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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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s a major battleat between prosecutors and the defense. what does this man deserve? eserve does he deserve time in prisonso or does he deserve some time tim as probation? let's show youet's show some video of this christopher bartley resign res fred his job one day after the explosion at the sprawlingat t nist campus in gaithersburgtherur last july 18ly he admitted aitted going to an empty lab while on wle duty with the chemicals coldls col medicine and plastic soda bottles needed to make less than 5 grams of meth.rams of meth but while attempting to make m the highly addictive drug withit a shake and bake method anetd explosion ripped through thehrou lab blowing out windows andnd sending them flying more thaning more 30 family bartley was hurt andbartle suffered burns to his arm.ns to s ar his attorney claims bartley was making the meth so heeth so he could better understand thestd drug and train other officerss working for him at nist. however, prosecutors say the day before the explosion elosi bartley went on the internet looking for information on how how
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long meth stays in your you system.syem. now, the judge in this casethis case has told everyone in the courtroom that this hearingm could go into ththe evening butni he said it's going to bee finished today. there will be a sentenced sentenc handed out. ha out. the prosecutors want to send t this man to prison. prin. his defense team says he ss h should get probation. probation. there are a number of peoplea number o inf the courtroom his familyisamil is there. the. they plan on putting some character witnesses on thete stand including the former for police chief at the nist campus. mp that's what's happening rightt'happ now. when we know what the sentenceente is we will pass it live in greenbelt, paulreen wagner fox5 local news. n >> we have an update now oneow that school fire that has closed glenwood middle schoold middle schoo in howard h a fire broke out in the school's boiler room onroo on tuesday and caused significantnificant damage resulting with classes c being canceled the rest of the rest week but they will resume on monday at a different dfe location. location students will report to bushyohy park elementary school. s sixth graders will stay at
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school while the seventhen graders will be bused to dayton oaks elementary ands elemtary eighth graders will be takenak to marriott's ridge highdggh school. all students will be thenwi be th bussed back to bushy parkushyar elementary at the end of the the day for dismissal.ismi >> a lawyer for one of the baltimore police officers charged in the death ofd in freddie gray is asking an appeals court to block a ruling requiring him to testify against a colleague.olag yesterday judge ruled williamuledilliam porter whose trial ended in a mistrial last month could be forced to testify in the trialin t of caesar goodson or possiblysi face jail goodson is facing the most the serious charges of the six s officers, second degreece, se meanwhile porter's retrial has been scheduled to begin on june 13th.ju 13th. the naacp says it will go wl to court to get grand jury grand jury transcripts made public in the tamir rice case. c a grand jury voter last weekoter lt w not to indict the two white officers from clevelandleveland involved in the 12-year-old's shooting. prosecutors have told theors have t civil rights group the lawup t does not allow them to releaseel
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the rice was shot and killedas sho outside a recreation center innt i 2014. >> we are learning about about spike in homicides in our area our linked to the notorious and dangerous ms13 gang.3 ga at least seven and possibly possibl eight murders in our region have ties to the internationaler law enforcement says thishis trend has them concerned. fox5's alexander limon is ale here with the story.e s >> reporter: laura, thosera t are just the murders with ms13 ties that we know of.w of a police source explains it's actually hard to tie crimes to ms13 because of how the ganghe gan is structured.tructure but investigators ingators in montgomery county confirmry couy c there is a definite uptick. uptic >> the spike, if you would call it, occurred at the endat of the year so there were aea number of cases rightr at thet end of 2015 and that's tt' concerning 'cause you don'ton want to see that carry over into 2016. 201 >> reporter: seven recent sevenecen homicides in the region have confirmed ties to ms13.3. and there are two other cases
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with possible links to theks to gang flown for its brutality. brulity. three of the homicideses happened in montgomery countygo cou and a fourth is still under investigation. in the most recent slaying 18-year-old dennis bautista bauti with missing for more than asi month before his body wasngre h found. found. according to court documentsum two members of the park view vie click of ms13 were arrested arres for the violent killing. killing. >> they had stabbed him and hed st had crawled into a creek and creek then they continued theirued their assault on him.ult they stoned >> reporter: fairfax countyouy police said they had 3ms13 3ms13 related murders one in fallsls church, one in annandale andandale a in march a man was brutallyru killed in herndon park with pk wi knives and a machete t the eighth case with ms13 ties ties happened in sterling. srl a loudoun county sheriff's sheriff department says the victim and three suspect were all illegalileg immigrants and then there's and then t the new year's murder inurde in prince george's county: thenty: t body of a 20-year-old woman-o w was found along the northwest branch trail on new year's dayil o and her mother tells me she
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fierce her death is related to ms13. in fact throughout the parkut t par you can see graffiti andit tagging related to the gang.gang police can not confirm thisfirmhi case is tied to ms13. m saying only they have strong leads in the murder off 20-year-old katherine alvaradorine alv and they can only say they arey say not ruling out any motive. what's more concerning is investigators believe gang members here are gettings he orders directly from ms133 leaders in el salvador about recruiting and increasing thereasing the gang's influence here in the u.s. >> i'm curious what lawha enforcement is trying to do.t isryin >> reporter: there's dollre d many strategies. one of the ways they try to ways th deal with it ieys by working worki with federal law enforcement partners but montgomery countyon police tells me the biggeste big way they think to solve thisolve this problem is to educate youngteou kids maybe in junior high orig even high school about the t severe consequence of gettingfet involved with dangerous gangsus g like ms13 because many ofy o
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those cases that i spoke about actually involved suspects and susct also victims who are only inrenly high schl. >> alex limon, thank you very much. near a metro station in d.c. one neighborhood is inrh the process of forming a lookout. the neighborhood commissionerod c near the potomac avenueac avenu station in southeast says heea is sick of hearing about robberies and assaults. instead of leaving the problem up to police he wants wts neighbors to help. fox5's matt auckland is livet auland i tonight at the metro stationetrota with more.with more. matt. >> reporter: hey, sarah, i met that commissioner at aioner at meeting with the mayorth the mayor yesterday and he told me that told m t some of the people that heha represents in thisrepresents in this neighborhood have decided to he deci take their cars because bau they're so concerned about abo walking to and from this metro m station but as you were saying, they're not blaming bla this all on police.ole. in fact we've seen police hereice h tonight but they want to helpt to h police. ce so, they're trying to organizeorganiz a lookout basically peopleal peo looking out through theirouhe window making sure nothing n suspicious is going on and ifn a
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they see something thathing t doesn't look right, they want to notify authorities. the potomac avenue metro m station sits on the edge of a residential neighborhood. chander j rahman representsrepres the area.area >> we want to make sure people p after a hard day's work can wk get off the metro come walk home and have a safe path home. >> reporter: he says he he here's too much aboutabout robberies and assaults and he's putting together aut t special watch made up ofp neighbors hoping to stop thehe crime.crim >> and that is where you have metro officer police stationed sta several blocks away but thenut t you have neighbors within inn between that area to be on b o watch. >> reporter: his plan is tor: get neighbors to h sign up for a shift, a time when they cann they can keep an eye out for people walking by and report anything suspicious. suspicious. >> if the citizens who ares w signed up to keep watch along alo those safe paths are able toarable to report that in realtime andltim a get it to the officers. >> reporter: council memberouncilembe charles allen says more policee officers have been deployed toave
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be this area but he also supportso su efforts to help police.olic >> we have some of the best officers in the can countryn th but we can't put everything oning them. part of thisem is having theaving community leadershipeadehi neighborhood leadership thathip that walks the block has an extrae set of eyes andbl it makes a difference. >> reporter: so the r commissioner is still in theeps st process of organizing this and putting this together he hopes to have something by the way, we should telluld t that you metro police they concentrate down in the tunneln in and on the buses. buses you can see one of their carsir c here behind me and in fact we fac were told earlier today thatod t you might not always see metroetro police riding on the trains and we saw a little evidence evidenc of that today. t when these officers pulled ups pulled they were in they pulled up right before bef rush hour about 3:30 and we we saw them going down into the tunnel. we haven't seen them come upome so we were thinking thathiing t possibly those are the undercover officers that wefficer t were told about earlier. live in southeast matt ackland fox5 local news. news. >> we now know the identity ofity
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o a man shot and killed in kille waldorf yesterday. investigators say lydell woodydelwo was shot and killed in a parking lot on brooks heads he place.e. wood and his attacker confronted each other beforether b wood was sho detectives are still looking lki for wood's killer. kle they're asking anyone with anyone with information about this case ton ab give them a >> straight ahead at 5:00 a controversial new bill couldill cld allow drug dealers to hold onto smolts of cash duringhur arrests even if it's drugsru money.moy. fox5 investigating this one. ts tom. >> hey we've showed that you historic ship from the revolutionary war found inary alexandria but you didn't see but this. fox5 cameras were rolling today when an historic findtorifi was made.was made. first over to sue palka. pka >> hey tom.>> h tom i love that story. looking forward to see whatt the new developments are todayop and once again we've got a lot got a of murky damp conditions outamp there.ou a little bit of mist here and there and, yeah, you can thankhank that east wind it's going to goi t keep us from falling too lowow
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tonight. we'll have to get used to the fog and drizzle. drizzle fog could be a problemuld be tomorrow morning.rr mor i'll have the first look at f loo your forecast when fox5 localox5 l news at 5:00 comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> tonight it's a story you'll see first here on fox5.t he you're getting a firsthandha look at some of the amazingma artifacts that are beingthat recovered from a revolutionaryolutna war era ship. shi >> now it was discovered inveredn
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alexandria virginia. archaeologists have viewed theis ship up close andts uncovered uncov all sorts of historic relics.c relic tom fitzgerald is in old town.n. he's a front seat for all of f a this and has more.ore. hey, tom. >> reporter: hey, goodor evening. this has been incredible.eeincredible you know, archaeologists tonight are calling this alexandria ship a gold mine.ine. look at this its a pen danderen dander they found in in the plank.he it is more than 200 years old.0 years o it is just one of the many m artifacts they have beenfacts th pulling out of this ship forey thi days now as archaeologists try to piece together the mysterye myste of how this ship from the revolutionary war is nowy is giving up its secrets here in 2016. an alexandria virginia's waterfront arc collings john mullen is making >> i'm amazed at the story of of finding this particular shipcur ship has gone international.ernati >> reporter: this revolutionary war era ship wass that found in a hotel h construction site.ite.
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it's 50 feet long, 200 years00 yrs old and the subject of a million questions.ueio >> it tells the story of the o history of the founding of alexandria. >> reporter: workers from wet land thunderbirdhu archaeology are sifting and brushing every inch of this o vessel. >> we've removed all of the timber frames piece by piece pie >> reporter: our camerate our captured one worker as he dugout a colonial era pipe era completely intact. that's a rare thing. re >> we usually phoenixy thingsenixy thin broken up into lots of pieces.. finding a and intact one is unique. >> reporter: finding thiste ship was only the start.r:nl experts will tell you whatha they found inside has been an archaeological treasure trove. tasure tro next to the ship a warehouseeh and an outhouse were foundou with even more artifacts. artifacts what are you finding. are you >> we're finding a lot of shoes and this is the soles of soles the shoes, tea cup fragments and this could be a fragment fragment from a chamber pot.haer
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>> reporter: these very the v small pieces are very big vy clues about where the ship shi sailed. what does finding corral tell you. u. >> well, it tells us that thes us tt t ship and that's where thiss came from, probably sailedbly sailed down to the caribbean. to >> reporter: in fact after aft 200 years the ship will be heading back to water. preservation tech john and hisis crew continue their journey tor jou t study it. >> this is great.>> this is what we all t do thishi for finding stuff like this ship. >> reporter: it's beenter: ibe amazing to watch all of this. t archaeologists will be backogists w here on the scene ine e in alexandria tomorrow to commitw to com a 3-d laser scan of the entiree bulkhead.he now, this is going to take ais g little bit longer than they expected. they are finding so many arty facts that they're reallyat having to slow down their pace their pac a bit but ship has been here for 200 years so it can wait aai few more days. day we're live in alian ya' alexandria tonight. toni >> keeps getting better. getting better. >> can't wait to see what elsetls
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they find. after the warmest decemberecem for our area round topound top mountain resort int pennsylvania is finally openedia for business. i this is fothe latest the resort res has ever opened beating theng previous record by a few days. day crews started making snow latesnow lat last week but most of the the stuff on the ground was maderoun in the last two days. d >> we have a trip coming upin u this friday to colorado so we so w wanted to get out and loosen loo up a little. l >> i'm kind of bummed out of bummed out 'cause there's no actual snowre's and there's no powder but once onc it gets colder we're going to t have nice ramps up and it's is going to be more fun.reun >> those who work there sayork thsa the earliest there's ever been snow on the slopes was before thanksgiving.ksgiving. >> wow, that is late.ow, out west they're really celebrating. el niño has everything mixed m up. >> i know. i k it's just been crazy.ra >> ski liberty and also white also whi tail opened today as well andl that's because they've been a bee able to make snow but do youut d know here in d.c. this is the dthis latest we've ever gone withoute who even a trace of snow? it's a it's new record. ror >> really? >> yeah. we have a chance of flurriesce of
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flur in the forecast nextec wednesday. >> okay. >> so we'll see what happensse with that. but in the meantime you knowu kno what, sarah laura you're used u to the drill that i'm about to tell you about and that is and tt more fog tonight and a little bit of mist and drizzle. you know what that means sarahthat we cannot walk down the street tonight. >> our hair will fall.aill f >> our hair will absolutely --olutely -- we'll come back like cotton cot candy from the montgomeryro county fair and we can't do that.m an that. here's why things have changed. high pressure in this positionion is going to be pumping in a i moist flow.moistlow. we've got a lot of damp l o we had a little bit of mistit of mist and drizzle and fog iszle d fo beginning to form as well andell you probably notice the note visibility is down just aty little bit thanks to the eastast wind. that is such a tough thing to dislodge this time of year and i think we're going have toav t put up with it tonight andht a let me show you where w visibilities r gaithersburg down a mile and a half.and a half. in the city at 8 miles an8 mile hour. dulles down to two. as we go forward later tonighton our fog cast is showing thatwi t we're probably going to see to s those visibilities continuing continuin
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to drop even by 10 o'clock sok if you've got plans to takeak you out later tonight look att places like culpeper. cpe that might be overdone but that's pretty poor visibilityr v and into 7:00 in the morningng 8 o'clock in the morning a lot morning a lot of places down less than halfes of a mile so more of the sameheame tomorrow, very gray, very dampmp and the high temperaturespetu today were affected by that. 43 degrees at reagan national. natna dulles, bwi in the low 40's. that's not too far from average but we are going to to see those temperatures staying real steady. now one good thing about thehi fog and the east wind, we we don't get terribly we're not heading for singleor singl digits or teens tonight. tonig temperatures will be slow tour we're at 43 degrees now, 39sow for frederick, 40 at dulles d and we'll keep it in the upperin u 30's right etween now and a 11 o'clock but again, patchyhy drizzle and a little bit ofd fog here and there.a fog here a and our big headline as we go through the weekend, it is a i damp late week pattern. patte we have more measurablemeurab showers possible late tomorrow tomorro night and a lot more rain latenat saturday into the first partst p of sunday.y. something i did notice,ing i did though, while we were watchingere
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watch tom fitzgerald out there in alexandria, you can still seee him it's daylight. 5:02 is when the sun sets set tonight so we're gaining aboutng a minute a day and that's goodt's od news right laura and sarah. s >> we'll take it. we'llake it. >> thanks sue. >> just ahead at 5:00 one0 congressman wants to strip t str bill cosby's medal of freedom amid mounting sexual assaultinse claims. >> an iconic retailer but itr b i can't seem to stay afloat. macy's is slashing thousandsshing tho of jobs and closing dozens ofen stores.or. >> first ever heard of therd lawn droid? it's one of thet'one newest inventions the thes t consumer electronics show thatha just might make laundry day a piece of cake.of c we'll tell you about it andbout some other things that have t h come up. >> ♪
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>> creating a lot of buzz. gadgets soft wears and services that all of those t presenters believe will be big in 2016. 2 based on the reviews some ofevieome what's being sloane is truly amazing. some of it leaving a little to be desired. so what is creating some buzzinsome today? let's start off with at's robot there not only does youry does y laundry for you but makers sayakers it sorts it and folds it asdst well. >> no way. >> the laundroid is what it'st's called. it can recognize and fold shirts, towels pants and p skirts. it's a big machine about theut sides of a refrigerator.ra throw in an article ofcle clothing and the laundroid lnd will analyze it and fold it. it. truly amazing. azi the only problem here is you have to load each item ofitemf clothing individually.ndid >> oh, geez. >> >> and it takes five to 10o 10 minutes. >> oh, no way, uh-uh.h- >> to fold. so you might say that thisay that this droid has a little ways to go. >> yeah, maybe just a little bit. >> they're saying they're laundroid will be available toilable cymenes 2017. no word on cost yet but we b w might wait until that one tha
5:24 pm
develops a little bit more. >> well, i know but i'm curious how does it fold aw does i pair of like ladies underwear? underwear >> i don't think it has that't t one. no, it's only specific thingsichi so the shirt the towel only o four styles of skirts so there are only certain thingin t underwear not. you'll have to fold that onha your own. ur o >> so difficult. they need to work it out more. >> sorry.ry. >> if you're a fan of vinyl records here's a gadget for you. sony has come up with a new a n turntable that allows you toto digit advertise your record your r collection. tony you can play your record,ec record the sound and the and the system will actually upgrade ura it to high definition sound. s so this is called the tony -- tony i've got tony perkins on my mind.mind. sony pshx500 and it stores the stos sounds that come from theom the record via usb and you cannd ou c look for this one in stores insn april. ap now that one makes sense. sse >> that's a great one. tt's >> really good idea 'cause aa ' lot of people in our generation and olderration and o generation still have their h records. you can't part with those.h those
5:25 pm
>> right. right. you don't want to give thoseivth up its a treasure. treas antique. anti >> and it will still play thewi records,ll too.. >> yes. and finally this little thinge t is a universal monitor. it's called appropriatelyropriate mother. we'll show it to you in just a yn just moment. it comes with smart sensorsmartenso that will make any household houho object smart.ob when you place a mother sensorhese on the object will you getou notifications reminders ortiremi alerts about that object. so say you want to measure how well your kids brushed their teeth or you want to make suret to me s that you're drinking enoughe drking water. you put the sensor on theso toothbrush or your drinkingsh o cup and mother keeps track of track all of that for you. for y you put a sensor on or it'sr i called a cookie on your doorour d and then it immediately becomes a door alarm. a you put it on your grandmother's pills and you can make sure that she'ske s taking her medication.edat but it under your pillow your piow can get your sleep habits tracked. so, you get the idea.get the but that's essentially how it h goes. but if we can keep the video vid running there, i don't know ifer we can, but it'se, a peanut p
5:26 pm
shaped little robot that's got these two bead deey eyes and it'ss creepy looking. looking >> i was going say it sounds creepy. cree >> it monitors all of thenito things that you're doing that you want to be tracked but there's a creepinessactor. fac >> i don't want to be watchedant e that much.thh. >> yeah. >> i think we get watchede enough. enough there's enough big brother.. >> you choose and if you want y w to have these things monitoredon and you need a little extra e peek over are shoulder then t there it is. >> creepy. >> yeah. [laughter]augh >> there's momma watching. watin >> all right.ig >> she's nagging you. naggi you >> a little bit. bit. >> coming up at 5:00 how a dryry january if you're taking part in this whole thing how it can it change your whole year.whol >> and then people come fromle com fro all over to see his amazingma christmas decorations but tragedy struck this season andson and now the community is comingom together to support this neighbor who always spreadsays spread
5:27 pm
good clear. >> i love the washingtonhing redskins.ns they make me smile.e smi >> this woman cannot wait for sunday's big game.ig g oh, and wait, her house isouse decked out too, as you canyo c see right her you're going to meet hert coming up. [laughter][lau >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> a bill involving the forfeiture of assets of suspected criminals passed these maryland house and received unanimous support in the statethe tate senate but governor larryo l hogan vetoed the bill in part i p because of the state's heroin crisis. fox5's ronica cleary is here i with the story. sto >> reporter: that wasn't thanks laura. the bill would restrict theld seizure of r criminal assets inssets part by stopping officers from oicer taking assets from suspected criminals valid at less than t
5:31 pm
$300. $300. so here's the question.e qu does a bill like this keep k cash in the hands of potentialal drug dealers or protect the civil liberties of maryland residents? the bill would give grader due process tode those caught up in ther forfeiture system shifting the burden of proof from aenproo suspected criminal to thetohe police. po but governor hogan says a law like this that limits lawmi enforcement options when tackling issues like maryland's heroin crisis couldsou hurt task forces investigatingesga drug crimes.ri senator raskin was one of the senator whose introduced the idu bill. >> we're not going allow a situation to remain where the government can take your your property without charging yourg with anything without arresting you and then you've got to go to court and somehownd som prove that your property isat y innocent. that doesn't make any sense't m under our system of good. of >> reporter:. >> reporter: he says thereter: are plans in place to attempt to override the veto. >> we will write a new law aew that is stronger than the oneer t werey we ended up passing as a
5:32 pm
compromise last year i asked a governor hogan about those possible override attempts.attemp >> the legislature is not backnot ck in session yet.eson yet. there's a lot of talk abouta lot of talk abou what people might do and we'llt be happy to talk about some of se that in the next couple ofoue weeks when they get back inack i town. we have serious things to talkthngs to about.ab >> reporter: maryland or legislators go back intoslator session next week so we will we w follow the possible efforts to override governor hogan's veto. to back to you, laura and sarah. >> thanks ronica.hanks ro an arizona congressman isna ctrying to help strip billstribill cosby of his presidential medal of freedom. representative paul gosserr introduced new legislation forlaon for the president to strip that medal of freedom from the actor. to he has been working on then ing bill since last july and saysul it would impose a criminalnal penalty on someone who publically displays a medal of freedom that has been revoked. roked ba in july president obamaama said there was no precedentce for revoking a medal.r revo cosby who received his medal in 2002 is facing three felonyeel counts of assault and has beenee accused by more than 50 women50 of sexual assault. aau
5:33 pm
>> maryland congressman elijah e cummings still says he is undecide on whether he'll runun for the senate.en cummings has until february 3rd to file thehe nomination papers.nation pap polls show he would beat the two declared democratic nominees marylandnomi representative chris vanes hollen and donna edwards. edw each is running to succeeducce barbara mikulski who is retiring.retiring cummings is from baltimore baltimo while. it is an honor that moves long time civil rights leader john louis to tears.ea the he met with navy secretaryecreta ray maeve vis . they were discussing a newcussing fleet of ships to be built inip the coming years.s the two men began men beg discussing the civil rightshe civil r movement and maeve vis told louis he would name one of theof new ships after him. well yesterday maeve vis madeaeve vis m it official during a ceremony ceremon at the cannon office building. bldin >> friends and family of an alexandria man seriously hurtur decorating his house for christmas -- are helping to hel take down hundreds of inflatable ornaments. orn
5:34 pm
just look at what kirk farmerrm and his family created at at their home on fairview driverv in alexandria.lendri farmer was hurt when he fellas off the roof putting up the h decorations. he is still in the hospital and faces a long road to recovery. this tradition was started by staed family's father 50 years agor 50 yea when he owned this house. hou fred farmer spoke to this fok today about his son's >> kirk is doing b he's at mount vernon rehab right now.ow. he spent almost two weeks inee fairfax with a pulverized hip an rotator cuff clavicle he fell off this roof right here about the 16th or 17th of december.mb >> my goodness. my gdnes the farmers house has becomeas b as you can probably imagine a tourist attraction during thettctio holidays.holi their friends have set up a goet up a fund me page to pay for kirk's hefty medical bills. they've raised more thanha $20,000. $20,000. amazing how the community has rallied. rallied so many have appreciated itve over the last 50 years a thatears tha house and all the decorations.
5:35 pm
brewing up carries cure.g where a neighbouprhood bar is pouring something special on tap to help a local family. >> plus, fedex of exfield isis getting ready for sunday's suny's playoff game against thef packers. take a look at this. this. field crews painting the playoff logos on the field butheield that's not all. all sports is on deck when thek en news at 5:00 continues. es.
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>> ♪ >> millions of women rely on w the pill as a form of birth o bir control but could that option o be available to men? >> male pill is decades away is de from coming to the market.he marke the issue for scientist centerst cen city finding the right mechanism to block sperm from fertilizing an egg. right now men's only options include condoms and one promising development is not a pill but an injection.on it's called vasil gel. gel
5:39 pm
scientists have not been ableave to reverse the process when they've experimented with that's a little tricky. human trials could begineg sometime this year. yeah you don't want to eto cetera totally youto totallyreverse it. i >> a lot of women would likef wo to have the men take on somen tan of the burden of that. >> it is a burden.den. >> and a lot of guys won't go won't in to do their vasectomyecmy because they don't want to --o -- >> whole man thing. t don't mess with our manhood.anhood >> was your new year's resolution to take a month off a mth from the drinking? if so, if s you're not alone. alone as millions are taking part inar i what's known as dry january. researchers say by pledging not to drink for the entire for month you could see health healt benefits including weight loss and better sleep not to mention more money in your y pocket none surprise here arpri study did find that more moderate drinkers fare bettereet with the challenge than thosellen who drink heavily.
5:40 pm
i myself i said no i'm noto i' n going to drink for at least a week. from this i really own havey own have wine on the weekends but lasteken night i got home and i was like -- i already broke it but it i only had one >> sort of like the new year'sr's resolution. it's the annual thing that yout you break it. k >> yeah. >> >> have a party when you break yen y that resolution.utn. >> right. right >> okay, so if you're used to seeing macy's in every single mall, that could soon ben b changing due to weak holidayeak holida sales the retailer has announced plans to cut back on costs by closing some storesetore and eliminating thousands of jobs.. experts say macy's has beens has b facing trouble on a number of front. the appeal of online shoppinghoppin has cut into sales of the brick and mortar stores pluslu december's mild weather didn'tth d help christmas shoppingho either.ei i can imagine. igi i've wondered how they stayy s afloat because you can do alle yo this online shopping andu e shop and there's so many things that man they only carry online now too, that are not in thenhe stores. stor >> i got to think this is justhis is the beginning.the begi
5:41 pm
nn >> i would think so. i wou i hardly go to the mall any. a. >> there's a little pet shop in bethesda, these small mom mom and pop stores they're closing and. >> they're suffering. >> they're closing all overlosi the place. >> i know. it's sad. >> yeah. let's head over to tony and shawn for ar look at what'ss coming up next. >> the other problem there some of the shops, not the momshs, n and pops the big box storestore they stop training theirheir staff. they can't help you. can't help you. >> you are right.ou rig >> so that drives you away. y away. >> yeah, frustrating.rating. >> about those seasonal tho workers. >> no, not talking aboutalng a seasonal workers. wrs >> in general. ger >> they can't afford to any. any. >> well so then people arepeople going to stop shopping in the the stores. st there you goor.u go >> more there's a whole world outa wh there for you tony. ton you don't have to drive thatve tha car. car. >> i'm just saying it's alsos a that -- that's part of the t problem.m. thank you ladies.k you >> plenty of you are stillou a apparently going out to eat.o eat so, the last time you went out to dinner, did you order aid yourder little or did you order a lot including desert? aheadsert? head tonight at 6:00 how the size t s
5:42 pm
of your server may determineet was order.. we'll explain that one.ain one >> plus, who struggles theug t most to get to sleep? a new study shows which americansmeri are the most sleep deprived. depri >> hm.>> also coming up tonightoming turning their loss into i something positive for the world.rl why college students who lost lost parents in the 9/11 attacks att are gathering in the d.c. area and what they hope to hop accomplish. it's all coming up tonight at 6:00.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
>> ♪ >> little bone crusher. >> brody comes here, that'tlsere,hat' his entrance. >> i'm in the club. >> brody is almost here. redskins first playoff game of pff the year. y >> i can't believe it. c't b >> i can't believe it:ve >> how did we get here. >> what are you planning forlanng fo the game? e g >> i don't know to watch it. my whole family is going.soi i'm staying home with theome with t
5:46 pm
littles and we'll be in our gear.gear. >> everyone is already makinge is their plans for tailgating.lgat >> nachos by the fireplace. >> who nachos by the fireplace. fi fire toastedre i like marsh mal lows. l today i met one group of fans in prince george's county,ge'sounty, they've been preparing for this weekend, they've beenthey'vb preparing for years thenfor years then picked up quite a few mementoes along the way. w with the redskins in thes in t playoffs all kinds of new passengers are jumping on theng oth bandwagon. >> get on the subway they got redskins jacket on. >> not laverne jackson.avne jackson she's been a fan her entireire life and has the stuff to sff prove it. prove i let me get comfortable in the in the redskins room.oo this is your living room ig rm presume.ume. >> yes. >> reporter: what is all of this? >> redskin love.>> r [laughter][l >> reporter: oh, there's ahe lot of love in this home.ome. >> ride into the sunset with this pony. p snuggle. >> reporter: you got havee
5:47 pm
the snuggles. >> got to have the snuggles upnuggle the clown/viewed do dol. >> that's why we know we goingwh to win.y [lau ghter][l >> reporter: i have to ask. havto ask >> uh-huh. >> reporter: at what point what have you thought maybe it's a bit much.uc has that been at any point?oi >> i need more. >> reporter: oh, sorry. sor there is more. m and more and more. mor her living room is a shrine tohrine to the skins.e skins. and she even wants to take herake love outside. oside >> go up on the roof.he >> reporter: you're going tor: ye redskins the roof. >> let us go to the superheup bowl, we in trouble. tub >> reporter: if there's a tre's roofer out there that hasas redskins shingles, i have he found your first customer. cus laverne has adorned her homed h h in burgundy and gold to paydo her favorite team back for allll the joy they've given her even in the toughest of times.toug >> i love the washington i'm -- that he make me smile. me s i'm a cancer survivor.ur i think of good times withesh them and think of good timesood tim you know seeing them play the
5:48 pm
ball -- play ball and whennd they play ball it just gets me laverne lab a redskins fan forkins f 62 years. years but she isn't even the seniorheen fan in her own house today. >> 100 years. >> he's 97. >> reporter: this householdr: t is preparing for sunday's game with an impromptu skins party a party they see going all theng a way to santa clara.ra >> we pass that. >> we going to the super bowl.ohe super b >> reporter: the road to the t super bowl starthes right here in homes all over the dmv. >> ♪♪ hail to the redskins ♪ [cheers and applause] ala >> reporter: they were the fantastic. they were so welcoming.e so welcoming. it was interesting as we were
5:49 pm
driving up to the house t there's only one flag outside. outside i was like oh, man, i thoughthoug they said all this stuff.s open the door and it is a its like oh, yes, this is -- >> a treasure trove it is a it i treasure trove.easuve she doesn't have she had jelly beans wheaties wat boxs from super bowls.m super bow i threatened to open them and a try them. the they said that was a bad idea. bad i >> i loved her reaction whenctn you said is it ever enough.r enough. >> reporter: oh yeah. >> she looked at you likeooked at y what's wrong with you.rong >> reporter: she was one question maybe those fans those f and other redskins fans have fans h how is it going the feel ong e sunday and the redskins lastins l home playoff game january 2013ry against the seahawks the turf t t was in bad shape and in thatnd in th graham rg iii injured his knee his k on a play where some blame thee bme turf conditions for his injuries. no worries about that this week. i talked to the crew. i went out there and saw it.edrend s it looks great.ks g. 33 said the field is ready toeady t go and they could play today. tod this is that game you can seeee how bad the turf was in 2012 -- or 2013 excuse me but
5:50 pm
they could play today if theylatoday if wanted to. they've had almost three weeks w to recover from the last skins home game they said the grassd the gra takes about 17 days to grow soso that's been perfect and ban weather conditions have been nearly perfect for the fedex f turf for it to grow.t to g it's green.reen it's lush. it looks fantastic and this sunday it is expected to raino r but i've been talking to t well, sue palka and it should be out of there by noon or so s and they can have the -- theythey can have the tarp on the field fie up until 90 minutes beforee kickoff so -- well, we will w have kickoff our jam packedam pregame coverage kicks offer at 2:00 p.m. on sunday.0 on kickoff for the game is 4:40. 4 you can join our redskins redskin conversation on twitter using #httron5. i was tweet something videossomethg vi earlier today from that house that hou so people can actually seectually some of the things they have and actually one fan had a message for tony perkins whicherki was kind of interesting. >> okay. >> okay. >> throwing a little bit ofleit shade his way. shade >> little bit of shade.ofha
5:51 pm
>> i had a feeling.. >> but in a way of like comee c home tony. >> tony has a response. i bet he has a response. >> those folks never left the redskins. re >> they did not. >> speaking of the weather, you're right, brody about theout t rain. i think we are going to get are some moderate rain, maybe aaybe half inch to an inch. inc >> okay. >> start saturday nightrt s overnight and ends sunday sunday morning. so tailgaters might deal with a little bit of the rain but hopefully the turf will be okay but there's a new issuess that will be a factor duringtor duri the game i think. wind. maybe gusts to >> oh, boy. >> so dress for that because while you're going to see onoee the seven day and i've got a detailed redskins forecastins here that we're going to starting t in the 50's,o we're going fallngal throughout the afternoon andnd evening and that wind will w w make it feel a little bitittle uncomfortable so bundle up ife i you're going out and if you'refou'r watching at home, that's where w i'll be, too, we're going to enjoy it in the warmth but forut the short term we are concerned about some patchy fog again overnight. we're already seeing a little a lit bit of lowering of the visibility because of the eastau wind which loads us up on mo listure and a lot of gray. lot ora
5:52 pm
clouds and drizzle tomorrow. tor sunday is going to start very start very wet as we just elaborated on. on. but it should be dry. dry by game time and just wantedust wan to show you as we look at ourt o headline here and it goes awaywa that we'll come back and showk and s that you redskins forecastorect, we'll start in the 50's. 5 that game time temperaturee tpera right around 48 degrees and then the winds are going to bereoi picking u here's what we're looking ate loot in terms of satellite andf te radar. we're going to pick up on more cloud cover.d cer the low clouds not showing uphowing u all that well.all at w some of this moisture mayur m track through our area in there form of showers later in thehe day tomorrow but we are going a to be keeping a very close eye eye on visibilities as we go forward.foar gaithersburg one of theherg o problem areas down to one an ton quarter mile.artem that's not horrendous.orrend dulles down to 2 miles but asut a we go through the futurecast you'll be able to see that fog does intend to stick around ack around little bit. bit in fact this 11 o'clock1 cloc podcast is possible al littleltl overdone but it is suggesting some spots are really going ry g have very poor visibility. vis that will linger into the into t morning hours. so, perhaps you need to plan ao p little extra time tomorroww
5:53 pm
morning.rn by noon we should have againe a the gray conditionsdion continuing. it will still be murky out mky out there but the fog should be ae little bit better but still i think it will be a presence a pre throughout much of the firstut half of the day tomorrow. mdatomo high temperatures today tem getting up to 43 degrees at reagan. dulles 41. bwi 42 degrees. and again with ourh temperatures we're thinkinghinkin we're going to be slowly falling. fall 43 degrees is where we're at is right now. so not as bitter cold tonight.onig we'll probably drop to aboutobo 35 degrees here in the cityere the with clouds and drizzle.rile and that fog hanging around aro little bit gray skies during the dayy tomorrow as well.moow a so not much to brighten up the day.y. 46 degrees and we expectxpec drizzle and showers. there will be a little bettere be chance of that rain thoughai tho saturday night as this area of as this area of low pressure is going to come c tracking on through. tou it could be moderate rain.e r half inch to an inch in someome spots. most of it will get out ofl geout here but just wanted to show you our nam model bringingringin that pretty good slug moisturesl moist and boy ski resorts are going g to like sunday's forecast.orec
5:54 pm
it looks like we're going toe' be able to get a lot more snowor s for them natural stuff this thi time. all right here's yourl right seven-day forecast and youhe can a can see we get colder next week.eek. also wanted to show you as weou as look at sundayomised thatmid th you redskins forecast, let'sas l take another look at it if we itf can and hopefully it will comeill up and if it's not going tongo again we'll show it to you a ito bit later and i'll also haveo it on facebook and twitter. all right sarah and laura back b to you.. >> ♪♪ >> i want to be a billionaire so fricking bad ♪♪ >> don't we all. $675 million now up for grabs f g and that's where the powerball jackpot stands at now since no one won the grand prize lastze night. it was a couple days of ticket tic sales between now and saturday's number selectionum that figure which is already a record could climb even closer c to that billion dollar marlik. mar so, good luck. >> ♪
5:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> a community of brewers inmuni virginia is coming together to help a woman battling cancer. c >> her name is kerry rose and her husband matt owns forge owns forge brew works in lorton. wor i last year his wife kerry wasas diagnosed with stage fourtageou stomach cancer while she washile she pregnant with the couple's coupl first child. she delivered her son twod her t months early and she has h continued to battle her cancer. the rose's medical bills have skyrocketed and so a fellow f brewer decided to help. >> we're going to brew beer.w be we're going to do something soetng that we can try to help you y guys out and they organized all this. >> the brewers who t participated today say they'll say begin selling the new beer andee a all proceeds will go towards towar helping the rose's mounting mntin medical bills.calls. >> wonderful. >> we wish her the best.wish >> thanks for joining ushas fo tonight here at a:0 >> fox5 local news at 6:00 6:0 starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at
5:59 pm
6:00. >> ♪ >> right now at 6:00 a neighborhood is fighting backk against crime after multipletie people were robbed andbednd assaulted near a metro stop into their community. comni then investing in education. despite warning of major cuts, fairfax county may be ready too spend on its schools.. plus,.pl,. >> getting these kids who grewsho g "philly what's up" a war torn world and they're kind ofd they're ki getting sick ofnd it. i >> what college students who snts lost their parents in the 9/11n th9/1 attacks are doing now to promote peace. ea fox5 local news at 6:00 starts:00 sta right now. n >> thanks for joining usnks for join tonight at 6:00 i'm shawn s yancy. >> and i'm tony perkinsly wey perky begin with a neighborhood taking action over continuingontiin crime in their community. community >> now after a number of aft robberies and assaults a groupup of neighbors in southeast d.c.ea are taking matters into their own hands and forming a neighborhood lookout.orho fox5's matt ackland joins us joins u now with the story.w with s matt. >> reporter: hi, shawn i methawn iet the neighborhood commissionerss at a press conference that theat t mayor was having yesterday. yeste
6:00 pm
he represents this area and hent tolds me that basically a lot a lot of residents who live here are he choosing to take their cars now instead of walking to the metro because they areause ty a concerned about the crime.ri they aren't really blamingyla police because they do sayyo that police have stepped upteed patrols. in fact we talked to police today, both metro and d.c. d.c police and they say they have h stepped up patrols here butatrols the residents say they want toy wa to help. so, the commissioner's comingsom up with an idea basically a lookout people nationed around the neighborhoodeigh watching folks as they come toome and from the metro stops and calling if there's suspiciouspicis activity. ac. the potomac metro station sitstation sit on the edge a residential neighborhood. chander j rahman representsrees the area on the anc. a >> we want to make sure peoplee after a hard's day work canorca get off the metro walk homek and have a safe path home. h >> reporte


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