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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 15, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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or five good heat days, we will get through t there's a heatat advisory in place.ry in we will talk about that coming up with the full >> hopefully everybody has ac to pop up if not depo to th go to . >> cooling stations do it whichever way you can. download it on your smart phone or tablet, just search for d.c. weather on the app store. vigils are being planned in cities across the country this saturday following the notol guilty verdict in the george zimmerman murderlo trial.trial. rallies like this one in time square were held over ther th weekend to pay tribute to trayvon martin. protesters were upset, and
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zimmerman was not convicted the naacp will hold prayer vigils and rallies in front of federal buildings this weekend. meanwhile, they are reactino to the decision. he and the justice department are quote, concerned. holder also sedan investigation into possible civil rights violations is ongoing. fox 5 paul wagner is live in the newsroom with more on this part of the story. >> paul, attorney general eric holders y cee,in used oof his se delta sigma hat theta sore. >> reporter:sorority to speak about the complicated issues. >> reporter: the jury of six found george zimmerman notth guilty in the death of trayvon martin. the attorney general made it clear the justice department is
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paying attention. >> we are resolved as you are, to combat violence, involving for directed at young people to prevent future tragedies and deal with the underlying attitudes mistaken beliefs and stereotypes that serve as the basis for these two common incidents. [applause] and we will never stop working to ensure that in everyz case,de inngceun sthat every cid in every community, justice must be done. >> as the attorney general was making his characters as the convention center, a group of protesters gathered outside ofre the justice department wherewhee they urged prosecutors to file i federal civil rights charges against george zimmerman. what do we tell our black boys? that when they see a while male who fear them to run. that would even cause morecauseo suspicion. and what we are saying, is that the rules have to be clear, and the rules are not clear.le >> the white house this morning press t secretary jay carney,et related to thear reporters, the president's thoughts on the caso and the verdict. >> the president wanted to convey that he felt that the th death of trayvon martin was a
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tragedy for his family, for the community but also for thebu country. and he wanted to note that in the wake of thet n verdict, the strong passions of the case had illicitted could be running evev higher, and it was important ton remember that we are a nation oe laws and the jury had spoken. jay carney went on to say president barack obama wanted oa americans to heed thmae call for calm reflection, from trayvon martin's parents. legal experts there areerar several factual and legal hurdles prosecutors would haveut to leap in order toor get george zimmerman into federal courtderl proving the attack wass unjustified and based on race. so many people attempted to sign a petition on the naacp websitee calling for the filing ofling federal charges, that the site eventually crashed. will. paul wagner in the newsroom. what is next in the george zimmerman case?zimmer we have a panel of discussion today, lin with verna bay, and
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the george, and the president os the d.c. chapper o chapter of t. i want to thank you for being here today. >> they are calling for federall charges to be brought dependence george zimmerman. they are saying that this casese was about race, and george zimmerman profiled trayvonayvon martin. >> what is the naacp position on this? >> the naacp position is urging the department of justice to investigate, but also urging them to file charges because this was a civil rights violation against tra trayvonvon martin. >> a short time ago, u.s. attorney general eric holder announced he and the justice department shared the concern about the entire nation, becaus, of this case. we are as revolved as you are to combat violence directed to young people, to direct, and mistang beliefs and stereotypes that serve as the basis forr
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these two common incidents. >> as a civil rights attorney,ts is this an uphill battle to get this case, you know, to provepr the facts to get federal jarnlings againschargesagainst . i think another possible avenue is to address the stand your yo ground law. the stand 8 your ground law, isa the structure that allowedlowe zimmerman to escape conviction.c these laws state that even ifat you are the aggressor, you canun be, you can be exonerated ofof killing someone. >> if you think that someonee might be -- >> what about the issue of race, though, do you think that. >> i think the laws are racialll motivated. in florida you have a white mana who has certainly racial attitudes from his background, from reading in the press, that he believed that all young blacg men are dangerous, and so thisis in this mind and his defense justified him killing trayvon
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martin. if you have a chrystal ball, do you think we will see charges brought against george zimmerman. >> probably not, because thee te standard of the federal government is much higher. part the reason that this prosecution didn't turn out soo well, was because thee the investigation was botched. so i think even though he has s certainly racial stereotypes st that he used the night that he shot trayvon martin, i think that may not justify federal recitation, unfortunately. >> beyond the charges being brought and whatever the wh condition out of the come of this is, the nation has to be more conscious of racial profiling, and that is the underlying issue that as we as a community and across the nationa holding law enforcement en officials accountable when itent comes to racial profiling, but even beyond law enforcement officials, citizens, zimmerman.r we are all subject to racialcial profiling and we can make a
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difference.dier >> we have a nation of young black men who watched on the outcome of this case.omof they went to twitter and voicedc their frustrations, some of theh were saying what does this sayy about my worth as i young black men in america? i have three young sons, aftern, this verdict, my husband and is sat down and talked to our three sons. how do we explain this to them, what do we say in. >> there are people that still t hold beliefs that are not good for america, and what we have te tell young people is that there's still value in doing thh right >> uh-huh. >> that is dolts will be there o support them when they do the right thing.ri i think the issue is this an adult responsibility to ensure that young people can walk the street peac peaceably. >> and walk from their father's
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home to the street. >> that is when the profiling came in. we tell your sons, if you have a hoody on, take that hoody off when are you in the store? what do you say to young people when pirthe t ou they're out tht they act and about thed abou possibility of being profiled. >> it's tough, because you wantt your children to be safe, and you know those tricks, potential triggers. we saw them in this case. on the other hand, you don'tn't want the young people to be constantly go up fearful of the world. fearful of gauging the world.wo. so it's a line you have to walka but the reality is you do have to have a special discussion, if you got african-americanan children and particularly black boys. >> i could talk to you guys forever and ever, my producer ir telling me to wrap. thank you for coming in. thank you for coming in. george, director executive of concerned black men, and the president of the d.c. chapter of the naacp.the hope to keep this conversationth
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moving forward, and heal ouris country. we want to know what you, thin? should the justice department file charges in the wake of theh not guilty verdict againstt george zimmerman. a brand new video, surveillance video of two youngo men wanted pursuing people in southeast. it happened as the suspects wers get offing of a metro bus, offf of staten road, and gone off thf bus and began shooting at people on the sidewalk. we are told the four victims were conscious and breathingeatn when police respond. if you recognize the suspects, d.c. police are hoping you theru come forward. pro gun activities adam kokesh has granted bond. on july 4th, he posted a video of himself loading a shotgun in d.c.'s freedom plaza. police searched his fairfax county house later as part of pa the investigation into the video and tuned hallucinogenicic mushrooms. he is charged with possession of
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drugs while also having a gun. u as of this afternoon, he hasn't yet posted once release, he isn't allowed to own or possess a firearm until this case is complete this was judgment day for aa northern virginia woman involved in a crash that killed a police officer. a motorcycle officer, married,er father of bob ba barnard is here with the details. >> reporter: there were tears all around the courtroom as the judge called it one single tragic mistake that costhert ofr young his he sentenced margaret licky to a year in jail, all of the defendant ordered to pay a $2,500 fine and restricted her driving privileges for six months, as a result of the deadly collision of last new year's eve. the 70-year-old wife of a retired, admiral, margaret licky
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has pled no contest in a charge of driving in the crash of an ta motorcycle police officer lastf december 31st. >> it's a tragic accident and i have been grieving since the daa that it happened. >> mrs. licky was with herli 47-year-old daughter going to get their nails done at ackug bristow shopping inner, when in with the green light, she turned her minivan into the path of officer young, when he was rushing to a crash around noon c in the afternoon.n. >> jennifer young is chris' mother, she showed us a family picture from when he was in the marines. chris leaves behind a widow and three children. ch >> it's been hell. he she hasn't been able to sleep. >> edward young is analyst forr the irs. says he is not thrilled for the sentence. >> we never received an apology we would have liked that, weat,
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would have liked one from her. we are disappointing that as well. >> reporter: she didn't see his flashing lights or hear his way ling sigh lens, when officef turned in front of her. her. >> it did not rise to the level of manslaughter.of >> reporter: the court pointed mr: out that margaret ly did not have a single blemish in her driving record over the past 35 years. >> my wife is a kind generousnd person who has devoted herr entire life to the service ofof her country, her community andy our church. this came out of the blue. it's a tragic accident, we have grieved every day, and prayed every day for the young family. >> reporter: so she will nott spend a day in jail, but mrs. licky was ordered to perform 200 hours of community service telling her story to first-time drivers who are also told officer's young's family iy considering a civil lawsuit. bob barnard, thank you. coming up tonight, new
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technology is taking the confusion out of medicalout records. we will show you how brand new apps is helping doctors close information loon holes.holes. it has drivers in northern virginia doing a double take.ub still ahead a pregnant cow that led police on a chase returns home. so we saw him on the othere side of the road and we pulled e my car in here, and he picks his bike up here and throws it up here. >> we are going to tell you whyu fans of singer dave matthews ended up giving him a ride. we will right back. 
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"the democratic party of virginia sponsored this ad." "i started working when i was about sixteen years old and i've worked for about sixty years. now i'm retired and i do rely on social security and medicare. i think ken cuccinelli does not care about people like me. in his book cuccinelli questions whether medicare and social security should exist and said people are dependent on government. it scares me to think of ken cuccinelli as governor. i think he is way out of touch with everybody."
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now tonight at 5:00, we aree leashing more details about theu death of a man with drown syndrome during a run in with deputies. he was being forcibly removed from a movie theater by the deputy for night lighting. sailor's caretaker says she told the officers not to touch or speak to sailor, because he he would quote be freak out. he died of asphyxiation, a grand jury declined to indict the officers. if you have ever had to had a cat scan, you will know how cumbersome that could be. there's a brand new app thatd ne promises to help patients free themselves of this, and approximate puts the information right in the palm of their
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hands. >> he was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader, and thee tumbling all of a sudden he kine of lost it, week by week. >> they are talking about herr daughter morgan.da it took 15 months to do the diagnosis, because none of them had ever seen her with >> it wasn jm, a rare autoimmu disease that creates muscle weakness, extreme fatigue and aa distinctive rash among other complications.comp amy's daughter morgan was diagnosed when she was just 11 years old. and went from this to this. >> it was very difficult at the time. >> there was no cure for jm to m go with treatment is to get into remission, and that requires plenty of >> she takes 21 meds, 21 pills a >> and plenty of doctors. >> she has a lot of different specialists. she has quite the long history of providers and they don't talk to each other. so i become the one in the middle. >> amy was almost at her whits end when she ran into morse
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tanner at a medical conference. >> when i met amy. i have a lot of respect for wha youfo do.u i think we might have somethingn that might make your life easier. >> reporter: an app, takes medical records and scans allans sorts of information and securely stashes it in one place.plac >> as easy as anything you can use on your ipad, you can depo c ahead, and see it -- dep go ahe, see it, share it, and act on it >> it shares information at a variety of different time to be realtime available fortime physicians and other a healthcae providers, no matter where they are in the >> reporter: t amy create aid free account, downloadedaded morgan's images and began closing the loopholes in her daughter's care. having that power as a parent,we is something that he can relate to. his son had health challenges when he wasr heth younger.
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>> i can remember that incredible feeling of frustration, fear and love thate wants you to be able to do something for a child.child. maimy iamy is doing her parr morgan and morgan is doing her r part to get better. >> she has all a's in her freshmen year of high school. smart and tough, says amy and now free to enjoy life's more re important moments. and we are happy for her. you may have noticed the picture of on amy's jacket, it's a,it picture of morgan. coming up tonight at 10:00, we will introduce to you the artist who turned her tragedy into try triumph and uses it for better healthcare. taking a look outside. l hot and humid, and it feels like triple-digit numbers out there.e and gary, didn't he tell you, shawn this is just thee beginning. >> that hot, gary. >> it's a marginal day, tomorro, and wednesday, thursday, andthud friday, that is when i think wee get into full fledged into thee
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heatwave. this is what is going on rightis now. this is the story of the day. you look at heat index, it feels like 102 this town.of it thi feels like 103 for annap0 annapolis is not feeling the n effects of the bay tooot much, because most the winds out of o the north and northwest, it kint of pushes the cooler water of the bay, the cooler air aroundr the bay, south and east of it. it's going to last like this,ke it's going to be hot rightt through the evening hours, 93 at 7:00. 90 at 9:00, that doesn't factor in the heat index. the so the heat index will be rubbing up 90s or so toin mid-90s for the next several hours. and guys, one the problems withs this, the next several days is we're not going to cool off a whole heck of a lot at night. we're going to be upper 70s, maybe even right around 80 degrees for low temperaturese and that is a big part of the heatwave story where you justu don't get the cooling relief at night so everybody can take a deep break. and i breath and ie it's going to stick around mostr
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of the week. >> find that >> i hope so. thanks, gary. coming up tonight, find out which musicianni, oh, some of te worst pitches ever seen in the baseball game. come on, she is not a pitcher. i scott. there's a lot of work that needs to be done. some of baseball best sluggers get ready to launch in the big apple home run derby. and our own bryce harper, whatr, kind of damage can he do tonight? the derby preview coming up next, will.  [ male announcer ] do you love prime rib?
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tonight the home run derby takes summer stage and they have -- center snag stage. >> who doesn't love the home run derby, it's a way to set upthe
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all-star game. and this is something, that bryce harper had on his bucket list. he will set the point, which is perfect. he has a attention for the dram ticks. two home runs, and the home rune back from the dl. he has 13 hope runs on thens on season which ties him with davih wright for the of all eight competitors. harper has missed 31 games ouija. sometimes thought is that the derby can mess a player's swing up, because he is swinging so hard. harper swings that hard all the time. that is part of who he is. and the broadcaster, tim mccarve likes what he brings to the table not only inin tonight's derby but the game of baseball. >> i can't think of a major league player in any position that reminds me of bryce harper. is on to himself, he is a very aggressive player, obviously, very talented. loves the game, loves theves intensity of the game.
5:26 pm
he is always going to be one off those guys like pete rhodes, negotiation going, he is a unique player and all tallented ask it's nice to see him in the all-star >> and chris davis who leads le baseball with 37 home runs. but he has a secret weapon, hisn father ron will be one of the guys pitching to him in the competition. so maybe a comfort level in there. he says that his father has thrown millions of pitches to him over his life. hopefully he gets the groove. >> we're seeing shots online. should bryce be doing this, bryce is always at b 100%. >> i don't think that there's any concern. >> it's what makes him good. shawn.n. well, some people are saying it's a good thing singer carlly ray jecarlierea jet sonson, can.
5:27 pm
she is no pitcher. when did you stand on the mounde and try to get that all the way to home play. she did her best. we are told she threw out fistft pitch at a game in baltimore. that s'more on target. >> that has got for a lost player, i don't know who you are, famous singer or not tot throw a ball. >> and even people hik like hero are used performing in the lane, she is no sue palka. she practiced, and was ready to go. >> that is true. t we gave her credit last night.n. millions of dollars ofarof property up for auction at d.c. and it all comes from people wh didn't pay their taxes. we slow you what is up for fo grabs. how a first-of-its-kindfi facility provided much-needed shelter for local an--deca teenagers. >> we three you about the happy ending of a pregnant cow who
5:28 pm
gave local police officers a ru for their money. 
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the message is pretty clear in the district, if you don't pay youre ic taxes and even the highest bidder may not be the real winner. development in the district is on fire. property values have shot up and so have taxes, but if owners refuse to pay their taxes, well, the district will step in to auction off their property. this is a current list of properties being auctioned. 92 pages. 2000 properties in all, totaline $24 million. most of the owners have been delinquent for years. >> two weeks ago we sent all of those property owners a final payment notice with very specific instructions as to whao to do. >> reporter: our cameras were e not permitted to roll inside of this public auction, so we shott
5:32 pm
the still the wayl this works, each bidder must pay the delinquent tax bill and bid up on the property.erty >> northwest. >> reporter: samuel, came to, the auction with his dad who iso trying to get a house in d.c. the competition is fierce. samuel's dad did find somethingd he liked. >> we did, but we were outbid,t, so -- got to keep trying. >> reporter: also trying is robin holden who is hoping to acquire some land near her home, but worries deep pocket developers might outbid her. >> i have been there all morninl long and there are multiple purchasers that are in there that are actually investors. >> reporter: even if your bid is accepted today, it does not necessarily mean that you will get the property. tax officials say many times, folks who are about to lose their home, decide last minutes they will pay the taxes andarcit basically voids out this transaction held today. you may be a winner today, but that doesn't mean you will getsn the't property.
5:33 pm
the city and court to give the original property opener another three years to pay up or lose it. >> the property owner does have all the way until the moment that the judge actually issues the deed to make final payment. >> reporter: in the district, matt ackland, fox 5 news. owning a home feels far awaa to the youngr people you arele u about to meet. >> research in one maryland county shows a lot of teenagers and one 20 somethings are finding themselves homeless.em >> reporter: as beth parker be shows us, some are making sure that the kids have a place to turn. >> never in 1,000 years, i would never thought i would be home, i didn't grow up i would be homeless one >> reporter: but this 21-year-old is homeless. she is in school and working and grateful to have a bed for t herself and her baby. >> i maybe devastating, because nobody wants their child to be on the street. >> you don't know where it'sow going to be the next night, youi have to have a survival type
5:34 pm
mentality. >> reporter: what is saving these two young people from theo street right now is thomas place. >> it doesn't look like a a shelter. it looks like a home. >> reporter: but it is a shelter. the first-of-its-kind in prince george's county, that is becausi it serves 12-24 yeary,s old. jermaine crawford is a bowie wi native, he acted in the hbo o series the wire. his organization code blue, helped to raise the money. >> it takes my breath away, because it started as a conversation, and one thing led to another. and this pesh wrote this check.c you close your eyes and wow, the shelter is there. it's a dream come >> reporter: the shelter has been open for a few months, andt because of the staffing issues, they have to cap the number of people who are allowed to stay here. as you can see, a lot of beds are full.are >> we have worked in the district for so many years, and part of the reason why we came e out to the county was reallyly because we were following thethe
5:35 pm
young people. we were seeing so many young people from prince george's coming into the city to get services. >> of course, i'm an actor, i'm a sing e i'm an entertainer, but at end of the day, when i'm deai and i leave this earth, nobody is going to remember my movies. people are going to remember hog i affected their lives. i want people to say goodct things. >> just got to have toughtough shoulder. at times i do breakdown and cry, just being in the situation, buo you just got to stay positive and better things will come.s >> reporter: in maryland beth e parker, fox 5 news. ne a happy ending for a pregnant had on the news in in virginia. the animal le led prince georges
5:36 pm
county, and fas first people tht it was a they captured the animal, she is back home and doing okay. you know what this means? somebody didn't close the gate properly, that is what you have to do when have you cows. >> we know she definitely didn't jump over the fence. >> especially pregnant. a boy was trapped for hours. coming up, here on thee w iene, doctors are talking about thet long road ahead for a 6-year-old who was buried alive in a sand dune. can working a little longer help keep your mind sharp? coming up next, a link betweennt delaying retirement and dementia.
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"the democratic party of virginia sponsored this ad." when congress failed to renew the violence against women act, republican and democratic attorneys general from 47 states spoke out to protect women. but ken cuccinelli refused. the roanoke times wrote, "virginians should remember cuccinelli's cowardly inaction as he seeks to become the next governor." "one either stands for tougher punishments for sexual assaults against women or not." ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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to stay cognitively and sociall active as you get older than to retire at a certain age. your t.v. viewing habits ma have avi negative impact on your kids. a study found parents with children younger than 17 watched an average of four hours ofof television a day. every hour a parent watches television, equals an extra hal hour of t.v. viewing for their children. they recommend keeping your child's t.v. time limited to two hours per day. day. as we continue, new information revealed about onere of theve stars of glee who washo found dead in his hotel room. tmz reveals wha what he was dois just hours before. the excitement is building. we will take you across the pona for the royal baby watch. and weya could see temps ner 100 degrees before the week is over. gary is back with your extended look. ??
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twitter will definitely plal a big role in the royal bab d by announcement. >> reporter: although british officials have never released a due date, many have expected h that the child would arrive onlr sunday, but suggesting that the prediction was wrong, the prince enjoyed a polo game with his brother yesterday. the match was held almost 100 miles from here. >> it was great polo, and yeah, i should think it's pretty -- i believe he had a helicopter on standby. >> reporter: it remains unclear whether the royal couplo knows the gender of their first child, the baby will becomewill third in line to the thrown,ro, after prince charles and 31-year-old prince william.
5:45 pm
>> a birth of another generatiot has to do inhe direct line inne succession to the thrown is what the monarchy is all about. >> reporter: it's a wonderful thing that the queen and prince phillip reign after 61 yearsars will eventually see the reign. media from around the world gathered outside where thee duchess of cambridge will give birth sneerchtio. >> even th chinese people, evenv asian people have becomed and in that, because they know theow royal family.l >> reporter: the royal birth is expected to be announced on b twittetwitter after it'se annon the'sle at the buckingham palace. back at home. we're all watching the weather. it's all we're watching. it's probabl probably goinga few more degrees hotter than it is today. you feel all of this. multiply it by 4 or 5:00, in th
5:46 pm
terms of the day have you to feel. >> i'm getting it in your breath, gary. >> we're trying to hide it for you, no worries, occasionally, i'm here at the last second. that's the way to beat the heat, i guess. but by the end of the week, i do believe even the poolol temperatures are really going tg be coming up, one of the problems with this weekend,week, usually one of the problems with anytime we get heat like this th and all of this humidity, wehu have a hard time cooling off at night. i suspect by the time we get to thursday or friday, we're going to be talking about, maybe somee lows that only down in the cityy 79, 80 degrees, so we're neverwe get a chance to really cool off, and it stays real, real muggy. it would compound things as well. tonight we real hot in town, 89 degrees which is typical thil time of year when we get thisis wind coming from the north andd the northwest. no not everybody has these middle 90s today, as a matter ofy, a
5:47 pm
fact, annapolis is drastically cool, though they may have gotten a brief, a bay breezeeeze coming across that has helpedlpd them a little bit. baltimore is 95. gaithersburg 90, dulles 93. over the next couple of days, the temperatures for everybody will be 95 for a high. and as we look at what is going on with the heat index value,in, look at this, it feels like 102 in terms of the heat index here in town. annapolis is still at 103. so they have cooled off a littli bit with the actual air temperature, but their dew poine which is what the heat index is calculated on, is still way, waa up there. and quantico, 101, fredericksburg, 101, and getrg used to this, there', s pen a ht advisory issued. i will show you that in just a second. as you can imagine, as we take a you through where the rest oferh the evening, it's just going to stay hot, 93 at 7:00, 90 at 9:00, even by 11:00, here inby town, it will be 86 degrees, noe it will be a little cooler outor
5:48 pm
in the suburbs, because, you yo know, we had the heat island effect all the country creet ine accumulates the heat of the day. it's nothing like last july when we had so many days, on 100 or more. we had seven days 100 degrees or warmer. at least five days will be the 90-degree plurks and th plus, tx 100 to 105. it's not a zero chance, because, we could can have a couple of thunderstorms pop up here or there. we have to watch to the north, sonomething may drift in. we will get relief bit weekend, and i'm not going to garnt guare that the relief comes inin saturday, the relief may not gee here until sunday or monday. the relief may be posted until noon.
5:49 pm
right now it's primarily d.c. and down toward arling t arlings falls church area, and back up to baltimore. we're looking at urban areas now. if everything goes as forecast here, i do expect the heat advisory to expand, probably wednesday, thursday, and into friday, is going to include more of you, certainly the metro and some of the surrounding countieg out there. we have a lot of sunshine, and look, there's not a lot going oo through the mid-atlantic and tha east coast, high pressure is building and it's building a aloft.nd this is what creates a big heatwave, and the pattern this week, this high pressure is stuck here, so underneath this, we build heat and we build heat. we don't get cooler air comingoo on in. it just stays hot. 78 tonight, warm and muggy, ale few and clouds, mostly sun me, tomorrow, hot and muggy, heatat index, to 105 degrees, it's going to be hot by lunch, 92, 93 degrees, it will feel close to 100. there you go, 96 tomorrow, 97,
5:50 pm
97, 97 -- oh ---- >> and then hopefully on saturday, we cool off a little bit with thunderstorms and thenn we get to sunday ask monday, probably back to where we shoulo be, which is upper 80s. >> okay. >> sound good. >> thanks, gary. ♪ ♪ just a smoking girl gi ♪ living in a lonely world ♪ she took the midnight train ♪ going anywhere >> i mean, who isn't stunnedst over this one. so young.yog. the sudden death of glee actor cory monteith. an autopsy is being performed to find out what he died of. >> do we know what he was doing in the hours before he was fount dead in thate hotel?tel? >> well, we found -- we know that he was actually out way group of friends and the surveillance video that he he walked back on his own power to his hotel room. but when he he failed to check
5:51 pm
out, they went ask checked and said they the found his body ane had been dead for hours. as to why, we don't know.know. the korn evethe coroner even wiy report, they're going to have to do a toxicology and that isat going to take weeks. we struggled for decades with wi substance a pews. habuse, he has takens anything and everything in thet past. he was in rehab as recently ass april. we had pictures of him with a wh group of people just a couple days before he died. there was a girl that wass holding two cans of beer. it was clear, and we spoke with the server and said that cory had been drinking beer, which ih not a great thing to do when you're an addict. it's a sad situation. we don't know that it's substance abuse, but we do know that they seem to be ruling out foul play, and it's kind of smelling like as time depos goe.
5:52 pm
>> do we know was he in rehab for drinking or something else?e >> we have never posted that on the website. and i don't feel particularly comfortable saying it.ta he wasbl in rehab in april. >> fair enough. >> he has been -- he is -- hehe has acknowledged taking a variety of drugs and drinkingdr problems, you knowug over, many, many years. >> i have seen on the website close -- quotes from him, he has been very open. >> really open. >> let me move into a lighter note. my yarr imariah carey. she dislocated her shoulder, hoe did she look? >> she dislocated her shoulder. she comes out of thisd hotel, wearing this sequent gown, withi a sling that has the exact samee
5:53 pm
sequence as her dress, and then she goes to central park andd performs. we have a very funny piece on the show tonight. she performs and not only wears the sequence sling, but she has three sling costume changes during the show to match thesh other outfits that she wears. this chick isowth such a diva, s hilarious. >> she is a diva, and i have interviewed her husband, nick,he and her knows it, too. come on, you got to matchtch your sling to your outfit. outf. >> that is her bid. diva, diva. ryan. still ahead, a massive undercover sting and it's more than 200 of child predators.ors. of edward snowden still believe in the russian airport. aus new damaging report and thed latest on his quest for asylum. you can quit holding your breath. hoss ter hostess twinkies are bn
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a 6th-year-old who wash- buried alive in indiana is expected to make a full recovery. he was trapped in 11 feet of sand for nearly four hours on friday. he is expected to be on off a a ventilator by the end of thethen week, andc and could be releasem the hospital at end of the month. a couple of bands making bad sure that the singer's concert went off as planned. they were driving to the show,, in hershey, pennsylvania, guess who they saw stranded on the side the road. it was dave matthews himself. it turns out his bike broke down, and didn't have a cell a e phone. the couple got out to help him and drove him to the concert. >> we didn't know thousand maked conversation with him.ti w
5:58 pm
we talked about his tour, and he had just been to cincinnati, ann he saidna, i'm taking a short break after this one because ite have tr o drop my daughters up n camp. >> matthews invited emily and they are boyfriend to dinner and they went back and they enjoyed the show from the front row, of course. >> can you imagine that to be driving along and seeing the the performer whose concert you weru going to. it was meant to be and created memories of a lifetime for emilr and her boyfriend. the news edge at 6:00, coming right now.w. right on the top at the news edge, a massive federal sweep of suspected child predators, agents nabbed 250 suspects after aify weea five week undercover operation. we are told more about operation i-guardian. >> reporter: it's called ca operation i-guardian and
5:59 pm
may 28th through june 30th, u.s. immigration and costume enforcement known as i, launched a search operation to engage child predators. the ice director said 265 said suspected child predators were arrested in including a middle school teach inner california, a cheerleading coach in puerto icr rico, a mexican national whoon prade on girls and boys. >> we cannot arrest our way out of this problem. the internet is too big. >> reporter: those picked up near the d.c. area are listed as 45-year-old teresa louise goddard, and the christopher chi barns, and anna arundel county, 20-year-old charles twins. and vin sente leon are all charged with soliciting


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