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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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imagine that almost anything that you could could protectrote you. that is chilling, absolutely chilling when you watch that. ta and if that doesn't just makest the hairs on your neck justck raise when you see that, it's scary. that's all i can say. there is video, but the police only released still photos. we do want to show you, this iss a suspect of edward archer. this is the 30 year old suspect. he is an x con. fox has confirmed that hisonfi mother says he had had a couple of head injuries and was hearing voice he.e police said archer had pledged aliens to the islamic state in a police interview last night. now,. looking into whether the police are looking into whether he was inspired or actually ordered by isis to do this last night, attack the policee po officer. the suspect's begun has beeneen recovered. i is a gun that was stolen from an officer's home several years ago. police are now executing a search warrant on archer's home.
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they're examining his social media accounts and looking intoo whether he was directed or inspired by isis. they say at this point there is no indication that anyone else was involved.olve in today's press conference philly's mayor jim kenny made in a clear point that this attack had nothing to do with being in no way shape or form does anyone believe that islam or the teaching of islam has anything to do with what you've seen on that >> it does not represent the form. this is a criminal with a stolen gun to tried to kill one of our officers. it has nothing to do with beingg a muslim or following the islamic faith. there is no word on the suspect's condition. the officer meantime has extensive nerve damage in hisn left arm.le both are expected to survive. i is hard to believe, you aboutu the secret service says a man was plotting to kidnap one of
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president obama's dogs. he had ammunition in his truckis when was arrested. alexandra limon is live in forth west. the details of this are pretty wild. >>reporter: it is, according tr the secret service, they trackey the man to planned to kidnap one of the president's dogs. during their interactions thehe suspect apparently told officer at one point that he was jesus christ, also that his parents were jfk and marilyn monroe. he was arrested. but before that happened secret service officers found his truck and in there they found a shotgun as well as ammunition. that suspect is a 39 year old stalker. he was in court today. you are looking at a mug shot from a different mug shot. he is facing charges for illegally carrying a gun. he did not have a permit or a
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shotgun or a rifle that were ine his truck. he didn't see a high sign on the highway that said for him to pull over. the secret tracked him down on a wednesday after they received an alert from out of state from family member reported stockersr had planned to kidnap one of obama's dogs. dog in court today, he admitted to sending a text message to his daughter saying that he planned to take bowe and take care of him because he heard theythey weren't properly take care ofre the dog.e he also said that he was kidding:i guess it's a little concerning, but at least he didn't get into the white house. court documents show that a
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mishit think with a 12-inch a blade and a club were also founo in his truck.ruck we did reach out to his attorney and he told me at this point he and his client have no comment. stockers was released under intense supervision. he cas mexico's most wanted fugitive. tonight el chop oh was now in custody. the drug kingpin was caught today in a shootout with mexico marine. it happened in the home state. five people were killed in the shoot outand one marine was wounded. el chop oh was taken alive and was not wounded. to prince william county now where police and schoollice officials are investigating twoe threats of violence this week.e. it is happening at woodbridge high school. fox # 5's tom fitzgerald has this report.
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>>reporter: classes went on as normal here at woodbridge highh school, but what has been going on inside this building this week is not normal. the issue, threats of gunof g violence that somebody has benzolling across a school wall. take a look at this, the firstfs threat that was found read 14161816 the school will be shot prince william county contacted police and determined that the threat was not real. but then it happened again, last night in a facebook post schoolo officials announced that athat second threat was also written on a wall and threatened violence on a specific date nexe week. just as a precaution, princereca william county police had an increased presence at the schooo friday school officials say they takeae this incident very seriously but decided to go ahead and open schools as normal. i work here, also. my daughter, she's in here butee
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didn't come today because she's really scared. so she can don't want to come today. she's uncomfortable.nco we take any situation wheresi there is a threat against the school seriously and we work closely with police to investigate the situation ande h determine if there is any actuaa threat. now, if whoever is behind thesee messages thinks it's some sortis of a joke, prince william countl school officials are not not laughing. in fact, they say if they're able to determine who was behins these threatening messages they intend to prosecute. in woodbridge, tom fitzgeralditg fox5 local news. > a prince george's countys police officer was sentenced tos five years in prison for first and second degree assault. officer general sanity investor owe was convicted of holding ain gun to ag man's head and then hs mouth while he was being dropped off at his own home. the incident was capped on a cellphone video. it happened in may of 2014 in
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buyy. santiago accused the victim of parking i illegally, although he had not. now to a fox5 exclusive. a german a town man says he wass arrested for evading his fair at the tullytown metro station even though head a complimentary one way passion to ride the rail. metro confirms the man had a valid pass, but that's not what he used when he walked into the station. paul wagner joins us tonight with the story. >>reporter: you've heard it a million times, there are twowo sides to every story and therehe are definitely two sides in this one. ray hall says he tried to get on a redline train here at the tullytown station yesterdaystat afternoon with a valid one way complimentary pass.pass but metro says, no, he used an expired one and it was allll downhill from ray hall says he works at fannie mae and regularly rides the redline from tenly town to shadow grove and after a recent
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unfriendly trip was given five passeslike these. thursday afternoon hall says he presented one of those passes and instead of being permittedei to board a train he was handcuffed and taken into custody. once i went through two metro transit officers came up to meto and said what is that? i said it's a complimentary free ride. and they was like we never seen that. i'm like they from metro and before i could say they from metro he snatched my hand behind my back and he's like you're going to jail for fair evasion. metro spokesman says what he wha expired to the officers was anws expired complimentary pass andas when he was asked forsked identification refused tofica provide it and refused to provide it, instead asking toskn speak to a supervisor, a claim hall disputes. he says he flashed one of these
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legitimate passes which he says the officers didn't know anything about. he never read me my rights. he was still asking me questions about it, taking me up thep escalate where did you get these, where h did you get these. i got it from metro. no, we didn't issue those. metro did send him fiveive complimentary passes and when hall claimed he didn't receivecv them, he was presented five more. instead of permitting one onne thursday afternoon he says he used an expired pass and then refused to cooperate with the police. another story he disputes.ory i think it's a training issue because when i spoke to one of the senior commanders he didcomm state it was a training issue. hall says he was in custody foro about four hours before being released. metro says the transit agencygec hands out about 150abou complimentary passes a month to riders who may have been inconvenienced or complained about the service. now, hall says these police
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officers didn't recognize these passes, but metro is saying he was in possession of valid va passes and had he just shown ju them tot police officers and provided identification,dent everything would have been okay. live in northwest, paul wagner,e fox5 local news. > metro transit police are still trying to identify sixiden persons of interest in last month's vicious attack on a metro a group of teenagers attacked a man while he was riding on thee nome a train.nome some riders say they're fearful to get on a metro train and have reacd out to the guardianuard angels for help. we have several citizens give us a call and ask can us if we canc be on the trains because they don't see enough uniformed eno police officers and they're afraid to ride the metro. so we're decided that we're we' going to get out there and try to put out much presence as
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possible. metro transit police are asking anyone who recognizes these teenagers to give them a call. redskins hyperall over the dmv. can can you feel it? even mayor bowser getting in on the fun. later, a major airline isrlin slapped with a hefty fine for violating passenger rules. gwen, some mild weather, can you feel that? we're serving it for the redskins. we'll let you what to expect in our full forecast.orec fox5 news will be back after the break. break.
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hail to the redskins. hail victory. fight for. burning tree elementary school in bethesda. my son lucas was in the middle.. so he was leading the group inp singing hail to the redskins. yes, he taught them all to sync and now they're totally all into it. the big game is less than 48han hours away and fed ex field will be packed mostly with redskins fans but you can bet there will be many packers fans there, too.
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the mayor of d.c. and green bayy decided to make a littlelitt friendly wager, if the redskins wins wisconsin sends some of its greens and if green pay wins some of ben's chilly bowl willol go into the state.stat when it comes to food, many would say ben's chilly bole is a taste of d.c. and at been's it doesn't get better and halff smoked supported with chilly.hil over the next few days you better not ask for one haddon. you cannot say these thishese weekend. if the packers win mayor bowser has promised to send some half smokes to green bay mayor jimim schmidt. if the redskins win mayor bowser will enjoy some cheese curds so from green pay. > have you had a green cured.e.
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>> we will offer the opportunity to have ben's chilly bowl. if you ever had a half smoked oe cheese cured you'll know thisknw bet is a win within for the leader who can claim victory >> schmidt won't attend the game, but bowser will be cheering for the team from a special sweet offered up by the redskins. i'll put you on the spot here. can you make a prediction and i want a score because we're goinc to hold you to it later on. >> let's call it 14 to 7. > in favor of. >> the washington football team. > you knew she had to say that. >> washington football team. she's never had curs and then the mayor of green bay has never had a half smoked. in fact, they had to ask what at half smoked is. > have you all had them. >> i've had cheese curds. h >> i think i i think i it's called somethingl different.
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> what is it called. >> i know we put the cheese and the gravy on friday fries. the first day i moved to wisconsin. they said you have to try too things, frozen custard and cheese curds. someone came in this morning. this is from ben's chilly bowl.. where did you get the fried fri cheese curds. they serve to packers all the time. i heated them up. you know i'm a health foodod freak. this is way over the top for me. i'm healthy, too, but i do also like to indulge. it's not bad. i heated it up. i learned something new today. apparently if they snap whenhen you're eating them or when youhn put them in your mouth you hear a little bit of a squeak.quea >> that's the better. > i didn't know that untilunti today. >> i came from the midwest. i knew that. but we don't usually had them
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fried. i've had a fried, they're always fresh. basically fried cheese. in wisconsin they're at fairs, basically let me ask you, what is a half smoked? is it just sausage. >> i don't know. in wisconsin a brat is big in the width west and i don't know' if it's the same thing. i think so. i've never had one. don't ask for cheese. get it, wisconsin cheese.hees why am i the one eating it? you're the one from wisconsin. that will end up on social media. i'm going to be really careful. take a bite off camera then. none of them want to try it right away. if they are trying it it meanstm they both of them are delicious for
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sure. the question is, we keep counting down to game day.ame how is the weather looking for it. we have mixed conditions. as we start the day tailgating to game time. let's get right to it. you can see here we are at 12are noon. a lot of you are going to be out there at that point and whatand you're going to be doing iss you're going to be, you know, looking at the sky, tailgating,l hoping that it's okay and that things are going all right.righ but we have a little bit of rain slightly at about the timee you're tailgating out there. not much, but by the time we get to game time, it's going to begn out of the way. we have a clearing trend coming in. the other issue we're going to have is going to be the winds. we have gust gusty windst gu expected on sunday. on here's the 3:00 hour. you can see the winds are gusting some 29 to 34 miles peri hour head manage up to the northeast. they continue even at game time. that could be a big impact onima that game much that's something we're going to really have toave watch closely and by the game is over we still have strong gustyo
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winds. the other things thing is thes wind is going to provide someprv wind chill. so make sure you dress warm. by the time we get to the 1:00te hour for the tailgating, could see a few showers, 62-degrees,2e fairly mild, but don't forget, winds are going to provide usovd some wind chill. it's going to feel a lot colder. winds will push in from the southwest. by the time we get to game timee that when the weather is out ofs the way, winds are still a issue, though. 56-degrees. by the time game is over and the redskins have won, 46-degrees and breezy. there will be lots of celebrating. and pretty nice weather by the time the game is just a remainder our jam packed pre-game conference begins atat 2:00 p.m. kickoff is at 4. 40.40 you can join our redskinsedsk playoff on twitter using the #
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ttr. it's going to be so much fun. we'll be right back. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please.
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mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios.
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> we have an update on thehe trials involving six police si officers charged in the death of freddie gray. a baltimore judge is pushingpush back the start date of two of the proceedings. alicia white will now stand trial on february 8. last month a mistrial was in the trial of jeffrey porter. filed against rolling stone magazine over those allegationst of a gang rape at the university of virginia. an associate dean at the university filed a suit saying her reputation was damaged. nicole air most's layer says the article was based on a series of lies. jackie claimed she was gang raped at a fraternity on campus.
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later stone later redacted the store. the mother of a so-called-cal affluents yeah teen iseen complaining about the conditiond in her jail cell. she is accused of running toto mexico with her son ethan to avoid authorities. the 18 year old is thought tohog have violated his probation after killing four people in a drunk driving accident. he's still being held in mexico and it's unclear when he'll beel sent back to the us. i am confident. i don't think there's any way he goes anywhere but here, fromere what i understand.nder if he gets released back intoino mexico and we have to starttart hunting him again, i'm going too be as disappointed as anybody in the world. sonia couch is hindering the bond of a felon. > the latest developments on a fox5 exclusive. a virginia man who admitted to putting his own body fluids in a bottle and then skirting it on
5:26 pm
women is still on the streetsste tonight. why he's not behind bars. then beware, where a cleaning company is operating under false pretenses, taking advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. police say this cellphone video is providing new leads after a gang of bikers swarmed the beltway. i'll be right back.
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this is fox5 local news at 5. we have been falling the case of a man who pleaded guilty of putting his bodily fluid in a bottle and then spraying it on women. he was in court today andurt pleaded guilty, but then there h was a surprising twist. fox5's emily miller was in the h courtroom and has the story. >>reporter: the suspect michael edwards had never gone to jail. he pleaded guilty to sex crimesi
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but the montgomery county judge didn't give him any jail time. today the judge sentenced him ti three years in jail. then he withdraw his guilty plei and said he's going to appeal. michael edwards has six sexual charges against him in fairfax county. he made a deal to plead guilty e to three of those charges. then the judge gave his sentence, one year for each charge and he'd have to serve 1 mohs of it.hs o he was about to be booked, butk, his lawyer surprised everyone asking the judge if he appeals p can he stay out of jail on bondn and the judge said yes. so edwards gave a dna sample ana then left court. the case will now go to circuitt court for trial. while still in sentencing, the,h prosecution called edwards a preed take iter who needs to be in jail because he's a threat to society. the state said the two victims were in court today. allegedly followed them around safeway and took photos up their
5:31 pm
skirts. the prosecution said the photos were found on edwards' phone ano the events were caught on the store surveillance cameras. the prosecution said he followed one of the victims out of the safeway to this area. he exposed his genitalia and said to her, have you seen this. the defense lawyer told the judge that edwards already ed suffered consequences for his actions. mr. edwards has suffered some su social consequentials in his personal life. they are personal in nature andd we will not be commenting on his case at all a. in court she was more specific. she said edwards lost his job as a trainer at this gym. he's now doing private fitness t training and he has had to stopo being a professional body builder. the defense also said he's suffering because he lost allost his friends and he had to change his facebook name because he wah being harassed. har while the prosecutor and judge were not expecting what happened in court.ourt essentially a lieutenant of people have asked me how does this work? essentially ed cards
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takes back his guilty plea so the sentence goes away and so ho doesn't have to go to jail and he can leave on bond and he's back to being presumed nose basically we start from scratch. from washington, emily miller,ie fox5 local news. police in laurel are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident.ccid a 19 year old woman was struckas and killed this morning. police say she was walking across route 197 near morris drive around 6:00 a.m. when she was hit. shes what rubbed to the hospital where she died. the driver stayed on the scene. no word whether charges will bee filed. maryland's state police say they are making progress in their investigation of that traffic disruption on the beltway last l month. a group of motorcycles, atvs and dirt bikes shutdown traffic. shu they took over the highway for r about 10 minutes. police say cellphone video take of the incident has helped
5:33 pm
police track down vehicle tags. no one is in custody yet and police are still investigating.n > a warning tonight to people in northern virginia who may use online cleaning services to clean their homes. arlington county police said co they have seen a recent spike in home burglaries. bur they believe that online cleaning services may be to may blame on this. people are letting people into their homes without properly vetting them. these are online cleaning onl company that people are scheduling these services with r and what we're finding is that people are leaving their keys for them, not actually meetingy the person that is doing the doi home cleaning and when they come home they're finding that their home has been the subject of a threat. police say if you why aringing to use a home cleaning service be home when workers arrive and stay until they leave. police have some additional tips and we'll have much more coming up on fox5 news at 6. out with the old and coming in with the new. what mcdonald's is doing to keee up with the growing competitionm
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heavy alcohol use can cause can health problems, but even a few drinks can increase your chance of health risk. does your pizza box contain toxic chemicals. the steps the fda is taking to ban the chemicals for good. finy with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'.
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> united airlines has beend slapped withai a $2.7 million fine. the department of transportation says the airline violated rules protecting disabled passengers and rules stopping long delaysey on the tarmac. one of the incidents united is being find for happened at owe hair where passengers werere forced to stay in planes on the tarmac. you think they would have wo learned their lesson because years ago they made that change. this is something that has maddened so many people and they made legislation and created this bill of rights for passengers and now they're going
5:38 pm
back to these kind of practices. this is what happens. they have to pay the fine. > also a warning tonight aboutg the risks of drinking alcohol. the british government says eves a moderate amount cockled tod they've issued new guidelines gu advising people not to drink t more than 14 units of alcohol a week. now that amounts to about sixb pints of beer or seven glassesss of wine a week. in the past, the guidelines focused on daily consumption, but officials now say they want to discourage people from drinking every single day. so seven glasses of wine a week. i can deal with that. i think so, too. > there's always something thay will come out and say drink asrk much as you want. > mcdonald's apparently changing its appearance.eara the company is redesigning its boxes, bags and cups. take a look.k. some new packaging here designee to give mcdonald's a more modern look. the last upgrade took place ace few years ago.go. they are also trying to be more
5:39 pm
environmentally friendly. by 2020 mcdonald's hopes to use all packaging and materials that could be recycled.ecyc >> will they make their food healthier, too. > i doubt that. >> those mack muffins are so good. also on the food front, pizza, apparently your pizza box may be toxic. the fda announced this week that they will be banning threehree chemicals found in pizza boxes that help fell degrees andl de moisture and that's becauset' there was no longer, quote,uot reasonable certainty that they are safe for human use. now, the specific chemicals arei known to linger in the human body for years and couldoul increase the risk of cancer and other health problems. now, the issue with this is there's been a call for several years to get rid of this -- these toxic chemicals and the fda is just now acting. in 2011 these chemicals were no longer in production in the united states. so it's really just a formality
5:40 pm
that they're making this a ban so they're in the in pizza boxes now. that's what's being reported. it's a formality. critics are saying that the fda is acting so late and this is sort of standard operating procedure for the fda and the an fda needs to be over hauled. a lot is coming up out of this pizza box. > let's head over to tony andon shawn for a look at what's next on fox5 local news at 6. 6. >> it's also complicated withomp all of this. > and speaking of that, keeping with the food theme, campbell'sl soup is doing something no other major food company has done. they're making some major disclosures about their products.. we'll tell you what it could it mean for some of your favoriteao soups, vegetables, saws and juices. and your fit about it may be it more of a fit fraud.rau we'll have the latest on the
5:41 pm
lawsuit. also ahead at 6, the gun control debate is front and centerter nationwide, of course.ours why virginia gun owners are rushing to get gun permits from the state of utah.
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it?
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joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. you know, chucks brown.ow it must be har, d being a redsks fan in the mid of a die hard green bay packer fan group. we're going to win.. knock on wood. george mare knack owes, i'm sorry.sorr he's greek. i can't get that wrong. owner of the exchange salon knows the feeling all too well. his bar is the official packers bar in town. but he is burgandy and gold
5:45 pm
through and through. brody logan joins us live. >> you're still alive. still here, still alive is thee official packers bar.. it's bad enough if you have onve work on sunday and you're a redskins fan.n. it's even worse if you have to do so at the official packers bar. what is the atmosphere like here on a sunday on a packers sunday. >> the packers, we have our diehards that just love the game. they scream and holler and they bring little foamies and if it doesn't go their way they mightt toss a up canhe of thing. chris the bartender has known them for years and he's all right, joey, or whatever, cut it out, have another beer. everybody is killed out and relaxed.rela they have a whole section of tht bar toio themselves, all the tv. they're a happy little crowd. so if things go well for the redskins on sunday you have tove watch out for some projectject tiles. >> yes, we have to be careful,
5:46 pm
cover things up. the cheap stuff you don't worry about. make sure nothing gets broken.k. they're a good crowd. > you're a lifelong redskinssk fan, bornç in d.c. and you were telling me you had to explain to your son the packers connection. i did. he said but we're but on sunday the packers comers and they need a place to go ando they say hail tot packers. he go, oh, okay, that makes sense. my son gets it now. we have some traditionalditi wisconsin fair out here.fair what do we have for those packers fans or even redskins fans that want to try out a bit of the midwest. we have some johnsonville brats with green peppers and onebeacoa ons and sour accurate. we want to sieve it with brew
5:47 pm
cheese, cheese on chess. >> there's nothing more wisconsin than dipping cheese into more cheese.chee > i missed it this morning. that is definitely a lot of cheese. you are a redskins fan. >> i am. i > what is your prediction forec sunday. >> i think we're going to roll like we've been rolling. i think we're going to blast out 34 to 10 maybe, an early kirk is going to look greatok again. i think we're going to do veryy well.well i'm very happy. 34-0 you heard it here. if there are fans out there thae maybe want to take some joy in the misfortune of packers fans,, this is the place to go. you'll see some surrender, maybe some people putting their hands up. pregame at 2:00 up to kick offco at 4:40.40. i'm going to have another one of these cheese curds. it's actually pretty good. my cholesterol is going up every
5:48 pm > it's for a good cause. > i love it. drinking on the job.b. george mare knock quinones. i have to redeem myself. it's 5:00 somewhere. so, it is 5:00. do it. bring it back. they were drinng on the morning show. we can drink on the 5:00 a. it is friday, by the way. p tgif, ladies. i wished the weather looked a little bit better out there for it. we have mixed conditions as fars as the game is concerned. it's not all bad.ll we're going to do the best we can in the weather departmentat for the redskins. right it is fog and drizzle and a little bit of light rain heree and there outside across our area. and you know it's going to continue to be that way as we move our way through tonight into tomorrow. i want to keep the umbrella handy. the fog is going to stick around from tonight until tomorrow.
5:49 pm
definitely if you're going to head out anywhere, it's going to affect the visibility. we are also talking clouds, drizzle and showers, as i said for saturday the rain is goinrg to increase especially at liningering into the early party of sunday. then we're going to see dryer conditions, but windy as far as the redskins game will be concerned. here's a look at the highs forfr today, right on the mark in terms of seasonal, 43 at and national airport. 41 at dulles, 42 at bwi thurgood marshal so we're right in the ballpark of where we should be. in the seven day forecast we're going to see some roller coaster changes in that. tha we're going to go up and backk down nothing that's going to be surprising. this hour, 43-degrees at d.c., 39 at gaithersburg, 42 at fredericksburg, the same at baltimore, 44 at annapolis, buti a little cooler if you look to the temperatures there right nowhere only into the 30s and that cold air is going to have an impact
5:50 pm
on areas to our west as we see precipitation starting to move o in over the alleghany front andt areas through garret, miniscule county, they actually areare looking at seeing some frozenozn precipitation in the form of some freezing rain and could see accumulations of about a hunt create of an inch or so over areas tonight into the midnightg hours. be careful on the roads because it is going to acouple siltcoup something. what are we talking about, once we get into late saturday we're going to see rain increasing. we have the low pressure system moving in. overnight saturday night, it's going to be the heaviest period into the early part of sunday before it starts to taper off. the problem is going to be the wind. it's actually going to be morere of an issue as we get into game time.time looking for a little bit of fog and then rain for early
5:51 pm
saturday, but for game time, the winds are going to be fairly strong. they're going to start at 25 to 30 miles an hour and then increase 29-mile per hour wind gusts.sts. 59-degrees we're talking a wind chill because the winds areds a going to start to shift and move into the northwest. temperature wise it's going to feel a lot colder than it actually is. by 9 7:00 36-mile per hour wind gusts and by the time when get to the game, a few showers are possible at 1.t by kickoff it will be mainly a mixture of some sun and clouds and not too bad by the time is over.over putting it together for you, foy knit and tomorrow, patchy fog. overnight drizzle.zzle we're going to see the clouds until right through into the early part of tomorrow. 53-degrees, clouds, showers and very scattered in nature for the afternoon. heaviest, though, overnight
5:52 pm
saturday into sunday. 62-degrees for game day for a daytime high, but with those w winds it'si going to feel a lot colder. then we get dryer conditions can, look look at the plunge in the temperature. once again it's roller coaster. > thank you very much, gwen. now tot most important story of the day. let's talk power ball. the jackpot is huge. it's grown to $800 million on its way to a a bill produced no winners it's the largest jackpot in history. the odds of winning are pretty small, more than 1 in 292 million. math experts say -- but who is counting. math experts say that's likee flipping a quarter and gettingtn heads 28 times in a row. but you can still do it. not to put a damper on thingsngs here, but to put your odds in
5:53 pm
greater perspective. there's about either chance of getting hit by lightning, you have a bon tied chance of becoming a movie star and better odds of bowling a 300 game. > sign me up. here is something that it really puts into perspective how big this jackpot is. if you within the 800 million you would be worth more than several countries. each of them are on your screen. those countries gross domestic product was less than 700 million last year. having said that you stillll wouldn't have as much money as bill gates, mark stuck ^berg,stc oprah winfrey, just to name a few. i don't need to be as rich as them. it's not too hard to be richer than some of those cunt canneries. > whatever. we'll be right back. back.
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> so you've heard the saying, diamonds are a girl's bestest friend. well, a california man has other ideas when he proposed to his girlfriend lastç year. so he gave her his wisdom tooth. the man says his dad sent him the tooth that he had removed ao a kid and he took it to a jeweler and had it placed in a ring. >> oh. > yeah. if you're wondering how it all turned out, well, clearly fromlr the picture she said yes. his fiances they actually came up with the idea together. she calls diamonds over rated and says they pride themselves on being non traditional. you know what, if she is into it, i say awesome. > go for it.
5:58 pm
> i may just whiten that tootht up a little bit, perhaps. match the nails. > her teeth are beautiful. i think he's missing more thaneh just a wisdom tooth. it looks like there might havemh been another gap there. >> not that there's anything wrong with if they're into it, fine, whatever. > thanks for joining us tonight at 5. fox5 local news at 6 startsrts right now. happy friday.frid > this is fox5 local news at 6. right now at 6, a chilling threat appears on the wall of a local high school. what the school district is doing to keep kids safe. then, taken to the cleaners by t cleaning company. police in arlington with awith warning you need to hear before hiring a cleaning service. plus, a plot against the president's pets? the bizarre
5:59 pm
plan secret service say they stopped. fox5 local news at 6 starts right now. > and we thank for joining uss tonight, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. we begin tonight in prince william county. police and school officials aree investigating threats of violence. fox5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >>reporter: classes went on as normal here at woodbridge high g school, but what has been going on inside this building this week is not normal.orma at issue, threats of gunun violence that somebody has been scrolling across a school wall. take a look at this, the first r threat that was found red 1/4/16, 1/8/16 the school will be shot. prince william county school's contact determined that thethat threat was not real.ot but then it happened again, lasi night in a facebook post schoolt officials announced that a second threat was also written on a wall and threatenedhrea
6:00 pm
violence on a specific date next week. just as a precaution they had an increased presence at the school on pry morning. school officials say they takehy this incident very seriously. they decided to go ahead andhea open schools as normal. i really am not concerned.conc i work here, also. my daughter, she's but she didn't come today because she's really scared. so she didn't want to comeome today. she's uncomfortable. we take any situation wheresitu there's a threat made against a school very seriously and we work very, very closely with police to investigate the situation and determine if there is any actual threat. if whoever is behind these messages think that there's soms sort of a joke, prince william county school officials are not laughing. in fact, they say if they're able to determine who is behind these threatening messages theyy intend to prosecute. in woodbridge, tom fitzgerald,fz


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