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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, a firetruckiret responded to a d.c. home for a medical emergency only to leave without helping and a man ended up dying. what happened? headed for the deep freeze forth second night in a row. teens on the way, some of you already there. i'll let you know what to expect on wednesday. an historic discovery in old town dating back more than 200 years. a remarkable archaeological dream basically. your news starts right now. and we thank you for joining us tonight, i'm tony perkins andrkn i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. off the top tonight, the d.c. fire department is trying toryin figure out why a firetruckiret responded to a home of a man having a heart attack only to leave without helping. more than 18 minutes went by before paramedics finally arrived on the scene, but the man lateried. fox5's marina maracco has this exclusive story tonight. >>reporter: truly a sad ending
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there. sunday afternoon a 911 call wen1 out from a northeast home.home the resident's husband was suffering from heart the wife and grandchildrengran helped perform cpr while they waited for help.elp help from truck 17 first arriver and was waived off by a d.c. police officer tending to a separate incident on the sameame the officer said the situation was under control and truck 17 left. the wife in distress inside the home on that very street called 911 again demanding help. and finally nearly 19 minutes after the initial call an intense paramedic on board arrived at the house on 60th northeast. paul wagner learned of thethe exclusive details and spoke with the victim's wife. >>reporter: this time youou sensed that it was taking a was little bit longer. >> i did, i don't know why. two fire trucks came and then about he i guess maybe five minutes the ambulance pulled up.
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the suvs that always go to fires pulled up.p. and then a police car pulled up. we tried cpr, but we kept doing it. i don't know when the paramedics get here, about 10 minutes later they came in. six or seven of them came. > the victim finally transported tot nearest hospitat where he died. die the incident comes just daysdays after a dispatcher sent d.c.. firefighters to a wrong address on new year's day while fire burned unattended in nearly 12 minute in a differentiff neighborhood of d.c. they say they are nowow investigating this latest incident. marina maracco, fox5 local newss > new at 10 authorities in0 prince george's county want youu to take a good look at theat people in this video. they are suspected of setting a fire on board a metro
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the incident happened last night around 8 as the train pulled into the add son road metro station in capital heights. if you have any information about this, you are asked to call the fire investigationsns division. also new tonight, a woman hit by a ride on bus in bethesda haseth died from her injuries. she was attempting to cross old york town road near battery lane when show was hit this morning. no one on the bus was hurt. police are still trying to s figure out what happened.appe no word on whether charges will be filed. > turning now to the frigid winter weather. it is another bitterly coldterl night in the the question is will theill temperatures be as cold as last night. sue palka joining us with the weather details on that. >> you're right.ou'r it is probably going to be as cold if not colder in somesome spots. the difference is it's not as windy tonight and soç while weo don't have to deal with the wind chill it allows the temperature to potentially drop even colder with that very dry air we have
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overhead. the headline for tonight, another very cold night expected. except you won't deal with the winds. last night overnight we droppedd to 16-degrees. not a but when you consider the average is 29 this is kind a bit of whiplash we're going through. even down at ocean city, one of my facebook followers, margaret long said they dropped toto 17-degrees there last night.t ni we're going to be pretty much in the same territory tonight. already down to 28-degrees in8-e the last night i believe we were at 26. we were a couple of degrees warmer, but many of the suburban areas already into the teens. martinsburg you're 14-degrees already. fredericks dulles and manassasle at 18. culpeper 15-degrees, even 19 at leeboard town and fredericksburg. high pressure is right overheadh that's why we don't have the winds. that also means it's super dry,, super cold and a very cold start in the morning. we expect not just the coldol start, but a lot of sunshine as well. so that means a bright start at
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the bus stop, but bundle up again because many places will i be in the single teens to near 20 in the morning. there is our high pressure highs pressure tomorrow. here is some good news while it will be a real cold start a nice little warm up in the tomorrow. we should be able to warm it up by some 10-degrees.10-d we'll have more of that in the seven day forecast a little bitt later. > thank you very much.uch. fox5 local news is in prince william county where robers havh hit nearly a dozen seven ventral hernia eleven stores. the suspects e remain on the ru. fox5's tisha lewis reports. >>reporter: if i were to see it i'd probably do my best to stop it. police don't recommend it, but dale city resident craig kenning says he'd go up against a robber. a seven/eleven manager told meme
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camera only $35 was in the cashs register but that hasn't stopped a string of robberies, eleven seven/eleven stores were held us in recentto months. >> i've lived here for over 30 years and because of it being more p post office ultimated i can see the up rising of problems going on in the neighborhood. the most recent stickup happened here at this 7/eleven in woodbridge. in most cases the mo is thethe same. the suspects come in and despit surveillancean cameras pull outa gun and demand money. surveillance video shows three masked guns with large guns demanding cash. they escaped in a black fourck door car. the day before christmas eve at another woodbridge 7/eleven two masked men pulled out handgunsag and demanded money beforeefor escaping in a black four dooroor honda and three day earlier inin the we morning hours another
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hold up inside anothernsid woodbridge 7/eleven. in this case the crook was alone and ran away after stealing cash. i have noticed a lot more police cars patrolling up and down the road here and throughout thethe area. when you see the increased in police presence do you feelou safer or do you feel concerned?c >> i generally feel safer justut seeing the police in the area. when i was the vice-president of my homeowner's association we encouraged the police to stroll through the neighborhood. police have increased patrol off the surrounding area to helpelp deter criminals and ease concerns. the big question now, is it working, tisha lewis, fox5 local news. > right now police can't sayol that any ofic the robberies aric connected. a new plan where the white houso in an effort to combat gun violence. an emotional president obama
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announced the measures at thes white house.ouse he's going around congress where new gun control measures haveave failed. president obama wiped away tiers as he spoke about the 20 first graders killed during the sandy took massacre in 2012. the president called for a c national sense of urgency to limit gun violence as he introduced a new requirement to expand background checks for buyers. this is not a plot to take away everybody's guns.y' you pass a background check, you purchase a firearm. the problem is some gun sellers have been operating under a different set of a violent felon can buy the exact same weapon over the internet with no background check, no questions asked. >> until now only federally licensed gun dealers had too conduct background checks on customers, creating a loophole, if you will, for private individuals who sold online at
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gun shows, flea markets, thatmak kind of things. under the president's orders the definition of a gun dealer willl now expand to include anyone inn the business of selling guns regardless of venue. critics say the president isres over stepping his authority. this president is obsessed withe under mining the constitution in general, but the second amendment in particular. he is obsessed with undermining it and it will do nothing. > more reaction now from otherr gop presidential candidates. ted cruz tweeted this, gun th control is government control. he added this photo of president obama wearing a crown like a monday, arc.nday ben carson also tweeted, we thee people have a constitutional right to bare arms and it's the president's responsibility to up hold that right.ha on the democratic side, hillary clinton tweeted this, thank youa pedis fornk taking a crucial stp forward on gun violence, ourviol next president has to build onon that progress not wipe it away..
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republicans are clearly moreor loyal to gun lobbyists than our children. i support the president's executive actions to make theake community safer.y the nra weighing in as well saying the president's proposalp would not have prevented any of the hockic events he mentionedhm during today's announcement.nnou it is not clear whether the gop will block any of the changes. the president's immigration changes are still tied up in court one year > no one likes getting ann oughted speeding ticket in the male. one local man just got severalse for cars that he doesn't evenn own. this is just a bizarre story. he is getting the run around. he tells us his story after thee break. also tonight, an incredible find in old town alexandria. wait until you see this. find out what led to the discovery of a ship that dates back tot revel rugsry war. stay with us. we're back in three minutes.
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south korea says it has detectee seismic activity from a north korean test site which could bed an indication of a nuclear test. the north korean government hase said it plans an important announcement this latest test would mark another big step toward the country's goal of building a wad head that can be mounted on a missile capable of reaching the us. that wouldn't be good. we'll bring you any updates as they come in. now to a fox5 investigation.nves a montgomery county driver keeps getting traffic tickets in the fail for cars he doesn't own.. chief investigative reporter r emily miller talked to thatto driver today. he's pretty frustrated, as you can imagine and it seems asas though no one can resolve theesl problem for him.him. here's emily's report. >>reporter: michael green is a software engineer who lives in rockville. this blue bmws3 is his tar and
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these are his h tags, but this bmw is clearly not his. it's a sedan. and so is this one. t look at the plates on this one, clearly not his. same thingç these cars all have marylandaryl plates and a all appear to be leased from bmw. bmw but the owners of the cars have ez pass fines.ines michael did not. i thought my wife was speeding all over the place. and she said, no, i didn't. and then we opened them up and i was shocked to see that they weren't our cars.ars. this whole thing just happenedut over the holidays. michael got two automated speed tickets in prince george's county for $40 each. one from baltimore county also for 40 bucks and one from the new jersey turnpike. and a $50 fine. no one wanted to help. i talked to jurisdictions andisi that really got me nowhere. i talked to the m v.a. and they said all the data was correct.oe i also called bmw and they saidd
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all the data was correct with them. someone has to figure out wheret the problem is.s. michael was determined to find the drivers so they can pay. i know i'm not necessarily financial responsible, but otheb people are getting these tickete and they don't know about themau and they're going to find outind down the road that they have exorbitant late fees andnd administrative fees.tive the whole system realize on getting the automated notices to the right car other than.her you may be racking up fines forgetting a dining on your credit report and you don't even know. i appreciate the fact that they want to put up speed cameras and i get it. at the same time make sureim people are getting thehe information that they got onen h and they can pay it and not have to pay these late fees. don't feel like you're ripping all of us off. michael gave me al the tickets so i could call the phone numbers on them today myself.mye after being transferred a bunchc of times i found a company called okay toe traffic which handles the speed cameras for prince george's county.
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the company told me they got michael's address from the b v.a. he has to all contact the prince george's police so the police can authorize them, the speed camera company to authorize any you'll put that number on our website so everybody has it. bmw corporate hasn't called me back. neither has new jersey turnpike. then i finally called the spokesman for the maryland motoy vehicle also also administration. his name is joel young. i asked him if i send him thehim four notices that michael gott for the other drivers if maryland m v.a. will work with those jurisdictions to try too clarify the mistakes. he said he would. and we will followup to let you know how that goes.oes. emily mier can fox5 local new. > prince george's county police are investigating after a man's body was found in a car last night in greenbelt.
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2 # year old anthony graph bet hey was found in hanover parkway. no word yet on how he died. an officer patrolling the lot said he saw a man walking near a suspicious vehicle much that's h when police discovered the body. that incident is undernde evaluation.ev > fox5 is in alexandria where a historic find is turning heads. excavation for a new hotel hasas uncovered a sailing ship that it believed to date back tot revolutionary war.. now arcologists are working to identify exactly what they founy and locals are coming face to face with their city's history from more than 200 years ago. fox5's tom fitzgerald got a firsthand >>reporter: an we're pranks an bromberg has been the arcologist in alexandria, virginia for a quarter century. >> it was totally water logged.g it was a good day when francine
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got the call that a 215 ship had been dug can up. >> an archaeological dream basically. the war era shipped was unearthed at this site that was being cleared for a new hotel. turns out this area used to be in the potomac river before it was back filled two centuries ago to expand alexandria's waterfront. we know that this ship was put in place sometime between 1775 and 1798. but who owned it, what did itit carry and who sailed on it, for now that remains a mystery. there are some thing we knownow about it not only is this ship historic it has also become something of a celebrity. look at that. they had to remove -- just as- soon as the fences were opened up to let folks look a look at this old ship a crowd sailed ine
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i think it's great. it's a great window to the past. it's like a once in a lifetime thing. > it makes you wonder what iss underneath the ground here. a 21st water tank to tableabl lies the wood will give experts like francine time to solve the mystery of alexandria's newest piece of history. i think 2016 is off to a great start. in alexandria, tom fitzgerald,iz fox5 local news. > i want to go down there and look, too.lo >> that is really cool.ool. you don't see that every day.. > they're still trying to build down there who knows what elseht they're going to find. >> you know what's great is that they didn't just say, just tosss the stuff and keep going. > i would hope not, considering down there you got to be carefuf with those artifacts. >> absolutely right. > coming up next we are going underground again.un the art display that's opening underneath dupont circle.
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also on display some of the latest tech toys that the consumers electronic show, drones, head phones, a smartrt bra. >> that's coming up ass fox5fox5 continues right after the break. ♪
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a group of artists is hoping too transform an abandoned trolley station underneath dupont circle. they're encouraging local art wrists to come up with a creative design to create a vacant space with art form.orm >> it is very cool. a very creative concept here, too. dupont underground just announced that they are about to start design and installs of their new inspiration. 650,000 of these plastic balls
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into art. you may have seen the entrance signs outside the dupont circumstance el metro stop. blow is actually 14,000 squareqa feet of just unused platform. it used to be the trolley station about two decades ago. it's about to be transformed into an art space. dupont underground identifies themselves as a cut tour organization committed too committing art to the city. it's called reball. it's a competition for artists to show how they can creativelyv transform these plastic balls. these balls were actually a part of the beach exhibit in the museum this summer. they donated them now to dupontn underground and to their cause. anyone can sign up for the challenge. challenges are asked to bebe creative and wit tisha lewis. a winner will be chosen to display their rebar at the
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station. and so we want this to tuberculosis an asset for locals and for d.c. creative artists,ri designer types. we also wanted for it to serveo as a space that can bring thingn to d.c. that maybe aren't happening here because there isc no space for them. we think we have the space to dc some really amazing things.mazi if you're interested all information is available at reball. org.or dupont underground is hoping to be set up byç late spring. they want to add music, drinks and food even possibly somee private events. eve tony and sarah definitely an ambition project. going to this art is somethingis my mind has a little trouble grasping. they encourage everybody to participate. art, using the space and makingn it a public venue.ue. there's been talk he ever the years about what to do with that space. maybe this one will work.ork >> it's been sitting therether
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vacant for a while and it takes a while to get these thingss together. > you can only use the plastic balls. >> the artists are creating it,, the design is launched uponnche these balls. i never saw the exhibit at the national mu sequel earlier this summer. thanks, caitlyn. sit ahead tonight, could plans finally be in the works for the redskins to return to thehe district. find out what city leaders are saying about a possible move.
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this is fox5 local news at 10. welcome back. ba it's 10:30. here are some of the top stories we're working on tonight. t d.c. fire officials are trying to determine why a firetruck went to the northeast home of a man having a heart attack onlyny to leave without helping. more than 18 minutes went by before paramedics finally got on the scene. that man later died. to prince william county where
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nearly a dozen 7/eleven stores have been robbed. police say in most cases it's the same mo, too. the suspects come in late the at night, pull out a gun and demand money. police are increasing patrols now and no word if all the robberies are connected.onne today, president obama announced sweeping gun control legislation. the president says he's using executive action to expand exp background checks and close loopholes in the gun market.s in the president says he hopes this can stop at least some tragedies going forward. president obama shed tears todao during his announcement to fight gun he did it talking about the children killed in the school massacre. he also did it the morning ofitt that mass shooting.. when you look at some of the feedback online some people think it's commendable for a a president to show their ' real. other critics thinking june bay p nard think an official shouldn't cry in a capacity
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saying it shows weakness. let's talk about presidenttalk obama. usually we see a stoic president obama. this was a rare display of emotion. >> and i think today's emotion was really appropriate to the text of what he was in. in. he's showing his human side by responding to this shared tragedy can.ed he had the victim's families there. the father of a child introducei him. it was in the context of what he was talking about. absolutely. this is what -- we're in an age where we really speak authentic tisha lewis. l this generation is much closer to their emotions. there's a reason you're a strategist in washington and itt really speaks to the twitter question i asked.qu i asked whether the president'sr display of emotion was
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unplanned. >> i think most of us believe the tears were real emotn. emo we're talking about these four children. the question speaks to whether he decided in advance to let himself tier up if thathat naturally happened. he knew this is a p toic that made him tier up once before. about 400 responses.ab most of you 50/50. some of you think there was somm strategy meeting going intooing this. what do you think. th >> it's hard to say. sa there is absolutely an awareness. his image awareness is key. his advisors are certainly aware of those contexts and those conversations are taking place.i the emotions were absolutely real. back in the 1972 presidential election cycle reported tears t from then senator ed must guy from maine under minded his bids for the democratic do you think some people view tears as week? >> tears certainly can be viewed as weak. we certainly in must can i's case he was responding to a personal atalk. we expect our leaders to be able to handle that kind of thing
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because the challenges they're going to face as president and as leaders of the country are going to be far greater and personal attack. can a president now on the campaign battle ground show gro tears and not have any adverse effect over it. >> absolutely. for certain candidates it can improve their image. certainly candidates who seem distinct or allove by showing so some of that emotion at an appropriate time can help them,h you know, become closer to their constituents. i think we could all agree it certainly worked for walter con cite when he announced the assassination of president kennedy, a real moment. mo >> and he was sharing the grief of the country. of a nation. that grief was something that was responded to by everyone. > chris lester, good to see to you. tony, sarah over to you. >> still to come, the world's first smart bra. br one of the new toys introduced t
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at the electronic show. > a battle over the ice ring. r a man set it up in honor of hisr daughter, but the county is nott happy about it. it we'll be right back. ba us auto makers driving away with some big problems in 2015. ford, gm, if i at were all expecting to post their annual sales forever. a strong december for all three companies. and that strong event is pushing up the price you're paying. the average price for a new vehicle rising 300 bucks to just over $34,400. that is a record high. elsewhere in the second trading in 2016 a little bit better than the first. meanwhile, if it bit is lookingg to take a bite out of the apple watch. the company unveiling a new a smart watch as a consumer electronics show on tuesday. it is called the fit bit blaze.
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it costs under 200 bucks. buc that's business. i'm neil cavuto. ♪
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♪ somebody stole a baby jesus s figureto from a anyway tift scee outside an article church and a thisrt isn't the first time it's
10:40 pm
happened. the church members say the baby jesus was tied down by fish wirh which someone cut. the church said this is the third time it's been a man in montgomery county isis fighting to keep his backyard hockey ring opened. mark conspent nearly $30,000.$3, the ring was named in memory of his late stepdaughter, a lifelong hockey fan who died ino july of a respiratory disease. conclaims the county says the ring needs to be moved because it's in violation of zoning laws. you can't have a play area in this ag area that is not horse or he westin related.rela i guess some people complained about it because it's a ice rink for kids and not for hoarse. >> he says he and the county are still talking about how to move forward. the ring is still open forpen
10:41 pm
public use, but he says he will no longer advertise on facebook. >> it sound like the county isny trying to work with him. we dide some checking.heck he's in the charging admission. it's not six flags out there. by no means. > let's tell you what's coming up tonight at 11.1. this one just coming in.n. we're getting word. north korea has conducted a nuclear test tonight.toni thinks developing just moments ago. i'm getting information. it is now a hydrogen bomb test we understand.nder new details coming up for youfor tonight at 11. that's brand new just coming into my ear as we speak.peak we're also going back to the sand bernadino shooting an 18 minute window, after they made their escape from that officeffi complex, where did he go? theth fbi is working to fill that 8-minute gap in the timeline. why investigators are trying ton account for the shooters' whereabouts during that time.t also new at 11, instead of picking out a coffin for the deceased or an urn for ashes how about picking out a tree? how
10:42 pm
that tree can be nourished. join us at 11.
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kirk cousins there, do like the that. from that rallying cry for the e team. yes, we sure do like that. all right. as the redskins get ready to host their first playoff game in years. where the team may move to is to still a mystery. we caught up with d.c. mayor muriel bowser today. she says she hasn't spoken to so team officials about a new new stadium any time recently. >> no recent conversations. i think you know our approach is to reach out to the team let te them know that we think rfk is the best place. >> others have suggested that there are better landing spots such as near nats park or where the new soccer stadium will be built. they would like to keep the teae in the state, but virginia has a
10:46 pm
also expressed an interest in in hosting a new stadium.tadi it's about the time when you have a team that's winning. >> we needed to say we're greatr > let's talk about going into sunday. a lot of exciting there.her of course a game of stats. there's one that stands out when it comes tot red skips. today jay gruden was asked about the skins can because they're t only the ninth team to end up up with a winning record with each within coming against a team te that didn't fin tissue 500. there are a lot of demons around here. the playoff game is our number one objective. some of the teams we beat wouldt be over 500 if we didn't beat them. look at it like that. th we just play who we're going too play on the schedule and we we understand the importance ofmpor this football game. foo if you make it to the playoffs no matter who you've beaten it's a hell of a feet, in my opinion
10:47 pm
and we got to get ready. > turning to baseball right now, ryan zimmerman spending hig off season in the courtroom. c today the first basell filed suit sequence al gentleman deer that he was one of three athletes for using enhancing performance drugs. we have you covered on sunday, game time 2 to 4. i will be here and we have a,í a couple guests already lined up. joe thighs man and troy ache man. > big names for what's going to be a big day all around. the game is right here on fox at 4:40.40. > sarah and sue, what have youh got for us? >> i think you're going to like this, maybe. or maybe not. ma i can tell you since we're ending on a redskins note with gym and tony it will be warmer on sunday by a lot. lot we'll probably start the day in
10:48 pm
the low 50s. by the time the game gets rolling maybe in the 40 #-s. the whole game will not be when the. we're going to show you that tha forecast and we got to get through tonight and that's the hard part. par it feels a lot better to me than last night only because it's not windy. >> the temperature could get a little colder than it did last i night because of the lack of of wind. while we're not talking about single digit wind chills we're talking about single digit air g temperatures because it's easier for the atmosphere to get cold and radiate out today. tod the bottom line it's going to be very cold tonight, but ton temperatures are going to start to moderate about 10-degrees warmer tomorrow afternoon thanom it wasor today. a little bit of rain in the forecast. some showers likely around hereo on friday. we'll see the clouds coming in i on thursday.on a little bit of rain on sunday to deal with. wit we'll watch the timing. i think there will still be somb
10:49 pm
showers lingering by the time te gets started. if we're lucking it's only a little bit of rain for the tailgating not for the rest of the game. it's pretty good bargain for for january. it will be warmer when we only get up to 43-degrees. bwi33 and of course all of these locations were in the teens lass night as so many places were and so many places are again. aga martinsburg one of the coldest spots tonight at 14. 1 the district is 28. 28. 16 in gaithersburg, 15 in culpeper. so bundle up$ for tomorrow morning. just a quick check of other locations in the mid atlantic we definitely see a lot of air. binghamton, 16, chicago, 27 and i'm showing you the wind direction and you can see that a we're going to continue to haveh that cold north flow courtesy of the jetstream. it's taking a dip over the ove northeast and the mid atlantic and that's why we got this cold shot. change essay head, late in the e
10:50 pm
week the jetstream reseeds. that will allow our tropical jetstream to get a little bit gt more active that is why we have chances of showers later this week. not in theç short term. tomorrow about 42-degrees, 42 certainly on the chilly side. sd a warmer afternoon at 42-degree- relative to today. thursday, 46-degrees, more clouds around around still on the dry side. high pressure right on top of u tonight keeping us really cold and also without the wind. it moves a little bit off the of coast tomorrow. tom that's why we get a little bit warmer and even farther still on thursday which pumps in a bit more cloud cover for us even us though we expect the day to be e dry. we expect to see a lieutenant of sunshine throughout the day, clear skies again for the most m part of our evening, but very late tomorrow night the clouds t start pushing in again. i even notice a little bit of of sleet, maybe a little bit of freezing rain. that would be south of charlottesville. the clouds overtake the area and we will not need the sunglasses
10:51 pm
too much the way things are are looking for thursday. again expecting it to be dry. the big deal tonight are the th changes in the suburbs. sub 9 to 6-degrees. a lot of sunshine for usor tomorrow getting up to about 42-degrees not nearly as harsh a feeling as today was.ay here is a look at the temperatures around the region. definitely just a little bitus below average for this time oftf year. i wanted to show you the seven e day forecast because i want toat talk a little bit more detail dt about the redskins game on sunday. i promise you offed you that forecast. while we will be getting a little bit warmer and then colder on monday.. here's how things look for sunday. while we expect everything will get started at 4. 40. kick off 48, maybe a lingering shower and then 43 degrees. all right, back to your seven day forecast and back to the desk we go to talk about at abo
10:52 pm
least getting things started a little bit warmer tomorrowomor afternoon and those mid 50s on the weekend ought to feel good. it's very cold again tonight. that's the big take away. > thank you, sue. it was one of the hottest giftsg this holiday season, lots of shoppers raising to stores to own there vair own drone.he the government wants tore keep track of those drones especiallo since it can interfere with airr traffic. so the faaa is requiring drone owners to register. reg one man is taking the faa to court. john tailor says the faa from prohibiting regulations for drones that are operated safely. >> under the statute if people i are flying safely under the parameters we've described.
10:53 pm
congress is saying let them alone. let them fly their model air plans. while the lawsuit is pending, drone owners must still register their aircraft.ircr > drones are also extremelyre popular at this year's consumer electronics show.onic the annual las vegas -- the annual las vegas convention kicks off tomorrow, but today td the company powerup introduced t the first paper airplane drone with a live streaming camera. you can view it kick starter to raise money to fund theund development of the drone. it brought up month music lovers and gamers are excited here.ere. they are called d mode a. they were originally made by djs for djs. djs the head phones have ear ea technology that's supposed to be very comfortable to wear and they now have bluetooth wireless
10:54 pm
built in as well. > they look home. gadgets that turn your house hou into a smart house are big again this year. devices can do things like close the blinds on your windows, turn off your lights remotely, one on can also help track energy use. the one thing that prod nursery has done this year, you got a monitor that everybody is always disconnected or walked around their house with.r ho if i take that or put that away they have now come out with a mini monitor. this thing can go on a watch. it can go in your pocket, your p back pocket. it's giving you the same hd audio, two way audio, everything out of this without having to to carry the monitor out. that monitor can stay in the bedroom where you always have it. now all you're doing this arouns your home. > and technology in 2016 even
10:55 pm
coming to the bra deers ladies. a new smart bra was introduced. it is like a fitness tractor built into your sports bra much it's pretty cool can actually. it senses breathing rate, calories burned and more. mo the ohm bra is expected to staro shipping this spring and will w cost about $150,000. > that it is cool. >> you don't have to it's $150. what did i say? sa >> that was an odd gesture. # $50 and no, i did not do anything okay ward there. th > you just made it awkward. normally, playing video games ga all day long might mean you're addicted, but this week in herndon there is ' more than # thousand gamers are taking parta
10:56 pm
in a video game marathon. ma it runs until this sunday, the, 10 on the. all this gaming is to raise to money for the prevent cancer ca foundation. last year the event raisedai $1.4 million and organizers arer hoping similar numbers this time around. great event. > yes, it is. > we'll be right back with the news at 11.
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it?
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joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. this is fox5 local news at # 11# right now at 11 an emotion l ala charged announcement from a president obama as the commander in chief lays out an executive x order for con gun control. and from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken by a gun. every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. what the plan really means for gun owners across america.
11:00 pm
plus a fox5 exclusive, a d.c. firetruck responds to a a northeast home where a man wasas having a heart attack and leftnd without helping. the shocking outcome and why the man's family is demanding and it. fox5 local news at 11 starts now. and it is good to have you with us, i'm tony perkins and i'm i' sarah simmons in for shawn. it is another frigid night across d.c..c. sue palka joins us now. we are looking at single l digits as t night goes on. certainly for areas north and west. a lot of places are around 13,3, to 14-degrees now. you'll definitely feel those loh teens and upper single digits again tot far north and west. so bundle up for that.hat. that's the bottom line tonight. a really cold night, unusually cold for this time of year considering there's no snow on the ground


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