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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  December 24, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EST

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you're not gay? "i just have fancy pants." >> i'm making it worse! ♪ that's what we dishin' 'bout good morning. it's 4:25 on this monday. christmas eve. look how quiet it is outside. nobody wants to be outside. it's cold. temperatures are in the 30s. we will check in with tucker in a few minutes. >> everyone is talking about the redskins. they beat the eagles and are one game away from securing a play-off spot. it comes down to sunday's game against dallas. the skins are the talk of the town. >> yes. good morning, i'm sarah
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simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. we have been apart for a long time. >> it's been weeks since i have seen you. >> you know who hasn't been here. >> who hasn't. >> who has? >> tucker barnes has been here the whole time. i think he is barely awake. >> unfortunately. >> i started to think you two were the same person because you were gone. >> i heard you say that while i was on vacation. >> you were up early. >> i was watching. if you are out running about for last minute shopping, we have clouds on the increase. eventually a chance for some shower activity around here later today. some of those showers could begin at the onset, a little bit of sleet across the area. ice pellets hitting your windshield, that is the cold air locked in place. today won't be a great looking day. not expecting a lot in the way of precip but you can see the storm system on the move from the south and west. i don't think we will see much
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until later this afternoon. by then temperatures should be in the low 40s. probably chilly showers around unfortunately for christmas eve. temperature at reagan national 22. a cold start. high today of about 40 or so with lots of clouds and light rain showers developing. could start as a brief period of sleet or freezing rain across the area. more details on the weather, 1/2 hours' worth. >> you make it sound so wonderful. top stories, happening in afghanistan today, an american advisor has been killed at the police headquarters in kabul. afghan officials say the advisor was killed by an afghan police woman. they are investigating whether it was intentional or an accident. the woman was taken into custody shortly after the shooting. michael crapo is charged with dui. a police officer saw him drive
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through a red light early saturday morning. the senator reportedly registered a blood alcohol level of .11. in virginia the legal limit is .08. he released an official apology. all you holiday shopping procrastinators, today is the last day to get what you need. macy's is open 24 hours. the deals and longer hours aren't helping people spend more money. sales fell 2 1/2 percent since the black friday weekend. in football news, robert griffin, iii was back in action sunday to play on his injured right knee the first time in two weeks. >> it was a limited version but he got the job done in a different way. fox 5 sports reporter lindsay murphy has more from the rookie quarterback. >> i was playing quarterback
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for the washington redskins. i felt like myself. >> reporter: rg3 was limited in his running accounting for two carries and four yards. he made up for his lack of mobility with his arm throwing two touchdown passes. >> i thought he did an excellent job coming back and not having the reps last week and be able to do what he did today. i was impressed. >> it's not abbreviated with a running quarterback before that or whatever else want to say. they call me the quarterback because i lead the team. i'm supposed to throw the ball and hand it off and that's what i did. >> he had the support of alfred morris who scored his 10th touchdown of the season. like morris, all of robert's teammates were happy he was back on the field. >> his willingness to be out there and his passion for the game to be out there and do what he loves to do. >> when i knew he was suiting up, that's all you have to give
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me. >> reporter: robert said that this team is playing their best ball at the right time. six straight since the bye week and one win away from the first nfc east division tight until 13 years. lindsay murray, fox 5 sports. >> we have plenty ahead. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. >> happy monday and happy christmas eve. is that how it goes? happy christmas eve. merry christmas, happy holidays. i got it all in. a live look outside on a chilly monday. for those of you getting up or if you are still out shopping at this early morning hour. >> some people could be. >> some could be. >> the stores are open, some of them. >> 24 hours. amazing trying to get it in. tucker will talk about the weather in a second. we want to say good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin.
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>> i'm sarah simmons. let's get a check of the weather with tucker barnes. if you are going out there now, it's cold. temperatures area wide are below freezing. okay day. we will get clouds moving in and eventually rain showers. might start with a few sleet pellets. >> yesterday was pretty good. not bad. >> yesterday was fine. >> i was busy watching football all day and i made a quick trip to the store and wade in line for 45 minutes. i didn't see the outdoors a lot. 32 reagan national. it's gotten cold overnight. the clouds are starting to increase. 26 dulles. 28 at bwi marshall. clouds increasing this morning. i think by afternoon we will see some showers move in. they will be light showers as our storm system takes shape into the deep south. this is a weak system. it doesn't have a lot with it.
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i wish on christmas eve we could talk about some of the white stuff but i think for the most part this will be liquid as we get a push of warm air. highs about 40. we will see light showers redeveloping during the afternoon as that push of moisture comes in from tennessee, down to atlanta at the moment. here is the forecast, lots of clouds to start the day. high temperatures about 40 with showers developing. might be a couple sleet pellets when it gets going around noon, 1:00, 2:00 today. >> okay. >> we could see white stuff later in the week. >> we have a couple more chances. we have more storms in the forecast wednesday and saturday. we will talk about those in a minute. >> okay, cool. time to check traffic with jeff new man. good morning. julie wright is off. i wanted to say this, hello, newman. >> i never heard that before. >> oh. >> 15 years too late on that. >> good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> you are looking at the map.
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nothing is going on. no one is out shopping yet but i need to get something done. federal government is closed today. mail delivered as usual. schools closed throughout the area but h.o.v. restrictions are in effect maryland and virginia. metro running weekday service but dre not running on christmas eve. i'm looking at the maps and the cameras, noth going on. traffic is moving at speed. light volume. no problems at the wilson bridge, leg again bridge and into m, 27 -- into maryland, 270. everyone is still asleep. expect to get some cameras by the shopping malls later on today. i promise you that. we will keep a look on it for you. that's a look at your fox 5 on-
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time traffic. >> into the end zone is joshua morgan. the redskins lead for the first time. >> they would lead for the rest of the time. they beat the eagles 27-20. alfred morris pounded from the ground. robert griffin threw for two scores. they can clinch the nfc east with a win over the cowboys. fans managed to get in some last minute christmas shopping. karen gray houston spent sunday shopping where many redskins fans were on a high. >> reporter: mostly shoppers were here to shop. but on game day redskins fans don't want to miss out on the action. >> my wife and i are big rg3 fans. they held on. nice big sense of relief when
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that intentional grounding call came. >> the game is over. >> reporter: at american grill, a 27-20 win over the eagles was like going to heaven. how did rg3 do. >> he did well. threw for two touchdowns. his interception wasn't bad. >> there is a difference with this team. they are a team. robert griffin, iii is their leader but they play as a team. morris was a great back. they look good. >> what about the cowboys next weekend. >> they are playing add redskins so home field advantage. we are bumped up and confident. >> reporter: some spouses let their significant others shop while they eyeballed the game. some were here to finish the last plant holiday shopping. >> is santa coming to your house? >> no. >> been a naughty boy this year. >> reporter: redskins fever was
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evident everywhere, especially after rg3 and the gang eked out a win. >> i came out here because the redskins won and i wanted to do a little shopping, my victory latch. >> reporter: others were in a long line to take the kids to see santa. >> i want a bright light pillow and some other stuff. >> what are you going to ask for. >> a helicopter and a batman tower and a gold fish and bright blades. >> consumers may be nervous about the fiscal cliff and the possibility of tax increases and spending cuts. with time running out to reach a deal, lawmakers are finger pointing about the lack of progress on averting tax hikes and deep spending cuts next month.
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senator joe lieberman says he believes it's more likely that the deadline will not be met. we are learning more about the dui arrest of a u.s. senator. idaho republican michael crepo was pulled over in alexandria. an officer said he saw him run a red light. police say senator crepe po -- crepo registered a blood alcohol level of .11. he was released on pound about four hours later -- bound about four hours later. the. the nation's largest gun
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lobby says efforts by congress to regulate guns or ammunition would not prevent more mass shootings like the one in connecticut. the nra response is being panned on several fronts, even from republicans. >> i say not to mention guns in trying to eliminate school violence is like not mentioning cigarettes and trying to eliminate lung cancer. it makes no sense. i am hopeful we can get this done in a pop-up shower way. >> i'm -- in a bipartisan way. >> i'm not someone that believes having multiple armed guards in schools will enhance the learning environment. that is the first responsibility. you don't want this to be an armed camp for kids. >> president obama assembled a task force to reduce gun violence and wants concrete proposals within a month.
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another inside attack in afghanistan targeting on americans. we will have the latest from overseas next. >> plus, day three of the first family's vacation in hawaii. we will tell you how they are been spending the holiday season on the island. 
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as much began police officials -- afghan police officials say a shooting happened at police h in -- headquarters in kabul. in a separate incident the u.s. military is investigating the apparent suicide of a navy seal in afghanistan.
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joe price of pennsylvania died saturday. he was based in virginia beach. doctors are expected to decide if president george h.w. bush can leave the hospital in time for christmas. he has been hospitalized with a lingering cough since november but he needs to build up his energy before he can be released. doctors are optimistic he will make a full recovery but are being extra cautious with his care. president obama and first lady michelle attended a service for daniel inno way after the service, mr. obama briefly visited the grave of his grandfather. the first family went tore a hike on a trail near the obama vacation home that leads to a waterfall and swimming hole. still ahead, remembering the victims of the connecticut shooting. what they have planned. but first tucker barnes will tell us about weather.
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>> good morning, guys. an interesting week of weather. a lot to talk about today. generally a rain he meant. -- event. -- event. 
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in case you are wondering, santa is getting ready for take off. you can track his every move going to this web site, norad you can watch him flying in and out of time zones doing his thing. >> so much fun to watch, see how close he is to your neighborhood. >> busy day for him. >> he doesn't have to stand in line, deal with the cold. >> he can handle the weather conditions. >> what kind of weather? around here, when he gets here later tonight and tomorrow, we should be fine. up ahead of his arrival we have rain showers maybe at the onset here north and west of the city, a little frozen sleet and a little bit of -- maybe a few snowflakes, one of those, either way we aren't getting a lot of anything. we aren't concerned with travel but it won't make for a great looking day.
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>> all right. >> let's start with it got cold. 32. temperatures falling into the 20s and 30s for much of the area. leonardtown 32. manassas 23. 26 dulles. annapolis 38 and 28 in baltimore. so, a cold start to the day. i know what you are thinking, we have precip on the way. looks like the precipitation, the rain showers and/or the sleet won't get here until early this afternoon. there is the origins of the storm to the south and east. the clouds will roll in. i don't think we will lose any more on the temperatures. we will gradually warm up to about 40. here is the main event. not this particular storm not well organized and the apparent low will stay to the west. what that means is we will get a big wash of warmer air. not just at the surface but as you climb into the atmosphere.
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the profile is to bring us rain showers, although north and west, particularly north and west you have the possibility of winter mix here at the onset. there we are at 2:00 suggesting sleet pellets as it starts to move in here or a few snowflakes north and west. at 5:00 we are dealing with it then it's out of here. not a big event. maybe a tenth of an inch of rain today. winds out of the northeast 5 to 10. then tonight we should clear it out gradually. 35 the overnight low. another round on wednesday. that has a better chance of giving us a wintry mix. we could do it again saturday before the big game next sunday. that is weather. jeff newman has the traffic. good morning, jeff. >> good morning, tucker. we pull up the norad cameras we may have more volume on the roads than we do now. h.o.v. lanes are open as a normal
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workday but not much volume heading to the wilson bridge, both directions over to prince george's county very light volume. on the other side, 270, nothing to report from hyattstown to the split at the beltway. the top side of the beltway, here is 495 at university boulevard. again just seeing some traffic lights heading our way on the outer look of the beltway. metro running regular service. h.o.v. restrictions are in effect. all major roads are suspended in maryland. schools are closed. federal government is closed. not much volume accept around the shopping malls. mail will be delivered as usual christmas eve. that is a look at the fox 5 on- time traffic. >> well, there is a lot more to come on fox 5 morning news. >> up next, she was shot in her mother's arms two weeks ago and managed to survive. now they are coming together to help the little girl and others this holiday season.
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now an inspirational story out of loudoun county. last month she was diagnosed with cancer but she is thinking of others. >> she is jewish. her family doesn't celebrate christmas but she has been encouraging kids around the world to write letters to santa. >> reporter: gabriella miller is a tiny 9-year-old. she has a huge heart and extraordinary amount of goodwill and determination. it's because of her that sick children across the area are going to see their wishes come true. >> dear santa, i'm gabriella, the one with the tumor. >> reporter: when she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, she was told she qualified for a make a wish.
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>> make a wish has touched me. >> reporter: she wanted other children in her shoes to have the same opportunity. her mother saw in an ad that macy's was donating a dollar to make a wish for every letter received to santa. >> she realizedshe could generate $10,000, macy's would give $10,000. >> you know me as chief elf. >> the first ten days you had 21,000 letters. then we raised it to 50,000. then 100,000 quickly then we stopped setting goals after that. >> reporter: the total delivered to macy's, 240,983. gabriella's friends from school and encino gag had an important
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request. >> get better. >> reporter: >> we have letters from all 50 united states and every continent. >> reporter: gabriella seems born with a mission to help others. before being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 7 she donated her hair to location of love and collected money for a local food pantry. >> we have soldiers in afghanistan who sent me messages on facebook saying after what happened in connecticut, i was so bumped out then i stumbled upon gabrielle lay's story and it lifted me back up. >> reporter: in her letter, gabriella challenged macy's to go further. >> what if make a wish gets 1,020,000 letters? where are the extra 20,000 letters going to go. make a wish for kids or just extras. every 10,000 could be a wish. >> reporter: macy's announced
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it will donate an extra $25,000 in gabriella's name. >> you may have a bad day today but there is always a bright star to look forward to tomorrow. look inside. what is your bright star. thank you. happy holidays. >> reporter: lauren demarco, fox 5 news. >>
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