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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  December 9, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EST

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. ahead this morning, a dc cab driver brutally attacked in northwest dc. now other drivers and lawmakers are taking steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. >> and tragedy strikes the nfl once again, after a dallas cowboys player is killed in an early morning car accident yesterday. his teammate is now charged in his death. we'll hear from that player, coming up. >> we're seeing what defenses are doing to us and we're able to exploit those holes when we can. >> and it is game day. the skins are riding a three-game winning streak and they will have their hands full when they take on the ravens in the battle of the beltways. good morning. welcome to fox 5 morning news.
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while it is an historic day for same-sex couples in washington state, there is also a battle over the legalization of pot on the horizon and we'll find out what business owners are doing to cash in on the new law. but first, a live look at fedex field. a dreary start to the morning. lots of people out there already, getting ready for the crowds. will it clear up in time for the game? gwen tolbert, what will the weather be like for the afternoon? >> we've got the clouds going and we've got the rain and it's really not going to be too much of a change. the seats are definitely going to be wet out there. be prepared, everybody. let's take a look at radar. we've got a fair amount of rainfall moving in acrossea. we've got a frontal system to the south of us that's going to move to the north as a warm front before it's said and done. the rain, off and on throughout the day with the drizzle, so do be prepared. let's go to the weather maps. here's a look at fog advisory currently in effect, this until
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11:00 this morning, mainly for areas of delmarva. and temperatures, 51 degrees right now at reagan national airport, 50 at bwi. not expecting that to change too much. 1:00 kickoff at fedex field. we do anticipate it to be cloudy, dreary and with a chance of showers and drizzle, 47 to 50 will be that temperature at that point. for the day, rain will be on and off throughout the course of the afternoon. do prepared. we do have changes for the coming week. back to you. >> thanks, gwen. and the state of the skins is looking much brighter these days. today is another crucial matchup in the push for the playoffs. do you think it's going to happen? i don't know. it is a battle of the belt ways. the ravens come to town. the skins are riding a three-game winning streak, all against division rivals. the latest, the monday night victory over the super bowl champion giants. robert griffin, iii will have to deal with ed reed in the secondary this time around.
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>> the best safety to ever play, and i respect him as a player. i'll be aware of where he's at, but it's nothing to fear, but he covers a lot of ground. he does a lot of unconventional things and you just got to be aware of where he's at, just like he's got to be aware of where i am and alfred and everybody else. >> 11:30 this morning, pregame show, followed by fox nfl sunday at noon. then it is the battle of the belt ways. ravens and redskins from fedex field, kickoff at 1:00. we are hearing this morning from the dallas cowboy player accused of killing a teammate in a terrible car crash. lineman josh brent is charged with intoxication manslaughter. investigators say brent was drunk when his car hit a curb and flipped over, then caught fire in a dallas suburb early saturday morning. practice squad linebacker larry brown was killed. the two had been friends since their college days. brent released a statement,
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saying i am grief stricken for his family, our teammates and friends. i will live with this horrific, tragic loss every day for the rest of my life. dc police are on the hunt for two men who hailed a cab and knocked out the driver. cab drivers we spoke to didn't seem surprised. what's being done to protect them? >> reporter: a cab driver knocked unconscious and robbed of his cell phone and cash. it happened just before midnight friday. police say the suspects were passengers, riding in the back seat. at some point, the men put on masks. when the cab was stopped along the 900 block of euclid street northwest, they attacked the driver from behind, robbed him, then took off on foot. other drivers we spoke with were disturbed, but not surprised. >> you don't really have much protection when you do this business. >> reporter: just last month, two teenagers were charged with shooting and killing a taxi driver along brentwood parkway northeast. >> you don't know who is good or bad. it's a matter of taking a
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chance. >> reporter: some city cab have a light drivers can activate, signaling to the public they need help, but there's no guarantee that someone will see it in time. >> even if somebody calls, you could still be attacked before somebody actually get the cops. >> reporter: the chairman of the dc taxi commission is pushing for taxi smart meter system, which would include a new panic button for dc cabs. >> a safety device, which would allow a driver, if they are attacked or threatened, to push a button that would immediately summon police. >> reporter: the smart meter system would also include credit card machines. >> reducing the cash and having immediate access to help will go a long way to reducing assaults on drivers and passengers. >> reporter: for now, many drivers try to stick together and watch each other's backs. >> we either follow each other or we stay on the phone so that we know where we are and we always tell each other where we
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are going. >> reporter: and some drivers say they avoid the late shift all together. >> because of security. >> how late do you work? >> oh, 7:00 or maximum 8:00. >> and that was lauren i did more he came reporting. passenger safety is also a concern. and the taxi smart system would include a panic button for passengers as well. the driver in the latest attack is recovering at a local hospital. montgomery county police released the name of a man found dead in his apartment in white oak, earld. he was 21-year-old jesse campos. police say two people got into the building by forcing campeau's roommate to open the door. police are still looking for two women who attacked a female jogger in a fairfax county park. the attack happened a little
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after 11:00 thursday morning in huntley meadows park. the jogger was knocked down, assaulted and she suffered minor injuries. . and another big story we are following this morning, an arrest in the terror attack in libya that killed four americans. egyptian authorities detained mohammed jamal ahmed, suspected of being the leader of a terrorist cell that planned those attacks in egypt and is reportedly linked with the storming of the u.s. consulate in benghazi on september 11th. meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to testify on the libya attack after an independent review board finishes its report. >> so we have every expectation that she will testify, that she will do so in an open setting, and that perhaps the leaders of the report, the lead investigators, may be testifying before us in a closed setting. >> senator john kerry, the chirm of the senate foreign relations
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committee, says secretary clinton will also appear before that panel. and closer to home now, president obama has asked congress for $60 billion. that's in aide to help with superstorm sandy's cleanup in all states. the request comes in the midst of a tough fiscal cliff fight and house speaker john boehner says they will review the request by the president. new york and new jersey originally asked for a combined $79 billion in aide. the states' governors say they are grateful for any help. the supreme court taking up the controversial issue of gay marriage. the high court agreed to hear two important cases, prop 8 out of california and doma out of new york. a federal court recently overturned prop 8 after the measure passed by voters. the court will decide if doma violates the fifth amendment of equal protection under the law that applies to same-section couples legally married in other states. today is a very happy day for same-section couples in washington state. it is the first day they can
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marry under the new law, legalizing gay marriage. couples began lining up for licenses early thursday morning. some courthouses opened up at midnight for the ceremonies to take place. several local judges also donated their time to marry the couples. ceremonies are expected all day today. last week, washington state became the latest state to legalize marijuana and now businesses there are jumping on the opportunity to create more revenue for themselves and the state. fox has the details. >> reporter: the sign is an invitation to come inside frankie's sports bar and light up a joint. in between pool shots, that's just what herald caldwell does. >> this is my favorite place to go and it's relaxing and i feel pretty good about it. >> reporter: so does owner frank snarr. >> do you think this will be a popular spot? >> it was last night. >> reporter: he believes customers can smoke pot in his second floor room because it's already set up as a private club for cigarette smokers, with a $10 annual fee.
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and he needs all the business he can get. >> the way the economy is right now, i could lose this at any moment because i have no customers. and to bring in another type of a person to come in my establishment is a plus for me. >> reporter: snarr admits the move could get him on the feds' radar. marijuana is still illegal federally. the options include prosecuting low level users, something the feds have never done. filing suit against the state to stop plans to grow in retail the drug or even cut off federal funding to the state. >> i would feel those would be extreme moves and would be inappropriate. >> reporter: state senator karen frasier urges the president to respect the voters of washington. >> and who knows? maybe we are the first of many states that are going to do this. a hundred years ago, this is what happened with women's right to vote. it was against the law at the
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federal level for women to vote. then a few states boldly marched ahead. >> reporter: this political science professor at uw called this an interesting bind for the president, saying my crens is they will look the other way, but find a couple high profile people who are well beyond the bounds of our new law and bust them, but leave everyone else completely alone. if that happens, the target could be on frank snarr, but he thinks he's just the first and more private smoking rooms will soon pop up. >> and more power to them. if they can raise revenue for the state, that's what it's all about. that's what we're in business for. >> now, the bar owner stresses the buying or selling of marijuana inside his club is strictly prohibited. well, still ahead this morning, as fighting continues in syria, a new move by rebel forces to improve coordination could bring on support from the united states. >> and in london, more backlash over the death of a nurse who fell victim to a radio show prank. find out what people are saying
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the radio host should do now. we'll be right back. you won't take my life.
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. making headlines this morning, former south african president nelson mandela remains in a hospital. the current administration says there's no cause for alarm and that mandela is undergoing medical tests that are consistent for his age. mandela is said to be doing well. he spent a night in the hospital back in january for respiratory infection and again in february for minor surgery. venezuelan president hugo chavez announced his cancer has returned and that he would undergo another operation in cuba. tests show he has some malignant cells in the same area where tumors were previously removed. chavez also said for the first time that if his health were to worsen, his successor would be vice president nikola maduro. egypt's liberal opposition has called for more protests today, after the president made concessions that fell short of their demand.
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egyptian president mohammed morsi agreed to rescind the sweeping powers he ordered last month, but opponents want him to go even further, rescinding a draft constitution that is going to referendum on december 15. in syria, rebel commanders are hoping to improve the unity in bringing down president assad's regime by creating a joint leadership. the new group consists of a 30-member elected council and in a move that could mean support from the west, two of the most extreme fighting groups in syria were not invited to the meeting in turkey. . and now to fox 5 follow-up. pressure is mounting in london for two australian radio hosts to be removed from the air, this after a nurse who was tricked by the hosts' prank call committed suicide. jacintha saldanha was found near the hospital on friday. friends and family believe it was from stress of the call. the station's chief executive says while they are devastated about the news, they did nothing, quote, illegal. >> this is a tragic event.
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these people are human beings. we are all affected by this. there is no straightforward answer to your question. we will make sure that their well-being is the priority for us. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge say they are, quote, deeply saddened about the nurse's death. a palace spokesman said there were never any complaints to the hospital about the call. the man accused of pushing another man in front of an oncoming new york subway train says he was high and hearing voices. nayim davis is charged with second degree murder in the death of kisa han. witnesses say davis is the man who pushed han onto the tracks. he said he heard voices to shove han, but didn't mean to kill him. there are several events today that could pack local
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roadways. one, of course, the redskins-ravens game at fedex field. since this game only comes around once every few years, you can expect a lot of football fans traveling from the baltimore area. drivers in the district should also prepare for a handful of street closures tomorrow morning. the jingle all the way holiday 8-k begins at 9:00 a.m. in downtown dc. street closures will begin at 4:00 a.m. through noon. and they also include park at pennsylvania avenue, independence avenue and third street. five red line stations will be closed through this evening for scheduled track work. three buses will replace trains at tacoma, silver springs, forest glenn, wheaten and greenmont. and between archive and waterfront. and no service between fort haughton and archive on the yellow line. coming up, children writing letters to santa is a time-honored tradition, but some kids this year aren't wishing for toys. we'll show you a very special letter-writing campaign all to help make the dreams of some very sick children come true.
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. and today's the first day of hanukkah. to celebrate, thousands are expected on the elipse for the world's largest menorah lighting ceremony. there will also be a performance by the u.s. navy band. the event is open to the public. now to a story all about the true meaning of holiday giving. a girl with an inoperable brain tumor is working to help other kids just like herself, all while the make a wish foundation kicks off an effort so she can live her dream and make a trip to paris. john hanrahan has her story. >> do you have any ones that are done? >> reporter: dozens of kids and their parents gathered at the lowden country day school saturday morning to engage in a massive letter writing campaign. the letters are addressed to santa. the national retailer macy's has promised to donate a dollar a letter to the make a wish foundation, up to a million
8:23 am
letters. one of the students at this school, 9-year-old gabriella miller was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. gabriella has told her parents she wants to see paris. her fellow students want the letters to macy's to pour in so there's enough funding for trips for kids like gabriella. >> when i heard about this, i'm, like, we have to go to this thing on saturday. we have to make as many letters as we possibly can to help her out. so we're just -- she's very strong and she's very -- she's such a good girl, such a good student. >> reporter: there's a wish line in the letters to santa. many of the kids here were making the same issue. emily told us about her wishes. >> mostly that she could get better. >> reporter: her family, all writing the wish letters to santa, happened to be jewish. >> well, we're doing anything we can to help bre get her wish, anything we can. >> it's not about religion. it's just about supporting
8:24 am
friends of ours. >> reporter: the local effort is generating thousands of wish letters to santa, which macy's will match dollar for letter. why does 10-year-old gabriella miller want to see paris? >> she's dreamed of it. she's heard about it. her grandmother was there earlier in the year and sent her back a beret and trinket of the eiffel tower. >> reporter: gabriella is undergoing both chemotherapy and radiation. everyone hopes the tumor goes away. and everyone here is working to make sure she sees paris in 2013. from lowden county, john hanrahan, fox 5 news. and a holiday tradition reminder. we want you to send in ornaments for our fox 5 christmas tree. we'll decorate it with your donations and then donate to to a local family to brighten their holiday. send your ornaments to the address on the screen. well, the country edges ever-closer to the fiscal cliff. will there be a deal before the
8:25 am
new year? fox news sunday has the latest. >> plus, gwen holbert has an update on your sunday forecast. stay with us. fox 5 news will be right back. . we're back with your look at what's upcoming, new and noteworthy. it's your capital rundown for the week of december 10, 2012. starting off on monday, healthcare reform again takes center stage on capitol hill, with a briefing on how increasing the number of consumer-directed healthcare plans could reduce costs by an estimated $57 billion. the one-hour briefing begins at 2:00 p.m. in the rayburn house office building. >> tuesday, december 11, the dc city council continues to look at how the cab industry in the nation's capital is being run. the council will open hearings to how its taxi cab service
8:26 am
improvement act is being handled. that's at 11:00 a.m. in the wilson building. >> wes, december 12, the house oversite and government reform committee will examine human growth hormones used in pro football. the hearing entitled hgh testing in the nfl is science ready. hall of famer dick butkus and the chief of the u.s. antidoping agency will testify at 10:00 a.m. in the rayburn house office building. >> on thursday, december 13th, the financial services committee holds a hearing on a portion of the dodd frank act. the hearing begins at 10:00 a.m. in the rayburn building. >> and on friday, december 14th at the national press club, president obama's former national security advisor general james jones will headline a panel looking at u.s. energy policy, national security, and what lies ahead following the 2012 election. the session begins at 8:30 a.m.
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. well, the clock is ticking down for president obama and speaker of the house john boehner to strike a deal. in just 24 days, more than $500 billion in tax increases take hold. frustration is evident on capitol hill. boehner saying friday there's no progress to report. we'll find out the latest on fox news sunday. host chris wallace joins us with a preview. good morning, chris. >> good morning, melanie. >> we're not hearing compromise at the top, but i'm wondering if among the ground troops, are we hearing any willingness to compromise? >> no. i think that what you're seeing in public is what they are seeing in private, which is that neither side is willing to make a deal. now, it may be we're not close enough to the deadline for people to get to where their
8:31 am
bottom line position is. but you talk about speaker boehner. in a news conference friday, he said another week has been wasted. and i get very little sense that they, behind the scenes, are making much progress. we'll talk to two of the key plaifers in all of this at the top of the hour. charles schumer of new york, one of the leading democrats in the senate, and republican senator bob corker, and we'll talk to them about is there any progress being made and what do they see as a possible compromise? >> and chris, explain to me, why is it that the white house is to resistent to the republicans' proposals for closing loopholes and deductions? >> well, i think two points. one is they say you can't get the math. they say that as part of the deal, and they are talking about $4 trillion in deficit reduction, that if you close the loopholes and you're not going to close the loopholes for the middle class, you're just not going to get enough money, 400,
8:32 am
$500 billion. the president says he wants $1.6 trillion. my guess is he would probably settle for around a trillion. so -- and in addition, look, the president campaigned, i mean, certainly made it no secret that was one of the big issues between him and romney. he campaigned on raising the tax rates on the top 2%. people making over $250,000. he won. he thinks he's got a mandate on that issue. >> hopefully we'll hear something today, a little bit of wiggle room, i hope. i also wanted to ask about the removal of four republicans from key committees. what is that all about? >> well, this is in the house. this is speaker john boehner, and, you know, he's trying to get people behind him and he's basically saying to some of the conservatives who have been off the reservation, and he's had a big problem. one of his problems is he's got to deal with the white house. then he's also got to deal with a pretty unruly republican caucus, some of whom are to the right of him. and he kicked four people, four conservatives off committees basically to say fall in line, do what i say to do, or you'll
8:33 am
pay the consequences. >> interesting. wonder how that's going to play out. also on the show today, you'll be talking about the middle east. very tumultuous times there as well. >> and really ominous. this week, you had the president and the secretary of state both issuing in effect a red line warning, drawing a red line for syria because as the news begins to tighten on president obama assad, the dictator of that country, as the rebels are getting closer and closer to the capital city, there's been some movement with assad's chemical weapons. syria has maybe the third biggest arsenal of chemical weapons in the world and the throat has been perhaps he would use them against his own people. the president and hillary clinton said, that's it, red line, you use chemical weapons, we'll topple you, we'll find some way to stop you and take control of the weapons. so we'll be talking. nobody knows more or cares more about this than the next door neighbor to syria, israel. we'll be talking to israel's
8:34 am
ambassador to the united states at the top of the hour. >> all right, chris. let's end on a better note. redskins or ravens today? >> oh, redskins, easy. >> we like that. gotta love the home team. thanks, chris. >> you bet. >> catch fox news sunday at 9:00 a.m., right after our show. . well, history in the commonwealth. delegate herring was unanimously elected as the new chair woman of the state democratic party. she is the first african american to hold the position. the three-term delegate succeeds moran, who announced he wouldn't seek another term. . and of course the big game today. everyone's talking about it. fedex field. and our photographer is out there with those live shots. it's a little gloomy right now! >> it is. it's showery and we also have fog and lots of clouds. it started last night and it's sticking around today, folks. just be prepared. >> making it interesting. >> well, it will make it interesting. it will be challenging at least.
8:35 am
let's take a look at radar and show you what's happening. we have a stationery frontal system to the south of us and it moves through over the course of last night into this morning. and some rainfall associated with it. so the rain isn't going to be steady throughout the day, but it will be off and on throughout the course of the day. be prepared for that drizzle, as well as plenty of clouds and also fog. let's go back to our weather maps. dense fog advisory in effect primarily for the delmarva until 11:00 this morning. looking at current temperatures, 51 at dc, 50 at baltimore, 52 at dulles, 48 at martinsburg. i want to say we pretty much reached our high today already. 1:00 kickoff at fedex field. just be prepared. as far as temperatures are concerned, between 47 and 50. showers, drizzle, clouds throughout the day. the rain will be off and on. the seats will be wet, folks, so be prepared and make sure you bring your slickers or whatever you need to do to stay dry out
8:36 am
there. >> i know we're early in december, but it's been unusual. >> it has been unusual. wait till you see the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, gwen. still ahead on fox 5 morning news sunday, a week in hungry elephants. trapped for three days in northeast india is given a hand by a large group of volunteers. . happy thanksgiving and merry christmas and happy new year to my beautiful family in virginia, my wife and my beautiful kids and my parents in florida and my in-laws and everybody else out there. i miss you all.
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. just a really heart warming story here, an elephant trapped in a mud pit rescued by a group of forest officials in india.
8:40 am
rescuers freed the trapped animal, who hadn't eaten for three days, then gave him a series of vitamins and antibiotics to help improve his strength. violence in egypt continues as opposition groups rally against president mohammed morsi. the pope spreads his faith through social media. those are just some of the headlines for the week ahead. >> reporter: monday, president obama heads to michigan to visit an auto plant in redford. the president will speak about the economy in an effort to make the case for raising tax rates on wealthier americans. also monday, a court hearing will be held to discuss a new york city hotel maid sexual assault lawsuit against former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn. the former ims chief's lawyer saying the two sides should resolve the case. tuesday, giving back to military families. michelle obama will visit a dc military base to deliver toys and gifts to the marine corps
8:41 am
toys for tots campaign. wednesday, the pope turns to social media. pope benedict xvi recently launched his own twitter page, and starting wednesday, the pope himself will begin to tweet. he'll respond to questions put to him about faith and belief by twitter users, asking the ask pontiff hashtag. thursday, violent protests against the new charter continue in egypt, mohammed morsi warns once it is passed, there should be no obstacle and everyone must follow its will. that's a look at the week ahead. fox news. they promise their fourth fight would end in a knockout. mission accomplished for mannie pacquiao and juan marques. >> and we'll also have the recipe for a skins win, coming up. >> hopefully they don't need the
8:42 am
sunshine to win, melanie, because we can't give it to them today. a live shot at fedex field showing plenty of clouds, drizzle, showers and that's the story throughout the course of the day. make sure you prepare for the wet weather if that's where you're headed. we'll have a full look at your forecast, coming up after the break. stay with us.
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. taking a look at our top stories this morning, the search continues for whoever attacked a dc cab driver in northwest. it happened around midnight on friday. the attack brings about new concerns for driver and passenger safety with one lawmaker proposing new safety measures in the cabs, including emergency call buttons. and huge playoff implications in the battle of the beltway. the skins need a win to keep the pressure on the first place giants. the ravens could clinch a playoff spot with a win and a little help from other teams. looks like the weather will also play a role in today's game. and gwen tolbert has been looking at that for us.
8:46 am
and i think it's kind of fun when you play in adverse weather conditions. >> well, that's because you're not playing! >> and you like the x factor. >> let's hope the players feel the same way because we're not going to be doing too much for them in terms of mother nature today unfortunately. let's take a live look outside at fedex field and show you what is happening there now. you can see the clouds, you can see the fog, and there is some light rain and some drizzle going on as well. we've had some rain throughout the course of the morning hours so far and the fog as well. you'll have to make sure you bring something to dry off your seat, because if you are headed out to the game today, your seat is already wet. we've had the rain showers that kicked in last night and even more so into the course of this morning. let's put this all together for you. dense fog this morning in some of our neighborhoods, so visibility certainly reduced. do be careful. we're into an unsettled weather pattern right now. sunny days in the forecast for next week, however, and guess
8:47 am
what, we got another treat, a spring tease! one day of heading to the upper 60s, just one. going to be sticking around. we'll let you know about that. meantime, yesterday's high, 54 at reagan national airport. 53 at dulles. baltimore at 62 degrees yesterday. temperatures once again above the seasonal average. and this morning right now, it's 52 at dulles. same at manassas. 50 at baltimore. 51 for annapolis this hour. 54 degrees at culpepper. let's take a look at radar and show you what is happening right here in our own backyard. we've got this stationery frontal system to the south and it moves through into the course of last night and early this morning. here, we're seeing a pocket of heavier rainfall close to the mason dixon line, then spotty showers here and there. throughout the course of the day, this is what we'll be dealing with. back to our maps again, please. we'll end up seeing showers off and on here and there with a little bit of drizzle and the clouds. and so you just have to anticipate it.
8:48 am
colder air pushing in behind a stronger front that's going to move our way. you can see how the temperatures are here. but in the meantime, that frontal system moves north as a warm front and all this warmth from the south is what's going to impact us. we are going to see a big temperature difference, but where the cooler air is now, they are dealing with a lot of snow through areas of the upper midwest. they have had a lot of blowing snow there and just dealing with blizzard-like conditions in some of those locations. for us, we are dealing with just the rain and it's going to be sticking around a little bit. so that stationery frontal system will move to the north as a warm front. moving into monday, big boost in those temperatures. that's where we're headed to almost 70 degrees. chance of some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon, so just keep your eyes to the skies for that. future cast showing us, as we move through the course of today, we'll get the showers off and on. later in the afternoon hours, picking up again. gets a little heavier here and there, right into tonight as well. so it is an off and on scenario. same story moving into monday. by afternoon hours, we start to
8:49 am
see more of the wet weather. 50 degrees for today. light easterly wind flow. for tonight, we're talking an overnight low of 47 degrees with rain and drizzle, once again, all off and on. seven-day accuweather forecast showing 67 degrees, close to 70 for monday, before we get back to the 40s and 50s behind that strong cold front. >> when's it going to start to feel like december? >> that's a good question! if i knew that, i would have a little crystal weather ball going. >> somewhere around the 24th, 25th would be nice. >> hopefully so. >> thanks, gwen. in sports, mannie pacquiao and juan manuel marquez part 4, delivering on their promise for a knockout. marquez knocked down pacquiao, pacquiao returned the favor in the fifth. in the sixth, marquez knocked pacquiao out cold with a right hand, winning their fourth matchup by ko.
8:50 am
the former pound for pound king laid there for about two minutes before his handlers got him up. this is pacquiao's first real loss in seven years. to the hardwood now, wizards at home against the warriors. 12 seconds left is where we pick it up. wizards trail by 4. bradley beal is going to hit a three-pointer to get them within a point. 4 seconds left then, wizards down 2 and beal misses the second free throw on purpose. he gets the rebound. his shot to tie is blocked. the wizards lose, now 2-15 on the season. college hoops hosted towson. picking it up with 5 minutes to go, hoyas up. georgetown defeats towson 46-40. terps hosted the bulldogs of south carolina state.
8:51 am
maryland wins this one 61-46. other college basketball scores, west virginia hands virginia tech its first loss, 68-67. gw loss to kansas state. virginia crushed mississippi valley state 67-39. george mason lost in overtime to northern iowa, 82-77. and now to the gridiron and the epic battle between army and navy. got to love this one every year. fourth quarter, reynolds on a keeper, breaks tackle and scores from 8 yards out. there he is. to put the mids in front 17-13. late in the game, army driving at the navy 14-yard line. steelman and the fullback. navy recovers to ice the game. navy defeats arm 17-13. midst record, 11th consecutive win in the series. texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel became the first freshman to win the prestigious heisman trophy award.
8:52 am
he joins john david crowe in 1957 as the only aggie to win the heisman. >> i believe the 12th man is one of the greatest traditions in all of college football. 40,000 students standing not as fans, but as members of our team. to the 12th man in texas a&m, kerrville, texas and aggies everywhere, this heisman trophy is for you! [ cheers & applause ] and just a huge game for the skins today. don't have to tell you that. they face the ravens in the battle of the belt ways this afternoon. what is the recipe to beating baltimore? off the wall has a very special guest. . off the wall, got a big one this week. >> huge. they get bigger this time of year. when you win in november into december, the games get bigger. we've got a true battle of the beltways with the ravens coming down. forget about the nice tees and
8:53 am
pleasant trees. no, that all comes to an end this week when the purple people come here to dc. >> right. lot on the line. >> i ask you, a lot on the line, how do you beat the baltimore ravens? >> you're asking me? like i'm some kind of expert on beating the baltimore ravens? >> no, no, no, you need an expert? >> whoa! we have our resident steeler fan, executive producer-- >> wait, wait, wait, i'm calling a penalty on you. i am your what? >> assistant news director. >> thank you, thank you. >> it's about time somebody called a penalty on you. >> thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> we ask you, a true expert since the steelers own the ravens these days. >> yes, we do own the ravens. >> how do we beat the ravens? >> i thought i knew, but i need to phone a friend. i phoned my brother, the ultimate steeler expert. he gave me five points. >> give us the five points. >> five points of beating the ravens. >> first of all, no ball
8:54 am
turnover. >> no turnovers. >> rg-iii doesn't do that. >> must create turnovers. >> okay. well, okay. >> got to run against the ravens. >> okay. >> morris can do that. >> alfred morris can do that. >> got to pressure flacco because he stinks under pressure. >> okay. >> well, okay. >> and here's the given already. you got to play them on the road and we are playing them on the road! >> there you go. >> three of the five-point plan to beat the ravens. >> that is our advice to the redskins from pittsburgh to beat the ravens. we need them to beat the ravens this week as well, guys, okay? >> thank you. >> you are very welcome. >> assistant news director. >> black and yellow! >> you're the one who got the penalty! >> unbelievable! >> we got three of the five-point plan to beat the ravens do. they get it done? >> yes. >> you're going with rg-iii? >> with rg-iii, anything is possible. >> steeler nation mind us this week, going to beat those birds from baltimore. when you look at the overall playoff picture, do you think this is a playoff team at 6-6 if they get it done against the
8:55 am
ravens? they have seemingly three easy games at cleveland, at philly, then back here against big d to wrap up the season. >> based on the schedule, they should get three out of the four games. so they should be able to get that. now, everything hinges on what seattle does. >> out west. >> seattle, not that strong. don't strike me as a strong team. russell wilson is good. defense is pretty good. >> get off the fence and give me a prediction. >> they are going to get three out of four, so i'm going out on a limb and say maybe. >> maybe! >> yes! >> that is the best we get. >> that is it. >> thanks for being here. >> you get a technical foul, too. >> not just a flag. >> no, you get a technical and ejected from the game. >> see you next week on off the wall. still ahead this morning, who will win a friendly bet for
8:56 am
county executives for the redskins and the ravens. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ t details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious.
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[ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! . well, the battle of the beltways today has extra meaning for local leaders. howard county executive ceb allman, a rabid ravens fan, issued a wager to baker.
8:59 am
baker will have to wear a jersey for a day. if the skins win, allman will wear a robert griffin iii jersey for one day. >> how about the person who loses would not only wear the team's jersey, but also sings, in your case, would sing hail to the redskins while picking up trash along county roads? how about that! >> you're on. whatever you can come up with, you're on. i'm not even going to have to begin to learn hail to the redskins. we're going to win! [ laughter ] >> certainly interesting to see who comes through on that end of the bet. not sure if the county execs will be out there picking up trash. >> it will be interesting. let's take a look at the forecast. battle of the rain drops unfortunately. 1:00 kickoff at fedex field. we're talking rain showers, drizzle, clouds and fog. so prepare yourself, folks, accordingly. your seat's going to be wet because it's already been raining out there. look at the warmup for monday, headed near 70 degrees. chance of thunderstorms monday, too. and then we have a strong cold f


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