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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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r country. this isn't over, bud. i won't rest until that wall comes down. yeah, dad. it's destroying the ecosystem. and gert's preschool teacher is stuck in mexico, so she's got a sub. ♪ heads, shoulders, knees and toes ♪ ♪ knees and toes you're all doing it wrong! attention! ernesto, what the hell are you doing? oh, hey, bud. just breaking in new recruits for gonzalez landscaping. my marketing push landed me the contract to maintain the border wall! now everyone get in the truck! 'cause we goin'... (high-pitched): ♪ lawn-mowin' (cheering, whooping) (tires screech) that wall is the crowning achievement of my career. i bet i get a promotion. buckwald, you're fired. what?! with that wall up, we don't need you anymore. so hand in your gun and uniform. what the hell are you wearing a hello kitty shirt for? you're not my boss anymore-- i don't have to tell you. you're rehired. i love hello kitty.
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she's a kitty and she has a nice greeting. you're fired. bud, you lost your job? how are we gonna pay our bills? don't you worry, daddy. we gonna be fine. i still got those pennies the goldbergs gave us for trick-or-treat. sanford, you're 24 and able-bodied. maybe you could go out and get a job. sure. maybe i could sell drugs. how would you feel if i were to sell drugs? he's amazing. they really think he's their son! hey, bud. i heard about you being let go at the station. you know, if you need a job, i could use some help on my crew. because of the border wall, there's fewer immigrants left to hire. no way am i working for you. i'd rather go back to dancing for my dad's friends! bud, take the damn job! (sighs) would i be the only white guy on your crew? no, no. we have a mexican albino. i'm not an albino. i look this way because i saw a ghost! look, becky, news cameras.
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we're finally going to be heard. activists continue to protest the wall, demanding that... (gulps) oh, god! i swallowed a bee! i'm allergic! (gasping) don't put this on youtube. god, how humiliating. i've gone from one mexican boss to another. when am i gonna be on top? well, in my experience, you just tell a mexican man when you want to be on top. just let me watch my video, you boobed bozo. ♪ hola! welcome to the gonzalez landscaping training video. so, julio, are you ready for your first day at gonzalez landscaping? sí, ernesto! landscaping can be fun. but remember, always concentrate when using dangerous equipment. so, julio, have you learned what it takes to be a gonzalez landscaping lawn artist? ernesto (dubbed): yes! and in an unrelated note, i hereby absolve gonzalez landscaping of any liabilities.
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everyone, i'd like you all to meet the newest member of our team, bud buckwald. (forced laugh) oh, that's not my name. bud buckwald is an important person in this community. ha, ha, ha. okay, bud. why don't you use that leaf blower to clean up the debris? (leaf blower whirring) (crash, bud screams) i'm good. hola, bud! you want to come over for a cerveza? no, i don't want to watch cockroaches dance around a hat. bud, he's your boss now. go! (groans) how's your beer? uh, good, uh, mr. gonzalez. so... okay, fine, i confess! i've been stealing office supplies! (crying) bud buckwald from high school? you're a gardener now? wow. i've never felt so proud about being a custodian at an adult theater.
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(shoes squishing) okay, that's lunchtime. who's up for a game of air lacrosse? (leaf blowers whirring) come on, bud, join us! ugh, fine. (screaming) sir, we have an unidentified aircraft approaching the base. shoot it down. no! that's it! there is no way i am going back to work for ernesto! it's even more humiliating than working for steve. bud, you can't quit now. sorry, but unless you find another way to make money, you have no choice. now, why don't you go watch tv and i'll bring you some tea. and none of you turkeys better bother daddy while he's resting, or i'll whip you with my cb antenna! man: any little girls out there? come back. (indistinct whispering in spanish)
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janice, do you hear spanish whispering? janice: you mean now, or when you're out at bowling night? what? uh, i'm at the store! (dog barking in distance) (indistinct whispering in spanish) my god, i've worked for mexicans so long i'm hearing imaginary ones. janice, did you hear that?! what the hell?! are you the guy? yeah. i'm the guy. gracias, señor. by the way, you know about the, uh... yeah, he's the son we don't talk about. (wild yelling) hey, ernesto, i got a message for you! what is it? look up in the sky. aw, crap! i filled out the skywriting form wrong! it's supposed to say "i quit!" is that your social security number? (screams) i got to call everyone in town and tell them not to look up! crispy m&m's® are baaaack. what are you doing?
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you said to tell our fans crispy m&m's® are back. not those fans! did you mean this fan? no. (annoyed grumbles) what about that one? there's a fan in the break room, oh! and in the....(trails off) good, they're back. hey coworkers. it's me, and not colonel sanders. don't you just hate those long days when you're so busy doing business things that you can't make a hot, home-cooked meal for the family. well, i just picked up a twenty dollar family fill up from kfc. hand-breaded with eleven herbs and spices. do you even work here? well of course i do, terry. lisa. claire. tiffany. hazel. it's finger lickin' good.
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here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made, 'll never give up our cheddar, our cream, and especially our bacon. so we figured out a way to add rich ingredients like this into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving.
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so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor, do what we do...make it progresso.
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(whistles) welcome to america. you may ruin our country, but our country will ruin your children. there you are, bud. you've been in the basement all morning. what are you doing down there? i'm, uh... making a jazz album. from now on, no one is allowed to go down there. a jazz album? isn't jazz why the government tried to drown new orleans? what about work? shouldn't you be out cutting lawns with ernesto? i quit. my jazz career is taking off. here's some of my early royalties. i don't like jazz. especially when i get it all over my face. wait, i'm thinking of adult contemporary. (knocking) hey, steve. good morning, janice. you look fly. is bud here? he forgot to take home the crap from his desk. (gasps) steve! here's a thousand dollars. why don't you just forget what you saw here? where'd you get a thousand dollars? here's $2,000 to forget about that thousand dollars you saw. and before you ask, here's $3,000.
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what? $4,000. i can do this all day. welcome to america. here's a list of states that are cool with you being gay. the jig is up, buckwald! (bud gasps) (man yells) i know what you're up to. you're running a smuggling tunnel. please, steve! i can't go to jail. i like to shower on all fours, and the guys might tease me about that! i'm not sending you to prison, buckwald. because i want in. you... you what? my salary's been cut, thanks to that damn border wall. so i'm your new partner. fine. it's a deal. but you should know, my family thinks i'm making a jazz album down here. ♪ that damn border wall directly bifurcates the natural habitat of the mexifornia condor, which is a federally protected species. the court has to rule in our favor.
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bailiff: all rise. the honorable james killbirds borderwall presiding. (gasps) what? sorry, my mistake. judge borderwall is out sick today. oh, thank god. in his place is the honorable jake glasseshater nerdstomp. (gasps) ♪ ♪ look over yonder ♪ what do you see? ♪ the sun is a-risin' ♪ most definitely ♪ a new day is comin' ♪ whoo-hoo ♪
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♪ people are changin' ♪ ain't it beautiful ♪ whoo-hoo ♪ ♪ crystal blue persuasion ♪ better get ready ♪ gonna see the light... ernesto, shouldn't you be at work? actually, business isn't so good. this wall was supposed to stop the immigrants, but for some reason, i'm seeing more immigrants than ever. new gardeners keep showing up and undercutting me. hola, amigo. what a great day to be in america. ugh, why couldn't immigration have stopped right after me? hey, i just became a true american. ernesto, let me tell you how it works. you spend years working for the man, and one day you'll get to be the man, too. like me. i thought you were unemployed. and why do you have all that money in your car? god, you're nosy.
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why don't you go investigate someone else, murphy brown? in mexico, that show was called fancy sad woman. mr. barracuda, as your accountant, i must inform you that a new smuggling tunnel in mexifornia is cutting into your revenues. what? i will not stand for this. where is my beheadsman? (heavy footsteps approaching) hi, boss! i need you to go to mexifornia and bring me the guys running that tunnel. what if it's a lady? even if it's a lady. what if it's a puppy? if it's a puppy, you can keep it. yay! puppy, puppy! don't get your hopes up. if it's a dog, it's almost certainly a grown dog. mmm, this tyeah. is natural? it's too good to be true. not again. real estate never goes down. fact. we'll have the baby, and i'll have my band, and it'll just work. right. don't worry about it honey. all of our family photos are right here (banging sound) on the hard drive. it's called a timeshare. we don't own it, we share it.
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let's do it. oh yeah. that is good. - mm-hmm. finally, something that's not too good to be true. it's oscar mayer natural turkey breast, and it tastes great. you'll never get my plans while i'm sleeping. (whispering) because i'm never sleeping. vo: boom beach. download for free. until taco bell introduced $1 crunchwrap sliders. clementine never feared for her personal safety. four delicious flavors, for just a buck each. then clementine began to worry. luckily under her own body was a weird rubber plug. [sfx: bong]
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(farts) well, that's the quittin' fart. see you monday. not so fast, buckwald. before you go, sweep out the tunnel entrance. since when do you give me orders? since you stood behind me when that bat flew into the tunnel. i don't like 'em-- they're tiny vampires. you're coming with us. is this where the ninja turtles live? welcome to my monthly criminal syndicate meeting. let us first take a moment to honor those we've lost since the last meeting. he is a big loss.
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all right, let's get down to business. i've discovered interlopers cutting into our smuggling business. normally, these men would be fed to my hungry croco-tigers. man: humblebrag. but they manage a tunnel that empties into a border agent's home-- the last place authorities would look. it's brilliant. brilliant? the gentleman behind this operation is here tonight. his name is steve. what? no, i founded the tunnel. my name is... beheadsman, remove that man. okay. hey, buckwald, i got to take off for a few hours today, so i hired kimmy here to keep an eye on you. hi. are you bud? your dad, steve, tells me you like stickers. oh, that's it. this is my business, steve, not yours. i'm the man this time around. and so now i get to say this to you: you are fired. fine. you're under arrest for operating an illegal smuggling tunnel. oh, yeah? well, you turn me in, i'll turn you in.
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if you don't give me the (bleep) money, i'm turning you both in. buckwald, we just lost $2.8 million to a 13-year-old girl, but remember this: i'm the man. this is the way things are and will always be. southern narrator: well, looks like ol' bud wound up right back where he started. course, you don't need me tellin' you that. you wasted your time watchin' it, too. well, stay tuned for the 10:00 news. uhp, we're not done. our top story: due to an increase of undocumented immigrants in mexifornia, mayor paulson has declared the border wall ineffective and called for its immediate destruction. after hours of talks with my new consultant and cell mate, jamarcus jenkins, i have come to the conclusion that the world has enough walls, and that this bitch here, this bitch is all jamarcus's. he runs this bitch. well, bud, i'm sorry your border wall didn't work out. yeah, i just wanted to be the man for once. well, you'll always be my man. and look on the bright side.
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your album reached the top of the jazz charts you sold seven copies. the lucrative contract to tear down the wall has been awarded to gonzalez landscaping. what? gonzalezes: yay. the gonzalezes are going to hawaii. (all cheer) (whispers) okay, not until season three. what can we do? (whispers) the gonzalezes are solving a double murder with the help of bones!
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this is fox5 local news at 10. now at 10 tonight, redskins fans are no longer asking if you like that. after a quick start in their playoff show down against the te packers everything changed in the second quarter. eventually, the burgandy andally gold fell apart. their season is over. ov well, it was a great season andd we had high hopes tonight. thank you so much for joining us i'm lauren demarco and i'm will thomas. tonight there is a lot of disappointment after a 35-18 loss tot packers. jim lokay is here. for a while, jim, it seemed liki we were perhaps sailing into in celebration territory.atio >> it started off strong. it started off great. >> and it was a good game as far as interesting. in >> it was sports man like. li
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the packers didn't look like tht packers of old. unfortunately here we are. not so much and that's the end of the line. the first playoff game at fed ex field in three years. when you look at the teameam itself, it looked like they were playing a packers team that hadç enough of a stretch to make this unfortunately not the case.un you can see the fans getting ready. the fans all getting ready for it. a streak where they hadn't won a game in 2006 in the playoffs. pa it starts off at a 2-0 lead. jordan reed on third and three, a ridiculous catch for the first down. worth another look. l a if you plays later, cousins to read. touchdown for jordan reed, 127 e receiving yards for him. and then aaron roger and the
10:22 pm
packers offense got cooking. they were up 11-0. the skins were on, he beads time, he finds randall could bel and there goes could be. green bay gets a field goal. the redskins were down 17-11. 1- but then captain kirk leads theh skins back. fooling them again. he did it himself. redskins up by one but they jush couldn't hold the packers down w stretch. take a look here. this is the go ahead touchdown. after the game jay gruden tried to explain what happen after ha such a promising start. >> we lost a lot of momentum in the second quarter for whatever
10:23 pm
reason. and we scored to start the thirh quarter. we wanted to get the lead back in the third quarter and we couldn't get them off the field. aaron did what he did. it was a great game. gam we failed to make plays really after that. once they took the lead in the third quarter. after that it was a snowball effect of us not making many plays and them making the plays. i think it cat pullets our season. we wanted to advance in the playoffs and we weren't good enough to do that. so what do we have to change and grow in in the next several ne months to be abe to get backack here and win. hopefully it will challenge us as a young team to grow in that area. i feel good about where this whe organization is headed, the nucleus of guys that when have. it's year to year. we'll see where we are at goingi into next year. there we have it, over and doned with. we didn't t think we'd make it
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here. like we said, it was a great season. the one thing, though, that we h heard about social media and you could see on tv, not so much right here, look at the stands a there. all of the fans who left well before the game was over. >> and the packers dominated the second half. yes, there were frustrating mistakes made by the redskins. you see rg3 saying some goodbyes.. it was very evident a come backa wasn't going to happen. the reality is not to tell you what to do with the tickets that you bought with your own money. it's not jay gruden's business u should you have stayed oregon. does this indicate that the tha interest in the skins wasn'tkins where it was. it was disappointing to any other viewer across the country. the team is in the playoffs.
10:25 pm
it's not just the skins. it's the nats. even when the nationals were ins the playoff you see peopleople leaving. i don't know if it's that people give up. or do our teams not demand the h same respect as others. ot >> that's a good question. you look at where the redskins were. it was a much different season.e you didn't have distractionsmene you didn't hear dan snyder's name once through the course ofh the season. >> which i think a lot of fans appreciated. over the next couple of weeks, f this is a franchise that is going to go to fans and say we want to build a new stadium, we're going to need public ne support and that's another tha discussion in itself, whether of not that's right or wrong. but we're really going to get aa gauge of where fan support is. this is a team that can do thiso again next year. i don't think this is a fluke. a are you going to support this team, but staying in your see in
10:26 pm
the until the end of the game? this could be the beginning for cousins. we could have a lot of great seasons in our future. >> and a very rich cousins. co > we'll talk about all of thisf coming up in a bit. > thank you so much, jim. no doubt about it, there were ae lot of very disappointed fans fa walking out of fed ex field tonight, driving out as well.uta could i get the sound effects. fox5's marina maracco is live outside fed ex with more on that angle. >>reporter: i wish you guys gu could feel the face burn. it's cold and windy. for the first time you could you hear the roar and then came the half and we saw dozens of fans filing out of the stadium. the second half, however, youowv couldn't hear a thing, a pin drop in this parking lot. once it was over, fans rushing, b lining over to the metro. a lot of time for a lot of
10:27 pm
thinking. >> kirk cuss can instance did a decent job. >> he did what he had to do, except tonight we lost. >> we made it to the playoffs. > but what kind of winning mentality is that. >> very disappointed. di will it be better next season. >> yes, it will. > how bad was it? >> it wasn't too bad, but unfortunately we couldn't keep o it up. >> you look like you're cold, though. >> was it really bad in there. >> not really. next year. kirk coming back? ba > oh, yeah. o they better play him. you keeping him? him >> they better play them. no more rg3. rg3 is in the rearview mirror, i baby. >> stayed yups, where are we looking at. >> love to go back to washington > rfk. we love them, get them next year. >> next year will we make it tot second round of playoffs. >> i wouldn't say that. > what about rg3. >> i think you should bring him back.
10:28 pm
> you didn't think kirk did a great season. >> he did a great job. rg3 should be back next year. we'll see about that. i am a cowboys fan. fa a cowboy's fan with a cheese head. >> you have no loyalty, sir. no loyalty. daddy buy merchandise despite the loss. >> we believe in kirk. go with kirk for now do you think next year we'll make a itt to the playoffs again. >> next year we're coming back here. i don't know what to say. this is good. i like this. i like this. th did you like tonight. ton >> i wish we played a little bit better, but we can get them next season. >> that's what everyone isis saying. >> what kind of mentality is?
10:29 pm
>> you go from being last in ths division to winning the th division, we have a brought future. i do like kirk cousins. c he's going to build a dynasty here in washington. despite the loss, he shouldn't get the ax. >> no. we love jay gruden. we didn't lose, we won nine games this year. it's a great year. > all right, sir. we won nine games. disappointing to some to some it was a great season. although i'm sure left some wishing that we would have played the seahawks, maybe thiry time would have been the charm, but who knows, like they say, there's always next year. the first time i've seen a a redskins snug i out there. > you like that, right, will? i >> it looked warm and you needed to be warm out there.warm i know i was cold. the weather didn't help as fans were sitting there watching thee game, but you saw people leave o as early as half time, right?
10:30 pm
>> yeah, well they startedthey leaving actually in the first fr quarter. it was surprising. we didn't really know why, were people having to rush home because they had to work tomorrow? was it too cold for them.r it'snestly i will say freezing out here. they were doing pretty well in the first half. fir but of a the half am people werw like we'll watch it from home ho from the couch. > get warmed up. get get in the truck there. marina maracco live at fed ex tonight. thanks so much.uch. it wasn't just fed ex field fie where people were cheering on ce the redskins fans, bars across the dmv were packed. p this was the scene earlier at caddy's in bethesda. when the skins started off well there was plenty of celebrating, but then there was a lot of of crying in their beer. fans say they expect to be backc in the playoffs next year. they'll be back as well hoping to cheer on their beloved team a
10:31 pm
to victory. > turning to the weather with i live lookth outside. the day started out pretty while and then some rain, wind and as marina was talking about, the cold, a big change into tonight. >> gwen tolbart is here now with the forecast. you heard marina say her face was frozen. >> we gave good warning to everybody going out to the game, we said dress in layers and be n aware that we were going to havh significant wind chills and that's exact reply what happened. the gusty winds kicked up.ed the temperature quickly droppedk and it was exactly as we had anticipated. so i said jump and down and keep cheering to help yourself warm. we got some clearing skie that k are happening, but other than that the winds and the the temperatures are the big story.o now, today we had some rain and broke a record at dulles with w one inch of rainfall and elsewhere almost three-quarterst of an inch at bwi and half an ha
10:32 pm
inch over at reagan national. as far as the highs are concerned, same story at dulles, we broke a record, 59-degrees for a high. hi 62 at reagan and 63 at bwiwi thurgood marshal. as the winds kicked in and the front came through it brought it the cooler air and the an temperatures started to dip and the winds kicked in. yourç current wind gusts rate w anywhere from about 17 to 30-mile per hour wind gusts. it's going to be a cold night ahead. here's a look at your temperatures. 40 in d.c., 36 at gaithersburg. 38 at dulles and 40 degrees at ^berg:30-degrees is just the beginning of what i'm calling the season reality. clear, cold and gusty winds are what we're dealing with and wi we're starting the week on a very cold note. intact it's actually going to be frigid. we've got an artic air mass moving in. i'll have the details a little later. bundle up.
10:33 pm
maybe everybody needs the redskins snug is. would you wear it? >> maybe. > if it's cold enough. as long as it works. after the break a look at some o of the other headlines in our area. the trial is set to begin with the second of six officers o charged in the freddie gray death also coming up a happy ending for some of the maryland doings. no one hit the big power ball jackpot. there was still money to be made. >> and there's still hope. > and there's still hope for ho sure. stay with us, the 10 is coming right back.
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police are investigating the i third murder of the year.rd it happeneder this afternoon onn park drive in southeast. when officers arrived they found a man dead. somebody shot him.
10:37 pm
died from his injuries. that shooting happened on pam roy so far no arefies have been made. it is another big week in baltimore. prosecutors plan to proceed witc the jury selection tomorrow in the trial of officer cease orfie good son. he is the second of sixf baltimore police officers to gor on trial in the death of freddie gray. prosecutors are proceeding even though they still don't known whether their key witness officer williamsporter will be forced to testify. alexandra limon joins us with more on the upcoming trial. >>reporter: officer good son facing the most serious charges including second degree murder. that charge means he had a reckless disregard for another person's life. some say prosecutors may prove
10:38 pm
that good son intentionallynten freddie gray a rough ride too teach him a less only it was a 45 minute ride in a baltimore police transport van in which 19 year old freddie gray faced a fatal spinal cord injury and broke a neck. the man behind the wheel at that van will go to trial. prosecutors may go after good son for giving gray a rough ride while gray was shackled and handcuffed, but not wearing a seatbelt. after the first trial of william porter, william porter's trialta ended last month in a hung jury. porter could still face charges. a judge ordered porter to testify against his colleague, but his lawyers saying forcing him to do so would violate hisis
10:39 pm
fifth amendment rights. the maryland court of specialpei appeals granted a temporary stao which prosecutors are attempted to appeal, but even if porter does testify he may not be saying much. you will see that if porter does not invoke his constitutional rights, fifth amendment constitutional rights, that it will be a very tightlyhtly controlled line of questioning,t only to get the information they need g in good son's trial. good son is the only one of the six officers facing charges who never gave a statement to investigators. this is the first time they hear his side of the story. he could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted of thathat second degree murder charge. alexandra limon, fox5 local news. now to a fox5 followup. ten days ago we told you about a suspected case of animal cruel think at a home in rockville. the animal division ceases 66
10:40 pm
dogs right here on glennville mode. since then the animals have been cared for at a shelter in glennn wood and now some of them are ready for adoption.dop they're all different sizes, all different breeds, all different personalities and you'll get ton seed all of that soon. we hope to get them all adopted out. for health reasons and behaviora if there are any behavioror issues, i don't know of any, from what i see it's a wonderful population of animals concerninl what they came from. a happy ending for one dog. we caught up with a woman whoho adopted one from the sheltershel today. >> i've been looking for a puppy for a long time. the dog that i had picked wasi already going home to somebody and so they called me up and said they think they found the right dog. and here she is.s. she's beautiful. they say shelter doings make the best doings, adopted dogs.
10:41 pm
that little one is going to gett some love. police are still investigating the rockville homeowner who had possession of all of those dogs. no word yet if any charges willg be filed. > two young children are hurt after a crash on the beltway.elt it happened this morning betweee connecticut and georgia avenues causing a car to over turn here. the children ages 3 and 8 were seriously the cause is likely related toet the weather and the when thehe roads. a major cleanup is underway. more on that in just a moment. gwen, more on the cleanup underway in cape coral, florida after a tornado touched down.n. the ef2 packed 135-mile an hourr winds, left a lot of damage.ama >> the tornado knocked down trees and power lines andline damaged a number of homes.omes the storm also triggered somerig accidents and despite all of this damage and those 135-milehe an hour winds, no one was hurt. a day where we had a mix of conditions, some sunshine, some
10:42 pm
warm extremities and then itthen cooled down and we had some gusty winds. we had it all.. let's take a look at the high today because guess what wee broke a record at dulles with 59-degrees. we hit 62 at bwi, but the mildid air did not stick around for too long because as predicted therei cold air moved in behind a frontal we had some rain as well, but right now none of that. the skis are clearing. but here's a look h at the current wind gusts because they were gusty today.toda gusting at 22 miles per hour at d.c. 32 at gaithersburg and 29 at martinsburg. look at cumberland, wounds up to 43 miles per hour. 40-degrees at investor and, 40 at bwi thurgood marshal, but factor in those strong winds and here's what it actually feelsacu like if you're stepping outside right now p, a very cold 32 in d.c.d. only 24 in gaithersburg, cumberland,
10:43 pm
that's where they have those 43-mile per hour winds right now and 24 at winchester. not much happening in the skis. your overnight lows in the low 30s. bundle up, the seven dayhe s forecast coming up. > power ball fever about to turn into a power ball frenzy like nothing the world has ever seen because no one matched all six numbersç in last night's drawing. that means the jackpot forot wednesday night will be an estimated $1.3 billion. that is the largest price of all time. lottery officials say 25 tickets did match five numbers. those ticket holders will win a million dollars each.ach that's certainly nothing to sneeze up, but my goodness,oodn $1.3 billion.lion what would you do? what wouldol you buy? i definitely smell another office pool for sure. are you in? >> i'm in. because gwen did this one wherer we had us sign a whole contractt
10:44 pm
the experts do say you should do that. i sort of go on the honoronor system. it would be a good problem torob have.ha that's a good point. > after the break, it's a story that's not goginto make youake feel any better about flying in the future.utur we're talking about pilots and safety. everyone is asking how actor sean pen ended up in a meeting with this guy, the notorious drug lorel chapo and it allit happened while he was on the on run. the latest on this wild story as we continue tonight. ♪
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10:47 pm
there's a saying the truth is stranger than fix, but even in hollywood the story behind the chapter of drug lord el chapo is really unusual. as we hear from robert gray, the movie star sean penn went south of border to interview ell chapper before he was captured. mexican authorities got short i, but before they captured him he
10:48 pm
met up with sean penn. the actor and one of the most wanted men in the world got together for a story penn was doing for rolling stone as whether he believed drugs destroyed and bring harm. he claims where he grew up there were no other ways to make amake living. in the video gauze man says if y there was no demand, there woule be no drugs. he also says he has not used drugs himself for about 20 years. he also claims he only uses violence to defend himself.ims the meeting between sean penn and el chapo was set up by mexican actress kate. as famous as he is for hisis escapes was interested in havinn a movie made about his life. now that he's back in custody, the united states wants gust man extradited so he can face drug trafficking charges north of the one security expert says it
10:49 pm
would wise for the mexicanxica government to hand him over to the us before he performs another hooding any. the more he stays in the mexican prison, the security guards will be more exposed to corruption and intimidation and the more probably an escape will be. they showed the article to el chapo before publication. they say, however, that the drug lord made no editorial changes. in loss angels, robert gray, fox news. > a disturbing report about airline safe safety. the transportation departmentpo inspector general says thert government is noget doing enougg job to keep pilots up to.. the report found pilots have a hard time keeping focused on
10:50 pm
their instrument screens forcree long periods of time. the faa says that they hope tooe provide guidance to airlines onn pilot monitoring by january of 2017. donald trump says doesn't watch football anymore. just wait until you hear why he says he's lost his love for the game. forget about counting calories we'll tell you why people say we should focus on what we've been taught is good for us, is bad for us.
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. president obama is said to deliver his final state of the union address tuesday. the white house says it will be unlike any other that he has officials say the presidentpres plans to focus on the broader, more long term issues facing the country long after he's left office. what the president is going to
10:54 pm
layout is a picture of thehe country moving forward, focused on the future, not afraid of it and very optimistic about our future because of what he knows about this country.o among those who will be guestsut of first lady michelle obama, d.c. businessman mark davis who trains low income individuals to install sole or panels and prepare people for green tech jobs. involve terseç helping veterane transition from military to civilian live. there will also be an empty see the representing victims of gun violence. we're three weeks away from the iowa caucus. we'll get the latest from christine fisher. >>reporter: big developments id the democratic raise. new polls out today so hillaryia clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck in both new hampshire and iowa. sanders has been beating her for
10:55 pm
sometime in new sham pir, butbut what is happening in is what is something new. the iowa caucus is now justow three weeks away. today clinton down played thelae low poll numbers on face the nation. she finally just responded to trump's attacks on her and her husband. i am not going to let him or any of the other republicans rip away the progs that women havee made. it's been too hard fought for.o. at the same time clinton was receiving her official endorsement from planned parenthood in new hampshire, donald trump was taking the stage at a huge rally in reno, nevada. earlier today, trump explainedr whumy he thinks he would have te upper hand.and a lot of people are saying if it's trump versus hillary it'sly going to be the largest turnout.
10:56 pm
those people who have never beer part of the process before are doing it. first we will have to get past ted cruz. in washington, christine fisher, fox news. meanwhile donald trump probably wasn't spending any time watching the redskins today, he says he doesn't watch professional football anymore because the nfl has gone soft like the us. trump says the whole game has become screwed up. that's his quote, because quote has become soft like the country has become soft. > you know who isn't soft, any, fan who was tailgating att today's viking-seahawks they are fans much. the teams kicked off their wild card game in minnesota a with an official temperature of minus 6-degrees. despite the temps, fans wereere
10:57 pm
outside enjoying plenty of foodf and drinks. the seahawks meet the strikestrk with a score of 10-9 day nothino we can do with a few mill toew help warm things up.up. we can't because the weather. that's why maybe some of those fans left early today. >> i don't we talked a lot about it lastlat night. if you went there and you hadn't paid attention to the weathereat reports, it quickly changed. > marina said her face wasas frozen and i'm sure she wasn't out there very long much the winds were brisk and the bri temperatures were falling and we had the strong frontal system that came in and the wind chills, they just made themselves right at home and it's not changing. i'm calling it # season reality check because we really have been totally spoiled. but the winds gusty all day today and they're going toto continue to be gusty in the
10:58 pm
overnight hours around. the wind chills tonight rightoni into the early hours of tomorroo as well. and a cold air mass that's going to move in that's going to be such an impact unlike today wita temperatures into the 60s our highs tomorrow will only be in the 30 #-s and that's actually below the seasonal average. and then we're going to talk about some precipitation chance essay head h, h take a look at this.his one of our viewers sent in,in cindy chap man.n. she caught this rainbow afterran the rain that we had day. this is out in olney near they shopping center. it's a double rainbow on top of that. as we had rain today, wee actually broke a record at dulles getting one inch off rainfall there. we got over a half inch at bwi. and we broke a record at dulles. 59-degrees.. elsewhere, low 60s. what we're going to do now withw these numbers is kind of turn
10:59 pm
them around because instead of 63 we're going to be talkingalk maybe a 36 because our highs tomorrow are going to be in the 30s with some real artic air. starting tonight look at the drop.dr 40 degrees at annapolis, 39 at d.c. take a look at the west. we have low 30s there that areat kicking in. that's where they're actually seeing some snow over the higher elevations. here are the wind gusts right now, anywhere from 18 to 31-mile per hour wind gusts. if you factor in the temperaturn and the winds tand you get your wind chills and that's what it actually feels like if you're stepping outside. look at these numbers, low 30s,w but to the west we've got 20s here. this is going to be the story into tomorrow. so dress very warm.m. here's the cold pool of airf that's going to move its way straight down the mid atlantic and make itself right at home.o. once we get into tomorrow you're going to see the temperatures drop quite a bit.te we're going to see the winds
11:00 pm
gradually die down throughout the day and it will become breezy. we have plenty of sunshine, but don't be fooled by the sun. we could see a little bit of a passing snow it's going to move more to thehe north. we're going to have a bit of warm rain ahead of it. i can't rule out maybe of a mix your t tough rain and snow together. maybe just some light accumulation. not too much to be concerned with. look how quickly it moves through on tuesday in the early evening hours. we'll keep an eye on that forfor you. in the meantime, 30 gross for tonight, cold and clear and youo high tomorrow a very cold 28-degrees. here's a look at your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast. as i said we're going to see a little bit of precipitation from that clipper.lipp next weekend we have another chance of maybe a little bit of aic it's kind of hard to call rightt now. > at the bus stop tomorrow,omor bundle the kiddies up.p. it's going to be


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