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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  WTTG  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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combination right now on "fox5"news at 11. >> it is good to have you with us tonight i'm sawn shawn yanc yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> we'll have the whipping numbers in a moment. first we begin with developing story out prince george county. sky fox was over the scene shortly after fire broke out at this apartment building in adelphi, maryland as flames shot from the roofer firefighters used a ladder to rescue residents trapped on balconies. we learned five people were injured including three firefighters. >> we have team coverage of the fire and daring rescue. tisha lewis is live in adelphia tisha. >> shawn and tony it took an hour for firefighters to put this fire out and that's with two agencies working much of search and rescue that was captured on live television and now six hours after this all started we're learning more that this may have been aftermath of an accident a very expensive and dangerous
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accident and in fact firefighters say the damage is 200,000 and several people were injured. >> 9205 new hampshire fire on fourth floor apartment working fire dispatch. >> the calls came in 5:15 wednesday night reporting a fire in four story adele phi apartment building. >> my sister called me and said do you know your building is on fire. >> i said look at the news i said no i'm getting out of the house. >> question saw people and wondered what happened and said there's fires. we written out. >> minute later it spread to the units next door and dramatic rescues underway. >> the fire grew significantly within a few minutes we called for second alarm and the second alarm units went to operate. we eventually had to assist in
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knocking fire down from the outside of structure because fire conditions were intense on the fourth floor of building. >> assistant fire chief says nearly an hour after the fire started 80 firefighters from prince george and montgomery counties were still working to control the flames. >> fire was extinguished fully in the last 15 minutes and now fire investigators go to work. >> joyce priest and her friend alice green could see the flames from the apartment building problems away. >> we could see the flames from where we were down where they live. >> yeah. >> presidential towers. that's 20 stories high and you know when this happens it's just a wake-up call for a building like we live in. >> back out here live this is what is left. utility trucks on the scene and no electricity and fire that remains under investigation in terms of cause. what we can tell you prince george count question fire department do not believe it was anything suspicious throw
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they're waiting to talk to occupants when the fire broke out. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> it's been incredibly difficult night for the people that call it complex home. "fox5" marina morocco continues the coverage. marine a. how are the folks coping. >> there's ten people that live in this building that are now seeking shelter with help of the red cross and you'll see behind me here this entire building is pitch black and restoration process just started here. they're starting to board up the unit where the fire started and just the unit next door. you'll see every once in a while crews dumping part of structure down to the ground and so far tonight every single person that lives in the building has been displaced. >> i wept to buy groceries. >> when he showed up with food his condo and neighbors were engulfed in flames.
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>> apartment on fire on the fourth floor. fire on fourth floor. >> were you able -- you left with what you're wearing to buy groceries. >> that's it. that's all i have. i mean everything is there my clothes and everything. >> freezing cold night. residents running out with bare minimum. >> my neighbors, which just ran out with just clothes on their back, the three young children in my car i provided them warm shelter and my car with heat on and blank sglet this family waiting to see where the red cross will send them and their neighbor keeping them warm heater blasting as the temperatures continue to dip. >> i didn't think that the fire would escalate to this point. >> one neighbor made it out from six story building and shot cellphone video as sirens approached the scene. this man's mother recovering from a stroke had to wait for her son to help her out of her
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place. >> yeah, i actually had to take the elevator i could not drag her down the stairs she walks with a walker. i could not just force her on my back downstairs. >> crews scoured the condo where the fire and started serving for a cause. the blaze appears to have been an accident. >> and that could be as many as 150 people people displaced until we know how many were occupied. >> and still no definitive answer to what exactly caused the fire. like the chief says it appears to have been accidental. again penn residents here are seeking shelter by the red cross and the entire building tonight displaced. three firefighters injured on the scene all non life-threatening suffer from burns and smoke inhalation. reporting live from aldelphi. marina morocco. >> breaking news it could be historic night in america. numbers for the powerball jackpot were drawn a short time
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ago. grab tickets pen and paper. winning numbers are 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and that powerball number is 10. again those winning numbers are 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and that powerball number is 10. in case you're wondering or didn't know already this is the largest jock pot in history. world history from what i understand and again we'll repeat those winning numbers and combination throughout the newscast again winning numbers 8, 27, 34, 4, 19, powerball is 10. >> good luck to you. >> now to weather alert "fox5" annandale virginia where a man was found dead corner of little river turnpike annandale road. fairfax county police say it appears the man was homeless and died from hypothermia. turning to saw to talk about the cold weather we're seeing obviously this is sad reminder
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of how cold the temperatures can be. >> people lulled into thinking this will be completely mild winter and maybe folks are not ready for the kind of cold weather we had last night and earlier today. today was toldest day we had so far this year and i'm sorry to hear about that and hope we can be more vigilant to make sure they get shelter on cold night. speaking of cold nights. after only getting up to 32 today which is coldest day so far this season we started getting cold earlier today and as temperatures and wind lightened up and cloud departe departed. good news for tomorrow. temperatures warmp a little on thursday afternoon. in fact i would say it's a pretty significant warm-up from where we were today. we'll get back up to 40s. mighty cold tonight though i'm happy to see d.c. went up in temperature. it was dropping quickly. now we've gone back up to 28 and reason temperatures may rise a little bit overnight is we'll have a change in wind direction and clouds will come back in. and so it is cold out there no
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now. as we look at temperatures we'll track a little warmer offer the next several hours. thanks to this area of high pressure positioned over the southeast it pumps warmer air and that allows temperatures tomorrow to get back into the 40s with good am of the sunshine. we expect a cold start in the morning and we should see many places in the 20s and hopefully we can climb out of that pretty quicklyto in the afternoon back to the 40s. we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up in a few minute, tony. >> sue, thank you very much. we have dramatic video from high atville, maryland to show you today a mini van plunge nod a pond galton street near glen ridge elementary school and prince george fire department served the van while in the water daen not find anyone inside. police say the van was stolen. >> it happened again another violent attack at metro statio station. this one today about 3:00 in the afternoon la front plaza metro station. we learned two teens assaulted a victim right under noses of
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transit police there and the teens got on yellow line train headed for chinatown and did not get far. police caught them mount vernon square station the victim was treated at the scene and transit police officer tells us these group attacks are on the rise and in fact this is fifth known group attack since december and in "fox5" exclusive this week two victims cam forward to tell us about being victims in a terrify ago tack. it was a couple saturdays ago. january 2. the couple was sitting on a bench at the metro center station 10:00 in the evening after going to movies. as many as ten young people just came up on them and started punching them and the man here says he was sucker punched and left badly bruised and she was left bleeding with a split lip. >> it is pretty quick and direct. they came up. i noticed they had scarves over their face. they said a few words about my
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shoes and about getting upfy wanted to give them my seat. and then before i had to chance to le spond, that's when they just start add tacking. >> all right. today metro transit police released four images suspects in that attack. we need your help identifying them. again these are images of suspects from the january 2 attack in metro center station before 10:00 in the evening. once again transit cop told "fox5" today group attacks appear to be happening more often. again we know of five. jus since last month. a spokesperson telling us today metro sought in 2015 fewest amount of serious crimes at metro locations since 2008. so things improving cordtoing to metro. >> all right. >> a former employee at prince william county daycare there was found guilty of abusing toddlers in her care. sarah jordan was convicted on 13 criminal charges including child cruelty and she was lead teacher at mini land academy in
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woodbridge and jordan intentionally tripped children and encouraged them to fight each other and sprayed them in the face with a hose. springs and other daycare workers are scheduled to go an trial next month. >> scientists are working on amazing new innovations to allow the blind to read from a kindle-like tablet. how that technology works. and once again, the winning numbers tonight are you ready? it's a 1.5 billion jackpot. i wrote them down myself, 8, 2 27, 34, 4, 19 and powerball is 10. again, 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and 10. again, 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and powerball is 10, goodoo
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>> new at 11 tonight and technology making impressive leap working to make a kindle style tablet for the blind. >> what it may look like one day. sign test university of michigan are working on. it concept to create bubbles below the surface of the tablet that can shrink or expand to
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make character. it could take five years until it's perfected and. >> ooit lks like they're on to it. >> absolutely. >> several mount pleasant tennessee officers rescued a man that had not even in two days. the 79-year-old called 911 and officers showed one enough groceries to last" a month. >> he relies on social security benefits to get buy and caretaker stole his debit card. the worker was caught on surveillance using the stolen card. she was arrest aend charge adden again he's eating. those officers showing all of us how members of law enforcement really do protect and serve. >> it's good to see that. we like how they're doing that. wish to hear more stories. >> i read they're starting a food panltry in help others. >> good cops. >> let's check in with tony ape sue and talk about the forecas forecast. hi, guys. >> before we bring you warm a couple breaking news stories internationally a strong earthquake report aid short
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time ago off coast of northern japan. that earth quake registered 6.7 rickster chael and at this time no tsunami warning in effect over the coast of northern japan. also other breaking news international news reports of massive at least one massive explosion and gunfire in jacarda ipd nearbyia there's casualties one person dead and there's some concerns it may be terrorism incident and if we get more information about it before the show i'll bring that to you. >> lots going on today. >> weather will settle down locally for the next couple days. we'll be dry and see warming trend here which we need. >> yeah. >> shock to the system after the very cold day we had today. not as cold as what we had last year but first time in a while we've only had a high temperature of 32. coldest day of the season. and tonight i'm starting to see signs temperatures are on rebound and we are going to see those temperatures headed back
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to 40s. i think it will be cold start for the kids at the bos bus stop. we won't turn it around that quickly. some areas north and west where we've seen clearing skies for a while allowed temperatures to drop. cold as 19 to 26 in district and district has come up and we'll stay fairly steady overnight if winds continue out of southwest and clouds come in. after school a nice difference, 42 to 48. 28 now and you can see there's less of purple on the map. yesterday we had a lot covering northeast and midwest and up to northern planes as i expand out the picture fox and 22 buffalo cold 16 lakes are still on for business and they have snow there. notice that cold chicago in the single digits yesterday at 24. st. louis current temperature 41 and dallas 5 2. lots of signs of warmer temperatures for the next few days. our average high is 43. we should get up to 46 degrees tomorrow and even warmer on friday and saturday which is why the next system coming in
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with rain that will begin friday feeng not nighttime, that will not be able to find cold air. that will be more of a rainstorm with showers expected then and they end early on saturday. we do get sharply colder behind that system and dron to 39 surprised and there could be snow showers. we're watching surprised closely because some models see a coastal area of low pressure and others keep it too far south to affect us. can we get moisture into the picture to get snow and that doesn't look certain at this point and we'll keep an eye on. it another disturbance moving across western pennsylvania that sends clouds in our direction and by 7:00 in the morning we think temperatures will be in the 20s to near 30 by afternoon and nice recovery into 40s maybe some places touching 50 and by 6:00 on way down again but it will not be as cold by 11:00 we'll likely be in 0s compare to teens and 20s now. bottom line tonight. some clouds, 26.
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we warmed it up a bit. temperatures are starting to come back. and then tomorrow at 46. weekend again we'll see high pressure developing warmer air and watching for the system that will spread rain in our direction friday night and saturday and that looks like it will be getting going around here after 8:00 on saturday and mainly done before 8 on saturday morning. 50 on saturday. temperatures will drop for sunday. we'll guv a chance of snow showers. looks like it would be similar to what we had yesterday. keep that in mind for sunday. monday, martin luther king holiday cold 43 and start on cold note first three days of next week look like they'll stay in 30s. that's the 7 day forecast. what's going on with jim. >> sue you're social it was wiz socials emojis. that's the good news. bad news, missing a game with infection in left knee.
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how about good news. bradley jewel back after missing 16 games with stress reaction in lower leg. we go it to later part of 1st quarter. with the steal. biehl for the jam. 11 points, 22 points. wizards build a 19 point lead and earlier in the fourth down 1 nana on the steal and sessions for the jam give the home team a lead for good. john wall that guy deserves to be in the all star game. splits bucks defense. rolls it down to the hand. wiz win 106-101 with a home game losing streak. >> if you're non nba fan you may remember chris mullen st. john coaching alma mater coaching george town msg in new york and second half campbell snakes and drives and foul twelve points for him lead 23 point wane shot clock winding down rivera behind mba three
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point line long distance 33 points for him to match career high georgetown cruises 39-37 to approve to 4-1 big east play and [ johns dropped 8 in a row. >> and everybody knows golden state warriors stefan curry has mad skills. you have to check out this dribbling exhibition. noah cutler from leesburg he posted on instagram lord knows i work hard at this game trying to copy steph curry. he's doing a good job on it. spot on for the little guy. >> look at that. >> he spent a lot of time practicing and kind of emulation. i like seeing the one-on-one wouldn't you. >> it could happen. >> height wise getting kind of close. >> all right thank you jim. >> you got it. >> still ahead at 11 we have breaking news for you we understand there's a winning powerball ticket. >> boo. >> why are you booing.
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>> we'll till where it was sold when we come back. >> i didn't check mine. >> double check. >> i didn't check mine. >> double check. >> that's true.
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>> all right california lottery says we have a winner. it was sold in chino hills, california, norm west of anaheim where disneyland is located. there's another twelve tickets that matched five of six numbers. >> i know you are lying, your lips are moving♪ tell me do you think i'm dumb♪ i might be young, but i ain't stupid♪ poke around in circles with your tongue♪ >> she may sound a little like megan trainor that was megan stern. she had a moment to shine she belted out, lips are moving, lyrics with everything she had and judges loved it. >> tonight sarah attended a
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watch party in chantilly hosted by eggspectations. she sut sat down with lauren demarco and told her what an incredible experience it's been so far. >> it's weird seeing that on tv i could not feel my legs. >> then you got a tweet. >> she tweeted at me and said i was adorable. my life is officially made. >> carrie underwood just twee tweeted at me. >> next stop hollywood. she's a senior westfield high school in chantilly. >> she was really good. >> she was great. >> good sign getting tweeted by carrie underwood. >> getting news. >> which th is what you can do. >> we have $3 here. >> powerball whip ser ryan se seacrest. >> oh. seacrest. >> oh. [ laughter ]
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok. so khloe kardashian -- >> oh! harvey: khloe kardashian said she has no problem with lamar odom as long as he stays out of the dirty-ass brothels. >> you can pay somebody in the privacy of your hotel. >> brothels are dirty places. >> is that a dirty brothel? >> you have been to the love ranch? harvey: no! >> no! >> peyton manning's brother cooper at l.a.x. we say if you and your brothers were on "keeping up with the kardashians," who would be the kim, who would be the khloe, and who would be the kourtney? >> i would be bruce probably. >> i don't get it. what does he mean? harvey: there are different ways of reading this, guys. >> he's the best athlete? >> no, that he feels like a woman inside. >> we got brian grazer leaving craig's. we're like --


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