwell -- birthday party for paula broadwell was canceled and it's not known if she'll be asked to testify publicly or privately as congress and the fbi finance
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their uncover their probe. >> reporter: a close friend of petraeus says he is shocked that broadwell would be accused of sending such harassing e- mails and the former general's wife is not pleased with him. in the newsroom tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. take it outside now, get ready for some big changes in the weather. there's of the warm temperatures we had today are going way. you'll need your umbrella as well. sue palka -- going away. you'll need your umbrella as well. sue palka is in the weather center tonight. >> they'll go away on that gusty northwest wind you may be noticing out there. i hope you enjoyed today, 72 degrees, yesterday 71, nice little taste of let's call it indian summer because this will be a big change. you can see some of the rain coming behind me with a frontal boundary. we'll get you in closer so you can see what's happening closer to where you live and probably
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steadier showers developing along interstate 81. they will push their way east. we will have showers over spreading the region overnight. so prepare for a wet morning commute. most of you will have showers around, but i think this will probably push through pretty quickly. what is not going to push through quickly in terms of these showers is the cold air behind it. that will hang around for a little bit. our temperature now not bad. we're down some 10 degrees from our high temperature today, but wait till you see this as i widen out the picture. it's only in the 30s on the other side of that cold front and in the mountains. so some of you will be looking at quite a big drop in temperatures tomorrow. in fact, i think we all are and yet the winds will pick up, too not everybody seeing big gusts, but our headline tonight is prepare for maybe a 20-degree drop in temperatures tomorrow. we're only talking about low 50s. i'll let you know how long we expect it to last when i join you with that full fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. tonight we are monitoring metro with bus and rail
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passengers complaining of nightmarish commutes, much too long, too few trains on a day set aside as a veterans day holiday for some washingtonians. fox 5's karen gray houston is here with more. >> officially veterans day was yesterday, but local and federal government workers got the day off today. metro ran its bus and rail system on a saturday schedule, but that was just one of the problems. >> destination. >> some bus passengers tweeted complaints they waited up to two hours to get a ride to work in the morning. many resorted to taking taxis. this rider says his red line commute between rockville and friendship heights was no picnic. >> this morning i got a ride there. on the way back home it took me about an hour because there's track work between friendship heights and grosvenor. it took an hour.
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it usually takes 20 minutes. >> i got on the overloaded train and we still had to wait. it took me an hour and a half to get to work this morning. >> it wasn't awful for everybody even though there was also track work on the orange and green lines. >> it seemed pretty normal. i think my lines weren't that affected, but i know they're doing track work on a bunch of the different lines and i just lucked out. >> but in the evening on the red line some riders weren't even able to get on trains they were so packed at metro center. this is not a typical rush hour considering it is a holiday and there's all that track work, but these are a lot of passengers. >> i mean it's monday. i know it's a holiday, but in d.c. a lot of people work on federal holidays. >> we asked metro for reaction to the crowding and confusion and got this statement. typically on federal holidays we see 20 to 30% lower ridership. we still run trains but on a saturday schedule. the track work last year this time was even more extensive with larger sections of the
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track shut down. we try to do the best we can. unfortunately there were some delays. >> it's what you'd expect from metro. i mean poor service, bad communication. so hey, you take what you get, you know. >> well, to its credit metro did post some warnings about the saturday and the track work on its website and in alerts and advisories. still most of the complaining passengers not they were not shocked about the flow of service. one rider toldous metro he just expects the un-- told us on metro he just expects the unexpected. this week major league baseball will hand out its top awards for the 2012 season. nats fans have a particular interest in tonight's award, rookie of the year. sports director scott smith is here with the outcome. >> bryce harper has always been an early blooming, only fitting he take home the award that honors that. tonight he edged out arizona's wade miley to become the first rookie of the year to represent this city since bob allison in
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1959. harper hit .270, 22 home runs, 59 r.b.i.s play2012 season at the ripe old age of 19. the now 20-year-old is the second youngest winner all time, a month older than dwight gooden when he won it back in 1984. the 2010 first overall draft pick was a major part of the nats' record breaking season, but harper is just scratching the surface on his true potential. >> just being able to be in the names of joke robinson and mike piazza and all the guys that won it, just an honor and to be able to have the great team i played for the whole year, thrall made this year fun. this is just the -- this has made this year fun. this is just the icing on the cake. >> adam laroche got a gold glove last week. davey johnen is is nominated for manager of the year and gio gonzalez is up for wednesday's
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cy young. later a maryland nursing home under the microscope following the death of a patient, the facility's long list of health and safety violations, plus we'll hear about a patient who says his stay nearly cost him his life. >> and at 11:00 meet a man in american history turning his face into a work of art. stay with us. 
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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new details in an unusual robbery inside a laurel recording studio of the police say two rappers laid down some tracks before pulling a gun on the people who were helping them. now the lead clue is that recording they left behind. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: early last friday morning two men showed up unannounced at this laurel recording studio and cut a deal with a recording group already inside. for $60 they were allowed to record a song. then came outside, got a gun, went back inside and robbed the people who were helping them. now the clue in this case is the recording they left behind.
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>> i feel like learning music. >> typically it's our understanding the protocol for the studio is you have to schedule an appointment. we understand these robbers in this particular case did not have an appointment, just literally came in off the street. there were some patrons in the studio working. they grew up with these gentlemen and they produced a soundtrack. ♪ all i witness those black rocks, larry who? we heard you got their rock. so we go move ♪ . >> we believe there were five or six people in the studio at the time in addition to the two bad guys and they produced a weapon and basically robbed them of their personal belongings, cell phone, jewelry, credit cards, cash, things like that. >> ♪ er when you got the worst. larry hoover, larry hoover.
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we heard you got their worst ♪ ♪. >> believe there are two suspects, yes. >> reporter: one of them was a singer? >> one or both of them. sound like both of them actually were part of this audiotape. we're hoping someone will recognize either the contents of the song or recognize their voices and we hope there's some voice recognition. ♪ i ain't got nonsense all blackness larry who ♪ . >> the general manager of the recording studio says if you listen to the words of the song, it leads you to believe that these men are ver familiar with laurel and laurel police are now hoping that anyone who listens to the song and recognizes the voices or even the sg will know who these men are and call detectives. in laurel paul wagner, fox 5 news. a followup to a fox 5 investigation, the district's fire and ems department is facing a critical shortage of
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paramedics. now as fox 5 first reported, d.c.'s fire chief will announce a new plan tomorrow to move paramedics off overnight hours to cover busier times of day. some people are worried there will not be help if their life is on the line. joining us now is fox 5 sherri ly who covered the story and also fire chief kenneth ellerbe. >> chief, i want to start off by saying we did give you a chance to respond in a followup interview last week to some of these issues. you provided your medical director to speak. now we'll give you another chance to address these issues. you're supposed to have 14 medic units around the clock on the streets seven days a week. that's not happening. to do that you're going to move some of those guys off the overnight hours to cover the busier times. what do you tell people who are concerned that there may not be an ambulance with advanced life support with a pair med olympic board to respond to them -- paramedic on board to respond to them during those hours? >> first of all this, plan is not complete yet.
10:19 pm
we still have to talk to city council and our stakeholders and find out what their concerns are. if they bring those concerns to us, we'll look at it. this gives us an opportunity to look at a decades old system and respond more readily to our community. we've looked at the data for over a year and the data indicates that we don't have as many calls from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. than from 1 to 7:00 during the day. so we're trying to adjust our schedule to meet the demand of the community. >> if i'm that person whose life is on the line between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m., i want a paramedic and advanced life support unit to be able to respond to me. so what do you say when the firefighters union says that they're going to -- this is going to reduce their ability to respond to calls by 36%? >> i don't know if that data is correct, first of all. what i will say is we will have an ems respond. we have 21 paramedic engines
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and supervisors who will be able to assist that ambulance for advanced life support care. >> you mentioned the paramedic engine companies. those are guys who are on engines and can respond to calls, but if you need to get to the hospital for life saving help, you still need to be transported in an ambulance unit and the paramedics have been telling us that sometimes the only ambulance available is across town and it will take 20 or sometimes even 30 minutes for that ambulance to get there even though there's a paramedic with an engine on scene. >> those extended response times are extreme outliars. our average response time say lot less than eight minute. okay -- is a lot less than eight minutes. okay. those things may happen, but near very rare. >> now rare are they? >> we respond to over 160,000 calls and we have a 98% satisfaction rate from the people we treat and transport.
10:21 pm
if. >> can you say definitively that you're not putting people's lives at risk here by reducing the number of people in those overnight hours? that's what people are afraid of. >> well, we'll talk to the people. we plan to put this plan before our stakeholders and address those concerns. i don't think we're putting the public at risk at all. as a matter of fact, i think we'll be able to respond better during the day because we'll have more units on the street. >> during the day but not at night and there are paramedics who said to us last week people are going to die. >> well, i'd rather dispute that. i mean -- i don't want to say -- i don't think they're being accurate. we have data we've compiled over a year and that data has been independently reviewed outside of the department to provide us with the best model we can put forward. i think that's what we're doing. >> so you're putting out the plan tomorrow. it still has to be vetted and go before the council. we'll see where it goes from there. thanks a lot, chief kenneth ellerbe. >> thank you.
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coming up next it's moving day for a marine and his new home didn't cost a dime. find out who helped this local veteran find the moment of his dreams next. 
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a quadruple amputee who lost his limbs in afghanistan now has a new home and it's outfitted with everything he needs to live on his own. fox 5's beth parker shows us what some people gave him after he gave so much in service. >> reporter: it's moving day. john peck is a marine who earned two purple hearts. today he's being given a house. he has given much more than that. >> i remember vaguely seeing my guys. i kept blacking out. all i remember is saying i don't want to die here. i ain't going to die in this place. >> reporter: he woke up 2 1/2 months later and learned he'd been hit by an ied in afghanistan. he lost all four limbs. >> at first i do admit there
10:26 pm
were very extremely rough days. i was not a pleasant person. >> reporter: but he has adjusted and today he gets his freedom thanks to the work of the gary sinise foundation and the tunnel to tower foundation. >> the home is given to him free and clear. there's no mortgage. >> reporter: the kitchen sink is mounted especially for him. the cabinets move. a lot of what's in the house is motion sensorred. for example, you step into the bathroom and the toilet seats pop up. over here you can just wave in front of it and the sink turns on. >> this is the brains of the home. >> reporter: he can run all the electronics from an ipad. kristen pruitt's company american heritage homes built the house. >> my husband fought in vietnam. i have a son who is currently in kandahar and i have a 19- year-old son who is looking to go into the service after college. so i see sergeant john peck and i see one of my boys.
10:27 pm
>> particularly on veterans day when you can give a home to someone who is a true bona fide hero such as john peck, it just doesn't get any better than this. >> i'm grateful and humble and i can't put into words how much that i feel that they did so much hard work for this. >> reporter: he asks just one thing in return. >> even if you're walking opposite ways, if you see someone that kind of fits the profile of a veteran or in the military, it takes less than 10 seconds to say thank you. >> it was a great day. >> reporter: in fredericksburg, virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> let us say it again to you. thank you very much. tonight a fox 5 investigation, a local nursing home accused of deadly neglect. we've uncovered the history of health and safety violations at the facility. the details plus we'll hear from a former patient up next. [ dollar ] that's me.
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but only for a limited time. this is fox 5 news at
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10:00. a nursing home accused of deadly neglect. st. thomas warren in hyattsville has an extensive history of safety and health violations and tonight officials are blaming poor medical care for a patient's death. fox 5's sherri ly visited the problem. >> a state health official actually told fox 5 patients at st. thomas moore are at higher risk than at other facilities because of these ongoing deficiencies. a former patient who spoke to fox 5 is now recovering at a different nursing home but claims st. thomas moore nearly cost him his life. >> oh, i love you, miss you. >> yeah. >> you've been through a lot. >> i just taking it one day at a time. my name's jay franklin and i'm 57 years old. -- james franklin and i'm 57 years old. >> reporter: james franklin isn't the man he used to be weak and bedridden six months after his stay at st. thomas moore's nursing home in
10:32 pm
hyattsville for what should have been the road to recovery. >> i didn't have no idea that i would still be in the hospital and for me to be in that hospital has been a tragic change for me. >> reporter: in may franklin was discharged from the hospital and sent to st. thomas moore for rehabilitation, a 230 bed facility. medical records show he had a sacro ulcer commonly called a pressure ulcer or bed sore. at that stage it was small and healing. a month later he was rushed back to the hospital, the bed sore now nearly as look as a football covering his back and buttocks with an infection deep into the tissue and muscles. when his wife patricia franklin saw it -- >> and i screamed and i almost fell to the floor. i've never seen nothing like that in my entire life. >> reporter: the wound had massive gangrene and a foul
10:33 pm
smelling discharge putting him into septic shock. when the body's organs begin to shut down. >> one of the doctors told me that if they didn't get him there like they did, that he was going -- he would have died. >> reporter: franklin's wife filed a complaint with the maryland office of healthcare quality. the agency which oversees nursing homes revealed to fox 5 st. thomas moore is under intense scrutiny. despite this promotional video on its website showcasing its facilities and a visit from maryland's lieutenant governor touting quality of care, state inspections show a stark contrast cited for 60 deficient it is in 2010, another -- deficient it is in 2010, another 30 last year and this year cited with 27 deficiencies, nearly triple state average. >> medication errors, oversight of care plans, writing of care plans, chemical restraints,
10:34 pm
violation of resident rights. >> reporter: the repeated violations prompted the state to list st. thomas moore as a special focus facility, a nationwide medicare list of nursing homes with a history of persistent poor quality care. out of maryland's more than 200 nursing homes it's only one of two on the list and the only one that has failed to show improvement over 19 months. the state has given st. thomas moore until next march to make progress or be shut down. meanwhile investigators have received numerous complaints that the facility this -- at the facility this year including a complaint three months ago when a patient died. >> they failed to respond appropriately in an emergency situation and failed to provide the proper care to this patient which resulted in the subcutaneous emphysema. >> reporter: in your opinion did this patient i do as a result of improper medical care? >> that's how it appears, yes.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: court documents show that's not the only allegation of deadly neglect. last year the nursing home settled this medical malpractice lawsuit for an undisclosed amount in the 2005 death of a patient from infected bed sores, the same kind of infection that nearly killed james franklin. >> i've seen it more times than i care to tell you in the 15 years i've been doing this. >> reporter: attorney michael winkleman handles medical malpractice claims but has no connection to these cases. based on his experience, bed sores shouldn't nearly kill you. >> the medical community would likely suggest there are certain extreme circumstances where this would happen, but in our view if patient safety is priority no. 1, this should never happen. >> reporter: but in maryland the legal hurdles to file a medical malpractice lawsuit and financial caps on jury awards make it difficult to hold bad nursing homes accountable. >> you can hurt someone, but if you don't hurt them badly
10:36 pm
enough, then you're okay because we can't do anything about it and that's wrong. >> reporter: the state has hit st. thomas moore with sanctions and thousands of dollars in fines. >> and it hasn't worked. >> no, it hasn't worked. >> reporter: mns healthcare which owns the nursing home refused an interview but inside a statement st. thomas moore is currently appealing deficiencies cited and no further comment is appropriate. the company boasted medicare's website shows the number of nurses on staff is well above average, but left out medicare ranked it overall below average and on health inspections much below average. >> we're not seeing enough progress. that is correct. ect. >> reporter: again i have to ask are patients compromised? >> there's a concern that yes, that they are. >> reporter: the state found no evidence of neglect in james franklin's case, but the franklins are not convinced.
10:37 pm
>> they absolutely should be shut down. >> reporter: given the nussle home's continued problems state -- nursing home's continued problems state regulators say they are on track to shut it down. state health officials conducted a full inspection done last month. normally that's only done once a year, but the state went back just seven months after its last full inspection because of the recent death. the results of that inspection have not been released. >> the state gave this nursing home until march to improve or be shut down. is that something that would happen immediately or could this be a lengthy process? >> there is a process that has to take place to notify the facility patients and the family members if a nursing home gets shut down. now measures have to be taken to move those patients to new facilities that. can take some time, but once that decision is made to revoke a nursing home's license,
10:38 pm
medicaid would stop paying for patients at the facility which in effect would put just about any nursing home out of business almost immediately. it's a process the state says should take months, not years. so it can happen fairly quickly. >> we know you'll stay on top of it. thank you. coming up the skins get back to work trying to get their season back on track. coach shanahan's message to the players. forget the stuffing, how about some shopping with your thanksgiving turkey? toys r us saying it will open its doors to customers at 8 p.m. thanksgiving night. that is an hour earlier than last year and target targeting early shoppers, too. the retail giant will start its black friday deals at 9 p.m. on thanksgiving thursday. meantime getting to and from the store will be getting cheaper. gas prices stuck in reverse now 31 of the last 32 days. the average price for a gallon of regular now $3.44 a gallon and blackberry is waiting until
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after the holidays to jump into the smartphone war, research in motion announcing plans to introduce its long delayed blackberry 10 smartphones the end of january. one phone will have a touchscreen, the other a keypad, no word yet how much either will cost of the happy shopping. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. l
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♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work,
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northrop grumman. investigators still aren't sure what caused the massive explosion that leveled or damaged dozens of homes in indianapolis. they're checking the gas lines, but so far no reports of smelling natural gas before the explosion which killed two people and injured seven. one home's co-owner said the furnace may have been the problem, about the an expert says it takes take lot of violations to create an
10:43 pm
explosion like -- takes a lot of violations to create an explosion like that from a faulty furnace. federal health inspectors say they found more than a dozen health violations at ameridose, a company that makes injectible drugs which included leaky ceilings, bugs crawling near sterile areas. ameridose is the sister company of the new england compoundmaker that produced tainted steroid shots linked to the meningitis outbreak. why thursday may be the hottest shopping day of the season. >> and superstorm sandy may put a damper on christmas, details at 11:00. where others fail, droid powers through.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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redskins back from the bye week and ready to tackle the remainder of the season. fox 5 sport director scott smith with what's next for the burgundy and gold. >> it's a battle of 3-16 this sunday when the eagles pay a
10:47 pm
visit to fedex field, already rumors that nick foles will play for the injured michael vick. mike shanahan is hoping the down time can create an upward trend the next seven games. robert griffin, iii says his ribs are much better after some soreness in the carolina game and a handful of other guys are trying to get back into game speed including pierre garcon. lindsay murphy has the latest. >> reporter: good evening from redskins park. mike shanahan said his team came back eshed, rejuvenated and ready for the second half of the season, but they are struggling and it's not getting any easier down the stretch starting sunday with the philadelphia eagles and four days later with the dallas cowboys, but mike shanahan does have a message for his team the second half of the season. >> got to play your best football the second half of the season. we've had some opportunities in the first half and we haven't closed a couple of those games. now there's no error. you got to play your best and you've got to play it from
10:48 pm
philly on. >> shanahan came in the meeting this morning with bass in their voice and the players had swag. we got something special here. we're going to do something. i'm going to try my hardest to do something. >> reporter: safety meriweather and garcon did practice today and will give it a go all week in hopes that they can play sunday. lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> we should add receiver santana moss is trying to bounce back from a concussion suffered against the panthers and said he felt good in practice today. we hope you enjoyed today. it's over. >> today and yesterday, yesterday a little sunnier, 71 yesterday, 72 today, 53 tomorrow. >> wow. >> boom. that's a big drop. >> i mean just what causes such a drop that fast? >> this time of year sharp cold front coming through. we still have the leftover summer warmth to our south. more and more we're not going to see that, though. the cold air will start
10:49 pm
overtaking the nation. we're really seeing a big cooldown tonight, not so much yet because the front hasn't come through, but overnight into the early morning hours you'll notice that temperature. the first thong you'll notice is the rain and wind that it is coming with, too and a couple of you are getting kind of heavy rain at the moment. we'll start with sentinel radar. we have some pretty good embed downpours coming through places like -- embedded down powers coming through places like loudoun county and frederick county. we'll get you in closer to you can see leesburg to to knowger creek. a bigger picture -- leesburg to bellenger creek. the front is taking its time and by the way some of these higher elevations above 2,000 if you've hundred feet, a
10:50 pm
little snow mix -- 2500 feet, a little snow mixing in those elevations. rapid clearing behind it. you can see they're clearing out in places like cleveland and even erie, pennsylvania. it won't take long for this to push through our area, but i believe it will be wet for the morning commute. meanwhile we aren't seeing temperatures like this toe. we will turn much colder -- tomorrow. we will turn much colder and we'll have a pretty decent breeze out there. temperature now 62 degrees, but you get out to the hagerstown down to 52 degrees, cumberland 46 and beyond that it is in the 30s. your temperature trend looks like this with the average being 59 degrees, instead of 72 tomorrow about 53 degrees. dress for it because the wind, you'll feel that as well in the first half of the day and kind of gusty in the afternoon as well. wednesday about 50, thursday 52 and friday 53. so for the next several days we will be staying below average. the front just to our west now as it pushes on down to the
10:51 pm
south, even into the deep south, they'll have a potential freeze tonight and we'll be seeing below average temperatures the next several days as just mentioned. might be a little coastal storm that tries to cook up in the temperature contrast to our south thursday, don't think that will give much of anything as high pressure will rule. it's showers for us tonight. even though we're in the 60s and 50s now, most places will head down to the 40s overnight. in terms of rain not a bad amount of rain for us, but in the green areas between 1/4 and a 1/2-inch of rain. where we see heavier rain on radar we could pick up a 1/2- inch and a few of you closer to an inch, all this in the next 12 hours or so. check out our futurecast. it rolls on through 6 a.m., rain for most areas but notice out towards hagerstown and beyond and it's starting to end and the sun is coming out. by noon hour we think most of the rain is east of 95. sun is out in the western suburbs and we all get son by the end of the afternoon, aull
10:52 pm
-- sun by the end of the afternoon, although you will be noticing the chill and the wind. there's moisture we might see late in the week down to our south. here is our fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. foam is kind of the wet day for the first -- tomorrow is kind of the wet day for the first half of the day and we probably have to wait until sometime sunday or monday when there might be a bit of an ocean storm trying to throw rain back into the area sunday and monday, but it's furnace week now. i don't think we'll be running with the windows open too much this week. coming up find out why some d.c. veterans claim they're not getting the same respect as vets from the 50 states. >> on the news edge at 11:00 find out why it will cost more to prepare your thanksgiving meal. but first another edition of that's my take, tonight another d.c. department under the microscope. >> and now that's my take with wttg vice president and general manager duffy dyer. >> so many in the district
10:53 pm
chief financial officer who oversees the office of tax and revenue is one of several who have been getting credit for the financial turnaround the district experienced. the transformation from a city on the financial brink in the i remember and mid-'90s to a city -- early and mid-'90s to a city that has surpluses and top bond ratings is remarkable. to others gandhi is a manager who can't fix the problems that plagued his tax office for years, problems that one way or another have cost the city millions in tax revenue. no one who has lived in the region since 2007 can forget the colossal fraud perpetrated by the tax office manager harry walters who ripped off the tax office to the tune of $48 million. that monster scam preceded a case uncovered in 2011 that involved a tax examiner who generated phoney refunds totaling more than $400,000. recently a third case of fraud has come to light. an ex-employee of the office of tax and revenue pleaded guilty to filing 282 false d.c. tax
10:54 pm
returns and 973 false federal returns that netted tax refunds of more than $14.7 million. then there's the issue of transparency or the lack of it. gandhi's scheme to leave internal audits in draft form so that he was not required to release the audit results smacks of someone who is more concerned about his reputation and job security than serving the city. this lack of transparency has now triggered a confidential informal inquiry by the securities and exchange commission who is concerned there may have been a failure to disclose material findings from internal audits at the time of bond offerings, what a mess. why would d.c. think it can afford to keep someone like nat gandhi in the office in control of tax revenue much longer? that's my take. go to and click on that's my take or send me an e-mail at
10:55 pm
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standard at citibank. on this veterans day we honor all those who served and currently serve in the military, but some veterans who call d.c. home say they don't get the same respect as vets from the 50 states. fox 5's matt ackland explains. >> reporter: if you look closely at the d.c. war memorial, you'll see the names of those who gave their lives defending the united states in world war i, but just as it is now, those brave americans never had representation in congress. >> it's one of those things that's really been painful. it's caused anger. it's just total disrespect. >> it is tragic that this nation still sees certain people as less than equal. >> i'm telling you i'm so proud of it. >> reporter: tommy rucker saw that first hand when she attended her son jonathan's boot camp graduation ceremony at the naval station great lakes in illinois.
10:59 pm
but when it came time to display flags and cheer for the graduates from each state, well, there was no district flag and no recognition for the graduates who call d.c. home. >> they went down the line and i'm saying this can't be. there was no flag with the district of columbia. there was no recognition for my son's service. >> reporter: congresswoman eleanor holmes norton says this should never happen again and is asking congress and the president to require d.c. flags be displayed whenever flags of the 50 states are shown. >> district of columbia veterans along with the veterans of the 50 states pure and simple, there is no difference. >> i wasn't mad, but i was truly disappointed and i was hurt and thought that it just wasn't fair. >> reporter: earlier this year a memorandum was sent from the u.s. naval undersecretary to commanders in the field giving them discretion to use the d


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