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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 30, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> meanwhile the senate took steps to protect members of the military in case the government shuts down. during a shut down, essential government employees including members of military would face delays in receiving pay. >> again we are waiting for president obama. he is expected to come out in a minute. deadline is tonight at midnight. president obama is expected to respond to how house gop members. >> sean, you have the house come in earlier and we are going to the white house, here is president obama >> president obama: of all the responsibilities the congress endows to congress. pass the budget and pay america's bills. but if the united states
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congress does not fulfill its responsibility to pass a budget today much of the united states government will be forced to shut down tomorrow. i want to be clear of what will remain open and what will not. with regard to operations that will continue, if you are on social security, you will keep receiving your checks. if you are on medicare, you will still receive medicare. our troops will continue to serve with skill, honor and courage, air traffic controllers, prison guards, those who are with border patrol will remain on posts, but their paychecks will be delayed until the government reopens.
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nasa will shut down entirely. mission control will remain open to serve the mission on the space station. office buildings close, paychecks will be delayed, vital services seniors and veterans, women and children, businesses and our economy depend on would be ham strung. business owners would see delays in infrastructure permits or rebuilding after hurricane sandy. veterans will find their support centers unstaffed. tourists will find every one of america's national parks from owe similarity -- yosemite and smithsonian will be closed.
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in keeping with the broad ramifications of a shut down, it is important that everybody understand the federal government is america's largest employer. more than two million civilian workers and 1.4 million active duty military serve in all 50 states and all around the world. in the event of a shut down, hundreds that stay on the job will do so without pay. several hundred thousand more will be furloughed without pay. what will not is their tuition and car notes. these are our neighbors, their kids go to our schools. they worship where we do, they have served their country with pride. they are the customers of every business in this country.
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they would be hurt greatly and as a consequence, all of us will be hurt greatly should congress choose to shut the people's government down. so a shut down will have a very real economic impact on real people right away. past shut downs have disrupted the economy significantly. this one would, too. it would throw a wrench into the gears of the economy at a time when the gears have gained traction. five years ago our economy was in melt down, today our businesses have created seven and a half million jobs in the past three and a half years and deficits falling fast. ideal of putting american people's hard earned progress at risk is the height of
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responsibility. it doesn't have to happen. let me repeat this. it doesn't have to happen. this is entirely preventable if the house chooses what the senate has already done simple act of funding our government without making extraneous and controversial demands in the past, the same way other congresss have in more than 200 years. unfortunately house republicans continue to tie funding to idealogical demands like delaying a woman's access to health care and extreme right wing of the party. let me be clear about this. an important part of the affordable health care act takes effect tomorrow no matter what congress decides to do today. affordable health care act is moving forward.
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that funding is in place, you can't shut it down. this is a law that passed both houses of congress, it bears my signature and supreme court declared constitutional and voters chose not to shut out last september and young people staying on their parent's plan until 26, seniors getting cheaper drugs and not imposing lifetime limits when you have health insurance. providing rebates on insurance. those things are already happening. starting tomorrow tens of millions of americans will be able to visit to shop for health coverage. so americans that have feared
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one illness can send them into bankruptcy, americans that have been priced out of the government will finally be able to afford coverage. quality coverage, many of them for the first time in their lives. some maybe sick as we speak. and this is their best opportunity to get some security and relief. tens of thousands of americans die every single year because they don't have access to affordable health care. despite this, republicans have said if we lock these americans out of affordable health care act for one more year, if we sacrifice the health care of millions of americans, then they'll fund the government for a couple of more months. does anybody truly believe we won't have this fight again in a couple of more months?
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even at christmas? i am always willing to work with anyone of either party to make sure the affordable health care act works better to make sure our government works better. i am always willing to work with anyone to grow our economy faster or to create new jobs faster to get our fiscal house in order for the long run. i have demonstrated this time and time again. often times to the consternation of my own party. but one faction of one party in one house of congress in one branch of government doesn't get to shut down the entire government just to refight the results of an election. keeping the people's government open is not a concession to me. keeping vital services running and hundreds of thousands of americans on the job is not something you give to the other
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side. it is our basic responsibility. it is something we are doing for our military and our businesses and our economy and all the hardworking people out there, the person working for agricultural department out in some rural community helping farmers making sure that they are making some modest profit for all the hard work they are putting in. they are the person working for hud who is helping somebody buy a house for the first time. somebody in a va office counseling one of our vets that has ptsd. that is who we are serving and why we should be avoiding this constant brinksmanship.
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it is something we do in the ordinary process of this extraordinary system of government that we have. you don't get to extract a ransom for doing your job, for doing what you are supposed to be doing any way or just because there is a law there you don't like. american people sent us here to govern. they sent us here to make sure we are doing everything we can to make their lives a little bit better, to create new jobs, restore economic security and rebuild prospects of upward mobility. that is what they expect. they understand there are differences between the parties and there are tough fights around those differences. and i respect the fact that the other party is not supposed to agree with me 100% of the time just like i don't agree with
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them. but we don't bring the entire government or economy to a halt just because of those differences. that is what they deserve. they have worked too hard for too long to recover from previous crises just to have folks here in washington manufacture yet another one they have to dig themselves out of. congress needs to keep our government open, needs to pay our bills on time and never, ever threaten the full faith and credit of the united states and time the running out. my hope and expectation is that in the 11th hour once again congress will choose to do the right thing and house of representatives in particular will choose the right thing. thank you very much. >> reporter: president obama is addressing the situation on a looming government shut down if house republicans can't get on board with what the senate
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passed earlier today. >> president obama challenging congress in a little over six hours left to come up with an agreement. as this clock ticks down, the district of columbia still has to come up with a plan to avoid a shut down on its own. matt ackland joins us, you have been looking at all the money that stands. >> reporter: yes, tom. in 2012, almost 17 million people visited d.c. and spent a lot of cash here. if there is a shut down, all national parks will close as well as all museums along the mall. big concern, one if tourists cancel and decide to take trips elsewhere. if congress doesn't avoid the shut down tomorrow, employees like so many other federal workers will be told the stay
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home. >> this is big business, something we are very concerned about. >> reporter: teresa will destination d.c. says phone calls and e-mails have been coming in from tourists worried about the shut down. if tourist stay away, hotels and restaurants will suffer. >> we bring well over six billion dollars into the city just for economic impacts for tourism >> reporter: the local government will stay open. counc counc counc council -- keeping tourists happy is out of the tourist's hands. >> national parks will be shut down, we can't control that. >> reporter: in an effort to keep visitors happy even during a shut down, destination d.c. has put together a list of what
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is open even if the main attractions are closed. >> there are a lot of other things they will be able to do if they are here. >> reporter: there are a lot of things open, destination d.c. is putting in list on their website right about midnight tonight when things shut down. they are not going to put it up there before. they are hoping there is some kind of resolution. at midnight, if nothing is done, you can check it out or on our website >> matt ackland, thanks. >> what does a shut down mean for you and me, fox 5 laura evans. >> reporter: the economy takes a big hit. that we know will happen if congress doesn't come to an
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agreement, how bad will it actually be? the battle on the hill will affect us in one way or another, e economist, stephen miller from george mason says there is no bad about it. fuller says a shut down lasting only a few days might not do much damage but a week or more could be corrosive, 800,000 furloughed, families are squeezed that is on top of the problems already threatened. >> because of the sequester. this region lost 520,000 jobs last month. >> reporter: there could be a delay in checks and interest rates going up leading to more expensive auto loans, mortgage
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and credit card bills. the longer this goes on the more we'll feel the impact on our own finances and economy as a whole raising the stakes higher, the debt ceiling. a default would have much more serious consequences. the government would be required to cut spending by one-third. >> businesses don't hire, consumers don't spend and undercuts holiday sales. >> reporter: washington is not reacting well to this latest crisis, almost certain slow down in our economic recovery, fuller's advice? >> save your money. not spend anything extra. not worry about the national economy and lack of spending is going to affect that.>> reporte go in shut down mode, that is not cheap, either costing 220
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million dollars a day that is like us taking a 17 and a half percent shut down. the longer it goes down, the more costly. if lawmakers find a way out of this crisis, it is the latest in a series of crises. in the news room. >> keep with fox 5 for continuing coverage. we'll have the latest information throughout the next 90 minutes and at 10:00 and news edge at 11:00. we have a special page on you can also follow us on facebook and twitter for constant updates. it is something that area football fans have been waiting for all season long, a redskins victory! >> finally, we are live out at redskins' park. team returns from west coast park.
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what shanahan has to say going into a bye week. >> popular with youngsters but may go by names of "k2" or spice." >> same-sex marriage is brewing in virginia. we'll explain coming up. gary, how is the weather shaping up? >> up, up and away, temperatures still looking for ever elusive rain, it is getting drier out here. a first look at your forecast this evening, you can see how gorgeous it is. the news will continue, stay with us. mom...
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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>> it goes by many names k2 and spice, what it is synthetic marijuana. tomorrow a new law makes these drugs illegal in maryland. fox 5 investigative reporter sherry lee. you found out we are not doing a good job. >> reporter: the federal law can only go so far as banning synthetic marijuana. without a state law in place, there was little state police could do to stop the sale in maryland. as of tomorrow, they can.
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in three months synthetic marijuana, it stole charlie's health. >> he couldn't walk. >> we didn't realize the things that could happen. >> reporter: ravaged by the took, at 22 years he took his life. >> i firmly believe had he not started using this he would be with us today. >> it is sold under catchy names at k2 and spice, laced with chemicals mimicking marijuana, illegal november 1st. >> a letter is being sent to all stores letting them know it is illegal. anyone caught selling it will get a warning the first time.
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after that they will be prosecuted. >> >> reporter: manufactures change the chemical compounds to make them legal again. under maryland's law they won't get away with it. >> we are focussing on the affect of the law. >> reporter: one of the county's homeless shelters turn some violent, others convulsions. >> it is truly a vicious drug and should not be available. >> charlie's 16-year-old brother used the drug, too but wound up in the hospital. >> the high is so intense and scary, it makes you think you are going to die. >> he quit. charlie was a couple of days too late. >> reporter: there are serious penalties under this law.
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anyone caught possessing synthetic marijuana could get up to four years in prison. it is a m.d. anyone caught distributing the drug in maryland could get up to 20 years in prison. >> good to see they are cracking down on it. another long list of new laws going into effect in maryland. already illegal to use a hand held device in maryland. starting tomorrow you could get a $75 ticket along with a seat belt law being the primary offense. drivers would face a $65 fine. cyberbullying known as "grace's law." those face up to one year prison sentence. that law is name after a maryland teenager that committed suicide after being bullied
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online. >> coach shanahan is not letting the w go to their heads, coming up next, live at redskins park for an update. 
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♪ >> finally a redskins victory, six win less nfl teams. today team and fans are relieved. what is coach shanahan saying as the team enters this bye week? >> shawn, it is a happier day. yesterday's win in oakland signifies three things, players get to experience a win. redskins pr staff brought us pizza and put mike shanahan in a much better state of mind. bye week is a good thing, needed
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to rest up. bye week comes when the bye week comes. >> you can use excuses. at the end of the day, we have a chance to heal up a little bit. we have a couple of guys banged up which is a positive for us. when you take a look at four pre-season games and four regular season games going in the right direction, we can come back, healthy and we know where we are at in nfc east and starts the season all over again. >> reporter: yesterday in oakland seven sacks in all, arguably biggest play, 45 yard interception for rookie david amerson and offense came alive in the second half, rg3 for the go ahead touchdown and junior subbing out, 14 yard score seals
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the deal, skins get the first win 24-14, shawn, one, i asked roy about the pronounciation of his last name. he says it is four letter helu. two, think of this, the dallas cowboys in first place, play undefeated broncos, when the redskins play the cowboys, if they win they are in first place, from the outhouse to the penthouse in the nfc east. >> both fingers cross, both legs. >> reporter: everything. >> a lot of people here in d.c. hope the broncos beat down on the cowboys. >> i think so, too, shawn. one win and we are talking about first place. >> thank you, dr. >> did i hear dave say the redskins bought him pizza?
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dave eats a lot of pizza. come up as we continue, we are continuing our coverage as the show down as we continue on fox 5. >> still ahead, a push to change definition of marriage in virginia. same-sex marriage debate is heating up. who is joining the fight coming up next on fox 5 at 5:00. i was honored to serve as govevernor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward.
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it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> president obama: a very real economic impact on real people right away. past shut downs have disrupted the economy significantly. this one would, too. it would throw a wrench into the gears of our economy at a time when those gears have gained traction. >> that is president obama
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speaking earlier this hour. lawmakers have less than seven hours to agree to a temporary spending plan in order to keep the government from shutting down. fox 5's will thomas. >> reporter: tom, as you know the senate rejected the proposal to delay 'obamacare' and sent speaker boehner. senate democrats like tim cane said we have been making compromises, enough is a enough. they have to come back to the table with a clean bill. we spoke with senator tim cane. let's roll that. >> there is such a thing as fact. it is important. the senate has done nothing to promote government shut down. we could have put provisions in, too, we'll only fund the
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government, immigration reform. there is a right way to do things. you should never wrap it up into you shutting government down. hey, tim, if you vote this way, i won't kidnap your child. is the shut down going to happen? i hope the speaker will let his members vote on the clean spending bill on their budget number. i think we'll keep it open, that is my open. >> reporter: house republicans are putting finishing touches on. speaker boehner said they have attached to visions at least from partial implementation starting tomorrow. time is ticking, as you know, tom. both sides are really digging in
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where we are here in the rotunda, we are hearing from other members of the press, regionally and nationally, both sides are being emboldened by their constituents calling, e-mailing, topping them on the streets. senator cane was in richmond and stopped by numerous constituents. tens of thousands of jobs on the line, tom. we'll stay here and monitor all the new developments. >> will thomas on capitol hill, thank you. >> another big story, same-sex marriage debate heating up in virginia. one of 37 states that defines marriage as strictly between a man and woman. there is a new push to change that, fox 5 bob. >> reporter: now is the time to keep that momentum going.
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the high powered team of lawyers who three months ago won a supreme court ruling overturning federal defensive marriage about and california's ban on same-sex marriage is declaring war on virginia's gay marriage ban. >> this case is about liberty, the pursuit of happiness and right of every individual to marry the person they love. >> reporter: 2006 virginia voters defined marriage as between one man and one woman outlawing recognition of same-sex marriage legally performed some where else. >> i am for the status quo. i believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. >> reporter: according to the latest polling, seven years later, more virginiaians oppose that constitutional amendment.
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>> it is distasteful, insulting and mean statute to our citizens who are just as valuable and just as important as every other citizen in this country. >> reporter: attorneys ted olson and david boiz are joining the federal lawsuit filed by two couples who have a daughter, emily. >> we filed this lawsuit because although we have been together for two decades, we want to be married. further it is important for us as virginiaians we get married in the state we love. >> we aren't asking for special privileges or treatment, we just want to be the same as everybody else, to be marry. >> reporter: to overturn the amendment, general assembly
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would have to vote twice to do so separated by election, not a sure thing. >> i like one man, one woman. that is what the scripture says it should be. a man and a woman. not a man and man or woman and woman. i am not for ch it. >> reporter: people fighting the ban in federal court says it is their goal to bring marriage equality. >> all right. bob barner, thank you. it happened again, another horrible train accident this time in chicago during the morning rush hour. >> the latest details when we come back in just a moment. 
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>> nearly four dozen people hurt in an early morning train crash outside of chicago in forest
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park, illinois. two l trains crashed into each other. investigators say one train was stopped at the station when the other train crashed into it. a small private business jet crashed in santa monica, california causing a massive fire on sunday night and set three buildings on fire. officials don't know how many people died and no one could have survived the crash or fire. the plane was coming in from ohio. lindsay lohan is gearing up for her new show. >> who is being banned from the project up next from tmz. ápólçwo
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i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. >> welcome back, everybody. an absolutely beautiful way to end the month of september. >> hard to believe tomorrow starts with october. first week of october is pretty
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warm. >> i am loving this. >> we can continue this into october. >> there are no rules when it comes to weather. >> there is d.c. weather. >> we figured that out. beautiful day, beautiful evening. next few days, we thought the 80s were gone, no. they are coming back, 75° right now here in the city. little cooler in some places in the suburbs. gaithersburg 72, annapolis by the water, 70°. back to the west, warmer temperatures again, much like last week. what we are going to see is the warmer temperatures spread out from the plains out to the east coast. it looks like it will be building high pressure through this week. we are going to be dry. we are going to stay dry for quite a while, it is getting drier around here, we need to
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rain. temperatures will be warming up, tomorrow, even with clouds, we are having a sun and clouds-type of day before we have good sunshine, high temperature 81°. wednesday, temperatures will be up into the middle 80s and some of you will be 85, 86, 87 before the week is out. it is going to stick around for quite a while. satellite and radar together here, clear skies now, lots of sunshine. it is a gorgeous evening out there and going to continue to be a gorgeous evening. temperatures dropping down into the 60s. we won't stay clear overnight. we see the cloud cover back to the west. it looks like the clouds will come across the mountains as they do we have clouds forming overnight tonight. it is not completely cloudy, it is mainly overnight, it is
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mostly cloudy. that will just be enough to keep the temperatures in the city to the lower 60s. mostly cloudy, we will stay dry. no rain in the clouds and winds light. out in the suburbs not as chilly as where it happen, temperatures in the suburbs only mid 50s or so depending on how much in the way cloud cover we do end up with. that is doing to dictate how cool. mostly cloudy tomorrow morning, we'll see a little bit of sunshine. temperatures lower 60s by lunchtime tomorrow, we'll transition into little more sunshine, sun and clouds, temperature, 75-76° for noontime. most sunshine tomorrow will be in the later parts of the day, that is the way it is looking now. a few clouds, plenty of sunshine. temperature 80°.
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upper 70s and lower 80s for everybody. accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures jump into the middle 80s. maybe a little conservative here. could have gone 85. once the 80s start tomorrow. the 80s are going to stick around for the next six days. by the time we get to the latter part of the week, sunday showers, maybe a thunderstorm, monday maybe showers and hopefully we'll get that. by then we'll need the rain. i would like new grass. >> we'll follow your lead we know you have the inside. >> i am too cheap to water. >> i'll cut my weeds which are green. [laughter]. >> thank you, gary. more details about lindsay lohan's new reality show on oprah's network.
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harvey joins us live from l.a. what is this about certain family members being banned from the show? >> reporter: dena and michael are lindseys parent's, oprah doesn't want them on the reality show. they will not air that oprah doesn't want them on. i am a little weirded out by this. seems to me if you are looking for that kind of freak show, you put dena and michael on because they are, if you want to understand lindsey, you have to understand dena and michael. apparently oprah doesn't want to see them. it seems like there is a big missing link. >> you have to have the crazy, that is the formula for those reality shows. do you know if there has been
5:53 pm
any reaction from her family? >> yeah, michael called us immediately, i did three interviews. we said michael, they are not going to air these interviews, he said okay. best reaction i got shawn, that i so much. i talked about to someone connected with this crazy family. the way they put it which explained, the tree doesn't far fall from the apple. >> ouch. maybe oprah will change her mind. thanks for the inside scoop. we'll see you at 6:30. >> i like that line. we are going to head over to matt ackland. moments away from news edge at 6:00. >> all eyes on capitol hill as the countdown to the shut down continues. we'll have team coverage and take you live to capitol hill to hear from local lawmakers.
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also it was a story first on fox. a follow up to the story we told you about last week. a district leader responding to a taxi hack inspector with a criminal record. and holly morris introduces us to crime fighting k9s, we hope to see you in just a few minutes. 
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>> frightening scene on a highway of new york city, a pack of motorcyclist, a driver bumped the rear tire of one of the bikers. the driver with young son initially stopped. the driver took off, the entire group chased him for miles eventually he got to a point caught up and couldn't get through.
5:58 pm
some of the bicyclist started slamming their helmets into his vehicle and got him out of the vehicle. they beat him badly, we understand, the man had to be taken to the hospital, the video shuts off before much more of this continues. at least one motorcyclist suffered a broken leg. >> that is nuts. >> "news edge at 6:00" starts right now with matt ackland. tonight the counttown to the shut down. >> the senate has passed a bill that keeps the government open. >> reporter: just six hours to go until the deadline, there is a lot of talk, not a lot of action. hundreds of thousands of federal workers unsure if they'll have
5:59 pm
to show up for work tomorrow waiting to see how it all plays out. >> this is fox 5 "news edge at 6:00." >> good evening, everyone, i am matt ackland. thanks for joining us. time is running out on capitol hill. there is still no deal to keep the government fully open passed minute. about an hour ago president obama urged congress to come up with a compromise for the sake of all of these federal workers. >> president obama: these americans are our neighbors, their kids go to our schools, they worship where we do. they serve their country with pride. they are the customers of every business in this country. and they would be hurt greatly and as a consequence, all of us would be hurt greatly should congress choose to shut the people's government down. >> let's


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