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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 6, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples. that's a given. you need safeway sugar for just $1.97. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another -- only $2.99 for land o'lakes butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, "yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday." safeway. ingredients for life. is this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> a frightening attack at a prestigeous local college, a staff member jumped by a man in the bathroom. >> plus another first in maryland, the same sex marriage rush is on even though it doesn't become law until january. >> and the first family joins a
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star studded cast to light the national christmas tree, highlights from tonight's pageant of peace. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'm shawn yancy. we begin with a frightening of george washington university. someone tried to sexually assault a woman in a restroom. >> police have their hands full with several burglaries all within the last 36 hours. fox 5's audrey barnes has tonight's news alert. >> those burglaries happened in the ivory tower residence hall this afternoon. around the corner in rice hall a female employee was attacked in a third floor bathroom on tuesday. the incidents have triggered a flurry of security alerts across the downtown campus. there's a guard posted at front desk rice hall on i street now after someone tried to sexually assault a female employee in a third floor bathroom. when she walked in, the suspect turned the light out and jumped her. she fought back and he fled. from now on no one can get in
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or out of the building without a g world card or escort. security has been ramped up, too, at the ivory tower residence hall after police say two girls went from room to room stealing laptops and cell phones. >> these girls just came in. they were caught on the cameras by gw and they would knock on the door and say that they were either looking for erica or angelica and when people weren't paying attention, they swiped i think three laptops and a couple phones. one girl was actually sleeping in her room napping and the people came in and left and she didn't even notice. >> reporter: police released surveillance photos of two suspects who they say entered open dorm rooms on the fifth, seventh, eighth and 10th floors. >> i think like college students especially in the city like d.c. should be more aware of their surroundings and lock their doors and just be more aware. >> reporter: students are told to keep their doors locked even when they're in the room and to report stranges are right away.
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like the attempted sexual assault at rice hall, the crimes are a wakeup call. >> we're in the city. anything is possible. >> definitely going to lock my door any time guineawhere now. that's for sure. -- any time i go anywhere now. that's for sure. >> rice hall is advicing using a buddy system for students that work after hours and to let supervises know their hours. in both cases students and staff are to call campus security if they see a stranger in the building. crime may have hit another school in our region. a man who worked at the maryland school for the deaf in columbia, maryland, is facing charges of child sex abuse. clarence taylor is charged with sexual abuse of a minor. he worked as a dorm aide when students slept at the so overnight. he's accused of inappropriately touching three girls. the alleged incidents happened between 2008 and 2010 when those victims were just 10, 11 and 12 years old.
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howard county police are concerned there may be other victims and want to hear from anyone else who may have been victimized. a montgomery county high school student accused of trespassing is now charged with bringing an unloaded gown to school. police arrested the teen -- gun to school. police arrested the teen this morning at magruder high school. the student did not have any ammunition. prince george's county police made an arrest in a drive-by shooting that killed a 14-year-old boy and injured another man. jose rodriguez nunez is accused of shooting eliezer reyes in lewisdale just after midnight yesterday. police say the drive-by happened in the 2200 block of sheridan street. the second shooting victim suffered minor injuries. rodriguez nunez faces second degree murder and other related charges. a news alert in maryland, today was the first day same sex couples could pick up their marriage licenses. the law allowing gay couples to marry in maryland won't take effect until january 1st, but clerks in several maryland counties began issuing those
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licenses today. fox 5's karen gray houston has a closer look. >> reporter: meet karen craning, resident of potomac, general manager of a furniture store sitting in the lobby of the license department at montgomery county circuit court. she thought this day would never come. >> so excited. i cannot believe this day is here. i cannot believe it. i've been waiting for a long time. >> reporter: her long time partner of 29 years shuns the spotlight and doesn't want to be identified. >> there's prejudice and people don't believe in who we are and what we stand for and unfortunately they don't want this to happen, but the people of maryland have spoken. >> reporter: a majority of maryland voters approved question 6 on the ballot in favor of same sex marriage effective january 1st. governor martin o'malley signed a proclamation thursday affirming that popular vote. attorney general doug gansler wrote a legal opinion last week that would allow gay couples to
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get a license before the 1st. >> it's very exciting. >> reporter: long time clerk of court loretta knight has seen a lot over the years, nothing quite like this and says there are changes even in the license itself. >> so this is the license that everyone will get as of today. >> reporter: no mention of man or woman or bride or groom. now it's party no. 1 and party no. 2. for those who opt to get married in the court ceremonial room next-door -- >> when we do the ceremony, we're going to be saying spouse for the ceremony instead of saying will you take this man, this woman or now pronounce you husband, wife, it's spouse. >> reporter: as for karen and her spouse to be. >> is there a ring? >> there is a ring and there are two rings and there will be two dresses and we did it together. >> reporter: they are planning a january 11th wedding for 50 people at the home of a family friend. we are told that about 80% of the people who pick up marriage licenses at montgomery county
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courthouse actually get married there. i'm karen gray houston in the fox 5 newsroom. >> same sex couples can now get married in the state of washington. the governor there signed the law yesterday making washington the nine state to allow same sex marriage in addition to d.c. couples didn't waste any time. check it out. they lined up outside a seattle administration building shortly after the governor signed the law. cups were able to pick up their -- couples were able to pick up their wedding certificates and licenses starting this morning. three, two, one. [ cheering and applause ] >> that is president obama and the first family lighting the national christmas tree this evening down on the ellipse. sue palka there was with about 20,000 other people. sue, it looked like just an incredibly fun star studded event. >> it was so much fun and a lot of it had to do with the fact there were some really great performers there this year.
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neil patrick harris was the host and he's so fun. he's just great. he did a lot of ad libs with rico rodriguez sitting with the first family pretending he was part of the family trying to get in on the family action. we had phillip phillips there performing from american idol, jason mraz and the crowd was really excited to see the fray. i had not heard of the fray. >> me either. >> thank you for saying that because if they're not on wtop, i haven't really heard them lately, but colbie caillat and ledisi and when the fray came out, everybody jumped to their feet. the president was about 40 minutes later, so you do a little tap dancing waiting. i don't know if they were working on that fiscal cliff, whatever, but the peaceful side of things was the lighting of the tree and it was really beautiful and special for a couple other reasons. it marked the 90th year for the tree lighting and that means that every president since calvin coolidge, oh, i remember when he lit that one, too, we've been lighting the trees
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ever since. after the lighting the president directed some of his remarks to the victims of hurricane sandy. >> and this holiday season is especially difficult for families who lost everything in the storm. but it's also a time for us to be grateful for the heroism and perseverance of ordinary men and women in the storm's path who have showed us that americans will always be stronger than the challenges that we face. >> well, what i liked about watching and listening today was that you didn't issue the combover alert, so your hair was blowing over to one side. >> thank heavens. it was definitely chilly, but it's been way colder other years, so that was good, but i saw baby face edmonds performing with only a scarf and a jacket and i thought i bet he hopes he only has to do one number. it was a wonderful evening and it's a beautiful tree, too. >> is it gorgeous. >> it's brand-new.
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-- it is gorgeous. >> it's brand-new. it was found in northwestern virginia. they put it in right before hurricane sandy. president obama made the comment that anyone can lose their job in washington, even the national christmas tree, and he thinks since this one stood up to sandy it going to do the test of time. cold today, not as bad as last year's show, but what can we expect going into the evening? >> there is a little challenge in the forecast tonight. that is that it's really cold out and there's some spotty showers off to our west. so when you combine cold temperatures and a little bit of moisture, you've got the possibility for a little freezing rain north and west of town. the district is still 37. the air is really dry, so sometimes it's very spotty moisture that comes in and dries uabout it gets to the ground, but i would say heads up if you live north and west of d.c., some very light freezing rain is possible overnight. we're definitely going to be cold. we hope that this will not be widespread rain and we don't expect it will be, but when you
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look at some of these numbers don't to 34 at dulles, 33 cumberland, 32 frederick, i would recommend you check out in the morning. make sure we don't have any freezing rain advisories. some have been issued mostly for pennsylvania. just a heads up for early morning. i don't think this will be a problem after 9:00 and 10:00 mostly north and west. >> shawn, i noticed sue remembered to bring her boots with 6-inch heels tower over shawn there. maybe shawn is just ducking. i don't know. as the 10 continues we move to serious news, d.c. makes a move to respond to a rise in robberies and not everyone is on board. you have to hear this one. >> plus here is a scary thought. a drowsy driver behind the wheel of a metro bus, it's happened more than a few times. a new study is pointing towards the real problem. >> and the battle of the beltways is heating up. two maryland leaders are battling it out over the redskins and ravens game. we'll speak with both men and let the trash talking begin
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millions of people depend on metro drivers, but apparently some aren't getting enough sleep. we've reported on bus drivers working long hours and falling asleep at the wheel, but a new study by the transit agency reveals the real problem may be the shift those workers work. fox 5's sherri ly is monitoring metro tonight. >> reporter: it all started with concerns about safety, metro bus and rail workers in critical jobs working numerous double shifts, even longer, but an analysis of more than 3,000 bus and rail operators found the biggest factor in fatigue may be the critical hours between midnight and 8 a.m. >> night work, a lot of night work which deprives you of opportunities to get good nighttime sleep, is going to be the major driver with fatigue. >> reporter: earlier this year metro reported drive cams triggered by sudden braking on metro buses showed 67 drivers
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in a 19 month period fell asleep at the wheel. >> when we see that, they're taken off duty. we check to make sure they have no medical problems, sleep apnea and we also look at their work hours to see if that had an influence on it. >> reporter: metro can't restrict the hours employees work because of the way overtime is awarded. instead it's recommended drives who start work between 3 a.m. -- drivers who start work between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. should go to bed earlier. >> even having people turn in earlier as a mitigation measure does not mean that they're not going to wind up potentially working a double or triple shift. >> reporter: overall the number of worrs affected by fatigue appears small, but the problem is big. a study of railroad workers found when the effectiveness of tired workers fell below 70%, the risk of accidents went up. >> the problem is you can't necessarily eliminate that shift. if these people are building trains for the morning rush hour.
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>> we've got to figure out how they can do that job and still be well rested and alert. >> reporter: some workers load up on coffee to stay awake, but do that all the time and experts say it lose its effect. bottom line, workers need sleep. in the coming months metro plans to have some of their workers log their work and sleep habits, then a small number will also wear a monitor similar to a wristwatch that will keep track of all their activities 24/7 so that hopefully they'll get a much more accurate picture of whether workers truly are getting enough sleep. sherri ly, fox 5 news. now to a fox 5 followup, a story you saw first here on fox 5, this video prompting the guardian angels to set up patrols on the metro. it's footage of a fight and robbery on the train last weekend taken by one of the suspects. the group that calls itself the 44th street crew is taking responsibility and uploaded the
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video to youtube. the guardian angels said they'll patrol metro's green line every friday and saturday night in an effort to prent more violent crimes like this one. dozens of d.c. police officers working in a specialized narcotics task force are being redeployed to help fight robberies across the city. chief cathy lanier says the officers will no longer be working together. instead they'll be fanned out to the seven police districts. it's a move being slammed tonight by the fraternal order of police, the police union. fox 5's paul wagner is following this one for us. >> reporter: it's no secret that street robberies in the district are an ever present danger, some of them violent. just this week an 18-year-old girl on her way to school was shot in the leg and her book bag taken. every day the police department's twitter feed reports robbery after robbery. a few weeks ago the chief announced a specialized robbery suppression team had been deployed in the city and now she's looking for more help. in a statement to fox 5 chief lanier said, "the strike force
10:19 pm
is a street level narcotics unit that is being decentralized to the seven narcotics units already in the districts. they will be working narcotics and robberies." a short sighted decision according to the tv op. >> because the department -- fop. >> because the department hasn't told anybody or put anything in writing as usual, we don't know exactly where they think they're going, but what they've done at ethe day if you're a resident of the district of columbia you're less safe because we're so desperate for manpower we're having to strip the department down to bare bones. >> reporter: christopher ball man says the narcotics strike force brought an expert -- kristopher baumann says the narcotics strike force brought an expertise to will be unmatched. >> they took a lot of fences and people dealing in stolen property was taken off the street. what they were essentially is a unit we could use anywhere in the city when we need themed when there were serious
10:20 pm
problems. now they'll be gone -- needed them when there were serious problems. now they'll be gone. >> reporter: there is no way of knowing how bad the problem is. the computer software that drives the online crime mapping tool has been down for weeks. in recent months police have been very aggressive in getting information about robberies out to the public issuing press releases about arrests and posting videos online of suspects in hopes of solving additional robbery cases. we had a number of questions about the dissolving of the strike force, but chief lanier said she was too busy to answer them today and declined to put out any other official to address the plan. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. why many downtown businesses have taken a beating this fall. >> also rg3 and the redskins are getting ready for one of the biggest games of the season. will the redskins' new look offense be enough to confuse our neighbors to the north? scott is back now to break it all down in just a few minutes.  you won't take my lifee.
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we're back talking redskins now with fox 5 sport director scott smith. the offense has to be one of the best in the league right now. >> but you would agree it's a little bit more than rg3, right? >> it is. rg3 is the vehicle that kind of makes this whole thing tick, but the engine is probably this pistol formation. it's kind of new. i'll explain it a little bit. it's been popular in college ranks for several years but recently adopted more in the pro game. the offense griffin ran successfully at baylor kind of transitioned over. many have pen critical saying it's a little -- been critical saying it's a little gimmicky, but the redskins currently have the top rushing offense in the nfl. griffin's running ability is obviously what makes it so effective. >> definitely have to have the right guy to run it very much. i mean teams can stop that, but it's a good thing just to keep
10:25 pm
people off balance. we have the right personnel for it, you can do it more. you do it into bade look with the wrong type of people and it's -- a bad look with the wrong type of people and it's going to be a wrong type of play. with the right people you can still get positive plays, definitely helps with the guys that we have. >> you have to be a mobile quarterback to really run this offense effectively like peyton manning would not be the ideal candidate. it kind of looks a little something like this. this is our offensive line. it's not a real great shot. the quarterback is about 4 yards back. the tailback alfred morris right here 3 years back allows you the option quarterback could run it. could he hand it off. you could -- he could hand it off. you could do a little bubble play, but this is the big weapon right here, the quarterback. he can run it right there either direction, a lot of fakes in there. i mean this is kind of in layman's terms and that's one of your pistol offense. >> we like it. who cares what people say about
10:26 pm
it as long as it works. >> if they can't stop it, they have nothing to say about it. coming up next find out why a republican heavyweight is stepping down from a senate seat. also ahead tonight. >> reporter: now, of course, every visit with santa is special, but today there's a bit of extra holiday love in these visits. i'm beth parker. i'll tell you why coming up. i'd like to wish a happy holidays to my family whom i love very much. love you, rich, grace, len, pierson, julian, mom and dad. happy holidays from kabul, afghanistan. >> i'm mark schaffer from annapolis, maryland, like to send my love out to jennifer, my son ky, my daughter dana, mom and dad. seasons greetings from kabul afghanistan.  [ singing christmas carols in background ]
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. president obama took the fiscal cliff fight to virginia today. he sat down with this falls church family to talk about how ending the bush era tax cuts would affect them. if ty expire at the end of the month, the average family of four would pay about $2,200 extra in taxes. the president says he's in favor of extending tax breaks for people making $250,000 a year or less but not for the top 2%. >> i'm not going to sign any package that somehow prevents the top rate from going up for folks at the top 2%. >> there are ways to limit deductions, close loopholes and have the same people pay more of their money to the federal government without raising tax rates. >> going over the fiscal cliff also means the 2% payroll tax
10:31 pm
holiday would expire. it would mean cuts in unemployment benefits for millions of families. lawmakers have until december 31st to agree on a deal. as we reported earlier this evening, the president took a break to join the first family for the lighting of the national christmas tree on the ellipse. as fox 5's bob barnard tells us, others there say that icy chill in the air needs to thaw if we're ever going to avoid that fiscal cliff. >> reporter: yes, the president and malia obama with sasha and first lady michelle leading a chorus of santa claus is coming to town. >> one. >> reporter: the ceremony of music and lights as the national christmas tree comes to life. >> i'm so excited for christmas. i can feel christmas already now. >> reporter: but the holiday cheer, the spectacle of this illuminating tradition tempered
10:32 pm
by thoughts of the looming fiscal cliff. >> he's making us wait a little bit. >> reporter: this is 6-month- old evan nicolsky. his father neil works for the department of agriculture. >> we're very concerned. i'm a federal employee. therefore that, affects us as far as sequestration is concerned and go we hope they take care of sooner rather than later. >> reporter: the national christmas tree is surrounded by smaller ones representing every state. kalani rogers and her friends are visiting from hawaii. >> i'm just worried it's going to increase taxes on normal american citizens. >> reporter: the maryland tree is loaded with ornaments. one woman visiting from baltimore says she's concerned about cuts in programs. >> especially for like social security and medicare. my mom is about that age, so that's one of my main concerns right now. >> reporter: a federal worker from north carolina has another concern. >> we've been watching it. we were just over to the capitol and they didn't have the flags up. so they're not in session and i
10:33 pm
made aquation they need to be in session working this thing out -- a comment they need to be in session working this thing out. >> reporter: the president and congress still have 25 days to reach a deal, the wish of many here this holiday season. bob barnard, fox 5 news. moving to the hill now republican senator jim demint is retiring. he's leaving the senate the beginning of january to become the next president of the heritage foundation. the conservative think tank is located in washington. senator demint is a well known advocate for the middle class and has publicly challenged obamacare and the wall street bailouts. demint's replacement in the senate will be selected by republican south carolina governor nikki haley. hockey fans packed the verizon center tonight but not to cheer on the caps. the hershey bears took on the norfolk ad miles and area business owners are thrill -- admirals and area business orthopedics are just thrilled
10:34 pm
to see sports -- owners are just thrilled to see sports fans down there again. >> reporter: the verizon center has transformed downtown bring manage businesses and jobs to the area -- bringing many businesses and jobs for the area, but they rely on the customers that the sports bring in. >> obviously those guests who normally would be tipping are not tipping right now with no hockey. >> reporter: at this bar preparations are underway for a big night. staff has been added, the kitchen is stock, standard procedure for caps games except this season there hasn't been any and employees are suffering. tonight's minor league hockey comes at the right time. >> absolutely, absolutely. it's always happier when it's busy. >> reporter: a similar story at this walk-up crepe place outside the verizon center. >> well, it went down really bad, would say about 60% of our
10:35 pm
sales depend on the campus. >> reporter: recently managers have not been able to double staff, but tonight it's all hands on deck. >> we have to staff more and have more cooks on and bartenders because hockey fans love the atmosphere of bar louie, so we try to provide that for of them. >> reporter: the good news is that this area of town has really become popular with tourists and locals who come here to to 8 at restaurants or take in amy -- eat at restaurants or take in a movie. so the restaurants are not vacant in this area. they could just be doing a lot better if the caps were playing as usual. matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> we'll have much more on tonight's game later on the news edge at 11:00. meantime after hours of talks tonight there is still no resolution in the national hockey league lockout. the ongoing battle between the nhl and players is centered around a dispute over how to split the billions of dollars in revenue. a bizarre story takes another twist, a south war guru hiding out for weeks -- software guru hiding out for
10:36 pm
weeks is now in the hospital hours after his arrest. >> later tonight a unique take on a holiday tradition, how this santa is bringing holiday cheer to local children. new signs the job market might be stalling, plant layoffs rising in november by 20% from the prior month according to a consulting group, the jump coming in large part from the shutdown of hostess. keep in mind the government releases its november jobs report friday. meantime another round of car recalls, this time bmw. the german automaker pulling back roughly 35,000 of its x5 suvs, the problem? a bolt in the steering system can break causing loss of power steering and how would you like to pitch a business idea to billionaire investor warren buffett? now you can, but you got to be a kid. students age 7 through 16 can submit ideas through an online contest. four kids and two teams will be flown to omaha to present their
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developing news out of syria tonight, concerns are growing that president bashar al assad may unleash chemical weapons on his own people. earlier today secretary of state hillary clinton held talks with russia's foreign minister and the u.n. peace envoy to syria. russia and the united states have been at odds over how to resolve the conflict with syria, but the talks indicate moscow might now be changing its position. >> we have been trying hard to
10:41 pm
work with russia to stop the bloodshed in syria and start a political transition toward a post assad syrian future. >> senior u.s. officials tell fox news syrian technicians have fully mixed an unknown quantity of the deadly nerve agent sarin and loaded it onto what officials believe are to be breakable canisters that can be dropped from above. if syria were to drop these chemical bombs, thousands of people would die within minutes. software mogul john mcafee is in the hospital tonight after going into convulsions and suffering two apparent heart attacks. it happened just hours after guatemalan officials rejected his bid for asylum. mcafee was arrested for illegally entering the country yesterday. that's where he turned up after weeks in hiding. mack a phone is a person of interest in the november -- mcafee is a person of interest in the november killing of his american neighbor in belize. they say when it rains, it pours and that's definitely true for two d.c. neighborhoods, but help is on the way to fix a major flooding
10:42 pm
problem coming up on the news edge. >> there have been three sexual assaults in three weeks in prince william county, virginia, what they all have in common tonight at 11:00. you won't take my life.
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it's a holiday tradition, the annual photo with santa claus, but at one mall in our area people were seeing something they've never experienced before. fox 5's beth parker was there as well. >> he'll be here any minute. >> reporter: he parked the sleigh and hitched a ride down on the elevator, but you won't hear the traditional ho ho, ho. instead this santa gives you a sign i love you in sign language. the crowd here at fair oaks mall certainly loved him back. little luke has hereditary nerve damage that prevents him from hearing certain frequencies, but between his ears was a giant smile as he sat on santa's lap. >> he's a very appreciative kid
10:46 pm
and excited about things. >> reporter: for one day here at the mall santa and his elf communicate by using their hands. luke's mom michelle says it's a long way from when she was a kid with hearing loss. >> i knew i liked to sit in the front of the class and i knew that, you know, i had trouble hearing, but really i was never tested. didn't know until i was in college that i had a little bit of a hearing distant. >> reporter: signing santas are tough to come by. this one actually has a day job. he's a teacher of american sign language, but he heard the call to duty and got to work today. >> santa has loved the children today of. >> reporter: the idea for a signing santa grew from the mall's theme this year based on the movie ice age 4. >> welcome to the ice palace. >> reporter: it's the first ever feature film with picture in picture signing on the dvd in blu-ray. the fair oaks marketing manager ed cassady said they quickly
10:47 pm
got on board. >> talking with some of the parents and teachers that were going to bring their children, they would tear up and choke up and i would do the exact same. today has been a pretty emotional morning because this is the first time for a lot of mothers and certainly for the children that they've actually been able to communicate their wishes to santa. >> it was so nice. he really liked it because now he feels that oh, well, he's just like me. he can sign and talk just like i can. >> reporter: and that deserves a big thank you. in fairfax beth parker, fox 5 news. >> i love seeing santa claus. >> they're so cute. >> this is sue palka in motion because she is working hard for you. >> it always helps to start the computer, too when you're going to show maps off the computer. >> people just assume like you have a huge staff. >> i am the staff. cold night tonight but great for the tree lighting. i'd rather that it be in the 40s than in the 70s like we had. >> for a tree lighting you want
10:48 pm
it to be cold, bundled up with the family. >> it's really nice if it's cold but not windy and that's what we had tonight. i didn't have to display one of my hats from last decade that everybody here at fox loves to see so much with the big brim. we had a great night to light the national christmas tree. what we're keeping an eye on tonight, increasing clouds and the small possibility a few showers sneak in overnight, spotty showers, not a lot of moisture, not sure we'll even get it, but the problem is it's already kind of cold and anything that might fall, especially toward frederick, martinsburg to cumberland, it could freeze on contact with the ground, light freezing rain or freezing drizzle a possibility out to our north and west. one of our facebook friends just wrote in and said what about the ashburn area? well, 35 degrees there right now, i'm not sure you'll get the moisture, but we'll have to watch the temperature there, no advisories have been issued but a heads up. check in the morning. you can check on
10:49 pm check out tucker and gwen and see if anything has been issued for our area because certainly the national weather service wouldn't take any chances with that. what we think will happen is most of this and the rain very light, air very dry, so we expect most of it to evaporate, but if we have spotty showers, the bess chance for freezing rain would be out here to the north -- best chance for freezing rain would be out here to the north and west. the clouds are in place now. 36 is the expected low in d.c., 4th 4 for gaithersburg, 30 -- 34 for gaithersburg, 32 for frederick. bridges and overpasses are elevated, so it's colder there. a couple advisories in purple up through pennsylvania, so north and west of hagerstown some freezing rain advisories if you're driving that direction. keep an eye on the roads. so now we look at radar, a lot of clouds around. the clouds will help to keep us from getting terribly cold.
10:50 pm
you can see this is not a lot of moisture, but it's in the process of moving northeast. that's why we're saying these spotty showers have to be mentioned tonight. we could see a few more tomorrow as we have a couple frontal boundaries on the move that. means tomorrow with these frontal boundaries getting closer we are not getting a lot of sunshine. we think it will be mostly clouds the next several days. so those clouds will be hard to get rid of for sure and we'll continue to watch those as we move on through. let's jump through this map here. it's stuck, does not seem to want to get going. isn't that special? let's see if the seven-day will come up, shall we? map is stuck. we'll keep moving on. i'll do this manually. that's what i get for starting the computer at the last minute. staff, let's get to stepping here and see if we can pull up the seven-day forecast. i promise you that's why we're so delighted to have the news edge at 11:00 because we are going to still feature a bit of a warm-up into the weekend but
10:51 pm
not a lot of sunshine. we'll call for some spotty showers around tomorrow and sunday. we'll get that seven-day forecast for you up any minute now. >> something to really stay tuned for on the news edge at 11:00. >> how about if i tweet it, too? all of us here at fox 5 want to invite you to join us as we kick off our annual stuff a truck food drive bright and early tomorrow morning at area giant food stores. we'll team up with the capital area food bank to help fill trucks full of food to help plenty of local families in need. we invite you to drop off donations at these following giant food stores, also 12 other giant stores accepting donations. for more information go to our website at time for the latest edition of the 4 down showdown. each week we pit a member of the redskins' offense against the defense to find out just how much they know about the upcoming opponent. great idea, fun interviews. this sunday it's the battle of
10:52 pm
the beltways, so the focus is on baltimore. here's fox 5's lindsay murphy. >> this is the 4 down showdown presented by your local nissan dealers. >> reporter: welcome to another edition of the 4 down showdown, reed doughty representing the defense up by three in this game. even if you lose, defense is still doing well, but i've got confidence in you. >> that's not bad. he's from baltimore. i see what you're trying to do. you're trying to even the score. >> reporter: chris chester from the offensive line representing the o. you used to play with the ravens, so you think you'll do well? >> it's been a while. i think i still remember a thing or two. >> reporter: 1st down and this is such a cake question. what is the largest city in maryland? >> baltimore. >> baltimore. >> >> reporter: i'm going to give that to reed. you didn't think you were going to get any. i was getting you warmed up. 2nd down, there are three downtown areas along the ports,
10:53 pm
the inner harbor, fells point and little italy. which was featured in the movie sleepless in seattle? >> bells point it is. >> reporter: it's 1-1. 3rd down, santana moss played at the u with this ravens safety. >> ed reed. >> reporter: i thought you would have gotten that one. >> too slow. ly it but too slow. >> reporter: no -- i had it but too slow. >> reporter: no worries. 4th down. cal ripken became the iron man of baseball by breaking whose consecutive games played? >> chris chester for the offense. i'm a jack of all trades in sports. >> reporter: congratulations the offense is making up ground now only down two in the 4 down showdown. >> as we continue. we'll tell you about a home invasion with a twist. find out why a would be burglar called 911 on the homeowner he was targeting.
10:54 pm
now your capital rundown with tom fitzgerald. >> we're back with your look at what's upcoming, new and noteworthy. it's your capital rundown for the week of december 10th, 2012. starting off monday healthcare reform again takes center stage on capitol hill with a briefing on how increasing the number of consumer directed healthcare plans could reduce costs by an estimated $57 billion. the one hour briefing begins at 2 p.m. in the rayburn house office building. tuesday, december 11th the d.c. city council continues to look at how the cab industry in the nation's capital is being run. the council will open hearings into how its taxicab service improvement act is implemented. that's at 11 a.m. in the wilson building. wednesday, december 12th, the house oversight and government reform committee will examine human growth hormones used in pro football at a hearing entitled hgh testing in the nfl
10:55 pm
is science ready? hall of famer dick butkus and chief of the u.s. anti-doping agency will testify at 10 a.m. in the rayburn house office building. on thursday, december 13th, the house financial services committee holds a hearing on a portion of the dodd frank wall street reform act that requires banks to separate investment banging from their consumer services. -- banking from their consumer services. the hearing begins at 10 a.m. in the rayburn building. on friday, december 14th at the national press club president obama's former national security advisor general james jones will headline a panel looking at u.s. energy policy, national security and what lies ahead following the 2012 election. the session begins at 8:30 a.m. that's your capital rundown for the week of december 10th, 2012. you'll find us on and on twitter #capitalrundown. i'm tom fitzgerald.t week. again? it's embarrassing
10:56 pm
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a suspected burglar in texas learned the hard way you don't mess with people, especially when they have guns. check this out. police say early tuesday morning christopher moore broke into james garoe's house. garoe, his wife and two kids were asleep and quickly woke up. garoe grabbed his pistol and cornered moore outside. moore jumped into his pickup truck, locked the doors and called police. >> parker county 911 where is your emergency? >> i'm here and this guy has a gun on me. >> there you go. i'm out in the country and there's a gun on you, duh. garoe's 13-year-old son was also ready to protect his family. he grabbed a 12 gauge shotgun was under orders for his dad shoot more in the legs if he gets out of the truck. police came and moore was arrested unharped but scared. the news continues now. shawn yancy is in with your news


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