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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  January 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> and good monday morning to t you. it is january 11th.anuary 1 we are going get a check of cck the work week forecast and the commute in about five minutes. but first breaking overnight ovn the music world has lost a pop culture icon. >> british singer david bowieow lost his 18 month battle with cancer. ncer his first number one hit in the united states came in i 1975 with the song fame co-written by john lennon.oh le.
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he was given the grammy the gray lifetime achievement a marredar 2006.2006 the rock legend leaves behindind his model wife iman and two children.dren bowie turned 69 on friday theth same day he released his new album black star. >> reaction to bowie's passing is pouring in this morning.n th. kanye west tweeted this. t david bowie was one of my mostt important inspirations.rati so fearless. feaess. he gave us magic for a a lifetime. >> madonna shared this picturehs on instagram with a captionapti that read i'm devastated. this great artist changed mychad life. first concert i ever saw inaw i detroit.oi rest in peace.n pea >> the trial of the secondecon baltimore police officerli charged in freddiece gray'sra death begins today. officer caesar goodson facesr the most serious charge of thehg six officers.of that would be second degreend de murder. he's the officer who was linedal the wheel of the van where v w gray suffered a final -- final - spinal injury. experts say prosecutors may goe after goodson for purposely for putting freddie gray through aet rough this while gray was shackled shk
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and handcuffed but not wearing a seat belt.elt. officer william porter cannot be forced to testify at goodson's trial.ri porter was the first officer tried.tried. porter's lawyers argued forcing had imto testify wouldtu violate his fifth amendmentndme rights.rights porter's trial last month end fled a hung jury and he could hc still face charges.harges. >> it has been almost a year since that deadly smoke smo incident at the l'enfant plaza p metro station.metr now metro wants riders to know k the company is making safety a priority.iori. fox's melanie alnwick islaalnw joining us live with more on metro's efforts. good morning to you, melanie. me >> good morning maureen.ood it has been a very long and lona difficult year for metro andar a its customers.usmers. concerns about safety are starting to drive riders off rif of the rails and also have led to federal oversight, unprecedented actions here. now the new gm paul wiedefeld we is hoping to restore resto confidence and trust in thend system. smoke in the tunnel atin t l'enfant plaza january 12th,
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between 15, yellow line train t 302 stopped on the tracks the ts trapped with nowhere to go.o go 86 passengers needed medical treatment, one carol glover died from smoke inhalation.smokn it was metro's worst electrical arcing incident butre there have been many more.ore. the ntsb says metro has a problem system wide with improm electrical insulators.nsr paul wiedefeld took the helm thl november 19.mb 19. today the express newspaper will publish its open letterpent to metro this is a make a lot of people read while on the rails and he's going to detail someo detam progress since carol glover's death. in the letter he says there'shee been improved coordinationoordin with emergency responders anden cya new fire department liaisonn stationed in metro's railro's rl emergency operations centersen swells increased training forg r firefighters.refi he talks about how metro has inspected and made repairs to tunnel ventilation systems andta has new training for fan
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operations also saying metro is designing new radio systemsis for better public safety and and cell phone communications.nicatn and now as we know, those are te things that you would dealea with after a smoke incident.ncid as far as trying to deal withl i the source of the smokesour incidents as well, wiedefeld wde did not make any comment in that letter. letr. ntsb has left metro withetro numerous safety directives to fix. fi one thing wiedefeld did say is y that the first executive that f he plans to hire is a chief c safety officer. live in the l'enfant plaza metro, i'm melanie alnwick, mela fox5 local news. >> let's talk a little the nfl season is officially isf over for redskins fans after a slow start aaron rodgers andodge the packers beat the redskins rk 35 to 18. 1 things started off fairly good o for the burgundy and goldlily gl in the first quarter the defense sacked aaron rodgerson in the end zone for a r safety.f the team's first post season safety since 1984 but thehe packers would take the leadead going into the half and afterftr
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that it was all aaron rodgers.r. rogers executed the hurry and approach. they scored 17 consecutive points.ts several fans left the game early and after the game heade h coach jay gruden tolddeol reporters fans can do what they want which is true.ich is t they can do whatever theyteve t want. they played for the tickets.r tc fans don't play. pla >> and aaron rodgers --gers >> he did play. p >> hall of fame quarterback.e qk >> he stayed until the end.ntile let's talk money now.. powerball fever is about to abo turn into a powerball frenzyre like nothing the world has w h ever seen.ever see >> this is so crazy.. no one matched all six numbers s in saturday's drawing. dra so that means the jackpot foract wednesday night will be an estimated $1.3 billion.llio that's with a b.atith a that's the largest prize ofrizeo course of all lottery officials say 25 say tickets did match five numbers.mbers. those ticket holders win a a million dollars each. > ♪ >> hey, we're talking >> hi, wisdom. wdo >> the theory that the numbersyt
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are fixed.are fix how would you fix it?t? >> who said that.aid that. >> i'm just thinking out loud. l >> you're always like a lik conspiracy theorist. torist. >> i really am, though. tho >> how many different combinations of those membersem could there be. >> 390 million.90 million >> well, but some of those t that bought tickets actuallyt had the same numbersti probablyo but just not the numbers thatrst were generated by the little >> out of all the millions of numbers -- we'll argue thisue all morning long. l >> here's some numbers thatumbet are relevant to our lives this morning not the souped powerball numbers.l numb >> hey, they're not stupid. >> i know i spent money,, too maureen. 24 degrees the feels-like temperature out there righte ou now. frederick is 16.s hagerstown it is 10.gerst this is wait feels like out there especially western and northwestern suburbs. bundle up this wrap up, too.wr winchester you guys are feeling like 15 and remembernd e it's the wind chill. association it fluctuates up and down with the speed of theth wind all right and it's not calculated all the time.he t once or twice, three times an
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hour that they send the number e out for us but generally geral speaking it's going to feel feel like it's lower to mid-20's. forecast for today. lots of sunshine.lotssu winds will continue out of thett west at about 10 to 20 but20 b we'll have gusts over 20 on ove0 and off most of the day.of so there you go.f here you go. we're going to head up to about 42 degrees for a high a temperature. it will feel niles in the sun ts when the wind isn't blowinglo but with the wind it will the wt never feel like it's in the iin lower 40's for us. us. feels like 20's and 30's most 3 of the day. day caitlin roth is in keeping aneea eye on traffic on this mondays a morning. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota.ffyo toy visit buy a fora.cofo special offers.ffer >> gary good morning.ary good m starting off with a coupleou accidents out there or att least one and some areas of a construction. if you're headed out in princeed george's county first crash offt the morning here right before exit nine on the outer loop allentown road two right lanesos are blocked. we haven't seen any delays yetnn but now moving just past 5:00 a.m. with everyone heading outdo to work may start to see some sm delays build. we'll keep you posted on that. otherwise inner loop now on nowo
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the beltwaycrossing over fromros maryland into virginia on thea e wilson bridge we've got roadoa work that takes out the right lane. and then two areas of roadf r work on 395. 3 this is southbound south of sth seminary road that's untilt' 9:00 a.m..m so possibly seeing some heavye h delays with that.ys we'll see how it goes durings di the morning drive.g dve and then also northbound justtho north of duke street you'vetou got some road work there too.k t you're okay as you head into hea the city, 295 inbound nond no reported delays.s. let's check our cameras outt there this morning. mni obviously still well before sunrise but seeing if we have he any 270 south filling in but isnut moving fine. this is from 121 to father fat hurley boulevard. good news out of montgomeryout f county. no problems there. 270 south continues to move well. not seeing any problems pblems heading into the city on thathet direction. we'll keep you posted as we gosg through the morning. mning another update after 5:15. wisdom. wisd >> caitlin thank you.ou rolling stone under firein this morning after revealingg ei that actor sean pennean p interviewed mexican drug lord d el chapo while he was on thee ws run. >> it's been a week now since that ranching standoff began.g g we're going to tell you whatou w
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items the militia is asking askn for after this 32nd break. donu. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> pakistan played host to thet united states china anded afghanistan in hopes to lay s the road mack for peace talkseal with the taliban.ib pakistan urged the otherer
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countries to considersider confidence building measuresce to get the taliban to b the negotiating table. tab north korean state newsrth agency released comments frommmf leader kim jong un on last week's hydrogen bomb hemb said the explosion was a a self-defense step to protect p the country from the danger of nuclear war caused by the u.s. . led imperialist.list. he adds the bomb test is a tt is fair action that can not bee criticized. >> president obama is set to s deliver his final state of theh union address tomorrow.ess tom the white house sales it willho be unlike any other he hasothers delivered. officials say the presidentsay plans to focus on the broader more long term issues facingg te the country.ount long after he's left office. off after the state of union of unin address the white house sayss th it will send cabinet membersnd on a road tour to promote the president's among those who will be guests g of first lady michelle obama's a d.c. businessman mark davis who trains low incomeo tr individuals to install solar panels and prepares people for green tech jobs. also army veteran naveed shahsh of springfield virginia who w
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volunteers helping veterans transition from miller to tomi civilian life. there will be an empty seatantys representing victims of gunf gun violence.violence. >> mexico started the formalarte process of extraditing one ofti the most wanted drug lords todrs the u.s. the el chapo was recaptured onapre friday just six months afters breaking out of a mexican prison.pris the next day rolling stone published an article about thehe float tore ious drug lord byrug actor sean penn.sean p this interview conducted back in october. oct next can officials say penn'say interview helped authoritiesd th locate the fugitive.lo the now that el chapo is back behind bars it's rolling stoner that is under fire.ths unde meanwhile the drug lord'slord attorney is challenging the extradition request.eque >> his escape is possible and even probable. the longer he stays in anger hsy mexican prison, the more relaxed the penitentiary penitey system will get. the security guards will beguar more exposed to corruption andup intimidation and the moremidatia probable a new escape will be.e. >> now once extradited to the u.s. el chapo will face drugac d
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traffic charges. cha the mother of the manthe mo leading an armed militia in oregon is asking supporters top send the group ammon bundy and his groupd his seize add national wildlife will refuge earlier this month. mon they vowed not to leave until nv there's a plan to transfer control of federal land to lan loke locals. bundy's mother is asking supporters to send food coffeede cigarettes and other supplies volkswagen's ceo. c >> why police are looking moree closely at last week's week' shooting of a philadelphia police officer. >> thanks maureen. it's a little gusty out theregut this morning. winds are gusting in somen som spots, not everybody but some bm spots well up into the teens and the low 20's in terms of tes wind gusts. it will stay gusty today whichod means that temperatures arepe going to stay wind chilly. chi we'll talk about it. i we got some snow in thew in the forecast. that's right, i'm saying it,, sa snow. snow stick around.stick aro i'll slow you how much we can expect and when we can expect it.
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>> ♪ >> 5:15 is the time. breaking news overnight. the music world has lost a pop icon.on. british singer david bowiedavi lost his 18 month battle with cancer. his first hit came in 1975n with fame. bowie was induck ducted any ducn other rock and roll hall ofrock fame in 1996 and given the grammy lifetime achievement award in 2006.
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he turned 69 in fry th 69 on fra same day he released his new album black >> the temperatures are in theae 20's out in the suburbs, s they're right aroundro 30 degrees here in tn. but winds are gusting soting s basically what that means is mea that it feels a whole lotle colder than it actually s actuay winds are gusting right around d 2 degrees for winchester and in washington the winds areds a not quite as gusty but we get w some sustained winds up into upo the teens there so just keepus k that in mind. gusting over on the eastern eas shore as well. we'll continue to have h basically gusty conditions iond believe right through the dayri today. we shouldn't be as gusty as a what we were yesterday buteste we're definitely going to be g o in for what appears to be -- sorry about that flashing light i just will to reseti jus something.somethin temperature of 42 degrees.aturee winds at time will be 25 miles b per hour gusting around thered t and then hopefully by late l this afternoon they'll calmfterm down just a little bit.wn jus we're cool again tomorrow, notw,
5:17 am
quite as cold, 44 degrees but that will be probably an early e high and then in the afternoonna temperatures will start coming r down as a surge of cold air cd comes n i mention snow.enti i think we'll get some snowk tomorrow as this cold airweows s comes across. c ro we'll get a little bit --- maybe a light rain shower herese in town and then north and west i think higher hig elevations, too, there will berl some snow showers tomorrow afternoon into tomorrowoo evening. we don't expect any don't accumulation right now.mulaht any accumulation probablyroba restricted to extreme north he n western areas and the higher elevations and the western wte facing mountains out obviously o out to the west there. the reagan national 30 now, dulles l 28. the feels-like temperature has been in the teens and 20'sth this morning. mor very cold air to the north and west. west detroit is 12. chicago is zero. i z this is some of that air that was coming through in parts ofto minnesota and extreme northern sections of the northern plains there where it was wells below zero yesterday. we're not going to get the coldest of this air. a the coldest of this air today t
5:18 am
will stay to the north of us. u. it gets reinforced tomorrowdom and then tomorrow night into wednesday, that's when we'rehat' going get the real cold stuffals and our temperatures onemperatu wednesday will only be in the bn upper 20's and the low 30'sow for highs and it looks like that's with lots of a few snow showers well to the t north of us. that's up into western pa. central sections of that stay.y. here we find ourselves clear this morning and we're going a ' to have a lot of sunshinef sun today. more cold air coming into the te nation's midwest now and thatndt will reinforce things.hi let me show you today is greatga in terms of sunshine. terms of n there's no problems with theems clouds or anything falling from the sky.from t won't be the case tomorrow. look at all this snow coming c in tomorrow morning into ohio. . real cold air behind the bin frontal system and it's kindndt' of squeezing out the moisture.ot there's a little clipper typecle system, if you will, but what ww we're going to get here as he as this moves in tomorrown afternoon, tomorrow evening,w ee snow showers possible and somewe of this couldrs extend all thedl way down to d.c. d the way it looks right now, though, what we'll see he is maybe a little bit of lightf li rain. could mix with a little bit of o
5:19 am
snow but we'll get some snowet s showers, real deal snowea dea showers will be farther up towip the north and to the west.rtd tt again not expecting anyng a accumulation, at least not, at t around here. 42 today, winds out of the west 10 to 20 gusty at times. otherwise mostly sunny.. 42 today, 44 tomorrow. tor wednesday is the cold day thisdd week. it's a real cold day on day wednesday. it will be a little breezy. b high of 32 but suburbs will w stay in the 20's for highs on wednesday.we we warm back up into the 40's 4s thursday.thursday upper 40's friday. f middle 40's or so thiss weekend. again, just a little chance of o some snow showers tomorrow tom afternoon and tomorrowdomor evening. here is caitlin roth in for that other traffic lady this trl morning, erin. >> erin como, you forget that easily, gary. g snow showers, why, wh we'll keep it very wint treey nt for this week. for it is about time. te. taking forever.or i'm ready to see someo see som flurries. maybe not everyone is but it but is winter after all. a all right, before we get toefort some of the road work we have reports avenue crash in dales id
5:20 am
city. it's a crash investigation dale boulevard at ashdale f ash you're familiar with the areail and you're there one lane l is -- it's taking out a laneut in both directions daleal boulevard at ashdale.t ale crash investigation.v we'll keep you posted on thatha as we go through the next net couple traffic hits here. hitse. 395 road work still out there ot southbound south of seminary road.road. that's until 9:00 a.m. so it's' going to be out there for be our nearly four more hours.. northbound north of dukef du street you've got another areana of road work.of road w outer loop we've been following this since we wentis on the air at 4:30. 40. crash prior to exit nine et ni allentown road. two right lanes are blocked there. we haven't seen too much of a delay fill in but i expecteebuep around 5:30 we should. s that's just because we've only y got one lane opened there on the beltway in prince george's g county. also checking to 95 as youg a head into the city no reported p accidents or delays north or noh south of the 11th streethtree bridge. that's a look at traffic. and now let's send it back to holly. holly. >> thanks caitlin.. in prince william county aii hit and run investigation under way right now on dale
5:21 am
boulevard near ashland we're told a pedestriaarn waseds hit. they were taken to the hospital with serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. police say the strikingce the sn vehicle could be a 2008 dark colored ford taurus.aurus. volkswagen is working tong win back its customers amidmi its diesel emissions this week the new ceo plans to present a solution to fixn diesel engines that cleat on emissions tests. this comes as the germanes as automaker reached a crossroads o on how to proceed with theth expected recall of nearly 600,000 clean diesel carls. die the vehicles were sold withh secret software designed toned make their engines passngines p federal emissions tests.ssions the cars include jetta gulf jetl and other popular models. >> police in philadelphia are investigating a tip that members of a radical group are looking to harm officers. this comes after the ambush of a patrolman in his cruiserman in last week. hlast police say they're workingor with fbi officials to determine the credibility ofineh thate
5:22 am
the fbi also continues to ctinut investigate whether thehether suspect in last week's w philadelphia cop shooting has ties to isis.esisis 30-year-old edward archer haser been charged in the ambush: mbus right now none of the countshe are for terrorism. >> tornado in florida easinglora flooding concerns along the mississippi river. those stories coming up after the break.
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5:25 am
weekend. it packed 135 miles an hours hu winds and left a lot of damageog behind.hi tornado knocked down trees andda power lines and damaged aline number of officials say nearly 10,000y 100 people lost power. pow the storm also triggered someerm accidents and despite all ofd i this damage the good news isdis that no one was hurt. >> the u.s. army corps of engineers reopened the bonnet bn car spillway.pillwa many dignitaries including newln orleans mayor attended the ceremony.mony. officials made the decision dis earlier to open that spillwayha because of rising waters inater the mississippi river. the spillway will divert part of the river's flow to lake pontchartrain. >> you knew. you just didn't -- >> like saying -- i digress. >> please keep going. ple >> it's monday.>>
5:26 am
it's like diarrhea of therrhe mouth. just keep going. you go on.n. sorry. >> wisdom, you had a question. o >> no, i'm good. after that -- after that i got nothing.. >> i want to know how coldowol it's going to get this weekend. >> we'll see snow. s tomorrow afternoon, tomorrowomor evening we'll have snow moving in. i think it's snow showers sho through town but north andth west it will be pretty good snow coming down.g i don't expect anyec any accumulation other than alatith light coating well north, nor northern maryland, higherigr elevations back out to thek oute west. you can see temperatures atsee 30 degrees.30 winds are not too terribly badry in the city now only at six. atx that's not a big deal but whenuw you're talking about coldbo temperatures just a little bit s of wind makes a hugekes a difference.difference feels like it's in the teens the north and west, 15 degrees for dulles, free for gaithersburg.ur the feels-like temperature inik town ise 24 degrees. 24 gr we will warm up today withod w good amounts of sunshine into the lower 40's but it's goings g to stay breezy and gusty.dus today it will feel like it'se i
5:27 am
in the 20's and 30's all dayay long.long >> even with the sunshine. >> is it going to be affecting drivers?drivs? >> accumulating snow.umul >> see what happens, i mention snow, it just -- it's at' snowball effect and all wee want to know is snow. s >> you can tell me.el >> snow showers here in townl io tomorrow evening.ning will it affect the commute? ioi don't think so.o. it shouldn't because it will be too warm on the roads. roa a light dusting of snownow northwestern neighborhoods,ghrh light accumulation northern nth maryland, southernmaryland, soun pennsylvania. how about that?ho >> we won't bew making any snowballs.snowballs. >> no snowballs.>> n >> snow show balls. >> go ahead and check in withh caitlin joining us thisni u morning. >> good morning.>> g >> good to see you.d >> good to see you all. all you can't say that wordt wd thinking no one is going tong jump on that.hat. >> snowballs. >> snow showers.>> >> snowballs, snowballs,al snowballs.snowballs. >> just snow. it's just not going to -- yeah its not going to be ignored. thanks gary. we've been following this justss
5:28 am
came in dale boulevard crashvara down towards dale city a crash investigation at ashdaleig avenue hit and run. oatuene lane is opened each ways but if you are in that arean a that's your normal commute be aware there's a lot of policee' activity on the scene fromn that earlier hit and run so the investigation remains dale boulevard at ashdale avenue. further off to our northur n staying in virginia here in alexandria, two parts of --, twt two areas of road work. 395 southbound south of sth seminary road still out therestu and then northbound just northtr of duke street so use cautionsen as you're heading in on 395.n95 it's 5:28. we are back with more fox5 fox5 morning news after this. stay with us.
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from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> breaking overnight. breakingv the music world has lost a pop culture icon.con. >> british singer david bowie b lost his 18 month battle withe h cancer.canc. his first hit in the united states came in 1975 with the song fame co-written by johnohn lennon. bowie was inducted into theto te rock and roll hall of fame in in 1996.1996. and given the grammy lifetime achievement award in 2006. bowie turned 69 on friday.ri the same day he released his res new album black star. >> reaction to bowie's passing's is pouring in from around the world.rl russell crowe tweeting rest in i peace david. i loved your music i lovedoved you.yo one of the greatest great performance artists to have ever lived.iv >> cher tweeted devastated. a 11 gent is gone.
5:32 am
>> pharrell williams saidilam david bowie was a true inso te n much nader. may he rest in peace.inea neighbors in a loudounou county community waking up to wt news of a tragedy on theirdy o a man and a woman died in a murder-suicide in the 19,20019,0 block of wind meade drive.deri fox5 is investigating reports that there was a toddler in wasl the home at the time.e. >> the trial of the second the c baltimore officer charged ined freddie grayes death beginsheg today. officer season goodson facesdsos the most serious charge of thehf six officers second degrees se murder. he's the officer who was who w behind the wheel of the van of e where gray suffered a fatal f spinal injury. experts say prosecutors may go after goodson for purposelyor putting freddie gray through aer rough ride.ugh ri this while gray was shackled sck and handcuffed but not wearing a seat belt. meanwhile maryland appealsryland court ruled that officer o william porter can cannot be
5:33 am
forced to testify at go goodson's porter was the first officerheer tried in freddie gray's death. porter's lawyers argued forcing him to testify wouldti violate his fifth amendmentfy rights. porter's trial last month's tall ended in a hung jury.ung j >> it's been almost a yeart a y since that deadly smoke smo incident at the l'enfant plazata metro station and now metro wants riders to know thederso kn company is making safety aaf priority.priori fox5's melanie alnwick awi joining us live with more one on metro's efforts.or mel. >> reporter: maureen, goodorte morning we know it's been a k long and dnoifficult year not only for metro but certainly cen for its customers as well andl d concerns about safety areafety pulling some riders even offn f the rails and that's hurting metro's bottom line. l those concerns about safety saf have also led to unprecedentedrt federal oversight. now new gm paul wiedefeld says he wants to restore trust and confidence in the system.sys let's take you back to january 12th, 2015. smoke in the tunnel ate the
5:34 am
l'enfant yellow line train 302 was stopped on the tracks. tck all the passengers trappedngersp with nowhere to go. 86 passengers needed medical treatment. one, carol glover died fromdi fo smoke inhalation.nhat it was metro's worst electrical arcing incident but there have been many more. m at the friendship heights station two arcing incidentstw leading to smoke in the redo line tunnel in smo june.une. a track fire on the orangerang line in roslyn causing smokeausi in the courthouse station inn february and ntsb says metro has problem system wide with improper electrical insulatorsls that are leading to thoseho smoke incidents. metro gm paul wiedefeld took the helm november 19.ember 19. today the express newspaper will publish his open lettern to metro riders detailing somese progress since carol glover's ge death. he talks about having improved coordination with emergencyonh responders, a new firers, a newe department liaison stationed sti in metro's rail emergencymergen operation center and increasedct
5:35 am
training for firefighter whoseho work in the tums, he talks about inspections and repairs rp to the tunnel ventilationventt system, new training for fanor n operations and also a newew radio system that's about tos bt come on line he says forays fo better public safety and cell ac phone communications.nicaon now, interesting, over the weekend riders also reported rte that there was a heavy smoke s in the tunnel at the federaled center station, said they hadthd to evacuate. evacu so far we have not seen any response from metro as to whatta exactly happened there.he wiedefeld did say also that his first order of businessordes when he hires his firsthifi executive to join the team,e t that person will be a chief safety officer. oer live at l'enfant plaza i'mza melanie alnwick, fox5 localoc >> thank you mel.>> t. the nfl season isseason officially over for the burgundy and gold. >> after a slow start green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers he and he his teamisea beat the redskins 35 to 18.o things started off fairly goodrg for the burgundy and gold.ndy do early in the first quarter the defense sacked rogers in theogee end zone for a safety. for aet the team's first post season
5:36 am
safety since 1984. packers would take the leadhe ld going into the half and afterheh that it was all aaron rodgersard all the time. te. rogers executed the hurry up offense. he scored 17 consecutivecuve points and several fans well wel they realized what was takingak place and left the game early ge and after the game head coachd c jay gruden told reporters canepr fans can ca do whatever they thy want. want. >> man what a difference a dayfd makes. >> i know.>> >> for tailgating yesterday itti was like 60 degrees and now 6gr it's like below freezing and wind chills.nd chills. >> that's what happens.has and you need to know this in thi january if it's going to be 60o one day, just get ready.eady >> not going to be the nextoi t day. >> that's right. it's just the way it worksy it around here and it's prettysre cold out this morning.sorni it's 30 degrees 20's out in the suburbs but just keep that in mind it's not necessarily just the airaryu temperature today or even thisve morning it's the wind and the t wind has created wind chillin factors this morning. mni feels-like temperatures in the m 20's and the teens. teens.
5:37 am
teens from the north and west,es manassas feels like 18, winchester you guys feel likee 17, hagerstown you're still're feeling right arounding ri 10 degrees or so and that's tt' been pretty constant the lastant couple of hours. here in town it feels like 24.. so, we're breezy today. today obviously it's going to be the feels-like temperature will be in the 20's and thehe0' 30's all day long. l it will -- the actual airir temperature doesn't matter tooto much today but here you g i mean we're going to get to get 42 for a high temperature inrati the city. a lot of sunshine. that will help. w winds will be sustained at 10t to 20 occasionally gustingng over 20 miles per hour.0 mi should not be as strong as yesterday.erda it was 63 for a highgh yesterday, caitlin roth. >> it was.t it was still windy.indy our at fedex field allie afternoon. it didn't did >> felt a lot colder.elt lot >> yes, it was in the 60'sn 60' felt chilly i guess like it l was in the 50's but unfortunately much colder thise morning. you'll notice that the secondtht you step outside so heat needed for the morningor m commute. still following this crashhi cra investigation. this is down by dale citywny da here. here
5:38 am
dale boulevard at ashdale avenue reports of a hit andepts run but that crash has causedsh police to come onto the scene s and they are taking out oneut lane each way. way. so, delays probably building there. use caution in that specifically you've also got y some volume building, this is on 9il5 northbound just north of dale city. all the way up to 123. going back into princento prin george's county crash stillcras out there on the outer this is right before exit ninene allentown road. road. it is a minor fuel spill so we've got two right lanes r blocked and probably someand obm delays building in that spot,t, too considering we've got two gt whole lanes taken out on the outer loop. let's go to 270 south headingea into the city from montgomerymo county or frederick county. i72, 80, urbana there miles thel per hour speeds will take you te about 11 minutes to go on that stretch of 6 miles so just normal congestion on 270. back down to the inner loophe watch for a stall, this is onth the ramp to georgia avenue anu south. sout no delays right here but we do d probably expect them to build. b we'll keep you posted with.ted that that's a look at traffic for if you. now let's head back to >> thank you.haou
5:39 am
ahead powerball fever.llev >> jackpot now getting --- setting a world still tongue-tied.ngutied. i'm so anxious with this. we'll be right back. >> bang bang right back. again! again! again! again! again? again! again!
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general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard.
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but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> time now is 5:41. a 60-year-old maryland man in m critical can condition afteran r lighting a cigarette in hisettei hospital r now investigators say steven s bok ignited his oxygen maskgen a and surrounding bed when he when
5:42 am
hit a cigarette saturdayette sar night.ght. now this happened at hartford hr memorial hospital workers were able to extinguish that fire. bok was transferred not johns hopkins burn center. authorities say an oxygenge enriched environment can cause flammable materials to ignite more quickly. quickly. let's talk health news now and even though fewer u.s.feu.s. teens are smoking a new study finds secondhand smoke is son still a big problem for them.ore nearly half of nonsmokingonsmin middle and high schoolers were supposed to secondhand smoked sk in 200013 now the rates weree rr even higher among teens who smoke. secondhand smoke has beennd linked to several illnesses insn children including respiratorypy problems. it's linked to heart disease and lung cancer in adults.lts. powerball fever is about a to turn into a powerballerll frenzy like nothing the worldor has ever seen. no one matched all six numberslm in saturday night's drawing's d and that means the jackpot forkf wednesday night will be an estimated $1.3 billion.billio
5:43 am
that's the largest prize of all time. lottery officials say 25 s tickets did match fivee numbers.mbs. those ticket holders, they'reole going to win a million dollars each.ea >> all right. ahead speaking of winning, then, surprise wins at last night's golden globe awards.lord >> first though weather andweatd traffic.traffic. hey, gary. >> listen, feels-like temperatures out there in the ot teens and the 20's this 2s th morning from 60's yesterday yte to, well, it's only going to gog feel like it's in the 20's andd 30's today. big change.g chae. a bigger change is coming,om maybe some snow, too, that's right, snow. s winter is back.wi we'll have details, full forecast, more news. stay with us.
5:44 am
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>> breaking overnight thereak music world losing a popd lo culture icon. i david bowie lost his 18 month8th battle with cancer.han his first number one hit in oit the u.s. came back in 1975 i with the song fame co-writteno-t by john lennon. bowie was inducted into theucte rock and roll hall of fame in 1996 and given the grammy the ga lifetime achievement award in 2006 he leaves behind his wife model iman and two children. thd he turned 69 on friday theridayt very same day he released his my album black star. >> ♪ >> cold out there this morning.mornin yesterday's high temperatureda officially for reagan nationalyf was up to 62. i thought it had made it to 63 t but it was only 62 degrees but t we're a far cry from thatm today. to we're going to be 20 degreesdege colder for a high temperature t today than what we were w
5:47 am
yesterday. and we're going to be 42 today. toda then 44 tomorrow. 44 torrow. but that will be an early higheh temperature. the temperatures will startatur crashing in the afternoon and the evening and then some snowns showers, too, come through thr tomorrow after -- late tomorrow afternoon anderon tomorrow evening.veni look what happens onok wednesday. this real cold air pulls in i here so temperatures drop.ras d we'll be 32 for a high on wednesday.dn i can assure you on wednesdayn w some of us will only stay inusin the upper 20's for highs and a there will be enough wind thatwi it feel like it's in the teenshs and 20 most of the day.ofhe we'll warm back up on thursday s to 42 and once we get through th wednesday and into the weekend e it looks like temperatures are m going to jump up into the u t middle 40's. middle so, really just one day where dw it's going to be super colder c and i assure you on wednesday we it will be. it reagan national 30 but itna feels like it's about 24 or so. so. dulles 28 but it feels like feek it's in the teens there.e teen t it feels like it's in the teens, low 20's up intos i baltimore as well. w it's 30 degrees now. now you see the coldest of the air. binghamton 20, pittsburgh at0, g
5:48 am
16 and columbus at 11 degrees. r let me show you where it's it's super cold. fargo is minus nine. minneapolis is minus seven.ev it hasn't gotten too much colder than what it was thawhat yesterday afternoon during the r game up there. u but look at international falls. falls. that's actual air temperaturer u of minus 2 we don't get the coldest of this first wave of air but there's reinforcing air coming c down out of canada here soada hs real, real cold.ol a true arctic air mass coming down went get the brunt ofherunf that coming in tomorrowat comin evening and that's what'sg going the keep using so cold on wednesday. we'll be in the 40's today. t clouds to the north and nor northwest of us, even someven s snow showers getting rung upngun in all that cold air up to the t north and to the west. w again, the coldest of the air tr stays on the other side of theif mountains at least today. tod another batch of cold air -- air little clipper system is goingli to come through as well andpprod that's going to drive a fewoingv snow showers tomorrowwers tom afternoon into tomorrowin evening. we're all good today butay notice snow back out to theut tt north and west tomorrowom
5:49 am
morning. again, this little clippercl system, most of the energyf theg with that stays up to theays o t north but also a it comes on asa we'll get some snowflakes. in the city talking about aitlk mixture of maybe a little bitit of light rain to some snown s showers. any accumulation would just be a dusting far north and west wt and then maybe -- well, w definitely accumulation in thean western facing mountains backnsc farther to the west and theto t higher elevations there, too,he, and then up into the clipper will move onclipe through and really what it's i going to generate for us is another dose of real cold air. r today lots of sunshinely weunshn start in the lower 30's. 3 we'll make it into the lowerinto 40's but with the wind it'sind never going to feel that warm.ha here's your seven-day forecast. 42 today. an early high tomorrow, t temperature of 44 and then ithe will be much colder in the afternoon as the arctic airti comes through. throu 32 for a high and wednesday. chilly on thursday, 42 friday 47. we're back into the middleide 40's for the weekend. wkend it looks like some showerse sho around for saturday. saturday. caitlin roth is in thisliroth is
5:50 am
morning for erin with a lookin a at your traffic.r tra >> gary, good morning. gooi thank >> hey. >> let's do some traffic heresoa this morning where we havere wev been following this investigation near dale it's actually complete now. cplt the crash has been cleared on cd dale boulevard at ashdalet avenue. it was out there for the pastret 20 minutes or so.20 we're getting word it haswordt cleared so you shouldn't have h too many problems on that many r stretch but staying inob theg in dale city area we have the typical volume building on 95g north from dale city up to 123. that's just volume heading's jti into the t c still a crash out there on thern outer loop in prince george's county. county. we've had this all morning.d th it was a fuel spill and it has the two right lanes blockedo ri right before you hit exit nine allentown road and obviouslybv heavy delays as the morningheori commute really picks up.lly pi that's in prince george'sinceeo county.un let's go on the other side ofthi maryland here, 270 south, 70outh to the truck scales 36 miles36 l an hour speeds there so it is ss slowing down due to volume.o 16 minutes for that 10-mile into the city the inner loop l here at least just outside on oi the beltway we've got a stall as
5:51 am
that was cleared from the ramp c tole georgia avenue southboundbd so still a lot of green out gren it was very quick, it was on the ramp and it has alreadyas ar been that's in montgomery county.gomu and then checking 295 still no issues in southeast d.c. asea d you head in or out of ther city.ou no reported accidents on the o 11th street bridge so you'reo yu good crossing either way theresn as well. that's a look at traffic. tra let's send it back to the deskk now. >> all right. all rht. 5:51 is the time and listen toto this. th police in portland oregon are ae investigating a pretty unusual they're looking for a guy whouy stole a 2-foot long pythong pyon from a pet store last fridayre r its how he stole that snake tt k that has people shaking theirg r heads. he the theft was caught on tape. he reaches in and quickly drops the snake in his pants. p insert joke here.sert [laughter] te the man then gingerly ginge walks out of the store, the store owner says the man is lucky that the python didn'tidt act >> he's lucky it wasn't
5:52 am
feeding day.edin feeding days are on mondays. mos and they're very hungry. h >> the owner says she's seen the man in that store beforestoe but this time he had a womane ha with him and police say the -- t they suspect the two were t working together to steal the python but only he put it in his pants. >> you're saying the plan had a snake in his pants.isan >> that's according to the story. >> a python in his pants. uh-huh. >> own 2 feet. one of the most famous f mansions in america isin ame is reportedly up for sale.p for sal >> we go from that story tot sto this. according to tmz the playboy pla planks is on the market butarke before you get your checkbookr c out there are several strings sr attached.taed. the person who purchases thisn property would have to allowou playboy founder hugh hefner toer live in the mansion until he dies.di also, prospective buyers can tour the grounds but they won't be able to get intobe ae o hefner's bedroom. bedro >> would you want to? >> the price tag on this 6-acre estate that was builtate in 1927, $200 million.
5:53 am
>> please. >> with the rambling old mane just, you know -- kno-- >> in an ascot. >> exactly. >> the 2016 award season isseasn officially under way. >> hollywood's biggest starsod b came out last night for thethe 73rd annual golden globe awards. awards >> leonardo dicaprio took home m the award for best actor for the biggest surprise was thee revenant winning the golden gol globe for best motion picture >> taraji p. henson passed outse cookies as she walked up to up t accept her award for bestores actress in a tv series. s >> it was scary but i'm the i'm type of artist that if the role doesn't scare me, i don'ted want it.want i 'cause it's not going the going change me as a person.ern. so, i took a risk and that's ant what you do as artists you y jump in feet first and you seeos where it goes.where it goe >> looking fabulous. and lady gaga she won bestdy ga actress in a limited series. s a lot of people talking aboutki
5:54 am
how surprised she was.riseshe ws she even forgot mention her fiancée in her acceptance accta speech.spch. happens. she's giving me maryland monroe, right. right >> yeah. >> i don't know if i've everno seen her without all the stuff f on. >> yeah. she looks good. >> as of late. >> no more stuff. stu >> she's matured. >> no more meat dresses.ea >> time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day f o apparently. >> uh-huh. >> today it is the elder eld family wearing that burgundy and gold. >> yes, what a great we're sure that they're wakingh up a little disappointed thispo morning as are we. aree. we hope being fans of the day fe will help clear you up on thispi chilly monday and thank youthank for tuning in.ning in. >> for your chance to be to tomorrow's fan leave a comment m and selfie below the elder eer family's picture on our o facebook page. p >> ♪ >> ♪ push flush. >> so, that was them at gamee time yesterday.esterd 60. >> by the time it was over they were look woo.eoo >> i hope the redskins fans f aren't too
5:55 am
they had a great s they were picked to be theto b last team in the division. >> far exceeded expectations. >> something to build on finally, maybe. mbe >> conditions now coming up finally, maybe.aybe >> temperatures this morningra are starting off -- take thitus down, please. p just come back to me.ome bao take this down, please. p we don't want to -- my computer has crashed. i can't do anything with the the computer. with temperatures this morningru in the teens and the 20's.nd t and we're going to end up in u the low 40's today but it's b i never going to feel that way.ay and then we do have a chance cha for some snow tomorrow tor afternoon tomorrow, even a little clipper coming onlipper across. there may be a little dustinge t northern and westernrn and neighborhoods.od i think here roads are too t warm and it will be a little a l mixed in with >> what's it going to feelh likes .like >> what's that? >> what's it going to feelo f like. >> cold. >> winter. >> it's going to feel like winter and wednesday it'say i going to be -- probably thebly coldest day we've had so far hao this season. real deal winter comes in onn wednesday. really tomorrow tomorr
5:56 am
>> all right.>> a can we go he t to the graphic.rh >> you can use any graphic you g want. just don't show that weathert wa graphic. >> gary has spoken. gar >> caitlin it's your time to t speak. >> scared. scared. >> no graphic. gra >> gary has spoken.>> gary ha >> because what was up b there -- what was up there waswe a working graphic. gra it wasn't reputational ofwaut what's going to happen.atng >> you keep working gary. g this lined me is what -- well, w you can't really see much oft re any way it's a view of the view outer loop in that prince george's county it's a delay where you see the taillights t if you can on the right side c of youanr screen. s that's building as you approach route route we've had a crash on the outerho loop all morning long. a fuel spill in prince george's county before route r we'll show where you thatl sh crash is on the prior toh exit nine, two rightt lanes are blocked so you sawe the delay out there. the it is -- it's just definitely d been building all morning longng because we've had that. 270 south 70 to the truck scales volume there. vol. 36 miles an hour speeds. s
5:57 am
it will take you about 16l ta yu minutes. that's your look at traffic. maureen back to you. >> thank you caitlin.>>hank ahead at 6:00 uber wants you to get off the couch. c what the ride share company is s doing to help you fight theig wintertime blues. >> after a tough loss was kirkoa cousins is saying about movingbm forward now that he is a free agent. >> we'll talk more about the tme game, what actually went on in the game with the sports junkies. back in a moment. ♪
5:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg
6:00 am
>> straight ahead at 6:00 remembering a music legend. legn word just hours ago that davidta bowie passed away. stars took to social media toeda mourn the loss. dozens of tributes popping in pg overnight. overnight. >> what the new generalra manager wants you to knownts yoo about the safety improvementsmpe on metro. m it's been a year since the deadly smoke incident atidt l'enfant >> a live look over the dmv looking at monday, january 11th. we'll have weather and traffic a for you coming up on the 5she a 6:05. 6:0 good monday to you, i'm also a'm scene seem. >> anallison seymour. smo >> i'm steve chenevey. >> rock icon david bowie has bow died. his representative confirmed the news saying he died peacefully on sundaynd surrounded by family.oued by fai he had been battling cancergce for 18 months.s. just two days before his deatha he released his 25th album. a friday was also his birthday.da he had several huge hitse hit during his 40 plus year careerre and was inducted into the rock c and roll hall of fam


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