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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  January 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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co-written by john legend. bowie was inducted into theintot rock and roll hall of fame in i 1996 and given the grammy's gs lifetime achievement award inn 2006. he leaves behind his wife model iman and two children. in the district fire crewscr were dual a house fire overnight. you're going to see some video from the d.c. fire. d.cfi it's of the home in the 100 block of 36 street northeast.ort there have been no reports of rs any injuries here. >> the nfl season officialicia over for the redskins aaron rogers and the team beat b the redskins 35 to 18.o 1 things started off fairly gooday for the burgundy and gold. early in the first quarter the defense sacked rogers in theogs end zone for a safety. a safet it was the team's first post season safety since 1984. 198 after that it was the aaron rogers show.gers he executed the hurry up
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approach. he loves to t 16 consecutive points. after the game coach jayoach jay gruden tried to explain what exn happened after such appen promising start.promg >> we lost a lot of momentumot u in the second quarter forduart whatever reason and then we scored to start the third t thi quarterly we came out of theame tunnel like i wanted to to getot the lead back in the third t t quarter we couldn't get them off the field and aaron did aon what he did.e did had a great game. g the running game was sound andnd we just failed to make plays.. >> packers now move ton playon p the arizona cardinals onn saturday. it's safe to say the redskins fans are pretty disappointed after severalever frustrating mistakes by thetake team. it was evident a comeback comeb wasn't going to a but before bef the two minute warning look atno the seats.ea many of the fans had of thee fa will the game early. redskins see son ends withoutit a victory over a winningin football team.ball t >> the trial of the second the d baltimore officer charged inof freddie gray's death beginsay'sd today. >> officer caesar goodson faces the most serious chargestc of the six officers seconds son degree mur now, he is the officer who was w
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behind the wheel of the van v where gray suffered a fatal f spinal injury. experts say prosecutors may go after goodson for purposely pur putting freddie gray through adr rough ride. this while graying wasra shackled in handcuffs but not wearing a seat belt. >> meanwhile a marylandnwhi appeals court ruled that officer william porter cannot be forced to testify at goodson's trial.ri porter was the first officeras t tried in freddie gray's death.ea porter's lawyers argued thatawra forcing him to testify wouldti violate his fifth amendment rights. rights. prosecutors expect to appeal the ruling.ulin porter's trial last month mon ended in a hung jury and hejuryh could still face charges. chaes >> in islamabad pakistan a keyey peace gathering is under way. pakistan played host to the united states china and afghanistan.afghan pakistan urged the otherer countries to consideron confidence building measuresce b to get the taliban to the negotiating table. >> president obama is set toet deliver his final state of thefi naunion address tonight.ig
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the white house says it wille ho be unlike any other he'sy others delivered. officials say the president plans to focusy on a broader b more long term issues facing the country long after he's left office. >> what the president is going to lay out is a picture of the country moving forward focusedos on the future not afraid of itdf and very optimistic about our future because of what heha h knows about this country. count >> after the state of thetate union address which will takeak place tomorrow on tuesday theue white house says it will send s cabinet members on a road tour o to promote the president's proposals. among those will be guests of first ladies michelle obamas ele will be mark davis who trainsran low income individuals to install solar problems and army vetera veteran naveed shaha there will be an empty seatt representing victims of gun violence.violence. >> also in the news thisheews th morning mexico started the
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formal process of extraditing ei one of the most wanted drugan lords to the united states.he u el chapo was recaptured onn friday just six months afterth a breaking out of a mexican prison.pris now the next day rolling stone published an article about the notorious drug lord by actord ba sean penn. the interview was conducted back in october.octor. mexican officials say penn'sen interview helped authoritiesuthi locate the fugitive.lo now that el chapo isca back b behind bars it's rolling stoneon that's under fire.that the drug lord's torn isd's rn challenging the extradition request. >> escape is possible and evenbe probable the longer he snaresr e a mexican prison, the more relaxed the penitentiaryenitentr system will get. the security guards will bear more exposed to corruption and >> once exowe extradited toradio the united states he'll chasel s drug trafficking charges.harges >> powerball fever is about toao turn into a powerball frenzybalf like nothing the world has w h ever seen. no one matched all six numbersex
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in saturday's drawing and that means the jackpot for wednesday night will be an estimated $1.3 billion. that's the largest prize of all advertisement lotteryis ofemficials many officials saymc 25 tickets did know match five h numbers.nuers. those ticket holders win a million dollars each. >> ♪ >> man. >> it is crazy.>> i >> i know. >> it is crazy. >> well, hope springs eternal.oi wednesday is your next >> ixt had one >> i had none. non >> played $10 worth and not one number. >> hm.>> >> all right. apparently.appa >> i wasn't expecting it to bept this cold this morning g i knew it was going colder inngl thlater in the week. i knew it was going to bengo colder but not this cold. >> i rarely meet expectations.ti >> i wouldn't admit that on tv t gary.gary. >> oh, we're on the >> never talk about weather. [laughter] >> here's what's going on outat there.'s the wind is up in i want to show you that hereou t
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in just a second. second. it's 31 degrees here in town ton listen, in the middle -- mid almost the middle of january -- let's just splitet's the difference and say the s first part of january 31 degrees for a lowow temperature. it ain't that bad, okay, i'm okm sorry. 31 now here in town.e in t you got upper 20's and mid-20's out to the northwest. t there is going to be one day this week where thesehe temperatures that we have twe h right now will be the actual a high temperatures for the day. d so, we're going get a seriouser taste of winter for at leastr at one day this week.e y th we'll talk more about that m through the morning hoursmorn hu around dulles it's 28, culpeper you're 31.ou'r31 wind speed now 8 miles periles r hour for culpeper, 10 milesper, per hour here in town. gives us a wind chill factord ch in the teens and 20's my and friends and that's where we're e going to end up that's no good. i thought we were going too have some satellite here's your forecast for fecas today. lots of sunshine.lots it will stay breezy and cold.ol. they tell me it's caitline t' roth.roth. caitlin, what's going on?
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>> i was at fedex field fie 60 degrees and now quite, qte quite a difference out there so cold morning and already a a busy morning as we take our first look at the roads early on a monday crash reported onep the outer loop.e outer loo this is in prince george's county. it's right before exit nine allentown road.oa we're hearing only one leftg on lane gets by.s by. not really a delay yet.really al it is still very early but if that crash continues to sit out there we'll probably see als delay build.y bu otherwise it is a crash on theas outer loop in prh ince george's' county right before allentown ao road so use some caution there.there. let's go back staying on the ba beltway but this time on thet th inner loop towards the wilson tl bridge we've got road work that takes out the right lanehtl there. and then a little bit furtherith towards the west againes a crossing into virginia 395 wevi3 do have two areas of roadf r work. one southbound just south ofou seminary road until 9a and then northbound just north of no duke street so those two areas a could slow you down as weowas start to see delays build as
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the morning commute builds. we'll keep you that's your morning traffic. trc wisdom good morning. >> good morning to you. to north korea leaders talkh ko about last week's nuclear at the time. a philadelphia officer offir ambushed in his car.amed was it an act of terrorism? those stories after the break. time now 4:38. we work weekends here.
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>> ♪ >> north korea's state news agency released comments froormo leader kim jong un on last week's hydrogen bomb test. he said it was a self-defenseele sieve test to protect the country. co he adds it's a fair action that can not be criticized. crii police arrested force arrte suspects in connection to theto rape avenue new york city teenee in a brooklyn park.n pk. a fifth suspect is still at sll large though.ho the four suspects in custodyus are 14-year-old, a 17-year-oldad and two 15-year-olds.arld authorities say the victim was attacked thursday night while ne out walking with her father.her. the al researched gang rape has outraged members of the mrs community who say they'rehey're disgusted and appalled.alled. in philadelphia policehilali investigating a tip thata tiha members of the radical group tac are looking to harm officers.rm it comes after the ambush of a o patrolman in his cruiser lastert week. week police say they're working wor with the fbi to determine the correct of the information. i the fbi continues to investigate whether theigwh suspect in last week's wee philadelphia cop shooting has ties to isis.o isis 30-year-old edward archer haschh been charged in the ambush.n thm right now none of the counts t c
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are for terrorism.errosm general motor center cityl o in hot water this they're facing a civil suit inii new york over faulty ignitionltn switches. today jury selection begins inle the case involving an oklahomanm driver who was injured in a crash. it is the first of six trialsx scheduled over the next year.ovr now his t lawyer says aay defective ignition switchion it prevented air bags fromags f deploying when his car smashedah into trees. tre general motors says the airir bags weren't designed toigd deploy that way.ay the transportationpoat department's inspector generalol says the government is notent in doing a good enough job to job t keep pilots up to date withh their flying skills of the sociald press obtained report.dr investigators say many pilotsil manual slide skills -- flyll-- skills have become rusty and many find it hard to stay focused for long periods ofr po time. the faa says they hope to provide guidance to airlineslins on pilot monitoring by january n of next year.ea >> straight ahead the surprise s wins at last night's golden gol globe awards.globe awards. >> first though we'll talk weather, we'll talk traffic we'
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let's check in with mr. hey, w gary.he g >> thanks a lot, guys. g you know it's cold but is itut i the coldest we're going haveoi h this week? no. it's not by far. f we'll talk about that. colder air coming. stay with us. ♪
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>> ♪ >> breaking overnight the music world has lost a popakinha culture icon. i david bowie lost his battle b with cancer he had been batter t lung it for 18 months. mons. his first number one hit init the us came back in 1975 with the song fame co-written by john lennon. bowie was inducted into thehe rock and roll hall of fame in 1996 and give the grammy t gra lifetime achievement award in ai 2006.06 the rock legend leaves behindd his wife, super model iman and a two children. bowie turned 69 on friday, ther, same day he released his new album. now reaction to bowie's b
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passing is already pouring in p this morning.. rapper kanye west tweetedet this. th david bowie was one of my most y important inspiration.portinspir he gave us magic for a lifetime. madonna shared thisa sh picture on instagram with the wh caption i'm devastated.tate clearly we're having technicalhn issues right now. this great artist changed my life. first concert i ever saw inaw i detroit. rest in peace. >> okay. >> now we can talk about w weather. >> throw in a comment aboutom a the powerball.ll unbelievable no one won. >> we're giving people areing little snippet of everything sni we're talking about thista morning. but right now very cold outside.ou gary sideling up to the desk thk here to talk about the facttalk that it is a brisk start to the morning. >> it is. and what makes a it worse is thi wind is up a little bit so the s wind chill values -- the wind--w will stay up again today. t not like it was yesterday andrda yesterday afternoon. >> i was concerned yesterday.on it looked kind of ominousf omins
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outside. the today, the wind, the trees shaking. i didn't know what was going k on.oing on. >> correct. >> is that what it was,th wha something personal going on. o >> pushed through landover and o it was out of landover to ther o east of landover before there t game started so there was noaso excuses weather-wise unlessthers you want to take into take into consideration the >> yeah, that's what dider it. >> no excuses. eus >> no, i agree. igree everybody's got to show up. everybody has got to show up. >> to the same game.e same game. >> they got to get it do. reagan national right now the temperature -- that ain't bad for january, 31 degrees, okay. a dulles 28.es8. bwi marshall. maral 29.29. we're not used to it. we're winter inches right nower anwimps right now.feels like ted west. feels like it's in the 20's in town. town that's some cold stuff. somld s here's where the cold air s s columbus is 11 degrees. lexington is 11 degrees. and knoxville is 18.ville is see, that's the cold stuff.tu chicago is zero. is z detroit is 13.
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we don't get the coldest ofde this air, okay. oka and again, substantiallyti colder over the mountainsentai west. we don't get the coldest ofdestf that. all right. rht but when we will get the coldest of the air will beiril middle part of the week.ddle p looks like the cold air cold settles in tuesday night intoigi some of in that you're seeingyos there too but there's a there reinforcing push and it means m it's going to be real cold c here tomorrow night andht a wednesday. pretty cold today too but ioo b think we'll make it up into the 40's.e 4 we'll wake up this morningp with lots of sunshine and thatth will be the trend today.e th sunshine and gusty conditions. i there's a little bit of snow shower activity coming downct from the north andiv the west ws but it's not going get here. h you would expect with all thatd cold air a little bit of sexnows here's the deal for today. t 42 degrees for a high f a temperature. it will never feel like 42.l lik that's what you need know now because the winds will be 10nds to 20 out of the west butt gusting up to 25, maybe even a couple of gusts that could beul up to 30 miles per p h shouldn't be any more thant bet that but again with lots of sunshine at least it won't be untolerable out there. t
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and temperature today will nott be 60 degrees. sorry about that.sorry abouth temperature today will be 42 degrees. d snow showers possiblesible tomorrow.morrow. temperature will be 38 degreese and as we get on into the restte of the week you can see where we are here. are layhey caitlin come on in withni the traffic.e let's talk about that. >> good morning. good to see you. >> we only get to see caitlin c every now and then. >> only once in awhile whene w they let me fill in. f good morning to you guys. a crash on the outer loop inutep prince george's county.nty. right before exit nine exi allentown road. one left lane gets le no delays yet.ay still very early but because b c you're squeezing by in one i left lane if that stays out stas there probably going the city cy a few delays build. build so heads up there.. remaining on the beltway towards the west along theth wilson bridge inner loop road ld work takes out the right lane or so maybe some delays as you're y crossing over on the innersi iherwise here in virginia iter is just sogime road work this morning.morn 395 southbound just south ofouno seminary road until 9:00 a.m.un you've got an area of road r work there. and then on the opposite sidee
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northbound just north of dukeoro street you've got ae a construction hopefully picking up soon. s we'll keep you posted on that. . no reported incidents tryingentg to get into the city earlynto tr this morning. 295 inbound no problems northbls or south as you take the 11th street bridge. bri that's a look at traffic. tra much more coming up after 4:55. but for now we'll send it back c to holly. good morning, holly.go >> good morning caitlin. good mo thanks so much. 4:50 is our time right t now. two young children are hurtg chr after a crash on the inner i loop of the beltway in montgomery county.mery c the crash happened sunday morning between connecticutben avenue and georgia avenueia ave causing a car to fire officials say the s children ages three and eights d were seriously hurt.ur the cause was likely related rel to the weather and wet roads. r d.c. police arere investigating their third murder of the year. officers found a man dead onan d park drive southeast yesterdayey afternoon. he had been shot.he h police are now trying to findowf out who is responsible.poib they're asking anyone with w information about the case toio give them a call. c and d.c. police are also a a looking for the manfor thman
4:51 am
responsible in anothern ather shooting death in southeast. 30-year-old roger haggins was ws shot late friday night.y n we learned he has died fromie f his injuries. the shooting happened on hpene pomeroy road. so far no arrests have been made. >> now to a fox5 last week we told you about a a suspected case of animalmal cruelty at a home in rockville.ckvi animal services division seized 66 dogs from the homeome on glen mill road. road. since then dogs having caredavid for at a shelter in derwood. deo now some are ready for adoption. >> they're all different sizes, all different breeds, different personalities andt you'll get to see all that of soon.soon. for health reasons andnd behavior issues, if there aree a behavior issues i don't know of any. of any from what i see it's at i se's wonderful population ofulation animals considering what theythe came from. >> we he did catch up with oneit woman who adopted one of thene f dogs from the shelterlter yesterday. >> he has been looking for ayebn
4:52 am
puppy for a long time or ae dog, you know, and the one o there i had picked was already r going home to somebody and soynd they called me up and said sai that they thought they foundy the right dog and here she is. i'm so excited. eit she's beautiful.eaut >> she sure s oh, my goodness, n howl cute was she. cute was sh police are still investigatingls the rockville homeowner whoerho had possession of the dogs.ssesn no word yet on whether any charges will be filed. fil >> listen to this police in portland oregon areportla investigating a pretty unusualnl theft. thef they're looking for a guy whouy stole a 2-foot long python for a pet store last friday andore f it's how he stole it that sometm people are shaking their headsea about. ou the theft was caught on at the t same time you can see the mane o standing i don't it side theid t snake's enclosure.losu he reaches in and quickly quicky drops the snake in his pants. pn >> oh no,. >> the man then gingerly walksis out of the store.ou the store owner says the man is lucky that the python pyt didn't act up. u >> he's lucky it wasn't iwasn feeding day.
4:53 am
feeding days are on mondays.ys. and they're very hungry. h >> the owner says she's seensh the man in the store beforeef but this time he had a woman w with police suspect the two of them t are working together to steal ts the python. >> my gosh. that's a first. that's a first. okay, to health -- wow. wow to health news even though fewer u.s. teensho are smokeing a neugw study finds secondhand smoke is still a big problem for them. them. nearly half of nonsmoking nonsm middle and high schoolers wereer exposed to secondhand smoke insi 2013. the rates are even high among ag teens who smoke -- who didn't d smoke secondhand smoke has been smokeb linked to several illnesses in children including rip r problems heart disease lungdiseg cancer and other sorts ofts o problems in adults. >> you cannot make that up. u >> last story, i'm sorry, guys.guys
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>> speaking of one of the mosthm famous mansions in america isria reportedly up for sale.por >> according to tmz the tmz playboy mansion is on the market. before you get your checkbookhe out there's civil stringsere's attached to this se. the person who purchases theho p property would have to allow hugh hefner to live into theefne mansion until he passes away.ti >> say what nl ow?t now >> also prospective buyers can can tour grounds but won't be gt allowed in hefner's bedroom. the price tag on the 6-acre 6 estate built in 1927, 200 million do. if you win the lottery you can get it. ge >> okay.>> >> the powerball.owerball >> with an old man attached, a reit. >> old man tenant. >> you can invite the guy who stole the snake out with theth snakee in his pants to come out. >> a lot of snake in the a l pants. >> uh-huh. all right, "star wars ther force awakens" keeps bringing bi in the money at the boxe office.of it held onto the top spot earning more than frown million dollars.olla the revenant starring leonardoal dicaprio came in second place earning about $38 million.
4:55 am
the comedy daddy's home with he will ferrell and mark wahlbergg came in third.hi well, the 2016 award season officially under way.r w >> yes, last night it was the golden below globes. g >> some of the biggest highlights the revenant won for best picture and lady gaga won for best actress in a in limited series. ser >> she forgot to mention her feians in her acceptanceepta is that a bad sign.a bad sig we'll hear from some of them soh winners our 5 o'clock hour.o'k >> but before we do that,. t >> way to go, wisdom. w >> gary >> always a winner in our book. book. >> i wasn't even nominated,t ev, i'm sorry. here's what's going on outha there right now. the temperature is sitting at a 31 degrees here in town. a nice balmy 31. bal i literally looked over myver shoulder and now it's droppeds o to 30 degrees.0 gr 27 degrees.27 these temperatures are live, they keep updating as we gos through and get new data.ata. the wind is up a little bit. lib it's not terrible with the wind but it does,, it will beil enough of a wind this morningthi and through the day that it'st i going to make it feel colderol
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than it actually s16 miles per s hour winds in gaithersburg, 18 miles per hour wind that has got to make ao difference on temperatures andtu the wind chill factor reflectsef that. 24 the feels-like temperaturels here in town.he in it feels much, much colder out t in our northwestern suburbs, sus 14 the feels-like temperature for gaithersburg.r ga hagerstown right now it feelst like it's 10 degrees.0 des. layer up today because you're t going need it to stay warm.od it's going the steda iy gusty ay breezy pretty much all dayllay long. 30's and 40's but it will never kneel way with the it will feel like it's in thel t 20's and 30's all day long. welcome to you wanted it now you got it. here's caitlin roth. >> never wanted w thank you gary. right on time. let's still follow that crash we've got on the in our princeoe george's county. it's right before exit nine allentown road. broad weren't left lane squeezes by.le actually notft squeezing byzingy anything.hi there's not many cars outs t mat there so we're not seeing any nn delays with it but it takes out the three right lanes. t wilson bridge area of roadri work on the inner loop and inneo that's taking out the rightuthe
4:57 am
lane. otherwise on the inner loop as you're crossing over you'reer y fine. not seeing any delays because of it. d 395 road work one areak on area southbound just south ofound seminary road until 9:00 a.m.un0 so that's with us through the te whole morning commute andorni probably going to see some ofo e those delays build southbound. s northbound just north of dukef street you've got some roadtom work there. maybe being picked up sooner. so we'll keep you posted ofosted of course. heading into the city reallyheir haven't seen any problems. no reported incidents north onte south sot 11th street bridge.d that's on 295. that's a look at traffic a11nthd maureen back over to you.ver to >> thank you caitlin. caitl next at 5:00 a secondst 5: c officer about to go on trial on in the death of freddie gray. od an update on the case and whond may not be called as aled as a witness. back after this.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> and good monday morning to t you. it is january 11th.anuary 1 we are going get a check of cck the work week forecast and the commute in about five minutes. but first breaking overnight ovn the music world has lost a pop culture icon. >> british singer david bowieow lost his 18 month battle with cancer. ncer his first number one hit in the united states came in i 1975 with the song fame co-written by john lennon


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