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tv   Noticiero Univision Fin de Semana  FOX  February 17, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> woman: the following is a paid presentation for nubrilliance, the professional salon-style home microdermabrasion system. now you can discover hollywood's secret for perfect, ageless skin, with special guests from the bachelorette, cougar town, your favorite daytime soaps and hosted by beauty expert to the stars, kym douglas. it's all coming up right now. >> announcer: do you ever see yourself in a mirror and wonder who that tired, old-looking person is? what if you could diminish and even reverse the visible signs of aging and have the brilliant skin you've always wanted? >> are you ready for hollywood's hottest beauty secret that helps turn back the clock to younger,
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more beautiful-looking skin? a secret that in only minutes will make your skin smoother and softer? >> announcer: imagine fine lines and wrinkles diminishing and looking years younger. imagine reducing the appearance of age spots, pore size, and imperfections, while improving skin tone, texture and elasticity. >> are you ready for the secret to flawless skin? >> i'm confident that the women in the makeup room are going to say, "what have you been doing and where do we get it?" >> woman: for years, hollywood stars have been treated to the ultimate skin care rejuvenation secrets that keep their skin radiating with a youthful, flawless glow. >> announcer: now it's your turn to learn the secrets to getting red carpet results with an at-home skin care system that you can use whenever you want, in the privacy of your own home. >> woman: you'll hear from hollywood stars, anti-aging doctors, professional aestheticians, celebrity makeup artists and women of all ages who are enjoying this fountain of youth without expensive spa treatments or doctor visits.
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>> i'm 51, i just turned 51, and a lot of people think i look a lot younger than i did even, you know, 10 years ago, which is amazing, and i, i have to credit nubrilliance for that. >> and i go to the store and people are like, "oh, my god, you look so much younger in person." [laughs] i'm like, "you're right... with nubrilliance." >> sorry for all the spas out there but you really can... [laughs] you really can do this at home yourself. >> announcer: nubrilliance is one of the hottest products sweeping the u.s. and europe. men and women around the world are enjoying dramatic changes in their skin. advances in technology now make it possible for you to get amazing results with true microdermabrasion, just like a professional salon-style treatment that you o can now do in your own home. >> woman: in just minutes, begin your journey to healthier, younger-looking skin and your beauty rediscovered with nubrilliance. >> i don't even think i'm gonna have to say too much to my friends-- they're gonna take one quick look at me and they're gonna go, "what have you been doing?!" >> announcer: stay tuned as hollywood beauty expert and best-selling author kym douglas
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shares the secrets of nubrilliance and how you too can have amazing professional-style spa treatments right in your home. plus, find out how you can receive a special bonus package worth $60 absolutely free just for watching today. >> i've shared a lot of beauty secrets over the years, but i have never been this excited about a beauty product that will give you youthful, flawless skin. so, if you want to minimize the visible signs of aging or you want to turn back the clock, you want nubrilliance. don't go anywhere. >> well, i think probably all my friends are gonna start wanting to use it with me because they're gonna go, "bryn, what have you done? did you have work done?" >> woman: now you can get all the amazing benefits of microdermabrasion treatments previously found only in medical offices and salons right here in the comfort and privacy of your own home with nubrilliance, the affordable salon-style at-home microdermabrasion system. >> the thing that surprised me the most about nubrilliance is the strength of it. >> i would actually compare it
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more to what we're using in the medical setting. >> i want to take it home and use it myself. >> but what is microdermabrasion and why are we willing to pay so much for it? >> announcer: to find out, we visited the famous rejuvayou medical spa in pasadena, california, home of internationally acclaimed doctor john shieh, whose specialties include non-invasive cosmetic and anti-aging medicine. >> microdermabrasion is a skin rejuvenation treatment that was started in the mid-'80s in europe for the fight against aging. microdermabrasion actually is a two-step process. there is the abrasion part of it, and that helps to remove the surface dead skin cells, but it has to also have the vacuum component. that actually starts to improve the circulation of your skin. when that happens, we start to stimulate collagen in your skin. now, collagen is a component that you typically lose as you age, but if we can bring that back, we can diminish the appearance of your wrinkles, improve the skin tone and texture, shrink your pores and overall fade the brown spots on your skin-- you end up having a
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much more youthful and actually healthier skin. when i first saw nubrilliance, i was a little bit skeptical because it was a small device, and when i opened it up, it looked very simple. but then i was really impressed as soon as i turned it on, because of the level of the vacuum and also because of the ability to select diamond-tip abrasiveness. many of these other home devices and take-home kits are just a cream that polishes the skin or a spinning brush. to get the real effects, you have to have that vacuum along with the abrasive part of it. i'm very impressed by nubrilliance because of the combination of the vacuum and the abrasive diamond tip really makes it a true home microdermabrasion device. >> you can see why nubrilliance has helped so many people over the last several years as the first at-home professional-style microdermabrasion system, but there are still more of you out there who want youthful, healthy-looking skin.>> announcd to pay for professional microdermabrasion... >> it was kind of expensive.
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>> we're on a tight budget right now. >> i haven't had time. >> those treatments are really expensive. >> announcer: but their skin problems returned when they could no longer afford it. >> we asked these women to test nubrilliance in their own homes on an ongoing basis. >> yes. >> whoo-hoo! >> if it'll work, i'd be happy to try it. >> if i could do it at home, oh, my god. >> kym: let's find out how nubrilliance compares to the professional treatments they used to pay for. is it all going for you guys with nubrilliance at home? >> so great. >> very exciting. >> i got it out of the box and within 10 minutes i was already doing my first microdermabrasion treatment. i'm telling you, i saw a difference right away. >> i have acne scars, especially on my cheek areas, and brown spots. i noticed after the first treatment i've had results. >> feels good when your husband tells you that your skin looks great. >> yes! >> aw... >> just driving in the car and he looks over, he goes, "your skin is so beautiful." >> oh... >> i know... i mean, yeah, i was shocked. >> but now what are the differences between going away to someone who does professional microdermabrasion and having it at home? >> i can do this anytime i want
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at home, i know exactly the areas that need it the most, and i can adjust the setting so that i can have as much suction as i need, and i think the first use, it paid for itself. >> and i love the convenience of it. i used to have little spots, little bumps in my face, and i feel like i've just taken off those little imperfections. >> before i used nubrilliance, i thought that what was on the market was microderm, and i realized they're completely different. i see my skin plumping, i see my pores just looking smaller, with less lines on my forehead. i feel cleaner and brighter and younger. >> it's not just the face. it's your chest, your hands, your arms, wherever you want to use it. you go out, if you have great skin, you're gonna be confident. >> kym: this truly is something that works, it's something that's affordable, that works, and you'll see the difference instantly. >> i was very skeptical, i didn't want to be a part of anything i didn't believe in, so when i first started using nubrilliance, it was simple, it was easy and it was effective, and i immediately saw results. even without makeup on, you look good, you look fresher, you look
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younger, you look rejuvenated. i also get to benefit from other women coming up to me and telling me how excited they are, that they saw the infomercial, that they had their doubts but they went ahead and got it, and they're, like, so amazed, and every day, they're seeing the difference in their skin too. >> nubrilliance is the first at-home true microdermabrasion system. i invited beverly hills celebrity aesthetician kelley west to demonstrate how easy and effective nubrilliance really is. >> when i first heard about an at-home microdermabrasion system, i was a little skeptical. because the one that i used in the office is quite strong. i was also a little nervous about how user-friendly it would be, but then i tried nubrilliance and i was so impressed, it's so easy, and the suction factor is excellent. i use it at home on myself now. i really think nubrilliance figured out how to bring true professional style microdermabrasion to the home user. ...o.k., debby, nubrilliance is your new best friend. [laughter]
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>> debby: great. >> first of all, um, debby has those same issues that all of us over 40 have: the fine lines are starting to get deeper. >> yeah. >> right? with the nubrilliance, we're gonna stimulate the collagen... look how close i'm getting on these crow's feet, because it's the diamond head tip, so there's no crystals. another issue: debby was a sun worshipper, so we're gonna really work these dark spots, these brown spots, these signs of aging, the sun damage, and debby, you're gonna be amazed, because you're gonna see a difference after just this one treatment. ...well, everyone can benefit from nubrilliance, because everyone benefits from microdermabrasion. whether it's the teenager who doesn't get their skin cleaned well enough-- they never do-- to that woman in her 30s who is just really looking to minimize the signs of aging, to the woman in her 50s or 60s and those visible signs of aging are already there and they wanna reverse them and turn back the clock to healthier, younger looking skin. a lot of people don't know that after we turn 30, our collagen production cuts in half.
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>> thanks for the good news, kelley. >> right? [laughter] so anything you can do to stimulate collagen production, obviously that's going to improve your overall skin tone, color, texture. >> this is the exact same process that you would get at a professional salon, but you're doing it at home, you have the control, and you're paying for it in just your first session. >> it's true-- i mean, this is what we do at the office. it's about exfoliating with the diamond head-- that's the only type of tip i use-- and then the suction. i mean, this is a one-stop shop. ...i've tried a couple of other home versions of microdermabrasion and, you know, while there might be that exfoliating factor, they didn't have the suction, and the suction you really need to get the true benefit of microdermabrasion. nubrilliance has that. ...o.k., debby, are you ready to see your skin after just one treatment? >> i'm ready. >> look at that. is that unbelievable? >> kym and debby: wow... >> kelley: look at this deep
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wrinkle that you had here, how much softer that is... the brown spots, how much lighter. all of it so improved, one treatment. >> debby: that's amazing. >> i'm a huge fan of it. i would never put my name on something that i don't use myself and that i don't really believe in. >> woman: coming up, find out what the hot moms club thinks about nubrilliance and hear why professional aestheticians prefer nubrilliance over their own expensive microdermabrasion machines. plus, nubrilliance takes your personal microdermabrasion to the next level by giving you total body microdermabrasion in one amazing, easy-to-use system. stay tuned for a very special tv-only offer you can't afford to miss. >> announcer: what if you could look years younger and have healthier, more beautiful-looking skin? now you can with nubrilliance. don't pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you can have professional-style microdermabrasion right at home and as often as you want for the cost of a single salon treatment. >> i was hopeful but skeptical
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because i've purchased a lot of these type of items and nothing's worked, and i'll be honest-- it works... and it works quick. >> announcer: nubrilliance uses quality-grade synthetic diamond tip heads to gently but effectively remove dead and flaky cells from the surface of your skin, revealing fresh, new, clear skin, and the powerful but comfortable vacuum pressure of nubrilliance lifts away those dead skin cells, stimulating circulation beneath the surface of the skin and increasing blood supply, which provides the nutrients necessary for regenerating collagen and skin rejuvenation. >> i had to keep telling myself to quit touching my face because i was walking around the house saying, "feel this! feel this!" >> woman: this patented combination of diamond exfoliation and vacuum suction, also found in dermatologist offices and exclusive spas, makes nubrilliance the first true at-home microdermabrasion system. >> announcer: in fact, a recent study showed a high satisfaction with nubrilliance in ease of use
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and overall results, including a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in texture, skin tone and elasticity, and the reduction of skin discoloration, pigment irregularity, dark spots and imperfections. >> my fine lines diminished, my skin was more vibrant, um, more supple, more youthful-looking. i just felt like i had a glow from within-- it was... it was like a miracle. [laughs] >> woman: nubrilliance comes with five fully adjustable vacuum settings to suit your comfort level, plus three different diamond tip heads: a fine tip for your face and sensitive areas, a precision tip for those tight spaces, and a coarse tip for your body. >> announcer: you'll also receive the easy-to-follow quick-start guide and instructional dvd with professional aesthetician kelley west showing you great tips and guiding you through your first treatment within minutes of opening the box. >> since we first brought you nubrilliance on television, the response has been overwhelming and everyone is talking about it. and now we want you to try it
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at home for 30 days for the incredible low trial price of only $14.95. and this incredible offer gets even better. >> announcer: to enhance the effectiveness of nubrilliance, you'll receive a specially formulated skin care treatment system at no extra charge. >> woman: the preparation cleanser will gently deep-clean your skin and lift away dirt, residue and impurities for a clean treatment surface-- a $15 free bonus. >> i've been using it every morning. i get up, i wash my face, i'm, "yes! now i can start the day." >> woman: another customer favorite: collagen regenerator, a soothing post-treatment creme formulated to help support the natural replenishment of new collagen, to restore a glowing, youthful appearance-- a $30 value, yours free. >> i love the skin care cremes that come with nubrilliance. i am personally addicted now to the collagen regenerator because it makes you feel so firm and tight and that your pores are disappearing. >> woman: and the essential moisturizing day cream will soothe and moisturize fresh, newly treated skin--
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a $15 value, free. >> announcer: you'll get this entire prep and recovery skin care system, worth $60, absolutely free just for ordering today. >> woman: during this limited-time trial offer, the entire nubrilliance home microdermabrasion system and skin care cremes is yours for only $14.95. order now and we'll even ship it at no additional cost. use nubrilliance at home for 30 days. if you don't agree that this is the most effective solution for fighting the visible signs of aging, return it and you won't pay another penny, but keep the skin care treatment cremes as our free gift just for trying nubrilliance. >> i've used nubrilliance for a year now and i love it. i wouldn't be here talking about it unless i had results. i'm telling you right now, you'll have them too. >> so call now and see your skin with a whole new brilliance. >> even though on cougar town and general hospital, i play an older woman, you don't want to look old.
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having used nubrilliance, i can, you know, beat back the years with a stick... or a wand, in this case. it takes five minutes. and i'm seeing it. i'm seeing it on my arms, i'm seeing it on my upper chest, i'm seeing it on my face. the crow's feet are gone. they are gone. >> nubrilliance is like having the fountain of youth at home. this is the hollywood secret to slowing, even reversing the signs of aging right at your own fingertips. joy bergin is a cofounder of the hot moms club, a nationwide organization that has redefined motherhood. as a celebrity makeup artist for over 20 years, joy has seen every skin care product out there. as soon as she tried nubrilliance, she knew it was perfect for moms everywhere. >> being a busy mom, it's so easy to forget to take care of yourself, and when you're so busy and so stressed, it can take a toll on your skin. the hot moms club loves nubrilliance because it is so convenient, because it is so easy and because it gives you such great results. it's refined my pores, it's faded my sunspots.
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i feel like i'm reversing the aging effect. nubrilliance is definitely a product that hot moms club and i can endorse 100%. recently, i got a few moms together to check out nubrilliance for the first time. ...can you believe how great this is? [others exclaim] >> i don't know what i was expecting, but i didn't think it would be this easy. [others agree] >> exactly. >> i didn't even actually think it was going to be very effective because i didn't really know about the suction power, so that when we got here... >> it's shocking, isn't it? >> it's shocking that it actually works and you can see it. [others agree] >> the first time i used it... i was like, "oh! my goodness, it really has that suction," and it's, like, promoting collagen... i'm all for it. [others agree] i am all for it. >> as soon as i used nubrilliance, i could tell a difference in my skin. it's very gentle, it had a real tingling feeling. there's no messy crystals or powders... >> it really surprised me. i didn't think that it would do as much as it did and, and as fast as it did. it left my skin smooth and it's great for sensitive
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skins like mine. >> for me as a businesswoman, i'm traveling all the time, this little machine is gonna go everywhere with me. i mean, it was really simple: just a couple of passes and you really had the motion. i mean, it just has a really nice glide to it and you could just feel that plumpness and you could see the, the rosy cheek, that kind of skin that's healthy-looking, and it was instant. >> i... am really excited about nubrilliance because it's preventative care for me. nubrilliance was super simple to use and you could take nubrilliance and do it on the back of your elbows, on your legs, on your feet, on your chest, your decollete area, whereas at a dermatologist's office that you're going to spend a fortune, concentrates just on your face... this is something that you can do all over. >> this nubrilliance is brilliant. [laughter] >> joy: we had a lot of fun. you could see why the hot moms club is thrilled to endorse nubrilliance. >> all: hot moms club loves nubrilliance! >> i love nubrilliance. i thought there's no way i'm gonna be able to make time for it. i thought my life was crazy busy with the bachelor and the
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bachelorette and dancing with the stars, but now that i'm a mom of two kids under three years old and trying to be a good wife and a good daughter and a good friend, honestly, from start to finish, it takes me about three minutes. i start with the fine tip on my face, my neck included. and then i change the tip and i use the coarse tip on the backs of my arms. it's amazing. my skin feels so baby-soft afterwards. super quick, super easy, and i love it. >> i use the nubrilliance microdermabrasion in my clinic. i'm very excited i have it. using the diamond head and the suction is really strong, and it does help you with your dark spots, with your large pores, fine lines... you can use it on any part of your body, and it's really easy to use and it's really comfortable and you can use it anytime... and you won't regret it. >> kelley: this is a little trick i do 'cause i'm single, so when i'm getting ready for a date... [laughter] right, i come in right... like three minutes before, plump up those naso-labial folds... >> stop it. >> go right above my lip... everybody thinks i inject my lips-- i don't. >> oh...
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>> i just put up the suction a little bit and plump that lip out. >> great insider tip, kelley. >> that suction stimulates blood circulation, which stimulates... >> collagen... >> collagen production. >> we love that. >> as a celebrity makeup artist, i have come across so many beauty products, but i am most impressed with nubrilliance. it makes my clients' skin look and feel amazing. their makeup goes on a lot smoother and easier, and it lasts longer. nubrilliance is definitely a hollywood secret that's not so secret anymore. >> i rely on nubrilliance to kind of give me an instant lift or instant plump and to just make me feel like i'm more on top of my game, and sometimes when i'm tired, you know, i've been working a lot or whatever, i don't feel like i'm on top of my game, but thanks to nubrilliance, i look like i am. >> woman: if you want younger, healthy-looking skin without expensive salon treatments, then you need nubrilliance, the professional-style microdermabrasion system you use in your own home. >> announcer: unlike cleansers and scrubbers that blast your skin with harsh abrasives, nubrilliance is true microdermabrasion, using
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quality-grade synthetic diamond tip exfoliation combined with powerful but comfortable vacuum stimulation. this unique combination exercises the skin to promote collagen production and the growth of healthy new cells, and the results are simply amazing. >> i went home after i'd been using the product for about... i'd say two weeks, and right when i saw my mother, off the plane, she was like, "oh, my god, your skin looks incredible! you look like a porcelain doll!" and i was, like, shocked because she just kept staring at me. >> announcer: dr. matthew shulman, an renowned plastic surgeon and skin care specialist, conducted a study of nubrilliance that showed a dramatic improvement in diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in skin tone, texture, elasticity and pigment irregularity, and a reduction of skin discoloration, dark spots and imperfections. >> the nubrilliance system is modeled after expensive professional microdermabrasion machines. this is a good, affordable option for people that want an at-home system that can result in more youthful, healthier-looking skin.
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>> my boyfriend actually broke it out of the box before i did and started doing his face and i noticed on him first, in just, like, the five minutes that he was, you know, playing around with it, that there really was something going on, so... i took it away from him. >> woman: order now and you'll receive the complete nubrilliance home microdermabrasion system, with three unique diamond-tip heads, plus five fully adjustable vacuum settings for all skin types and areas of your body. >> if you come to the office, quite frankly, i'm not gonna do microdermabrasion on your feet unless you pay extra for that, so at home, you have this coarse tip, it's a mani, it's a pedi, it's great exfoliation for the chest, the knees, the elbows... so it's four or five treatments in one. >> announcer: you'll also receive the easy-to-follow quick start guide and the instructional dvd with expert guidance from professional aesthetician kelley west. >> and some great user tips from me, a home user just like you. you'll feel like a total pro after your very first treatment. >> woman: and to enhance your nubrilliance results, you'll
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receive a 30-day supply of the prep and recovery skin care cremes, a $60 value, absolutely free when you order today. use the pre-treatment preparation cleanser to gently deep-clean your skin, and you'll love the active collagen regenerator and the day cream to soothe and moisturize beautiful newly treated skin. >> i use the collagen regenerator on my crow's feet, which are now gone, and then i use the moisturizer on top of that, which is a fabulous, non-greasy, soaks-right-into- your-pores moisturizer-- it's wonderful. >> those who enjoy the benefits of professional microdermabrasion have only dreamed of having it available at home whenever they want. >> announcer: but you won't pay $10,000 for this machine, and you won't pay thousands for a series of medical microdermabrasion treatments, or even $200, the cost of a single salon treatment. >> for only $14.95, you'll get salon-style microdermabrasion in the comfort of your own home, and if you don't have flawless, beautiful skin by the end of 30
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days or if you're not thrilled for any reason, send it back and never pay another penny. pick up the phone and call right now.hat i've been looking for. >> nubrilliance really does fight the signs of aging. i decided to introduce nubrilliance to my nurses, who do a lot of the treatments in our office. at first they were very skeptical about it because it was this small home device, but within minutes of turning on the device, they were extremely impressed and they could see that this would really make a difference for our patients. >> i've been doing this for about 10 years, so i'm pretty hard to please, but nubrilliance actually delivers on what it claims to do. >> feels great, actually. >> angela: the simplicity of how it works, the gentleness of how it feels, the effectiveness about what they can expect is fantastic. >> i loved nubrilliance. i thought it was wonderful to work with. >> so much more comfortable than the last microdermabrasion. >> good. >> and it feels good. it feels like a spa treatment. >> nubrilliance is definitely gentle, but most importantly, it's effective.
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>> i feel it... i feel the circulation in my skin. it just feels warm and i feel like my pores are being cleaned out, so i love it. >> it actually does more of a treatment that compares to what we do in the medical field. it has the ability to actually vacuum, and vacuum is something that nubrilliance brings to the table that other products do not, because the vacuum is what's going to get you collagen growth, productivity in elasticity of your skin and texture improvement. >> i was really surprised at the way nubrilliance worked, because i wasn't expecting it to have this quick result. >> i think that nubrilliance has come to the perfect product for home use. >> nubrilliance really is a great alternative for somebody who can't afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at one of our professional offices. nubrilliance, being vacuum along with the diamond tip, really is the same process that we use in a professional setting, and it's something they could use over and over again at home. it would pay for itself within the first one or two uses. >> and now it's your chance to take advantage of this limited-time offer. if you want healthy, flawless, younger-looking skin, pick up
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the phone and call right now. >> announcer: you too can now have professional salon-style microdermabrasion in an easy-to-use, portable system for your home. >> women want to take skin care into their own hands. you can get close to your eyes, you can get close to your mouth, there's no crystals that are gonna get into anything. it's so easy and so convenient. >> announcer: and the results are clear: a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, imperfections and age spots while promoting the formation of visibly younger and healthier-looking skin. >> nubrilliance is my secret weapon, i feel like. now that i have it in my back pocket, i'm gonna use it. >> woman: just press the "on" button, pick one of the three interchangeable diamond tips, choose the most comfortable suction level, and you'll finish a treatment in 10 minutes or less. >> kelley: even though you don't need an aesthetician to use nubrilliance, i'm coming home with you anyway on the instructional dvd as we walk you step-by-step through getting the most out of your nubrilliance. >> woman: and everyone raves about the nubrilliance skin care
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cremes, a $60 value that you'll receive absolutely free. the preparation cleanser, collagen regenerator and moisturizing day cream are perfect for treatments or regular use on a daily basis. >> you're gonna love the cremes that come with it, especially the collagen regenerator. what i truly like about it is that it feels like it firms my skin, and i dare you... i dare you to look as good as i do. >> announcer: you get everything-- the nubrilliance dual-action system with diamond-tip exfoliation and fully adjustable vacuum stimulation, three interchangeable diamond tips, replacement filters, a quick-start guide, instructional dvd and $60 worth of free skin care cremes. >> woman: this entire package is well over a $500 value that will save you thousands of dollars in treatments, and you can have it all to try for 30 days in your own home for only $14.95. >> announcer: call right now and we won't even charge you shipping and handling. just pay $14.95, and if you don't have flawless, beautiful skin in just 30 days,
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or if you're not thrilled for any reason, send it back and never pay another penny. >> so what are you waiting for? call now and start looking younger than ever with brilliant skin by nubrilliance. >> there's nothing to lose, nothing to lose except the appearance of the wrinkles, the laugh lines, the brown spots, the age spots... you've got only that to lose. >> i've honestly been told two or three times in the last two months that i look younger now than i did 15 years ago, and i have to credit nubrilliance for that. >> there's no way you're not going to love it. it's simple, it's easy, it's inexpensive... you're gonna be thrilled, because i was, and i, i can't say enough good things about it. >> so if you're sitting at home and you're thinking about doing it, take the plunge and try it out-- you'll love it as much as i do. >> woman: this has been a paid presentation for nubrilliance. 
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