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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> straight ahead at 6:00 remembering a music legend. legn word just hours ago that davidta bowie passed away. stars took to social media toeda mourn the loss. dozens of tributes popping in pg overnight. overnight. >> what the new generalra manager wants you to knownts yoo about the safety improvementsmpe on metro. m it's been a year since the deadly smoke incident atidt l'enfant >> a live look over the dmv looking at monday, january 11th. we'll have weather and traffic a for you coming up on the 5she a 6:05. 6:0 good monday to you, i'm also a'm scene seem. >> anallison seymour. smo >> i'm steve chenevey. >> rock icon david bowie has bow died. his representative confirmed the news saying he died peacefully on sundaynd surrounded by family.oued by fai he had been battling cancergce for 18 months.s. just two days before his deatha he released his 25th album. a friday was also his birthday.da he had several huge hitse hit during his 40 plus year careerre and was inducted into the rock c and roll hall of fame in 1996.99
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david bowie dead at 69 years old. celebrity tributes pouring in overnight. madonna tweeted so lucky to luc have met you. y hot tramp. i love you so. s quoting a song there. kanye west saying david bowie was one of mo my most important inspirations so fearless sorless creatively he gave us magic m for a lifetime. lifim again david bowie dead at 69. >> ♪>> >> locally now developingelopin overnight an apparent murder-suicide in loudoun this happened in the 19,000 block... 19,200 block of win meade drive in l the sheriff's office waserifas called to that neighborhood around 9:00 last night. nig. investigators say a man an aan woman were found dead in a dn home there.ho there. officials say there's noals satr threat to the public. pubc. fox5 is investigating reportsor that there was a toddleras a ter though at the home at the the time. time. >> there is a hit and run is hi investigation under way in prince william county this morning. a person struck around 1:00 a.m. on dale boulevardk near ashburn -- ashdale avenue--
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rather in dale the victim was taken to the hospital with serious nonlife-threatening police say the strikingay ttr vehicle could be a 2008 dark colored ford taurus. tru >> in the district overnight also fire crews spent theews sp early morning hours battling aug hours fire in the 100 block off 36th street in northeast.orea now, this is video from thero t d.c. fire department we'ree showing you. there have been node reports of injuries in this happening today in baltimore, jury selection is j set to begin iurn the trial of officer caesar goodson. g goodson is the second of sixondx police officers to go on trialot in the death of freddie gray. ga of the six officers charged, chd officer goodson faces the most serious charges including second degree murder. meanwhile a d maryland appealsaa court ruled that officer william porter can't be forced r to testify at goodson's trial.ri porter was the first officer t r tried in freddie gray's porter's lawyers argued thatawys forcing him to testify wouldestd violate his fifth amendment rights. rights. porter's trial last month's t ended in a hung jury.g j
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>> new details in the case the c against jesse matthew accused ac in the murder of university ofso virginia student hannah studenth graham. matthew expected to appear inppi court today down in charlesville. reports say new details willaill be revealed in a day long l motion hearing. 14 witnesses have been speanen s fads to testify. it's been almost a year since that deadly smoke incident at l'enfantn at plaza a now metro wants riders to knoww the company is making safety a f priority. >> melanie alnwick joins us a with more on metro'sln efforts.r good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning. as we know it's been a very long and difficult year forficua metro, its employees and its customers.customer concerns about safety havehave actually caused some riders to come off the rails and theyhey say that they're in there comfortable riding metroet anymore. that's hurting metro's bottomtom line. li it's also led to unprecedented federal oversight and so today t in the express newspapers, here imetro gm paul wiedefeld sd
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he's working hard to restore trust and confidence in the system. last year january 12, 2015, 201 that was the incident with sot t much smoke filling the tunnel at the l'enfant plaza station.ti yellow line 302 was stopped on the tracks trapped withrapp nowhere to go.o. 86 passengers needed medical treatment. one, carol glover, died fromro smoke inhalation. inhal it was metro's worst electrical arcing incident butit there have been many more. m at the friendship heights station, two arcing incidents led to smoke in the red lineke i tunnel in june.n j a track fire on the orangerang line in roslyn causing smoke in the courthouse station inrtho february.feuary the ntsb said metro has a problem system wide with those t improper electrical insulatorslt that are leading to smoke incidents.cis. so, metro gm paul wiedefeld took the helm november 19th.em19 he says he's trying to restoreeo trust financial integrity andtea safety to the system.e s in the open letter to riders he he's detailing some of theil
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progress over the last year. this mostly deals though with smoke and incident incident coordination. he said there's been improved coordination with emergency responders and new firers and nr department liaison stationed sti in the metro rail emergency operations center, alsonsente increased training foring firefighters who may have to go down into the tunnel tunnelsn they say they've inspector, inst new training for fan operations and designing a new radio system for better publicui safety and cell phonel communications but he did notdit address what is at the hearthe a of the smoke incidents which is those arcing insulators andaa though all of the ntsb issues is that need to be addressed butssb he did say that his firstis order will be to hire a newhi a chief safety officer. oicer live at l'enfant plaza, i'mlaza melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> mel thanks very much.el thane tuck, i just ran outsirydest to see melanie all bundled up.p. it's cold out there thiss >> sure s winds really pickingwd up last night.ig
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temperatures everybody below freezing to start your morning. it will be a nice looking day but a cold dataylot ic only upp3 to low 40's. >> brr. >> you guys are matchingat again.agai very nice. ry n yellow monday, gold.da g what are you calling that. >> today it's gold for me. >> yes, yellow or gold. or g that's always the mondayheon color.r. okay, can't read the numbers.ums can you guys read them.d t >> yes. it's 25 in gaithersburg, 28 in leesburg. >> oh, no. >> thank yothank you, steve. >> baltimore. >> manassas 27, reston 27.ton >> the numbers are right overig the cities.the cities. >> everybody is at or belows ato freezing include here indeer downtown washington so bottomn t line you want to bring your bri jacket as you head out the door. door. lots of wind out there. we'vend got wind chills in the low to oo mid-20's and it's going to bet'o a very chilly day today evenodan with the sunshine and a breezyun day our winds will still be blowing at about 20 this afternoon i'll have thern seven-day forecast.oo believe it or nven-ot we have av snowflake or two on it. twon i >> will it be a little teenie te
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snowflake like the numbers or l great big.ik >> i'll try to make them atr little bigger than the current numbers on the map. >> fair>> >> why so small. thank you very much, tucker. >> caitlin is here with ushereih today. today. hello. >> good morning. good to see you all.see u al >> good to see to you. see to >> i know it's great to beeat tb here. a little cold out there. those numbers were hard to read. re i know none of you have your reading glasses with you but iay couldn't read them either. eith. tiny.tiny. here we've been starting allg al morning talking about this t crash investigation that has t been cleared so that's thes good news starting off out offft dale city crash cleared on dale boulevard at ashdale road.ard no longer going to trip you upru on your commute however 95 north the normal n volume is building from dalero d city to 123. 1 just traffic heading into the it city early on this monday. monda crash activity northbound. this is 295 northbound right h the u.s. naval research labec so seeing some delaying theresod way as you head into the city, t 295 northbound.orth still on the outer loop big lp g delays here. we've had this fuel spill since we went on the air atir 4:30 in the morning.or it has now cleared. clear
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this is on the outer loop inon prince george's county nearly t a towne's road but still very r heavy delays.heav we saw that on our cameraam right before 6:00 a.m. and we'll keep showing it to you ity as long as that remains. that mn 270 southbound this is justis is some volume right now 70 to the truck you're lookinge at 36 miles anl hour speeds so that will takel k you about 16 minutes on that t stretch in frederick county.nty. finally down towards the inner n loop here we did have a stall aa earlier.ea it has cleared from the ramped f to southbound georgia avenueund and we're not seeing any reported delays and we willeil have another update coming upomu right after 6 that's your look at traffic.ra steve and allison back to you.o. >> thank you very much caitlin. ca the record powerballrd per jackpot keeps growing. gwi it's currently at an estimated m $1.3 billion for wednesday'seday drawing now.g n. lottery officials say 25 s tickets did match five numbers s saturday. satu good for $1 now one of those tickets was sold in maryland and one was onw in virginia but suffolk virginia and in northernia virginia there was one, a too. t eight $50,000 winning ticketsnge
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were sold in places including ic ashburn reston alexandrialend manassas and dumfries. dumfr >> that's great.>>t's >> uh-huh. >> i had zero numbers.o mb season over for theseason oo redskins now. the players will clean outll c their lockers today at redskins park. coach jay gruden expected too address the media this afternoon. they lost yesterday 35 to 18. 1. we'll talk more about the gameeb with the junkies at 6:30.:30. we'll break it down. dow let's hear what can kirks cousins will to say abouthe moving forward now twillhat he s officially a free agent withge the season over. o >> i think i want to be wherehee i'm you want to be with people whoew believe in you. y we'll find out.ut we haven't discussed it aten dis all. we'll find out how much i'm muc wandered and where that will w go but, you know, i'm sure'm s it's a business and the team'sha going to operate with that t mind-set and, you know, thisnow, is my first time going through that process in the nfl soe n s it's new to me. m don't know a whole lot about l o it so we'll see how it goes. g >> skins could make cousins cou their franchise player or theyar could try to work out a long l term deal.
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franchise player keep him hereir for another year, long term longer. if you look at the background to there you see a lot of red seats. keep in minds it was not 30mi below. a lot of people left early and some say that's disrespectfulrep to the the too otherteam. >> you got to face traffic.raff you got to go to work the te other day.othe >> still ahead it's not veryn v often that you see royalty inty court but that's exactlythat'sxa what's happening right now inhtw spain. details next. >> plus, did sean penn -- pn could sean penn be in troubleble for interviewing el chapohapo before he was captured, the notorious mexican drug lord? we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> ♪ >> the extradition processxt under way to bring the drugg king pin known as el chapo to ct the united states. joaquin guzman captured fridayze after his escape from a prison i six months ago. a officials many officials say a f secret meeting between elen el chapo and actor sean penn s helped lead to his prove of that interview wasviews published in the rollinghe stone. el chapo had hoped that pep would make a movie about hisbouh life but this morning penn is under fire from the whitefire house and presidentialprede hopefuls for secretly meetingrey with the drug lord. >> growing murder mystery inurde italy.italy. police trying to figure outut who killed an american found f strangled in her apartment inmet flashes. flashe ashley olsen was a popular p
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harder activity originallyer from florida. a she had bruises and scratches on her neck. police questioned herstio boyfriend who found her body after not hearing from her for f days but says they have no suspects so >> in spain spain's princess pnc christina and her husbandstina arrived in court this morning for her corruption trial. the 50-year-old is accused of two counts of tax fraud for for allegedly failing to declare dea taxes on personal expenses byxpe a real estate company shepa owned with her husband.d she faces a maximum prisonri sentence of eight years. >> the ranching standoff at a national wildlife refuge ine fue oregon is in its seconds week. the leader of the group iman bundy says they'll leave whens there's a plan to transfer control of federal this afternoon florida's governor got aor a firsthand look of the damage of a tornado left live megat lig doppler3 in cape canaveralpe over the weekend. c the wnd the ef-2 twister tossed carse cr uprooted trees and damagednd dam several homes.vera no deaths or injuriesie reported.ed.
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a big milestone for alex ovechkin last night.t n >> a live look outside. outde tucker as your forecast next. that's the wilson bridge. it's 6:13.
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>> ♪ >> good morning.>> welcome back. wow, what an uncredible day weaw had yesterday, low 60's. 6 cold air started moving in min late this afternoon.ft cold and breezy out therereez t early this morning.earlni our overnight lows falling back into the 20's for just
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about everybody and when youhen factor in the wind chills it feels even colder than that.a take a look at your currentrren numbers. reagan national we areional re currently looking at a temperature of 29 degrees. yeah, 29 in washington.ngto 30 leonardtown.rdwn everybody has dipped belows di freezing. 23 in hagerstown. you mix in winds whichhaindsch continue to be out of the westbo to the northwest at aboutt a 10 miles per hour and there's te your current wind 21 the current wind chill in wash, 14 dulles, 17 manassas. ms cold air here to stay today asos we're watching a little arcticrc air mass settle in place forn pe the next couple days.eay there's your satellite ands yo radar. clear skies, quiet conditions.on should generally be a sunny day. little bit of lake effectlake e snows off to our north and and west this morning but we'ree're going to be looking at just at j mostly sunny conditions but again a cool afternoon with a wt lot of wind out there.he little clipper system.yste we typically get these in thesen wintertime. sometimes they have a littleey more juice than others.oer this one will have just enoughtg
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to give us a few snow showers tomorrow afternoon as it rolls r on down from the northernhe norn plains. see it here. here's futurecast. again we're in great shapehape this aerno tonight 7 o'clock, should be just about cloud free.bout it will be cold again tonighton and here comes that littlehat l clipper system and parts ofstemf the area, maybe some of ourmae o first flakes of the season. we're not looking at a widespread accumulations.ulat 7 o'clock tomorrow night iro think temperatures will bete above freezing so we probablyngo won't have any icing issuescings and then it quickly pushes offuf to the south and east and thattt opens the door to more arcticti air. ai wednesday's daytime highs hig don't get out of the 30's.of t0' 42 today, breezy but it willt wl feel cooler than that with w wind chills in the 20's andhe 2n low 30's for much of the day. 44 tomorrow. tor mentioned snow showers andsnow then look at wednesday'sedsd daytime high.igh. 32 degrees. brr. with temperatures rebounding reu back close to where theyse t should be by the end oo f thend week. thursday, friday, saturday, sata sunday. su will we get any real winter weather at all? that's thehe question. i know a traffic reporter thater probably has that answeras thasw because she does weather, too.,. caitlin. >> hi, tucker, good morning.ood.
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you have the answer today.r tod. i don't know anything. this one just cleared as we doe some traffic behind me.e. so funny when someone says s something in my ear and i say s the exact thing they justy jt said.said but let's start off on theoff outer loop here.e. we've had a stall thathad stal actually just cleared. it was blocking a lane on theon outer loop in prince george's county at the greenbelt metroene station but luckily not ant luco issue. not seeing any delays there. remaining on the outer loop crash and fuel spill clearedel l nearly a town we had this earliarer this morning and even the delaysen tl are starting to ease a little bit because that looks likee it's going to be bad forth to be awhile with only one b or two lanes opened at a time.t still some month moderate mer delays on the outer loop out l there. 295 inbound crash activity at the naval research lab so that is cause something delays.ngel 295 as you head into the city beyond your normal commutermal o volume. 95 north it's pretty heavy,tty , delayed from dale city tow 123ow as it always is, speeds of of about 17 miles an hour there mis ann d checking 270 south, we are seeing some slower speedse sl frederick county down through montgomery.
6:19 am
70 to the truck scalesuc s 36 miles an hour speeds therehod so takes about 16 minutes onn that 10-mile stretch.le that's a look at traffic. tff steve and allison, back over, bo to you. to y >> caitlin thanks so much.inhank just about 30 minutesinutes after the redskins lose a great moment in d.c. sports right here.ght alex ovechkin goal number 5000 at verizon center last night.ig that puts him in elite e company.compan his mom and dad in the crowd.rod action on the ice stopped ace so little teammates congratulated him. some people threw hats on thee h ice. ovie becomes the fifth the f quickest nhl player to hit that 500 goal milestone. miles caps won easily last night. seven to one was the easy score. score. >> when a sports person hits aia milestone are they counteringntn in their head.ea >> yeah. >> they know right >> they really are? that's amazing. >> great moment, though plus atl win.n. >> uber wants you to get off you the couch. don't we all. coming up, what the ride the rid sharing company is doing to help you fight the wintertime wt blues. >> big night at the golden g globes last
6:20 am
kevin is coming up with thep tht big winners and some surprises, too. hey, sly won. s won. we'll give you that much. tha it's all coming up on the fox beat.
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>> some good news for you uber users.user first we'll check the markets. s joining us from there foxom thee business network studio, stu lauren simonetti.imonetti. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. >> we had such a nasty week last week and then friday a we kind of went off the cliff c again and i had all goodd thoughts about this morning and then i just heard one
6:23 am
word. china. what's happening this >> reporter: i had the same t reaction but when i wake uput the first thing i do i check c the chinese markets, i saw down 5.3 percently i said oh,aih no, it's going to be a long l day today.y today guess what? checked u.s.keu. futures, they're u we don't have a rally but aally futures up about 40 points. if you're looking the dow that a up 48. forget china today. t we're going trade on our only ol tons of earnings kick off thisft week alcoa today, the bighe banks throughout the week. investors attention might bes still looking at china butat maybe focusing on on u.. corporate profits in theate proe meantime. >> when we look at that lauren and just i'm asking you foror market watch 101, if we already have loweredy have expectations kind of across-the-board for profits does that mean hopefully weme don't have too much craziness actuallyan m affecting theti markets? >> reporter: we do have -- hav we have set the barlow. unfortunately, we've had negative profits already and pro if we have another quarter, qrtr this would be the finalhe fin quarter of last year of lasyear negative profits, that means pr we're in a corporate recession c and that will scare people.ill
6:24 am
now, yes, you might come out and see companies surprise to the upside even though the numbers are terrible, they'verre beat the terrible expectationsts and that could be spun as as positive.ti we have to wait to see what wai these companies are actually aua saying but i think it's goinghi to be more of a negative thisgat time around.d. >> here's something for --ing r that pretty much anybody canttyu use and that is uber we see a s lot of ride sharing updates. right now uber is saying this sh is the perfect time of the year to not be lazy come spendoe your money on us and we'll and w take you somewhere.take >> reporter: don't worryte about the holiday bills,ho, you're still paying off, sll pay forget about netflix andfl football and whatever else itte is you're watchingls on your you couch, get up and book a ride rd with uber because they have te cut prices in 100 cities. problem is i don't know which ones. they're not telling us just yet. some of the discounts up to 40 percent.40 percent. so, yet again, uber trying to beat the january blues and the t holiday hangover, if you l-with nice price pr c. >> lauren i can say for all ofc our viewers that d.c. is ones of them 'cause i got an e-mail m last night saying there wasthere going to be price cuts.uts.
6:25 am
it's not 40 percent but it'sut i something. >> reporter: nice. how much is it. >> i think it was 10 percent.0 n don't quote me on that.n t i'll look it up and i'll letp at you know. >> reporter: okay.ep >> there's definitely a discount. ford trying to take the lea dde here getting other peopleth ppl involved in their electronicsleo and aping and whatever -- iss aping a word? i don't think so. >> reporter: ford is>> channeling silic ron valley right now and they're saying we have to go with the futurethr so let's come up with an appan then he did it's called fordall pass launches in april and this is an app that's kind of like an all in one stop shop sho for your parking, findind parking, pay for parking withari the app, earn loyalty points p because ford has partnered with some other companies.other. they have these guides, thesedee people that will answer your realtime questions whenever you need to know something viaet text or however you want to message them so they're ty' betting on this app being a positive. the app also comes with an ability -- and this iss i interesting.g. 'cause it kind of flies in thekd face of what ford does, whichoei is sell carls.elca they say they'll help you rentpt your car when you're on when re vacation, when you're noton, whr using your car we're going to t
6:26 am
help you rent it for a four f share kind of program. proam. >> i just looked up my e-mail-ml uber is saying in the d.c. d. market 10 percent -- it says i y an average of 10 percent on uber x for a limited time whatever that means.ns >> reporter: okay. >> okay.. it's something. something. >> reporter: i would rather rat 40 but thanks.ha >> you can add it to your lnkisr now. thanks lauren. see you tomorrow. >> reporter: bye.>> >> bye buy. r 6:26. >> 10 percent.rcen >> if somebody thinks 40 and thi they're only getting getn1 >> that's a problem.. >> you're welcome. you'rlc >> yeah, that's a problem.em. >> hey, got cold out there.he yeah, i mean, uber would beuld nice over walking for miles to t work this morning. >> what day was the day thate dt it was a surprise like 60 -- not a surprise to you of course on the weekend. o was it saturday?y? >> no, that was yesterday.esrday >> yesterday it was warm.terdaya >> how quickly we forgetly >> it was just so gorgeous and unexpected for me. for >> it was -- well --ell -- >> only because -- because - >> if you watch fox5 everyve morning you would know it waswo going to be 60 for a time.e
6:27 am
you know what the surprise washs the sun came out for a while. ai >> so pretty. so re >> we did make it in the low 60's. cooler air working in late inn the day. now it's plane old cold.ol don't expect yesterday to return today.ay. should that be our deept be o d thought for the day allison.ay n >> that's a good one.ood o don't expect yesterday toexpe return for i love it. look forward. forwa >> reagan national 29 degrees. e >> even if it's cold for at's cr little while look forward. >> bwi marshall 26. 2 we give everybody everythingdy they need.eyeed. >> very nice.>>ery nice. >> satellite and radar we'relite clear. i guess i'm done. i'm don low 40's later today with wit sunshine. very cold, though.ry colho >> caitlin, you didn't say we were wearing the dress today. >> yes. >> because i have that dress as well. >> you have it.>> >> yes. we all bought the >> i didn't know that. d i have been out of touch with you guysidt for awhile. awh >> it looks super on o >> thank you.ha y what color did you get. get >> blue.>>lue. >> blue. >> yeah. >> my gosh i want to see it. next time we'll text and wear it on the same day. it is great. >> i love it. >> do they make them in men.em i >> no, but i'm sure you could
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find your size on the internet. >> okay. >> they won't know. we won't tell anyone. any water main break this is where t we're starting on route 29 29 columbia pike northbound just one lane opened.onlane o this is at universitynirs boulevard due to the water te main break this just came in. ce so use some caution in thatti i spot. probably going to see some to es delays build. bui outer loop stall cleared nowaren at the greenbelt metro stationen so no problems there.beo prob not even seeing any delays.el real quick checking still thetit outer loop. the crash and fuel spill.lpi it has cleared nearly a towny at road so you're good seeinging those delays ease on the outersa loop there. all right, that's a look at traffic and now we'll send itow back to steve and allison. ais >> thanks caitlin. cai coming up next the sports ue junkies join us. we got a lotju to talk >> we'll talk about the skins,ki the loss, the day after.ft look, it's a full house.ou >> gang is all back. >> 6:28.
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or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> david bowie passing away. the sad news coming inin earlier -- overnight and we'rene getting it this morning. sad news for all of usne especially of a certainally o generation, you know. coming back to fox5 morningorni news welcome back to you.k to weather and traffic on the 5'stf at 6:35.:3 first at 6:30 locally, loudoun o county sheriff's office investigating an apparent murder-suicide at a home in leesburg virginia. this happened around 9 o'clockno last night on a town hole in win meade drive. officers say they found theay body of an adult man t and woman.woman. investigators believe it was a domestic incident.ncident. an update now on it's been almost a year sinceeas
6:32 am
that deadly smoke incident at n the l'enfant plaza station.ti now the company is takingakin steps the reassure concerned con riders. in an open letter published in the express newspaper mets are a new gm wrote that the companytet is working hard to restore trust and confidence in thed cod system. he also said his first h f priority is to hire a newo hi an chief safety officer.ff and as we told you at thed t top of the break the music theus world and the world at large at has lost a pop culture icon. british singer david bowiedad b lost his 18 month bat b technological with cancer. rock legend leaves behindesn his wife model iman and two children.children bowie turned 69 on friday the same day he released his newew album called black star. >> ♪ huge loss in the music world.inr here in washington a tough t loss in the football world.orld. redskins cleaning out theiran lockers this morning.ers let's check in with then with junkies at 106.7 f.m. the the bigger story this morning you guys are all back togetherkh
6:33 am
for the first time in months.on >> i know. >> full crew. >> we're all back. b >> misery loves company ico guess. so what did you guys think t about the game yesterday. yrd >> i felt like the better teamra won. in the end the redskins redskin fantastic season to win the the division completely unexpectednc but they never beat a winninga w team all season long. long. and when they came across a aaron rodgers who is going tooit go to the hall of fame, two famt time m.v.p., super bowl experience, i just think thehi better team ultimately won.y w >> steve we talked about last week the two things the skinss had to do. they had to take advantage ofano the green bay offensive linesivn who struggled over the last seven to 10 weeks, certainly cey last couple weeks allowing all those sacks and then we talkedet about they have to try and establish the run and, youndyo know, maybe in the firstinhe f quarter they did it a little dte bit but they didn't do itt do it enough and then they couldn't get any pressure on rogersog after that first -- maybe the first couple series and icoup sr thought that was the difference and the skins offensive line really struggled. >> i think when you have a guyno as accomplished as aaronpl rodgers and he's hearing all week long all about thell aut te
6:34 am
accolades of kirk cousins andofr what he's been doing, he takes,t that personally. okay, he wants to go out and o a show he was the better of ther t two quarterbacks and he did yesterday.yesterday. no disrespect to kirk cousins,ts had a great season but aaron b a rodgers was a betterte quarterback yesterday and ledk t his team to a big road win. w >> it's just amazing, steve,zine what a difference like a le quarter makes, right. the packers looked so out ofke sync in that first quarter. what was aaron rodgers like l one or eight passing andt you're like oh my god maybe my e this team is really as bad ass a people are saying and then all l of a sudden they started todeth get that tempo that they like, k they caught us off guard andrd d they caught fire and they and score on six of their next seven possessions that we justej couldn't keep up.'t kee >> did you guys have a problemho with -- first of all i'm goingri to say i think that the skinsns outperformed any expectationrmed that anybody had for thembo coming intody the seals on. sls. >> absolutely. >> that itself is a victorylf i and i think that they commit t they had cardinal football sin of letting a seasoned team get momentum which we all saw whatlw happened there. the the fans, a lot of people making a big deal about theabt fans leaving early even though it was a three possession
6:35 am
game. do you have a problem with there or not?ere n >> no, i mean, what are you going to do? they paid theiraih money. >> the game was over.he game wa >> 33 weren't comingov back. b >> like jay gruden said they sd bought the they can do what they willl with it.with i they can stay, they can leave. a >> on the other side thereide er aren't that many playoff games fedex field. fld you might get your money's worth.woh. >> we all have been trapped ated fedex field. fie you have the opportunity to leave -- >> i'm with. that what do you do with kirkit now? we can get into this later in the week.ter somebody is going to be knocking on hiss door if ther skins don't do something. someti do you do a one year franchise on him, do you try to do the long term deal? dea >> it doesn't matter.atte probably behooves the redskinsis to sign him to their one yeare but then that guarantees we'venw talked about it before, theye, have the automatic increases.ncs if you start him at 20 that t means next year he gets 24,e ge4 the year after that he gets g 32. it really gets out of hand but it is what it is. quarterbacks that have provenhae they can play at that level thal get paid and either way you
6:36 am
slice it, however you cut itu up in a one year deal a-four-f year deal, whatever, thisver, t man's going to get paid.d. >> only takes one goodyear.oo like with ryan tan hill. hil he had one good year and thennde gets made. >> if you're the redskins youin want to sign him to a three oroo four year deal at least but lest kirk cousins may say look i want the 20 million for onellioo year and then you can pay meay more afterwards.fter >> if we can do this like 20ike seconds about 30 minutes after the game ovie gets his 500th goal. i thought that was a greatwa g moment and the caps arehe caps rolling. can't take anything away from f him. >> definitely a great the cynical caps fans would say we need to see this in the t playoffs. it's just a fantastic regular season. pretty much they win every m time they play.uc >> and they're killing people,t, too. >> just crushing as at life long caps fan rightr now i'm just enjoying theghe ride. i'm not even worried about the playoffs and a potential flameta out there. just enjoying whatinw they've been doing in the t regular season. good strategy. thanks guys.thanks g end of the season for one team a
6:37 am
but another well under way. way the junks at 106.7 f.m. the fan. 6:36 now. >> skins outperformed any expectation and the fans havean to be so, so happy. >> right. >> when we talked to then we players they were like we'reik playing meaningful ball in december. that hasn't happened --pene-- >> in gentleman and.nt. >> now in january, you'reu're right. so hats off to them. hat great season.greasea >> and they played well.yed wel >> it was disappointing. >> they didn't lose 30 toe nothing like another playoffer f team did. teamid >> 29 right now in washington.n. 30 in 28 in fredericksburg.ur cold air settling in and it's ai going to be a chilly daylly going to the bus stop thishe sto morning, make sure you got g your scarf on. >> wow.>> wow. be maybe a skins scarf.ay >> yeah. >> yeah, right.>>ea >> show your pride.r pde >> wear your team colors with w pride this morning.ide 27 up in frederick. up in frede. we are looking at a cool day,t low 40's for daytime highs.ighs still breezy day, too. too wind chills will hang up in uin the upper 20's, low 30's.
6:38 am
big change in air mass from yesterday. chill conditions this afternoon but dry.te we have a couple snow showers on the sevenle day. d you want to see that?want t >> cool. >> let's check in with caitlin see how the roads are undere a way. getting our monday under way. w. >> yes, we are. yes, we a getting a little bit busy. b skyfox over the scene of a or th water main break here andmain b that's where the break is where right in the middle of t the mif intersection here inection h montgomery county atnty at university boulevard andle columbia pike.coia p it's taking out the two centerwe lanes on university boulevardled right before you get to the intersection.intersection so it's northbound columbia cumi pike and we're not reallyea seeing much with the waterh w main break but it is there. the it's not like water is gushingsg out of it but it is a hazard a z on the road and they'rey' squeezing by on columbia pike p so we'll remain over this ashi we go to maps.ap ha as long as we can and as long as it is out there. so, 29 northbound one lane opened at universityni boulevard. that is just outside the beltway and kind of the four thu corners area i'm told neararea n silver spring.easi alllv right, let's get back down towards prince george's county t
6:39 am
here. these are just volume delayse d this is from 410 to 295, 2, speeds there about 31 miles an hour so taking a little whiletlw on that stretch of 50. o 295 getting into the city wee still have a crash that isra tha right at the naval research lab. lab. some delays although prettytt moderate, doesn't look likek it's too heavy and it's not taking out too many lanes so that's good. 95 north back down know intoknot prince william county seeingy normal delays from dale citye ct to 123 with speeds of 17 milesf an hour. and then 270 south checking frederick back down montgomeryow county, this is from frederick e 70 to the truck scales speeds of 36 miles an hour. it will take you about 16 about6 minutes there. that's a look at track. l we'll keep youoo updated withh that water main break as we goa through the morning.ugh the steve. >> kevin is going to join us talking about the big golden the globes winners and some of hisf favorites taking home thetes prize. >> dozens of dogs seized fromei a montgomery county homent they're now up for adoption. ado details next. tucker, listen up.
6:40 am
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> ♪ >> back now in z d.c. policein investigating their third their murder of this early year. y it happened sunday afternoonnoon on park drive. d officers arrived to find a mand shot to death. dth police are now trying to find to out who is responsible. >> d.c.'s mayor muriel bowsermao making good on her promise toroe be transparent. today she'll unveil her first ever accountability report. essentially an update on they an promises she made over theader e last year.laea also today the mayor willoday announce a new partnership parer
6:43 am
with the u.s. department of homeland security's bluela campaign to increase effortsnd toin combat human trafficking. >> dozens of dogs seized from sf a rockville home in a suspected case of animal cruelty are now up foror adoption.adop these are all different sizesres and breeds. tucker is not in the studioo but i want him to hear this hr because he's in the market for a dog.a do they're available at a shelterer in derwood.erod look, look, look, steve.te earlier this month the animall services division seized 66 sei dogs from the home on glen on g mill road. police are investigating the it is a animal cruelty case possibly. no word on whether charges will be filed.will b but don't forget the headline, look at that good today, up for adoption. adopt >> cutie, right. >> i know tucker doesn't gettuct along with the jack russellsk re as much but there are other dogs in that ---- >> he's had bad experiences.. >> plenty to choose from.y >> after the breakto what "empire" star taraji p. henson.n did on her way to the stage way last night.stht. >> before we take you to break
6:44 am
if you have a news tip sharep it with us-202 8,953,000 is,953s the number to call to share s your team or e-mail it to fox5 tips. back in a moment
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6:46 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. >> welcome back. very cold temperatures. col before we do the weathere allison and steve with theve wih loss of david bowie i have to play my favorite david bowie song. >> ♪ all night ig >> all right.ig. love it. >> great song. >> love it.>>e >> i expect you guys to pick p
6:47 am
yours before the end of thefore show. >> i got mine already. >> you do. >> yeah. >> 29 in washington, 25 in gaithersburg.gaithersburg cold for everybody thisor eve morning.ry temperatures at or below freezing with wind chills that are hanging out in the teens the for much of the look at our wind chills. very, very windy overnight of wn course and we're keeping thate' cold air in placere today.od feels like 21 in washington, just 16 in gaithersburg, 14 out at dulles.out atul 16 for you in winchester.ineste so, a chilly day today. tod not the repeat performanceerrman from yesterday when hit thehent low 60's in the afternoon.fter. we're going to be much cooleroo than that. upper 30's and low 40's later0't this afternoon but generallyeren clear skies. should be plenty of sunshineenty for your monday.for yo looking out to the west oures o next little system a littlee clipper.r. we get these in thewe g wintertime, little alberta, clipper going to slide intoid our moisture starved but we might m squeeze enough snow showere en activity out of it that we're o able to get a light dusting infn a few spots.a few s this is tomorrow afternoon,morr, kind of late tomorrowlate afternoon, tomorrow evening. toe maybe a light dusting for some s of the northern parts of our region. we might adjust this slightlythh but you get the idea.
6:48 am
there's not going to be a lot to of moisture but we haven't hav't seen a lot in the way ofeay winter wther. maybe a light dusting lateng lae tomorrow afternoon, tomorrowrow breezy, ones out of the westut 10 to 20 that will keep windl k chills in the low 30's thisthe ' afternoon. there's your seven day. few snow showers late tomorrowyw afternoon tomorrow neither. we get it out of here and hereof comes the cold.mes look at wednesday's daytime's d high of only 32 degrees.2 grees. we'll warm it up by the end of e the week into the mid 40's.mid0' that's your weather update. u caitlin is in this morning. mor she's got your morning roads.oa how is it looking.t looking. >> good morning tucker.d mo i think young americans is mynss favorite song, too, but i did bt pick out another one, so second runner up. i don't know too many david mand bowie songs we'll keep it going.go look at the taillights outer loop heavy delays at newvy hampshire avenue. ave this is just volume at this this hour. but it looks like it's muchh better on the inner loop and this is the north side of thee beltway at new hampshirew avenue so very heavy approaching new hampshire avenue. we'll show you it is justt south of an area that we'veea te been following with a waterith w main you can see all that red.ted. that's a delay on the outer o
6:49 am
loop there.lo the but we are still followingolwi that water main break.aireak that's at 29 columbia pike northbound. it's at the intersection ofn of columbia pike and university une boulevard. we only have one lane opened o on university boulevard so squeezing by there. the speeds at 13 miles per hour soeu that's pretty heavy north ofn the beltway just around the attorney corners area in montgomerthefour corner areas.. 70 to the truck scales speeds of 36 miles an hour.s an hour. 10-mile stretch taking you a good 15 minutes. mutes 50 inbound getting into theo city as the morning rush picks r up on a monday very heavy.eavy westbound delays from 410 to 295. 295. 31 miles an hour speeds there.. so using 50 and 295 very heavy.y. no accidents or anything on 295, just rush hour. hou southbound delays from route r 50 to pennsylvania avenue.sylvi. that's in the northeast. north in the southeast 295 headingea into the city still a crash though. this is at the naval researchals lab. that's all the information we have and we're still seeingll se some delays there. delayere.
6:50 am
otherwise though it's not from --'s just the accident then that's causing it.'s caung i 95 north we've got delays fromay dale city to 123 getting really heavy on this stretch as you head from princemrinc william county looking atookinga 17 miles an hour speeds there. so just normal commuter volume v on 95. that's a look at traffic. tra now let's send it back over to r steve and allison. a >> thanks caitlin. a 60-year-old maryland manrm in critical condition this morning after lighting ag ter cigarette in his hospital bed.. investigators say steven bok lit that cigarette but ignited i his oxygen mask andma a surrounding bedding oning ed saturday night.ig happened at hartford memorial hospital. hospital workers were able to put out thers fire. fir bok had to be transferred totran the johns hopkins burn center. n >> health news now. and even though fewer unitedr states teenagers are smoking,mo a new study find that isat i secondhand smoke some second still a big problem for nearly half of nonsmokingsm middle and high schoolers wereer exposed to secondhand smoke inoe 200013 the rates were lie were e among teens who secondhand smoke has beenhand linked to several illnesses inrs
6:51 am
children including respiratory problems. >> ♪ >> we can officially sayfi awards season is under way. big flight abig night at goldene >> i was up watching th the shos >> good thing.hi ricky gervais lefted for thetedt fourth time last time i thought his opening openi monologue was pretty funny. f there were some pretty goodrettd jabs. i love how he has a beer ons a e the stand.e there was some funny moments. ms i honestly thought that the who presented awards were fun year than very jays. andy sandberg was funny. jennifer lawrence was funny.s f mark wahlberg and will ferreller were okay. okay. >> they were kind of funny.we >> jim jim >> i'm saying the ladies wereesw kind of funny kevin. kev >> i thought they were e >> i thought they were kind ofeo funny. >> i don't like jennifer jenni lawrence. >> she's okay. i thought the amy schumer -- i-
6:52 am
thought it was kind of funny. f there was another duo i liked l more than them.m. >> mark wahlberg and will w ferrell. >> i thought jim carrey was funny t i don't know if you saw the mel >> what did he say to him. >> i can't say it on the air.aya >> if you saw the show lastt night during the introduction when ricky gervais introduceddu mel gibson he apologized forlogd making fun of his drinking butig then when he came back on stage he referred to one of oneo the rants mel gibson had beensoe famous for back in the day. they i'll tweet out what he said. we can't refer to it. i >> then mel gibson made a jab aj at him after they hugged. hug >> there was too much bleeping going on. you almost had to be there to t enjoy the majority of the jokes. jokes. >> what did you think aboutd quentin tarantino'syo acceptancc speech. ch >> was ohio little. >> seemed like a lot of people l were drinking last night.g lastn >> there was a little bit ofigtl drinking going on. >> you can't claim that he
6:53 am
was. >> seemed like there was some drinking. >> there was alcohol being served. >> the show had some great pacing. overall i thought the show was fu n to watch. jonah hill clanking tatum bear bit wasn't funny.un denzel washington won the cecil b. demille award.ward what was up with his speech? pe? he didn't have his >> i that i didn't know he was d there until jamie foxxiduntil referred to him in the front row. >> a much deserved award.ward big winners last night.ig best picture category --ator taraji p. henson took home the leading a ward for leadingrd foa actress in a drama series and she handed out cookies to all ta the people on the way to the stage especially leonardolly dicaprio. that was really funny.un she deserved that awardderved incredible award for her last night. >> cookie. >> best actress category.treste obviously tv had a big night. mr. rob bot class show -- s >> i saw it once and it's an awkward -- just kind of like o l him and i thought that the
6:54 am
creators were right when theyhe said they had courage toouge nominate a show calledd mr. robot. that sort of spoke to what theot whole that you know was.w was that was when i left. i'm like i got to go to bed. b >> it won drama series andies a best supporting actress christian slater.n slate >> revenant took home best bes picture best actor for lien forl flash dough and best director. dicaprio will win his award a for the oscars i believe thisevi february twenty eight.ry t will he a great speech.e a stallone finally won. >> yea huge win for him.uge wif he won for creed. ced he initially didn't thank the t director and michael b jordan.or >> he came back out after his speech was done and tried to thank them on state. he was just too nervous.t too nu >> i don't like when people't lk are so can quick to jump on him. m. you didn't thanks, you're up't t there for a e month. how do you -- you're nervous or whatever. >> and the rocky music thatusict played. >> epic.>> >> i had chills when thatwhen ta happened.
6:55 am
>> other big winners jennifer ji lawrence for beck actress in a i musical kate winslet for supporting actress larsen. matt damon won best actor in a musical comedy and martianndar took home best musical comedy.y. big question are these a bigg indicator of the depends because they splitter up between drama and musicalical comedy.comedy. >> i like how ricky very jays cracked on the fact that it's a musical comedy.musico >> it's not a musical comedy. cd it's a drama.rama. but last year wolf of wallwa street was in that sameatam category.cate they sometimes push rymovies ini a certain direction because they know they might win. w no way martian would beat out the revenant. revenant. >> i feel like that's unfair.s . >> who are we steve? we're w merely news people. peo >> let's check in with tuckerhek barnes. tuck i know you enjoyed all this. i was watching the caps gameapsg full disclosure i wanted toed see each se ovie goat 500.
6:56 am
>> i love in the martian when we matt damon does that musicalal routine.routine. >> award winning dan >> yeah, he won best actor. >> ♪ >> i've got this whole planetlee to myself.yself. 29 at reagan national. >> [inaudible]>> [inaudibl >> 25 dulles.>> 2 26 bwi marshall.arshal hey, it's very cold out there.r. much colder than yesterday.esrd. bring a jacket.a jke our daytime highs upper 30'ss to about 40 but generally gener sunny skies and a dry afternoon.te a couple snowflakes in the forecast late tomorrow. very cold wednesday, h lighs h only about 32 by wednesday soney get ready for a couple days ofas cold air.ld a caitlin is here this morning.isi she's got your roads. roa >> good morning.. hasn't been too bad out thered t this we've had a couple accidentsen but it is monday morning hereng in d.c., nothing too crazy t c that we wouldn't expect.t. 270 south 80 to the truckk scales 28 miles an hour speeds so you're heavy heading out ofy frederick into montgomeryick county and then further a towards the beltway you arendwar jammed from father hurley boulevard to 117. 1
6:57 am
water main break still still following this. 29 columbia pike northboundth where you hit universityniveit boulevard you've got one lane ol opened on university boulevardyu speeds to 13 miles an hour.r. also outer loop delays southerpa of there 95 to georgia avenue. a that's a look at traffic.raffic stay with fox5 news morning will bes mornl right back after this.
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>> ♪ ox this is fox5 news morning. f >> the rock world lost ahe rwo legend overnight.veig david bowie passed away at 69 a days after releaseing a newina e album his 25th. 25t more on his health battle andtl reaction to his death coming up this hour.ou >> also nearly one year aftereat that deadly smoke incident onn metro, the transit agency's genc new general manager is sendingen a message to what he wants you to knowe wa about safety improvements. >> plus, one and done. redskins loss in the first f rounds to the packers.un we'll tell you howds fans are reacting this morning to the mot loss now that they've had a chance to sleep on it. >> this is what the the reaction was like.ik aww. aww. okay. plus hollywood awards seasons so can kicking off with theh golden globes last night abe look at the winners, the t losers and how the results areel important for this year's oscars.oscars good monday morning, it is january 11th, 2016, i'm01 allison seymour.6, 'm and i'm steve i welcome to fox5 news morning.s . we're going to start throwg stw with breaking news from theakins world of f music s the loss


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