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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  December 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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straight ahead at 6:00, seven in a row. the redskins sent dallas packing clinching a spot in the playoffs and bringing home a division tight for the first time since 1999. we'll have live team coverage coming up. >> and later, another medical setback for secretary of state hillary clinton. why she is spending the new year holiday in a new york hospital. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. good morning. it is new year's eve and it is
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already the new year in new zealand where you can see the fireworks going off there. this is a live picture right now. we're there ringing in the new year. hard to believe. we are just waking up everybody here in the d.c. region. >> they are already partying. >> there may be people already partying here too. >> i'm sure there are. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. speaking of party, here is a one-man party, tucker barnes. >> i wish i could party tonight. have to go to bed at #:00. >> you can party. you just have to suffer the consequences early. >> i might get started early. it will be cloudy this afternoon but we should warm up and we'll is have a lot of less winds than yesterday as things have gotten much quieter overnight. right now, reagan national, 30 degrees. much of the area has fallen back into the 20s. dulles is 24. temperatures in the mid-40s later today and more
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comfortable although we'll have a lot of clouds around particularly this afternoon. satellite-radar, storminess out to the west. you can seat rain showers out towards st. louis. there is some winter weather on the back side of that system. that will slide in here tomorrow. it presents the possibility of a few rain and/or snow showers tomorrow. until then, we'll be cloudy but dry. if you are headed out tonight, you want a jack e temperatures will fall back into the 30s. we are not expecting any rain and/or winter weather today. we'll go mid-40s, mostly cloudy this afternoon by 5:00 p.m. should be dry for you this afternoon and tonight if you are going out. >> thank you. time now to check in with langdon towne to see what is happening on the roads. >> not a great way to start the last day of december. we are looking at a major crash this morning. this is in centreville. northbound on sully road, this is just before you get towards 66 with this crash. three lanes are blocked. you want to stay to the left for this investigation so this could be there for a while.
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so again, you are going to find delays northbound sully road right near 66. around the area, you are looking pretty good, just overall light volume. 395, you got a good ride between the 14th street bridge and the beltway. no troubles around the beltway itself. you've got a decent ride on even 49 # at ritchie marlboro. you will see basically than usual volume this morning. -- on even 495 at ritchie marlboro. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the big story, the redskins are nfc division am champions for the fort time since 1999. >> they clinched in t. on the final week of season. the redskins' two star rookies came through once again. alfred morris ran for three touchdowns and robert griffin iii also ran for one. the skinned are headed to the playoffs for first time since 2007 they get to host round one at fedex field against the seahawks. seattle also comes into the game as one of the hottest
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teams in the league. they are led by a rookie quarterback as well, russell wilson. for more highlights from last night's big win, we turn it over to melanie alnwick live in landover. good news to be talking about this morning. >> reporter: that's right. this game certainly was a physical game that lived up to the expectations of a bitter division rivalry and a lot of people are saying it actually even brought back memories of the 1983 squad with the hog and rigo. who would have dreamed that they would be in this position after their start. first place in the nfc east. here they are with the first home playoff game at next field in 13 years on the horizon. the redskins took the field sunday into the in a prime time match-up, the season finale against the cowboys, a win or go home situation for both teams. while roargt has been the most celebrated team member -- while
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robert griffin iii has been the most celebrated team member, alfred morris was practical i'll up stoppable, running for three touchdowns, racking up 200 yards. he set the single season rushing record for the redskins, 1613 yards. >> it was special. mean that never really was on my mind about the record. i don't want to discredit it. it was and honor to pass clinton portis' record. i actual liked up to him. i guess you can call myself a fan of clinton portis. he said i want you to break the record. i'm just thankful and this is a humbling experience and i'm thankful to be here. >> reporter: the team itself also surpassed the single season franchise rushing record with 2700 yards. alfred morris, well more than
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half of those. a spectacular performance by that rookie. up next is the seahawk here at fedex field. kickoff is at 4:30 on sunday. we are expecting a capacity crowd here. no doubt, anybody who can get into that game is going to want to. this is the third consecutive play offgame against the say hawks. in the last two match-ups in 2005 and 2007, redskins had to travel all the way over to seattle. as we know, they were not successful in those match-ups. they are hoping that home field advantage will work for them this time around. back to you guys. >> we certainly do hope so. >> yes, we do. >> thank you. stay with fox 5 all morning long for complete skins coverage. in the next half hour, dave ross joins us with more locker room reaction and a look ahead to wild card week as well. senate leaders are set to get back to work as they have yet to strike a deal on that fiscal cliff. now, the deadline is now less than 24 hours away but the
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white house and congress still remain at odds over key issues such as creating an income threshold for raising taxes. president obama says gop leaders have rejected his proposals to make a comprehensive deal. republicans say they are willing to work together. so what does this mean for you? coming up in the next hour, we'll talk live with congressman jerry connelly and congressman phil roe for a closer look at the looming deadline. still ahead this hour, secretary of state hillary clinton hospitalized. we'll have an update on her condition. we'll be right back.
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secretary of state hillary clinton will spend the new year in a new york hospital so doctors can treat her for a broad clot. >> it is the result of a concussion clinton suffered earlier this month. doctors haven't said where it is located. doctors will monitor the former
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flied for 48 hours as she is medicated with anticoagulants. she suffered the con suggestion after fainting. former pros george h. w. bush is also in the hospital but out of intensive care. a spokesman says he continues to improve as he fights a cough and fever associated with a bout with bronchitis. it is now 6:10 and it is 30 degrees on this monday morning. coleing up a little bit later, a look back at some of the people we've said good-bye to in 2012. >> first arab -- first, a dry run in times square. we'll show you how the big apple is getting ready. 
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welcome back. it is coming up on 6:15 taking a live look at times square. look how quiet it is. >> i don't know if i've ever seen it that quiet. >> it won't be later tonight. they are getting ready for the big new year's eve celebration.
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lots of people descend on new york for this. it will probably be i cold unup there too. >> yeah, much colder than last year. they'll be in the low 30s and ball-dropping time. >> no. have you? >> no, couldn't -- >> i've heard what it is like. >> you have to stand out there in the cold for 12 hours. >> and what about finding a rest room. >> i hadn't thought about that, sarah. >> yeah. someone told me they got a room once there and looked down. they tried to go downstairs and take part it in it but it was too crowded. they couldn't get out of the hotel. >> don't bother, just watch. >> watch it on tv. >> should be a fine night out there. if you are going out around here later tonight, quiet conditions. it will be chilly with temperatures in the 30s. it won't be brutally cold. >> good. >> not bad. let's do temperatures. they are not -- well, let's see. i guess it is cold out there so with the exception of annapolis, everybody in the 20s and 30s here in town.
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that annapolis number not right. so most of the area here at or below freezing. 28 in leonardtown. quantico, 27 degrees. 28 in gaithersburg and frederick. we are very close to the teens here in manassas and culpeper. we've warmed up a little bit with clouds moving through. cull ander now at 23 degrees. should be a decent day for us. it is going to be kind of a partly sunny start to your day. cold with temperatures below freezing. but we'll warm up. nothing happening on our radar. nice and quiet for you. cloud cover out to the west. that will be building today. my map keeps skipping today. later this afternoon, the clouds are going to build in. it will be a mostly cloudy afternoon and when you are headed out tonight, there will be a lot of clouds around but we are not expecting any rain and/or snow shower activity today. here is your futurecast. you can see the clouds out there. temperatures later this afternoon expected to warm into the mid-40s. if i hadn't mentioned it yet, much less windy than yesterday so it should feel a little more
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comfortable for you. later tonight, generally quiet. here we are at 10:00 tomorrow. there are some suggestions that tomorrow we could see one or two showers or maybe a few snow showers well west during the day although most indications are that shower activity will stay to our south. we'll have a lot of clouds around for the new year's day but might be a shower or two during the afternoon. that will be the worst of the forecast. much of the week actually featuring sunshine here, just some cold temperatures by wednesday, thursday and friday. 45 today, becoming cloudy. seasonal temperatures, wind here much lighter than yesterday out of the south and west at five to 10. 34 tonight if you are going out. cloudy skies, it will be chilly but not terribly cold. there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. a lot of clouds tomorrow. this particular little graphic is overplaying how much we'll get. just a few light snow showers and/or rain showers. wednesday, thursday, friday, decent amount of sunshine but cold. highs each day, only in the 30s. overnight hoes in the 20s. that is weather. let's do some traffic with
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langdon towne. it has been busy. >> yeah, good morning. it is a busy morning for those in centreville. major crash right now northbound on sully road as you approach 66. you've got to stay to the left. that is where you will be squeezing by this crash investigation. this was a vehicle fire that involved a passenger car and a tractor-trailer. so again, three lanes are blocked. stay to the left to squeeze by this crash. otherwise, you are moving well around the area. no troubles or delays. you might encounter some slowdowns if you are heading eastbound on 66. and again, that is between 28 and 29. otherwise, you have a fairly uneventful ride this morning. right now, 50 so far. light volume, here is a shot at 301. very light volume on the john hanson highway. that is a look at your fox 5 on- time traffic. raffic. making headlines, it will be a very happy new year for
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same-sex couples in maryland. this comes after the state's attorney general says they will be able to mary on january 1st. they initially said because january 1st is a holiday and this is a two-day wait period they could not marry until january 4th. the state's attorney general says all of the licenses will take effect tomorrow. in d.c., the new year bring as a push for better cab service in the city. beginning tomorrow, new regulation by the taxicab commission will take effect. the new guidelines were created to help phase out older cabs. new regulation so no vehicles more than five years old or with more than 300,000 miles can be in service. the commission will help ensurthe safety, cleanliness and overall performance of district cabs. when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck when paying for college, looks like the washington area may be your best bet. in a newly released ranking, maryland and virginia took three of the top spots.
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university of virginia took over the number two spot. the college of william and mary close behind in the number four spot and the university of maryland, college park right in the middle at number five. six other local schools also placed in the top 100. good place to be. coming up next, we'll check in with fox business network live in times square where some one million will descend in just a few hours to ring in 2013. it will be a lot of people. >> yes, it will.   we'll be right back. 
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tonight is the big night in the big apple. waterford crystal ball is perched high above times square ready to count down the new year. lauren simonetti is live outside where all the partying and festivity will take place. >> good morning to you.
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happy early new year's eve to you. >> thank you very much. >> we couldn't tell with all this fiscal cliff talk and these down markets in the past five days but it has been a really good year for the stock market. the dow is up nearly 6% this year. the s&p is up 11.5% and the nasdaq is the big winner up 13.6% this year. so everybody made money. con congratulations, i know it doesn't feel like it but it was of a good year as we reflect back on everything that happened in 2012. >> let's talk about where you are right now. lots of activity, the big crystal ball drop. give us the rundown of what it will be like there tonight. >> crazy and cold. so in just a couple of hours from now at 11:00, they shut down times square behind me. no one can get in or out. they do a massive security sweep. the security is very tight. effect's bags are checked and then can you come back in at 3:00 p.m. that is when the party starts. but it really kicks off at 6:00 p.m. with the opening ceremonies and
6:25 am
performances by taylor swift, et cetera and then at 11:59, we see the big 12,000 pound waterford crystal ball drop. the theme of that ball is let there be peace for the new year and there will be a tribute to dick clark, the iconic host of new year's eve who died in april. and i'm a born and raised new yorker and i've only been here to see the ball drop one time an it was two years ago and i was working. because it is such a madhouse you want to avoid it. it is like sardines in a can. a billion people from around the world will watch tonight. it is great to be here and it is expensive. i mean the times square line which throws new year's eve, they spend about $2.5 million to throw it and $50,000 to clean opportunity. there is one ton of confetti that will fall from the sky tonight. so it really also great experience. but it is worth it. and economic impact is about $25 million in direct spenting for new york city. >> enjoy yourself. stay warm and don't party too
6:26 am
hard out there in the big apple. >> i'll try not to. i think this early shift has kind of killed my new year's celebration. >> i can understand that. >> we'll celebrate now. happy new year, wisdom. >> happy new year to you. be safe out there. we'll see you next year. >> see you next year. have a good one. still ahead, dave ross will join us with a look back at how the redskins brought home the gigs title. first, the day president obama called the worst of his almost four years in office. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ]  there are plenty of reasons to be jolly
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welcome back. taking a live look at the jefferson memorial out there this morning. cold start to your new year's eve. that is just the way new year's eve should be. it is that time of year, tucker. >> yeah, at least the wind cut out overnight. it was really blowing
6:30 am
yesterday, even at the game last night, the wind were still at a pretty god rate. they have died out overnight and we are in for a decent day today. the temperatures should top out in the mid-40s. that would be a trade-off. >> we have people's property in our yard after the winds. >> garbage cans. don't no -- know what to do with it. >> somebody will come find t maybe they'll put a missing picture up. -- somebody will come find it. >> clouds out to the west. a little stormy's out to the west. a lot of storminess. there are winter weather advisories for much of the central part of the country. a mix of clouds and sun to start your day and mostly cloudy this afternoon. it will warm up into the mid- 40s and as i mentioned without a whole hot of wind, it should feel a little better than yesterday. current temperature at reagan national, 30 degrees. 20 in pittsburgh. 19 in binghamton. 21 in boston so a good chunk of
6:31 am
very cold air here across the mid-atlantic up into new england. we have cold temperatures down into the carolinas this morning. mostly cloudy by afternoon. mid-40s by day time highs. not expecting rain and/or snow shower activity by tonight. i'll have details on new year's eve. even without tony, we'll do ask tony and tucker. we're phoning a friend. a great question about ice skating rinks today. >> that is appropriate. let's check in with langdon towne now. towne now. >> and good morning. as you can see now, some good news on sully road as you approach 66, they have cleared up that crash. you had the three lanes that were blocked and you had to squeeze by to the left. as you can see, they've cleared out that major accident this morning so traffic is now up to speed. no troubles or delays to speak of on 66. 95 right now, you've got a decent ride too in virginia. a shot north of the rest area,
6:32 am
you will find very light volume so you won have any delays in either direct. looking at 359 right now, right around the pentagon, looking good. if you want to head out this morning, you have an uneventful ride at this time. that is a look at your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> and this is new video of that deadly accident we've been talking about this morning. it involved a tractor-trailer and another vehicle on route 28 in fairfax county. this happened around 1:45 this morning at sully road. the driver of another vehicle possibly a pickup, was killed. from worst to first, last night, the washington redskins won their seventh game straight chinning a division title. the first time since 1999? >> that is when prince had that
6:33 am
song, 1999. >> dave ross is here. >> thank you, sarah, for making coffee. >> you're welcome. >> just like tony romo. >> we knew he had the penchant to come up small in big games. >> penchant? his whole career. >> he was tiny. and rg iii, you asked me on friday whether or not he would wear the brace. rg iii wore a smaller brace but he still looked like he was not 100%. we'll say about a 70% rg iii. that was good enough to beat 100% of tony romo. >> the team was there for him. >> effect stepped up. the first division title since 1999. seven straight wins to go from 3-6 to 10-6. i don't think anybody could see that coming and winning the twigs outright and now they will host a playoff game next sunday right back here it the fedex field. here it was last night. tony romo early though. the cowboys scoreless here in
6:34 am
the second quarter. he will find jason whitten, plenty of time. 7-0. the redskins have trailed three straight week by a touchdown. they just never blink. alfred morris, what else can you say about this kid? the sixth round pick and there is the great celebration. remember, mike shanahan and company, they traded donovan mcnabb to minnesota for a sixth round pick. that turned out to be alfred morris. on this run, he breaks clinton portis' single season rushing record of 1516. he shattered. he ended up with 1613 yards for the season. here is rg iii. he is kind of limping getting around that concern but still, he has so much moxie and so much will, he gets there and scores the go ahead touchdown and here is morris and as you say, that is the hammer. >> the hammer. >> and they dropped the hammer 33 times on the cow pokes and they win going away 28-18. three touchdowns. his average per carry, 6.1 yards last night. mike shanahan, rg iii talked
6:35 am
about the great win after the game. >> i don't think i've ever been 3-6 and ever had seven in a row. i don't think so. i don't think i've ever been anywhere close to that to be honest with you. >> i think everybody believed in what we had already. it was just about going out and executing it. when your back is pressed against the wall, a lot of times, it will make that come out of you and everybody stepped up big, chained their mindset after the bye week. it was one game at a time. >> tallahassee that bye week. what do you think of the big collar there? >> yeah. >> i might able to pull that off. >> tony romo couldn't pull off anything last night. he had three picks, the first one there by richard crawford, again, another rookie, the shanahan draft class last year, just sensational. here is the second pick. josh wilson going to get this one. you throw it up there for grabs. anybody has a shot to get it. rob jackson with the third pick later in the game which proved to be the dagger.
6:36 am
a qbr last night for tony romo, 26.7. that won't get it done. rg iii by comparison, only is00 yard through the air but he rushed for almost 60 in the big touch downwe showed there. it was about alfred morris and that defense. they have done a magnificent job. people were calling for jim has left tt's head early in the season. to get this done somehow on the biggest stage last night, prime time, tip your cap if you're wearing00 today to him and that defense. we'll try to track down lorenzo alexander tomorrow. we'll let the guys sleep in a little bit tonight as they get ready for seattle next week coming in here again. it does feel like prince in
6:37 am
1999. we'll rock some purple. >> all right, dave ross. >> thank you. let's in the forget to give the redskins faithful had some credit. 4,000 fans turned out to watch the redskins beat the dallas cow bows and there are the millions that watched at home and in sports bars as well. audrey barnes talked with some of the excited fans at a bar in northwest d.c. >> reporter: what about alfred morris getting the season rushing record? >> the other great rookie on the team. he is amazing. he is fantastic. >> really good crop this year. >> you've been excited watching the game. what is your favorite high height? >> i think deangelo holiday's coverage has been on point. i'm excited about how he is playing. >> thank you very much. >> and another fan. rg iii has been phenomenal. alfred morris off the chain good. what did you like tonight? >> definitely alfred morris touchdown. touchdown.
6:38 am
checking some of our other top stories, senate leaders are set to get back to work this morning as they have yet to strike a fiscal cliff deal. deadline is now less than 24 hours away but the white house and congress still remain at odds over key issues such as creating an income threshold for raising taxes. leaders were able to agree on one thing, extending the farm bill for another year. that means that the price of milk is no longer at risk of reaching $7 a gallon. president obama says gop leaders have rejected his proposals to make a comprehensive deal. republicans say they are willing to work together. and president obama says december 14th, 2012, thats with the worst day of his tress densey. that is the day a gunman shot and killed 26 people at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. most of them were children. and in an interview with nbc's meet the press, the president reaffirmed his commitment to new gun control legislation. the president says he still supports increased background checks as well as bans on
6:39 am
assault weapons and high capacity bullet magazines. mr.obama also expressed skepticism about proposals to place armed guards in schools as a response to the shooting tragedy. still ahead at 6 clark the lord of the holiday box office. >> dis, it new details bay murder inside the new york city subway. we'll be right back. we spend a lot of time on the feed because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. no animal by-products. no meat and bone meal. when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
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that i put on my children's plate. that's why we use all-white meat, breading that is whole grain with omega-3 and no preservatives. it is my goal to make the highest quality, best-tasting nugget on the market. i want consumers to go, "dang, that's a good nugget." police in oregon are still trying to determine what caused a tour bus to crash that left nine people dead. it happened zipped as the bus traveled from las vegas to vancouver. investigators say speed and icy weather may have played a factor. 40 people were on board the bus when it went through a guard rail and plunged several hundred feet town a steep embankment. rescue crews spent the day pulling survivors from the wreckage with ropes and harnesses. in new york, the woman accused of pushing a man to his
6:43 am
death fry subway platform will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. erica menendez was arraigned saturday night on a charge of murder as a hate crime o thursday, police say the 31- year-old shoved a man into the path of an oncoming train. prosecutors say menendez laughed during her arraignment and told police she pushed him because she blamed muslims for the september 11th terror afaxes. closer to home, police continue to search for answers in the murder of a college student. xavier stringfellow was a sophomore at fairham college in virginia. a vigil was held last night at battlefield high school in haymarket. he was found stabbed to death friday evening in vienna. police say he had been involved in an altercation. there has been an arrest in the case. 22-year-old one bonilla is charged with murder. place say the two men did not
6:44 am
know each other. >> let's check in with tuck fore a look at your forecast. going to be a cold new year's eve. >> certainly cold this morning and later today. not i abad last of the day year. less wind than yesterday. we'll take it. less wind. that was rough. let's do temperatures, start with that. we'll throw in the new year's eve forecast and if you are going out tonight, it will be fine to partying. there will be a lot of clouds out there and temperatures will be falling back into the 30s but the official word has come down not bad. there you go. not bad. mostly cloudy and cold. temperature in the 30s later tonight. here are your temperatures tonight. 30 right now in washington. 28 in leonardtown. ignore annapolis. 30 in baltimore. lots of 20s here west of the city. 21 in manassas. 24 at dulles. dim on the cold side to start your day with most of the area fall back into the 20s. off to the north and west,
6:45 am
where you did get some snow on saturday, look out for a few icy spots. cloud cover on the increase today. there will be a little sunshine to start your day. the clouds are going to move in here later today. we should be in for a mostly cloudy afternoon. as you look well out to the west, we've got some storminess in central portions of the country. they are getting some pretty good snows out across central portions of the country. this batch of moisture should slide to our south overnight and early tomorrow. during the day tomorrow, it is possible that as far north as wash, perhaps in the mountains, we could see a few rain and/or snow showers. that will be it for about the week. we are not expecting a whole lot in the way of precipitation this week. we'll be in for a couple of cold days here to kick off the new engineer. by wednesday, thursday, friday, our high temperatures are only going to be in the 30s. we do have colder temperatures on the way towards middle and end of the week. temperatures just about where they should be. winds out of the south and west
6:46 am
at about five to 10 miles per hour. later tonight, as we do temperatures, 34 the overnight low, cloudy skies, chilly overnight. winds out of west here. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. 4 # your daytime high tomorrow. this-- 43 your daytime high tomorrow. that is weather. let's do traffic. langdon towne is in with a look at your roadways. busy morning. >> so far, we are looking pretty good right now. looking around the beltway 495 at river road. you have a very uneventful ride. let's lock now towards i-270 coming down to shady grove. you will find traffic volume moving quite well this morning. let's go over towards i-95. right now, looking at traffic volume, uneventful. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic.
6:47 am
>> all right. you ready? >> we're ready. let me mention tony is taking the day off because he was at the game last night celebrating late. he texted me all night. got my last text about 1:00 in the morning even though i had been trying to sleep for four hours. he is not here this morning. it is time for ask tony and tucker. >> now you're supposed to do it. >> that is horrible. where is tony? >> this is the segment where tony and i put our fabulously large heads together to answer your questions. when i'm the only one here, i get to do it my way, sarah. >> today, we have a special guest for today's question. today's question comes from a mr. phil somewhere in d.c. phil wants to know, great question, i want to know too now that you asked it. phil wants to know how skating
6:48 am
rinks stay frozen even when the temperature is not freezing. around here in the winter time, our temperatures go up and down and we'll have days in the 50s and overnight, it will fall back in the 20s. i would expect it would be hard to maintain an ice-filled rink. we've got the officer answers. on the phone is the president of rink management services and he is in charge of -- i hear this is fabulous. in charge of the new washington harbor ice rink in georgetown. >> okay. >> have you guys been there? >> no, didn't realize they had one down there. >> are you guys ice skaters. >> tom, are you there? >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us. >> i'm glad to. ments a great ice rink and you should come down and visit it. >> you will have to tell us the hours and i want to come diewnd visit. i got to warn you i'm a really bad ice skater. you my want to tell everybody else to get off the risk. >> not only do we have monitors to take care of you, we have
6:49 am
lessons and qualified instructors to help you. >> see, someone to hold your hand the whole time. le time. >> how do you guys keep the ice frozen when temperatures warm up above freeze something. >> well, not simply but below the rink at washington harbor, it is 11,800 square feet. there are approximately seven miles of tubing which takes a brine solution and chills it underneath and that is all pumped back into a fridge ration plant which removes the heat, cools it down and repumps it back. so beneath the icy sheet you see in 56-degree weather is a vast refrigeration system that keeps things cold and keeps the ice frozen. >> so, tom, when the temperature dips below freezing, do you have to keep the system going or are you able to save money at that
6:50 am
point? >> we keep the system going all the time because it is a continue with us loop so we don't want to stall it. but it does cut back on the amount of horsepower. it is a staged system so we can cut back on the horsepower. >> fascinating. >> it is helpful when it is cold but not necessary to be cold to have good ice. >> okay. now, tell me, when temperatures are very warm, 60s, 70s, do you have have to close the rink down for a couple of days or are you able to maintain ice at that point? yves we had a very enjoyable warm fall and a number of days that have been in the high 50s and low 60s and we've skated every day. we haven't had any issues. >> all right. tell us about your rinken. so it is brand-new. didn't even know it was open yet. it opened this year? >> it opened this year on november 17th at the washington harbor right on the potomac river. it is a gorgeous rink, beautiful vista. and it is 11,#00 square feet
6:51 am
and for anyone that wants to come down that is not a good skater, we have skate rentals, 550 pair of them and we have lessons on wednesdays and sundays. >> what are your hours? >> okay. the hours are monday through thursday. we are open from noon to 9:00 p.m. >> this was a water fountain before in. >> it will become a water fountain afterwards. the system was laid out. they put a decking over the piping mechanism. we freeze opportunity. in march, we'll reverse the process and it will be a gorgeous up for train all through next fall. >> i just want to know how much does it cost? >> the cost is for adults, it is $9 for admission. for children, seniors and the military, it is $7.
6:52 am
and we have skate rentals, 550 pair of skate rentals, those are $5. >> great way to spend the day with the family. >> great. >> and then fridays and saturdays, we're open until 10:00. we open at 10:00 a.m. on saturday and sunday morning. >> thank you for joining us. i will try to get down there and skate at some point. >> we all will. you will need an army. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to click on the weather tab. ♪ you're as cold as ice &&. >> thank you, tom. coming up next, a look back at the ones we lost in 2012. it is now 6:52. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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12/31/12 all right. 2012 comes to a close, we look back at the lives we lost who impacted so many of us.
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