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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the crimes he committed. the former chairman of the d.c. council kwame brown fought back tears as he told a federal judge my conduct has brought me here, and i am truly sorry about. that brown's attorney, fred cook, stood next to him. >> he's where he is because of what he did. >> reporter: the former chairman expressed regret for falsifying loan documents for his home and boat while on the council. he talked about the embarrass metand ridicule he brought his family. he said i was wrong. those things weren't important. this as family members wiped away tears. >> obviously, this is difficult for them and you don't want to soon see anyone you care about get sentenced. hat is ditch cut. and they're optimistic and they will see that -- that is good. >> reporter: the judge was opposed to the prosecution's attempt to send brown to jail for six days. use his elected office to make personal
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gains or defraud the people he represented. but fox 5s political analyst mark plotkin believes that some will think the former chairman got off easily. >> i think most people don't think six days is in jail is a strong message. a few months in jail is a strong message. >> reporter: brown's attorney admits the bank fraud and campaign violations were wrong, but believes prosecutors would have never gone after brown if he was not the council chairman. >> he has received a sentence from the court and the court expects he will abide by the sentence. >> reporter: and brown shoulding released to head home in the next hour and that is what we told. brown will serve six months of home detention and wear an ankle bracelet, two years of probation and 4ity hours of community service. the judge said he wants the service to be visible to everyone. he wants it to happen on the weekdays, and he wants people
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ton this crime did not go unpunished. shawn? >> i'm curious d kwame brown talk at all today, go did he speak to the reporters while out there? >> reporter: yeah, shawn, he did. he talked to the judge before the sentenceing, and he really expressed his regret. he talked about how he brought embarrassment to his family, to himself, his attorney even pointed out that this was a political life, a great political life that kwame brown basically ruined as he committed the two crimes. >> all right, matt ackland with the latest. thank you, matt. we asked our facebook fans if they think the punishment fits the crime. heck no, seriously, the public officials take the risks because they know they won't get punished. why do we have laws and the -- in the justice system if the crooks get away with defrauding. >> for a criminal finding, yes. i hope the companies he defrauded with the false loan
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apps sue the heck out of him. and lonnie sums it like this: possess an ounce of weed or steal a can of soda from the store, and i think you will spend more time behind bars. we want to thank you all for weighing in on me fox d.c. facebook cage page. the man who was a rapist decided to plead guilty and then he was against it. he signed a plea deal days ago after the prosecutors agreed to drop gun charges against him. when it came time to admit his involvement, he backed out. paul wagner has that story. paul. >> reporter: aaron thomas looked at the floor for 20 seconds before telling the judge that, quote, i don't know which way is right and which way is wrong. i'm not sure what i'm doing. after a brief recess, thomas' attorney told the court they would go to trial. >> i'm not surprised that he did not enter a plea of guilty, because he's been eatic in
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his behavior from the start. >> reporter: court records show thomas mutilated himself while in custody. for a time refused to cooperate with his attorneys. he also pursued an insanity defense dropped on october 25th. >> i have a disposition having involved the victims in this case and let them relive what happened to them in halloween of '09, but it looks like at this juncture, that is not going to be in the cards. >> reporter: days ago, thomas agreed in writing to admit his involvement in the rapes of two teenage girls in a wooded area behind a dale city shopping mall on halloween. paul ebert sd that dna linked thomas to 17 rapes in four states. thomas was arrested in march of last year after authorities launched an aggressive media campaign with a website and billboards. someone thought thomas fit the rapist profile and called police. dna confirmed the tip. >> if he changes his mind, the
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court may very well accept a ploy in the future, but absent that, we'll be going to trial. irrespectable, his wishes are on january 14th. >> reporter: thomas faces up to life in prison if convicted. his attorney declined to comment. court records show aaron thomas is scheduled for a plea hearing in loudoun county on november 30th for a rape that occurred there in 2001. so far, that court date has not been changed. will? >> all right, paul. thank you. in prince georges county, opening statements are expected to begin in the murder trial of former bowie state university student alexis simpson. she's accused of stabbing her roommate to death last december. it happened during an argument over loud music. the police say simpson left campus after the stabbing and later turned herself in. she's charged with murder and carrying a deadly weapon. police are still investigating a possible threat on the campus of montgomery college. the no one-year-old man was taken into -- 19-year-old man
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was taken into custody yesterday after reportedly saying he wanted to shoot some people on the campus. investigators say they have not determined how serious that threat was, if it was a threat. the man was taken to a local hospital and is undergoing a psyche evaluation. we are following a developing story in the district. d.c. public schools will close 20 schools, most at the beginning of the next academic year. the reason? the growth in charter school enrollment. john henrehan is working with this all day and joins us with the latest. john. >> reporter: the plan is to close schools in six of the city's eight wards and we posted the compolice list of closures on our website, interestingly, in d.c.'s most affluent area, ward 3, the city schools are bursting with students n. poorer secs of the city, the buildings are underutilized, largely because of the growth of free charter schools. he's give -- she's given up on the schools of her sixth grade
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daughter went here from headstart to sixth grade and now the daughter is in a publicly funded charter school, which mom thinks is pushing the daughter harder. >> the schools are not up to where they need to be. here they say my daughter was proficient. charter school, she got bs and cs. that shouldn't have been. >> reporter: farrahby hope is one of 20 d.c. public school buildings that are going to be closed and it's largely the growth of the charter schools in d.c., which is pushing the chancellor to call for more closures. the school system closed 23 other schools in 2008. >> in some wards, more than half of all public school students are attending charter schools, and many of our charter schools have plans to continue to grow by grade level and by adding additional campuses. >> reporter: chancellor henderson argues it costs more money per student to keep underenrolled schools open, and she's -- more than she's
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comfortable with. for example, at this school, there are currently only 208 students enrolled. about half of the building is empty. henderson said she would rather close it build -- this building and invest in better educational programs elsewhere. >> we need better special education programs, we need more career and technical education programs, we need more alternative options for our young people who are not succeeding in a traditional school setting, and we need more programs for our advanced learners. >> reporter: only one high school is on the closure list, spin garn high and we should put an asterisk on that one. the chancellor wants to reopen it eventually as a career and technical center. again, the full list of school closures is on r website. the d.c. couple will hold a hearing on the proposed school closures on thursday and there are a series of public meetings starting november 27th. the chancellor said she's open to hearing other ideas and i have to say this comprehensive proposal to close schools to me
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looks like it's on the fast track. >> all right, thank you very much, john. well, just a short time ago, the union representing janitors at walter reed national medical center finished a raleigh -- rally in bethesda. the janitors have not been paid the past two weeks and the union filed a complaint with the department of labor other and agencies on behalf of the workers. a spokesperson for walter reed said the janitor should receive the paychecks the next few days. as the 5 continues, the woman at the center of the david petraeus resignation is spotted in d.c. as the probe into the sex scandal widens. >> i'm standing in the nursery of a maryland hospital where all of the babies are -- where are all of the babies. the story is coming up. >> and the beltway is getting a major makeover. we'll tell you when express lanes designed to relieve traffic congestion are expected to open up. gary. >> thank you, shawn. much, much cooler around here. the rain is out and it looks like the chilly temperatures have settled in for awhile.
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real cold overnight tonight. first a look at the forecast is coming up. stay with us. 
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inauguration day. each card is reloadable and costs $15. we're seven weeks away from the so-called fiscal cliff. earlier today, president obama met with labor leaders to discuss the economic showdown. following the meeting, they said the president remains committed to keeping tax cuts for the middle class and raising taxes on the wealthy. the labor leaders plan to launch a public campaign in the coming days to pressure republicans to support the higher taxes. the sex scandal that led to the resignation of the cia director david petraeus expanded in a big way. a second top general is involved and this is the woman at the center of the scandal, petraeus biographer and one- time mistress paula broadwell. we have a closer look now at how the scandal is playing out from fox's craig bosswell. the white house said that president obama believes general john allen can continue to command the u.s. forces in afghanistan, even though allen is now allegedly part of the sex scandal involving general david petraeus.
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>> he has faith in general allen, believes he's doing and has done an excellent job, and i would rephrase to the pentagon for the process in regards to general allen. >> reporter: the pentagon is investigating the communications with kelly, the woman who triggered the fine investigation that uncovered the affair between new former cia director david petraeus and paula broadwell. >> general allen is entitled to due process in this matter. >> reporter: the investigation centers around 20 to 30,000 pages of communications between allen and kelly, mostly e-mails between 2010-2012, and are said to be flirtacious in nature. allen denies having an affair. he took over the afghanistan post from petraeus after petraeus moved to head to cia. petraeus moved to step down last friday. >> i think he took the right step. >> reporter: the petraeus resignation left lawmakers on alert. they were planning to hear from him this week about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> it's absolutely imperative
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that general petraeus come and testify. he was the cia directorate the time of the attack, he visited libya after the attack. >> reporter: the september 11th attack killed u.s. ambassador chris dive stereoens and other americans. >> this is something that could have been prevented, the murder, the terror attack. >> reporter: the acting cia director will testify in place of petraeus on thursday. as for general allen, his nomination to take the u.s. european command is on hold n. washington, craig bosswell, fox news. "the washington post" reports this man, senator john kerry, might be tapped to be the secretary of defense. you heard correctly, defense. the senator has long been rumored as a possible replacement when secretary of state hillary clinton steps down as planned, but "the washington post" said senator kerry might be a part of what they call an extensive rearrangement of the president's national security team. the white house declined to
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comment. it's orientation on capitol hill. new members of the 113th congress and the too 2 close too call candidates took their first official steps in d.c. this morning. most of the candidates in tight races were invited, bringing the total to over 80 new members taking part in orientation this week. newly elected members will be sworn into office on january 3rd. congressman jesse jackson judge left the mayo clinic where he was being treated for bipolar disorder. a spokesperson said he left the minnesota clinic today and elected to a ninth full term representing his chicago district despite not campaigning and barely appearing in public since taking medical leave. a house committee is investigating his dealings with the former governor rob blago jeffish. and to -- blagojevich. a 17-year-old accused of killing a cab driver in d.c. is now being linked to a double shooting that left a woman dead in maryland. fox 5s lauren demarco joins us live from la plata, maryland, with the latest in this one.
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lauren? >> reporter: thank you, will. they just wrapped up a press conference here and, yes, they say the 17-year-old joshua meehan is facing first-degree murder and attempted murder charges all due to this alleged shooting here in charles county of a husband and wife. again, the woman did not survive. the charles county sheriff's office received information about mehan from d.c. police. last friday, he was arrested along with another juvenile female for the death of a d.c. cab driver. the man's body was found on wednesday in a burning cab that had run off of a driveway and into a fence at the 1400 block of brentwood parkway in northeast. the cab driver was shot in the head. while investigating that case, d.c. police received information that led them to believe that mehan was a suspect in in an earlier shooting in waldorf, october 26th. the husband and wife both shot while walking on a foot path
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between hampshire circle and westlake high school in waldorf. the woman, theresa mendez bathe later died at the hospital. she was 40 years old. her husband, 43-year-old man, we're told s a fireman. he underwent several surgeries and is recovering. we learned he has been released from the hospital. and the 17-year-old remains in custody here in d.c. and is the facing murder charges as l. the police did serve a search warrant at the home of his parents, and that they did recover a semi automatic weapon, which was used in the waldorf shooting. no word if that is linked baliftically and if that has been or will be linked to the shooting of the cab driver in d.c. and there were questions to the moist, whether this was possibly gang related. it's not a gang-related shootings, but they don't know
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what the motive is otherwise at this point. that is the latest, will, back to you. >> and that is evidence not looking good for the 17-year- old. lauren demarco in la plata, maryland, thanks for the update. it was chilly out there. >> chilly and looks clear outside right now and i guess this is what we're supposed to expect this time of the year, right? that's right. in the 70s and -- this is cooler-than-normal today. >> yeah. okay. >> and this is more what it's pieced -- supposed to be like, right? and i think we're all right. we're good. once the rain got out of here, the funnel system came through and that is what brought in the cooler temperatures today. once the sun came out, the winds were up a bit and that did not feel that bad. i think the same chilly weather
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is staying with us the next few days and so you know, i don't see 60s or 70s on the weather map for quite a while now. as a matter of fact, i don't see them at all coming up for a couple of weeks. 47 right now in the city. gaithersburg, 41; dulles, 45. the temperatures are dropping and once the winds begin to dry down later on this evening, it's going to fall out there and the temperatures will start to fall. winds still 15 here in town; 12 for dulles and most spots are below the 10 miles per hour and which is good, definitely a factor. 41 in the city, 42 for monasses and dulles picking up a little bit and feels like it's 45. breezy at 7:00. i think the winds will die down after 8 error or 8:30, the temperature at 9:00 and 42. colder in the suburbs, i think, by 11:00 and down in some spots, close to freezing ubirbs we'll have some freezing conditions overnight tonight and cool for the next several
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days. we'll be back with the full forecast coming up. >> see you then. the wait is almost over. find out when drivers will be able to use those new express lanes on the beltway we all keep driving by. >> and motor trend names its car-of-the-year. it doesn't use gas, but it will set you back a pretty penny. >> good looking car, though. >> that's it? 
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. now, traffic watch on fox 5. after a long wait, the capitol beltway express lanes will open saturday. the lane stretched 49 miles to northern virginia, two in each direction. you have to have three people in a car or pay a toll. the lanes are part of a $2 billion public-private partnership. and more people will be driving thanksgiving. or driving to thanksgiving. the number of people traveling is below the peak in 2005.
5:25 pm
aaa predicts about 46 million people will hit the road or the orplane or train. just travel. if you do get the urge, though, to take off on a last-minute flight, this is a tip that might come in handy. >> if you're looking to save a few dollars on airfare, look at traveling on tuesday, heading out early before the thanksgiving weekend and traveling on turkey day itself. those are going to be the best bets to save dollars and to find the seats on the most popular flight times. >> aaa said 43.6 million people will travel at least 50 miles for thanksgiving dinner and a drop in gas prices might encourage more to drive. and shawn, check it out. the motor trend car-of-the- year. judge it sitting in your driveway? >> no. not unless you drive a tessla. they -- a tesla. and battlery-powered car sells for more than $58,000 motor trend said it has great performance and style and functional features and can go
5:26 pm
up to 265-miles on one charge alone. >> and that a convertible? >> 58,000. >> i will take one. >> thank you very much. >> and merry come. coming up -- mory christmas. coming up, releasing new guidelines to increase breast- feeding. >> and a 3-month-old baby is an internet sensation after the open heart surgery. >> and what do you think? are leggings appropriate for school? why one high school principal saying no to the popular passion. -- fashion.
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. go ahead, right now. toss out the pacifier. that is the message the state of maryland wants hospitals to send to new parents.
5:30 pm
the state wants to increase breast-feeding to take advantage of health benefits for babies. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: and i can't get over how good he smells. >> reporter: s he's one-day- old. the parents heard stories about breast-feeding. >> i heard it hurts and that it was easy, i heard it was the most unnatural-natural thing that you could do. >> reporter: to increase breast- feeding, the maryland department of health and mental hygiene is asking hospitals to voluntarily commit to a list of 10 recommendations, similar to the world health organization's baby friendly certification and francis phillips is maryland's deputy secretary for health services. >> evidence shows the 10 steps make a difference. >> reporter: shady grove hospital is embracing the recommendations and centering on training and education. one encourages what is called rooming in. >> maybe when you think of a
5:31 pm
maternity ward, you think of this and this nursery at shady grove illustrates the point. it's empty today and that is because the babies are in the room. >> the biggest change that we have seen is that first hour after birth where the moms and babies are left by themselves to experience the breast- feeding before any interruptions are done. >> he came out and plopped him on my chest. he was breast-feeding within 15 minutes of being born. >> reporter: shady grove has set up a lactation room for its own employees. >> we have taken an old room and made it into a breast- feeding room for employees so that they can be successful. >> we want to make sure when moms return to work, it's a baby-friendly workplace so that moms have a place to go to
5:32 pm
pump. i'm talking about a lactation room. >> reporter: breast-feeding has documented health benefits. the message in it's not only easy but it's worth it n. montgomery county, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and that is himmenning less and less in the country. a new report from the march of dimes shows the rate of premie births fell by 12% last year to its lowest level in a decade. progress is being made nearly a half million babies are born prematurely each year. a preemie birth occurs at less than 37 weeks of pregnancy. >> a three-month-old is a worldwide treasure after a photo of him went viral and this is little joey. his parents nabbed the shot and put it on their facebook page and they put it there after his open heart surgery. his uncle thought that posting led -- led to a million likes on facebook. he was diagnosed with a heart condition before birth and had
5:33 pm
surgery after he was born. the good news, he's doing well and as he grows, that five-inch scar on his chest will appear a lot smaller. what a sweetheart. and speak of babies, there is nothing like the clean smell of a baby. that is why there is hundreds of products out. there laura evans is here with a preview of a story you will see tonight on fox 5 news at 10. hi, laura. >> and you don't know what you're getting. fragrance is a $30 billion-a- year industry and that is an umbrella term for chemicals or materials and some say some chemicals are dangerous.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: that is a secret mixture. >> this industry is committed to the highest safety and considerations, consumer considerations that there are. >> reporter: there are two sides to the story and we'll lay out both tonight on fox 5 news at 10. will? >> and see you then. new information about the deadly meningitis outbreak. why the fda wanted to close down the pharmacy linked to the health scare. >> and a new soda that can help you block fat d. you hear that? >> very interesting. >> yes. >> yes. 
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[ major nutrition ] ensure complete. nutrition in charge. . in tonight's health alert, a new report shows the fda wanted to close the massachusetts pharmacy linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak until it cleaned up its operations. the fda decided to leave oversight of the new england compounding center to a state pharmacy board despite evidence of health problems linked to
5:39 pm
two drugs in 2002. hundreds of people have been made six and -- sick and 32 died after receiving tainted steroids shots. in other health news tonight, cholesterol tests could be more tolerable. doctors currently recommend people fast up to 12 hours before taking the test to make sure the results are not skewed. a new study shows that fasting may not be necessary at all. researchers figured out eating before the test had a little had impact on the overall results. how about this one? pepsi is out with a new soda that it claims will reduce fat. the fat-blocking soda is being released in japan and contains dextrin a distributor claims will cut the fat level in the body. this is pepsi's first attempt to jump into the healthy coca- cola market. if successful in japan, the company will try it out in other markets around the world. i wonder what it tastes like. that is what i want to know? >> i am easy. the kid who grew up eating cardboard chips, the olestra and stuff like.
5:40 pm
that. >> it's fun for you? >> if it blocks fat, i think all of us are like bring it on, right? >> absolutely. >> why not. >> and as we continue on the 5 tonight, why a high school principal is banning students from wearing leggings. >> and looting becomes a major concern in the wake of sandy and the nor'easter that left thousands homeless in the northeast. >> and get ready for some chilly temps over the next few days. gary is back with your extended forecast. forecast.
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now this is a party. mmm. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. try a 3 piece combo for just $5. . we're following breaking news into the fox 5 newsroom. concerning the sesame street scandal. the man who accused elmo's puppeteer of having sex with him when he was a teenager is recan'ting the story. the pupet -- recanting the story. the pup eater from maryland maintained all along the relationship was between two concepting adults. clash issued a statement saying he's relieved this painful
5:44 pm
allegation has finally put to rest. frustration continues along the northeast with the recovery and relief efforts after the one-two punch of superstorm sandy and the nor'easter that followed. fins of thousands of people don't have power. as molly line shows us, officials are trying to begin the rebuilding process and they're working on ways to avoid repeating issues exposed in the aftermath. >> reporter: the blame game following sandet and nor'easter rages on. the new york governor launching a commission to investigate and study storm preparation and management of new york utility companies and recommend reforms. in staten island, folks are feeling abandoned saying fema and the red cross have been practically non-existent. both say they doing everything they can to help victims. officials on staten island said quickstart is being expanded to thousands of homes; however, looting is a major concern.
5:45 pm
>> and before they put the lights up, it was scary. >> reporter: the nypd reporting a spike in crime in the days following the storm n. long island, the man faces multiple charges, including attempted murder, for a series of power outage-related burglaries and home invasions. the rebuilding effort is going to be a costly one. the new york city mayor asking the federal government for $500 million to help pay for immediate repairs around the city. >> we need to repair or replace boiler systems, backup generators, elevators and ventilation, air conditioningy, and lengthical systems, and we have to repair areas damaged by flood waters. >> reporter: in new jersey, gas rationing is over but the recovery effort is rolling along. fema said they approved $127 million worth of federal assistance for new jersey residents and opened 22 disaster centers in 19 counties. molly line, fox news, new jersey. closer to home, the mayor of ocean city said an historic fishing pier destroyed by hurricane sandy or superstorm
5:46 pm
sandy, as it was, will be rebuilt. the pier was badly damaged during the storm two weeks ago. a large section was completely destroyed and the pilings that were left standing have since been removed. the current franchise holder of the pier has committed to rebuilding it and the mayor expects it to be rebuilt for the entire season. >> and that would be nice. i know they dealing with months and months of damage and cleanup. there. and back here at home, the temperatures are cooler than yesterday. >> yup, a little bit and some 20 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. >> yeah. >> and that is in terms of the temperature, the windchill values are in the 30s for everybody. and that is looks like, as we progress through the evening
5:47 pm
hours, the winds will die down just a bit and clear skies and light winds, 47 in the city. monasses, 86; baltimore coming in at 46 degrees and in leonardtown. the temperature in the lower 40s there and that is breezy at 7:00 and in some plays, the wind will be running up at 10 miles an hour or so and it will settle down overnight tonight and notice through the evening hours, the temperatures on the cold side in the city and down to 40 by 11:00. thirtys, though, for the suburbs and the wrap-up if you're out this evening. definitely the temperatures are cooling down and we're going to say look, real cold leave night tonight and most places will be down to freezing if not below and thanks to the big area of high pressure. the cold high pressure is building in and that is helping to push all of the rain out of
5:48 pm
here and once the rain moves out, they will pick up about an inch. and lesser amounts the more you go to the east and the skies cleared and that will keep the skies clear and keep the winds light, and that, i think s going to facilitate the real, real cold temperatures overnight tonight and certainly for tomorrow, we're below normal again and into the area of high pressure. i, i think most of the day tomorrow is going to be brilliantly sunny with a gorgeous blue sky. we may have a few clouds coming in late in the day and kind of high cirrous clouds and that is going be great tomorrow. again, just going to be on the cool side and we went from above normal to below normal. fifty for a high tomorrow and
5:49 pm
on to thursday. it's going to be freezing with temperatures at freezing or well below. we're going to have spots overnight tonight fallling into the 20s and this wind, if it celts down areawide to 5 miles per hour, i think easily the temperatures tonight will be plummeting in the suburbs into the 20s and lots of sunshine tomorrow. again, a couple of high clouds and that is from midday to late afternoon and that is going to be a very, very chilly day and the fox 5 accuweather forecast is shipping up like this and staying in the 50s now. every day on the seven-day here and into some 50s.
5:50 pm
tomorrow, 50s, thursday, 52 degrees and we get into the weekend, is the is looking good. the latter part of the weekend, i hate to bring this word up, but looks like there will be a nor'easter as it tries to form and run up the coast and there is some differences with the model guidance and that is looks like a coastal storm and into that middle part of next week. next wednesday is the big travel day. >> yeah. >> and that is out there of before that. >> i think there are a lot of details to be ironed out. i hate to say that but looks like we're going have something out there. >> thank you, gary. >> you bet. and to the talk of the town on tmz. more justin bieber drama. harvey levine joins us live from l.a. you asked us not to ask you anything else about justin. here we are again. what is new? >> i'm having dinner last night, minding my own business, and then i get a phone call
5:51 pm
again from this whole thing. sadly, i have more news. so, he's the deal. justin bieber and selina gomez, i know you're destroying to know -- you're dieing to know this. they had a secret meeting in new york city for two hours on sunday. trying to see if they could work things out. guess what? >> what happened? >> they couldn't do it. they still single. >> oh. and he's what i am -- he's what i am being told. justin is now conflicted because on the one hand, he really likes selina and they have gone back and forth for a long time where they broke up and got back together and whatnot. on the other hand, there are people telling justin and his camp, dude, you're hanging out with victoria secret supermodels right now. you have opportunities that most people don't have, and he's very conflicted now on what to do. so he's now going back and
5:52 pm
forth. we putt a poll on the website. seventy% of the people on think go with the supermodels. door number two. >> you know what? isn't he 19 years old? you know, why be tied down to anyone? >> yeah. >> just be a teenager, that's what i say. >> exactly. exactly. >> i am being told to move on now, unfortunately. and let's talk about the drama for a child actor, the one on modern family. aria winters' mom now said the daughter attacked and threatened her? what is going on with this story. >> this is the case where the mother is stripped of custody. the sister now has a temporary guardian should. the mother said this all started, she said i never beat the kid, which is the allegation. she said what happened was that i found out the kid was involved with an 18-year-old boy, and when i told her she can't see the boy anymore, she attacked me physically and then said, basically, i'm going to get you. so she's saying this is retaliation and there is eye
5:53 pm
hear -- a hearing next week in court where it's going to come out and this is looks like an open hearing, shawn. what is going to come out in court is going to be shocking on both sides. >> thank you so much for the update. see you guys for tmz on tv here at 6:30. a high school in minnesota is taking on a fashion staple, leggings. the principal is not trying to ban it but girls are wearing spandexes differently these days. they used to wear them with long tops and now they're showing to much. >> a body suit kind of look, makes it difficult to study algebra during the day every day. it's distracting to a wide variety of boys and girls in will 62. let's wear something longer that covers up more of the body. >> he may not like it, but the school board has not taken up the issue. >> and at least it's starting a conversation. >> talk about what you should be wearing at school. >> exactly.
5:54 pm
get parents involved, too. and brian bolter is standing by for what is next on the news edge at 6. new on the news edge, a fox 5 investigation comes full circle. the tease fire and -- d.c. fire and e.m.s. investigation close to a shortage. answers on what this means for you. ed founder of the popular antivirus software mcafee on the run after being wanted by police. what he's doing these days. and a major shakeup at d.c. schools. more on the massive closure of 20 schools and the top stories ahead at 6. 
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. in california, police shot and killed a camp pendleton marine after the marine allegedly hit the officer with his car. investigators say that the maroon repeatedly ignored orders to stop after two bike officers approached him early saturday morning. they say one officer tried to climb in the passenger window to stop the car but the marine
5:58 pm
accelerated hitting the other officer. the investigators found the i.d. and phone in the marine's pocket that belonged to the victim of a recent theft. >> the theft victim tracked the phone to the area of the crime scene. investigators at the scene began hearing the victim's stolen phone ringing in the suspect's vehicle and recovered it. >> both officers were treated and released. they have been placed on administrative leave while the department investigating. massachusetts woman is facing criminal charges after a violent crash caught on camera. watch the left of your screen. the police say the woman drove through a supermarket parking lot over a sidewalk and into traffic hitting another car. the force of the car pushed the other car into a truck hauling a trailer. one person hospitalized. the woman accused of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol among other charges. thanks for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now.
5:59 pm
. off of the top tonight on the news edge, a fox 5 investigation. we first uncovered a critical shortage of d.c. paramedics. tonight, the fire and e.m.s. chief unveiled his plan to deal with the crisis. sherri ly is live with more on what you saw on fox 5. >> reporter: brian, basically this is a numbers game. d.c.'s fire and e.m.s. chief is willing to take the risk to move paramedic units from the overnight hours when there are less life-saving emergencies and move them to busy area periods during the day. but paramedics have warned fox 5 this could have some dangerous consequences. >> reporter: under the proposal announced by the chief of d.c. fire and e.m.s., between 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., d.c. won't have


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