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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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plus a fox5 exclusive, a d.c. firetruck responds to a a northeast home where a man wasas having a heart attack and leftnd without helping. the shocking outcome and why the man's family is demanding and it. fox5 local news at 11 starts now. and it is good to have you with us, i'm tony perkins and i'm i' sarah simmons in for shawn. it is another frigid night across d.c..c. sue palka joins us now. we are looking at single l digits as t night goes on. certainly for areas north and west. a lot of places are around 13,3, to 14-degrees now. you'll definitely feel those loh teens and upper single digits again tot far north and west. so bundle up for that.hat. that's the bottom line tonight. a really cold night, unusually cold for this time of year considering there's no snow on the ground.
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for last year we had to go back to march 6 and that was a nightg we had snow on the ground in in 2015. martinsburg has dropped another degree to 15. that is one of the coldest spots. that is another spot that will h go down to 8 or 9. we're almost there. culpeper, the district is 27. that's running about three abo degrees warmer than it was last night. even so i think we can get downo to 20-degrees tonight in the district with that range of about 8 to 16 in the suburbs. high pressure is rightç overhe. one thing we have ditched is thh wind. we're not talking about single n digerornimo can it wind chills. that's the good news. the bad news we're talking about single digit air temperatures because the winds tend to make the atmosphere up a little bit.b you'll definitely want to bundle up for that, but you won't haveu to bundle up against the wind. we're going 20 tonight with than range of 8 to 16-degrees in the suburbs. 42, we should be able to recover
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tomorrow what you can expect for the kid at the bus stop, in the morningi a range of 12 to 20-degrees.0- clearly we're still on the coldi side of things, but more of a warming trend is in our forecasr and i'll be detailing that witht the seven day in just a bit. > we are following breaking news out of north korea, the north korean government said it has conducted a successful hydrogen bomb test. this marks anotr step towards north correspond rereas a missile capable of reaching the united states. the country carried out its last nuclear test nearly three years ago. > today president obamaay p announced a new plan to combat gun violence across america. will thomas is making it downakn for us. i know this has a lieutenant of people fired up on both sides of the issue. >> absolutely. the president is flexing his
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political muscle using his h executive powers instead of trying to get congress to agree on it. emotional today as the presidenp wiped away tears as he spoke about the 20 first graders killed during the sandy hook massacre. he called for a massive urgency to expand background checks forr buyers. this is not a plot to take away everybody's guns. you pass a background check, yoo purchase a firearm. fi the problem is some gun sellers have been operating under a different set of rules. a violent felon can buy the bu exact same weapon over the internet with no backgroundnd check. no questions asked. only federally licensed gunn dealers had to provide t background checks on customers creating a loophole for private individuals who sold online or on gun shows. under the president's orders tht
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definition of a gun dealer willl now expand to include anyone in the business of selling gunsuns regardless of the venue. the president is over stepping his authority here. he > this president is obsessed with undermining the th constitution in general, butt second amendment in particularment he is obsessed with undermining it and it willi do nothing. more reaction from the gop side now, todd cruz tweeting gunodd control is government con role. he added the photo. president obama wearing a crown like the monarch. m ben carson also coming into thee discussion here, tweeting we thw people have a constitutional right to bare arms and it's theh president's responsible to upre hold that right. on the democratic side hillary clinton thanking the president. here's her quota twitter. thank you for taking a crucial step forward on gun progress. pr and bernie sanders tweetingweet republicans are clearly more loyal to gun lobbyists than our children.
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i support the president's executive actions to make our ma community safer. the nra weighing in as well saying the president's proposalp would not have prevented any of the the hockic events. new developments in the bernadino attack on december 2. they need the public's help piecing together an 18-minute time spain that followed the shooting. they have been able to traceo most of the shooters' actions before and after the shooting, but it's unclear where they werh and what they were doing between 16789. 59 and 1:17:00 p.m. following the massacre. the couple later died in a shootout with police.ut > it has been a somber day in france. ceremonies were held to mark the one year terror attacks. a kosher market was also hit. extremists carried out the
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attacks over three days. 17 people were killed.ere > today the victims' families m joined the president and other dignitaries to remember theemem people killed. tomorrow the newspaper is releasing an anniversary issue n to mark the attacks. back here in the district, the d.c. fire department is trying to figure out why the fire department responding to a homea of a man having a heart attack. the man later died. marina maracco is live with the exclusive.ex report report. >>reporter: a husband was suffering from a husband. the wife and husband helpedusba perform cpr while they waited wi for help. he help from truck 17 first arrived, but was waived off by d.c. police officer tending to a separate incident on that very same block. the situation was under control, truck 17 left.17 a wife in distress inside on a a
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home on that very street called 911 yet again demanding help. finally nearly 19 minutes aftern the initial ca, engine 10 eng arrived at the house on 60th street northeast. no paul wagner learned of the details exclusively and spokeus withiv the vic's wife. this time you sinced that it was taking a little bit longer. >> i did. i i don't know why. w two firetrucks came and then about i guess five minutes later the plans pulled up. and then the little suvs, they always go to fires, they pulled up. and then the police car pulled l up, but he parked over acrosscro the street. str > the vic i am was finally transported to the near's hospital where he died. fox5 reportedly reported on the confusion, gregory bean sent oue a statement, going forward the department will require units to
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repeat the address to the dispatcher upon their arrival ar a scene to make sure they are at the correct location. additionally, the department and the office of unified communications are working to t clear language so that responding units have more information on the types of call they are being dispatched to. it comes days after a dispatcher sent firefighters to a wrong wro address on new year's day where a fire burned unattended fornatt nearly 12 minutes in a different neighborhood of washington. > still ahead at 11, a rash of robberies targeting 7/eleven stores in northern virginia. v tonight police are stepping up to guard neighborhoods that hava fallen victim to the crime. > an historic find in old townn alexandria, a century's old shii found at a new hotel construction site. what we know about that rare find. plus a new alterative toe t cremation and a traditionall burial. how one company is helping the
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welcome back. fox in is in prince william w unity where robber have hit
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nearly a dozen 7/eleven stores.n the suspects are still out there.ere. fox5's tisha lewis reports. >>reporter: to be honest, if ih were to see it, i would probably do my best to stop it. police don't recommend dale city resident craig concerning saidci he'd go up against a robber. r a 7/eleven manager told me off camera only $35 was in the cash register, but that hasn't stopped a string of stickups in prince william stores. eleven 7/eleven stores were held up in recent months. m it's always been a quiet community. i've lived here for over 30 years and because of it being more populated i can kind of see the up rising of problems goings on in the neighborhood. the mostç recent stickup happed here at this 7/eleven in woodbridge. police say in most h cases the mo is the same. it's late, the suspects come in,
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pull out a gun and demand money. >> you're constantly having to watch yourself now. this is all happening at all the 7/elevens. shortly of after nine on sunday night, surveillance video showsh three men with large guns demappedding cash. they escaped in a black four f door car. at another woodbridge 7/eleven two masked men walked in, pulled out handguns and demanded moneyd before escaping in a black fourl door honda and three days earlier in the we morning hours another holdup inside another woodbridge 7/eleven. in this case the crook was alone. and ran away after demanding cash. i noticed a lot more police car strolling up and when you see the increased police presence do you feel safer. >> i generally feel safer justr seeing the police in the area.
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when i was the vice-president of my homeowners association we encouraged police to t strolledp through the neighborhood. in response tot 7/eleven stickups they have increased patrols of the surrounding area to a help deter criminals and ee concerns. the big question now, is it working. tisha lewis, fox5 local news. > in howard county, maryland, m glenn wood school will be closed to teachers and staff and s students tomorrow due t a fire. a fire was sparked inside the school's boiler room. the billing was evacuated and ad students were sent to a nearby school for the remainder of thet day. > a major announcement today for the city of baltimore. today governor larry hogan and baltimore mayor stephanie also blake announced plans to demolish thousands of vague can't buildings across the city. the demolition will begin in the neighborhood where freddie gray was arrested last april. leaders say this plan includes
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$75 million in state funding and will help create space for f affordable housing, businesses and pass,. > alexandria is full of history as you know. but no one expected to start off the new year 2016 with an a historic find, a 75-foot revolutionary war era ship that was unearthed that used to be the potomac river before it was back filled. crews working on the new hotel independent go on union street found the ship. today the site was opened to the public so people could get an uu close look at this vessel. >> it's like once of a lifetimel thing. it makes you oner what else is hidden underneath our ground here. > alexandria's arc gists says s is to get the ship in water so it remains preserved. from there they'll figure out
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where it came from. they use those to backfill and build up the waterfront. it was a bill of filler then atn the time. > very cool. you're talking about cold can weather. do you want to hear what i did. >> i couldn't figure out why my bedroom was so cold. i left my ac on from christmas. my bedroom was 58. i'm glad you made it into work. >> yes. > we're going to refreeze you overnight because we're going to be getting just as cold. we do know that we've stitched t the big winds. i wanted to just show you, to y give you a peak as we look life over a very cold d.c. tonight. this morning was the coldest temperature we've had in d.c. since march 6.sinc and that was a time in which we had snow on the ground. so it's really unusual to get g down to 16-degrees without the benefit of snow cover. our normal low temperature is 29-degrees and of course we're
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coming into this after this record warm december that we've had and a pretty mild november. so it's back to the teens in the morning and some single digitss in the northern and western suburbs. high pressure is going to be be moving a little bit off the coast and that will allow us to am what up by tomorrow afternoon. by no means was it a warm day, d but a lot better than today. t by some 10-degrees. still on the chilly side, no s winds and definitely you won'tou have to bundle up again. we are in the teens in many i areas tonight with that air treatment at gaithersburg. 15 at dulles, culpeper down to 14-degrees. i thought i'd show you around a the country a little bit. buffalo, 32. it's starting to warm a little bit in the middle part of the country. and that's the trend we will begin to see as we go over the next two days. the next two nights not nearly as cold as the last two have
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been. the snow that they got in the outer banks.ter what i want you to notice is the wind direction coming from north to south. the wind flow across the norfolk area and into the outer banks make what we call ocean effects. they had to cancel the snow in bear county. c hard to believe that the outer banks got accumulating snowatin before we did. d we talk about lake effect snow from time t time. we get the same thing with the biand with the ocean if it is cold enough and the water is warm enough. the jetstream dipping down, butg it's going to move back up toack the north. that will allow the tropical jets to get a little bit more active over the next few days d and a couple more chances of rain in our forecast for arere then of the week. friday i think there will be be some rain around and then on sunday. yes, we're watching thread skind forecast for you, too. 6 as we get closer to the beltway. we will be back with the w
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sunshine tomorrow and it will not feel as bad as it did todayd we jump up to about 42-degreesrs tomorrow t afternoon and that ia some better newsft indeed. i wanted to show you as we take you to the discussion this morning, tucker and mike thomast we were trying to get to washington northwest.ingt why are they doing, of course o they want to support the t redskins and of course the big game this weekend we're thinkint that the rain may affect the tailgate others in the first part of the game at kickoff. i'm going to keep a shower inhow there at 84-degrees. the final temperature should be dryer, 43-degrees. onto your seven day forecast, by sunday, 56, 54 on sunday. we'll be trending down by the time we start the game. monday and tuesday cooler. > what's going on with sports, jim?
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>> there's a lot going on. we're going to start with hockey because after that long wind streak the caps are riding highh and then they lost one, then they lost another. in boston with any apologies to new englands out there in the dmv. the first period, a heavy hitting aware, tomorrow wilson drilled by sac a rhinal dough:the caps up 1-0. he shoots, he scores, 13th of the year it's #-0 caps. and then in the third, 2-1. 2 mark us hanson rebound. he scores much that's the game winner, the caps win it 3-2. georgetown on the road facing. two blue jays throw is high offh the glass, the hoyas up by one.o
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and then ben creighton. the hoyas lose 79-66, the first, loss of the season as they drop to 9 and 6. > now to the skins, deshawn phillips and jarrette.tte. today we're learning phillips we could see this weekend, butnd, jarrette after this injury willw not. the skins made a move. they signed carry williams. williams, tony likes that. he was released by the seahawks last month. he had 46 tackles this year. the skins will be the fifth nfl team he's suited for. and finally after an emotional press conference where many tomorrow coughlin announced he is. the owner blue him off. the team says there's no bad ba blood, coughlin wanted to get t the check out of there.
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the two apparently traded some pleasantries after the announcement. > there you have it. i >> i thought only you created the awkward moments. that certainly was very awkward. > the new alternative to traditional burials. the biodegradable pods thatat allow the deceased to become one with the earth. we'll be right back.
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> big party tonight,> celebrating b the 35th anniversary of the 9/30 club./30 where is tucker and steve chenevey. 930 club revealed its hall of records. it's a library of albums from al each fan that is headlined ateal the stage. sta there you see d.c. mayor muriely bowser on hand as well tonight. >> pretty cool. lots of good memories. this is an interesting story here. we'll be the judge of that. > (laughter).
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everything is going environmentally friendly these days, including the ways in which we bury the dead. >> yes, designers in italy havea developed an egg-shaped burial pod which bio degrades and buries the body of a deceased person in a tree. after they're buried the tree is planted above the pod and knew try ingredients from the decaying body is used by the tree. > i can do without the th graphics. how do they get the body in thah position if rig mort us has set in. >> that's another question we we don't want answered. what kind of a tree do youou become. >> i wouldn't want any fruit from that tree. > i would like it for pets. >> for pets, very cold tomorrow morning, guys, but we're warming up after that. see you. stay warm.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> tyga is telling gloria allred, in your face. he said this 14-year-old he was texting was all professional. >> tyga's team sent me all of the -- the entire text messages gloria allred left a few out. first thing is like hey, whatever. and then she says -- harvey: wait, what's the whatever? >> that's a big whatever. >> adam rodriguez from "csi." we talked to him about "making a murderer." >> you cannot convict a person if the police were trying to plant evidence. >> if i thought i could get my answer out, i would go for it. can i get my answer out? >> that's all excludable based on the fruit of the poison tree. >> i can't get my answer out.


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