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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 11, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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we were walking home... through the park. and i saw this guy walking towards us. and i saw he had a gun. and i guess my dad, he must have seen it, too, because he pushed me to the ground, and then i heard bam, bam, bam. what did he look like? um, spanish... in his 20s, skinny. was he someone you recognized? no, but he had, like, a big tattoo right here, of a gun. michael, can you think of anybody who would want to hurt your dad? do you have any other relatives? yeah, my mom, but i don't want to go home just yet. i just want to stay with him. okay.
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notify me after the testimony, okay? good luck. how'd your case go? saw your name on the calendar. erin reagan. you finally got rid of "boyle." apparently not. got a conviction. congrats. you on your way to court? uh, yeah, i'm due at a deposition, but i wanted to let you know that i got nicky tickets to that concert at the garden on sunday night. did you already tell her? yeah. she's thrilled. and she wants to bring melissa, and she wants to have a sleepover afterwards at her house. i figured that's not a problem, right? was i wrong? i just wish you would check in with me about these things, jack, okay? 'cause i already got her tickets, and it was supposed to be a surprise. okay. so she can bring some more friends. jack... forget it. you know what, actually? do me a favor. make me a list. i'll put it on my refrigerator door. things jack could do right.
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yep, sounds good. ma'am. thank you. okay, so why don't you just give me a call later and, uh, we'll pick a place? a hot date? nope, just a guy from my academy class. oh, not a date? i don't know. what makes it a date? premeditation? intent? the suspect was wearing cool shoes and his best cologne? (horn beeps, tires screech, crash) oh... (woman screams) call it in! 12 david to central. we have a 53 at dekalb and court. request a bus forthwith. boy: mommy! mommy, are you okay? ma'am, ma'am, can you hear me? boy: help my mom! my son, my son is in the back! boy: is she okay? okay. what's his name? ryan! okay, stay calm. is my mom okay? try not to move. try not to move, okay? look at me. look at me! it's okay. we're gonna help your boy,
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we're gonna help you. mommy! mom! i can't get it! what's going on?! hey, ryan. hey. i'm officer reagan. i'm gonna get you out of there, okay? how's my mom? she's gonna be okay. listen, ryan, i'm gonna break the glass. i want you to cover your face, okay? oh, no. cover your face! (ryan shrieks) hey, ryan, i'm gonna get you out of here, okay? it's okay. okay. is my mommy okay? we'll check on your mom right now. all right, just lay down right here, okay? don't move. we're gonna have the paramedics take a look at you, okay? hey, you put that description out? nothing yet. what about the gun tattoo? i searched bads. nothing popped. all right. riker's has their own gang intel database. tap that and see what comes up. here we go. gun tattoo on the right side of his neck. raul delgado. six feet, 170 pounds.
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okay, so far, so good. in 2009, he was arrested for assault. got convicted, served two years. 2011, he was collared for murder. was he acquitted? he was found guilty, sentenced 15 to 25. that means he couldn't be our guy. he's in prison. supposed to be. but according to these records, he's not. was it retrial, out on bail, what? none of the above. he literally just disappeared from the system. you're gonna go in the ambulance with your mom, okay, ryan? all right. ryan's right behind you, all right? he's coming up right behind you. you're okay. officer reagan. how many hurt? two. we have a 35-year-old female and her son, eight years old. the driver of the truck is about 50. he's fine. either driver make any statements? no. officer reagan, you coming? i'm coming with you, ryan. the kid's really upset, his mother's in shock. i'm gonna go with him to the hospital. no, you have to prepare the accident report.
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i can prepare the report, boss. you will stay out of this, officer janko. you're the senior officer. boss, there's other members who can... well, you were first on the scene. you're coming with me, right?! what's going on? this is all on me. where are you going? you know where i'm going. i'll check in with you later. i don't give a damn what your nameplate says. i'm giving you a direct order. you leave here, you disobey a lawful order. i'll have your shield. you know where to find me. (siren wails) you're gonna sit there and tell me that the surveillance program doesn't violate civil liberties? seriously?! seriously! it's helped stop 14 terrorist plots against this city since 9/11. you can't just stand behind 9/11! you don't tell me where to stand! 2,000 security cameras around new york city, license plate... in service of the public safety. overkill. vigilant. garrett: time out. uh, "don't tell me where to stand" sounds like, uh, "you can't handle the truth." we don't want to sound patronizing.
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well, she started it! and so will reverend potter on the broadcast. don't take the bait. over a million ears will be listening in. let's secure the high road. this is stupid. thank you, baker. excellent work. same time tomorrow? think you can you handle another round? better eat your spinach. and you don't know what this is about, do you? it's homeland security, frank. they're not real big on sharing the particulars. but i do know it involves that murder in washington heights, the guy in front of his kid? okay. (door opens) gentlemen. commissioner. please, sit down. i'm deputy director tom mason, this is agent richard keller, homeland security investigations. we're here about the john hudson murder. why is homeland security interested in a hit in washington heights?
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we have information that raul delgado is a suspect in the case. we own him. well, we always try to cooperate with your agency as much as we possibly can. i know. that's why i'm here, to ask you to order your detectives to back off. wow...look at you. i've always tried to give it my best shot. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat,
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hey. thanks for coming. well, you said you were buying. ginger ale, wedge of lime. yes, sir. what's that all about? you might want to go back to work. i just came off a 12-hour tour chasing my tail. on what? the hit in washington heights. i got a suspect whose last known address is five years old, no cell phone, no family. named raul delgado. yeah. how'd you know? let me rephrase. he's a confidential informant for homeland security. that would explains how he disappeared from the system. how's this guy get a pass on murder? he's been feeding 'em intel on a drug organization they think funnels money to an overseas terror cell. they "think"? it's homeland security. they're not real big on sharing the particulars. okay, so am i supposed to back off this thing?
10:13 pm
you like delgado for this? yes. his last known associate's a guy named juan lopez, doing time in otisville for armed robbery. okay. thanks. figure out how you found that out. copy that. great. thanks for your cooperation. you ready to go, partner? we're not going. what do you mean, we're not going? i just got off the phone with the warden. he transferred lopez about an hour ago. the guy agreed to talk to us. why the hell would they move him? it's a federal prison. apparently, the feds can move him around every day of the week if they want, without any reason. all right, fine, fine. where'd they move him to? south dakota. south...? the show's host, sean martin, will act as moderator. and how moderate is he? it's public radio. so not very. so it's him and reverend potter, two on one. you'll have a height and reach advantage.
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your chief of department wants another word. dino. i can make this go away. why don't you give me the headline first, dino? officer reagan is facing departmental charges and possible suspension for disobeying a direct order from a superior officer at the scene of the accident. i know. i could speak with the lieutenant... no. you could certainly make the case that it was in the child's best interest for officer reagan to accompany him to the hospital. but he did, in fact, disobey a direct order. from a lieutenant who was newly promoted, and he was feeling his oats. that fact sounds a lot like opinion, dino. commissioner, it was an ego trip. i spoke to everyone, including the lieutenant. i know jamie. so do i. what are you gonna do?
10:15 pm
it's insubordination. do you really want to read "reagan to son: you're grounded"? better it's "reagan to son: the rules don't apply"? it's gonna leave a permanent mark on his record, frank. garrett, i got 35,000 cops. would you be saying this if his name wasn't reagan? so remind me: what's the advantage to having your dad be the pc? i build character. are we done here? homeland security left three messages. frank, are you disregarding their request to back off the investigation into raul delgado? i can neither confirm nor deny that information. well, what do you want me to tell them? to leave a message at the beep. detectives, i'm agent keller. what can i do for you? raul delgado. he works for you? you're his handler. come on, we know. i'm sorry, i'm not at liberty to discuss him with you. well, he's wanted for murder. are you at liberty to discuss that? and you made sure his last known associate was transferred out of otisville prison before we could speak to him. what are you implying?
10:16 pm
that you're protecting a stone-cold killer. now, what kind of cop does that make you, huh? i'm the kind that looks at the big picture. oh. we're about to take down a large-scale network of terrorists. without delgado, that will not happen. look, delgado killed hudson in front of his 13-year-old son. nobody gets a pass for that in this city. i don't need a pass from you. call washington if you don't believe me. and stop interfering in my operation. chocolate dip, please. coming up. hey. i'm buying. in exchange for what? in exchange for you getting me around homeland security. man: thank you. (laughing): seriously? yes. here you go, ma'am. well, you need to start with a shadier lawyer, then. thank you. um, they got a ci, this delgado guy. i like him for murder and they won't let me get near him. you've collared plenty of criminals without the help of homeland security. not ones with their active protection. and you can't find delgado without them? no.
10:17 pm
he's off the grid, they wiped him out of every database. his handler, this guy keller, he doesn't want to play ball, so... there's got to be something you can do to help. i can't compel them to cooperate. this guy is withholding information in a murder investigation. okay. what's his name again? keller. right. agent keller of homeland security has firewalls and perimeters around him i can't see or touch. great. thank you. enjoy your ice cream. however... he's also a u.s. citizen currently in your jurisdiction, and you believe he has knowledge on the whereabouts of a prime suspect in a murder case that you've been assigned to. right. and, in all likelihood, he will cross paths with that suspect while he's in my jurisdiction. mm-hmm. maybe i don't need a shadier lawyer. you'll do just fine.
10:18 pm
apartment 1f. let's move. last door on the right. let's go. step aside, ma'am. he might be armed. raul delgado! police! open up! go, go, go! freeze! hold it! hey! move, move, move! officer: he's headed for the back alley! hey! officer in pursuit! hold up! come here! (grunting) settle down. get off me, man!
10:19 pm
danny: all right... (delgado grunts) all right. you tailed me? it's not against the law. i'm a federal agent. so? i thought we'd gotten past all the introductions. what do you think you're doing? arresting raul delgado for the murder of john hudson. you can't do that. sure i can, it's in our jurisdiction. so you, my friend, can kiss my new york ass.
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"reagan to son: you're grounded!" you ought to get royalties or something.
10:24 pm
i still don't see the point of suspending him for a week for being the kind of cop you'd put on your recruiting poster. are you ready for deputy director mason? no, but let's have him anyway. do you have any control over your men? excuse me. you can't just come in here... i told you delgado was working for us. i told you we needed him for our operation. murder is a deal breaker. if delgado's taken off the streets, we lose our ability to track what these guys are doing. and if we end up with a compromised operation, the blood will be on your hands. and whose hands is mr. hudson's blood on? collateral damage. don't give me that. that's just spin for bad planning. you don't send my detectives chasing their tail in order to hide a murderer in my city. you know where the door is. were any guns recovered? no. so we still don't have a murder weapon. yeah, but we got an eyewitness. erin: hi. erin. danny. jack. jack boyle. what are you doing here?
10:25 pm
here to see my client. who's that? raul delgado. you're joking, right? you're representing raul delgado? okay... are you kidding? excuse me. let's go, okay? my firm has a deal with the feds. it's an assigned case. bringing in six men for you to take a look at, michael. see if you can recognize one of them. but i got to be honest with you, i'm having a pretty hard time figuring out why anybody would want to kill your dad. my dad didn't do anything. i didn't say he did do anything wrong. did i? you understand that i'm trying to help you here? hmm? i can't do that unless you help me, too. my dad was a dockworker, in red hook. and last week, when i was there...
10:26 pm
(sighs) ...his boss got really pissed at him. why? i said, "why?" one of the containers got damaged, so he opened it to try to fix it. and he found drugs inside. what kind of drugs? he said it was cocaine. (sighs) why didn't you tell me this sooner? my dad told me not to tell anyone what we saw. he said it could get us killed. (sighs) (door opens) danny: all right, michael, need you to stand right there. take a good look at each suspect. take your time. let me know if you recognize anyone.
10:27 pm
number three. number three? where do you recognize number three from? that's the guy who shot my father. how old is your witness? my witness is old enough to recognize the scumbag that killed his father. see you in court. (door closes) your witness is a kid. he's 13 years old, jack. nonetheless, i am going to request a wade hearing. you're challenging that lineup? based on what? your only witness, the person you're hanging this case on, is a minor, and an emotionally charged one, at that. so what? that's not going to get the i.d. thrown out. i think the judge decides that. (exhales) why don't you think about what you're really angry about? what is that supposed to mean? first you were mad at me for not being there for nicky, and now that i am, you're mad about that. make up your mind.
10:28 pm
glass of stout, please. do you want to know how you know your second date's not a date? how's that? when after your first date, which was a date, he texts you and says he's not gonna be able to make it, but you could stop by his place after midnight. a booty call? exactly. (chuckles) you can feel free to move on. i'm not really in much of a mood. if it's any consolation, i think you look nice. by comparison? i should hope so. there isn't a woman alive whose ass looks good in that uniform. well, i owe you an apology. i left you holding the bag. i handled it.
10:29 pm
and i made sure the lieutenant knew that you didn't have any part in me disobeying orders. why did you disobey orders? because the patrol guide is called a guide for a reason. i made the decision that that kid's welfare, and how he views cops for the rest of his life, was more important than protocol. besides, there was a dozen other uniforms that could've made the report, including you. you don't think your last name had anything to do with that? sometimes it helps, sometimes it puts a target on your back. i can't believe you're suspended. seven days. why don't you just ask your dad to help you out? because he's not that guy. you don't think he'd support you? support me, yes. get me out of trouble i got myself into? not in this lifetime. here you go. thanks. one more for my partner? sure thing. detective, didn't you promise michael hudson
10:30 pm
that you would find his father's killer? yes, i did, and that's why raul delgado's sitting right next to you. objection, your honor. relevance? a 13 year-old is susceptible to suggestion, your honor, especially when we have a detective making promises that he can't keep. their entire case hinges on identification made by a minor. your honor, we have proven the non-suggestive nature of this lineup, and age alone cannot predetermine the validity of this identification. counselor? no further questions for the detective. i'm sorry, mr. boyle, but i must side with the prosecution on this. the child's age, though a mitigating factor, (door shuts) is not enough to discredit the i.d. at this time, i'd like to inform the court that we will be filing a request for a known dna sample from mr. delgado. judge: noted. the defendant will continue to be remanded without bail pending trial. can't do this to me. i work for the feds. right, i understand that,
10:31 pm
but this is no longer their jurisdiction, i'm sorry. no, i'm protected, man. mr. delgado... they said nothing would happen. you and i can meet later to discuss strategy, but for now, you have to comply. (huffs) (grunts) don't move! don't anybody move!
10:32 pm
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february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill.
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and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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walk. let's go! get back and get in that corner. you think i'm playing with you, huh? get back! very slowly, come down off of there. you! move. move. calm down, please. yo, shut up! stop what you're doing. use your head, raul. i got this punk kid i.d.'ing me. now i got to give dna? it's not looking too good for me. right? yo, what are you doing?! (indistinct yelling, arguing) move! please! relax, please! move! please, relax! yo, shut up! (screams) boyle: no! no... jack? jack? god! man: i believe the current number is a little over 2,000 security cameras in new york city. big brother is indeed watching. plus officers going undercover in mosques. plus innocent citizens getting stopped and frisked
10:37 pm
on the street every day, almost 100% of them black or latino. which, as the reverend potter well knows, is the same racial representation of assailants and victims. but, commissioner, isn't that kind of pigeonholing part of the problem, but not the solution? it's not either. it's just a cold fact. potter: i'll tell you what i know. and, sean... ...if the reverend is correct, and the nypd is violating civil rights, why don't we see evidence from some of the eight million or so cell phone cameras that regularly record police activity in this city? what i know is that our civil liberties are being stripped away by the police under the guise of keeping us safe. do you know, sean, that there are license readers recording every car entering and exiting the lincoln tunnel and the brooklyn bridge? and now the police commissioner is proposing video drones to fly over our heads, to record everything that his pole cameras have missed.
10:38 pm
when will it end? sean: commissioner? it'll end... when new yorkers feel they can go to the thanksgiving day parade and new york city marathon or times square on new year's eve without fear that they are a terrorist target. there's a report of shots fired from inside. do we know who fired? no, nor if anyone was hit. your car's ready to go down there. we're going to one pp. it's your daughter, frank. the commissioner does not belong there. he'll mess things up. it's not what i want to do. it's what i should do. one pp. i'm told he is the best negotiator we've got. taru is setting up a feed from the site in your office. where are we with the hostage team? sir? we're in an unusual situation. what?
10:39 pm
delgado said that he'd only speak with your son. seems he has a score to settle with danny. (sirens blare nearby) (indistinct chatter) man 1: we got a live feed from the courtroom? man 2: yes, sir. man 1: good. delgado's waiting for your call. you got him? you know the drill. keep him on as long as possible. nothing that's gonna rile him. go. (phone ringing) you just hang on. we're gonna get out of this. just do me a favor. don't be heroic, okay? (phone ringing) yeah. raul, this is detective reagan. who's in charge now, detective? you are. we know you got a gun and you let off a round. is anybody hurt? i'm hurt, reagan. that you think i'm stupid. that you think you're gonna be able to talk me
10:40 pm
out of what i have to do. what do you want, raul? 200,000 wired to my off-shore account. it's under my name at world dominican. number seven, four, six, nine, two, eight, two. and i want a flight to the dominican republic. i can make that happen, but you need to release the hostages. i don't think so. raul, i need a show of good faith. give me a sign of good faith, and i'll get started on what you want. one. i'll send out one. you send out one, i'll start making the arrangements. but it's gonna take some time. that's one thing you don't have. you get it here by 3:00. raul, that's two hours. it's not possible. 3:00. or i shoot hostages. starting with your sister. let me speak to her. let me... boyle: raul? you're facing more charges now, you know that, right?
10:41 pm
and every minute you keep this up makes it worse. chances are you're not gonna make it out of here alive. i will. if i bring her with me. inside the courtroom. we got the pinhole camera working. he's releasing a female hostage. it looks like the stenographer. erin. i can't believe your mom has a mom cave! today i have new campbell's chunky spicy chicken quesadilla soup.
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when ouwe got a subaru.s born, it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever.
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the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the two-thousand-fourteen subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (phone ringing) danny: okay. the money's being transferred. there's a car standing by. it'll take you to the airport where there's a plane waiting to take you to the dr.
10:47 pm
i'm taking a hostage with me. to make sure there isn't any mistakes. no attempt to stop me at any point. raul? you need to release the injured hostage. your sister? she's the most valuable hostage i have, reagan. she needs medical attention, do you understand me? please, you got to release her. i'll release her when i get to the dominican republic. let me speak to her, raul. no. listen. if i do not speak to her and make sure that she's okay, then all bets are off! do you understand me? come here. right now. get up. stay back, big guy. one false move... you try to tell him anything, i'll kill him.
10:48 pm
erin? are you hurt bad? tell dad i'm okay. if i walk out, i see a window open, a sniper on the roof, anything off, i'm putting a bullet in her head. let's go. ra-raul, she's wounded, all right? so she needs a doctor, so you take me instead. you move out of the way. jack? no, i'm gonna go with you. yo, am i speaking english? jack! (grunts) let's go now! okay... ow! (frank sighs) you sure you want to keep watching this?
10:49 pm
i don't have a choice. i got no weapons. prove it. okay. i'm gonna step out to the front of the vehicle, all right? take it easy. taking my jacket off. nothing in my holster. all right? open your shirt. open your shirt! come on, i got nothing, all right? the money's transferred, raul. yeah, i know; i confirmed. okay. get in the car with me, all right? drive you to the airport. jet's fueled up and ready to go at kennedy. just release her first, all right? no way, man.
10:50 pm
i can't release her. she's my insurance i won't be killed. that you won't pull anything. i'm giving you my word. your word is crap, man. i'll release her when i get to the dominican republic. i'm promising you safe passage to the dr, okay? okay? but you can't take her with you. just leave her here. come on, you and me. no way, man. raul, come on. i've given you everything you asked for. everything you asked for, i got it for you. i'm only asking you one thing in return. please, please, one thing. one thing, come on. look at me, hey, hey. look at me. hey. please don't hurt my family.
10:51 pm
please don't hurt my family. (gunshot) (indistinct shouting) grab the piece. (shouting continues) (whispering): are you okay? yeah. (sighs) how's the wing? same as it was the last time you asked, ten minutes ago. aunt erin, do you need help with anything? no, that's okay. thanks, jack. henry: we got erin dodging bullets, and jamie telling off his bosses. it's been a banner week for the family business.
10:52 pm
i didn't tell anyone off. (scoffs) oh, and here you thought i was the troublemaker, dad. who'd you tell off? no one. god, there is no privacy in this family. personally, i say you're not doing your job if you're not getting complaints or being suspended. so you got to break the rules in order to be a good cop? no, i'm just saying, if you're an active cop and you're passionate about what you do, you're bound to piss somebody off. and nobody knows that better than you. well, the apples don't fall far from the tree. hmm? really? you? two weeks without pay for telling a chief to stick it where the sun don't shine. (chuckling) two days suspension for kicking a rapist in the nuts. been suspended 20 days for calling out a corrupt judge in open court. so does that mean if i get suspended from school... all: no. nah, that's not what we're saying, sweetie. we're not saying that getting suspended is a badge of honor. but sometimes you have to follow your heart even if you do break the rules.
10:53 pm
i think we should make a new rule that we don't keep secrets about family members being in danger and make them wait until the next morning to hear about it. hmm. we didn't want you to worry, nicky. but i am grateful to you, uncle danny, for saving my mom. actually, we have your grandfather to thank, too. i mean, uncle danny for being there, but your grandfather for preparing us when we were little. that's right. if i say, "please don't hurt my family," what are you guys gonna do? all: hit the ground. because? because that means dad's gonna shoot the bad guy. there you go. is that how you saved aunt erin? mm-hmm. really? wow. who invented that? your grandfather. i mean, you used to drill that into us every time we went into the city. or every time we got on the subway. actually, pop invented it. he used to do the same thing to me. but we actually never had to use it. and please god, we never will again.
10:54 pm
hey. hey, what are you doing here? well, i was gonna come see you at the hospital, but i knew you had your family there, and they always carry loaded weapons. so, uh... here. well, i do love roses. thank you. yeah, i know. how's the shoulder? oh, i guess i was lucky. it's just a little muscle damage. how's the head? thick as ever. anyway, i just wanted to make sure that you're all right. i am. i'm all right. okay. i, um... i could've... i could've lost you, but you know what it made me think? that... there is nothing that i regret more than letting you go. and i have never told you that,
10:55 pm
but there it is. thank you for that. and i was really happy that you were there with me. thank you. yeah. thank you. what are we doing? that i don't know. it needed a new starter. i already ordered one over the internet
10:56 pm
to put it in, in the next couple days. thanks. no problem. we square? well, it was 40 bucks, plus tax and shipping. no. (sighs) i'm talking about the suspension. are we square? we're square. if i had it to do over again, i'd do the exact same thing. balls is knowing the cost and going ahead anyway. i'm going to the new tom hanks movie. you want to come? i'd love to, but some of us have to go to work in the morning. captioning sponsored by cbs and volkswagen captioned by media access group at wgbh
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next on wusa9 at 11:00 the shutdown stalemate. >> we've got breaking developments on a possible way out. >> flood warnings up in parts of our area, any escape from the wet weather this weekend?
10:59 pm
the answer yes. >> and huge herds of cattle frozen to death in a freak blizzard out west, so will it mean digging deeper to feed your family? good evening and happy friday, everybody. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm lesli foster. we'll have those stories in just a moment but first a look at your world in 90 seconds. gop senators left a white house meeting in the pouring rain as the forecast for ending the budget stalemate seemed to improve. >> it was a good exchange. >> house republicans have made a separate offer to avoid default and end the shutdown. we have been circling the beltway all afternoon, no sign of these truckers. we did catch up with them this morning. you can see not the promised 3,000. i saw about a half dozen. we have an eyewitness who saw her droving with one hand on the wheel and the other hand -- driving with one hand on the wheel and the other hand looking


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