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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 23, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. our top story tonight, rg3 is back and giving redskins fans an early christmas present, another divisional win and one game closer to the playoffs. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm laura evans. >> i'm maureen umeh. we're joined by fox 5 sport director scott smith to kick off the night with a redskins
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win over the eagles. >> it's good to have rg3 back. he did have kind of like a bionic leg. wasn't his old self running all over the place. >> but they didn't have to do much. >> this team is kind of met morph sizing in front of our eyes. >> i like that word. >> another word we could throw out is maybe destiny, this team now a team of destiny, have not lost a game for seven weeks and today it came full circle because this crazy run of games began against the eagles five wins ago, never would have thought that win would kick off. this let's take a look at the highlights, the skins happy to have rg3 back on the field with that knee braced up. the final play of the 1st quarter skins down 7-0, nick foles industrialed by ryan kerrigan. richard crawford johnny on the spot scoops it up, one of two turnovers on the day, a season high five sacks in this game. led to the first of two kai
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forbath field goals. 2nd quarter skins find the end zone for the first time, griffin to josh morgan from 11 out, burgundy gold 13-7, up 13- 10 at the break. in the 2nd half it's alfred morris chipping away at that franchise season rushing record, 22 rushes, 91-yard, just 104 yards shy of that record. skins up 20-10. late 3rd a perfect pass from rg3 to santana moss from 22 yards out with another look. look at that, keeps one foot down, drags the other. that's a touchdown, but the two touchdown lead was trimmed to one, eight seconds left, eagles with a chance to time. nick foles gets the pass away, but it doesn't get past the line of scrimmage. the eagles swept for the first time since 2008 skins win 27-20 to make it six wins in a row. >> playing the best ball that we have all year at the right time. we're rolling and we all that
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know. it's been change in our mindset since after the bye week. i think everybody is just dialed in now. we know that we can win any kind of game we have to whether it's a high scoring game or low scoring game or gut wrencher at the end. >> we've been working for this opportunity to win the division. time in you win the division everybody knows you have a home field gain in the playoffs. we talked about that from day one. they knew what we had to do to get there. i told them we haven't accomplish anything yet. we've got to win the division, get it done next week. >> six straight wins, their longest regular season winning streak since 1996. next week it's the cowboys, winner clinches the division title. they need the bears and vikings to lose if they don't win, but a surefire way, just win next week here at fedex field against dallas. time is running out for christmas shopping and the redskins push to the playoffs.
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there were payouts for both today. >> fox 5's karen gray houston is live with the story. loud out there, karen. >> reporter: hey, if you have been procrastinating, you can still shop here, macy's open 24 hours. some of the other anchor stores here at tysons open until 11:00 tonight. check these folks out over here. these folks are all shopped out and some other shoppers or a redskins high. at the tysons center mall mostly shoppers were here to shop. but on game day when the stakes are high, redskins fans do not want to miss out on the action. >> my wife and i are really big rg3 fans and they held on, a nice big sense of relief when that intentional grounding call came at the end. >> reporter: at norton's american grill a 27-21 over the eagles was like going to heaven. how did rg3 do? >> he did well.
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he threw for two touchdowns and an interception wasn't bad, right? >> there's a difference with this team. it's a team that really is a team. robert griffin, iii is their leader, but like they really play as a team. alfred morris has been a great back for the season. they really look good. >> reporter: what about the cowboys next weekend? >> they're playing at redskins home field advantage and with the divisional win we're pumped up and can. >> reporter: some spouses let their significant others shop while they eyeballed the game. don't get me wrong. some shoppers were here to finish last minute holiday shopping. is santa coming to your house? >> no. >> reporter: really? >> been a naughty boy this year. >> reporter: but redskins fever was evident everywhere, especially after rg3 and the gang eked out a win. >> i just came out here because the redskins won and i wanted to, you know, do a little shopping after the redskins won, my victory lap. >> reporter: others stood in a
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very long line to take the kids to see santa. >> i want a bright light pillow and some other stuff. >> reporter: what are you going to ask for? >> for a helicopter and a batman tower and a goldfish and blades. >> reporter: the retailers have tried really hard to get customers' attention. we noticed some discounts 60 to 80% off. it looks as if consumers might be a little nervous about the approaching fiscal cliff and the possibility of those tax increases and spending cuts, but i did manage to do a little shopping while i was out here and if you're good, i'll bring a little something back to you. >> oh, karen gray houston, always multi-tasking, i appreciate that. we'll see you back here. i can't wait to see what you got me. meantime fox 5 is tracking santa as he gets ready to take
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flight. the u.s. military released this preview clip of santa claus. this is norad, the north american aerospace defense command. while we count down to christmas we are also tracking the holiday forecast. fox 5's gwen tolbart joins us now from the weather center. we've asked about the chances for a white christmas. anything new tonight perhaps? >> we've got a little active weather moving into the course of tomorrow, but i am not looking at it bringing us anything in terms of a white christmas. let's look at the maps. here's a look at our satellite and radar composite, a few clouds moving into the south of us. we had rail bright day, plenty of sunshine -- a really bright day, plenty of sunshine due to a ridge of high pressure. we have a freezing rain advisory in effect from 6 a.m. until noon on monday to the west of us and we are talking a
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period of freezing rain and sleet early in the morning. then we'll see some snow mixing in a little later, but less than an inch of accumulation as far as the snow is concerned and less than .1-inch accumulation of ice. just keeping a close eye on this system. here's a look at the numbers today. we reached 47 at all three airports today, temperatures slightly above the seasonal average for the day and right now it is chiy out there, 38 degrees at reagan national, 31 at baltimore, only 27 at manassas, 28 at dulles. so we're in for a pretty cool night looking at 35 degrees becoming mostly cloudy, cool and cold by the time we get through into the overnight hours. we have some unsettled days ahead, but so far christmas looks pleasant. i'll have those details later on and i'm like that little guy. i'm going to get my christmas list into santa, too. >> of course you can get your up to the minute holiday forecasts on the fox 5 weather app. download it from the apple app
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store or the android market or text fox 5 weather to 29473. some extra love for a little girl shot on a metrobus earlier this month. 2-year-old cody's mother selina brown died in that shooting on minnesota avenue and southeast. cody needs reconstructive surgery, so a few folks organized a fundraiser and toy drive to make her christmas happier. >> we wanted to reach out to the family to give them some type of community support to let them know that the community is behind them. we send them our deepest condolences. >> i just was like i have to go out and get whatever i can for her. bring her spirits up, you know, and that this is something she will remember and it will always comfort her knowing that people love her. >> isn't that wonderful. cody's grandmother will now raise her. so the organizers hoped they could show the family they didn't have to handle
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everything alone. coming up it is the hot button issue of the week, gun control. tonight the nra speaks out again on the issue, this time on one of the sunday morning talks shows. plus or fox 5 political analyst weighs in on the issue. >> plus we'll introduce you to an inspirational little girl whose only wish for the holidays is to give back to santa one letter at a time. 
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the head of the national prime association is not backing down from his calls for -- rifle association is not backing down from his calls for an armed guard in every school in america. neither of those calling for stricter gun laws. the two sides squared off outside a gun shop today in virginia. >> reporter: this was a very small protest involving only about a dozen people, but they say their message is big, change the gun laws now before more innocent people get hurt.
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the protests took place outside nova firearms on west broad street in falls church. >> as people of faith, we believe in compassion and care and love. >> reporter: led by father jim birch, the group face united for gun sanity, is calling for two key changes. >> guns are responsible for the slaughter of innocence time and time again in america. so we're calling for two things, the end of assault weapons and clips and funding of mental health programs. >> i would recommend a revolver similar to this one. >> reporter: nova firearms chief instructor chuck nesby says whether than banning weapons he thinks the emphasis ought to be on teaching how to properly secure them. >> obviously in the case in connecticut the lady did not have her firearms secured from a mentally illegal person, but that's something that's doable. >> reporter: nesby says all the talk about banning guns suns the tragedy has sent sales soaring. -- since the tragedy has sent sales soaring.
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>> about a 400% increase. why is that? people are afraid of the government. they're afraid of their second amount. rights being restricted to protect themselves. >> reporter: senator mark warner who has an a rating from the nra is weighing in on the issue, too. >> if my memory is correct, there actually was an armed individual at columbine years ago and it didn't prevent that tragedy. so i think we need a comprehensive approach. i think it looks at mental health and protecting our schools and i also think it looks at these high volume magazines, you know, that can fire off so many rounds. >> reporter: father birch says people of faith can't stay silent on the gun issue any longer. >> to get into a place where we are defined not by the caliber of our character, but by the caliber of our weapon is a disgrace. >> reporter: senator dianne feinstein who introduced the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 has already said she will introduce similar legislation again in january.
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back to you. >> thank you, audrey. between this and the fiscal cliff debates there is a lot to talk about in politics tonight. we're bringing in as always fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. good to see you tonight. >> good to be here. >> let's start where audrey left off, the nra's wayne lapierre called senator feinstein's proposals a phoney bit of legislation built on lies and said it won't pass. why? >> i think there's an entirely different climate. i think wayne lapierre is out of touch with public mood. you just ran claim of senator mark warner, a rating nra who is obviously rethinking his position. senator manchin of west virginia, a proud nra member, has said that there has to be fundamental change and so i think you have people who were really advocates of leaving the gun control measures alone have now shifted and i think there
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is going to be legislation. the only problem is you mention the dianne feinstein is that in the past people have that had assault weapons before the ban were grandfathered in. so they're going to have to look that the. >> there seems to be this -- look at that. >> there seems to be this myth in the nra that very powerful politician goes up against them. should people fear the nra and why? where does this come from and why are they this untouchable group no one should challenge? >> there are 4 million members. they put their money where their mouth is, but in the last election cycle they didn't do well at all. they profiled certain senators for defeat and with the exception of one they all lost. they said that barack obama who has really been to call him cautious would be almost kind really silent on the issue. they said he would be a disaster. they lost with him. so i think that their political muscle has been very much diminished and whether it's
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been diminished or not people now who were formerly pro nra and were fearful of them are now ready to change their positions and vote against them. >> i want to move on and talk about the fiscal cliff. speaker john boehner certainly taking a huge hit last week with his plan b proposal, didn't even get off the ground with his own party. where does this leave things now? >> in some ways boehner was prophetic and said only gods knows. so mark plotkin doesn't know, but i really think it will be a much smaller version. in the end they'll come up with something and it will probably be some break-away republicans, if there are any in the house, and the senate democrats to at least come up with something and then work toward the next year. >> you think there will be a deal? >> a miniaturized deal. >> lastly let's talk about this cabinet positions, appointments made. we're hearing former republican senator chuck hagel may be nominated secretary of defense,
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but a little something going on. what's it all about? >> he's considered against gay right, not sufficiently pro israel negotiating with iran and even republicans like john cornyn of texas said they're going to come out against him. it almost seems like susan rice all over again and they might appoint the -- the president might appoint the first woman secretary of defense michelle flornoy or someone named ashton carter in the defense department. they don't want a confirmation battle with all the other things happening. >> we're keeping our eye on a comber of things in the upcoming -- number of things in the upcoming weeks with fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. idaho republican michael crapo was pulled over at 1 a.m. this morning in alexandria at hume and mount vernon avenues. an officer reportedly saw the senator run a red light. he was arrested, taken to jail
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and released on bond. the senator released a statement saying in part, "i am deeply sorry. i made a mistake for which i apologize to my family, constituents and any others who put their trust in me. i accept total responsibility and will deal with whatever penalty comes my way." the senator is due in court january 4th. just ahead tonight spreading holiday cheer to people in newtown, connecticut, a family from nebraska travels hundreds of miles to deliver love and support to a grieving community. >> later a survivor speaks out nearly two weeks after being shot in another mass shooting just days before the tragedy in newtown. the news at 10:00 will be right back. 
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grief has poured in from all over the world for the families in newtown, connecticut, and a family in nebraska decided to show just how much sympathy they wanted to offer. >> they gathered toys, got in a truck and drove across the country. >> reporter: nebraska to
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newtown, connecticut, a little over 1,300 miles, but since last friday you might say nebraskans are friends. >> it's just important to know that newtown knows they're not suffering in isolation. the whole country hurts. we all mourn tomorrow. >> reporter: so cornhusker -- mourn tomorrow. >> reporter: so these cornhuskers decided to take -- mourn together. >> reporter: so these cornhuskers decided to take a road trip of all road trips and filled a trailer with the best wishes of surrounding communities. >> that's take lot of toys. >> reporter: and arrive -- a lot of toys. >> reporter: and arrived in newtown after driving 24 hours straight. >> driving through iowa was pretty if-y. >> reporter: a storm that brought the midwest to a halt but could not stop this trio from traveling to connecticut carrying bag after bag and box after box of stuffed animals and supplies, but something
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even more, a message of love. >> i can't stand the thought of those kids that were in that school that day trying to figure out why there's so much hate in the world. >> reporter: they've set up a facebook page there is more love than hate chronicling their trip. it's gotten hundreds of likes already. here's a picture of their post dropoff celebratory meal connecticut style. wahoo is known as the home office of david letterman's show, but what they did is no joke. >> i hope we can make somebody feel a little better for a little while. >> nice to see that. coming up heading to the new year's and another four years in d.c. president obama is getting up for a second term. >> later a little girl battling cancer gets her christmas wish to help other children through the make a wish foundation. we'll have her story. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] there are plenty of reasons to be jolly
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is weighing in on the use of drones saying people shouldn't be afraid of them. drones are the unmanned aircraft sometimes used by the u.s. military. right now virginia does not use drone technology but mcdonnell says that could change in the future. he says the technology helps catch bad guys and keep people safe. to syria now where a deadly airstrike on a bakery is caught on tape, more than 10 people killed in the attack. fighting between the rebels and president assad's troops have been going on nearly two years now. three people are now charged with blowing up a house and leveling or damaging several more on purpose. that explosion killed two people and left an entire indianapolis neighborhood devastated. investigators say it was all
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for money. tonight community members are paying tribute to the victims. yvonne mann shows us how. >> reporter: it doesn't take much to make a light. >> it's magical. it has meanings on multiple levels. >> reporter: but after everything richmond hill has been through. >> just kind of a way to make the neighborhood look beautiful again. >> reporter: they came together to recharge a community. >> i think because of all the houses going down it kept getting darker and i thought what is it we can do and i thought luminary. >> it's a lot of loss all at the same time and yet i can still stand here and smile and i can't explain it. >> reporter: andrea cox's home was the second house demolished after thanksgiving. she says this night is all about shine is going positive. >> watching our house get demolished was a step of closure. tonight is yesterday's news is another step. this is a step. >> reporter: they are baby steps she says as hundreds join her to remember the dozens of homes demolished and two lives
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lost. neighbors made a display of hearts with two special luminaries for jennifer and dion longworth. >> they've taken a little soil from their property and lit their lights first. >> reporter: and after a silent and dark six weeks they are keeping spirits high this holiday. >> each day you learn more like yes, we're rebuilding. that's what you want to hear. >> reporter: it doesn't take much to see when there's light, there is also a fire within those who overcome. >> richmond held strong. nothing can break us. new developments tonight in a bomb scare in college park, prince george's county police arrested 29-year-old john frank jenkins. they believe jenkins put an explosive device in a van parked on edgewood road. police found the explosives friday morning and the bomb squad deactivated the device. jenkins is facing two felony charges which could come with
10:32 pm
jail time and fines. in prince george's county firefighters battled a fire at a 110-year-old house in lanham that started around 12:30 this afternoon on princess garden farcway. crews knocked out the fire in 10 -- parkway. crews knocked out the fire in 10 minutes. about $50,000 worth of damage was sustained. no one was hurt. a second man is dead after a double shooting in northwest d.c. around 1:45 a.m. yesterday in the 1100 block of bladensburg road. police found one of the men laying in the road already dead identified as 44-year-old raymond harris. this morning 59-year-old nathaniel beasley died of his injuries. there is a reward for help tracking down the killer. you may have noticed construction happening in the area of the white house. millions of dollars are being spent to put on the inauguration of president obama's second term january 21st. >> you might be surprised to find out how much things are
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costing. fox 5's matt ackland took a look at the numbers. >> reporter: work has been underway for weeks to build a viewing stand in front of the john a. wilson building. it's a great spot. the mayor and council members along with invited guests will sit in this heated room as the parade and president pass by. here's a shot from four years ago. but when we asked d.c.'s department of general services how much it cost to build, we were told $342,000. $340,000 for one day >> what? >> that's a waste of money. >> reporter: we're told that money is paid by the district but is reimbursed by the federal government. the district government also oversees the building of the viewing stand and media riser near the white house. a d.c. general services spokesperson told us the cost for the project at the white house and wilson building add up to $2.8 million. >> to be honest with you, sir, they should put that money in
10:34 pm
trying to create jobs because a lot of people is out of work. >> reporter: but some say that money is well spent providing needed jobs to builders and allowing the nation to celebrate its president. >> it's good for the nation. that's okay. >> reporter: already the wilson building has large windows that look over pennsylvania avenue. in fact, many council members plan to hold parties here during the parade, but if that's not good enough, this well built heated expensive addition out front is one of the best seats in town. so who pays for all this? well, contacts inside the presidential inaugural committee and national park service says the money will come from the federal government to pay for these projects. in the district matt ackland, fox 5 news. sports is next when the news at 10:00 returns. coming up a different rg3 took to the field against the eagles but with the same results. scott smith is up next with sports. >> lots of sunshine today,
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temperatures well a result of the jet stream. to the north of us we'll see our temperatures sticking around into the 40s, but we've got some changes coming. we'll have the details coming up a little later. we'll be back after the break.
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talking redskins football and boy, we are loving it. this team is on a roll and just looking good. >> my husband who has been a fan since he was yea high said today my team is back! >> we assume he's taller than yea high right now. he's all grown up. we focus so much on robert griffin, iii, but we just learned what else this team is capable of. one of the unsung heroes is that whole defensive unit. today we saw some of that stepping up today. there's an old saying defense wins championships, but more specifically turnovers win championships. that's one area the redskins have played at a championship
10:39 pm
level causing multiple turnovers in all but one of the games in their current winning streak which explains how they can get outgained by nearly 100 yards and still win. in the final seconds of the 1st quarter eagles up 7-0 and the skins. the fumble recovered by richard crawford leading to a kai forbath 42-yard field goal, skins on the board. 2nd quarter now 7-6. nick foles pass deflected by barry cofield picked off by london fletcher, now the third straight game fletch has had an interception. five plays later rg3 quick pass to josh morgan. he finds his way in from 11 yards out for the score. skins with the lead for good from there, 13-7 in the 3rd quarter. skins up 20-13. eagle goes for it on a 4th and 2. ryan kerrigan sends his blocker and lorenzo alexander credited with the sack as the skins seven plays later
10:40 pm
capitalize from seven plays later griffin on a 3rd and 10 connecting with santana moss, a beautiful pitch and catch. look at moss, gets one foot planted, the other one drags. that's a touchdown as the redskins hold on to sweep the eagles 27-20, six game regular winning streak, the team's longest since 1996. >> we did some good things in the 1st half of this season, but we couldn't put teams away and i thought from an offensive perspective we had the running game going, but we didn't take it to the next lev with our receivers and i thought -- level with our receivers and i thought that's probably been the biggest difference in our offense is how the receivers have performed over the last six games. we've got to get sacks and turnovers. we've been able to do that on defense. i was really proud the way they finished. you got to find a way to win those tight games. they're not easy unless everybody is on the same page. >> rg3 not much of a running threat today, just two carries, really just one. first skins possession where we
10:41 pm
start and he's moving gingerly as he gains 5 yards and safely runs out of bounds. the only other carry would be a kneel-down the end of the 1st half. in the 2nd quarter you see a little more mobility on a 3rd and 8 eagles 24. he's plushed out of the pocket, buying some time. he throws it away. he gets pushed out of bounds, so not running really part of his arsenal today but still getting the job done. >> whatever i felt like during the game and so that's why they call me quarterback. it's ant abbreviated with a running quarterback before that or whatever else anyone wants to say. they call me quarterback because i lead the team. i'm supposed to go out there, throw the ball arks cyst the ball and hand it off to al -- ball, assist the ball and hand it off to alfred. >> you wonder how much mobile came down to the knee brace itself. that thing was huge and kind of encompassed most of his leg. if that's the issue and the
10:42 pm
knee is one more step towards being fully healed next brace, maybe he doesn't have the knee on there. >> unleash the fury. thanks, scott. coming up some last minute shoppers are still out and about at this hour with less than two days until christmas, which stores are keeping their doors open a little longer. >> plus the holiday shopping forecast when the news at 10:00 returns in minutes. 
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tis the season for procrastination. with just two days before christmas last minute shoppers were out in full force today. this weekend was busier than black friday as several stores are offering last minute deals to entice customers. many stores like macy's, target and nordstrom are expanding hours to cash. in their doors have been open since friday at 6 a.m. and will not close until tomorrow night at 10:00.
10:46 pm
while we don't have any hard numbers to say how much shoppers are buying, analysts predict a slight slump because of superstorm sandy and the looming fiscal cliff. people who weren't shopping may have been rushing to their loved ones in time for christmas eve. whether it's by car or plane, traveling is always a gamble this time of year. fox's david lee miller has a rundown of this year's holiday hustle. >> reporter: an estimated 5.6 million americans are expected to take to the air this holiday season, two days before christmas so far so good. look at the arrival and departure boards here at laguardia airport in queens, new york. there are no cancellations, no delays, in fact, some flights arriving early. systemwide this is very encouraging, only about 40 cancellations today, overall 500 delays. most of the travels are we talked to say they came to the airport expecting the worst, but it looks like it's going to be a trouble-free day. >> i just got here, so far so
10:47 pm
good checking in my bags. now i'm going through. with the big luggage just carry- on seems like it's going to be kind of a battle putting it in the overhead compartment. >> we're traveling four girls and my husband who is busy checking the bags outside going through dallas, three hours there. we're not going to get to chicago for 12 hours. 12 hour day for us. >> reporter: in addition to the millions of americans taking to the air this holiday season, about 90% of americans are actually going to travel on the road. they say one in four americans will make some type of road trip. analysts say the price of gasoline averages about $3.24 a gallon nationwide and it's expected to not adversely affect travel plans. david lee miller, fox news. >> i'm so happy to be staying put. >> i am, too. >> yes. >> avoid those crowds. not much weather to be dealing with really, a little
10:48 pm
system, i guess, tomorrow. >> right. we've got a second one to watch. we'll put it all together because a lot of variables in place here. today was wonderful, plenty. sunshine, not a bad day at all. we didn't have to deal with winds. that was a good thing. here's a beautiful shot of the sky with our national monuments but things are changing. we've got a few days that will be unsettled moving into the beginning of the week starting with tomorrow. christmas day is looking very pleasant, however, so far. midweek we've got another system to watch. there are two systems we're watching and some very cold nights that will stick around. we're not going to get away from those. today's highs 47 degrees at all three airports, temperatures 2 to 3 degrees above the seasonal average. let's look at current temperatures now. we are at 38 degrees at d.c., 32 degrees at quantico this hour, 39 at fredericksburg, 28 at dulles and frederick, 36 in
10:49 pm
hagerstown, 42 martinsburg. lows tonight beautiful the low 30s and might be able to even see an upper 20 in some of -- will be the low 30s and might be able to seen see an upper 20s in some neighborhoods. the map gives a pretty good indication where of? our frontal systems is. all the cold air on the backside front of moving its way toward the mid-atlantic will push its way towards us. that will be a factor dealing with this approaching system, the amount of cold air that pushes its way in because we'll get a surge of moisture coming in. we have to try to determine the type of precipitation we'll get as a result. you can see how cold it is on the backside with some of these temperatures into the single digits. some wet weather along areas of the southwest and excuse me, the northwest and southwest. as we look towards the gulf states, a little activity here, some rain moving its way through into atlanta from another system and over the
10:50 pm
northeast we still have a little bit of light snow activity. for us things are all very calm as far as the skies are concerned. so here's a look at what's going on. clear skies, a few clouds rolling in from the south. what we're cooping an eye on is a system that's -- keeping an eye on is a system that's going to push its way in through the ohio valley and head our way. currently tomorrow morning from 6 a.m. until noon there is a winter weather advisory including highland, mineral, grant counties and game from 6 a.m. until noon. -- again from 6 a.m. until noon. we're talking about a period of sleet and freezing rain and some of it changing into all rain, but depending how the temperatures hold up. these areas we could definitely see slick roads, could see a little snow as well mixed in. here's a look at futurecast because we're keeping an eye on the system as it moves closer towards us. it looks like as we move through winter tomorrow, we're
10:51 pm
talking a variation of precipitation. by noon tomorrow we see some of this moving into the western areas. once we hit the 2:00 hour we've got this line of mixed precipitation, rain to the south and snow to the north, very little or no accumulation as far as the d.c. area. to the west of us they could see maybe 1 to 3 inches of aumulation and we get into that rain event. tuesday we're doing well, christmas day, then wednesday back with the second system. look at this. it's a little stronger. we could see a little more of the winter precip moving in. we've got a little wintery mix to deal with because it's going right over us, that system. then we get into a lot of rainfall heading into wednesday. so a lot of variation going on with this forecast. we'll keep an eye on it for you. in the meantime here's a look at tomorrow, possible morning sleet and snow mix and then looks like it will change all to rain, little or no accumulation. let's have a look at the fox 5
10:52 pm
accuweather seven-day forecast. christmas day is absolutely spectacular. it's dry, sunny, but christmas night is when we'll be looking overnight into wednesday for that second system to hit us. so tomorrow will be not so great out there weatherwise. >> thank you, gwen. it's been nearly two weeks since the mass shooting at an oregon mall made headlines nationwide and tonight the 15- year-old surviving victim is speaking out for the first time. >> being home with family. >> reporter: surrounded by her family on the mend from the unthinkable, christina relives the home she came face to face with the killer. >> i only saw him for an instant only to see he was wearing a black mask and carrying a gun. didn't even realize that it was a real gun. i thought maybe it was a prank. >> reporter: it wasn't until the first shots rang out that
10:53 pm
christina realized not only was this gun real, but jacob roberts was heading in her direction and as bullets with hissed past her she hid -- whizzed past her she hid behind a pillar by her best friend and when she looked down, she realized she'd been shot in the chest. >> i did feel a lot of pressure and pain, but you can't describe it. >> reporter: christina was rushed to the hospital where doctors removed bullet fragments from her collapsed lung and bruised liver. her father says it's nothing short of a miracle that she's even here. >> biggest present for us for crist ma, she is alive -- christmas, she is alive. otherwise i'm not sure what is going to be. >> reporter: the courageous teen who has endured so much struggles with many questions about that day including why two other innocent people died. >> it is hard to think that why should they have to be the ones that weren't able to run away?
10:54 pm
they were just passing by like regular all other people. it shouldn't be that they have to be the ones that didn't get away. >> reporter: but when asked about the man who shot her, she harbors no hate. instead hoping to remind others just how precious life is. >> he night have had a hard life. i don't know what his life was like or his reasons for doing what he did. so i can't exactly blame him. it only shows how s how prepared we have to be and how we have to cherish every moment because you never know when it can be the last. still ahead tonight beating the odds just in time for the holidays, a mother of three proves her doctor wrong and survives a triple organ attraction plant, her miraculous story next --
10:55 pm
transplant, her miraculous story next. >> then a little girl with cancer got her wish. now she's helping other sick children get theirs one letter to santa at a time next on the news edge at 11:00.
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10:58 pm
five months ago a georgia mother believed she would not survive to see this holiday season, but now she's home with her family after undergoing a triple organize an transplant. >> chef any lindstrom got to -- stephanie lindstrom got to thank the doctors and nurses who gave her back the life. here's the story from atlanta. >> you are a medical miracle and we're so proud of you and proud to have been able to participate in your care. when i think back six months or so and remember you in the icu, you were amazingly ill. you were so sick we had a lot of debatesabout whetherring to ahead and we bet -- about whether to go ahead and we bet on you because of your tion. >> reporter: today a celebration was held in her
10:59 pm
honor, among those in attendance, all the nurses and stuff members who were there for her journey. stephanie has had a lifetime of congenital heart problems, but things got worse this summer when she was told she not only needed a new heart, but new kidney and liver. stephanie was born without a tricuspid which helps move blood in the right direction. despite this setback stephanie has run 18 marathons. by the time she graduated college she had already undergone four heart procedures. in early july she was told her condition had worsened. she and her family prepared for the worst. >> my family actually came in on july 4th individually and would say good-bye. >> reporter: but two days later the call came. they had a match. >> it's wonderful to have an option for these young patients and there are others like her that


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