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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> commencement controverseyent some students of a local loc university get upset after a metro closes down a station near their school on graduation day. >> administration under fire,ir, the president's critics take to sunday morning talk shows as the white house tries to distance itself from ra treehouse tre scandal. >> did you rup your powerball ticket up when you got your news. we'll tell you where the winninn ticket was sold. we gun with the wet drearyry weather we've experience for most of today filled with pocks of drizzle and gray skies. while the sun made an appearance, more rain could belb on the way. we're in the weather center with the first look at the forecast. >> we dodged the bullet today. we didn't get the super soaker sunday because the franl system kind of just eased its way through. let's take a look at the maps and we'll show you what we're w talking about. lots of clouds as you can see. take a look to the south becausb that's where we're seeing
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prescription that will make its way towards us. there's a lot of activity goingg on in terms of the country because a lot of systems, youtes see the red outline, that's where there are tornado warnings across the mid section of thehe country. they have a lot of activity act going on. let's look at the radar. i'll show you all the lightningg associated with the storms, a a couple of pretty potent systemss that are gradual lu making their way through into that part of the country. they have a lot of action as a result of that. let's look at video and we'll show you what we're speaking about. this is in kansas, where a very strong storm blew through yesterday. there is is a tornado as you can see that caused a lot of devastation there. still the national weather w service doing some checking. back to the maps at home where things are quieter. temperatures into the mid 70s. as we head into tonight, 65, overcast with fog and a chance
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of showers. in the look ahead we're thinking the weather into the week. i'll have the details and what to expect on monday later. thanks. a news alert out of virginia where two accountant quo based fbi agents have been killed in a train be accident that happened friday afternoon off the vez beach details are limited but tv tv stations in the hamptom road area say one military helicopter was involved. the victims are special eafts christopher lo rir ck and steven shaw. they were with the rescue team. they're expected to release more information later this evening. fox 5 monitoring much tonight, thousands of people ini town as legal schools hold commencement ceremonies and some concerns about the metro track word would impact everyone heading to and from events at the university of maryland. lauren demarco joins us. >> reporter: the college parkhe
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metro station is closed for the weekend and while the schedule h has been out for months, university officials say they te found out about it within the past week. schools action committee call on metro to cancel plans during event but the track work went on as scheduled fortunately, word r got around and most people were prepared. >> make iewrg ways to the ceremony is worth it. you now have a set of skills s which will make you marketable. >> reporter: baltimore or yell l legend cal rip kin jr. delivering the commencement address. he mentioned making iewrg ways to the ceremony and for some, that was literally a concern ono this day. several metro stations along the green line, including college park, shut down for weekend track work.trac >> it's really a i guess they z to do what they have to do.
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but it's ashame, at lease for fr this station. >> reporter: maryland student alex steck had trouble seeinging his mother. >> reporter: but most visitorsos knew in advance to plan for extra time. >> well, i had to transfer fromt the port to get to west height, so get on the train there and get on the bus there tight usville. >> reporter: metro had large signs posted at the close station and workers were in place to guide riders to the free shuttle buses. spokesman caroline lucas says metro needs to replace miles of tracks throughout the system ana is building a test track for the 7,000 series awe long the green long.g. the track work schedule has been out since january. j >> and there are always events happening in and around the dc region. we had the nike marathon and and thrawls something happening ingh the city. unfortunately this is critical work. it has to get done wnch while
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the con convenience can lead to frustration -- >> i'll tired of it.t. >> reporter: -- most were able to navigate without issues. >> so i know they have to do the rail, fixes it, it's all right.r >> you never know if it's going to be closed north, s or not. nt >> reporter: metro says i used last year's graduation day as a guide. thes aboutest hour saw 262 people exiting that day and that number is easily accommodated by buses. we know there was congestion on roads as everyone headed in and out but no major instabilitieses reported. along with college park, a a green belt and prince george's e stations on the green line are closed this weekend. on the orange line it's closed o in virginia. no stations on the red line but single tracking through two different work zones.k z if you take blue or yellow, wrur
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in luck with no work scheduled. the construction is expectedect through system closing tonight.. the national mall was filled 25,000 people there to celebrate the george washington universiti class of 2013. this year's commencement speaker, was actress carry washington, agw alum. >> i am proud to be here. i'm shaking.kin and tremendously grateful foror the honorary degree you've you bestowed on me. i will spend the next two minutes trying to earn it. but i have to admit that i am even more proud of the gw degreg that took me four years, a lot of sleepless nights, student loans, study groups and more than a few drinks at lindy's to earn. >> the sorry moan showing up the university's new look as the stage was decorated with hags, showing the new logos. stephen colbert gave the
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students words of wisdom. he recognized the top students and proffers at the university. >> you may learn sooner than tha most generations the hard lessol that you must always make the path for yourself. there is no secret society out there that will tap you on the t shoulder one night and show youu the way. because the true secret is, youu life will not be definded by the society that we have left you. >> colbert has unique ties to the university. he was rejected as he applied to the student. s he attended hamptom citiedny college. president obama delivered d the commonment speech at morehouse college in georgia. he gave advice at the private all male historical plaque college. the president telling graduatesa they are leaving school at the time when the pbilitie roberts l
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endless. >> you're living in a time whenn technology and communication puo the world at your fingertips. your generation is uniquelyely poised for success unlike any generation of african-americans that came beforefr it. >> they include dr. martin luther king, jr., spike lee and am you'll jackson. >> recent scandals are not no hurting the president when it comes to his approval rating. cnn and orc shows 53 mrs. of americans approve of the job president obama is doing, whilee 45% disapprove. the numbers virtually up changed from polls taken from the scandal hit. white house in firefighterring mode as a try effect that tries to derail the second term agenda. a fox 5 melanie almwick has your round-up. >> i think it's a 30 day review.
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those had a count-up. >> reporter: this badge did five sunday talk shows, white house senior adviser dan siphers turn, the associated press and beangzs talking point. where the white house said it won't spend a lot of time? >> if he was involved in those.t like i said the cart nal rule is you don't get involved in independent investigations andit you don't give the appearanceeaa doing so. >> i've seen this playbook fromm republicans before, what they want to do is try to drag washington into a swamp of part zhan fishing expeditions andnd false allegations. >> reporter: it's not just republicans making allegations. associated press, ceo garry pruitt appeared after the justice department sweep-up of o falcons records incited by partp zhan awngers. awn >> i don't know what the motive is but i can tell you their actions are
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>> reporter: some are seizing the moment, noting thome irs wil soon be in charge of government-run healthcare. >> this is rotten to the core. this is arrogance. this is big government coan yism and this is not what hard-working taxpayers deserve. >> reporter: senate republican leader mitch mc connell believes including hss have engaged in politically mote motd activity. >> the irs is just the most roger ebert example. >> reporter: and promised more investigations to come on capitol hill. coming up, new details about a crash in a virginia parade that left 'dos injury. i tonight we're learning what may have cause the driver to plow into the cars. >> gas prices are rising. r someone hit it big playing the pout irball jackpot. find out where a ticket where
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nearly $600 million was sold. 
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>> someone in florida is about to become very popular. that because the tuct purchased in a small town, about 30-miles from tampa matched all six numbers in na yakpowt worth nearly $600 million. we have more on th60e lucky winner. >> reporter: well be, in this case, one is not the loneliest number you'll ever do because one loan ticket in zeferhill, florida matched all six numbers. the winning numbers were 10-13-14-22 and 52 with the powerball of 11 and saturday evening's announcement made a trip to the groceries store far more than a mon dane cruise down the produce aisle.e >> it's a mighty one from here, in the store and you know, your heart drops, like i can't even
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get milk. it for got what i needed to get. >> reporter: no milk, but a casc cow indeed. the jackspot produced a $590.5 million payday for somee lucky person or persons. i do mean lucky. the chances of winning, 1 in 175.2 million.17 such long-shot odds didn't deted people who lined up to try their luck. it was sold at a publix in the suburb of tampa but no one has come forward to claim their winnings just yet. once the lucky winners step forward to collect the cash,ash they will uk walk away with 282, $675,000. after all, uncle sam has to get his 25%. by the way, the world's largest jackpot was $656 million mer ega millions jackpot in march of 2012. but florida has the juice when w it comes to the power ball.
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the sunshine state has had more powerball winners than any other state. six winners after saturdayurda night's drawing. in new york, nevill, fox news. someone in virginia is getting a piece of that jackpot. a million dollar ticket was solo at a food line on. meanwhile 11 tickets sold hit for $10,000 each, more than 210,000 powerbaltics and the money goes to public schools in the commonwealth. >> yahoo has agree to pay $1.1 billion for victi tumbler.l it makes et easy for people to post blogs and photos. the deal could be anons as soon as top. there's a ship heading righg for us. >> we can't even guarantee thert safety of your own crew. cre >> star trek into darkness worke its ways to a box office one but
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the debut fell short of at the press cessor, the latest voy agtook more than $70 million domestic lip. the star trek sequel bumped iron man 3 down to second place aftee two weekends on top and the great gapcy pain and gain and the crude round out the top five. >> have you seen the cruise yet? >> i haven't seep any. i don't think i've seen a movie since she was born. i have to get back into the the swing of things but weather likl this helps. >> we really were expecting to t get a pretty wide-spread of shower activity today. it didn't happen as the front system crawled through. but i'm happy to say, the par p russian mayor than was happenini today, so it didn't impact that and anything you wanted to do d outside, at least, right now wew have a little piece of sunshinee but a fair amount of cloud activity out there. take a look at the radar and you can see a lot of lightning on
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here. a lot of activity to the south of us. this is the front system i'm speaking about.sp it was aea stationery front, noa warm front warms towards the north for us. but all of this activity in thet mid section of the country we talked about, a lot of tornado warnings and watches going onng there right now, severe weather that could partl impact this paf the country. cou let's go to the weather maps. we'll show you what's happening here, clouds and a lot of clouds, areas to the south. some of you have seen a little activity. i know there was an isolatedlate thunderstorm near waldorf of and you can see this instability to the south. so some of this will push through across our area and it's wide-ved. if you take a look at this, youy can see down to charleston and further south into georgia. we're getting a really good flow of on-shore moisture with this and a lot of moist, humid air. so with that front system, we could see an isolated pop-up
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thunderstorm or two bup right now the showers will take their time to push their way through. so it might not be so bad after all its all said and done. our heys today, we hit h 77 degrees at regan national airport. the seasonal average, 676, 75 at dulles, cooler at bwi at 68 degrees. the jet stream will allow us to get a lot of wanter air as we head into the course of next few days and we are going to see a big change in our temperatures. no more of the 60s from saturday. we're heading to the 80s. but we'll have the rain and an unsettled pattern. by 9:00 tonight, maybely cloudy skies, 70, miemed, possible chance of some of those showers reaching us by 11:00 or maybe my just the overnight 69 degrees but the pattern is going to be an unsettled one as we move into the workweek. so just be prepared for that. you'll have to keep the umbrella
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handy but i have sunshine to talk about and those temperatures, wait until you see my seven-day forecast forecast. those details a little later. more pain at the pirp, average price of a gallon of gases jumped 11-cents. the average is $3.66. in dc, drivers are paying ag nickel more than that. >> a driver plows into a crowd of people at a virginia parade. >> plus, rebuilding is underway after a train derailment in connecticut. what lies ahead and the statusdt of more than 70 peopleeopl settlement to the hospital. t >> if you have a story idea, i call the fox 5 type lin (202)895-3000 or send an e-mail to us. 
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>> crews will spend daysrews rebuilding track, wires and signals after a train derailment in connecticut. 92 people were sent to the hospital with nine people still hospitalizes. the train had left grand central station en route to new haven. v it then hit another train traveling westbound.estb crews are expected to work around the clock to fix that problem. investigation continues afterat a cadillac reportedly driven by an elderly plan plowed into people. the driver may have suffered from a medical emergency before that accident. up to 60 people were injured in the small town of d damascus.ams police say he was participatingr in the parade. >> the vehicle veered off theeee road on the route-hand side, started striking bistandards and moves into the hiker parade par where it started to strike
6:25 pm
hikers.hi it struck a couple other cars before coming to a stop. >> some people were pinned and trapped under the vehicle. many were treated at the scene. others were transported to nearby hospitals. developingf central virginia where diversivr recovered the bodies of two men whose boat capsized. the accident happened saturday morning. the coast guard says a third man was rescued by a resident who wo saw the boat near his hope. the resident took his own boat to the scene help the men return to show and call 9-1-1. why this could be a critical week in the case of a an zero ya police officer. >> click it or ticket, why police officers will be in fulli force looking for drivers not wearing their seat belts. >> the structure they have now e is fair and fully in compliance with the law. >> fox 5 gets answers for a local man who says the theater
6:26 pm
charged him unfair prices for wheelchair accessible seat. results of investigation when we return.
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pair air some stories we'll be looking at in the week ahead. tomorrow the many of shooting an alexandria police officer willfc go before a grand injury ru. he shot the police officer in the head back if february.ruar charges including marriage mar equality lition assault to a law enforcement officer will be defended in the circuit court. the boy continues to recover. tomorrow, a preliminary hearing is held for the many of accused of shooting his step father. a form police officer back in prul. 27-year-old antawn james faces charges of first degree murder. james shot joseph newell once in the back as he was on a
6:30 pm
stepladder and several sometimes when he fell to the ground.un police in prince william county will pick up on click it or ticket. the nationwide campaign is aimea at enforcing the use of a seat belt. close to 12,000 were saved last year by the utilization of af seat belt. it runs flaw june 2. a dc man complained but couldn't get answers so he came to fox 5 to investigate a localc theater that he says charged unfair praises for a wheelchair accessible seat. this weeks after we reported on the ticket controversey, there's been a change, fox 5 investigative reporter sherryrry lee shows you what she found. >> reporter: a check of the shakespere theater company ticket praises and it doesn't look good for wheelchair accessible seat and one that was not a 20-dollar difference. and they are side by side. matt goesman who is disabled was
6:31 pm
astounded hi seat cost so much more. >> they had an opportunity to acknowledge that a mistake had been made.en >> reporter: the theater told fox 5 the wheelchair seat was priced higher based on the the location and popularity.ity but the pricing he believesves violated the americans with disabilities act.ties the law requires the same price for accessible and and non-accessible seats in the same section. the day after our fox 5 investigation, gothman checked the ticket prices for upcomingig performance and it seems the theater had a change of heart. >> they had really completely changed their entire pricingng structure nor this sidney harmon hall.ha >> reporter: the same seat was now the same price as those in the entire row. >> the pricing structure that they have now, i think, is fair and fully in compliance with the law. >> reporter: at the time, the theater didn't offer accessable
6:32 pm
seats at the lowest ticket price as required by law. now, it does. we asked shakes spears theater about the change in prices but t the theat rae spoppedded saying quote we are not interested in n speaking on camera. it continues to deny it had unfair pricing for the disabled and says the changes we noticedc was an effort to make things more clear on its website. >> they've never actually taken responsibility, which is disappointing. in my view they haven't done't enough to get my business back b to their theater. >> reporter: while most of the performances reflected the new ticket pricing, we found one did not. the accessible seat is still higher for this may 26 show, 20 bucks more, just like gothman had complained. for now, though, he's hoping it's just an oversight. sherry lee, fox 5 news. >> he says he is glad he made a
6:33 pm
difference, not necessarily fori himself but for the others like him. now those who need a wheelchair accessible seat will find prices more equitable.e. firefighters responded to a two-alar fire. a heating unit overheated at bugs byes pizza. there was no visible damage to the restaurant.t. the popular pizza rhea has beene opened since 1983, owned by brian bugsby washington, former member of the washington capitols. a student stabbed in baltimore, police found the male victim after they were called to ericson hall 6 tiewl saturday morning for a knife attack. the suspect is 22-year-old cody cad, a former student who had withdrawn from the school. the victim was taken to the the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. coming up, a college student killed during a home invasion, not by the suspect, but by police. we will have the latest on this tragic accident.
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>> this is extremely shocking and taken extremely seriously. r >> a shocking murder in the big apple, why some say it's nothing short of a hate crime. hey, look! a sshooting star!
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>> a university stupid killedni during a home invasion wasve accidentally shot by a policece officer. 2 is-year-old andrea rebull le was shot once in the head after a masked intruder pointed a gun at the officer. officials say the officer firedf eight shots at dalton smith, seven hit the intruder, one hit the relations major.ajor the officer has not been identify. he's currently on leave. when he returns, he will be the focus of pin internal police investigation once a criminal investigation is complete intlnl police in new york say the man charged with killing a gay man a has a previous arrest forr attempted murder. 33-year-old elliott morales hurled antigay slurs before
6:38 pm
shooting 33-year-old mark carson early saturday. morales ran after the incident but was arrested five blocks away. >> a lot of queer culture is seeping into what is seen as a normal culture and that can c cause confusion for some people don't know how to recognize ter this. it turns to violence. >> police also say the suspect flashed a gun and threatened a bartender minutes before the the shooting. >> the latest from the midwest were severe weather caused tons of damage and left thousands ins the dark. >> we dodged the bullet is bit so far. we didn't get quite as much raic as we anticipated but we're nott out of the clear yet. yet skies are gray and we have that front system to watch. i'll have the details and that a all important seven-day forecast coming up. stay with us.
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>> severe weather causing bigwe problems from the south to theat nation's mid section. in alabama flooding is the issue. the raving waters caused by heavy rainfall in town of mun forward, the main thoroughway is closed. they haven't seen anything likeg this before. i've live here my whole life, never seen anything like that, talked to guys this morning and said they've been here and haven't seen anything a like this. t >> the flooding has led to the relocation of some farm animalsa more showers and thunderstorms are expected tonight. more now in the severere weather in can discuss we talked about. the twister touched down in the city of roswell, west of wichita. the national weather service is investigating damage across the region.
6:43 pm
severe weather is pair lazyingng parts of oklahoma. this is a look at the damage ini oklahoma city last night, highh, winds knocked over powerlineses leaving some people trappedrapp inside their vehicles. so far no injuries have been reported but thousands in thehe area are without power. >> boy, those pictures of the of tornado are so dramatic. the same thing with what happened in texas a few days ago. but you know, we're just in that time of year right now wherereis weather son with the spring storms and so, unfortunately, you know, all of the damage d that's being caused is part of the pattern that happens when the storms blow their way through. we dodged a wet weather bullet so far today. a little bit happen happening to south. this morning there was a little bit of light drizzle and rate rainfall. take a look there, you can see clouds are still in full force across the t so you know, we will continue to see that into the course of tonight. we have a little peek of
6:44 pm
sunshine. but we still have the chance oft showers in the flat. can't rule that out awe together and some fog in the overnight hours into tomorrow morning, is another possibility which couldd affect your morning commute. thunderstorms as well ahead and the temperatures, we've got a a big warm-up coming your way. w you'll see a huge difference ase we take a look at the numbers that will happen in the seven-day forecast. in the meantime, here is the high, double 7s at regan national airport, 75 at dulles and a little cooler at bwi, at 68 degrees. and right now still fairly warm and mild outside.d if you want to do something before we do get wet wherever. 72 at gathers burg, the same at frederick, 73 at dulles and manasis and culpepper, 70 at baltimore, 61 at annapolis, 73 a at dc, as i say, 69 nor hagerstown and cumberland to the west, 64 degrees.. we've been talking about the temperatures and the wet
6:45 pm
weather, a lot of that causing i lot of mugginess out there as we warm up.p. wee getting a pretty continous easterly flow o that's keeping e moisture into the atmosphere. this is what we're watching from the sound that will move its way up, all associated with a fronta system. i would anticipate we would swr seen more of the shower activity about mid-day today but thatt didn't quite happen. hap down near wal door of, there was and isolated thunderstorm.hund areas of maryland saw that a little bit but not too much. let's go to radar and show youw what's going on because a lot of storm systems here, you just j heard maureen and laura talkingg about the big storms into the mid section of the country. take a look, this is the culprit, this major cold front and we have another system here, another front system, this cold front here will move wait ways to the east. we won't have be concerned untie we hit the later part of theart week but we have to be concerned with this one and this is the t one that is going to continue to
6:46 pm
move its ways to the north into the course of tonight and tomorrow and we'll see thatt moisture follow it as we brace ourself for a chance of rain and maybe storms as well. back to the weather map. so as we take a look at the wide-spread of moistureoist associated with this, you can see its pushing its way through. we have tornado warning, severe thunderstorm warnings andnd watches as well continue for the mid section of the country but that front system is moving to the north. we're looging at fog and a chance of showers. tomorrow we'll be set up for a chance of thunderstorms in thehe afternoon because we'll see s instact start to build in. so i can't rule out that we we won't have an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow so just be aware of that as you get readyey to plan for your day. here is look at futurecast. tonight we're seeing a little l bit by 8:00 pushing itself along i-66 in areas to west but monday, take a look, we'll be in the thick of this and into the t evening hours as well as far as monday is concerned.
6:47 pm
so be freaped. the warp air is pushing its way in from south heading into the 80s as we head into the course of the week.f t our temperatures are really r going to arrive and by the time we get into the middle part of the week, we'll be almost close to the 90-degree mark in some of nakeds. so warm and stormy for your monday. by mid-tai, 77 degrees and chance of showers then with a chance of storms in the afternoon. 65 degrees for tonight, then, t winds light as we head into tomorrow, a high 8037 take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast as you see, those temperatures on the rise r but very unsettled, a chance of a few thunderstorms hear and there but in between, we get a few days where we have dry conditions and the sunshine. thank you.than so if you're eating dinner right now, turn your head for this next viral video. a documentary film maker on a mission to capture footage of bears in alaska got more than he
6:48 pm
bargained for. for a grizzly bear tried to eat his camera after he set it up u against a rock with a rubberband.. amazingly, the equipment was not damaged. who doesn't love a dog. d a dog has become a youtube sensation after the owner uploaded this of him howling along with the gramming winning singer. the dog's name is rob. he was raised listening to ar adeler e. this has racked up more than 2 million views to youtube. i want to hear this. i can't tell if the dog actually liked adel r or if he's having a problem listening to her. h >> we'll go with i liked it. >> she sounds a lot better thann the dog but it is cute.
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>> we were the first station toe tell you the red t skins quarterback robert griffinffin iii is getting married thisarri summer and fans are shower the couple with gifts. research g3 posted this on twitter surrounded by empty boxes. he sent a thank you note to the fans who helped by every singley item on his wedding treg industry. he ended with a hash tag, appreciate everything. >> really good guy. >> shand-written notes? >> probably. >> to his recognize tri is bought. >> done, finished. >> now people are going to send him afternoon.fter >> yeah, because he needs it, you know. they're struggling. [laughter] >> it's hard to get things starred when you don't have any mar money. >> let's talk about another super star.
6:53 pm
bryce harper hopes to return to action but had to sit out. he is still realing from the right feald wall. he has problem his worth,orth leading the nats with 61 home residents. without him the team is 1-5. dan herrin on the bump. padres leading 2-0 in the first and threatening jeb jerko. no chance for ryan zimmerman mam to feel it. je r ck has a double and san diego has a 3-0 lead. ryan anzimmerman manatees off, a second deck shot. number three on the zair for zim and bring in steve lomberdosi. but that one run differencediff didn't last long. bottom five, kyle planks with ah no doubt are, that downed off the second deck with a two-run shot. the padres played two runs in the fifth to take a 7-2 lead. he gave up seven runs.
6:54 pm
right now the nats trailed 9-4 in the 8th. bottom of the fourth, bird trailed 1-0. many with a fly ball into the gap and right center field, desmond jennings, they nearly collide. neither make the catch and the a ball goes to the wall. racing around the based, thinksn about going inside park but he decide he's content with the triple. the next patter is adam jones. based to left field, they tie the score at one, that's jones '30 rsm bi. top of the fifth, same score, former o, luke scott would hit the crystalman pitch hard and leap to right field, number n three of the year. the os fall to the rays 3-1 and swept in the three-game series. dc boxer lamont petersoneter deserves a big money payday. the 29-year-old wants a shot at employed mayweather but a a
6:55 pm
nontitle bout in atlantic city. peterson, the ibf junior weight champ, his opponent lucas matistaty with a 3 it knock-out, second round, they connect way right, and pier son is knocked down for the fourth time in the last five fights. let's move to the thorough round, both boxers deliver left hooks but he does major damage. it lures peterson at the dc native struggles to get to his feet. he told peterson he would stop the fight after one more big shot and seconds later, it sent peterson down for the thorough and fine time. he loses at 2: 14.4. his first loss since december 12 of 2009. tim duncan tipping off game one of the western conferencerec finals against the grizzlies and they go to danny green, he dribbles, hits the bank shot and gets fouled. he would make the free throw and
6:56 pm
san antonio would have a three-point lead.thre the outlet to tony parker, he decides to go all the way. the easy right hand and spurs led by as many as 20 points inns the sec quarter but in the second half the grizzlies would rally. they're not going down that easily. this is jared balis with the stees. that would cut the deficit to six. time out. out it would work. fourth quarter, spurs regainegai control, leonard hits a team franchise record, fourteen 3 pointers, 83 to take game one. nhl law enforcements, the rangers, we remember him, on the road against the brew wins in game two, first period, rangers failing 1-0. ryan callahan wins the race and captain comes in, this game was tied 1-1, must go sec period. the briewns stopped by lemquist, the bruiens defeat the rangers
6:57 pm
5-9 but don't count the rangerss to. they were in the same position against the caps last week. dc united host be kansas city and former terp making his debut, no score, sporting kc on the corpser, kicks the flex off, 1-0 kansas city. chris, back after missing three games, beautiful cross in front to kyle porter who misses his first career. that game is tied in the final minutes of this that's tall for sports. it's been awhile since we've seen each other. that's it. we're back at 10:00. we'll see you then. see have a great night. 
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