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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 9, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the redskins on a roll and dominating the beltway tonight after a huge win at home against the ravens, but the w was not painless. just ask rg3. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm laura evans. we'll get to the skins' big win in a moment over the ravens. but first we are following a news alert out of the district now. a tragic shooting on a metrobus
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in southeast tonight. a young woman is dead and a toddler has been sent to the hospital. about police believe the woman was the child -- police believe the woman was the child's mother. fox 5's karen gray houston is on scene at 19th and minnesota avenue with the very latest. >> reporter it must have been terrifying for the woman who was killed and for all the people who were on the bus and this is the bus right over here, the b2 at the corner right now of minnesota avenue and 19th street. this terrible shooting happened a block away from here and a short time ago a spoke to a young woman who said she was on the bus when the shooting happened. she said that when the shots rang out, all of the passengers yelled out duck, duck and they told the driver go, go, go. now the toddler who was on the bus believed to be younger than 3 years old is being treated for unspecified injuries at a local hospital. gunshots rang out around 5:45
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in the evening when metrobus no. b2 had stopped on minnesota avenue at 18th street. the woman and child got on. >> once they got on the bus a male subject followed close behind her and opened fire into the bus. the young woman who is an adult. we don't have an exact age on her right now. she was shot multiple times. the child has some injuries, don't know whether there's a graze wound or the extent of the injury to the child. >> reporter: it's unclear the relationship between the unidentified dead woman and the suspect, but it seems he knew her. >> the woman appeared to be targeted and she was hit multiple time. >> reporter: this is a busy bus route. people who live in the neighborhood say the bus was full and after the shooting frightened passengers scattered. >> when you come out of your house and hear where people are running away from and a mother standing at that bus stop over there with a stroller with her baby getting onto the b2 and
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saying she'd been shot. >> reporter: it's a community that's no stranger to violence, but when it touches a child, it takes on a different tone altogether. >> they need to pray. they need to ask god for forgiveness, turn theirself in and bring some closure for that little child that's laying up in the hospital. >> it is a horrible situation. my bus operator who was shaken up and i'm sure, you know, he will never be the same. he will never be the same again. >> reporter: just to recap, a brazen shooting here on a d.c. metrobus in southeast d.c. a woman, an unidentified woman, thought to be in her early 20s is dead and a toddler believed to be her daughter is being treated for unspecified injuries at a local hospital. police are asking anyone with information on this crime to please give their detectives a call. the number to call is 727-9099.
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there is a reward and you can remain anonymous. live in southeast karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> thank you very much. obviously an ongoing investigation. we'll continue to follow this story. thank you. now on to the other big story of the day, the battle of the beltways, the redskins hosting the ravens at home. in the end the skins came out on top, but we didn't get out of this one unscathed, rg3 suffering an injury. please tell us it's going to be okay. >> you watched that play and you kind of hold your breath and you're like wow, is he going to get off the mat? rg3 is a resilient fellow and mri results came back negative, so no major ligament damage in the right. >> whether he will miss time remains to be seen. the pain eased a little bit tonight in light of the outcome. a huge game by griffin and the skins at home today against the ravens, but we'll pick it up under five minutes to go in regulations. redskins in a hole, ray rice
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rumbles in from 7 yards out. baltimore takes an eight-point lead, not looking good, 28-20 and here comes the griffin injury in the final two minutes. skins driving on a 2nd and 19, the big fellow makes contact and the leg bends the wrong way, griffin hobbles off the field, misses one play, comes back in and hooks up with pierre garcon with one good leg from 22 out and down to the ravens 16-yard line but falling on the turf in pain leaves the game for good the very next play. in comes the other rookie, the backup, kirk cousins, and great response. 3rd and 5 from the 11, 29 seconds in the game, he. s and hits pierre gore -- he pumps and hits pierre garcon with the touchdown. the skins in two and they need to convert the two-point conversion and the keeper, the quarterback draw, cousins does his best rg3 impersonation lunging in for the tied ballgame 28-28. he comes off the bench cold and sends his team into overtime where in o.t.
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after the defense held they force a punt and another rookie making an impact, richard crawford in for brandon banks and he casts it out 64 yards down to the baltimore 24-yard line setting up mr. perfect, kai forbath. forbath has yet to miss a field goal this year from 34 yards out. he keeps his perfection intact, drills it right down the middle. redskins win 31-28 in overtime, their fourth straight victory to improve 7 -6 on the year. following the game mike shanahan talked about the decision to take griffin out of the game and hand the reins to cousins. >> talked to the doctor and it felt like it was in the best interest for him not to come back in, but he wanted to. we had to keep him from going back. in he was fighting to get out there. so that's a great sign. so hopefully mri will be negative. >> i know what an acl feels like. so if i felt that, i'd probably be pretty nervous, but we won the game.
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everybody is praying for me. you know, i feel pretty good right now about the whole situation. so i'm not too nervous, but i'll definitely be praying during the mri. >> prayer answered, i guess. it's likely griffin's game status for next week's visit to cleveland will be up in the air throughout the week, but today showed confidence in their ability to have kirk cousins step in in spontanuity and he certainly got the job done today. >> yes, he did. that was a relief. >> they find new and interesting ways to keep people engaged in the game and do it again. that's their longest winning streak since 2008. >> really interesting. what a suspenseful game on the edge of your seat. >> they don't have any room to slip. they have to keep doing these games because all the other teams in the wildcard and division keep winning, too. giants won today as well, so no room to slip. >> thanks, scott. it was an intense battle of the beltways both on and off the field. >> most skins fans welcomed our neighbors to the north with
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open arms, that is, until game time. fox 5's lauren demarco takes us inside the tailgating. >> reporter: a redskins fan tending grill with some ravens hardware. today is all about friendly competition and, of course, some bragging rights. >> we're just one big happy family right now until the game starts. >> go ravens! >> of course, there's plenty of trash talk. >> the only cooking today is birds. that's what's cooking today. >> reporter: but there is a sense of neighborly acceptance plus -- >> they're afc, a different division. >> i don't think there's like a lot of neglect negativity in this game -- negativity in this game. >> reporter: the battle of the belay occurs once every four years. last year it was in baltimore, so for some ravens fans this visit to fedex field is a first. >> if we were in philadelphia,
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for instance, this would be a contentious relationship. right here we're all having fun. >> reporter: of course, after kickoff. >> it's going like donkey kong. >> rg who? >> i love you so much! >> go ravens! >> tonight's game was not just a battle of the beltways. it was the battle of the county execs. howard county executive ken uhlman a huge ravens fan offered a wager to prince george's county executive rushern baker who is a skins fans. if baltimore wins, baker has to win a ravens jersey for one day. we all know how this one turned out. after the skins beat the ravens uhlman tweeted out this picture saying he's a man of his word and will be in prince george's county soon to settle the bet. we want to take you to texas where an nfl player could
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spend 20 years in prison after the death of a teammate. defensive lineman josh brent is charged with intoxication manslaughter. he was driving drunk when he hit a curb police say and flipped his car which caught fire. practice squad linebacker jerry brown died in the accident. brent's attorney said the accident is a tragedy for everybody who knew brown. >> from our standpoint on behalf of josh is jerry brown, his family, his loved ones, his friends, this is a tremendous loss to him. this was like losing a little brother. >> brent was expected to post bail today. he was also arrested in 2009 for drunk driving. the national menorah lighting today marked the beginning of the jewish festival of lights. the head of the u.s. office of management and budget helped light the menorah this afternoon on the ellipse. tonight is the second night of hanukkah. and it's a pretty soggy night out there. fox 5's gwen tolbart is in the fox 5 weather center. >> we've been dealing with the clouds and showers off and on all day today. so let's take a look at radar.
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we'll show you what's happening. we still have a little light rainfall down to the south near calvert and st. mary's county, just out of fredericksburg there, a bit of a sprinkle to the north near frederick, but other than that not a lot happening, but it doesn't mean we're 100% out of the clear. let's go to our weather map. we have a fog advisory currently in effect until 9 a.m. this morning. if we can punch up max 1, we'll show that for everybody. dense fog definitely causing really poor driving conditions. so do be careful if you live in any of these areas. current temperatures now, 46 degrees at gaithersburg, 48 at d.c., 50 at annapolis, 46 at baltimore, 48 at dulles, 52 at fredericksburg and 45 degrees at winchester. it will be a fairly mild night tonight, 48 degrees for your general overnight low average overall, but fog and light rain and drizzle still will be here and there although not very widespread. we've got a big one-day
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temperature rise ahead. it's just going to be another day where we get a spring tease in december. i'll have those details in your full forecast later on. back to you. coming up a murder remains unsolved one year after a prince george's county man was gunned down. tonight a community gathers to remember and asks for answers from police. >> and sunday was no day of rest for president obama and house speaker john boehner who met today to discuss the fiscal cliff. could good news be on the horizon? those stories are coming up when the news at 10:00 continues.
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a year ago tonight a brentwood family's dream for their son came to a violent end. 21-year-old kevin victor was gunned down during a robbery attempt and the case is still unsolved. they had some angry words for police at a vigil tonight. fox 5's audrey barnes has the latest from the newsroom.
10:16 pm
>> kevin victor's mother was so filled with rage tonight she had to be walked away from a vigil in her son's honor. the family says police have not done enough to catch her son's killer and they're asking for a renewed effort to find those responsible. ♪ it is well it is well with my soul ♪ . >> dozens of people who knew and loved kevin victor returned to the footpath where he was shot and killed a year ago tonight during a robbery attempt. the star athlete wanted to be a marine but never got the chance. >> he was so good at everything. i don't know why somebody would want to do that to him and every day i think of him. >> reporter: kevin's mother patricia is heartbroken and had to leave the vigil to be comforted. gary victor says they haven't heard from detectives working
10:17 pm
their son's case in 9 1/2 months. >> we've always had hopes that we would receive justice from the police department, from the justice system and we have heard nothing. >> kevin wanted to be a soldier and he wanted to do so many things and kevin's life ended right here. his legacy will live forever. >> high school senior darrius victor hopes to finish the dreams his brother never got to on the football field and in the classroom. he's a college bound b student and one of the leading rushers in the state with 1,787 yards this year and 28 touchdowns, a season he dedicated to kevin. >> he's my motivation. i do it for him. every touchdown is for him. every yard is for him. every grade is for him in the classroom, too. so everything is for him. >> reporter: in return darrius and his family say they'll keep fighting for justice for kevin. >> please in the name of jesus christ i'm pleading for that, please. i really want some closure. >> reporter: the family says
10:18 pm
they've been told the suspects are two teens who may have followed kevin when he left the brentwood rec center the night he was killed. if you know anything, to call county homicide investigators. there's a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. a baltimore county police officer was shot trying to break up a crowd early this morning. the officer was in the overly area at 3:15 a.m. when he found a large group of people blocking the street. according to police, the officer asked them to move so he could get through and that is when someone pulled a gun and fired hitting the officer twice. >> i didn't hear the shooting, but i did hear the helicopters going round and round and i thought oh oh, there must be a terrible accident because that's the first thing i think of. >> the officer is expected to recover from his injuries. his name has not been released. frederick police caught a man they say attacked a woman in her home. perry lee jr. is accused of sexual assault during a home invasion in the 400 block of
10:19 pm
west south street. police arrested him nearby, say he had a gun on him. the germantown man is charged with burglary, assault, weapon and sex offense charges. coming up after being held captive for days by the taliban an american doctor is finally out of harm's way. >> states like washington and colorado are having to amend their dui laws now that marijuana is legal there. so how much pot is too much behind the wheel? we'll tell you on the news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ]  there are plenty of reasons to be jolly
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tonight four people are dead in lebanon as the fighting in syria spilled over the border. the gunfight between supporters and opponents of syrian president bashar assad broke out in the northern city of tripoli. the day saw nine syrian judges and prosecutors defect to the opposition hitting the government regime as it struggles to maintain power amid growing international threats. the crisis in syria has been raging for nearly two years now killing an estimated 40,000 people. ople.
10:23 pm
an early morning rescue of an american doctor kidnapped in afghanistan by the taliban, tonight we are learning more about that doctor and the operation that may have saved his life. fox's peter doocy has details. >> reporter: taliban insurgents held american dr. delipp joseph captive in the mountains of afghanistan about 50 miles from the pakistan border more than three days. dr. joseph was kidnapped in broad daylight wednesday about 3:30 in the afternoon afghan time following a visit to a rural clinic where he worked for a nonprofit called morning star development. two others also taken captive were released two hours before dr. joseph's rescue which general john allen commander of american forces in afghanistan says he ordered when intelligence showed dr. joseph was in imminent danger of injury or death. general allen also said today's mission exemplifies our
10:24 pm
unwavering commitment to defeating the taliban. i'm proud of the american and afghan forces that planned, rehearsed and successfully conducted this operation. thanks to them dr. joseph will soon be rejoining his family and loved ones. dr. joseph should be back home in colorado springs in the next few days. he was taken to bagram airfield after his rescue and is undergoing evaluation today. dr. joseph apparently made frequent trips to afghanistan and the doctor described his goals there in a video posted last year. >> in doing community development we're really hoping that we kin still hope into a country that -- can instill hope into a country that has been dealing in conflict the last 30 years. >> reporter: at least six insurgents were reportedly killed during the operation that saved dr. joseph's life. the operation reportedly netted two arrests of taliban leaders. peter doocy, fox news. venezuelan president hugo cav saez back in cuba for a third cancer -- chavez is back
10:25 pm
in cuba for a third cancer surgery. chavez has not said what kind of cancer he has. his treatment has been taking place in cuba because that's where he was when he was diagnosed. chavez is scheduled to begin a new six year term january 10th. he was first elected in 1999. former president george h.w. bush remains in the hospital in houston tonight. the former president has been there since the day after thanksgiving struggling to overcome bronchitis. the 88-year-old bush is reportedly improving, but doctors are not in a hurry to send him home. mr. bush also has parkinson's disease which can complicate respiratory illness. a career rapper did perform at a holiday concert in washington despite calls for him to be removed from the program. psy head to national fame earlier this year with gangnam style but in 2002 and 2004 he made anti-american protests saying their troops and their
10:26 pm
families should die. just ahead all eyes on the impending fiscal cliff, as president obama sits down with house speaker john boehner to discuss the ongoing negotiations, our fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin will weigh in on the talks. >> and tragedy in the music world after a plane crashed in mexico believed to be carrying singer jenni rivera. we'll be right back with more. this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fiscal cliff is looming just a few weeks away and as we inch closer to the january 1st deadline, president obama and house speaker john boehner are sitting down for more negotiations. today the two met behind closed doors and focused on trying to hammer out a deal over tax hikes and spending cuts. president obama's core demand is putting the top marginal income rates back to clinton era levels after december 1st while the house speaker delivered a proposal that
10:30 pm
offered up to $800 billion in new revenue from closing loopholes and capping deductions for wealthier americans. however, democrats insist the speaker's plan is not enough. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joining us now to help sort out what went on between the president and house speaker john boehner today. it was looking pretty hopeless friday, now this, so what has actually changed? >> this is actual progress. you remember house speaker boehner said i'm here to give you a progress report. that was on friday, no progress and now they're actually meeting and you're hearing from republican senators and these are not far left wing republicans like senator corker of tennessee and senator colburn. you can't get any more conservative from oklahoma and congressman tom cole of oklahoma saying look, maybe these rate increases we should do something. maybe they won't go up to 39.6,
10:31 pm
but they'll go above 36, maybe 37 and in return there will be some entitlement tradeoffs and what that means is changing the cost of living calculator for social security, raising the medicare age, not for current recipients but future recipients and i think senator durbin, the no. 2 person in the democratic party, said look, if we don't reach this and we go to the fiscal cliff, the republicans will own it. maybe the republicans started to believe that. >> i was going say why the capitulation now on the republicans side? >> that's a great word. they wouldn't like you to say the word capitulation. they would say they're being statesmen and i think they look at the polls and the polls in the country say they're going to blame the house republicans. so they think if they can get some sort of tradeoff, it would be better than becoming the recipient of the blame for going over the fiscal cliff. >> how likely is it we're going to see this fiscal cliff
10:32 pm
deadline be moved back? >> well, that was the talk. i remember last sunday telling you that congressman davis said there will be a downpayment, but now there seems to be a certain sense that look, we want to do something comprehensive. we want to do something maybe not dotting every i and crossing every t, but something big. the only other sticking point -- i don't want to be too much of a polly anna is this debt increase which the republicans feel they can hold the leverage. the debt increase of 16.3 trillion, that's going to be part of the deal, too are but when both parties get scared that they're going to be the blame or they're not going to be able to move forward and the stock market gets plummeting down, then you're going to see real action. i think this is a very good sign. now boehner has to sell it to his own caucus and the president has 90 liberals or left wingers that he has to
10:33 pm
sell his part of the deal to, too. >> last few seconds i want you to look into your crystal ball and let me know what you think will happen this week in terms of the political rancorring. what big scene might we expect to see? >> i think you'll see a difference in tone because i think they'll start really seriously negotiating. they realize that time is ticking and they don't want to be a political casualty. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, as always, thank you. we'll see you next week. >> thank you, maureen. pennsylvania boy killed after accidentally being shot by one of his father's guns. it happened outside a gun store in western pennsylvania saturday morning. officers say 7-year-old craig allen loffrey was sitting in a safety seat when his father placed a handgun that he thought was unloaded into a storage unit and it fired. while the magazine in the gun was not loaded, one bullet remained in the chamber. authorities say they found the wreckage of a plane believed to be carrying mexican
10:34 pm
american singer jenni rivera and six others. the news comes hours after the plane went missing shortly after takeoff from monterrey, mexico. the wreckage was found in nuevo leon with no apparent survivors. the redskins back up step up big time against the ravens. >> but the big question tonight, the status of rg3 after a knee injury. scott smith is up next with the update in sports. >> we've got a bit of unsettled weather today, happy it didn't affect the redskins and their win, but we've got a change in temperatures coming. that's the big story now, a lot of southerly winds pushing up the mid-atlantic. how high will it go? we'll have those details in your full forecast just ahead. stay with us. [ knock on door ]
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i think you can hear
10:38 pm
redskins nation breathing a sigh of relief. >> we've been hearing a lot of the p word being thrown around, playoffs. >> we've seen robert griffin, iii test the human limitations physically. i'm pretty sure the knee bends one way and not the other, yet his knee kind of bent the other way and yet just a sprain. we say just a knee sprain, but he may still need some time, but who knows. the way robert griffin, iii plays the game say double edged sword to some ex -- is a double edged sword to some extent. his body takes a beating so the team gets the victory. today we all grimaced as we watched his latest high flying act. griffin takes off running and the knee goes one way. that's not good. fortunately mri results come back negative no, major ligament damage, but he was
10:39 pm
certainly in pain. as you see the replay, that right knee bends backwards, the official word knee aspirin. the big question is not whether or not that causes -- knee sprain. the big question is not whether or not that causes him to miss more games. rg3 came back into the game and converted a big 22-yard completion and that would lead to him leaving the game for good. that's where kirk cousins steps in to play after they kind of peel him off the turf. as he leaves the game, doctors examining on the sideline and here's griffin's reaction. >> they're like does it hurt here? here? yes. for the 14th time it hurts there. they told me it felt like my ligaments all feel good. it's just a matter of what the mri says and they told me my acl looked good. so i was feeling the positive vibes from them, feeling the positive vibes from the team. just the fact that we won the game makes everybody feel a lot
10:40 pm
better. >> so in steps kirk cousins coming to lead the final two plays of regulation down 8 connecting with pierre garcon from 11 yards out to pull the skins within 2, 29 seconds left in regulation. they have to go for 2 to force the tie. cousins calls his number, tucks and plunges in for the conversion, a huge moment for the backup to rise to the occasion and lead his team to overtime tied at 28-28. into o.t. a huge lift from grand new punt returner rich cowarded for -- brand-new punt returner richard crawford in for brandon banks. a 64-yard return brings the team within field goal range where four plays later it's kai forbath from 34 yards out to seal the dramatic overtime victory. he is 14-14 for field goals this year, 31-28 the final, kirk cousins a perfect 2-2 in spontanuity, a true team effort in the victory. >> it's been communicated to me by some veterans that they believe in me and if my name
10:41 pm
has to be called upon, they believe i can get it done and that means the world, but first and foremost, robert has been doing an awesome job and i have a lot to live up to if my number does get called because of the way he's played. >> it's really tough on the second and third quarterback not to get many reps, but you expect them to play as a starter in game situations. so his preparation has been great throughout the whole year. he's very on top of everything, went in there and didn't miss a beat. >> the redskins are really fortunate to have guys like cousins and griffin, rookies that talk like savvy veterans. they handle the game the same way and prepare in and out like both will get the start and it shows. the team is obviously just as confident with kirk cousins under center. >> a lot to celebrate tonight. coming up it's a trip every child dreams of, traveling to the north pole and meeting jolly old saint nick. tonight some special kids got behind the wheel to do just that.
10:42 pm
their story is coming up next. 
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some say laughter is the best medicine, but if you're a child with a serious illness, there could be something even better. >> how about santa. >> reporter: with travel passes in hand these children beamed with smiles from ear to ear as they geared up to see santa himself. >> our goal is hopefully it takes them out of the hospital environment they might be dealing with and put them in a mindset to celebrate the holiday season and just enjoy themselves. >> reporter: thanks to the wisconsin air national guard 128th refueling group along with hundreds of volunteers these kids battling life threatening conditions are getting to do something they've only dreamed of. >> they'll enjoy it. >> reporter: candace owens' 2- year-old little girl evelyn has
10:46 pm
leukemia and the event is a bright spot in a taxing week. >> monday through friday we're there doing chemo and we're there for four to five hours on end. >> reporter: for little lauren sharp who is also fighting a form of leukemia she spent last christmas in the hospital and celebrating the holiday was her no. 1 wish. >> a day like this has truly put her into high spirits and that's so important to have hope and high spirits. >> reporter: first a short bus ride, then on to santa's liner they go. with goodies in hand they hop ad board a kc--- hopped aboard a kc-135 completely decked out with christmas flair. destination the north pole? the military team radioed santa directly so the kids could share their wish lists. after taking turns in the cockpit it was time to meet saint nick greeted by a lane of carolers as they stepped into the ultimate christmas party. it was a magical day. the kids shared their
10:47 pm
excitement and words of encouragement with each other. >> stay strong. don't look back. >> reporter: of course, it wouldn't be christmas without presents, but for these children the real gift was having a dream come true. >> i'm always going to remember this christmas. >> what a wonderful sweet little thing to say. >> that's very, very nice. there was nothing wonderful about this weather out there today. >> no. >> we had the clouds, the rain, the fog and it wasn't the most pleasant of days at all. we do have some pleasant days ahead, nothing like the north pole, however. definitely foggy out there tonight and visibility really reduced quite a bit. we've had a lot of clouds and light drizzle. some of you seeing pockets of light to heavy rainfall in some areas, not steady throughout the day, but off and on just enough to make it aggravating.
10:48 pm
i know all those seats at fedex field were wet because it was raining before that game started. we've got a very unsettled start of the week ahead, a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast and we've got a big one day warm-up. that will balance it all out for you. we all are talking about some dry sunny days that are ahead in my seven-day forecast. in the meantime let's look at the numbers for today. we reached 52 degrees at reagan national airport, 53 at dulles and 50 at bwi thurgood marshall. right now it's still fairly mild outside, 48 at d.c., 46 at gaithersburg and baltimore, 49 degrees at quantico and 52 to the south at fredericksburg, 46 martinsburg and winchester, cumberland 45 and we've got 48 degrees at dulles. let's look at radar because we've been dealing with the light rain and drizzle off and on throughout the day. now you can see things have kind of waned off, not quite as widespread as earlier, but we
10:49 pm
are going to keep an eye on a couple of frontal systems that will change our weather pattern a bit. over the course of tonight we can't rule out light drizzle or a light pop-up shower. back to our weather maps. that we will watch very closely. here's a look at a fog advisory and laura mentioned how it looked outside. this fog advisory is in effect until 9 a.m. monday morning, definitely going to impact your morning commute. do be aware of that and keep your eyes to the skies. over areas of the upper midwest they've dealt with snow from a couple systems that roared in from the west and along areas of california through colorado got hit as well, but right now over the upper midwest. for us it's the wed weather. we'll see the code -- wet weather. we'll see that cold front move our way and before that we'll get a nice southerly flow. that will set us into nice spring-like temperatures mid- to upper 60s going into monday. this warm front will move its
10:50 pm
way to the north. as it does, we'll keep an eye on approaching low pressure systems and cold front. a couple scenarios here. the warm front to the north will give us an influx of warmer air monday, expect the mid-and upper 60s, and then the frontal system will move its way across. that will set us up for thunderstorms on monday. monday is one of those days where we'll start out with a little light shower activity, drizzle, fog. it's going to increase and become a little more widespread as the day wears on tomorrow. so be prepared for that. keep your umbrella handy and we could see some isolated thunderstorms. 48 degrees for your overnight low for d.c. and the fog will be picking around. here's a look at futurecast -- sticking around. here's a look at futurecast. tomorrow some of the rain is pushing through the course of the early morning hours but through the course of the day it becomes more widespread into the evening hours. it will be out of the way moving into the early part of
10:51 pm
tuesday. colder air with the strong cold front on the backside could give us some mountain snow showers. mostly cloudy, fog, rain and drizzle overnight. tomorrow we're talking morning fog, showers, a chance of isolated thunderstorms and some very warm windy conditions. winds will be gusty tomorrow. be prepared. we've got temperatures heading to the upper 60s, southern maryland, wouldn't be surprised if they hit 70 degrees. behind that frontal system that's going to move through a shot of cooler air. so we get right back to reality, back to the upper 40s and 50s and by wednesday till the weekend we've got plenty of sunshine kicking in, should be dry and pretty pleasant. it's something law enforcement officers in the d.c. area don't have to worry about, but with pot becoming legal for recreational use in colorado and washington, the new move poses a challenge in drafting the rules behind toking and driving. >> fox 5's william lajeunesse takes a look at how much is too
10:52 pm
much driving when high. >> reporter: the fear is that legalizing pot will only make things worse. advocates say that's not true that, smokers know when they are too high to drive. washington state taking no chances imposing a strict limit on the amount of pot drivers can have in their system. >> you want to know why i pulled you over? littering and smoking the reefer. >> reporter: driving while high, while illegal research shows more drivers are toking up, yet studies like this one in europe show too much marijuana affects coordination and judgment. >> one of the first and most important being an inability or reduced ability to divide one's attention. >> reporter: marijuana advocates say pot is far less debilitating than alcohol, yet a canadian study says those who drive within three hours of smoking pot are twice as likely to cause a crash. >> another effect of individuals who drive under the influence of marijuana say
10:53 pm
reduced ability to perceive time and distance. >> reporter: how much is too much. >> i know for a fact we're nun chartered territory. >> reporter: 12 states -- in unchartered territory. >> reporter: 12 states have a zero tolerance for pot. 5-nanograms per blood level is the statute in some states. >> similar to how the dui standards have evolved over the years, it's not sure if this standard will change. >> reporter: the problem is heavy users though not impaired can test positive weeks after smoking. also what and how you smoke it affects people differently. so even experts don't know how much pot causes impairment. >> for anyone to be able to say that two hits or two zones would get me 5-nanograms, it nearly is impossible to make that determination. >> reporter: thc is the compound in pot that makes you high. it's stored in fat. so a heavy user could test
10:54 pm
positive weeks after smoking, which is like colorado defeated the -- which is why colorado defeated the 5-nanogram standard. bottom line, this will be argued and litigated. in alcohol we started at 1.5 and came down. with pot advocates argued it should be more like 10- nanograms to reach impairment. electric taxi cabs could be coming to arlington. the county board is expected to vote tomorrow whether to approve the nation's first all electric taxi fleet. the electric vehicle taxicab company proposed the idea. it includes a fleet cars equipped with ipads to allow riders to browse the internet and pay with credit cards. coming up tonight it was a big day for redskins fans. justed that looking for any -- just ahead looking for any fan favorites this holiday season? we'll check out the redskins style lounge. >> on the news edge at 11:00 a terrifying scene in d.c. tonight, a woman and child
10:55 pm
gunned down on a metrobus full of riders. we're back with the latest details coming up on the news edge at 11:00.  [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets,
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huge night for country music tomorrow night. >> the american country music awards will be held. >> reporter: many of country music's biggest and brightest will be taking over since city for fox's third annual american country awards live monday night in las vegas. unlike other shows fans pick the winners voting for their favorites. >> in country our fans are just so involved with everything we do. so to be part of an awards show they'll get a chance to vote from home and have a say in who wins these things. it's awesome. >> reporter: it's those fans dirk bentley keeps an eye on
10:59 pm
while performing. >> it's crazy. you look in the front row and see your friends. some of them make you laugh or there's a hero in the front row that you're intimidated to be singing in front of. >> reporter: this is a great way to round out the year. >> it's very flattering and amazing and glad to be here. none of this is obviously possible without the fans supporting me and making all this stuff happen. >> reporter: the dynamic hosting duo of trace atkins and kristen chenoweth and they say it's time to ramp things up a notch. >> there might be a slight upping the ante and we also might not be -- honey boo boo might make an appearance. i'm just saying. >> reporter: they'll help hand out those trophies, but kristen has already learned no one needs to leave empty handed. we caught up with her in the shall backstage creations gifting room -- official ks


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