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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 18, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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including me and sarral. we'll find out what you are made of. >> very good. know you are not made of and. before your next trip to the beach we have a quest you have to -- a guest you have to seesm he's a world renowned sand sculpture that is cool. the hand has to be wet. i know thank see. that's funny tony. i guess it wouldn't stick together if i weren't. w >> that's right. tucker barnes is downstairss about what to expert or this tuesday. >> wet but maybe not too with the. showers and storms in the forecast. a little area of low pressureprs
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passing in this morning and this afternoon. 75 at reagan national. n feeling the water in the atmosphere. dew point temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. 77 dullous. bwi marshall 75 degrees. here is the satellite radar. showers moving from the west. look teg radar in the weather center. trying to get showers in winchester. breaking out to the west. w this area of low pressure passep to the south as mentioned.oned could there be a thunderstorm? yes. >> we're not expecting severe sv weather today.o there will be a several hour period today. things quiet down tonight. i promise lots of sunshine for s the end of week but not so much today. mostly cloudy here. scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. greater look at the details in a couple minutes allison back to
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you. new this morning police say a shooting appears to be a domestic dispute. it happened in the 500 block of quincy street.qu thein grandson shot his grandfather then walked outside the home and shot himself.self he has since died. the grandfather was breathing and conscious when he was taken to a local hospital. hos >> today is the second and final day of g-8 summit. >> syria's ongoing civil war remains one of main topics of talk there.. leaders issue a joint at the same time today. one russian official says they've agreed that peace talks should start soon in geneva andd they would aim to create a transitional government for searal. president obama has been trying to convince allies to join him to send weapons. g-8 leaders want to clamp down on companies that rely on
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shelters and loopholes to avoid page the taxes they owe even in vierld president obama iss defending the controversialal government surveillance programs. >> right here on capitol hill. the chief of nsa is said to testify today and he could shed more light on the extent of the programs. lauren is live on capitol hillll now with more. good morning.. >> good morning to you. well, nsa chief will talk about the programs involving internet and phone companies. com it's something probe has been talk bsmg the big question is when it comes to domestic pie spying how much are we willingln to put up with? >> president obama facing a lot of issues aheeptd abroad.. not the least of which new disclosures from nsa's secret spiller edward snowden. s in an increasing rare extended interview the president spoke to
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charlie rose walking a tight rope between privacy and security. >> we're going to have to find ways where the public has an assurances that there are checks and balances in place, that they have enough information about how we operate that they know they are phonecalls are not listened into. their text messages are not monitored or e-mails read. they have to feel that confident.iden >> snowden's whose discloashes rocked the online community said of the president quote "shortly after assuming power he closed the door in investigating systematic violations of law, deepened and expanded programs.o he denied being a spy for chinai or anyone else. his father though pleaded with his son. >> i just ask that you measure
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what you are going to do and not release any more information.nfo >> snowden said he has no intentions of turning himself in. in his mind he would not get a fair trial. tri that's the latest here. allison, >> thankli you. also today a milestone moment in the 12-year-old war in afghan forces take over the country's security operations from the u.s. led nato >> this handover means americann and nato forces now move to a supporting role. it also opens the way for a full withdrawal in 18 months but the handover was marred by a deadly bomb attack in kabul at thisis time. >> the milt sploifing ahead way plan to tear down the remaining walls that prevent women from serving in combat position.itio >> the women may start serving as army rangers from 2015.
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the pentagon announced plans to slowly bring women to thousandsn of jobs. job we want to check in with wisdomm martin for a look at headlines around the nation. >> we begin in and nap lus where the -- annapolis is moving forward with sexual assault charges. the mid shipman victim is speakk out. >> i was drinking. i drank a lot of i don't remember what happened. i woke up the next morning with bruises. i knew something wasn't right. g i received a lot of hostility from the attackers but from teammates. i won't let this assault definef me. >> it won't be tolerated in the
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military or anywhere in the society. >> the victim and her mother say they are going public helping to pressure the military to make changes. the federal government has seized the franchise rights of four virginia 7-eleven storestoe and new york as part of a probe into fraud and employee exploitation.ex these indictments accuse the scht hiring more than 50 illegal workers and trying to concealal the employment by stealing identities of 200 people. p the manager submitted the fake names swindling the workers outt of millions in wages. 7-eleven has cooperated with the investigation and will take aggressive actions in this case. good news this morning in the fight against lung cancer. federal health officials say fewer adults are spoke smoking. 18% of adults surveyed described themselves as smokers and that
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is down 1% from the year before. the adult smoking rate was stuck around 21% rather. health officials say they don'tn know what is behind this drop. and finally check this out. handle with care: a chinese air freight handler is getting attention for the violentnt approach to his job. he is grabbing the boxes and tossing them on however he wants with very, very little success.s so clearly he didn't get the memo about handle can care and he doesn't care about his job because he is tossing them. they are not even landing on the conveyer belt. >> come on. >> he doesn't care. >> guess -- he is getting a call right there.ri >> isn't it unreal that you would not care to show up and a not do a bad job.. >> he continues to throw i.
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won't he have to -- continues to throw it. >> won't he have to pick them up. >> not if he gets fired? fir pnch you think that's the goal here. >> maybe. may we do crazy >> that's not how you handle pack packages.ges. >> maybe they are teddy bears. >> but he is not even gettinget them on the conveyer belt. b >> that's the problem. that's one of many problems in that video. >> he doesn't have a uniform or anything. >> all right. thank youll wisdom. coming up, first it was a type of fitness now it's a song as well. >> still ahead at 9:00 we're talking about chaka boom it's a fitness program. ♪ it combines music, dance, strength training and cardio c snch that justin bieber? >> it is go good justin.
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okay. not. >> we'll explain in a plil bit.b first we know dna holds the key to details behind our health and heritage but what about human migration.mi we'll sit down with the doctor behind the project coming up in a little bit. we get some news allison. >> and sarah simmons, who are we. who are you working with, sir? >> where did you come from? >> right. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet?
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this morning we're getting aning lesson on our ancestry, our journaly across the planet and how that history could changeng what we think and know about our very own backgrowns. part of this segment sarah sar simmons and i provided dna samples so we could find outd more about our story. there's sarah swabbing. there i am swabbing. [ laughter ] this was a whole process. p and lerot me just also say i'm happy we did this together, sarah.sara
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i feel braver now. >> okay. for details on what this is. this is our personal journey but why i plays in the bigger big picture here we turn to dr. spencer wells he's a. you laition genetic and national geographic's explorer in residence. he is the project explorer for the gino graphic project. p sarah is here because we're w going to learn our results andnd what it means. >> good morning. good to be here. >> tell us about what you are doing and why it's for ultimately. >> it's a scientific quest. it's answering a basic humeage question: where do we come from? it's something we all ask each other at some point. we're using the tools of science, molecular genetics, the answers inside our dna to answer that. >> you traveled the world. we did did this some time ago. a but you are in rural areas and tiny areas. >> working in indigenous
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communities >> story is we're an african species we originated in africa. some stayed on and some left starting around 60,000 years. it's only 2,000 human generations. in that sort span of time peoplo have scattered around the world populating the planet. we're trying to figure out the roots and why they were make begun the journeys. >> fascinating. fas we've not looked at our results. >> you swabbed your genes.. >> you used the kit. anyone who is interested can go on the web site and find out more about it. you swabbed your check cheeks.e. we took that material to the lab and isolated your dna and wee looked at genetic markers tiny changes from time to time as as it's copied and passed down through the generations. these are changes unique to your
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lineage. they define your branch on the human family tree, if will you. that allows us to place you in some sort of context, global context, who are you most close i related to. who would like to talk about the results first?re >> go >> we're looking at lots of different places in the dna. one is might condreal dna. it's a purely maternal line of descent. only mothers have it. we lookedrs at your mighto condreal. if you are male we can look at the y chrome soam. we can't do that for you. we looked at genetic marked.d. your lynn lineage and we don'tot have a graphic for this. t i think we weren't able to arrange that but it's typically west african l2b under the frequently of 10% or so in west african populations which is
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consistent about what you know?u >> it is. i happen to have done my african ancestry that put us in cameroon in west africa. >> that is l2b2 what does that mean? >> it's a haplo group designed by the set of genetic markers you have. it's like a clan. this is a little more interesting. those are your results from the rest of your genome not just looking at your lineage as well. you are 44% sub is saharan afri. tower 49% african. half african and half nonafter tra. these are and set of toural components is that have risen as people settled and mie great. the met trainan are typical of
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european populations. nearly 50% european and 2% northeast asian which was a bit of a surprise. >> yes. >> and given the context of the european results that we'ree'r seeing pulls you closer to eastern europe central or eastern europe. do you know anything about thata snfnlg i only knew there was a strong french component my mother's maiden name is larochec beyond that this is all mother's side, i had no idea. this is father's side as well. >> seymour we think it's my great grandfather was caucasian i'm not sure where he was from but seymour is the name. sorry we did the same thing for you. we looked at your denya, and
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have the results. your mother's side of >> you belong to j1b1a1 if can we see the map. we're not showing that. okay. it's coming up, i think.hink >> those are the results fromesl the rest of genome it's typically european. closest populations are german and greek. g >> greek?reek >> german i knew not greek.ek. >> what do you know? kn >> i know on my mom's sideide there's german in there and my mother's maiden is servan. i don't know much other than that but think it's a derivation from servant maybe it was a german world, i don't know. >> interesting. there's information pulling you toward the east within europe german and something further tof the south and east. >> really. >> we looked at your mitt chon dreal group i do.
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this is a lineage that was in the middle east and african and spread to the middle east and spread of farming. f >> what was that again? >> 2,000 years farmers moving out of fertile crescent. >> my father was a farmer. it was in the family genes, i guess so you can go to thehe community feature and see how you connect with other people. this allows to you bridge that gap between the and a chent c stuff we're talking about and a what you know. >> about the knee and der that component. >> you were do you promise you i don't act like a knee and der
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that? [laughter] >> ultimately it's putting theut puzzle together and dr. thank you. it's fascinating. >> thank you sox we'll do our lineage together and talk after >> all right. we'll be right back. 
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>> mont gom rip county council is hold a hearing on proposed changes to the 5% bag tax. new bill would limit the tax to bags even out of food stores.toe the current bag tax went into effect last january and tonight's hearing begins at 7:30. did i say that right? >> okay. also today virginia a lot of people, you know thatou effects everybody. those bag also today virginia candidatete
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terry mcauliffe is talking transportation. he is scheduled to tour the tou brand new mclean metro rail station. he is along the with the senator will highlight how investments and infrastructure will grow our economy. >> an annual report finds that airlines improved customer satisfaction in the u.s. for a second straight year. travelers gave airlines a 69 on a 100-point scale three points higher than a year ago. discount airlines jet blue showed the most improvement with an 83. >> southwest ranked in number two place with an 81 at the bottom of scale. u.s. airways with a 64 and united with a 62. but despite the overallll increase, the numbers are stim considered dismal. only subscrieption tv and innet service providers rank lower ouo of industries measures. still head. the perfect sand castle. we'll go live outside when the
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renowned and is the sculpture is is showing off the works of beach art. did he build them here or -- he wrought something with >> we'll have that and moree coming up.
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♪ ♪ we're playing beach muse yaik because we're talking about sand sculptures. how much water should you use to get the right consistency? >> i have wondered this tonism building sand caflts is not onlo fun but it's an art fork, too. tucker barnes is telling us allu about it. he's getting the how to from a world renown sand sculpture good morning. it's serious stuff. i'm joined today by john gowdy
9:30 am
who is the next one. >> do my pest we've the world championship in atlantic city. we have 30 of the best cultures. the best in the world.the >> are you one ofwo judges or -- >> i'm the head judge and organizer of the event. eve >> you have a lot of experience doing this.g th >> i have the best ones in the world. i do it myself. >> give me a hint. h from all over the place or americans noted for their fine work? we have a british guy, threaten. latvia and many americans, you know from all over the world
9:31 am
it's free right? it's very free but it's not a and sculpture.ure. you won't see one. in a competition you'll see figures and crazy maybe whatha they want?ey w >> it's child friendly okay. the russians get crazy with the designs. we have to keep the it child friendly. not visibility at all to the public. they get crazy and that's the only constraint we have the design. the tournament is through the end of month. >> ends on i june 30. maybe ac alliance will keep it open later and you never know. k the competition ends on the 30th. we have an amateur contest on
9:32 am
the 30th. >> tell me about your career. you got involved at age 3. >> that's when i started going to the bye. i brought my children when i was 25, 26. we got bored. i starting digging holes. when you dig a hole you zint sls a pile of stand we picked up popsicle sticks.po >> youps grew up in new jersey d went to the beach every summer.. >> i'm born and raised in atlantic. a retired firefighter there, captain and now i live in italy. >> wow. >> sand castle building or sculpture building must haveuild been good for you. tell me you got involved in an early age. tell me about the progression to serious exulting.s >> i have a web site. s we started winning. i formed a team called the rowdy gowdy's. my children.
9:33 am
we won a few events. e got a web site. we found out there was a circuit of contests around the county. fort myers beach, virginia beach has the neptune festival. >> less than a minute. tell me a few secrets to doing o this >> i have one secret. the bottomless bucket right here. >> bottomless bucket.t. how zit work? >> turn it over here and fill it with sand and water instead of filling it and trying to turn it it over but this is the easiest secret there is. sometimes i put a child in there. it works that's the secret. >> you will let me work on thist a little bit? b >> you want to try? absolutely. you want to make circles aroundd there. >> okay. oka >> tell me what is the biggest danger to the sculptures oncetue
9:34 am
they are on the beach. is it the wind and wave?ave >> it's negative? it's vandalism. it's by far the biggest danger to sand sculptures. we put a fence around them. armed guards on these things too keep people from wrecking them i believe there's two kinds of of people in the world. builder and wreckers. it only takes one wrecker too destroy 100 builders work. watch out for the wreck imhers in life. >> amazing. tony has a question for you hee wants to know if they have poker chips that come out after theyhe are complete? >> we do aword poker chips to the t winners. $6500 in prize money. >> you know how they they get a check we put them on poker chips. >> we'll do the weather.her. last question, how long do the contestants have to build a cast? >> four days they have.
9:35 am
it starts on thursday and endsns on the doubles competition. a sphree event on ati free beach 75 right now in washington. 73 down in leonardtown. we'll see highs about 80. 8 here come the rain showers.wers lots of clouds out here in northwest washington. you can see the green and futurt cast we'll look at that quickly. you see the progression indicating rain showers moving s in this afternoon. there we go.o. luckily rain around here througt mid to late afternoon by evening.enin rain should taper off. the evening commute will havewi rain showers as well.ell.
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seven day forecast. if you are one of lucky ones going to rant thissic city the rather looks great for the weekend. up to atlantic city. bright sunshine it's hot. 90 here by sunday and well to the 80s. just a before weekend. w it'see great to view petes of a. thanks for bringing us the good weather. >> nice to meet you. thank you so much. fascinating love it. good work by the way back to you inside. >> very cool. >> he's amazing. >> great work. i've seen it before. fantastic. what a good show today. still ahead in the buzz d.c. comedy hero is t headlinina new comedy festival.l. >> we'll tell you where you can catch dave chappelle's new standup.stan well! all right. >> it was a funny sketch. one of funniest things ever on
9:37 am
tv. >> not appropriate for television. >> no. not at this hour. [laughter]
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>> open. boy. >> hometown comedy hero dave chappelle is back in the spotlight after the a long hiatus. >> the d.c. native known for the chappelle show is set to coheadline on un coming festival along with the duo flight of concords. >> it's a good show. >> we got a cd with the flight of concords one christmas. the odd ball comedy and curiosity festival is presented by the web site funny or die. it kicks off in late august in austin texas and will make stops in 13 cities. d.c. isn't one of them. >> what? why are you we talking about this? >> yeah. y promoter livenation said it'sent the largest ever. e d.c. is left out with two
9:41 am
stages, three performances, psychics, vendors and more. no d.c. show. >> they have toll help us. >> i never got the i think dave chappelle is gone now. kind of like he left. >> they are not ours any more to claim. >> proud new grandma you know who we're talking about kris kardashian said her new granddaughter is beautiful. her daughter gave birth on saturday. i don't like that term. five weekske early. speaking on the red carpet at the daytime emmy awards this weekend kardashian said mom andd baby are doing fine. the family will release more information. the friends of kim say the babyy looks just like her moma and and proud rapper kanye west is in love with his daughter. as it should be. >> yes. the intersection of music and
9:42 am
fitness. we'll meet the man behind the chaka boom theme song. see how to switch of your workout. shed pounds and have fun. look aant these moves. ♪  >> h live with advice from local police to stay safe in a parking lot.
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>> welcome back. b this morning wore putting safets first. >> go live to the criminal justice training academy in chantilly with more.ll >> no mattery where you wok orr live you need to know how toto avoid becoming a victim and what to do in case something does
9:46 am
happen.en. >> katie and i were sharing pick tours of our children. i have me is gave me a wonderful tip regarding my phone and child. >> wherever you are going anywhere whether it's an amusement park or pool use your iphone and smart phone and taket a picture of them. it has what they are wearing. should they go missing. should something happen. you can send the picture to. they are able to transmit the information quickly which is helpful. >> so easy to do and simple. >> thank you have you much for we're talking about our own personal safety in general and one of biggest things you can do is act like you belong. >> absolutely.>> a >> no matter if you know where you are going or whatever you are doing the project that you do know, that you are confident that you are holding your headea
9:47 am
up high. that they are paying attention actually is beneficial. you are making yourself less off of a target. you are looking around. seeing people. make eye contact, it makes you not necessarily safer but give you the idea you are paying it's the age old story people play on the weak appear strong. >> if you are looking at someone you are not going to take something out of their hand. i'll bring in pete again and our resident bad guy. you are on the phone, doing your coming from behind.ehin going to sit and take an item from your percent.
9:48 am
we're talking about situational awareness. why did he use this spot. your wall he will. speaking of my hair spray youpry said you could be a good tool. >> people want to carry don'tont leave your wallet in the outside pocket. >> put it next to you. >> people put the purse nefnlt to them. people prevend he has activity. texting or sighing his shoe whatever it is.ever he takes your wallet and something from your purse
9:49 am he chosekn to sit down next to u for a reason. now maybe move the purse to thet other side or the other floor or on your lap. >> acknowledging him lets him i know i know he is there. exactly. >> way tonight make sure we get this scenario in. it's common in the mall. a lot of the times you go to the mall and bathrooms are -- are >> all the way to the end very far away and isolated. iso if he happens to be there whenhe you make your turn to go into that corridor to get to the restroom, don't go. choose another place to go to. >> that tends to be a place where sometimes lurk, right? >> exactly. we in all the large shopping centers my wife and i had a
9:50 am
spot, a bathroom we would take k our children to, it was nicer ic the purview that people couldcol see it rather than an isolated spot. is the web site.he we have the link to yours if you want to find out more. personal safety. you can take responsibility for it and it will make your jobob ease yes. chaka boom fit as soon as a really fun way to get into shape. the fitness program involves high energy dancing to great music while building endurance and strength.h. recently the creator of the program, creators of program teamed up with a local singer and coggie og grapier and they released the song. this is jason certificatal. c good morning. >> good morning, how arego you?? >> we're happy you are here. >> thank you for having us. u
9:51 am
>> wee want to end the show energetically and happennism you are doing that for us. introduce the dancers. >> this as- alex, kittic emily e and leah. >> thank you all for coming in.n tell us how all this happened. what came first and how it's all one big thing now. n >> the cofound yours of chaka boom they wanted to do a theme stng they wanted to come up with something and i broke a record. i wrote the sing in a day with my partner and recorded that week and we have a video. >> there it is.s. >> yes. >> we should say jason's album is available now. tunes. >> on the web site, too. to >> the video that shows the workout, if you will, the dancee whatever it was released this weekend. >> this past saturday, yes. >> where can we see that?hat?
9:52 am
>> youtube, mychannel and chakaa boom fitness channel, too. >> let me ask you a question whn is supposed to be able to know how to do this? it's for anybody. that's the beautiful thing.. my dance is different in age. we have 12 year olds here. >> but they are all so good. g >> it's for anybody. in the video you'll see kids from five years old to 50, 60, 70 year old people doing it.doin >> as long as you are moving and trying. >> right, exactly does strength, endurance cordo by time you tall in we want to portray it in the mid voa you better work it. you are good. >> youyo know it without further ado we'll do something. >> we're going to use it okay, all righty.. ♪
9:53 am
♪ yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ this just makes you want to dance right ♪ ♪nc no matter where you are froe or what you look like ♪ ♪ ♪ 12340. ♪
9:54 am
♪ ♪ e ve
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>> here is a live shot. clouds moving in. rain showers. high temperatures 80 degrees. here is a look at your seven you day. thanks get better. tomorrow about 80. 80. shower around thursday and friday looks fantastic for theaa first day of summer. 83 degrees. low humidity. next weekend warming up to 90. sunshine and forecast next n couple of days. >> oh, man. o >> i was doing it in the other studio. that's a workout, man. whoo! >> want to try the it again.ain. that's impressive. >> you all were so good. excellent. you'll definitely lose some weight if you try to do this how do we see the video and get your songs, too snrng check out the video on my channel. get the music and it's available
9:59 am
on itunes and everywhere music is sold and on my web site. there's a full performance on my web site he's there with pitbull who else? >> local talent. >> thank you, everybody for watching today.wa thank you, dancers,. >> all right. bye! it's time for the "wendy williams show". today, elementary star, lucy liu, revealing in the hot seat.


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