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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 6, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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years. >> that is true. tru [laughter] >> i'm sure it's been un dated since then. there's tropical storm and dreea. the pressure is falling. lots and lots of heavy rain to t western florida.ri wouldn't you know it. the tropical storm season is sea only a week old. we're talking about a strong storm. with winds now 60 miles per hour.ho the potential that this could become a minimal hurricanene before it makes landfall this afternoon. where is it headed? right up the eastern seaboard. it's impacting us later today and tomorrow with locally heavy rain. gusty winds and rather cloudy c and dreary friday.y. we'll do local weather currently. we have clouds out there. much more humidity this morningu and the potential for showers for your thursday forecast as well. 69 at reagan nation. 67 at bwi marshall, 66 at dulles. here is a look at your local loc satellite radar.
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youstarting to see moisture worn it. there's movement there. there's showers around from time to time and temperatures in the upper 70s, plenty of humidity as well. bring an umbrella if you are u running out themb door at the moment. 80 today mostly cloudy. a good soaking rain and flooding tomorrow with the path of andrea. upstairs to you. >> tucker thank you. new from overnight three peopleo were shut in the district. two of them hit at this scene. that was around 3:45 this morning. both went to the hospital. one of victims is in critical condition. one of the victims. now to southeast where e a man s shot several times last night. this happened on 21st place around 10:15. sadly that victim died at the scene. >> firefighters are back out at the scene of the massive fire at a beloved store in the capitol t hill neighborhood. >> crews are putting out any
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potential hot spots this morning. it appears the hardware store is destroyed. we're live with the update. >> good morning tony andth allison. when we last spoke with deputy fire chief donnellly, he didid tell us that, you know, the fire crews are going to be here on the scene for a little while. you can see the ladder is stillt up here because there's thehe possibility that hot spots may break out here. investigators are going to bes looking in a back area where they, it's believed that the fire has started. they haven't exactly pinpointed the origin yet. they also say they have not been able to get into the building dand a complete search. sea they've been try to do that this morning. they have no reason to believeeo that anyone is unaccounted for. store employees said at first they didn't realize what waslize going on. they are kind of used to unusuan smells in this very old hardware store. take a look at the scene from last night. it was a four alarm fire. that brought out 50 trucks and
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200 firefighters batting to save the capitol hill landmark. it started around k-67 people wednesday.y. by nightfall the flames were still agree in the dark sciesm r reaching through the rooftops. at one point firefighters blasting the building with 20,000 gallons of water a minute. three firefighters were hurt and required medical treatment. we're told the injuries are considered minor. as you can imagine, the community and employees are feeling sadness from the loss of a store that they say was like on eld friend. >> i was crying this morning when i read the accounts in "the washington post".in the statement business the staf and employees. i'm hopeful funding here. i know from e-mails and what is going on within capitol hillcapi community and from what we did after the eastern market fire, we're going to all rally around
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and we're going to help in a great disaster. >> i hope they can rebuild. >> it won't be like they used to be but i hope they can rebuild. >> and lastly, we're standing here getting ready for a live shot. a man came up to us and said several years ago he was the victim of a home invasion. he had to learn and walk and speak again and the people here helped him out and gave him a discount on the supplies hes he needed to grasp things. t those are the stories people ini the community are telling us. we know that the store owner is holding a meeting s, you know, i think it's starting right about now. the employees were telling us us they were gernlging at the store owner's house at 9:00 to talk tt each other and get a sense of of where they are going from here.r we know that members ofat m community are already starting to raise money in the hopes that they'll see some sort of fragers hardware on pennsylvania avenue
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in the future. tony and allison i hope so, too, mel. thank you. >> crews in philadelphia continue to search through the debris at the site of that collapsed thrift store. that building came down killing six people. glimmer of hope after a survivor was pulled from the rubble 12 hours after the collapse. officials say a vacant building was being demolished for weeks.. residents say the job never looked safe. we have more. >> they are determined. they are focused and if anyone else is in that building, they will find them. >> continuing their workk throughout the night, crews using heavy machinery to sifttos through the can a brie, they are also looking for any signeds of life. philadelphia's fire commissioner says the tedious search will wil continue for as long as its takes. >> we're taking our time, a a little at a time. it's going be a while. w >> the collapsed site is in the
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heart of center city philadelphia. just before 11:00 wednesday wed morning. a four story building being demolished collapsed on top of a salvation army thrift store. raining bricks, debris andnd burying victims underneath. scores of personnel working woro unearth more than a dozen survivors some of whom were able to walk away. those around when the building came down say the trouble started with the sound of crumbling. >> i heard like a loud boom andd seen a cloud of smoke. >> the city's mayor doesn't know how many people were on the building or on the sidewalk at the time. some who saw it fall remaining calm enough to jump into action. >> we looked over. o we ran down, we went in there and i started pulling people out out. >> everybody was hollering help, help. >> a local contractor saw this i accident coming. >> for weeksac they've been standing on the edge knockinging bricks off. pieces of -- you could just see it.. >> demolition experts look teg project with a critical eye
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wondering this morning what wast being done to protect the salvation army store and the public. the department of osha is on the scene investigating. >> we have a sad upindict of oklahoma now where the death toll from friday night's massive storm continues to rise. the state medical examiner'sr's office says 20 people are confirmed dead and that number could go up as people dugug through the debris. energy officials say many killek were drowning victims swept away as three tried to take shelter from the storm. >> a bombshell top secret report gets leaked sthnch is startinging. this says the obama administration is watching you and me, all of s us. britain's guardian newspapers is releasing documents showing thai the national security agency is collectingel telephone records of tens of millions of verizon customers under a secret court order. report also says that -- sorry s
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the report also says that the calls areay both within the u.s. and between the u.s. and other countries. the snooping applies to anyone with a verizon phone plan. the government is not collectinl conversations just the calls made, the details when it was ws made what the numbers were, how long the calls were. in response to this report. the white house this morning is defending the practice. >> meanwhile another irs hearing is set to begin in less than a half hour.ha the this morning's hearing in i the house oversight committee focused on an internal report rp that found the agency spent almost $50 million onn conferences from 2010 to 2012.1. we told but this one.. the making of perries -- par i dives including that star trek one at a cattle foreign conference. it cost $50,000 alone. two staffers are also now on administrative leave after receiving $1100 in free food ann other items.
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>> former defense secretary maye have told hollywood filmmakers about the raid that killed osama bin laden. he was speaking at a ceremony marking the raids and reportedlr identify the navy seal team that carried it out including itsts commanding officer. in the audience was the maker ok the film zero dark thirty but it's not clear if panetta knew that he or she was there. the maryland general assembly begins hearings today on the the corruption scandal at the baltimore detention center. >> governor o'malley is not expected to attend but lawmakers will grill his secretary.reta 13 female constructions officers were inindicted in april for helping them smuggle guns, drugs and money into the jail. four officers even becameecam pregnant by the ring leader. governor o'malley has implemented changes in the way y
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the prison investigations are handled. could bus rapid transit brt be the answer to upon the gory county's traffic nightmares.htma toes a plan they are working onr in an effort to keep drivers moving along in some county's most congested roadway.dwa some residents are against this plan due to safety and other concerns. >> there's the issue of safety that the bus routes will be taking away the medians. they'll be dedicated lanes and that pedestrian refuges that we use and our children use to cross the streets will be gone. >> these are busy streets and there are ways to make themselves. we can improve pedestrian crossings, sidewalk network.. there's large sections of countu where there are no sidewalks. if we want people to take vans transit and have alternatives tl driving we need to improve that >> that was the debate we had earlier. that gentleman is for brt.
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>> lawmakers get a chance to say goodbye to frank lautenberg today. his body will lie in the chamber so pay their respects. res the kept died monday at the age of 89. he with be buried at arlington national cemetery tomorrow. 11 minutes after 9:00 now onn this thursday morning.da stilly ahead, finally revealed n 87--year-old -- no she's 84. 8 she's an 84-year-old woman.oma she's coming forward to claim her record winning powerball jackpot.
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>> welcome back. it's a marathon day of online giving involving more than 1 new york city nonprofit organizations.orga >> from community events to cash donations the united ways do more 24 campaign is part of an effort to benefit local lo charities and community centers. sarah is live with more this morning. >> the latin american youth center where we're live this morning is one of those community centers that benefits greatly from what the united way
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is doing today. the do more 24 is what it is called. we'll talk more about that in just a bit. we want to hear about the beautiful dances i mengsd behind us here how it's possible toe t keep the afterschool programsams for these guys and girls back here. here to talk about the latinati american youth center is laurie kaplan. thank you for talking with us today. tell me about how the united waw does benefit you. >> we're so excited with do more 24. the united way push today helps us do the arts program, the after school program. the dance workshop with the kidt from wilson high school. there's so many things we can dw with employment and training and it just helps us raise more m money so we can't do more, do more art work, do more dance orr the wonderful thins we want tont do with our young people. >> this is something that they get to do after school, a lot of these are after school activities here specifically. they do it here. they also do it at the highh
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school. >> we have programs in the school. we have programs at the center. we're in the region. we're in maryland, montgomery prince george's county. we work with over5,000 kids a year in job taining, arts culture, you name it we do. >> to talk more about how the united way is helping us all along is kelly brinkley. she's with the capital area with do more 24. this is a great idea and there's a lot of other people taking part in this. t explain how this is working today. >> this is going to be great. because of the iew nighted way can't do the work ourselves we need new and young donors tos come to our site, do more during the day great things are going to happenat through a generous donation. if you donated at least 24 24 dolls you get a coupon for a $24 ride. for 1,000 existing customers you get the $24 coupon. we encourage everyone to give
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today. also wegman's is going to deliver 100,000 pounds of food to nine area food banks today. it's one of what we're calling social actions. to the generous donation of microsoft. they are donating surface tablets that we'll give to kelly miller middle school in ward 7 today and we're working with pepco today because we have a show box project. they are donating the shoe boxes with toiletries to help the homeless and families. we're excited and we encourage c people to come donate. give where they live because tht work needs to be done and even though this is a wealthy region. we have major issues in education and poverty and health that we need to address. >> how can people help out. o someone that just watching today is like what can i do? >> you can donate on the web site. you can also go. we have over 50 events happening today. if you go to do more and
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go or under the events tab you can find volume teerg opportunities. you can go to events to justt give your support to the nonprofit. they are all being organized by the nonprofit. >> one of organizations that benefits greatly is tim payne. this is great. give me an idea of how this helps out your organization. >> it's an incredible asset to the organization and for our community n.2007 the last day of giving campaign we raised $88,000 in 24 hours an it's i incredible investment for thee kids of the community. we provide prom programs. that kind of investment goes a a long way to get tutoring services, more s.a.t. prep andnd helping them get the secondary degrees. >> explain like the other different kinds of ways people can donate and help you out today. >> do the more is a great site.te. there's so many community organizations where folks can choose to get involved. they can make a donation of $12,
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$24, $48 or any donation that goes to help the young people of the community. they can learn about the organization and find a chanceac to get involved through volunteer opportunities. we're recruiting now for volunteers in the summer programs. >> thank you so much for talking with us today. we appreciate it. it's do more 24. you can find out more gi going to as well. back to you, tony and allison. a >> aren't they great? >> really are. colorful tow toos to great. >> 88,000 in one push. it's fantastic.'s f >> i want to clarify something we reported a little while ago leon panetta revealing information about the hunt for f bin laden. he made it sound like it just happened. it was a speech he made back in june of 2011 where he washe w talking in general terms about the raids and importance of those types of missions and that kind of thing. t and the filmmaker kathryn big low who directed zero dark thirty may have been in theay audience and gotten informationo
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and inspiration from that possibly. that is a couple years ago. it didn'tup just happen here.ap >> thanks, tony. 9:21 now.9: >> still head now a call for for help, perhaps. paris jackson rushed to the hospital after trying to take her own life. what we're learning about the moments before emts arrived. arr >> her battle to survive has been making headlines. now a ten-year-old girl's family is celebrating a major legal victory. 9:21. we'll be right back.
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>> saves no "newshour" report. michaelmichael jackson's 12-yead daughter paris is in hospital after an attempted suicide attempt. jackson called a suicide hotline and the person on the other end called 911. sources say she's been placed in a psychiatric ward for evaluation. the family says physically she's doing they asked for privacy at thisra
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time. a ten-year-old pennsylvania girr in need of a lung transplant hat won a key legal battle.e. >> shell be added to the transplant list.tran we've been reporting on little sarah and her doctors say the sis tick fibrosis patient has weeks to live withoutie a lung transplant. yesterday a federal judge sided with herra family honoring d ordering the department of health and human services to ses aside a rule for next ten days that let children 12 and younger so the rule says they cannot 12 and under be on a waiting list for adult lungs. but the decision to suspend that for ten days comes after secretary of health and human services director -- secretary kathleen sebelius told congress she would not make an exception. >> the transplant committee which is not bureaucrats but transplant surgeons and health care providers who designed the protocol are based on their best
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medical judgment of the most appropriate way to decide allocation. >> right now there are 1700 17 people on the waiting list for lungs. feeling cheatinged. why a majority of dads say they feel cheated on father's day and what you should avoid buyingng them. >> lucky lady. how a nice gesture helped a florida widow win a record jackpot.
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is. ♪ is l- l- >> that is jenny from the block or jenny on the block or jlo. >> yes. y >> a little jennifer lopez.z. get your day tart started. those clouds look scary. >> they are notk scary but you they, you know, they indicate te what is to come. >> moist your laden.
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>> somebody is about to ring the clouds out. >> we'll tell but that in a moment, allison. first meet cody. ♪note. >> cody. >> [screaming] >> oh, cody. >> wow.>> w that is cody the screaming dog. encouraged to vocalize by his owner his howling instinct kicks into high gear emitting a noise that imitates the yell of a person in pain. this video has gone viral with at last check more than $66700 views. >> i wonder if he has teeth. i wonder when my sweet littleet shelby got to be 17 and a halflf that's how he would bark, too. i won't be surprised if he's a little old >> imagine that in the middle of the night. it would be >> it takes year to perfect
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thank that's tomorrowaly real. it's real because i've been there. i individualee on my phone withw that right now.ow. >> that's enough. >> good boy, cody. yes, he is. >> okay, okay. >> that's enough. thank you. [screaming] >> let's get to weather now. all right. that's enough. >> i think it's stuff. >> any other video would be six seconds [screaming] >> i know. you know who it is fred tatum our director he is doing that to us. yeah. >> watch what i do to him. >> don't do it. we like fred. [laughter] see. all right fred, i give in. he controls the show make noo mistake about it. >> i bow down to the director. he directs and controls. that's good. i saw the clouds about an hour ago in our live shot. 70 in reagan national. 70 in leonard town and
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cambridge. not a lot cooling off over night. much warmer this morning. mid stoissments the west and big changes. clouds today. rain showers will arrive thishis afternoon and into opportunityrn to. then we have to focus on andreae for the day tomorrow.row. there's your satellite radar. cloud coming moving on in tonight. we're entirely overcast today. the showers you see to the westt will move in for those of us that haven't seen the rain yet up and down the 95 corridor. those of you to the west will getting rainshowers.nsh moving south and north. we'll see showers later today and tonight. let's focus on andrea. it's an impressive tropical system. lots of lightning on the band there. that bitch fetch is reaching down to the gulf for the moisture throwing heavy rain up to western florida.
9:33 am
the eye wall trying to wraprap around there. that's a signal that the storm is intensifying. pressure is falling. winds are up over night. it's continuing to push off here to the north, northeast. tornado warnings watches and warnings later today in florida. we have heavy rain up to eight inches in florida and gusty conditions later today. here is your current information onio andrea.a. 60 miles per hour winds movingso to the north northeast at 14. notice the path of the storm t takes it fairly close to our region later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. we could take it over ocean city along its current path. this would bring us a gray and rainy day tomorrow with the potential for flooding rains for parts of area. best chance of that is south and east closer to the center of o action where we could be talking about several inches of rain. it could result in local flooding. we could have a breezy day tomorrow. keep that in mind.ha
9:34 am
we havt e to finetune the path f a storm for tomorrow. the potential tomorrow afternoon we're in for a very, very wet period of time. there's your future cat. c notice the moisture later tonight. here we are at midnight getting pulled up the east coast. c tomorrow morning's commute we'll have a lot of rain around. tomorrow afternoon yellow and reds indicating pretty good rain rates. then the storm quickly pushes off to the north and east overnight friday to earlyarly saturday and the good news is much of saturday and sunday a should be dry. it's going to be humid and warm. it's going to feel tropical but probably not frierng much of the weekend. there's your accu weather seven day forecast. rain and storms in the forecast tomorrow. and again, potential forfor flooding rain out there.. maybe a shower early saturday. s we'll get it outat here and bete early next week. cold front by next monday on tuesday should dry things out. that's a look at the forecast. before i toss it back to you tony and allison don't forget about the fox 5 weather app. the price is perfect, free. you get the latest information f
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as tropical storm andrea getsnde closer to our area and, of course eric with give you video update dates as well. that's absolutely free. go to your local marketplace mar depending on what kind of phone you have and put in fox 5 weather app and download it today. >> back to you at the desk. >> no longer a mystery. we know who won that record-breaking.590 million powerball jackpot last >> while the winner isn't talking, her nabs are. deborah has their reaction. >> we know you are nervous. how zit feel. >> with a quick pick ticket addd a little luck. gloria's life and fortunes changed forever. >> i have known ear a year. she's a nice person. >> across the street from the cow past tour the 84-year-old widow lives in a tiny efficiency. >> i would say she's a patient, lovable person getting to know her.
9:36 am
from the little time i did know her, the his and byes and stuff little small talk. >> she keeps to her self. sel she's quiet.. see her good to her mailbox periodically. >> she was so quiet she never suspected a thing. while rumors swirled for weeksek about who the winner might be gloria never said a word. >> i was floored, shaky. i'm still shaky. i don't believe it. it's hard to believe.d to >> i was glad. i am just glad to see it somebody deserving. look what she lives in. little tiny hole in the wall. the retiree from maine and mother of four might not have won it all if not for a customer who let her get ahead in line. >> live her life to the fullest. i hope she has more fun than she ever had. >> that's niesms hope she hasas
9:37 am
more fun. earlier i was put off by the comments of her neighbor. >> i think we added that onene because it's uplifting. >> not anymore in the hole in the wall. >> father's day is just two j weeks away. a >> you don't have to remind me i love my dad. >> what about your husband, father of your children. >> yeah, but i let the girl dozen that he's not my dad. that's how i feel about it. >> have you decide what you aree getting forker pops. >> dads don't expect a lot. it's bittersweet news really. pole by retail me says 58% of fathers feel their families spend more time and money celebrating mother's day y and father's day. let me remind you about the nine months of pregnancy and the the labor and the nursing.urs >> we understand. >> okay. more than 25% say they wantant quality time with their family. >> that's.>> >> good that's what you've alsoa been trained to say. many also say they appreciate gift cards.
9:38 am
things dads say they don't want. they don't want ties unless they are good ties. they don't want any more coffee mugs or t-shirts with dad related slogan with number onero dad and my dad rocks and cutest dad >> they are saying this seems easy. >> just time spent probably. time alone maybe. right? >> maybe. awkward interview. >> i don't know if you've seenu' this why a blogger was nearly na driven to tears after her sitit down with actor jesse eisenberg. what a surprise. 9:38. we'll be right back.
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>> i'm going to cry now.ow. >> don't cry now. cry after the interview is over ore i'll look responsible. >> well, you are.l, y >> i don't believe this at all.
9:42 am
jesse eisenberg you are our friend. i don't believe you were this way. >> i believeyo it. >> >> i don't. he is getting heat for a recent interview while promoting now you see in. the univision's reporter tried to engage him with quirkyuirk questions but he didn't go for it and shot back with a sarcastic tone. eventually she called him a jerk. >> hmmmm. you have to watch the whole thing. all right. it was all about country music last night in nashville. miranda lambert won the awardmb forer performance of the year. she beat out several artists including luke brie bryan and toby keith. other ones included carrie underwood and lady antebellum. >> losing a landscape favery. they are going to flowers --
9:43 am
they are go-to flowers for many gardners but impatients areie dying off.ntdyin don't worry though our garden g expert is here with other colorful options for you. plus putting a healthy spin on our national parks. we are taste testing what yout get out there when you tour around the national mall and other places. we'll be right back with that.
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>> local gardners are being warned that a favorite plant should not be part of your landscaping plans this summer. going us now is derek thomas with thomas landscape. don't even in be a alarmist about this but this is serious stuff here we're talking about. >> yes, it's. you know, tony what happening ie as we continue to see different pathogens that crop up in greenhouse crops, as we continun to have a smaller and smaller choice of greenhouses that arere
9:47 am
growing we're seeing more and more viruses crop up. this virus actually effects over 600 different species of plants. it's identified as impatients necrotic spot virus. >> is primarily effecting impatients? >> the worse are the regular impatients. new new guinea impatients seem to be virus. central artery outs.ce it can effect a different stageses of the plant life p quhasm is happening is that plants -- what is happening is plants can be effected. e a greenhouse grower may not know. >> let me ask you this. does it also spread to other plants? >> it does not spread to other plants. they say it's an animal, insect, that is spreading the disease from plant to plant but if you are using pruners and stuff like that.t.
9:48 am
what is recommended if you see impatients or have them it gets black spots and rotting remove the entire plant. it's systemic which means it'sts the plant itself that has it. there's a lot of things to do make great imroards in the shade garden. this is what is creeping jenny or creeping charlie comprehending on who you ask.he what you want to show theou w viewers is that this year, what you want to do is mix it up a little bit.
9:49 am
and.and an arrangement looks just as like if your container that you would have normally done impatients in. what about if you are used to doing impatients on your front porch? you can take a like -- say you've got a highly deck active glazed pot like this: you can take a single impatient orr another plant that i'm really loving this year because there's hundreds of different foliage -- this doesn't really, you don'tel grow it for the flowers. the flowers are very, veriage significant. look at the variation in leaves. if you grab this other one there, tony. >> this is another one. >> so you can have a lot of variation. >> when you buy it do you know k how it's going to come out? >> definitely. they have the tags and stuff like that. >> the younger plants in the family sometime does not have as
9:50 am
good a color. >> but. >> you know what you can take is -- you take a plant like this, you pop it into a pot, and suddenly we've got just a really nice display. this is going to get full. it's not going to be going to be a really really good option. that's what i was going to say is this also for the shade. >> get out there. go to the nursey we're urging people to stay away from theom t regular impatients this season to try to the get the virus v stopped in its tracks.ts >> any other flowers we should s avoid or mainly that one? >> it's mainly that one the another has been effected. it can effect chrysanthemums and different things but the real
9:51 am
problem is with the impatients. >> all right. that's what we're asking folks. if you see it in nursery mosty nurseries have a sign saying ify you plant these this is what you look out for. >> very good.d. >> derek thomas. thomas landscape. give us the -- at thomas garden guy. thanks for asking me about thisi we got tweets ask being. this that's why we brought this segment to you. we go back to to you now. >> thank you gentleman, if you are heading to the national maln this summer you might want to to pack an appetitement how does it taste? kathy with the national parknal service is a ranger joining us now with a sample of the new menu. also with us is division chef russell barrett. he is of the division chef for guest services which already supplies everything when you goy to the mall,th right? >> that is correct. is >> we run all the concessions ie the national mall.e >> n thanks for being here toda.
9:52 am
my measure. >> we'll have you stand by because we want more of the nuts and bolts of what the narcc service is doing sort of at the behest of our first lady and her direction to eat better. that's right. across the county there's aount growing movement for healthy food. >> people want things that are good for them and taste good. for the national parks for a longtime you make memories at parks. there's great wildlife and scenery. we're not known for our food. we want to step it up and make it memorable as well. provide different options foropi people, give them more choices. if i kids want to have a hot dog and fridays they could but if they want a wrap and fruit, yout can have fruit as well as friess now. >> i like. that we live in the greatestreat city in the world but is in every where? , across the national parks, everywhere? >> yes. >> it is available now?ila >> some some parks it is. that's why we're doing this because market demands haveds h across the country some parks
9:53 am
are particular in san francisco which is health food conscious pave they've been doing it for a couple years. there's no consistency. you are panging the car heading out west on your trip. you might find good food at one park. the idea is we're making it consistent against every national park in the country.k n >> it was unveiled yesterday. we have beth parker covered it.i the secretary was out there forr the big unveiling. thank you, stick around. tuckers barnes is with us. wit i want to switch our adimension you now to what kind of optionst are available bhasm is new onew the menu? >> what is new on the menu here in the nation yam park or the o national mall where guest services operate is our fit picks program. pro we offer healthy alternatives is. as southwestern turkey wrap, roaftd vegetable wrap. customers can get a selection ol sides from pop chips, multigrain
9:54 am
crackers, apple wedges or carrot sticks under $600. >> okay. as we -- tucker and i want to taste -- weigh tonight make sure it tastes good because we'll it and we get healthier. >> they have vegetarian selection now. >> that's roasted vegetable wrap is vegetarian. >> shall i taste that one? it's amazing. there's food and they're is is tony. >> okay. here west our roafted vegetable wrap thank is for allisonth for me to taste. >> thank you. okay. and over here we have our -- can we really get water as well. >> you can. >> what a difference the san pell greeno water is pismed with fruit flavored syrups and we're
9:55 am
rolling this out this weekend aw the lincoln memorial kiosk. that is going to be the summer splitser -- spritzer program. you have the choice of flavored fruit syrup such as white peach, raspberry or black berry. >> i'm telling you it used to be cold hot dogs dried out sandwiches and frozen ice cream. >> those days are gone. >> i know it's a long time ago. >> those die dayes are gone years ago it was hot dogs and french frizz. the park visitors are educated these days and they want to be able to have options when they dine. and as kathy said, the kids cans still get a hot dog.og. it's not taking anything away. it's offering more great choices. you can eat a healthy lunch. consider a bottle of pepsi, 20 p ounces is 250 calories with 17 teaspoons of sugar in that. oh, my gosh.
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>> cloudy with showers later today. there's a live shot. we see rain developed tonight. n could be periods of heavy rain tomorrow. as we watch the progressgres thunderstorm andrea. >> -- tropical storm andrea. >> we'll have that tomorrow. >> yes all of it. >> and we'll have a little fun because it's dj friday. >> that's right. thank you park ranger. >> see you tomorrow.  >> announcer: it's time for "the wendy williams show." today,


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