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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm EST

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we're going to see the winds gradually die down throughout the day and it will become breezy. we have plenty of sunshine, but don't be fooled by the sun. we could see a little bit of a passing snow it's going to move more to thehe north. we're going to have a bit of warm rain ahead of it. i can't rule out maybe of a mix your t tough rain and snow together. maybe just some light accumulation. not too much to be concerned with. look how quickly it moves through on tuesday in the early evening hours. we'll keep an eye on that forfor you. in the meantime, 30 gross for tonight, cold and clear and youo high tomorrow a very cold 28-degrees. here's a look at your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast. as i said we're going to see a little bit of precipitation from that clipper.lipp next weekend we have another chance of maybe a little bit of aic it's kind of hard to call rightt now. > at the bus stop tomorrow,omor bundle the kiddies up.p. it's going to be freezing.
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it's different all the time. it's all moderation and a little l working out. they say sometimes eat like the french. i don't get that, either. the cream. and the all the cheeses and things. sports is next.
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> i thought that game got offht to a good start. i was really confident, thinking positively.po we wereรง even wearing our burgandy and gold did i.di we were ready to go. at this point we've seen whatn went wrong. wro we know what went wrong on the field. if this team expects to competeo again this season, there's always the question of how it hw went wrong. wr and for that here's grant paulsen. the redskins got off to a bad start in their third playoff field. taking an 11-0 lead initially getting on the board with a sac
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in the end zone that brought tha this crowd to its feet. after that 11-0 start everything went ary with green bay out out scoring washington 35-7 leaving head coach jay gruden and his staff scratching for answers there's a couple of plays that make you ill. we had ryan grant down the the middle of the field and we missed him on the throw. th we had a couple opportunitiesup both sides ofle the ball to mako some plays and unfortunately we didn't get them done and that's how you advance. yodvu have to make the special plays. the guys did a great job all year, but today wasn't our day. i think my thoughts right here in the moment dispointed over some opportunities today. green bay played well. they're a playoff caliber team.e they showed that tonight. i walked away sort of feeling like now this loss, i think
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catapults our off season to enable us to have a little bit of an edge and say where did we fall short. washington's biggest problems came on defend where the the redskins couldn't get off the field because they couldn't stop the runs. ru the packers rack ted up 141 up rushing yards.g at one point running the ball 19 times in a 22 play spin. five drive stretch where the packers scored 32 points withoui punting the football. fo that first quarter we had some m confidence. we were rolling there for a second. they had a couple plays. despite today's devastating de results, they were in the locker room saying each of the playersl in the redskins shouldn't accepc losses like this. it's hard not to think about where the redskins came from. before the season started most
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were saying maybe the worst team in football.ootb washington is in a decent spot. general manager scott mack clue on after one season right where he wants them. how to add to this with a nice draft it could help them use the this season as a spring beer. at fed ex field. it is time for our close five. let's start with the battle with the brothers curry, against his brother steve of sacramento. they go around and right in haven't from of his little ll brother's face he taunts him as little bit. they are brothers. they played basketball growing o up. there you have it. it. let's go to number four.r f you saw this one before. bef this is pretty cool. co
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why not watch it again. jordan reed, cuss can instance s goes back, one hand. snaps it with one hand. that's all. i love that. > we tried to be a little timely here. we go to number three and this happened a couple of hours ago in minneapolis where it was 6 below zero.lo look at that. it's another one. acrobat incorporate one hand. they got the gloves a little li sticky tack, but not bad at alla that could be the pass of the playoffs. number two last night before itt got too ugly. it's a touchdown, but that's the operative seive how he got it. watch again. ag we're going to see it in slow motion. this, my friends, is what we call in the nfl a butt catch. right there. and the steelers cracked that
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came right open. number one, give it up foror alexandria ovechkin tonightan against the senators, ov with goal number 500. yes, that is too many men out oo the ice, but the nhl is going to let it slide for the shell bracing. and he had 5301.301 proving not all news today is to bad news in d.c. sports. good to see -- what he's like 30? he did it in record time. he was very happy about it. i there's some good news. we like that. thank you, jim. we'll be right back.
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star wars, the force awakens keeps raking in the big bucks at the box office and there's ahere good reason. it held onto the top spot during its fourth weekend in theatersha earning more than $141 million.
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the survival film stark leonardn decap row earning a 38 million. daddy's home came in third. police in portland, organ are investigating an unusual theft. theying look are for a guy who stole a 2-foot long python from a pet store last friday.frid but it's how he stole it hast people shaking their head. you can see the man standing outside, he reaches in and quickly drops the sunoco owe are we going to see this? in h his pants. seriously. what? the man then gingerlying walks out of the store. the store owner says the man is lucky the python didn't act up.. it's lucky it wasn't feeding day. feeding days are on mondays. and they're very hungry. the owner says she has seen h hs man before in her store, buttor this is the first time she had a
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woman with him. police suspect the two of them were working together to steel that python. there are so many jokes and i'm sure you're thinking about them right now. truly this guy is lucky. he was three days short of maybe feeling -- >> serious > what are you thinking there? >> you know why it made the knew casts. two new jersey state troopers answer the call of duty byy delivering a baby. an expecting couple was rushing to the hospital but their babyhi girl decided she wasn't going to wait that long to come into the world. dad pulled over, mom is in pain. the state highway called police. the troopers jumped into can a.. both troopers assisted with cutting the umbilical cord beforehanding her over to her mom. the baby girl and her mom are doing okay.


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