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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 27, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. this is fox 5 news at 10. >> tonight time is running out. the show down is shifting now into high gear as president obama puts pressure on congress and republicans to hammer out a deal. >> also half million heist in maryland. now we're getting an up close look. >> honoring the heroism of first responders who sprang into action after the navy yard shooting. >> we begin at 10:00 with the shut down showdown. the deadline to hammer out a deal is now just days away. thanks for joining us on this friday night. i'm will thomas. >> and i'm shawn yancey. it is going to be a busy weekend on call -- capitol hill. today they averted the shut down tuesday until mid-november. now it heads to the g.o.p.
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controlled house. republican lawmakers are threatening to give it the thumbs down. today president obama warned republicans not to play games. >> over the next three days house republicans will have to decide whether to join the senate and keep the government open or shut it down because they can't get their way. on an issue that has nothing to do with the deficit. >> i don't know of anyone who wants to shut down the government. the only thing we want to shut down so obama care and the reason why is because the harm it's doing to the middle class. >> the steaks are high and a shut down would have a major impact on d.c. jennifer davis joins us with details and reaction. >> hi, there, shawn. there was a lot of uncertainty as workers left their jobs this evening. the big question is will they get a paycheck come tuesday?
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sheena hopes come next week she and her son will still be walking to the bus stop together when she gets off work. >> lawmakers have time to avert a government shut down but if they don't she and her son are among those who will feel the impact. >> losing that money is going to be a big hurt on me. >> essential government activity would continue but an estimated eight up thousand -- to 1 million employees would have to stay home without pay. >> several people are talking about most the stuff is negative what are they going to do day-to-day how are they going to make ends paid. >> it would be challenging for us not getting paid but we'll deal with it and figure it out. >> can they manage all of that. >> the host of federal radio in-depth spent today's show updating how agencies began to
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plan for worst case scenarios. >> nobody knows what will happen until tuesday morning. >> the department of defense says about 400,000 civilian workers could be furloughed. nearly every agency would be affected. national parks and moo see yimentsd and money meants would have to close too. >> most agent -- museums. most agencies expect 40-60 percent of their employees they'll have to go home. they're not going to work the entire time the shut down runs. >> office workers and national parks and smithsonian museums will be affected. we'll see what happens to tourism in d.c. >> here in the district. plans are being made to keep the government open in the event of a shut down. this week mayor gray declared all operation eshins essential which means 32,000 of the workforce would be expected to
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report to work -- the mayor says the office of management and budget has not responded to the may yofr apps plan. >> my fox we will post updates on our facebook page -- mayor apps plan. >> another big story we're following. history was made when president obama spoke by telephone to iranian president for 15 minutes. it is the first direct contact between u.s. an eye rain january presidents in 34 years -- iranian presidents tanned conversation was constructive. >> the two of us discussed our ongoing efforts to reach app agreement over iran apps nuclear program -- i reiterated what i said in new york while they'll surely be important obstacles to moving forward and success is by no means guaranteed i believe we can reach a comprehensive
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solution. >> the president says he's hopeful an agreement can be reached on iran apps nuclear program and the two sides might move closer towards normalizing relations -- >> new tonight u.n. security council has voted to secure and destroy syria's chemical weapons. the resolution includes two legally binding demands. syria must abandon it's chemical stockpiles and allow u.n. experts complete access. an international conference is planned for mid-november. >> now to a fox 5 alert. thieves broke into a julie store and still no arrests. prince george's county police hope surveillance video will spark new leads. audrey barnes is in the newsroom with the latest. >> shawn, river town jewellers has been in business for 25 years. it's family-owned with many
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loyal customers. recovering from a $500,000 theft hasn't been easy. >> river town jewellers in auxin hill is the go too place for people looking for a family-owned business with good customer service. >> i've been coming here for about 20 years and the reason why i like it is they will do your jewelry on the spot. you don't have to leave it. >> hours after the owners finished helping customers three men cut a hole in the roof and slipped inside helping themselves to a safe full of jewelry. officer bond of the police department showed us surveillance tape of the crime in progress. >> there's this one guy here. there's a second guy behind him coming down now. >> the suspects marked an x on the roof so they knew where to cut. they disabled the alarm and lowered power tools inside. they used a blow torch to get into a concrete reinforced steel
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safe. >> it's taken them away. they're in there for about two hours without a care in the world. >> this is video of the hole that got them into the safe where they grabbed whatever they could. the only thing they left behind were empty jewelry drawers. >> the family told us that they have been in business for 25 years and they have been wiped out in two hours. >> after exhausting every lead this he could detectives decided to release the surveillance tape hoping someone will see it and come forward to help them solve this brazen robbery possibly committed by an out of state gang. >> they were very highly organized individuals and we haven't seen something like this in quite a long time. there have been other incidents out of the county you know in other states. >> while police try to solve the case customers have returned to support the owners. >> they've been here so long it's like a family jewelry
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store. >> crime solvers is offering a reward for information in this case. we're putting that number on >> shawn. >> thank you, audrey. >> now to another news alert this one in prince george's county as well. a man remains in critical condition after being shot after a home invasion. police say a woman was inside the home but was not hurt. the thieves ran away following the incident. >> a wake was held for one of the victims of the navy yard shooting. richard ridgewell was a father of three daughters and a fan of baltimore ravens. his funeral is set for tomorrow. he was one of 12 killed by aaron alexis. three others were shot and injured. aaron alexis was killed by police. it's been two weeks since the shooting at the navy yard. today a ceremony was held to recognize the firefighters, paramedics and e.m.t.'s who sprang into action that day. matt acklin has a closer look at
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our local heroes. >> it all happened so quickly that awful morning paramedic was at the academy teaching when the call came in. >> we need extra paramedics. like what's going on? >> as units in the area started racing towards the navy yard rescuers jumped on a bus and headed across the river. >> aaron remembers arriving at building 197. >> i thought all this is a lot more serious than what i anticipated and i'm pretty experienced medic but then that suddenly goes away and the medic comand says hey this is my job. >> on that monday morning the first priority for the medical first responders was to get inside to the injured patients. remember firefighters paramedics e.m.t.'s don't wear bulletproof vests so under police escort they went inside knowing there
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was danger and not knowing if the threat was gone. >> the most stressful part was entering into the building and hearing them say the guy is shooting again and having the police officers tell us to bend down and put the shields over us. >> mark baker. >> today mayor gray and chief ellerbe honored the first r responders. giving them these awards and this pen with the date of the tragedy. >> watching them running up m street with all their equipment rep -- prepared to go into building 197 is a moment i'll never forget. >> the emotional toll this has taken on the first responders is understandable. they all wish they could have done more to save those who didn't survive. >> people do i think some times because it is what you do for a living that you don't have nightmares that you don't think about that. that's not true. >> in the district, matt acklin, fox 5 news. >> tonight several people are behind bars in connection with
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the terror attack in kenya and now it appears the terrorists were not the only ones who damaged that mall. >> plus caught on camera a frightening robbery at this fast food restaurant. wait till you hear what saved the lives of a father and son. first weekend of fall how is it looking. >> i think it's going to be real good. we've had clouds but they're going to get out of here. we'll have the forecast coming up in a bit. >> 
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it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ a wild scene in philadelphia today. an ambulance caught fire inside a firehouse causing significant damage. fortunately no one was hurt. medics tried to put out the flames and they called for help. crews had the fire out in nine minutes. there's no word on what sparked the fire. >> i'm down up in the newsroom. new reports suggest the kenyan military was to blame for the partial collapse of the mall. hostages and militants are believed buried under the rubble. >> as the rubble of the westgate
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shopping mall continues to smolder forensic investigators from around the world are combing through the debris trying to piece together the deadly attack. massive three-story hole appears to have been caused by over aggressive den january troops not al shabaab terrorists raising concerns the rescuers may have killed some of the hostages. keep january authorities have found a car suspected to have been used by al shabaab and they are making progress -- but it will take several days to determine the attackers -- kenyan. >> this will answer questions about their nationality and gender. >> three of the 11 people arrested were released but kenyan police are searching for a british woman the white widow some samantha lewthwaite. she is the widow of one of the 7-7 london bombers and she's
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known to have ties to al shabaab -- investigators say this was a coast give dated and -- sophisticated attack. in jerusalem, connor powell, fox news. >> two men charged with murder of a soldier in the u.k. pleaded un-- not guilty. lee rigby was hacked to death. the two suspects have denied murdering the 25-year-old and denied attempted murder of a police officer. the witnesses say the two men were calling for jihad and holding bloody knives following the attack. their trial is scheduled for november. >> a new letter from the inspector general at the n.s.a. says 12 employees have misused government surveillance data. in the letter requested by charles grassley of iowa it was revealed six cases since 2003 have been referred to the
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justice department for possible pros tooths -- prosecution. other n.s.a. employees spying on boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses. >> police are asking for your help in finding a suspect involved in an attempted abduction. they issued a warrant for this man who held a woman against her will between september 14th and 21st. days later detectives believe the victim got into an argument with him but witnesses broke it up. a reward is being offered to an rest and conviction. >> a texas father is counting his blessings after an encounter with an armed robber at a fast-food restaurant. the gunman tried to shoot him but the gun didn't work. >> justin joseph comes into this mcdonald's tuesday night with a
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gun. >> i thought i was dead. >> mr. armstrong is in the pink shirt with his son who runs for cover. the man takes on the gunman. >> i heard the gun clicking in my face. >> fortunately for the potential victims joseph apps gun jams. he runs outside fixes it and fires a live round -- then heads back into the restaurant and again confronts the man looking for his son. >> i pulled myself inside of an office mcdonald's office and closed the door so i'm not sure what he was doing. i was waiting for bullets to come through the door. >> no one can explain why the core -- gun worked outside but each time when aimed at victims it locks up. >> my gut feeling is that the city of fort worth and fort worth police department avoided a major event. >> police say he believed to
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kill multiple people and the man credits god for saving me twice. >> god is all it could be. angels. somebody was looking over me. >> indeed. the good news no one was hurt. police say the gunman was arrested. >> it took a decade and cost $100 million. today the public got a look at the mt. vernon estate home to george washington. we're going to take you there for a tour coming up next. >> and tonight on the news edge at 11 a troubling trend among new moms. find out why they're heading back to their jobs quick consider than ever. >> 
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afternoon years -- after years of planning the estate of george washington formally opened the new library in mt. vernon.
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carl cameron was there and has more tonight. >> three, two, one. >> 200 14 years after the death of the nation's first president the national library for the study of george washington opened in mt. vernon next to his historic mansion where he's buried -- long overdue the facility will contain the single largest collection of his personal works and effects and the library he said his collection would require. there are manuscripts and letters between washington and his wife martha. virginia governor read off a list of his accomplishments. >> he was a surveyor, a businessman and a farmer, a property manager, great general, a tremendous leader, a congressman, a member of the house, president of the united states for two terms, and one of the best whiskey makers in
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america when he died. that's quite a life. >> primarily a research and scholarship facility it will be open for the public only by appointment. washington's words applied then and now. >> now to be sure any historian will tell you that george washington was a fiscal conservative but he also did not despise taxation. he called it unpleasant but vital. >> two time pulitzer price david mcauliffe gave the inaugural lecture. >> i think that his autobiography is not on paper his autobiography is in this place. i think this is one of the most important interesting sites not just in america but in the world. >> private donations for -- paid for all of it. in addition the library seeks to go beyond the man what made him
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particular and his many accomplishments with a sixth grade education driven by ambition and can do spirit. >> also ahead the giant donation to help give the national mall a major makeover. the changes you will see very soon as fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. >>
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the d.c. government acknowledged it doesn't conduct background checks onto people who enforce the laws of the taxi cab industry. it is an admission that angered cab drivers that must submit to the checks every two years. paul wagoner has an update. >> if you want to drive a cab in the district of columbia there are certain rules and
10:29 pm
regulations. you must i agree to a background check, be fingerprinted and have your picture taken and if you pass your tests you can do it again two years later. in fact a form that driver must fill out asks have you ever had your license revoked and have you ever been arrested? but fox 5 has learned the men and women who patrol the streets in police style uniforms enforcing the rules have to do none of that. >> that's ridiculous because that's not the way it should be. >> we spoke with a group of cab drivers as they waited near the willard hotel. >> time after time we have to get back ground checks and just about every documents we have to bring supporting documents you have to prove it. >> that surprised me yeah because if they are criminals they're going to hurt you. they don't care. >> if you want to continue your job you have to keep proving you got a clean record. >> every two years we have to
10:30 pm
clear on criminal record and driver record and -- >> the chairman said he relied on the district human resources to conduct background checks and conducted none of his own. >> we do not have authority to probe into the background to that extend on individual applicants. >> but after learning of the lengthy criminal record linton said he would propose making a change. >> well knowing what i know now i would probably propose that we can review we have a background check similar to the background check we have on drivers. >> fox 5 has not identified the inspector in our stories because he has not been suspend and there's outstanding questions how he obtained the job in 2009. app applicants must fill out a vim nall history form and explain it for the previous 10
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years -- in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wall near. >> a blogger has filed a report with the virginia transportation after noticing concrete falling off a bridge in arlington. transportation officials say there's nothing worry about. inspect doors were testing the integrity of the bridge and they say it is just fine -- inspectors. >> the national park service is ready to kick off phase 2 of the restoration. three blocks of lawn have been resodd with a high-tech irrigation system and now a big name in big tractors has joined forces to keep the project green -- >> it's hosted 4th of july parties, protests and presidential inauguration shins. >> but most folks would solemnly swear the national mall has seen better days. >> you have this sort of crab
10:32 pm
grass and weed that doesn't recover after the many many activities. >> john jarvis is director of the national park service who says 3,000 yearly events onto mall have taken a toll. >> some kinds of activities it just killed the grass and then you know they give us the money to fix it but it just didn't look right. >> america's front lawn was looking ragged but while it's true that america loves the national mall it is also true that america has literally loved this mall to death. >> the national park service and the trust for the national mall replaced three blocks of the lawn with a high-tech underground pat the -- water system but the new lawn needed new tools. >> now with the partnership with john deere. >> famous for it's tractors and farm equipment john deere announced a big boost to the care of the national mall. >> and they look to us and said
10:33 pm
hey the trust is looking for some one to care for this turf. >> denver caldwell of john deere arrived in d.c. with $400,000 worth of equipment. the company is donating for the care of the new national mall lawn. >> this is a year-round property year-round national park so it has to have a year round set of tools and that's what we've provided. >> the work on the second phase of the lawn restoration project starts soon and will reach to the washington monument giving d.c.'s red, white and blue landscape a whole lot more green. >> this is the nation's front lawn. it should look beautiful everyday. >> on the national mall, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> scientists say humans are to blame for climate change despite a recent plateau of temperatures it is extremely likely that human activity is the dominant cause of global warm -- warming. the panel raised it's projections of the rise in sea
10:34 pm
levels by 10 inches. >> still to come tonight popular trend that has some men striking provocative poses on camaras. >> skins are in the must-win situation. the top three things to watch for as they take on the raiders. >> the countdown the shut down sending stocks way down. this week the dow heads into the weekend seeing red as lawmakers keep fighting over green. congress has until 11:59 monday to pass a budget for the government shut down kicks in and perhaps that drama is why americans are growing pessimistic about the economy. consumer confidence falling to levels we have not seen since april. >> happy birthday google celebrating it's 15th year friday with a special doodle on its homepage. by the way shares of google are up more than 900 percent since
10:35 pm
the company went public back in 2004. >> and it made quite a few billionaires. >> that's business. i'm kneel kav absolute to. >> -- neil cavuto. >> 
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flight from houston to seat team was -- seattle was full of passengers when the plane was forced to land in boise. the pilot had a heart attack and died in utah. >> the results are in from the most recent front end crash tests. 74 late model midsize cars and
10:39 pm
suvs were test theed by the insurance institute for highway safety -- what topped the list the cadillac a.t. s&s r.x. the subaru, mercedes and volvo. six other cars received second best advance ratings in the test while others did not meet the institute standards. >> the capital bike share program so many of us love that it's expanded into montgomery county. today county leaders turned out in rockville to mark the debut of the program. more than 50 bike share stations and 450 bikes will be available for people to use in bethesda friendship heights, silver spring, tacoma park, rockville, shady grove and the life science center. >> coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 are you heading anywhere for the holidays?
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if so it is time to make your travel plans. you only have a few weeks to buy airline tickets before the fares start taking off. >> plus do you enjoy your daily jolt of java. coming up what the type of coffee you drink reveals about your personality. >> i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress.
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terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. did you say, "when i stream true blood on my slow internet it always buffers at the best part"? yeah? hi, jericho. oh my! i'll get you better internet if you invite me in. please come in, pam. this is crazy! pam is in my living room!
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torrell prior sustained a concussion -- and it's uncertain if he will start. if not back up matt flynn is in. the redskins will have to play better defense to get that first w. so far they have allowed a league wovrs -- worst per game. >> individually you have to be accountable. everyone has to play better and do everything a little bit better. we got to as a group work harder. it's miss tackling and stuff you get more people to the ball and the odds of big plays happening is lower -- >> obviously changes and
10:45 pm
adjustments to limit the big yardage and we had a lot of busted assignments at times but those things are very fixable and i think we can overcome it. >> now the redskins flew out to oakland trying to get used to the three hour time difference and the field. the biggest challenge was playing out in oakland is that the a's baseball stadium is on the football field so the team is going to have to deal with the dirt and conditions as they get out there. >> a few changes and adjustments. hopefully it will lead to a win. >> fingers crossed. >> mine too. >> there's gary. thanks. >> a pennsylvania eighth grader loves football. he's determined to keep playing even though he cannot see. michael me issed ly was born with a rare genetic disease -- michael knows his playing days are limited but he's hoping for a cure. he's helped organize a
10:46 pm
fund-raiser. >> all the money benefits the blindness foundation. we're working with researchers toopefully find a cure. >> his coach says he excels despite his condition. teammates help get to the line. michael hopes his fund-raiser will lead to a cure not just for him but also for his younger brother mitch. mitch is also blind. >> wow michael. so well-spoken about the issue as well. >> nice to see him getting behind the cause and not just looking out for himself but others as well. >> he can so easily be doing nothing and he's doing something. that has to be applaudingd. >> we like weather like this too, gary. >> let's do first full weekend of foul -- fall. it will not feel quite like fall like last weekend but it will feel cool. it's going to feel a lot like it
10:47 pm
has the last few days. temperatures will be in the 70s for highs and then it will by chilly in the morning. we dealt with clouds pretty much all day long and looking at to the current observations on top of national is reporting a few clouds so the clouds have broken up for now. i think the clouds will come back overnight tonight. we'll have to contend with clouds early in the morning but tomorrow should be good amounts of shun sign and as we lead into the weekend it looks great -- 66 in the city. ga gaithersburg has cooled off. with the skies clear for now or clearing for now some of these temperatures out in the tub -- suburbs have been allowed to drop into the 50s. look at the heat out to the west of us. a surge of warm weather all through the nation's midsection and midwest too. chicago high temperature was 81 degrees. little rock 87. st. louis 85.
10:48 pm
this will get closer to us by next beak -- week but it will take it's time. it will stay west of us through the weekend and at least the beginning part of next week before we start to get temperatures warming up anywhere close to the 80 degree mark. but it looks like it's coming back. this is the weekend forecast. a few clouds tomorrow. temperature of 75 degrees. mostly sunny sunday. temperature of 75 degrees so both days temperatures right in the mid-70s. i think just about everybody will be probably 73 to 76 or 77 for a high. you can see now mostly clear skies on top of us. the satellite is showing that the clouds have pushed farther down south and west along interstate 64 and the i-81 corridor so again we have a few clouds on top of us now. i anticipate that we're going to end up with a few more clouds developing overnight tonight. we still have the potential for some of this marine layer to
10:49 pm
come back across but it will burn off quickly. certainly didn't burn off quickly today but it will tomorrow. look back west. vast areas of clear skies high pressure. there have been strong thunderstorms out in the nation's midsection tonight. significant cold front out there but we're protected by high pressure and we're going day protected by high pressure for quite a while. big storm is getting organized. that will stay east of us offshore. they'll be rough seas along the beaches but here in the metro we won't have concerns with. that just high pressure staying in charge. it will be to the northeast of us. it will continue to bring the winds to the northeast. i anticipate a lot more sunshine tomorrow. a few clouds overnight tonight. low in the cities -- city 59. suburbs lower 40s. tomorrow morning we'll start off with clouds.
10:50 pm
a few clouds around by lunchtime but it does look very very nice through the day tomorrow. and for the next seven days when you're accuweather seven-day forecast the next few days will be in the 70s. some of that warm air will slide in from out west and by next week lad ter -- latter part of next week we'll be in in the 80s. by then we'll need rain. >> thank you, gary. >> thanks, gary. >> as the government shut down continues to draw closer president obama had strong words for house republicans today. they are stuck with a very tough choice. after senate democrats succeeded in passing a clean budget bill. today i asked chris wallace to weigh in on president obama's comments and his reaction to president's talks with iran apps president. >> he's putting all the pressure he can on house republicans saying basically look if you want to change obama carry the
10:51 pm
to pass a bill get it through the senate but we're not going this under government shut down -- there was no give at all in the president. he basically if you try to put something on here and try to pressure me on the government funding i'm simply going to reject it and i'm going to do that when it comes to raising the debt limit. the president talked about wanting to negotiate and wanting to sit down with the leader off iran but with the speaker in the united states not so much. >> speaker boehner has his work cut out for him doesn't he? >> he does not because of his problems with the president but his fellow republicans. he didn't want to have this fight. he agreed to put a defunding obama care into the funding of the government and send it off to the senate and it was stripped out in the senate as ex -- everyone expected and he wanted to pass this. because he worries that they not the president are going to get blamed if there's a government shut down so he didn't want to
10:52 pm
have this fight but it was forced on him by the tea party faction of house republicans. so his big problem he's the leader of the house but he's not in charge. >> i think you'd i agree a lot of folks want to know how will obama care affect me. >> that's right and we're going to have a debate between two key members of the senate. the public health exchanges kick in where people are going to be able to go online and shop. how does this plan the coverage and prime yims like shopping for a plane fair. that kicks in on tuesday. and we're going to talk about it. what does it mean in terms of coverage? what does it mean in terms of prime yims? are people going to lose their job because if somebody is a part-time worker as opposed to full-time worker they don't have to be covered by their company. all kinds of questions we'll try to clear it up in a fair and
10:53 pm
balanced debate -- >> let's switch to iran are you sceptical of president rohan any apps charm tactics -- >> absolutely. i don't think you can be anything but skeptical. maybe it's true. maybe the sanctions have hit so hard the iranians are willing to make substantial concessions that they haven't made over the last decade but until they do that at this point all we have is rhetoric from president rohan any. -- are they going to close some installations? until they're willing to do some of those things i think you have to be sceptical. >> chris wallace we'll see you sunday at 9:00 a.m. on fox 5. >> thanks, will. >> coming up next they are calling it a trend that has many men striking provocative poses. >> ??
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10:57 pm
photo shoots men are striking pose poses. >> no this is not a photo shoot for h&m or g.q. the subject is a self-defense guy posing for what's called dude war -- dude wire. >> it's a play on women who strip down. in this trend these men strip down. >> she had done the booed wire
10:58 pm
-- booed war and i certainly enjoyed watching so she said hey let me get a package for you to do this and so that's how it started. >> the term may bring a smile to some and perhaps for "seinfeld" lovers memories of george cass stance sa apps sexy shoot -- but catherine says n.y.c. dude war is raining men. >> you would be surprised who walks through the door. we have your regular everyday guy coming in to do a calendar for his partner and it's an amazing thing and the transformation the wonderful. >> when the next generation comes up and feel pretty proud i can remind them where i came from where i used to be once upon a time. i was intrigued so i decided to dude war myself -- well i took
10:59 pm
the tie clip, jacket and it was time to get to work. >> move your right hand back just a tiny bit. >> what did you think i was going strip down to my fox service. i'm in manhattan doing the dude war. >> -- thanks for joining us tonight news edge at 11:00 continues right now. >> past shut downs have disrupted the economy and this shut down would as well. it would throw a wrench into the gears of our economy too. shut down showdown. president obama addressed the nation urging lawmakers to hammer out a budget deal before monday night at midnight or there could be a destabilize manying effect on the world economy. good to have you with us


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