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tv   Noticiero Univision  FOX  February 14, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> today on "tmz" >> we have video of this unbelievable girl fight over "love & hip hop" which erica saw tiffany. >> she's like stalking her prey. >> chuck by checker is suing over a subpoena niss measuring app. >> i asked josh to do something for the website to give us some kind of art. >> you said make chubby checker into a penis. >> he put a urethra in his hair.
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>> this is ron popeil's daughter. >> she's black. >> ron popeil cant produce black spawn. >> who said she was black? >> he said she was black. >> i was judging from the booty. >> we got kiefer sutherland. they changed the iron to a cat. would you buy a new set for that one piece? >> maybe for my grandson. >> he has a grandson? how old is he? >> he's 59. >> he's not 59. >> he's 59. i'm sorry. "tmz" pop quiz. >> what do women want most on valentine's day a, flowers; b, candy; or c, to taste the blood of a woman she's just murdered. this valentine's day cupid is bringing pain. someone explain. >> we have video of this unbelievable fight with one of the girls of "love & hip hop.
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decpwhrit all went down at a new york nail aslon grand opening. >> tiffany approached erica and started a lady war. >> they have some sort of issue. >> what is the issue? >> she thinks chamberlain was great britain's best prime minister. just kidding. it's all over a dude of, course. >> they break it up and tiffany gets taken to a back room. >> well, thank god that is over. no, erica, look out behind you. >> tiffany, the blond girl, you can see her in the background. >> she's like a lioness stalking her pray. >> yes, and when the victim least suspects it, the black lady strikes. >> she just like pounces on top of erica. it's crazy and they are all freaking out. it's the best video. >> yes and it can all be summed up with three words. >> bitches be tripping.
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>> well said, boss. >> thanks angry women. >> how is it going tonight? >> we got keifer sutherland outside of mr. chow. >> are you a big monopoly player? >> not for a long time. >> did you see they changed the iron to a cat? >> i heard that. >> would you buy a new set for that one piece? >> maybe for my grandson. >> oh my god. he has a grandson. >> i don't think he actually has a grandson. >> i think he has a kid. >> stepgrandson. >> he could be a grandpa on his own, by the way. >> how old is he? >> he's 59. >> he's 59. he's not 59. >> sorry. >> he's not 59. >> no, he's 59. i'm sorry. [laughter]
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>> great to see you. >> sure. >> have a great night. >> yeah, unemployed nfl wide receiver chad johnson working out in miami. but who is the chick? >> he's got a new lady in his life. >> we don't know they are together whoa, little hug, little kiss. happy valentine's day. >> i know who she is. she is lauren popeil. >> ron popeil's daughter? >> yeah, we get the point. >> this is a black girl. >> no. >> she's not a sister at all. >> she's not a black girl. >> who said she was black? >> he said she was black. >> i was judging from the booty.
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>> you can't judge from the booty. >> you ass judged her. now that i see the video, i racially profiled her arrest. >> she is tan, maybe she sprayed herself with some of that crap. >> it is ron popeil's daughter. >> is this video from madrid? >> it's from miami. >> while we gather our thoughts, let's get back to chad and maybe ron popeil's daughter. >> what's going on over here? >> this girl goes half sideways with her ass in the air on the pole. what is she doing? >> she's hijacking this story, tell you that much. >> ron popeil is awesome. >> if you follow all the instructional material you just -- >> stripper. anyway, thanks -- would you, she is really good, isn't she? >> got pga wives at the grove.
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there is a new show coming out which is the pga wives. they are walking out of the grove and i asked them -- >> when all that stuff went down with tiger woods did that increase the awareness of the wives? >> no that is completely unique to himself. >> i hope you told them they wouldn't have a show without tiger woods. >> and by the way, they've got rose colored grasses on. >> that's unique. he's the only twhaun did that. >> fred couples happened to him first. >> i think he destroyed two marriages by cheating on his wives. >> and don't get started on the l.p.g.a. >> it's like the diner shore opened, sex everywhere. >> that open is like the academy awards for lesbians. >> what are you talking about? >> it's in palm springs. it's just crazy. >> there is i headline on my lesbians flood palm strings. >> the name is dina shore
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open. it's right there. >> good luck with the show girls. >> it's former president bill clinton in epcot center. >> bill clinton was going for a walk in amsterdam maybe looking for a coffee shop. >> uh-oh. the president of party time. the president is feeling fine. >> coffee shop, maybe red light district. >> or he's there on stately business probably doing charity work. >> he'll probably do work on charity and hope and gretel, face time. >> why was he in amsterdam? >> you know, standard amsterdam stuff. meeting heads of state, taking in the culture and then see what happens. >> i tried to look it up and everything was in dutch.
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>> he better get his story straight or he's going to be in dutch with the miss. >> he's getting down a little bit, coffee shop. >> he's not getting down. >> of course not, but in case you need to lay low for a while bill, we know a great place for you to hide right little girl. >> chubby checker is suing over a penis measuring app. he's suing hewlett packard and palm. >> these guys made an app. >> you can tell somebody's penis size by their shoe size. >> there is some sort of equation in there that can tell you how big a guy's penis is. >> but they are calling it the chubby checker. >> not like chubby checker. >> so i asked josh to do something for the website when we posted the story to give us some kind of art. >> you said make chubby checker into a penis. >> he put a urethra in his hair. >> it's the details that make
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it. >> or make chubby checker a penis or something like that. >> i didn't say put him in the zipper. >> why is he only 3 inches. >> you think he was pissed at hewlett packard. wait till he sees that. >> coming up -- chris brown is getting heckled by some guy on the street and this guy is laying into him. >> he's like all over this car. >> nobody ever touchars does not sleep with black talent. >> suppose there is a white woman who decides her thinghing only to sleep with black guys. >> i love her whoever she is.
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>> coming up, rick and kathy hilton. >> what is the crappiest hilton? >> he goes the oxnard
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>> got too much time on your hands, instead of filling it with family and friends why not connect with in, you can sign up for facebook and twitter. tired of watching videos of disgruntled cats? sign up for the official youtube page.
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you'll get bonus content you won't see on the or website. >> and we're not just talking about harvey's tweets. though there will be plenty of those. check out "tmz" on twitter, facebook and youtube. it's like having millions of friend you'll never meet in person right manti. >> what up, chris? >> that's chris brown in hollywood last night. finally an evening with chris brown without any drama or violence is what we would say if this didn't happen. >> oh chris, [beep]. is that [beep] bullet proof. >> i'm a [beep]. >> who is the guy trying to pick a fight? >> this guy is being super aggressive. >> he's up in his face. >> he's trying to get him to do something. >> i ain't never seen a [beep] that fast.
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>> we don't know why the guy was baiting chris. but chris wasn't backing down. >> i'm a crip. >> [beep], [beep]. don't act like that. >> the fact that chris tried to leave the scene, good for chris brown. >> but he still can't do that. just shut your mouth and go, especially when the guy is talking bullets. especially when you're up for a probation violation. especially when you've had issues with violence in the past. >> anyway, brown kept his cool and tried to drive away. maybe he's finally learning, growing, maturing. [beep] [beep]. >> or he's still an a hole. thanks unbridled rage. >> hi betty, how are you doing? >> we've got betsy russell. she's been in every saw movie. we asked her what is the greatest chick flick. >> love actually. >> i haven't seen that one. >> that movie is a pile of
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[beep]. >> no, it's not, brian. >> you're a pile of [beep]. >> we ask her will fifty shades of grey be a new chick flick? >> probably, i haven't read it. >> a lot of women love it decpwhrifment hear a lot of women are getting the book for their men. >> ryan seacrest is a total proponent for men reading it. >> yes, he's talked about it so much. >> he's [beep] julianne hough. >> that's what they do in the book. >> why is that the one point in the book you bring up? >> there is a big difference between that and anything else. >> those knuckles -- no. >> maybe i should read it. >> thanks betsy. >> thank you. >> and now "tmz" presents the crusade for racial quality in porn. starring jason. >> how is it going? >> good. >> got jason gedrick on bedford. he was in the show luck that was cancelled.
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let's talk about something that rhymes with luck. >> i recently learned that my favorite porn star doesn't do black guys on film. >> her name is alexis texas. >> you may know her from the half watched movie --this isn't u.f.c. two ultimate [beep] championship. she won't bang black dudes but why. >> i know one star she didn't do anal -- >> let's go to something else. >> these white women have a white fan base if they sleep with a black guy they get abandoned by their fan base. >> translation, more black quals less green. >> is that a business move? >> is it okay for me to watch her? >> yeah. >> i feel like i'm supporting someone who is engaging in racist practices. >> perhaps it would help if they dealt with racial issues such as american history xxx, jungle beeve, the girth of a nation.
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and driving it into miss daisy. decpwhre quality in america will not truly exist until white and black porn stars can bang each other. >> we need to come together. you know what i'm saying? >> you guys are looking great. >> rick and kathy hilton. >> and they said nothing? >> rick said something he probably shouldn't have said. >> rick made a mistake. >> what is the crappiest hilton? >> he answers. >> no. >> he answers. >> the oxnard hilton. >> is that a terrible name for a city or what? >> he said that. >> oops. >> he said that? >> yes, there is a hilton garden in there. >> it's got three out of five stars. >> really? >> the only good thing about this hotel is the waitress patricia. >> somebody took my purse while i was eating the continental breakfast. >> [laughter]
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>> that is hilarious. >> and it still got three stars. >> you guys look wonderful. >> bye. >> coming up -- the dude on the recent cal fornication. >> you ladies would love this dude. if you didn't see that episode you'd love him. >> oh --
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>> next "tmz," it's bigger than you the pack. ligger and that
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>> "tmz" online and on your >> "tmz" online and on your phone 24/7. >> feeling bloated, got a nice layer of winter blubber going? then it's time to sit down and be happy. take a load off on the "tmz" hollywood tour bus. like this stephen tyler fan. hop on and see the sights in beverly hills, hollywood and the sunset strip. >> you can see anyone. or even, david, david, david. >> god david beckham is hot. >> keep it in your pants. >> i don't like to be around strangers. >> no problem book a custom charter and fill the bus with
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people you know. we do birthdays even corporate events. >> she's in finances. >> how is it going? >> i love you in californication. >> thanks man. >> it's the hottest guy in leather pants since this episode of friends. >> they must have shrunk from the sweat or something or my legs expanded from the heat. >> where are you, david? >> back to this guy whose name is -- >> he is one good looking dude. almost too good looking. >> he has gotten a lot of roles but none of them have been -- >> break out. >> he's funny, he's hot, he should be huge. >> you're a tall good looking guy. you should be getting all the roles. >> i'm working on it. >> he's too pretty.
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>> haven't you seen those guys that are just too pretty. >> is he? >> he's a tall good looking dude. >> and good looking dudes never catch a break in hollywood. just ask them. step aside while we make this ridiculous argument. >> he's 36 and he does small parts all the time. >> he's pretty. >> pretty guys can have range. he's played sexy guy, hunk and joe in a show about man whores. he was in ant rouge with no clothes on. >> i'd still [beep] him though. >> thanks dude who is wanted by every woman who lays eyes on him. >> and dudes too. >> have a good time, man. >> the new stats are in on the sexually transmitted diseases. >> you want to guess.
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>> number one
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>> closed captioning and other considerations for "tmz" are provided by --
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>> we got brett harrelson. >> this is komimi. >> aren't you native american too? >> i am. >> i tried to look this up. i couldn't find anything on it. he's from texas though. >> is this going anywhere? >> does it ever? >> the new statistics are in on the most sexually transmitted diseases. >> you want to guess which is
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number one? >> gonorrhea. >> hpv. >> number two. >> chlamydia is number two. >> number three. gonorrhea is number three. >> i had gonorrhea twice. [laughter] >> i mean i guessed it twice. [laughter] >> i'm a lawyer. 
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