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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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. now at 10:00, closing in on the kickoff. the last minute moves the redskins are making mr. their playoff showdown with the packers. plus what it will cost you if you're looking for a last-minute ticket to the game. and at this hour millions of people dreaming of powerball tickets. thank you for joining us. i'm lauren demarco. matt is off.
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we begin in a place a lot of redskins fans doubted they would be in when the season started. getting ready for a playoff game. but we are here, less than 24 hours until the burgundy and gold take on the packers. brody logan joining us now. this is just a lot of excitement. >> it is a lot of excitement. the wait is almost over. and i was saying tonight is like christmas eve for redskins fans. in their stockings some good news though coming out of green bay. the packers starting quarterback sam shields is out for tomorrow's game and that's huge. he's known for his speed. with shields out jackson should be prime for a big day tomorrow. jackson is one of the best deep threats in the nfl catching touchdowns of 56, 63 and 77 yards this year.
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jackson knows this team has the chance to do something special tomorrow. >> we all know there's something special. with all the fever going on with the jackpot tonight, you know what his nickname is? jackpot. hopefully he doesn't win the jackpot tonight because he might
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not show up tomorrow. >> i feel like there's a little bit of luck in the air and i am positive skins are going to do well tomorrow. how's that? >> sounds great. >> and the game, it's technically sold out but if you're still looking to get a ticket to the game, there is a bit of good news. prices online on some websites have been coming down. it doesn't mean it's going to be cheap to get into the stadium but we checked stub hub and found the lowest price ticket is going for $139. most of the lower level tickets were going in the $500 range. there were some tickets at mid field and in the dream seats that were selling for more. so will the weather be an issue at kickoff tomorrow? gwen that's the big question. it sounds like layers, layers, layers. >> definitely layers. it's going to be cold. we've got wind chill to talk about, lauren. and those temperatures are going to start to really drop as we move through into that game. so you know what?
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you need your funds to get the tickets but with the weather we can't buy the forecast. we have three things we're concentrating on for that big game tomorrow. showers, temperatures and wins. those are the three areas. let's begin with the showers. already moving in tonight is the wet weather and it's going to get heavy in the overnight hours. the good news about the rain is that it's anticipated to really taper off early enough that by the time the game starts it will be dry and it will be clearing. can't say the same for your tailgating so just keep that in mind. next let's talk about the temperatures. hour by hour, here's what we're talking about. we are heading for a high into the 60s, but those temperatures are gradually going to start to really drop as that game progresses. so it's going to be pretty cold with some wind chills. wind, that seas the next category. we've got some significant winds to talk about. they're going to be gusting and will produce some wind chills. by the time the game kicks off, 34 mile per hour wind gusts and
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by the time the game is over, those winds will be gusting at 34 miles an hour. so i can't rule out maybe a little light passing shower during your tailgating, it will be dry but windy, halftime, windy and cold bundle up. your forecast a little later. >> metro's track work schedule will be adjusted to accommodate fedex field tomorrow. starting at noon the track work will end for the weekend and will allow train toss run on a regular sunday schedule. scheduled work on the red, yellow and green lines will continue as planned. our pregame coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. kickoff is at 4:40. and you can join our playoff conversation on twitter using the hashtag #httron5. >> the power ball drawing will
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take just before 11:00 p.m. tonight. a record jackpot is at stake. $900 million. people bought tickets in droves. what is going on? you are live in northwest for us for tonight. >> reporter: earlier today this store was packed but now take a look. no more people, no more lines. that's because the cutoff for tonight's drawing was 10:00. actually just before 10:00. so nobody else can buy tickets. now usually the choice is do you pick your own numbers or go with the quick pick. let me explain to you why it's not smart to pick your ow. in fact 70% of winners are quick pick tickets. that's because if you go with birthdays, nine is june 7th, my husband's is june 20th, most of the numbers that get picked are up here. all of these numbers don't get picked usually when people go with that strategy and that is why. so if you already bought a ticket, good luck to you. now i have my friend jr here.
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you were telling me this crazy story about the ticket buying today. what happened? >> i felt so sorry for this guy. he was here for two hours and he told me he had a system for winning. i said what's your system? >> he said if you buy your tickets just before the cutoff you can get the winning ticket. unfortunately he waited too long, 10 seconds too long so he couldn't get a ticket. >> he bought a ticket and it was actually for wednesday's drawing. imagine that, two hours and he didn't get it. >> i felt sorry for the guy and i was going to give him one of mine but i said no. >> not the winning strategy. take a look at some video earlier. this store was packed. there were so many people in line because you hear $900 million because everybody wants a chance at that. some fun facts for you. the more people that played, the less likely somebody will win but it does increase the odds that somebody will win. so good side/bad side. we did talk to some other people that were out there today about
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their plans and strategies, if you will. >> i have a great system. >> i'm just excited. it's such a big i'm just going to buy one ticket and see what happens. >> of course everyone always asks. what would you do about the money? >> no. i'm not expecting to win. >> it's worth a few dollars. >> what would you do with the money? >> pay off any debts and distribute to my families and help my nieces with a college fund. >> all right. so we did some math for you, the jackpot 900 million but if you picked the cash option, you would get $558 million, but after maryland taxes you would take home 369 million still not bad considering a ticket is just 2 bucks. if nobody wins tonight it rolls over for wednesday it will be $1.3 billion. the owners of this store tell me
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they don't want that. it was so much work dealing with the crowds all day. i didn't mean to cut you off. you said you have a strategy. >> i've been given reason to believe that if i talk with this lady, she's a psychic in jamaica. so i called her. >> and she gave you numbers? >> no. she said if i knew that, mon, i would not be doing this. >> that's not only a strategy but it is a straight story. i will send it back to you. i hope that you bought your ticket. >> you bet we did. we've all been heading over to the stores buying them here as well. if you don't buy one, then you've got zero chance. thank you so much. the drawing will be tonight at 10:59. we're going to have the winning numbers on fox 5 local news at 11:00. if no one wins tonight at alex was saying, the powerball jackpot is likely to soar above $1 billion. when fox 5 local news at
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10:00 continues, a local father loses a child in a drunk driving crash, now he is honoring his son's memory on the basketball court. also coming up an encouraging update about dozens of dogs seized from a house in rock vimville tonight. some of them are closer to finding a new home. you'll see another side of kirk cousins that has nothing to do with football. ♪
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we are following breaking news from prince george's county where police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident. this happened within the past hour. a person was hit trying to cross at route 301 near pennsylvania avenue in upper marlboro. right now the northbound lanes are closed while police investigate the accident. a frightening scene in the
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district. an suv crashes in front of this gelato story in northeast this afternoon. four people were hurt in the crash including a child. starting today some young athletes in the county will now be honoring one of the lives lost every time they play a game. >> kids love being around he was a kid at heart. >> last year at this time alexander and his dad would be helping coach his younger brother's basketball team. but alex was one of two 18-year-olds killed in a violent crash over the summer. his father asked the recreation department if his younger son's
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team could wear a patch this season in honor of alex. the county agreed and then surprised him bay going even a step further. this season all fourth grade boys teams in the league will wear the patch bearing alex's initials. >> my youngest says look, it's on everything. >> reporter: the team cheering alex's name before breaking from their huddle. alexander was sitting in the back seat of the car when it crashed. both of the teens were killed. a friend was driving and police believe speed and under aged drinking were to blame. he is currently facing charges. >> just trying to survive day to day and these small little things mean a lot. >> police say all of the teens attended an under aged drinking party before the single car crash. an adult pled guilty to being
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home at the time of the party and was ordered to pay two fines of $2500 each. some metro riders may feel a little safer riding the rails and that is because members of the guardian angels are once again out on patrol. they began their volunteer service last night. a recent rash of violent attacks on metro has scared some commuters so the group is stepping up to help. they'll focus their patrols on the red lines where some of the attacks have occurred. the guardian angels will continue their patrols tomorrow. an p date on those 66 dogs seized from a rockville home. some of the dogs are now ready for adoption. they were found at the home when officers responded to a call for a dog bite. three of the dogged had to be euthanized. about half of the animals will have to go to the shelter. the case is under investigation so far no charges have been filed. tem lition time on the old
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"washington post" building. it's going to impact drivers and pedestrians. there will be long-term and some temporary sidewalk and road closures in the area that began today. the l street sidewalk and curb lane will be completely closed to drivers and pedestrians and the demolition work will begin in about two weeks. it's expected to be complete by 2018. to the race for the white house, brand new polling shows donald trump holding on to a sizeable lead nationally. the republican presidential nomination, but he is still trailing ted cruz in iowa. >> reporter: most of the republican presidential candidates are in south carolina today but not dump. today he held an event in iowa. he went after ted cruz. he encouraged the crowd to reverse the historical trend and
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finally, quote, pick a winner. >> iowa, you haven't been good at picking the winners, folks. you've got to pick a winner this time. now you haven't been good. in fact some people say oh, it doesn't matter if you win iowa or not. don't thet them talk to you that way. >> reporter: nationally he's still ahead. but in iowa cruz is beating trump 27-23. marco rubio is at 15% everyone else is in single digits. hillary clinton still leads nationally but in new hampshire bernie sanders is beating her by 13 points according to this new poll. clinton is under renewed scrutiny just one day after the state department released more e-mails, but last night sanders came to clinton's defense on another front. he said that bill clinton's history with women should not be a factor in 2016. >> what bill clinton did i think we can all. >> martin o'malley is in danger
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of being shut out of the next debate. candidates much reach 5% either nationally or in iowa, new hampshire or south carolina in the five most polls recognized by nbc news which is broadcasting the debate. right now o'malley is at exactly 5% in iowa, below 5% nationally and in the other nationally and in the other early states. >> some wet weather is making its appearance on the doorstep and it's going to continue in the overnight hours as well. you can see we've got widespread rainfall right now across our area. it's continuing to push its way through the north heavy at times and i can't rule out maybe an isolated thunderstorm or two. so don't be surprised if you do see something in the sky because there is a chance of that happening. but this is going to give us an
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inch of rainfall before it's all said and done and it will continue into the early morning hours. this is what's coming up, there's still a fair amount we'll have to deal with. it will be out of way by the early afternoon tomorrow with maybe just an isolated sprinkle or two and some of the clouds. temperatures right now at 48 at dc, 48 at gaithersburg, 47 at dulles, 45 at winchester and 46 at culpeper, 41 at martinsburg. we're talking 49 degrees, a light wind, drizzle, fog and rain in the overnight hours. that fog will impact you in the morning as well. the game good news, the rain will not be a huge issue so we're happy about that. could see a little bit of a shower isolated nature. possibly while you're tailgating but by the time we have kickoff it will be dry but it will be windy at 53 degrees and by the time the game is over, it will
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be chilling down quite a bit. those winds are going to give us significant wind chills tomorrow. make sure thank you dress warm, bundle up and get ready to cheer on the skins. i'll have your full forecast coming up. back to you. >> plenty ahead on fox 5. when we come back, what the fbi has learned about a man who claims he shot a police officer in the name of islam. this week on fox news sunday with less than a month until the voting starts in iowa, donald trump doubles down questioning whether ted cruz is eligible to be president attacking bill and hillary clinton for personal scandals. the gop front runner one on one. just before president obama's final state of the union, we'll have the chief of staff whether the president will work with congress or work around it. all this week on "fox news sunday."
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developing tonight, the fbi
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and philadelphia police are trying to determine whether the gunman involved in thursday's shooting of a police officer had any ties to terrorism. fox's bryan llenas reports. >> reporter: we are now learning the fbi is looking into two recent trips made by the shooter to the middle east as the fbi tries to determine whether 30-year-old edward archer has any terrorist ties. archer traveled to saudi arabia in 2011 for a few weeks apparently reportedly for a pilgrimage in mecca and he traveled to egypt for several months though why is still uncertain. the officer is in critical but stable condition this morning. suffering a severe broken arm and nerve damage. he was shot from just an arm's length away.
10:26 pm
>> archer an ex-convict who was scheduled to be in court on monday tells police he pledged his allegiance to the islamic state and attacked officer hartnet in the name of allah. >> he was targeting police, he knew who he was shooting at and the way he's got his arm inside the vehicle, he knew what he was doing. he was trying to assassinate this police officer. >> but the fbi and police have yet to call this a terrorist attack. meantime the shooter's mom
10:27 pm
telling the "philadelphia inquirer" she believes her son is suffering from psychological issues saying he has been hearing voices. in west philadelphia, bryan llenas, fox news. >> when we come back, a look at kirk cousins winning move off the field. we'll tell you how he's making a big difference for another team. we'll be right back.
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a standoff in oregon is now in its second week with no apparent end in sight. a group of armed men came to the wildlife refuge site to see if they could help move things along. they left proposals with the group's leaders and left. the occupiers say they will not leave until ranchers are
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released from prison. after six months on the run, mexico is sending joaquin guzman to the same prison from which he escaped. the united states wants mexico to extradite one of the most wanted men in the world. >> reporter: the dreams of hollywood helped mexican authorities get shorty. officials say mexican drug lord joaquin guzman was shopping his life story around while he was in hiding. >> he had the intention of making a by graphical film so he reached out to actors and producers. >> reporter: by most standards the story of el chapo is fascinating. he went from being a farmer's son to the head of the world's biggest, bloodiest drug cartels.
10:32 pm
his escapes have gained him infamy. he entered the bathroom area of his cell, then instead of taking on i shower, he took a powder, down into a mile-long tunnel underneath the prison and on to a motorcycle that had been stashed there to aid in his escape. the shootout that led to his apprehension left five suspects dead and one mexican marine injured. the recapture of guzman who had been on the run since last july is being celebrated by mexican authorities. >> this is an accomplishment for our country and for our institution. it's an accomplishment for everybody. >> the united states is asking mexico to extradite guzman to face charges here before he has a chance to escape again. he's currently wanted in several states on drug trafficking charges. lillian woo, fox news. >> and tonight there is a report
10:33 pm
actor sean penn met with guzman back in october. penn interviewed guzman for rolling stone. penn says the meeting was arranged with the help of a mexican actress says she was corresponding with guzman in an effort to get the story of his life told on film. unlike the game at fedex field, weather could be a huge factor when the seahawks play tomorrow at minnesota. the forecast is calling for temperatures around zero degrees and wind chills at -10 to -20. it could be close to the coldest game in vikings history. the air mass originating from above the arctic circle near the north pole. hopefully not anything that cold but it's going to be chilly tomorrow. >> we are going to have strong winds and wild chill. dress in layers and just be prepared. >> and it's going to change really from the morning and game time throughout the day. >> yes, it is. it's going to change pretty
10:34 pm
dramatically too. but we're not going to have the minus wild chills at least. let's look outside here now because we've got rain. we spoke about it earlier saying that it was going to start moving in and it southernly has lived up to that forecast. it is becoming fairly wednesdayspread and it will continue tonight as well. there's some fog out there so do be careful if you are heading out anywhere. and that's going to last to the early hours of your sunday too. so if you're going anywhere early in the morning, morning services or anywhere, be careful with the fog. here's a look at that wide swath of rain moving up from the south all associated with a frontal system and it's going to become heavy at times. i can't rule out maybe an isolated rumble of thunder, a shot of lightning here and there. we've had reports of some lightning in west virginia so there is a chance of seeing an isolated strike. here's a look a little bit closer to home. we have some heavier pockets of rainfall here. this rain is going to be
10:35 pm
continue to be steady well in the overnight hours tonight. so we're going to get some improvement. the good news is by the afternoon hours, by the time the game starts, this should be well out of the way and it will be much, much drier. so that's at least some good news. but that system will continue to move its way through. we also have a ridge of high pressure as you saw pulling out. so between those two we're going to get a pretty tight pressure gradient and all that translates into are some gusty winds. but those winds are going to be a huge factor for the afternoon hour for us. but here is a look at future cast and we'll have a little bit of a timing for you. as i said heavier in the overnight hours. this is 2:00 a.m. and i wouldn't be surprised if we see a lightning strike or thunder. here's your tailgating, i can't rule out that you might not have a spinningle or a light shower. so don't be surprised if you do see it. here's 5:00 by kickoff we're doing well. areas to our far west there is some snow, higher elevations,
10:36 pm
potomac high lands, they're expected to see an inch of snowfall because that cold air is going to be settled in there. 8:00 at night we're dry still but this is when it starts to get cold with that temperature dropping. early morning rain, but by the time we get into the afternoon that cold air starts to kick in and that's where we're going to see chilly conditions and those significant wind dpts chills. highs tomorrow will be into the low 50s and 60s everywhere. it's going to feel a lot colder with those winds and when they start to kick in they're going to move into the northwest. gusting up to 30 miles per hour or more. tailgating will be into the upper 50s, that's not too bad. by the time we get to kickoff, you can see the temperature gradually starting to drop. 20s and 30s primarily to the west as we're going to see those real low temperatures and the wind chill continuing through in the overnight hours. here's your game time temp.
10:37 pm
take a look, real dramatic drop when we get to 8:00, 9:00 where we're going to be into the 40s and the 30s here and those winds being strong. here's your forecast. 1:00 tailgating expect to see maybe a chance of a shower, partly cloudy skies 60 degrees, windy 53 degrees. but look at this. finally dry but much colder. so 49 degrees for tonight, fog, rain overnight hours, clouds lingering in fog in your morning hours and then we are talking 60 degrees for the daytime high and your fox 5 accuweather 7-day forecast showing you that we've got a pretty cold monday to deal with. look at the temperature. 38 degrees once we hit 60 on sunday, we've been in this roller coaster pattern all winter, it's not changing. we get back to seasonal in the 40s and some sunshine. we have a clipper system to keep an eye on but you know what, 35, 37 for daytime highs and 20s at night, it's a january reality check as i say.
10:38 pm
but for the redskins, we're keeping those 50s and 60s around at least for part of the day. >> we've had it coming. >> if it wasn't cold it wouldn't be football weather, right? >> there you go. >> thank you, gwen. remember you can track the weather 24/7 on the go with your mobile device download the fox 5 news and fox 5 weather apps by searching dc news and dc weather in your app store. they are free. great news for uber users in the dmv. uber is cutting their prices for the next month or so the ride service is cutting the cost by 10%. the company says they cut the price because most people stay home a lot after the holidays. no word on how long the uber price cut will last. we know kirk cousins has plenty of skills when it comes to football, but did you know that he is also pretty big into playing fetch? cousins and his wife are big animal lovers, they have taken on a huge responsibility opening up their home to dogs whose
10:39 pm
lives may have otherwise been at risk. millions will be watching sunday as kirk cousins leads the redskins in their playoff match-up against the packers. among the adoring fans who will be tuning in, this little lady. the wheaton terrier mix loves captain kirk not only for his hero i cans on the field but also for the amazing work he and his wife julie do off the field. you see the kiss ins regularly foster dogs. animals whose lives would have been in jeopardy had they been left in shelters. little gracie was with him for the entire 2014 season until she was adopted. >> well, what was great about it is we get to tell allur friends about it. >> every redskins game dog says oh, your dad would be so proud of you. >> kirk often posts about his foster pets on social media and his wife sent us these photos saying gracie in particular was
10:40 pm
a very tough pup to part with. >> she had a hundred questions for us. >> and she made sure we walked our other two dogs with her and they interviewed a few other people but she was quite happy with us. >> the kiss ins continued to open their home to pets in need for several organizations including virginia based friends of homeless animals when is dedicated to saving abandoned and abused pets like gracie and her new siblings. to have someone as busy as the redskins quarterback demonstrate how easy fostering is sets a tremendous sample for others. >> so you were kirk cousins' best friends for month. bark if you think he may be nervous going into this game. no bark. just sit here and stare and pant if you think he's prepared and he is going to lead the redskins to a win.
10:41 pm
that's a go, right? that is a go. you like that? you like that? oh, you like that. >> i think little gracie knows. coming up, more on tomorrow's big wild card match-up. what changes were made in the off season that led to this season's playoff rin. brody logan is here with that answer in sports.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'.
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such an exciting day tomorrow. >> they're in the playoffs. >> the skins completed a winning season and are hosting their first playoff game in three
10:45 pm
years tomorrow. so what changed? the culture. the addition -- leadership and accountability to the team. all guys that have super bowls on their resumes. all guys acquired by scot mccloughan, that new blood seemed to resuscitate a moribund franchise. >> resuscitate here in a way bringing him here the veterans he put in place. >> having guys around like that it helps you mature faster. >> he's played in the super bowl, he's played in more playoff games than i have. those kind of things that a lot of us don't have on our resume that we can pull information from him and knowledge from him and just try to gain it.
10:46 pm
>> you can feel it in the air. there's been a different feel around dc the last few weeks. an extra bit of excitement and joy as skins fans ride the wave of a four-game winning streak right into the playoffs. no fans are more excited than a family i met that shows their skins love on just about every wall of their house. >> reporter: with the redskins if the playoffs, all kinds of new passengers are jumping on the band wagon. >> reporter: not la vern. she's been a fan her entire life and has the stuff to prove it. let me get comfortable here in the redskins room. this is your living room, i presume. >> yes. >> reporter: what is all of this? >> redskin love. >> reporter: oh, there's a lot of love in this home.
10:47 pm
her living room is a shrine to the skins and she wants to take her love outside. >> i love the redskins. they make me smile. i'm a cancer survivor. when they play ball it just gets
10:48 pm
me excited. >> reporter: she has been a redskins fan for 62 years but she isn't even a senior fan in her own house today. >> the road to the super bowl starts right here. ♪ hail to the redskins
10:49 pm
this is number 498. and that wins it. caps win in overtime. so would the clutch play continue in madison. terps taking on wisconsin first half. we'll get around to a loose ball snagged he brings it down to robert carter and strong move by carter. 14 points and 11 boards against the badgers.
10:50 pm
>> there will be another packers fans. they had a packers rally. >> they said at ben's chili bowl no cheese. >> thank you so much. when fox 5 local news at 10:00 continues, a look at two new comedies that are promising lots of laughs. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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10:53 pm
the new year has brought two comedies to fox's sunday lineup. the performers say they have plenty to look forward to. >>. >> reporter: two new fox comedies hope to push boundaries and tickle the funny bone.
10:54 pm
the guide to surviving life follows a recent college grad who has trouble navigating the next chapter of his life along with his friend and brother. >> i try to hold on to my quarter life crisis as long as i can so i don't get to the mid life one. >> i feel like i'm still going through it. >> i don't know. maybe it's something we never quite lose. >> these people have no idea what it's like to have foreigners ruin their country.
10:55 pm
the overthe top humor revolves around current events. >> no matter which side of the issue you'll on you'll find this hi larus. i'm curious to see people's reaction to this character in the show. >> we're all people who are immigrated here. >> i'm second generation actually. >> but the landscape is changing. white people are becoming a minority. >> one of the most famous mansions in america is reportedly up for sale. according to tmz the playboy mansion is on the market. before you get your checkbook out there are a few strings attached. whoever purchases the property would have to allow hugh hefner
10:56 pm
to live in the mansion until he passes away. also prospective buyers can tour the grounds but won't be allowed in the bedroom. the price tag on the he is tate is north of $200 million. wow. we'll be right back.
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thanks for joining us tonight. i'm lauren demarco. matt has the night off. the wait is just about over. in less than 18 hours one of the most anticipated redskins games in years will kick off at fedex field. wild card matchup with the green bay packers. brody logan joining us with the last second preparations. this is an exciting time. i said i was positive the skins were going to do well. how are you feeling? >> the packers have not looked good for about the last month of
11:00 pm
the season. so it bodes well for the redskins but they can't take them out. it's still aaron rogers and company as well. as long as the weight has felt for this week, the wait for a playoff win has felt like an eternity. the last "w" ten years ago. no doubt fedex will be rocking tomorrow. players i talked to this week that have been in these types of games said the atmosphere in playoff games is nothing like what they see during the regular season. the game has been a sell-out since hours after the tickets went on sale and the redskins feed off the crowd. they're 6 and 2 at home and in those 6 wins kirk cousins has thrown 14 touchdowns and zero interceptions. that excitement goes beyond the stands and on to the redskins side lines. >> what i noticed the biggest difference nothing to do with on the field. i remember it being an electric environment, very exciting a


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