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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  January 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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that day would come unless we take steps. >> reporter: although there is a lot of work to take place behind me the mayor says he believes the first concert at the new after theater could happen by this summer. in northeast -- new amphitheater could happen by this summer. in northeast, matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> thanks for joining us. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. they are the faces of bank robbers caught in the act. tonight the fbi launches a new online assault to get these robbers off the street. it's a crime on the decline in this country, but still too many culprits are on the streets. fox 5's bob barnard has the story. >> the images you're about to see were captured on surveillance cameras that all banks have and now thanks to the fbi available all in one place for you to spy. they call is guy the hole in the wall bandit, broke into three banks in the district last summer from vacant
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buildings next-door, never got any cash. this man wearing an fbi ball cap robbed a wells fargo bank in adams morgan in october, 2011. >> in washington d.c. someone is wearing fbi, chances are they're not. >> reporter: tim gallagher is special agent in charge of the criminal division of the fbi's washington field office where they call this man the nats cap guy, dresses kind of snappy. >> these descriptors would help someone who may know this indivial, provide the information to us in an anonymous fashion. >> reporter: the fbi calls them unsubs, unidentified subjects now featured on the bureau's new website. >> bank robbery is a violent offense. we have individuals who come into banks, threaten customers, threaten financial institution employees, brandish weapons. these individuals are dangerous. we need them off the street. >> reporter: last fiscal year bank robberies were at their lowest levels in 10 years in this area, just 15 in the
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district and 34 in northern virginia. >> when you rob a bank, you will be caught on film probably in three or four different poses. sometimes we pick up surveillance footage from across the street. one time i had a bank robber park his car in front of the atm which gave me beautiful pictures of his car which i showed him while he information handcuffs. >> reporter: you know those electronic billboards at bus stops across our region? the fbi will be using them to disay bank robbery suspects in action. >> i'm totally for it. i think anything they can do to help stop crime and especially if they're violent offenders, think they should do everything they can. >> i actually do look at them. i do notice the things on those thing. it may help. >> yeah -- those thing. it may help. >> yeah. it just might work. >> if you'd like a good look at these suspects and the new bank robbers website, just go to ours and our
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story will lead you there. the edge on virginia now, two men accused of stealing two alexandria police cruisers last month are behind bars. police arrested 31-year-old daniel harris, 33-year-old corie yates. the systems used a master fleet key to steal the vehicles from outside two police officers' homes. >> they were taken from two areas in the city that we used in our take-home cruiser program. they're a community-based program so we can have a greater community presence. the officers take the cars to their home and park them outside of their homes. >> no word yet how the suspects got their hands on the neat key which is still missing as well as a -- fleet key which is still missing as well as a remington shotgun and mobile computer stolen from the computers. another stool shooting in california, fortunately this -- school shooting in california. fortunately no one died. >> reporter: a gunman walking
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into a school opening fire. the latest shooting happened in taft, california, a rural community in the san joaquin valley about 120 miles northwest of los angeles. officials say a 16-year-old student at taft junior high walked into a class shortly after 9 a.m. local time and shot a fellow pupil. >> he then tried to engage a second student he named and tried to shoot him and missed. the teacher was trying to get the students out of the classroom and engage the shooter. >> reporter: the school's counselor eventually convinced the student to put his gun down before he was taken into custody by police. authorities credited that teacher who suffered a minor pellet wound to the head with helping keep the situation under control. >> he had maybe as many as 20 rounds in his pocket. so we don't know what might have happened. this is train did i but not as bad as -- a tragedy but not as
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bad as it might have been. >> reporter: the shooting comes less than a month after a gunman killed 20 students and six adults at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. the news of the incident crossed as vice president joe biden was meeting with gun rights advocates to discuss ways to prevent mass shootings. the school normally has an armed is of, but wasn't in today because of snow and -- officer, but he wasn't in today because of the notice and there's no official word on what the shooting might be. meantime vice president biden holding another run on of talks to discuss ways to reduce gun violence. today the vice president met with pro gun groups including the nra. he told them common ground can be found to prevent the types of mass shootings we've seen recently. >> as the president said, even if what we do only saves one life, it makes sense and i think we can do a great deal without in any way imposing on or impinging on the rights of the second amountment, that the second amendment guarantees. >> after the meeting the
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national rifle association complained the talks did not focus on protecting children but instead attacked the second amendment. tomorrow the vice president will meet with officials from the entertainment and video game industries and present his recommendses on tuesday to the president. this -- recommendations on tuesday to the president. this year's oscar nominations were full of surprises and flubs. >> argo, ben affleck and george clooney producers. >> lincoln came out on top along with life of pi and snubs fell in the director category, as many critics shocked argo did not receive a nomination for best director. perhaps the biggest fan of argo is the man who inspired ben affleck's character. >> reporter: you can see from the many paintings in his studio that tony mendes has mastered the art.
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he is also a master of deception. >> that's the heart and soul of being a spy is being able to role play and make things look real. >> reporter: mendes is a former cia clandestine officer and the man behind the officer that successfully snuck six american diplomats out of iran during the hostage crisis in 1979. >> some embellishment was needed because that's what motion pictures are all about. it's not a history lesson. it's a feeling. >> reporter: after keeping the operation secret for years and with the blessing of the cia mendes wrote the book argo, the story of a phoney film production he set up as a front to smuggle the american diplomat out of iran posing as canadian filmmakers. >> i think people are needing a good story. hollywood happy ending kind of story, a feel good about our government story. >> i got an idea.
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>> they're a canadian film crew or a science fiction movie. >> reporter: mendes is played by ben affleck and it's a performance the real life tony says was spot on despite the fact he original' won a george clooney to play the role. >> good as an actor but impressive as a director. so what i say to him is you do a good tony mendes, although you're not good looking enough. >> reporter: now tony is readying for another mission. this time the destination is hollywood, the targets not an american diplomat but an oscar perhaps for best picture. >> the idea is you can have people respond to it, my little book. >> reporter: in knoxville, maryland, fox 5 news. coming up a snake on a plane, a very turbulent flight. passengers watch the python hitches a ride on the side of
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the plane. we've got the video. >> i would have fainted if i'd seen that. >> we have had a run of very mild days, but you will need your umbrella tomorrow. we'll have the rest of that seven-day forecast coming up on the news edge at 11:00. come on back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
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millions rely on ambien to help them sleep, but health
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officials say some doses are dangerously high. shawn yancy has that and more in tonight's fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, brian, why a popular radio station is changing its call letters. no. 5, wpgc radio will officially flip its call letters to wrg3 tomorrow. the station will bear the new call letters all weekend long to show redskins star robert griffin, iii how much the d.c. region loves and supports him. it is the first time in the station's history it's ever changed call letters. no. 4, langdon park in northeast d.c. will soon be home to a brand-new after theater named after the godfather of go go mr. chuck brown. the park has already been renamed chuck brown memorial park. the existing small stage there will be turned into a 900 seat amphitheater and should be ready sometime this summer. no. 3, new mortgage lending rules went into effect today and force banks to verify a borrower's ability to repay loans and not to lend to
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borrowers whose debt exceeds 43% of their income. lenders face bans on the risky interest only and no documentation loans that helped fuel the housing crisis. no. 2, the fda is ordering the makers of ambien and other sleeping pills to lower their zones. it's an effort to report harmful side effects especially in women. a key ingredient stays in women's bodies longer and could affect alertness the next morning. no. 1, more than half the states across country are reporting high flu levels. flu concerns have people flocking to get shots. some doctors and drugstores are having a hard time keeping up with supplies of the vaccine and the medicine used to treat the bug. that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top five. the flu no fun, symptoms can last for days. we have some over the counter options that may help you feel better. >> reporter: so many people are complaining about cough. when you look at over the
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counter products, you can have suppressants and right on the label you'll see the word suppressant or there can be an expectorant. that's going to help you to drain that thick are mucus. then there are the combination products. again you got to read the label. this 1 also has something to help dry your nose as well as suppress a cough. suppose you feel those symptoms coming on. what should you do? if you're at high risk, see your doctor right away. they may give you a prescription for an anti-viral therapy, but if you're just a regular person and walk into your pharmacy, what are some things you can buy? there are zing products. i'll give you a definite maybe whether or not that may or may not help. that also needs to be started right away. other products like echinacea have not shown great benefit, so again a definite maybe on any of these products. home remedies i'll give a thumbs up. chicken soup has fluids,
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electrolytes. there are salts and rinses that you gargle with. honey has been shown to be almost or as effective as cough suppressants and teas. they have antioxidants, things that can help you feel better. keeping your nasal passages moist may make you feel better. you can buy over the counter saline nasal drops. these are great for kids as well. people like to use rinses, but make sure the water is sterile and read instructions carefully. some have concerns it may help spread the infection. remember healing takes time. if you start to feel better and then feel worse it, might be sign of a complication and time to see your doctor. back to you. a massive python had a wild ride on an australian flight. the 10-foot snake crawled in between the engine and wing and got stuck. a passenger filmed this video. kind of looks like something out of snakes from a plane. the snake hung on for the
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entire two hour flight but unfortunately didn't survive. one passenger said it didn't occur to them until later there might be more snakes on the plane. thankfully that was the only one. >> now i feel bad. that's a rough one. jackets are getting lighter. >> yes, they are. tomorrow we take a little step back and it looks like we'll probably have some rain in the afternoon which we can definitely use and then a big time warm-up going into the weekend. it's going to feel like late april. you'll be thinking cherry blossoms by the time sunday rolls around. we're talking a big change-up by the middle and latter part of next week. we'll start tonight by looking at the high temperatures today. we were 57, average 43, so bonus territory. wilmington 68, atlanta 68 degrees. a lot of warm air especially
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south and east, chicago 45 degrees, but there's a big storm system developing in the west. that storm will have the effect of pulling a lot of cold air down through the west which will in turn help pump more warm air into the east coast over the weekend. here's what's going to go on tomorrow. we've got this storm system we've watched in the deep south. that is finally pulling north and as it does so, it's going to drag some showers through our area. i think that will mostly be in the afternoon. let's say after 2:00. we'll have the front come through. so we'll be a little cooler for part of our friday. the mild air tries to ride in on saturday. it might take a while. i know it will make it in here for sunday as we expect temperatures to soar to 70 degrees. i'm forecasting 67 degrees for sun. tonight we've got the clouds coming in -- for sunday. tonight we've got the clouds coming in and it will stay warmer. the moisture is coming from the
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deep south. let's hope the showers are substantial. right now we think maybe close to 1/4 to 1/2-inch of rain. not so much in the morning. at 8 a.m. the rain is not in here. i'm pausing this at 2:00 because i think that's when some of the western suburbs may start to see a little rain. it may be a little heavier through western maryland and northern portions of the west virginia panhandle. by 5:00 another pause, good showers up toward baltimore showing up in yellow and decent rain for the beltway, not as substantial south of d.c. and by 10:00, 11:00, it looks like it's going to be out of here. we have some clouds around saturday. so not as sunny saturday. that's why i think it might not get quite to what we're expecting it to be. we're going to forecast 61. we'll be shocked in it stays in the 50s. sunday i think the warmer air will get in here. the weekend will probably have a good. cloud cover, too so maybe not quite as much sun as today in. terms of rain what we get
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tomorrow will probably be something under 1/2-inch of rain. the heavier rain will be up through pennsylvania. your fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast we've got 50 degrees tomorrow being 60s for the weekend and more unsettled weather -- tomorrow, 60s for the weekend and more unsettled weather over the weekend. a big dropoff tuesday 46. we recover a little bit on wednesday to 51 and a week from today when the more tip tall winter cold comes back into -- typical winter cold comes back into d.c. we've got two seasons for you there on that seven-day forecast. that's it for weather. i know scott has some more updates on rg3. details of robert griffin, iii's knee surgery are still coming to light. not only was griffin's acl and lcl worked on we are finding out had he a meniscus tear as well. so -- he had a meniscus tear as
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well. so make that three situations in one knee. the nfl players association may launch an investigation into the handling of rg3's injury. if they move forward, independent doctors will be brought in to see if the redskins followed recommendations of their medical staff and issue a report. the union has already called for the redskins to improve the conditions of the field at fedex. to the coaching circus in the nfl now and the division rival eagles are going after notre dame head coach brian kelly. philly reportedly interviewed him tuesday. oregon coach chip kelly, no relation, turned down the eagles earlier this week. philadelphia isn't the only team interested in brian kelly. the chicago bears are also interested. coming up the wizards are finally about to get their no. 1 back. john wall prepares for his season debut next. 
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we may have nhl training camp by this sun. the board of governors rat -- sunday. the board of government ratified the agreement. now it's the players turn. it should be saturday at the latest and at that point, friends, we will officially have hockey. the caps were tuning up at the kettler iceplex. 19 players were on hand today on the ice. unfortunately no nick backstrom. he's thought to have suffered a concussion. the players are fed up with this lockout long ago and
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they're ready to get out there and start playing. >> it's frustrating, roller coaster ride up and down, good news one day, bad news the next, seemed to keep going on and on like that. so i had to shut my brain off a little bit with the lockout. i had to not think about it. >> i'm honestly really embarrassed by the lockout like personally embarrassed. i mean i feel terrible about it and i feel like we just punched our sport in the face and i feel bad for everybody that was affected by it directly or indirectly. i'm sitting there saying a, how do you just take a sport away and then b, how do you take it away from everybody that's involved? you go down the line. it has ripple effect on everybody. the wizards don't play till saturday at home against the atlanta hawks, but would you look at who it support of it's john wall. he's expected to make a season debut saturday. head coach randy wittman says he's gone heart the last couple days the practice and -- hard
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the last couple days of practice and he's gone pretty close. wall was originally set to miss eight weeks with a strain to his kneecap. that was 15 weeks ago. >> hopefully he's learned some lessons. if it takes a little extra time to heal up, rather than have something nag you and keep you out as long as it's kept him out. george mason taking on old dominion. patriots start the 2nd half on a 15-4 run. mason unfazed by the full court prist. it's paris bennett on the other -- press. it's paris bennett on ther end. the bucket and the foul. george mason's ninth win of the season. 71-46 the final and the 10th ranked maryland women get a big win over the 24th ranked miami team 84-62. the terps are now 12-3 on the season.
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here's the last look at that fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast. you might have to call a doctor sunday for spring fever as we get up to 67 degrees, but reality check by the middle and end of next week as actual real january temperatures roll back into the forecast. some showers tomorrow, brian. >> thank you, sue. now you have the news edge. the news is always on as always, thank for staying up late. see you. >> fox 5 news isn't over.
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