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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  December 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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good evening, thanks for joining us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. one of the top stories tonight, the winter weather we saw earlier today. this is what it looked like earlier. big, wet flakes falling and some rain. the winter weather advisory for us, our area, that ended and that doesn't mean all is clear just yet. the roads, they could get slick with temperatures dropping. we're going talk more about that in a few minutes. but first, with less than two days to go until we hit the so- called fiscal cliff, president obama's sum -- president obama summoned the house and summit leaders from both parties for a meeting on friday.
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if they can't reach a deal, taxes go up on all of us. plus, don't forget the impact on your 401k. audrey barns joins us with the latest. >> reporter: everyone involved in a meeting between republican and democratic leaders described it as productive, yet it didn't produce an agreement and there are two days left to get it done to avoid automatic tax hikes and across-the-board spending cuts. lawmakers involved in the white house summit vowed to keep chipping away at the sticking points to reach a deal. while senate minority leader mitch mcconnell struck an optimistic tone, senate majority leader harry reid sounded cautious, warning americans whatever they come up with by sunday won't be perfect. after the meeting, president obama made it clear failure is not an option. >> if we don't see an agreement between the two leaders and the senate, i expect a beam to -- bill to go on the floor, and i
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have asked senator reid to do this, put a bill on the floor that taxes on the middle class families don't go up, that unemployment insurance is available for 2 million people, and that lays the groundwork then for additional deficit reduction and economic growth steps we can take in the new year. >> reporter: if the congressional leaders don't reach a deal by december 31st, the financial markets could one is a bit and, consider this. the current congress is only in session until noon on january third. after that, 13 new senators and 82 new house members would take over and try to solve the problem and that is an overwhelming task out of the gate. back to you. >> thank you for. that. we want to get back to the weather. let's take a live look outside. the snow and rain has tapered off here in the district, at least, but it's getting colder. maryland state officials are warning drivers to stay off of the roads if they don't have to be on them and get the latest on conditions with tucker
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barnes. he has the first look at the weekend weather. >> reporter: things are getting better out there and the storm system is long gone. the winds are picking up and overnight lows below freezing and there is a live look at satellite radar and you can see the rain and/or snow across the region and pushing to the north and east and to new york still snowing, hartford, boston and providence. you so the clearing taking place across parts of the area and we should clear out overnight. parts of the area picked up close to two inches. reagan national, officially a trace and bwi marshal a half an inch and snow totals not impressive but enough to sled on in some cases. 42 at reagan national; dulles, 41 degrees; bwi marshal, 37 and
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overnight winds pick up, we get cold and breezy out there. the overnight low about 31 in the city and 20s north and west of the snowpack and winds north and west, 10 to 15. more details on the weather and we'll look at the sunday forecast, a big redskin game, and of course, the new year's eve celebration as well. back to you. >> thank you, tucker. winter weather team coverage continues to-from- virginia to maryland. some places got more than a dusting of snow. lauren demarco was in parts of maryland and joins us live tonight with the latest. lauren. >> reporter: maureen, definitely very chilly out here and clear. and, of course, we saw the little bit of winter weather today. likely the last winter event of the year, and it's been a pretty uneventful 2012 as far as winter weather and snow. we had enough for some folks to see what they thought today brought. no major issues on i-270 as the snow came down. pretreatments helped to make the highways passible, plows and salt trucks taking care of
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the rest. >> i have all-wheel drive in the car. it's not bad. >> be careful. don't want to go too fast or too slow, on the other hand. be more careful. >> reporter: damascus, maryland, saw an inch and a half of snow. >> damascus and mount ayr get more snow, the smaller storms than other places. i think it's the higher elevation. >> reporter: it brought the kids outdoors for some fun the four-year-old samuel should sheep error error well tonight. >> what are you doing -- sleep well tonight. >> what are you doing? >> sledding. >> reporter: he spent the day playing with neighbors and the big sister abby. >> we just sledding and having fun. >> reporter: you have had snowball fights? >> my brother threw a snowball at me and i threw one back. >> reporter: whose is better? >> mine. >> reporter: there was not much stuck to the ground in frederick. either way, john bennett said it's a welcome site in the holidays. >> puts you in the spirit, a
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good idea. [ laughter ] >> and that is a good idea. >> reporter: facebook's man lyric bravado downloaded a picture of snow in temple hills. kim wright saw plenty of white stuff in virginia. , diane snapped this shot in west virginia, and iris braxton in southwest d.c. captured a brief dusting on forrester street before the snow turned to rain. across the area, it was a day to bundle up. and for most, at least. >> i wear shorts year round. it's another day for me. >> reporter: and some of those who depend on the season for work were happy to have something to do. >> the more snow, the more money to make. we didn't get any of that last year. >> reporter: of course, some places happy to society smile would be the ski resorts in the area. i checked around on the websites, in maryland, the resort is reporting five inches and in pa, whitetail, which
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opened yesterday, they're reporting about two inches of snow and already off to a better year than last year for the skiers in the area. >> thank you for that. remember, youcan track the storm with the fox 5 weather app, including an hourly forecast, video updates from the weather team and more. download it on your droid, ipad or iphone. search for d.c. weather in the app store. now information on the health of former president george h.w. bush. a spokesperson said that his condition continues to improve and he was moved from intensive care to a regular hospital room. the 41st president has been in the hospital since november with bronchitis-related cough n. a statement today, he's thanking everyone for their well-wishes and prayers. he's the oldest living former president at 81 years of age. an attorney is asking permission to sue the state of
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connecticut for $100 million on behalf of a student who survived the mass shooting. the state has immunity against most lawsuits unless permission to sue is granted. the lawyer said the six-year- old student was in a classroom at sandy hook elementary when she heard the horrific confrontation with the shooter at ir-- over a loudspeaker. the lawsuit claims the child is traumatized by the killings. a followup on the story we broke at 10 last night. a fatal fire in greenbelt, maryland. the fire officials tell us the woman died in the friday night fire and two people were hurt. it happened around 9 on laurel hill road. investigators don't know the cause of the fire yet and the rowhouses on either side of the town home were damaged. five people are displaced. montgomery county detectives still investigating a multicar crash that injured four people in rockville on friday morning. the police say keegan was driving south when he crossed into the northbound lanes and crashed into four cars. one of the cars was driven by
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61-year-old james plakas who crashed into another car. he was critically injured and taken to baltimore shock trauma center. the mother who was a passenger in his car and another driver were hurt. police are still trying to figure out how he wound up in the wrong direction on rockville pike. police are offering a $25,000 reward in the shooting death of a capitol hill man. he was shot multiple times in the early morning hours of christmas eve. he was found inside his car outside of his home along c street. the police say his body was slumped over the wheel and the car was running. they think it was a robbery that went wrong. the funeral was held this morning at saint mary's episcopal church in arlington. a missing university of maryland student has been found dead. the prince georges county police found the 20-year-old dead inside a car near route 197 and route 450 last night. the 20-year-old was missing since december 19th. right now, detectives are investigating the deaths as a
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suicide. still ahead on fox 5 news at 6, redskins rivalry. we look at what the skins are up against when they take on the cowboys tomorrow. plus, an important consumer alert in 2013. out with the old and in with the new. back after this. er this. 
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. so, we're a little more than 24 hours away from one of the biggest games in the history of the storied redskins/cowboys rivalry. easy to say. this showdown has everything for both teams. lindsay murphy is here with more on tomorrow night's pivotal game. i think a lot of people are ready for this one. >> reporter: the craziest thing is that if -- . >> yeah. >> it's supposed to be for the redskins -- skins. >> right. >> and they can make the play- offs before the game. >> how, they say? >> if the vikings and bears lose, they have early games. >> uh-huh. >> they will on know by 8:20 if they clenched a play-off spot.
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>> by hook or crook, get in there. >> yeah. they don't want to rely on that and say beat the cowboys, win the division and host their own play-off game and that isdo. tomorrow is the final game of the regular season for dallas if they lose and this is an eerie feeling for the redskins as they lost. and the cowboys lost at philly to miss the play-offs. the redskins, on the other hand, can make the post season if they lose and they hope winning four of the last five at home will provide moment numb this win and your end- game. after all, the last six weeks felt that way. >> and the pressure we're used to. this everything is, the season's done until next year and everyone will be playing, you know, and just leave it on
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the feel. >> these are the games you will remember the rest of your life. i don't care as i look back as an assistant and head coach, you go back and think about the great experiences -- experiences you had or bad memories. you want to take advantage of the opportunities when they exist. they don't come around every day. >> the redskins have done the last six wins is amazing saying only three teams since 1990 made the play-offs. >> with and we wrote them off. all of a sudden, the turnaround, i'm getting excited. >> i am excited for the game. >> yeah. >> and that is the biggest ever. >> right. >> and the rivalry's lost some of the luster. >> and this is it. >> and this is a little guy named rg3. you know. just a bit. lindsay, thank you. and so, of course, our facebook fans and asked what they thought the skin his to do to beat the cowboys tomorrow. west gum thought it out and said the best plan is to take your time on offense and make smart plays that will add to the team's confidence.
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lindsay in. >> and that sounds like a coach. >> i think so. >> josh ages said he thinks it's to be a defensive game, keep romo on the field or make them settle for field-goals. >> i agree with the defense. the redskins defense has to have a huge game and put less pressure on rg3. and don -- . >> and don 2345 told us as long as they cover the receivers and stay on romo, they will win. stay healthy and protect the quarterback. there were a lot of haters and cowboys fans stirring the pot, you know, they had a lot to say and we're not going to bother with that up. this is redskins country. thanks to those who come and thank you, lindsay. >> all right. >> see you later on. meanwhile, construction on the washington redskins training camp could begin as soon as next week. they will hold the summer training camp in richmond the next eight years, part of an economic incentive deal they made with virginia. the facility is going to cost $10 million that is going to be built behind the science museum of virginia. there will be two full football folds, a field house with locker and weight rooms, a drill field and spectator
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areas. at 6, a racy course on the 50 shades of gray is being offered at the university. now, it's an american studies class that will focus on the book's impasse on society. the professor believes the course is appropriate saying no other contemporaries text on sexuality transformed american culture the way this series has. coming up, dairy clips. milk prices could double if lawmakers dilly dally any longer. why they need to get a move on it. and had to say that. 2013 around the corner. what are you going to do to celebrate? coming up, what the preps are in new york city's time square. if you have a story idea, call the tipline at 202-895-3,000 end send us an e-mail if you want, back after this. ó if you have high blood pressure and get a cold
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. the end of 2012 could mean a big headache to courages, thanks to a 1950s law for the cost of milk. the cost could double if congress doesn't -- doesn't come up with a deal by january 1st. >> reporter: cows on the cliff or at least the milk. what all eyes are on the fiscal cliff, another deadline is approaching, the milk cliff. it's part of a farm bill with
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as much as $35 billion in cuts. if the bill doesn't make it through congress before the end of the year, the government will be forced to find vast qualities of milk under the trueman era law and that could send consumer milk prices as high as $6 to $8 a gallon because the government would be obligated to pay twice the wholesale rate under the 1949 rule. the farmers would sell their milk to the government first and prompting a shortage in commercial supplies spiking the price consumers pay. >> the farm bill is like the low-hanging ornament on the congressional christmas tree that if they just embrace it, they can automatically come up with tips of billions of dollars in budget savings. >> reporter: the problem is the bill's stuck in the house and there appears to be no political will to move it forward. agriculture secretary tom vilsack said as a precaution, his department is preparing for the laws to take affect. >> this is a bad outcome. let me be very clear about
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this. i don't think we should want nor should congress consider it a good outcome. >> reporter: it's not just the cows going over the cliff but could be the crops, too. >> things like wheat and corn. their permanent farm law price supports wouldn't kick in until the growing season. those pieces of legislation are tied to the growing season for those crops, and that wouldn't be until the spring. >> reporter: the 1949 permanent law was introduced as a poison pill to scare congress into passing a farm bill and now it threatens to sour american's milk if congress takes it over the milk cliff. the temporary solution would be to hold an extension of the existing farm bill into the wider fiscal cliff resolutions and that is not moving. in los angeles, dominic dinatali, fox news. things are going to show up in a different like in between the 13, literally. manufacturers are not going to make 75-watt lightbulbs.
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the cfl bulb and l.e.d. bulb is replacing them. the idea is to reduce energy use by 75%. >> l.e.d.'s, the biggest claim to fame is that they last a really long time. we're talking about 25,000 to 50,000 hours. and to put that in perspective, if you put a lightbulb in your child's nursery, you probably wouldn't have to change it until junior was ready to go to college. >> the 100-watt bulbs have been phased out. the 60- and 40-watt versions will disappear later. speaking of green initiatives, this is a way to get rid of a real christmas tree. in rhode island, a petting zoo is letting the animals chow down on them. the simons farm has 50 goats and they into pine, apparently. the next thing the farm crew knew, the cows and sheep were sharing the feast. >> everyone hates to like, you know, they have their live tree. what do i do with it when it's done? i hate to throw it away.
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there is a good alternative. >> the farmhands say it's great timing because the animals have eaten all of the leaves off of the trees and the grass in the area, so there was not much left for them to monk on, and so, that spruce came along. >> hi no idea that they loved to oat christmas trees. >> i didn't either. >> i knew goats could chow on anything. >> right. >> the sheep and cows, too? >> it's a party. >> apparently it is. >> can you have -- next? >> i did no such thing. >> i like fluffy snowfalls. >> right. i know. >> and makes you feel like you want to kidel in bed and stay there all day. >> we're on the line here the past few storms. >> yeah. >> and more of the same today. things are wrapped up here and we're wrapped up with any snow or rain and clearing out overnight. >> okay. >> and breezy and cold overnight. >> oh. and parts of the area with snow accumulation, be ready for the possibility of the refreezing out there later
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tonight on some of the paveed surfaces and some temperatures, 42 in washington. we're in the 30s outside of the beltway, 36 this evening in leonardtown; 37, baltimore; 37, frederick and winchester. the temperatures falling back areawide here at or below freezing and that is a cold night and breezy in the wake of our system. the winds are picking up and they're out of the north and west. we're going to be in for a breezy and cool overnight and cool sunday. winds at 8 here in washington. 14, gaithersburg and maybe we'll show you the windchill map health on this evening. 37, currently in washington; 29, gaithersburg and the numbers will be falling overnight. there is the snow and rain, it's out of here and quieter weather for the day on sunday. some snow into new york and boston, they have some winter storm warnings, more impressive
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accumulations here where they're expecting upwards of four-plus inches of snow and the most i saw in far western maryland. the forecast tonight, 31, clearing skies and breezy and cold out there. the winds are picking up out of the north and west to 10 to 15 miles an hour. the sunday looks great, lots of sunshine and should be a beautiful looking game. you go to the redskins game and be ready for a cold one. and some overnight lows tonight. mostly sunny highs, breezy out there and check out the winds, gusting tomorrow and that is going to be cold. there is your accuweather seven- day forecast, and the temperatures are going to stay on the cool side the next few days and if you're on going out for new year's eve, it's going to be cold. back to you. >> thank you, tucker. what are you doing on new year's eve? about a million people will be
6:26 pm
packed into time square to watch the ball drop and ring in 2013. fox's anna coyman shows us how they're getting ready. >> reporter: already decorated for the holidays, pressed for the world's biggest new year's party are now underway in the big apple. earlier today, time square alliance officials tested the confetti that will fall after midnight throwing it out a window on to unsuspecting people on the street. more than one million revelers will pack into time square to watch the ball drop and a bottom more from home. the 2013 sign is situated on top of one time square. it's 7 feet tall. after four decades of dick clark helping america ring in the new year, 2013 will be the first celebration following his death. a special waterford crystal with his name on it will be in the ball this year. we spoke to his wife who remembers watching the weather report this time of the year, since she knew they would be outside for so many hours and all looked forward to their new
6:27 pm
year's kiss. >> the only way i can deal with this is to think of the television dick clark, not my husband, and then i can deal with it. if i have to think of that is my husband, he's not here, that is hard. >> reporter: depending who you ask, '13 is considered lucky to, someup lucky to others and for the superstitious out there dreading 2013, no need to fear. good luck charms have been attached to the 13 to ward off the potential bad luck n. new york city, anna coyman, fox news. coming up on fox 5 news at 6, the fiscal cliff is looming, the latest and how we could affect our national security.
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. president obama has issued a challenge to congressional republicans. he said if they can't get a bipartisan deal, he at least expects them to vote on his proposal to stop tax increases on all but the wealthy and preserve unempyment benefits. dells have heard that house republicans may wait to make a deal until after the new year, essentially letting the taxes go up and voting to cut them. the good news, you're not likely to feel any fall off of the cliff if they get something done in the first few days of 2013. and for some, the biggest objection to the fiscal cliff is the cuts to project defense spending. they warned it's bad news for national security. peter deucey explains who mean affected. >> reporter: last friday when president obama rolled out his
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new plan for steering us away from the fiscal cliff, there was a word he did not say and that word was sequester. the sequester would automatically cut more than $100 billion from the budget next year, half from domestic programs and half from defense programs and now as the deadline draws close, experts are looking at the cuts from a national security standpoint and warning one final time about heir safety of the service members. >> and that is going to affect the operational force deployed in terms of its ability to maintain its equipment to quiet re-- get repair parts and that is around the world, not just in afghanistan being reduced and it would impact on the training of the force and the preparedness to conduct other operations. >> reporter: white house officials are saying that it's still unclear what is going to happen with the sequester o. friday, republican senator john mccain said he doesn't see how a deal gets done without addressing the across-the-board cuts, which could cost a lot of contractors their jobs. >> the large defense contract
6:32 pm
is probably going to be okay and they have significant cash reserves. the smaller ones would have trouble getting the lines of credit extended, trouble keeping the employees if they can't be assured of continued employment. >> reporter: the only way to avoid the automatic $492 billion in cuts at the pentagon over the next nine years is for congress to make a deal in the next two days. a state lawmaker is pulls out of the race with jesse jackson jr. 's empty congressional street. he was arrested december 5th because airport security screeners at chicago o'hare found an unloaded baretta handgun in his bag. he doesn't want the charges he faces to detract from the campaign. trotter told the officers at the airport he works a security job and that the gun is for that and that he forgot it in the bag. a russian plane crashed
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killing four people. it went down and came a part and caught fire. officials say there were eight people on board the red wings plane on the way from the czech republic. the eight people on board were all crew members. the cause is not clear but for now, investigators believe it was pilot error. and to india now. politicians are expressing their condolences to the family of an indian woman who died from injuries sustained during a gang rape. it's causing major protest across the country. indians are demanding greater protection for women sexually assaulted. six people were arrested in connection with the attack and they're facng murder charges. the fatal shooting of a 40- year-old man in chicago pushed the city's 2012 homicide tolls to 500, the first time chicago had that many killings in four years and he's more. >> reporter: she was a beautiful little girl who loved school. >> reporter: countless times this year, mothers have wept
6:34 pm
and buried innocent children. she was six, shot and killed as she sat in her village porch in march. >> for us to face this is heartwrenching. >> reporter: numerous times, pastors have performed funerals for victims of gun violence, including one where a murder happened at a funeral. >> people want to believe the only ones getting shot and killed are these kids out here doing criminal activity. there are innocent children going on their daily activities of life and they're being gunned down. >> reporter: the city's 500th homicide happened last night in the austin neighborhood, a 40- year-old man shot in the head. >> and the $500 number should sound the alarm. >> reporter: father michael flagler said in order to bring about real change, we have to go after the culture of violence in this country. >> we don't get to the root foundation, we're going see this repeat over and over. we have a deal with the gun issue and why we have in
6:35 pm
america, assault weapons and magazines allow side unbelievable to me. >> reporter: while the 500 homicides is unacceptable, new strategies preventing retaliation in gang violence slowed the murder rate as the year went on. activists say police and community leaders have to work harder to change attitudes. >> if you grow up in a community where violence is a learned behavior, it's the culture of that particular community, you have guys premeditating what they're going to do tonight what, they going to do tomorrow and they are getting into a slight altercation or a beef with someone, they're going to take the person's life. they have been taught to do. that. still ahead -- >> and telling the guys i don't want to die here. >> to wake up 2 1/2 months later and find out they don't have arms or legs anymore. >> and we have a touching story on a local marine, who, against all odds, is living his life to the fullest. the fullest. ?ñ
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. he has been through so much to keep us safe here at home. a marine from fredericksburg experienced terrible injuries in war, but he's dorm live a full life. fox's jennifer griffin shows us how he's forging a new path. >> reporter: marine sergeant john peck is one of five quadruple amputees to emerge from the last 11 years of war. he's overcoming what has become one of the signature wounds facing american war fighters since 9/11. >> i was injured may 24th, 2010, in afghanistan. i went to turn around, took a, i think it was my left foot forward, and the next thing i know, i am basically being flung through the air and i land on my back like mud, sand,
6:39 pm
dirt, whatever was in my eyes can and i basically couldn't see at this point. i could make out like a little bit of color and a little bit of shapes and everything, and just basically telling the guys, hey, i don't want to die here. i wake up 2 1/2 months later and basically find out that i don't have arms or legs anymore. >> how are you feeling? >> reporter: less than three years later, he's sky diving. >> whew? >> all right. >> the next thing i want to do is jump off a cliff, white water rafting. cliff jumping, there you go. >> welcome! >> reporter: peck has had 29 surgeries in 2 1/2 years. >> what's wrong, can't keep up? >> reporter: now he lives on a wooded patch of land with his mom lisa in rural virginia. two weeks ago, the non-profit group started by veterans called independence fund gave him a new loose -- lease on life and a chance to do
6:40 pm
something that a standard wheelchair can't do, head outside and offroad. into the forest where many of these warriors grew up hunting and fishing. peck new drives something known as a trak chair, a new technology developed by a couple in minnesota that allows the wheelchair to function like an all-terrain vehicle. >> i used to ride atvs and i would consider this -- he was given the -- he looks like a boy given his first bmx bicycle for christmas. >> my darkest fears? my divorce. >> reporter: his young wife left him. >> she couldn't hang with the injuries once i got injured, she couldn't hang with it. i was an angry and spiteful person that didn't want to be around people, i seclouded myself. >> reporter: his mom lisa was with him every step of the way from the first moment show
6:41 pm
heard he was hit. >> i don't remember a lot of that day but what i was told, i pull into the driveway and didn't park my car and jumped out of the car asked what did they do to my baby. i told him he and i could get to anything together as long as we stuck together and the first thing i said to him was i am here, it's okay, we can get through this, too and we have. >> if it was not for her being here, i would probably have gone insane. >> oh, come, on. not a hug. >> reporter: if peck served in vietnam, he would have ended up like the character lieutenant dan from the movie forest gump, angry and alone. ironically, it was a group of residents from buford, south carolina, where that hollywood tale was shot and a former new york firefighter who impersonates elvis who raised the money that allowed peck to have this wheel chair that
6:42 pm
costs $15,000 cost $15,000. >> that guy needs help 24 hours a day. basically, he can't do anything for himself. >> i brush my teeth and take care of what i need to do and i have my prosthetic arm o i mean,ky make meal error errors for the most part and feed myself. just because we're injured, doesn't mean we're not capable of doing things. >> this is the second time he received a generous gift this past month, he moved into a smart home in fredericksburg. the kitchen singe is mounted at his level, the cabinets move and the bathroom is motion- sensorred, thanks to the gary sinise and tunnel to tower foundation. still ahead, he's a live look outside of the district tonight. we have a rain-snow mix today. what is in store for the rest of the weekend? we're going to find out next. d
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. in entertainment news, actor matthew mccono hey and his wife celebrating the birth of their new baby. she gave birth to a baby girl in austin, texas, the couple's third child. they have a four-year-old son, three-year-old daughter and, of course, a new one and they wed in an outdoor ceremony in austin. in paraguay, one person's trash is another person's
6:46 pm
musical treasure. the orchestra recycle instruments got its start five years ago. a teacher decided how to teach kids the music and they made from trash. i don't know, i thought they sounded good. >> yeah, that is a neat idea and that is good to resibling. >> enough already? >> yeah, i'm done. >> and that is it for our few days and the third in a series and as mentioned, three different storms and that is the snow pack currently and that is taken by the national weather service. remember that? to the north and west of the 95 corridor. >> yeah. >> we have the snow pack and the darker colors you see, the heavier snow amounts.
6:47 pm
>> and for those of us that haven't seen much snow? >> uh-huh. >> southern maryland into central virginia, go a little further north and west. >> yeah. >> and go visit your friends. >> seems like they have it in abundance. >> pretty cool. >> uh-huh. >> and your headlines, breezy and cold overnight. the storminess from today out of here and as mentioned, the winds are going to pick up here the next few hours and gusting overnight to 20 to 25 and that is the real story here the next day or so and tomorrow is a breezy one as well and this is snow totals, damascus, an inch and a half; front royal, two inches; mart bins -- martinsburg and winchester, closer to two inches as well and parts of the area here, closer to town and reagan national picks up a trace, oxen hill, a half an inch and in that
6:48 pm
picture there and hold on to the temperatures in the 40s. 38 at dulles, excuse me; 38 in annapolis; 36, leonardtown. dulles, the temperature of 41 and 37 in frederick; 37, win chester and areawide, they should fall below the freezeing mark and some areaings here north and west of up to, you could deal with the refreeze issues and be we'rer of -- weary of that and to the north and west, they'll pick up areawide the next few hours and 38 in hagerstown; 28, gaithersburg and we're expecting widespread winds gusting to 25 overnight and during the day tomorrow. perhaps 30, 35 miles per hour and that is going to be breezy tomorrow and we're done with the showers/snow showers across the region and this is to the north and east and we'll clear out overnight and deal with the
6:49 pm
colder temperatures tomorrow and most of the heavy snow, the area of low pressure responsible for the snow shower activity around here, and this is intensifying and there is some higher snow amounts. to the west, the high pressure is going to build in and tomorrow, the sunday should be a beautiful looking day and if you're looking out of the window and that is going to be a cold day. the high temperatures tomorrow will be in the upper 30s to 40s and we should be below freezeing, winds northwest 10 to 15, gusting 20 to 25 and in the mountains to the west, gusting to 35 or 40 ing to be b clearing skies, breezy and cold there setting us up for a descent day tomorrow o. chilly side, 39 the daytime high tomorrow with winds here in the northwest, gusting to 25 and going to the redskins game. the temperatures falling back into the low 30s at game time and that will be chilly there. there is the accuweather seven-
6:50 pm
day forecast, and some highlights here, first night activities, monday night and tuesday look quiet and there will be some clouds and some snow or rain showers during the day on tuesday and that is not a big deal and much of the week, the temperatures at 2013 and we're quiet. maybe a storm there at the end of the week. >> all right, thank you. >> uh-huh. and lawmakers in washington work to avoid the fiscal cliff, some are having fun with the looming deadline. check out the electric road sign in portland, oregon. someone hacked it and changed it to read fiscal cliff ahead, january and february. we'll hear from robert griffin on the eve of the biggest nfl game. that is robert griffin 3, thank you very much, and navy looks for a san francisco treat in the fight hunger bowl against arizona state. lindsay murphy is up next in sports. sports.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
. good evening, i'm lindsay murphy. there is a saying in sports that it's not how you start but finish. and the navy football team knows a thing or two about that. they lost by 40 points to notre dame to start the season and closed out the year winning seven of eight, earning the ninth bowl big bid in 10 years. the midshipman marching for the fight hunger bowl against arizona state, the game's first possession, the sun devils, taylor kelly with the play- action fake and connects with ross, 16 yards for the score. the sun devils built a 21-0
6:54 pm
lead after one quarter of play and to the second quarter, the great job alluding pressure and hits matt a kin and that cut the deaf tightity is to 21-7. late in the second quarter, 28- 7 and that is after a missed navy field-goal and goes deep. 62 yards for the huge touchdown and in the fourth quarter, navy trails 62-14. the opinion stripe bowl at the stadium, syracuse and west virginia in a pregame scrum. the second quarter, west virginia trailing 3-0 and a play after stopping syracuse on the fourth down and dropped for the safety and up the middle and untouched, 33 yards for the scores and it was 12-0, syracuse. still the second quarter, smith, a wide receiver screen to steadman bailey and breaks the tackle. he goes the distance, 32 yards and that cut the deficit to 12-
6:55 pm
7 and in that third quarter, he heads through the hole and kicks it outside and no one is catching him and they win this one, 38-14. tomorrow is a day of football for many teams. ten of 12 play-off spots have been clenched, including all six spots in the afc and that means two spots up for grabs in the nfc. will the redskins be one of the teams? robert griffin 3 hopes so and rushing for 700 yards and six touchdowns and he has a capon of an arm. twenty touchdown passes and five interceptions. and he was huge in the redskins biggest game this season, and including the big stage, of course, nothing new for the heisman trophy winner.
6:56 pm
>> and you play big, people write good things about you. people want to play well and that is coming to the division, a conference championship game in college and that happened to play out like that. >> we were 3 and 6 and now we're 9 and 6 and we have to finish and we're not done or satisfied where we're at now and one team is happening again. >> reporter: college hoops this afternoon, maryland defeated delaware state, 79-50 and the freshman charles mitchell off of the bench, scoring a season high 19 points. the terps won 11 in a row and that is the longest winning streak in a decade. george mason plays south florida tonight, american at 6th-ranked kansas. meanwhile, losing to three of the last four games and out west facing byu15 secs into the
6:57 pm
game and hits the 3-point, later in the first half, left all alone and guess what? hits another 3-pointer and had 29 points in the first half and eddie with the offensive board and the putback and with that team high of 17 points. and with that rebound to davies and the foul, the career high, 42 points, virginia tech falls to byu, 97-71 and the hokies open up acc play next saturday, hosting maryland. tonight, the wizards can win back-to-back games the first time since last april. early on, things didn't look good against the magic. nelson made four first-quarter 3-pointers and with that 25-8 lead. in the second quarter, rallying back from a 17-point deficit and off the rebound. the perfect alley-oop for the dunk and had 11.
6:58 pm
the wizards led by 3 at the half. in the second half, this time gives it to a cutting nene down the lane. two of his 23 points and the wizards in front by 8. late in the third quarter, crawford from beyond the arc, hits the 3- pointer and with 27 points. the wiz defeat the magic, 105- 97 for the fourth victoriy of the season and the third at home. tonight, a road game against the chicago bulls. >> all right, okay. so, tucker, one last weather word. we know that things are looking weird out there. >> and that is a winning streak. it's looking word. the accuweather seven-day forecast and that is nice, maureen and 39 tomorrow, breezes pick up and that is cold overnight and partly sunny, tuesday, yeah, and a snow shower for the -- . >> and that is it. we're back at 10 and the news edge. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
6:59 pm
i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.


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