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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  December 31, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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realizes there is business potentialle. but right now, zach is more focused on the whole reason he invented grom social. >> i'm in it to have fun with it. >> reporter: up next for zach and his dad, they will talk to interested media companies including disfully next year about this web site. >> which reminds me, you think i can get stock on this? >> we're not going public yet. >> oh, all right. >> starting young. >> right. and how about the reporter trying to get in on it early. >> we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now right now straight up 5:00 now as we take a live look at the u.s. capitol dome. hopefully, something can be reached, some sort of a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff as lawmakers continued to work on this. it is a chilly new year's eve out there. good morning. i'm sarah simmons i'm wisdom
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martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. chilly indeed. let's bring in tucker barnes again to talk about it. >> is it new year's eve already? >> time is flying by, man. >> you're questioning it -- >> i feel like it is still the night before. >> no, it is officially the 31st. it's just our life, you know. >> yeah, kind of sad. >> let's get to the temperatures. it got cold. it was cold yesterday but at least the wind have let up. 30 at reagan national. 4 at dulles. bwi marshall, 29. we should warm up in the mid- 40s today. the clouds will increase tonight but we are not expecting any rain and/or snow shower activity. there is a better chance we'll see one or two tomorrow. the pattern generally going to be try. there is your satellite-radar. some storminess out to the west but well out to the west. you can see there is plenty of clouds out to the west.
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we'll see the clouds but won't see the storminess today. highs today, mid-40s in washington. we'll go 45 degrees. 44 in leonardtown. a little colder there north and west. it will be in the 30s if you get up in the mountains north and west. it should be dry for you and it will be dry if you are going to be going out. >> okay. at least we have that. >> we've got a lot more than that. we have got the redskins. >> yeah. >> we're burying the lead here. we shouldn't be doing weather at all. >> let's check in on the traffic. >> we are starting off unfortunately with a very serious crash investigation. this is on 28 northbound. this is just past lee highway towards 66. again, you will find three lanes closed. stay to the left to get by this investigation again. this involved a vehicle fire that -- a car that hit ate tractor-trailer. so again, a very serious crash
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right now on sully road northbound as you approach 66. otherwise, we are looking good on i-270 without any problems or delays as you come down from frederick past father hurley boulevard towards the beltway. you will find travel lanes moving welling and up to speed. looking it he john hanson highway, 50 so far. this is a shot right at i-97. you will find travel lanes moving very well. light volume this morning. that is a look at your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you. finally, the redskins fans have something to cheer about. they have plenty to cheer b -- to cheer about. the burgundy and gold beat the dallas cowboys. >> the skins will face the saw
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hawks next sunday. melanie alwalk has more. -- the skins will face the seahawks next sunday. >> reporter: few people would have dreamed after that dismal 3-6 start that we would be here with the redskins on top of the nfc east. but here we are with the first home playoff game set here for fedex field in 13 years on the horizon and they are getting ready for it. the redskins took the field sunday night in a prime time match-up. the season finale against the cowboys now a win or go home situation for both teams. and while robert griffin iii had certainly been the most celebrated team member, it was another rookie who stole the show at fedex field. alfred morris was practically unstoppable running for three touchdowns, racking up 200 yards. the out of nowhere sixth rounder out of florida atlantic set the single season rushing record for the redskins. >> i separated him in the locker room. said of all the guys, good night that separated himself from the rest of the pack and
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that was alfred. for him to play at that level for a full 60 minutes and get 200 yards, right around six yards of carry really is is testament to not only him butt guys blocking for him. i was very happy for him. >> i'm just thankful that i was able to come out today and give it my all like i do every game. i guess the running game was working today. just thankful that we're in the playoffs. >> reporter: and the redskins are the first nfl team to rally from -6 to make the playoffs since the jacksonville jaguars in 1996. the last time the redskins won a division title was 1999. rg iii commented he was just nine years old at the time. now, he says that, along with alfred morris, he feels like the sky is the limit for this team. as we said, next up is the seahawks right here at fedex field. kickoff time is 4:30. no doubt there will be a sold- out crowd here. i did a little bit of checking around. if you want a standing room
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only ticket, at this point, you have to shell out at least $150. >> that is i abargain. >> that's a steal. >> we got that covered. get three while you're out there. >> all right. thank you so much. exciting times. all right. exciting times on capitol hill now. members of the senate will reconvene at 11:00 this morning in hopes of striking a last- minute fiscal cliff deal. no deal will mean spending cuts and tax increases for millions of americans with fears that it could trigger another recession. ed henry has latest. >> happy new year. >> the house and senate back to work for a rare sunday session trying to figure out the fiscal cliff negotiations. a lot of talk, very few solutions so far. >> our membership is frustrated as the american people we're sworn to serve. >> none. votes that we'll be casting today have anything to do with these deadlines that we face in
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slightly more than 24 hours. we're here. we're ready. >> reporter: president obama sitting down for his first sunday morning talk show interview in over three years told nbc it is time to lawmakers to nail down a deal o. >> we don't yet see an agreement and now the pressure is on congress to produce. >> reporter: republicans and democrats going back and forth behind closed doors working through night trying to avoid some of the most painful tax hikes and spending cuts in our nation's history. >> there is still significant distance between the two sides but negotiations continue. >> reporter: a possible sign of progress came when vice president joe biden rushed back from delaware to the white house to work the phones and reach out to republican senator mitch mcconnell, someone who he has worked with on many deals over the years. >> we're willing to work with whoever, whoever can help. there is no single issue that remains an impossible sticking point. >> reporter: if these bipartisan talks fail overnight, senate majority leader harry reid says he will
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push a white house fallback bill that. would raise taxes only on families making over $250,000 a year. it would also extend unemployment benefits for two million americans. that could face an up or down vote in monday's session. >> we'll come in at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and we'll have further announcements perhaps at 11:00 in the morning. i certainly hope so. >> reporter: so much at stake for your wallet because if we go off the fiscal cliff, it will be the largest tax increase since world war ii, not to mention the fact that if there is no deal, the markets may react any avery negative way. at the white house, ed henry, fox news. till ahead on fox 5 morning news, when it comes to flying, there aren't but something passengers haven't had access to could soon be coming to a flight near you. >> first, secretary of state hillary clinton hospitalized after another health scare. we'll have an update on her condition this morning when we return. 
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bad weather is oregon is being blamed for a deadly tour bus crash. nine people were killed and dozens more injured after police say the bus lost control on the snow and ice covered
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roads. bus crashed into a guard rail and went down an embankment a few hundred feet. rescue workers some to use ropes to put passenger to safety. bus was carrying about 40 people. secretary of state hillary clinton remains in a new york city hospital this morning after doctors discovered a blood clot stemming from a concussion that she had earlier this movement a spokesperson for clinton says she is being treated with medication and will most likely stay in the hospital for the next 48 hours. the clot was discovered yesterday during a follow-up appointment. we could be one step closer to having wireless access thousands of miles up in the air. the federal communications commission has approved an application process allowing airlines to have a broad band internet license. now, airlines need permission from the fcc and faa to access satellite waves during the flight. coming up next, forget the
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golden touch. >> how about the burgundy and gold touch? we'll take a look at what a redskins win means for prince george's county. >> we got cold overnight. temperature falling back into the 20s right now. cold start to your day. should be an okay day. we'll have a look at your new year's eve forecast coming up as will after the break. 
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welcome back. it's cold start to your new year's eve as well as we take a live look outside. we'll check in with tucker in a second. first, we are celebrating this morning. >> the redskins are division champs. redskins fans are celebrating a big win this morning. the team is heading to the playoffs after the win over the dallas cowboys. jan lawrence writes, our rookies have raised the team spirit. way to go, guys. now, take us all the way. httr. anybody know what that means? >> oh, hail to the redskins. >> we're not up on that.
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>> you can share your support for the redskins on our facebook page. i feel bad now that i don't know that. >> i was just holding back. >> okay. >> oh, right. >> how old was rg iii the last time they won. >> nine. >> isn't that amazing. >> can you imagine. throwing the football in the backyard and people had no idea. jefes asian hand fan when he was in denver though. he used to like the denver broncos when he was growing up in texas. -- he was a shanahan fan when he was in denver though. >> mostly cloudy and cool. temperatures later tonight will be in the 30s by midnight. maybe 38, 39 degrees here in
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the city. not a bad go-round this year no new year's eve. it is cold. 30 in washington. ignore the annapolis, 48. that once not working for some reason. 29 in baltimore. 28 in leonardtown. we are getting close to teens here in manassas and culpeper. 21degrees. mountains in the mid-20s as well. very cold start to the day. might be a the ice out there in spots. i had some ice in the drive way with some water from saturday still not dry. nice, quiet conditions out there at this hour. should be a good-looking -- not sure it will be a good-looking day. it should be a dry day. we have allot of clouds out to the west and they will start to roll in here later this afternoon along and ahead of our next area of storminess. we'll have a cold front come through later tonight and during the day tomorrow. and it is possible tomorrow we could see a rain and/or snow shower. probably better chance of rain as temperatures will be in the 40s. not a big deal. we'll still have a lot of
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clouds around tomorrow. tonight, no issues if you are headed out. becoming not going to say mild but a little bit warmer than we are right now. becoming cloudy. seasonal temperatures out there. chilly overnight but once again, we should be dry for you. winds out of the west at five to 10. here is your look a weather seven-day forecast. tomorrow's forecast, that looks a little more ominous than it is going to be. a slight chance for a rain or snow shower. should be plenty of sunshine but cold temperatures, wednesday, thursday and friday. if you are looking forward to the redskins game next weekend, next sunday, 45 with sunshine right now. that is weather. let's do some traffic. langdon towne is in this morning and he has been busy already. >> we are looking right now at a big problem in virginia. this is on sully road. this is heading northbound before you get to 66. very serious crash. traffic is squeezing by to the left. so this is an investigation so again, three lanes blocked.
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stay to the left. northbound on sully road as you approach 66. around the beltway in virginia looking at 459, this is at old dominion drive, you will find travel lanes surprisingly light at this hour without any problems or delays. and so far on 95, you will have a nice, light ride this morning. this is a nice shot of the rest area. you will final travel lanes are open right now in both directions. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >> thank you. we are talking about the redskins' big win this morning. it is good news for prince george's county in the new year. every time the redskins play at home, the county gets an economic boost, about $500 million. >> there is a 10% admissions and amusement tax on tickets sold at fedex field. >> there is a 5% county hotel tax. so visitors that come and spend the night here will contribute to our economy as well. >> the county plans its budget with some presumed revenue from redskins games but post-season
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play is bonus money. prince george's county officials say all of the tax revenue collect from the games goes into the general fund. it is then used on services like education, public safety and transportation. coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> the debate over gun control takes center stage in virginia this weekend as both side of the issue gather at a gun show. hear what protesters and gun owners have to say.
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president obama is promising to put his full weight behind a law for gunpoint control. >> it is not enough for us to say this is too hard so wear in the going to try. so what i intend to do is i will call all the stake holders together. you will meet with republicans and democrat. i will talk to anybody. i think there are a vast majority of responsible gun owners out there who recognize that we can't have a situation in which somebody with severe psychological problems is able to get the kind of high capacity weapons that this individual in newtown obtained and gun down our kid. >> reporter: the president says he will put forward a very specific proposal and would like to get it through congress in the first year of his new term. and despite growing concerns for stricter grab
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control laws, gun enthusiasts in virginia proudly displayed their weapons at a gun expo. we have a report. >> reporter: at this wound's gun show here at the dulles expo center in chantilly, virginia, both the dealers and their customers say they are aware of the outcry over guns and gun violence in this country right now but are also unapologetic in their thinking. >> any weapons. >> this plenty of people here packing heat. hundreds were lined up and waiting outside two hours before the doors opened. >> one of the most heavily attended gun shows on the east coast. >> with all the political issues and all that, i think there is more people that weren't interested in guns before and they are now. >> this particular gun is $#,000. >> an uzi in bob forrest's collection. he is an aviation lawyer from new hampshire. >> as you can see from just the
5:26 am
collection here, there is everything from antique black powder muskets all the way up to modern machine guns and everything in between. -- this particular gun is $8,000. >> 92% of those surveyed support laws requiring background checks for anybody wanting to buy a firearm ate gun show like this one. >> why would we be interested in even talking about legislation from that when the gunned are coming from gun shows. >> reporter: closing the so- called gun show loophole, just one of the wishes of the group called code pink. >> we can't protect our children if we can't ban assault weapons and high velocity clips. >> reporter: in two national polls taken since the shootings and sandy hook elementary school, nearly half and in another, nearly 60% of those
5:27 am
asked said they support some form of enhanced gun control in this country. >> it is not going to work. it is something that they run to as a symbol and i gun laying on a table is not going to hurt anybody. >> reporter: in the last pugh research poll, 35% of shows surveyed said they keep a happened gun or rifle in their home. here is one more statistic from those new poll numbers. nearly three in four americans surveyed do not believe in an outright ban on gun ownership in this country. in chantilly, virginia, bob barnard, fox 5 news. plenty still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> we are talking about the redskins big win. dave ross joins us later this hour with highlights and we're looking ahead for the burgundy and gold hosting the seahawks in the upcoming wild card game at fedex field. >> a lot of excitement about that and a lot of disappointment about this. the fiscal cliff fight, still no agreement but we could get word of new developments later
5:28 am
on this morning. stay with us. we'll be right back. ht back. 
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take a live look at udc right now, an area down there
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and pretty quiet as you can imagine. new year's eve, a lot of people are still off for the holidays and it is good that they'll be off because it is pretty cold. you don't want to be out there having to deal with your morning commute today. that is for sure. >> a few stragglers i saw -- >> redskins celebrating? >> a few stragglers from late night celebrations. >> they'll be celebrating tonight because of the new year. >> it is cold out. temperatures at or below freezing. so if you are growing to be straggling out and about the next couple of hours or so, make sure you have a hat and coat. >> the big puffy. >> yeah, you will want it all week because temperatures will only be in the 30s. today, we'll be in the 40s for daytime highs and we're not there yet. 30 in washington.
5:32 am
20 in pittsburgh. columbus, 20 degrees. let's see. 22 in boston. 30 in new york city. and once again, we'll probably see temperatures fall another degree or two here before sunrise. should be a quiet day. we are not expecting rain and/or snow shower activity. no storminess today. we will have some clouds move in. after a little sunshine to start your day, lots of clouds to tart your afternoon. it will be less windy than yesterday. so with highs in the mid-40s, it will feel more comfortable if you are outside doing outdoor activities. 44 this afternoon. mostly cloudy. >> time to check in and see what is happening on the roads. >> big problems in centerville. we have big delays. this is on sully road northbound. this is as you approach 66 because of the serious crash. we have three lanes closed. stay to the left lane to get by this major incident. this is going to be an investigation so again, northbound sully right near 66,
5:33 am
that is where you will find the big problem spot this morning. otherwise on 66, you will find travel lanes moving well. very light volume there and even looking at 395 at the 14th street bridge, so far, looking good and that is a look at your fox 5 on-time traffic e traffic the big story, the redskins are nfc division champs for the first time since 1999 with their win over the dallas cowboys, 28-18. the star of the game was rookie alfred morris. he is a sensation all year long and he ran for 200 yards and three touchdowns. afterwards, coach shanahan and rg iii were all smiles when they talked about the road to playoffs. >> i don't think i've ever been 3-of and ever said effect in a row and no, i don't think so. it is a great feeling.
5:34 am
>> i think everybody believed in what we had already. it was just about going out an executing it. when your back is pressed against the wall, a lot of times, it will make that come out of you and everybody stepped up big, chained their mindset after the bye week. it was one game at a time. >> and fans, they are already sounding of on facebook in morning. very excite. here is what one fan had to say. shannon palmer write the team pulled together and worked as a team. fantastic game, skins. hail to the redskins. now that we've been educated. how did we not know that? >> i don't know. i'm amazed. share your comments on the fox 5 facebook page. we continue to follow developments in the fiscal cliff talks. the clock is ticking and still no deal in sight. the senate will meet again this
5:35 am
morning starting at 11:00 to try to strike some sort of last- minute teal to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> republicans say they are willing to work with members of congress and the president to come to an agreement but yesterday on nbc's meet the press, president obama said gop leaders have rejected his proposal to make a comprehensive deal. >> we don't yet see an agreement and now, the pressure is on congress to produce. >> we are willing to work with whoever can help. there is no single issue that remains an impossible sticking point. >> today, senate majority leader harry reid could push for a fallback bill which roe woo raise taxes on families making $250,000 a year or more. that plan would also extend unemployment benefits for two million americans. in our other top story, police continue to search for answers in the murder of a college student. xavier strangefellow was a sophomore in virginia.
5:36 am
a vigil was held last night at battlefield high school in haymarket. stringfellow was a graduate of the school. he was found stabbed to death. his body was found inside a crashed minivan. police say he had been involved in an altercation. there has been an arrest made in this case. 22-year-old johnny bonilla is charged with murder. a very happy new year for comex couples in maryland. this comes after the state's attorney general says they will be able to marry on january 1st. the state lawmakers initially said that because january 1st is a holiday and there is a two- day wait period before licenses take effect, they could not marry until january 4th. the state's attorney general now says all the licenses will take effect tomorrow. tomorrow. still ahead, when they got together, it was big celebrity news and now kim kardashian and kanye west are in the headlines once again for a big
5:37 am
production. >> one way to look at it, right? we'll be right back. ht back. 
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there is still plenty of christmas spirit in serbia where hundreds of people took part in the annual santa claus race that. race began four years ago and
5:40 am
is held for charity. this year's motto is santa claus saves lives. it was equipped with a blood donation center. proceeds go to a shelter for the elderly. norad says they received a record number of calls this year to track santa. more than 100,000 calls were answered on christmas eve and this is up 12,000 from last year. norad says they also responded to about 11,000 e-mails on isn't a's whereabouts. norad began tracking santa back in 1955 after an ad was wrongly printed in the paper. jolly st. nick was also tracked by thousands on social media with more than 120,000 people following his path on twitter. >> very popular. so are these two apparently. kim kardashian and can i don't west are expecting their first child. the hip-hop star announced that his girlfriend is pregnant during a concert in atlantic
5:41 am
city last night. most the kardashians tweeted about the news including her sisters and her mother. there are reports the reality star is 12 weeks pregnant. the updates will continue. >> this is only the beginning. coming up next, new york city is ready to celebrate. >> we'll have a look at the big apple. >> another check on weather and traffic as fox 5 morning news continues. 
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let the countdown begin. 2013 is less than 24 hours away. now all the preps are on in new york city and the in full swing. yesterday, workers tested the iconic crystal ball that will drop at mud night t has more than 32,000 light and 33,000 water ford crystals. thousands of people are expected to flock to the big apple. the nypd says it will have beefed-up police presence to ensure that everyone is safe. that is beautiful. we want to know what is your biggest hope for 2013? we're getting a lot of comments on our facebook page. danielle jarue says she hopes to finish school, make my
5:45 am
financial situation better and to be happy. i like your priorities. you've got it going. search for us under fox 5 morning news, no between fox and the number five. smart girl. >> yeah. we close out the new year today. it will be a party-like atmosphere probably tonight with everybody getting ready to go into the new year with all those new year's celebrations. >> it was the party-like atmosphere from last night with the redskins. >> keep the party going. >> it will be one big festive atmosphere around here. >> got to love this time of year. >> break out the puffy jackets, right? >> yeah, it will be cold. tonight, it will be chilly with temperatures back in the 30s. you know, kind of typical for this time of year. let's do the numbers. right now, we have fallen back to 30 degrees. actually, last hour, we were at
5:46 am
29. ignore the annapolis number. can't seem to take it off the map. the stuck on there and it is not right. 28 in leonardtown. 21 in manassas. areawide, we are in the 20s this morning with the exception here at reagan national where we're currently 30. we'll seat temperature fall again here before sunrise. should be a decent day for you. i don't want to say a lot of sunshine but a little bit of sunshine to start your day and we'll have a lot of clouds this afternoon. you can see out to the west, look out into kentucky, out in ohio, all the cloud cover. kind of a mostly cloudy afternoon. we should remain dry. this area of storminess you see out to the west, most of that will saw it to our south later tonight and during the day tomorrow. as we get into your new year's day, we'll have a lot of clouds around and the possibility of a few showers, maybe a few snow showers well north and west tomorrow. just a couple of them.
5:47 am
this thing is not looking very impressive as most of energy stays to our south. here come the cloud. later this afternoon, mostly cloudy at 3:00 with high temperatures back in the mid- 40s. tonight will get cloudy and here we are near day break tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. one or two snow showers out to the west. we'll see if we get one or two terrificels or showers during the day tomorrow -- one or two sprinkles or showers during the day tomorrow. seasonal temperatures. winds out of the south at about five to 10 miles per hour. later tonight, we'll be cloudy, chilly, 34 the overnight low. winds out of the west at five to 10. tomorrow, on the map, it looks like lot worse than it is going to be. just a few scattered showers or snow showers and then look how cold it is wednesday, thursday, friday, high temperatures only in the 30s. so it will be a little cooler here to kick off the new year.
5:48 am
langdon top is in with a look at your roadways. >> we are looking at a fairly busy morning. we just got word of a crash near the lincoln memorial. the big problem is on sully road northbound as you approach 66. this is an investigation so you want to stay to the left to get by this unfortunate accident. northbound 66 -- or northbound on sully road as you approach 66. otherwise, you are moving well around the beltway without any issues or delays. right now looking at the beltway again even right around temple hills. you will find lighter than usual volume for this morning. that is a look at your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> all right. well, the washington regional alcohol program is offering its sober ride program again this new year's eve. it runs from 10:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow morning. the program covers cab fare home up to $30. we've got more information
5:49 am
about this for you on >> all right. coming up next, get ready for a big sports breakfast. >> dave ross is here to talk about the big win for the redskins. fox 5 morning news continues in a moment. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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welcome back. redskins fans have a lot to celebrate this new year's eve and we mean a lot. >> more than we have in a
5:52 am
while, almost two decades. not a lot of people got a lot of sleep in this town last night. and rightfully so. this is a night that we're going to see tony perkins and we'll see him tomorrow talking about his son connor about it for years and decades to come. this is the night when they could have said generationally speak, wow, we saw our team rise to promise once again. early on, it didn't look great. tony romo had about an hour to get rid of this ball and find jason whitten. the amazing things, the redskins have trailed 7-0 in the last three games and have come back to win all of them. here is the number reason why last night. not rg iii. it was alfred morris who takes that one. there goes morris again and on this run, he breaks clinton portis' single season rushing record that was previously held. there is cp giving him some
5:53 am
love. he would not just break it. he would shatter it. there goes rg iii, still gimpy but enough to get around the corner. >> it was dallas after all. >> it was dallas and that gave them a lead they would never give up and then alfred morris. >> with the hammer. >> there he goes, 200 yards on the night. 33 carries. they fed the horse and the horse led them to the promised land. redskins win 28-18. mike shanahan and rg iii talked about the big win. >> i don't think i've ever been 3-6 and ever had seven in a row. i don't think so. i don't think i've ever been anywhere close to that to be honest with you. >> i think everybody believed in what we had already. it was just about going out and executing it. when your back is pressed against the wall, a lot of times, it will make that come out of you and everybody stepped up big, changed their mindset after the bye week. it was one game at a time.
5:54 am
>> they always go back to that bye week when they were 3-6. that is when rg iii became the captain of the team coming back off the bye week. they said forget about the record. forget about what anybody is reading into mike shanahan saying maybe the season is over. we'll go out one at a time. they have taken that mentality. >> i remember rg iii saying that. he said we'll come back and be focused and ready to go. >> he almost said it defiantly. a lot of people might remember tim tebow when he was down in florida. >> you didn't have to bring that in. >> i'm just saying he made the same type of statement and they won the national championship. rg iii was like we are going to win each and every week and they did. i don't think anybody believed it would actually happen. but it has. now, obviously, as good as alfred morris was, the defense to me really stepped forward and the biggest thing here was right after a three and out,
5:55 am
the cowboys have a chance to get early points. >> is tony romo color-blind? >> i do want mow what he was doing there. the first of the three picks by the rookie richard crawford, seventh round pick in last year's draft, again making plays. here is romo here, inexplicably here, no pressure, just a terrible throw. wisdom, what do you think his qbr was? >> it should be zero. 26.7. when you look ted numbers, rg iii, one hives worst games. romo was 20 of 37. rg iii was 9 of 18 for only a hundred yards. -- when you looked at his numbers, rg iii, one of his worst games. alfred morris, 200 yards, the
5:56 am
defense with turnovers. a total team win. they have seattle coming in here now next week. >> two teams on fire. >> we can look ahead. arguably the two hottest team in the nfl but seattle way from home. they were perfect at home. they are not great on the road. so you got to love the redskins' chances with seattle coming in. the last two times they've been in the playoffs, they lost to seattle but those were in the northwest. this time, they get the seahawks here. straight ahead at 6:00, we'll take a look at how the markets are looking on the last day of 2012. >> first, let's say good morning to today's fan of the day. today, we say hello to norman johnson, jr. norman tells us he
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tunes in every morning with his precious baby tiara perched in her favorite spot. >> we get a double dose. this is big time. for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, log on to our facebook page and post a comment under norman's picture. >> love it, norman. congratulations. >> we are checking your morning commute and your very cold weather when fox 5 morning news continues. we'll be right back. ight back.
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