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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  July 14, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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took police officers to catch this one. >> good evening, thanks for joining us. tonight we have live team coverage at the george zimmerman verdict and how this case gripped the nation. waiting for a vigil to get under way while lauren has reaction to at the verdict. for more insight into the traffic glen will be speaking us with a little bit later. he will join to us give us his take. the late fret florida where the latest volunteer who shot trayvon martin is cleared of all charges. >> after 16 hours of deliberations a jury of his peers returning the verdict late last night 6 women, 5 of them mothers all remaining anonymous after saying that george zimmerman killed trayvon martin in self defense. >> george zimmerman a free man. the jury decided he acted in self defense under florida's
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stand your ground law when he killed 17-year-old trayvon martin with his .9 pistol. the verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> zimmerman will get his gun back but the attorney says at the former defendant might have to worry about his safety for the rest of his life. i'm sure if he could waive his magic wound he would get his life back as he needs to get on with his life after having suffered >> now we respect the jury's verdict. what it boiled down to is a kid minding his own business followed by a stranger. >> they command sybrina fulton and tracy martin for fighting for hisson. >> trayvon is proud for the changes you have inspired in his name. >> president obama weighing in in part "we are a nation of laws and a jury has spoken.
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i now ask every american to respect the call for calm". the president of the naacp says this nation needs to move forward. >> too many people in our country use color as grounds for suspicion. as the naacp is urging the department of justice to bring civil rights charges against george zimmerman, more protesters pro protests saided across the country. >> today it's been a hot topic at sunday services. lauren spoke to members of one cons gauge in prince george's county. lauer then >> the 6 women of the jury say george zimmerman was acting in self defense when he shot trayvon martin many are not convinced. one paster that we spoke to mentioned the election of president obama each time we
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have progress it's met with push back. the message to his followers keep moving forward. >> god help us all to move forward. >> reverend tony lee declared it hoody sunday in honor of trayvon martin. >> it is a symbolic kind of way of acknowledging trayvon and acknowledging that i wear hoodies but i a masters degree. >> after hearing that neighborhood the watch volunteer george zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of the florida teen he began to think about how to adjust his sunday sermon. >> our young people are seen as the other or thug. with that you have someone who did something that he should not have done and trayvon ends up trying to be picture you wered as the one who did something wrong. >> many have lost someone to gun violence.
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they are drug struggling to mae sense of the decision. >> it could have been my son. to actually kill somebody and get nothing, not guilty i felt real bad. it stuck with me all night. stuck with me today. others believe race played a large role. >> why would anybody get off on something like this. they know this man is over zealous so many times. i just don't understand. it's just a smack in the face to the black community. >> i don't want this kind of stuff to happen to another one of our children. >> following the sermon lee held a recruiting drive for the social justice industry. >> we have to hold the nation accountable we have to hold accountable those people that are shaping culture and who are shaping the atmosphere in which
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young man can be dehumanized. some of that comes from outside and some from within our community. >> al sharpton called the acquittal atrocity. back to you in the studio. >> lauren. thank you. stay with fox 5 for continuing coverage of the george zimmerman trial. in other news tonight let's get a quick check the forecast. it's been a sunny hot sunday. at the are hearing it is about to get hotter. what we can expect at the start of the work work. >> hi. you are absolutely right. we are bracing ourselves for temperatures that are going to rise well above seasonal. it's going to feel hotter than the actual air temperature as we factor in the humidity and everything else. be prepared. let's begin with a look at our maps and our conditions outside on satellite. we really don't have a whole lot going on right now across the area. we have got that ridge of high
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pressure that's going to be the main weather maker. as we go to our weather map not much going on at all. we have seen a few high clouds and a little bit of fog in our areas. it's just one of those situations where it is just hot, sticky, hazy and humid. here is a look at the high today. 89 at regan national airport. these temperatures are pretty much where we should be in terms of our seasonal averages. but here is what it fully felt like. take a look at these numbers felt like 98 in leesburg. 95 at national. 101 at war i think warrington. 96 in frederick. everybody had to dole with all of this hot, sticky weather. it is currently 85 degrees in an appeases. 89 in dc. that's the same for
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fredericksburg. 86 at dull dullus. it feels like it is in the 90s. that's nothing compared to what we are going to have the week ahead. i will have those details later expect some triple digits. back to you. coming up on fox 5 news at 6 a store on the show "glee" found dead in his hotel room. 
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>> the obama administration is sending a senior on envoy to e. bill burns is set to meet with government officials and others during his 2 day visit. he is expected to underscore u.s. support for they beginning people all egypian people. developing tonight an update
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on nelson mandela's condition. a former president of south africa says mandela is on a mechanical ventilator but will be discharged from the hospital soon. he he has been in and out of the hospital for more than 5 weeks for a recurring lung infection. he will be sent home to recuperate. a follow up on last weekend's deadly plane crash in san francisco. all run ways at sfo are back open even runway 88. southwest the first to land on it yesterday. sad news for fans of glee. corey monteith played finn hudson. police say there's no indication of foul play. they don't know what killed the young later. he was candid about his battle
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with drug he a decision. the woman of a woman found hanging in a mansion filed a $10 million lawsuit. the death was ruled a suicide but the lawsuit claims 3 people were responsible for her death her boyfriend's projector her e ex-wife and twin sister. it doesn't provide any specifics. no criminal charges filed. yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of the woman's death. we want to take you back to at the coverage of the george zimmerman guilty verdict with our team coverage. we want to bring in former prince george's attorney and prosecutor glen ivy. are you with us? >> i'm here. >> were you surprised with the verdict? >> i was disappointed with the verdict but i can't say i was completely surprised. i think the prosecution's case had a lot of rocky spots. it was a challenging case to start with. but they really seemed to go
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down hill as the trial started. >> did the defense do a better job or presenting their case or was it that the prosecution didn't have the evidence needed to convict? >> i think there was a combination of things. obviously i think the defense did a very good job especially on cross examination. i think the prosecutors helped them out by playing the tapes of zimmerman to the jury. so basically zimmerman got a chance to put his story out without being cross examined. some of the really big i had especially the one i forget his name. he had seen part of the struggle he described it as the ground and pound marshall arts move. i think suggest that had he thought it was trayvon martin on top. those things, you know, a variety of other factsors. but i think those were the big ones. >> was there anything the
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prosecution should have done that it didn't do in this case in your opinion? >> well, i mean, it is so much easier to second guess. i thought the biggest one was to present -- allow the injure toy see his statements without getting a chance to cross examination zimmerman. a lot of times what they will do they will not offer those in their case in chief and force them to take the stand then they will get a chance to cross examine him. then the other statements would still come in. that will be the place where they get second guessed the most. >> very quickly because we are out of time, do you see any changes coming to the states that have at the stand your ground rule? do you think there will be changes in the future in >> i think there will be some. i think that got swallowed up after the gun control law in connecticut. right now it doesn't have the
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momentum it needs to get through congress. so hard to say. >> former prince george's county attorney and prosecutor glen ivy, thank you for your insight tonight. george zimmerman's fate was decided by a fate of 6 women who found him not got i. garrett, thanks for being with us. what has been happening there today? >> marine, you can see behind us right field in front of the courthouse it was packed with supporters of both trayvon martin and george zimmerman last night has emptied out. the police have blocked off the parking lot. there were several protests scheduled here for this afternoon and evening. those have been cancelled. they have been moved to other places in seminole counties. there are those protests happening the entire state of florida and entire county.
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most of those did remain calm and peaceful as many officials as the defense and prosecution and the families of both trayvon martin and george zimmerman had been calling for. in oakland we knew there were several incidents of police cars being smashed, small fires being started there by the protests. other than that, it was peaceful and cam throughout the whole country. right now it is still settling in now for many of the people here in sanford. >> you mentioned oakland, specifically oakland, california. what about in sanford, florida. what are people saying there. are future protests plans, future rallies. how long will this go on and what are people saying if >> we know thought sanford many of the pastors and reverend were giving messages of hope asking people to continue to pray for these families and encouraging people to stay calm and peaceful and these vigilante act that
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they have been talking about doing to the family and the defense team that is not necessary right now. this verdict was so surprising to so many it is setting in. many people still are coming to terms with that essentially. george zimmerman is well for the last year and a half almost he has been held under lock and key has not been able to go anywhere by himself. when he is out in public he had diseases, disease disguises on. >> is there any indication that we may hear from george zimmerman at some point. we have heard from family members. will we hear from george zimmerman at any point on this? >> we certainly hope to. we know from his defense team he said they will be lying under the radar for some time because there have been so many threats of violence against him and his
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familiar limit it is better for him to stay low key. at some point we will have that opportunity to hear from him and hear what this experience is like throughout the entire process the last several long, long months. thanks very much. coming up the nationwide need for blood donors is gay. close to 10,000 virginia customers of power went out overnight. weather is not to blame. stick around you won't believe what caused the widespread power outages. >> if you have an idea call the fox tip line.
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today marked the final run of this year's festival in spain. 5 people were hurt one austrailan woman was seriously injured after being gored. at the run of the bulls is also known for its all night street parties. >> fairfax county police had their fans full chasing a lose
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bull. the police chase went on for hours coming to a conclusion around midnight. they had to put up a chopper just to chase down this bull. the bull charged at the police several times. quicks. in virginia a snake caused a power outage in alexandria overnight. it slithered into electrical equipment and disrupted service around 11:00. power restored this morning. the corpse flower known as the stinky plant ready to bloom any minute. it is very unpredictable blooming once every few years. the time span can range a full decades. once open it will remain in bloom 24 to 48 hours and quickly collapse. >> it is a fascinating fascinating plant for a lot of reasons. one is its odor.
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it has the smell of rolling animals. rotting animals. they play around in it and they get pollen on them which they can take and move on to another plant. >> the garden is extending its weekend from 10 flap to 8:00 p.m. to give visitors a chance to see the through never full bloom. >> can you imagine that through never bloom with full heat? >> i remember it from last time. i didn't go. i just think it is more interesting we have a fox that ran away from the zoo and fox. >> and bear sightings. >> what is going on in the animal kingdom. they are trying to find cooler places. >> they definitely rcxfing today if you found it hot it is the tip of what is to come first. hot, hazy and humid. this morning we had some patchy fog across many of our areas.
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some of you may have seen your visibility reduced as you headed out. here is a look outside. really hazy outside and still very much warm that's for sure. we didn't have any precipitation today at all. just a few high clouds. that's what we have right now not a whole lot to contend with. it is sticky, hot and humid. it will continue to stay that way. let's look at the numbers. we looked at these earlier 89 degrees the high at rec an national airport. that's where we should be temperature wise. the same at dull dullus. it felt hotter than that. you factor in your air temperature and humidity we get the heat indexes. if you did step outside and said oh, no, gwen didn't tell us right it felt hotter. you are slight. 95 at a national airport and 101 at warrington. as we head to college park it
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felt like 99 degrees. 96 in frederick. this is something you are going to have to get use to. opportunity temperatures 85 in annapolis. 89 in fredericksburg. 88 degrees to the north in hagerstown. 86 at dullus. 85 right now in baltimore. let's look at the heat index numbers. a lot of 90s. 95 dc. 92 baltimore. and 98 degrees at frederick this hour. we will be dealing with this into the course of the week. temperatures across the country 80s and 70s up and down the sea board that's where the heat will be sticking around into the mid section of the country. we're not alone with all of this as we take a look at all of these numbers. other people up and down the mid atlantic are feeling the exact same thing. overnight tonight temperatures expected to be into the 70s ino
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it will be a warm night tonight. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere which means we will have the humidity. main weather player in control as we move through the course of the week. what's that going to do? set us up for a heatwave. i anticipate this to be one the hottest weeks of the year. in the meantime tonight mostly clear a warm night 75 degrees. temperatures definitely on the rise. we'll have a look at at the full forecast for you and tell you just what you can expect with that all important 7 day forecast a little bit later. turn up the ac. >> definitely. heavy rain leads to flooding in parts of colorado. the waters were so strong they swept away some cars. some one who was trapped needed a rescue crew to save her. a active volcano in mexico spewing ash and vapor into the sky. the mexico city airport shut
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down for hours because of visibility issues. the city is now enforcing a 7-mile savory radius around the volcano. still ahead the country is reacting to the george zimmerman verdict. when we return we will go live to howard university where in a matter of time people will be holding a prayer vigil for trayvon martin. we're back right after this. we're back right after this.
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states of florida versus george zimmerman verdict we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. back to our top story tonight the george zimmerman verdict and the world's reaction. across the country mostly peaceful protests and the president is wearing in. mr. obama says trayvon martin's death was a tragedy for america. last night a jury found him not guilty of killing trayvon martin. martin's death in february 2012 unleashed a debate to profiling and the right to self defense. >> we respect the jury's verdict what it comes down to is a kid minding his own business being followed by a stranger. >> i am thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. >> the naacp is urging the
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department justice to bring civil rights charges. people across our area are gathering on the campus of howard university for a trayvon martin vigil there. the university called by the university's naacp. emotions are high, aren't they audrey? >> very much so, lauer acxfing hundreds will gather around the flag pole for an individual in honor of that travel they will also be protesting what many call the injustice of george zimmerman's acquittal. protests like this one outside the courthouse in sanford florida, sprung up almost immediately after the verdict was read. here in dc people spilled out of the bars and restaurants on you street northwest and marred to the justice department. this protest lasted well into the evening. speakers are urging supporters to help join the effort to get
6:31 pm
the justice department to file civil rights charges against george zimmerman. the naacp is already distributing a petition to that defense. >> if michael vick can go to jail for fighting dogs george zimmerman can go to jail for shooting somebody walking up the street. >> i pray in the no riots and no fights and nothing crazy happening. we have been through that already in the past. we can't heal that way. >> thankfully the protests across the country have been peaceful so far. tonight's vigil starts at 8:13 p.m. that's the time that trayvon martin martin just 17 years old was pronounced dead after that fate full encounter with george zimmerman. back to you in the studio. >> pope frances is getting ready for his upcoming trip to rio. he found some time to visit the
6:32 pm
summer residents. in 8 days the pope will leave for the world youth day in brazil. he greeted a lot of people with hugs and kisses. pope francis hasn't used his summer re's dense nearly as much as his bread said tores. >> none needs -- it really has nothing to do with their health a nation wide effort to change a 30 year old mandate on gay men donating flood blood. >> this is not your average blood drive nor is it your average protest. i'm 73. i haven't had any unsafe sex since 1979. i publish a gay newspaper in minnesota back then. we did stories on this new cancer that was going around in 1979 already. i have been safe ever since then
6:33 pm
and still they won't take my blood. by they they mean blood centers that abide by a 1983 fda ban on gay and by bisexual men donatig blood. the fda approved a life time span on gay donors. these folks hope to change that. >> at the time we didn't have the testing capabilities we do now. there was a lot of fear about keeping the blood supply save safe. this per if you are pet ates to prove that point dozens of gay or bisexual men got tested for hiv on the spot. i took that paper into the blood donation center center, showed
6:34 pm
them the paper and showed them i was hiv negative. and was turned away. it does not include guy gay and bisexual women. while there has been a recent effort by representatives for blood centers to get the fda to reconsider this particular life time span, there are others that a potential donors outside the gay community. >> there's a list of infections that could occur where there is a life time ban. >> i have tested negative for hiv dozens of times and they still don't want my blood. it is time to get over the old fashioned fears. >> still ahead tonight are you a wine drinker? all wine is not created equal but there is good news if you drink it, there are some health benefits. we will pass those along had we come back.
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at 6 the health alert about wine. many of you may have enjoyed a glass or two of vino. >> you will be happen toy know what you are drinking may be good for your health. as the doctor explains not all wines have the same effect. >> did you know where a wine comes from can determine how good it is for you. i am more of a french wine kind of guy. with over 1000 bottles to choice from inside italy's wine shot it is easily to be overwhelmed. not all wines are equals. the region matters. >> with the reds we stay to the
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north. >> full body but they are very silky, soft, full of antiantioxidents. >> moving south, it only grows in a little communion called monte falco. that is supposed to be the highest of fenos. >> moving south we will go to sargeno. that's been shown to have the highest levels. there are studies going on. they are studying the family that's live there, they live to be 100, 105. >> the antioxidents can prevent
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cancer and cancer. >> for us italians wine is food ever since i can remember grandma, grandpa food and wine. us children we didn't have soda, water with a drop of wine. cheers to your health. fox news. actress hally barry got hitched today. the owner says they had 60 guests. he said barry's wedding dress not this was long and white. she is 46 years old and she is pregnant if you didn't already know. everybody on royal baby watch. dozens of photographers and camera men are stationed outside where she is expected to give
6:40 pm
birth. prince william doesn't seem too worried the baby will be born today. he went off to play polo. most people are betting money on the royal birth for some time this week. so we will be paying attention. we will let you know when it happens. so newborn baby girl might set a record at a pennsylvania hospital. adison was born wearing a whopping 13 pounds and 1 2 ounces. that's a big baby. the baby girl might be the biggest baby ever born at their hospital there is not an official record kept. they have never delivered a baby wearing this much. the parents say they expected her to be big just not this big. >> i think as mothers we all have that initial oh, might that must have hurt. that's big. >> that baby and mom are healthy and doing well. >> wow. >> two oklahoma mothers are
6:41 pm
using public humiliation to discipline their sons. i think i am grown and i snuck out and the cops brought me home. the 2 boys were brought home by police early saturday. next at 6:00 paying it forward one coffee at a time. how one act of random kindness set off a chain reaction.
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a random act of kindness leads to to random acts of coffee. >> she was pleasantly surprised when she pulled up to the drive through of heavenly donut that the woman in front of her had paid for her coffee it felt so nice that that woman did that for me i wanted to pay it forward. >> the problem no one was behind eileen in the drive through she promised she would do it the next time she came in which was happened. >> i told them that's what i wanted to do. she paid for the woman behind her and left. marcos was working at the drive through. >> i have no idea who that woman is. okay, you got a free coffee. i'll pay for the person behind me. after that i was like we are 3 cars deep 4 cars deep after 15 cars i started letting them now we are at 17 cars in you can
6:45 pm
keep it going or you can take your coffee and go but nobody wanted to break the chain. >> what happened from that point on the chain of paying it forward kept going through 55 consecutive cars. >> we do have a few regulars that do pay for the car behind them every once in a while. >> she was so excited about this feel good moment she tweeted about it hoping it would encourage others to do the same. no it was a feel good same. i'm not a hallmark kind of girl but it was nice. i have to tell you it was really nice. >> i hope it happens every single weekend. it put everybody in a good mood all the employees all of the customers they were all in a great mood that's always nice. >> that gives me chills something so simple so nice. >> maybe we should try that here. >> maybe that 51 person didn't have enough change left. we will hope that's the case. we are wondering who is the 55
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person. >> so the temperatures are going to really change as we move through the course of the week. just a few clouds outside right now. not a whole lot happening. we had some patchy fog early this morning. that burned out quickly. the clouds will stick around a little bit tonight. not too much at all. it will be a warm night as we push ahead. also some morning patchy fog tomorrow because we still have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. oppressive hot days are ahead. really i'm not joking here. we could see some heat advisories before it is all said and done. storm chances are pretty low until the end of the week. i still can't rule out a pop up one here or there into the course of the week. it looks like if anything happens that will be over the mountains.
6:47 pm
still a can't rule that out 100%. >> 88 the high 88 at bwi. right now we're at 89 at dc. 85 in annapolis. 89 frederickburg. 87 at martinsburg, cumberland 88 degrees. we have got the temperatures once again so i put that in twice that's because i want to show you what is going on up and down the atlantic. i just want to show you all up and down the atlantic we are not alone. the entire mid atlantic will be under this heat wave it is going to spread into areas of the midwest. heat in dc factors in the air temperature and humidity. this is what it really feels like outside. feels like 95 at dc. 92 at baltimore. feels like 94 at frederick
6:48 pm
burg. 99 at college park. that is just going to continue as we deal with all of the oppressive heat that's going to be pushing its way in across the entire area. we are not going to get a break at all. not much lapping here. i an dissipate much. our heat indexes are going to be triple digit numbers. it's going to feel like it is into the 100s plus as the ridge of high pressure moves up the coast and heads no areas of the central portion of the country heading to the upper midwest. it will feel like it is a hundred degrees plus. plenty of sunshine in the forecast. by mid day 90 degrees. 92 by the 5:00 hour. you have to be careful in this heat. make sure you wear light lose
6:49 pm
clothing. drink plenty of water. check on your elderly neighbors to make sure they are okay do not leave pets outside without shade and water. it is really oppressive for them as it is you. don't leave pets or children in a car for any length of time unattended. 74 for tonight. southerly winds. 94. here is a look at the 7 day forecast. numbers climbing. we are flirting with the 100-degree mark a couple of days there. this will be the hottest day of the year so far. temperatures headed to the upper 90s by at the time we get into hump day. then the end of the week we have a cold front coming through. not only will it cool us down it will give us a chance of rain showers maybe a storm saturday and sunday. at that point everybody will welcome the wet weather and a bit of a break. dangerous heat folks. >> thanks for the warning. this is too cute to pass up 3 bull dogs skateboarding. the owners give them a little
6:50 pm
shove to get them started. they use their teeth and legs to propel themselves forward. if you can't get enough of this stuff you can check facebook and youtube they have their own pages. of course they would. why not. while you were sleeping they right to right the ship before the all star game. sports next. 
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the first 3 batters managed just 5 hits at 33 at about. today the final game before the all star bride experimenting bryce hopper in the lead off spot. looking to avoid the sweep of the lowly marlins. stantin with a base hit. rounding third. doesn't want to test the arm of just bryce. that leaves him in a pick he will.
6:53 pm
he runs him down and decides to go home to get matthes. good choice. romos supplies the tag inning over. jordan trying to help himself base hit to right. testing the arm of stanton. ump calls him out. bottom half of the fourth. deals one up nice to derek diet rick up and out of here. a 2 run shot. marlins take a 2 run lead. same score into the seventh. comfortable in that 2 spot rips one into left field. bryce hopper all the way from first is making a push from home ditches the helmet that. evens it up at 2-2. we go to extras where danard steps up. comes through with his third hit of the day. they close out the first half of the season way 5-2 win today.
6:54 pm
here is davie on the line up shake up. >> i was going to shake the lin the way this is configured it is tougher to pitch to the left handers. that's the reason you set it up that way. everybody seems to like getting in those spots better than the spots i had them. my mistake. the oriels 5 all stars recognized. pick things up in the bottom of the first. chris davis rips one into the right field scores. 2 run double. the o's lead. bottom of the third more davis. a shot to the opposite field. i think it is out of here fast. 2 run home run giving him 37 on the first half of the season. that ties reggie jackson.
6:55 pm
the or yells down 7-4. last night the giant's tim entered the ninth. first batter chase headily strikes him out. thirteenth strike out of the game. you listen to the crowd cheering here. this game was played in san diego. fly hit to left field. his first career no no as the giants shut out the padres. vegas odds makers give the wizards a 1 in 100 chance of winning next year. those young guys getting some work today in the wizard's second summer league game take on the new york knicks. first quarter off the turn off gets to the third overall draft
6:56 pm
pick. there you go. otter porter junior, 8 points in 29 minutes of work. second rounder glen rice junior buries the 3 ball. a double, double performance today's. 10 points, 10 boards at the wizs still end up losing. earlier this week andy was in town to play the cases. the defense men provided halfrto return the serve. spinning them. he said that he had not picked up a racket in 3 years was struggling made some contact which is good. >> to be honest i feel if i prepared a little better i might have been all right. i was just starting to find my groove as they cut me off. definitely exciting experience. they are unbelievably talented athletes. watching the cases seeing all of
6:57 pm
them compete it was a great experience for me. >> we have to think if there's any athlete that might hit a return serve. you have to have that hand-eye coordination. >> thanks so much. >> that does it for 6. we will see you later at 10 and news at 11. >> we will see you tonight at 10. >>real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks, but what about thick & creamy and whips!" and we were like, "done and done! now it's out of everything yoplait makes." and you were all, "yum!" and we're like, "is it just us, or has this been a really good conversation?" and you were like, "i would talk, but my mouth is full of yogurt." yoplait. it is so good!
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