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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 14, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. f >> right now at 7 o'clockox breaking news overnight a terror attac nkowew in indonesis claims several lives and l and officials say it all has the markings of isis and is a a i copycat of the paris attacks. ac >> and breaking overnight hereih in the united states, hey, the,e wait is over. o their winners in the record recd powerball jackpot.werball three of them in fact.act. and already we know one ofrn those tickets was sold at a store in suburban los angeles al where pandemonium broke out broo last night in celebration.lebrai we'll take a look at the other h states that also sold bigbig winners. >> closer to home not billion bi dollar winners but a lot of a l people got lucky. luc million dollar winners.inners three in maryland, two inn virginia including one at thists store right here.right could it be where you boughtouou your ticket? everything youthiy need to know about thoseoutho winning stores coming up. u g>>d thursday morning, i'm allison >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'm welcome to fox5 news morning. mi if you're up early gettingng ready for work keep it -- keepee
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getting up.g u you didn't win the powerball poa at least here in this area. a >> but there's a chance you did win a million bucks.uc three separate million dollarrai tickets were sold in maryland.dl you're looking live at aat a 7-eleven in bladensburg thatrg t sold one of those tickets.f thoe we'll go to our annie yu. she's life.e. >> major breaking news cominginw from asia overnight. overnig let's get there first and takeea a look at surveillance videosu showing the moment arv series of explosions rocked indonesia this morning. there you can see the blast. suicide bombers with gunsh gun attacked downtown jakarta. jakar one of the targets aargets a starbucks. star now officials there say thissayi has all the signs of isis.sis. wisdom is in the studio withdi w more on what happenedappen overnight.ght. >> this happened at a popularop shopping area in indonesia's id capitol city.capi five of the attackers and two other people are dead.r at least one police officero was killed in addition toitio t those bombers. bbers independent niche's national nio police spokesperson says then ss terrorists were coping theng the recent paris attacks and wereksw probably connected to isis. witnesses say three suicideui
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bombers blew themselves up inhee a starbucks cafe and after a police arrived on the scene, sce there was an additional blast.l. now authorities say there werehe more than two hours of gun gun battles. they also said police received i information in november aboutr a warning from isis that thereht will be a concert in indonesia d meaning an attack. indonesia has the largestar muslim population in theation it world. steve and allison. allison >> whiz thanks very much.z th we'll stay on top that ofay if that situation changes. >> better news back here at home. the powerball numbers they'vebee been drawn and for most of us, no, we're not waking up a billionaire or millionaire milln this morning but if you know somebody in california californi tennessee or florida you mightoa know a billionaire.aire >> tell them to check theiro che tickets. here are those winningse winning numbers. they're on your screen rightsc four, eight, 19, 27, 34 and a powerball of 10. >> they seem so simple don't don they. >> sure do.ur >> the ticket in californiaict was sold just outside of los angeles. little bit east of the e details about where thehere the winning tickets in the other inh
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states were sold. not known yet. y >> all well, local residents didn't did win the historic jackpot.. a few still prizes in thes t thousands even millions.ons. annie joins us lie inie bladensburg with.urg with. that are you still clearinglein for bladensburg.ladensburg we are.we bladensburg. i love it. >> reporter: bladensburg,densrg bladensburg. hey a-million is a lot of o money, right? you know what,w it was nice to dream and thatnd seems to be the overallve sentiment with people that did d play in this time it was nice to dream for aream week or so but it's back to but some wishes did come truecou out here in maryland. myl as you mentioned three winners of that million dollar secondol tier prize. this 7-eleven behind me along annapolis road is where one ofhe those winning tickets werets w sold.ld. the other two were in otherth parts of maryland, one at the wawa off urbana pike in i frederick and then the walkerale hill amoco station in capitolpil heights, maryland.s, and then in d.c., there were w two people that woke up
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$50,000 richer, two tickets tics sold there. dave brown wine store in northeast and the tenley theen market northwest and allisonll and steve that is where i'mt i going to buy my next ticket.t t i don't usually play but i did d play this time around and iund a was in virginia but next timeutt i'm going to tenley marketnl m 'cause this is not the firsthis time that they have sold a winning ticket. ticke and then of course there wereurr million dollar winners indollars virginia as you mentioned anded west virginia as well but we b w don't have the info recording the winners just yet but, look, its store heree mr. hussein the owner is very is excited because he did confirm i to me that he will get $5,000 $, as a result of the million milli dollar ticket being sold here.or now, he has to split that withht the 7-eleven franchise soo really he's walking away with wt $2,500 but, look, we bothe b agreed it's free money in his ih pocket. he, his wife, his family allam got in on it so they're just j going to be -- they're goingoi to call it even.l it e i don't know if they spent s $2,500 on lottery tickets butut it's free money in his pocket.ic
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back to you in the studio.tu >> knock down several bills with that. annie thanks so much.ks s m >> 7:05 right now.:05 w as mentioned the first star oft the historical powerball winerba is a 7-eleven in chino hillshinl california. looks like the whole town came c out to celebrate. celebra one of the three tickets was sold there. clerks respectingesg some of threapingsome of the aw. >> reporter: do you know howte much.r: .ce2 percent >> 2 percent is that what het said?sa >> i know the owner of thew thew store they said just became anaa instand millionaire i don'tmill know how it works the breaks thk down with the clerks. the names of the powerball per winners and where the tickets ts in tennessee and florida were sold still under wraps thisll u morning. >> they're getting it to egg.t >> i've never seen a town comevn out to celebrate. celebrate the person who won is not even n there. there. >> or are they? >> mystery.
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>> i think if you won younk might need to i like. lik >> lay low a little bit.ay a l >> get your financial advisor, s get your lawyer, what have you. >> you got it. let's do the weather yeah, 28 this morning ins mog in washington. we are still chilly out there.hl 30 in cambridge, 32, 32 leonardtown.leonardt north and west 21 out in winchester. 24 in hagerstown, manassas andsd dulles both 21 degrees.gree so, cold start for everybody.ry we're going to warm it up into i the mid 40's today. tod it will be a fairlyit w a f comfortable day. at least it will be noticeablyoa more mild than yesterday andterd the best part less wind than t yesterday so it won't be thatt t biting cold that we had aroundun here on wednesday.ednesd but we do have more clouds inorl the forecast.recast. what's happening warmer airpenii trying to work in. actually -- it's actually it's bringing a few snow showers to northern pennsylvania. here you go. 46 this afternoon, sun and s clouds not as cold. c we'll have the seven day. the we'll look at the week.ook we got a holiday on monday.on we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you. >> sounds good. g >> what's going on erin in then world of traffic this >> not such great things. gw parkway northbound we havewev
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a new crash by spout run. this is a big problem thisem t morning. 66 on the eastbound side a crash by 1 you can see we're down to just the outer left lane of trafficra getting b delays extending past fairfax ff county parkway as skyfox panskys back you can see some miles of standstill traffic. this is the second accident this morning on 66 eastbound.asu the first one was by nutley.yut that crash happened in the t backup leading to the first scene so i'd leave the house about 45 minutes earl to getarlt through that zone right now.ato we'll switch it over for at ov r look at our maps. m asides from that we arees from h tracking some other problemsot this morning.this crash with wires down in fairfax county.ou woodburn road remains shut down at tobin road.toro that's out in police respect directing traffic to knox road.fic to kno give yourself extra time totraeo get around that area.t a as you head out in southeastn sh crash activity right nowght memorial bring right nearightea lincoln m give yourself extra time tora to get through that things backing up 270 up southbound throughound thr gaithersburg and the outer loop jamming by new hampshirehie as usual. that's your look at traffic. steve and allison.ison
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>> well, this morning some t people are not wakinghi up inp their homes because they were be displaced because of a fire.d c it happened at a condo in adelphi. adelphi. >> bob barnard is live for usna there with more on howrdwith residents are doing thisng morning. trying to get through this i'mto sure. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. yeah, allison and steve, right r now restoration crews,ion c electricians are showing up, an, number of them here already alr this morning. morning this is the presidentialsideia condos. the fire started on the toprtedo floor there. t this is along new hampshire hpse avenue just inside the beltway w and you can see that's wheret'wh they say the fire started uptaeu in an upper floor unit therethe of this four story building. bln skyfox was above late yesterday afternoon.sterda we can show that you video. yid this was at about 5:15 yesterday. there are 40 units and about a 100 people living in this building here so 40 units are closed, offer limits right now. a hundred people who live here h had to find other places to the fire started on the top floor.floo
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they tone kno don't know the cat doan think it's suspicious.suspi firefighters and two peoplend te who live here were hurt. minor burn smoke inhalationio that sort of thing. thing it took them 30 minutes toes get it under control. >> within a few minutes weutese immediately called for a second alarm.larm the second alarm units went to t operate. we eventually had to assist inii knocking the fire down fromown the outside of the structurethet because the fire conditionse fi were so intense. >> my neighbors, which is just ran out with just the clotheshes on their backs, the three t young children in my car, i provided them warm shelter ineri my car with the heat on and a blanket. >> reporter: the red crossr: t is taking care of about 10 abo 1 people from four of the unitsf here. the rest have been able toe to stay with family or friends.ds again, this thing was broughtaso under control in about 30 minutes. how long a lot of these units ou are going to be off limits wefft just don't know.ston't clearly, the main onesnne upstairs are, you know,
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basically destroyed.basi that's going to take some timeom but hopefully the rest can get s in here pretty soon, guys. >> heartbreaking. all right. bob, thank you very much.ou ver meantime police inan alexandria have made severalserl arrests in connection with two t separate murderers in popular p parks. >> and investigator say bothy cases appear to be connectedonnt to gang violence. the body of 24-year-old jose luis perez was found in beverly park in november. nov this morning these people fromng the gang ms-13 are under tre und arrest for his death including i a 16-year-old girl an 17-year-old boy.doy. another man who will also beal charged is in another stateer right now and will be extradited to virginia. virgini police also say anlicelso 18-year-old member of the same s gang under arrest for theeres murder of 22-year-old eduardo almendarez.nd his body was found in 4-mile run park last police say ms-13 is much more violence and he knows the t public is scared of the gangof t in their neighborhood.ei >> all of this gang activityac in the region and many of youn y have reported on it recentlyt rn in the last couple years, the intensity of the violence has h
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risen a great deal in the last couple years. y we unfortunately had two of twoo the victims here in alexandriari die because of that violence.lec >> investigators have notestiav released a motive however for either murder but the police chief says he's usinghe'ssing resources from the fbi andom t homeland security to solve thele cases. >> 7:11. still to come the republicane ri presidential candidates arent iapreparing for their finalg r i debate before the iowa befthe caucuses. a preview of tonight's bigig's b event is coming up. >> fare card fraud. f how metro employees used smartd trip cards to steal from the transit that's coming up in a a live report next. it's 7:11.
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>> there's a lie picture right l now of a winning -- live -- l picture of a winning powerballol it's in bladensburg maryland. m. very cool.ryl. somebody that bought that ticket at that 7-eleven is a million dollars richer thorpe owe this morning.ow million dollar ticketse sold ii capitol heights and frederick maryland. somebody in each one of thosehoe locations got a million dollar winner.. >> that looks like a place p where you could win a millioncon dollars. >> doesn't it. it looks really nice. >> annie yu is out there this morning.
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we'll talk with her in alk little bit. in the moo meantime. >> any superstitioning aboutuper where you buy your tickets. tic >> when i go down south i likegd to buy tickets down there.he >> you're like this feels likeh a winner.a wne >> feels like a winner, right.i >> i'm sorry, steve, what didvet you say? okay.yo let's go to the forecast.goe we're looking at temperaturespeu which are cold. yes, cold. 28 this morning in but a big warmup out of the west. west. chicago yesterday at this hoursr was zero. was they're currently 29 so we'resow trying to would, some warmerar air in from the south and westoh and the trend will be to warmo w it up here later today back todk into the mid 40's with a mixwi m of clouds and sun.s un lots of clouds out early thisart morning.g. there's a look at a map that doesn't work. work. but it does feature -- let's -le name all the states there. t let's get another map.anothe map that's high pressure off to our south and that will allowill our winds to shift out of theutf south and the west.utand bottom line is yesterday uppertu 20's and low 30's.'s and low 30. today we'll be back in the'l
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40's, back in the 40's with more comfortable air set for friday, saturday and into ourayt weekend. there's your seven-day forecast. want to mention we got some gots rain showers later tomorrow into early saturday. surda maybe a shower on sunday withdaw some cooler air and then a t notice monday, tuesday, tuesd wednesday cold stuff. stuff. highs in the 30's overnight oven lows teens and low 20's. 2 >> i think saturday is the dayye to get outside and enjoy it. eny >> saturday should be a goodld d one. >> all righty. >> good to know. >> let's check in with erin wh como get a look at what'st whats happening on the roads thisg on morning if 7:16 right now andghw we have some good news forgood f you. take a look at skyfox.atky this crash had us down to just j one lane of traffic on 66n eastbound at 123. at 1 cleared off to the right shoulder. all lanes reopened right now.opn however, we still do havestill e delays back to fairfax county parkway as skyfox pans back you can see traffic is verye slow moving.trow give yourself about 45 extra5xt minutes to get from manassasanaa through that point towards theor beltway. we'll take a look at our mapsurm now. some other issues around the area.. crash with do you understanddo wires we've been tracking allran mourned be and a downed pole. p wood burn shut down at tobin a
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road in annandale.road ianna police directing traffic to trac knox road. metro update to yr. blueline normal service haservie resumed at king k we'll let you know if metrof m picks up with any other issuesoe this morning. and then aside from that let't ' take a live look outside. outsi this is 270. 270 is very backed up.backed u we have a crash blocking the t shoulder by shady grove. bha delays off and on from fatherat hurley to the spur.rl you can see some very heavysomeh traffic leading towards theg wad beltway. we'll keep you updated. updat it is turning into a busynt thursday morning. morni al on. >> all right erin thank you. e sadly another violenttherio attack at a metro station tota report on. it has riders on edge.dge. police say two teenagersnage assaulted a person at then the l'enfant plaza metro station.tan this happened yesterday.d y officials say a metro transitra police officer witnessed whatit happened but the teens jumpedeem on a train and got away.ot awa police did later catch up withih them at the mount vernoner square station.tati the victim was treated fored their injuries. this is the fifth known group attack since december. dec >> metro police have alsoro re pleased new images of fourf suspects from an attackk earlier this month at metro m
7:18 am
center. officials say a couple wasy uple sitting on a bench when a group of teenagers began assaulting them police believeie these four teens are connectedon with that attack. a several metro employeesral arrested and fired. fir >> manck live in alnwick liv front of a metro headquartersdqt to tell us why. w mel good morning. >> reporter: good morning,ter: steve and allison. this involves those old paper o fare cards which are goingds wch away soon. metro transit police say they t conducted this investigationnvea from july through october.y thr so, here's how this schemescheme works. when someone had an old paper p fare card perhaps didn't have enough money to get out of thefe exit gate they would go to the station manager ask forn mager assistance.assi station manager would say all a right well give me your farear card the balance there andce t we'll let you through the thr gate. but what was happening wasning w rather than turning those paper fare cards back intoards metro, the station manager and
7:19 am
two custodians also involvedo il in this were holding onto themne and then when they got a g collection large enough to bear worth their time they wouldould take them and turn them in and get the balances on a card andd then sell the smart trip cardrir on ebay or craigslist.raslist. we have seven station managers r and two custodians arrested and charged with misdemeanors.dr they've also been fired.'ve metro says it does not believe that any of these employees were all working together. wor now, if this scheme soundseounds familiar to you, that'ss because it is.s. back in 2013 a station manager g in virginia was arrested andesta fired from his job for doingoi exactly the same thing. thing we don't have details in then te earlier case, as far as thes t exact station or the amountsmo of money involved here but iereb can tell that you back in thet k case in october of 2013, we're talking about, you know, maybeay
7:20 am
maximum of $500 loaded on a couple of different smart cards and sold.old. really not a whole lot of money there worth losing are los job for but that is exactly exay what this is all about becauseec that is absolutely -- metro's m breach of trust. interestingly though thisoughhi problem as it is willil eventually be going away and that's because metro is in thes process of eliminating all of those paper fare cards. as of this month you cannot can buy them anymore. any you can still use them athe certain stations through march of 2016 and then you haveu until june of 2016 to turn tur them in to metro and receive rei the money back on a smart trip i card for yourself. live at metro headquarters,dquat i'm melanie alnwick, for local news. >> coming up more questionsg this morning about theup mamerican sailors who enterednt iranian waters. >> also you're looking live at the north charleston coliseumolu in south carolina. carin that's where tonight's goponig debate is happening. hpe
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we'll have a preview of the prew big event coming up next. >> ♪ again! again! again! again! again? again! again!
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♪ another big republicanbigli debate tonight.deba ton this one is in north charles, c, south you're looking live there at the venue the see yum l the debate b will happen later. this is the first debate of 2011 and just a few weeks before thef all important iowa caucuses. rand paul will not be on thel wt main stage.main stage he was dropped earlier this week to the under card debate but hee
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promised to boycott the event if he wasn't moved back up.'t movek this debate airs at 9:00 p.m. op the fox business network. iranian television airingnin video showing u.s. sailor sair apologizing for entering iranian waters.te they released 10 sailorsailo detained after mechanical troubles called two boats tots enter iranian state. john kerry negotiated theiated release. gop members are outraged overge the incident it shows how little respect iran has more presidente obama. obam in turkey five people arevep dead, 40 injured after a terroro attack police station thetion incident happened in the town of sonar.. curdish rebels detonate add card bomb in a police station beforef attack it with rocket launcherst and firearms. the force of the blast destroyed part of the station's wall and caused a house close to thehe station to collapse.pse. no wash tool hes reported.epor >> 3% are dead following a busns crash in honduras..
7:25 am
officials say a bus was carryinr a group of volunteers when it overturned and phil fell about 80 feet into a gully. a the volunteers were affiliated with the ngo global brigades. ba they were on their way to theonw airport set to fly back to the e states after carrying out a health mission to help the under served there. t two columbia university studente were among those killed alongng with us healthcare professionalo several others were injured. 7:25 right now.ight n that means it's time for weathea and traffic on the 5's. tuck, 28 degrees outside this t morning. >> yeah it's chilly out there's but the good news, we cdon't hh the winds we had yesterday. and we are going became up inece the mid 40 today's. tay's dulles 21. bwi marshall here's a look at satellite/rad satellite/radar. snow showers flying acrosswe central pennsylvania this that's the leading edge of the eang e warmer air trying to poke to thk north and east.. and it's leaving us with some wm residual cloud cover so we'll bl kind of partly to mostly cloudyy today but milder with less winds high temperatures back in theace middle 40s.le quick look at your seven dayse
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forecast.foreca check out your mild temperatures about by fry say day andnd saturday about fief team showerm friday into saturday.frid rain tomorrow into earlyintoar saturday. we'll get it out of here andit e we'll get a real rush of very or cold air here as we get into g i sunday and into our holiday on monday. daytime highs on monday probabll don't get above freezing for a a good majority of the area. aa. more weather in just a minute.jt more traffic right now. >> 7:26 right now. rht n taking a look at the sky fox, sy things getting better but stilll big delays, 60 eastbound earlier crash by 123 cleared off to thet right shoulder.ul previously just the left laneeft was getting by.ttinby. you're still very stacked up stu from fairfax county parkway.. leave the house 30 minutes earlt to get that was that congestion. westbound side slows a bit pastt that scene rubber neck delay.ecd we'll switch it over for a lookr at our show what else you're dealing'ri with. metro update. big delays.bilays. orange line expect residualual delays in both directions due to earlier train malfunction the a new carrollton. carll
7:27 am
green line residual delays ataya branch avenue.anch avenue. good news fort blue line normaln service has resume at kingg street definitely check metrohet before you head out this morning. we also have a crash at memorial circle so two things inside thee district.strict southeast right now 295 inboundb delays from 202 to the 11th street b down to just 10 slow miles perl hour. 50 inbound by 202 all jammed upe as that's your look at traffic.traf allison and steve? erin, thank you very much., still to come this morningth details on mayor bowser's firstf accountability report.ty rort. plus, the chairman of thechh metro board is up for grabs.ra so why would anybody really wann this job? we'll talk with will sommer next. nex ♪
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>> world record jackpotld coming -- >> it's over folks. one of our biggest stories of the morning. three winners drawn in lass tst night's $1.5 billion powerballea jackpot. california, tennessee andneee a florida all home to the bigig winners and largest powerball ever. . here in our area, we did okay. o you're looking at 7eleven inn bladensburg maryland where a $1 million ticket was sold. sd now it was one of three, $1 million tickets sold in our area.area. the 7eleven though this one is o
7:31 am
on annapolis road the other twor were sold at the am ma companyom on walker mill road in capitol heights and the wawa on urbana pike in frederick.derick in virginia, million dollars tickets sold but they weren't it our area they were in salem, t virginia, and in virginia beach. congratulations.lation the chairmanship for metrom board is up for grabs right nowr the big question why would w wou anybody want that job givingivin metro's current troubles and itb appears former d.c. mayor vincev gray could have a shot again ini city politic. pit joining us now with more willl sommer loose lips columnist witw the washington city paper. did you play the powerball.owba >> i did.>>id. i bought a couple tickets. >> tullytown market sold atol winning ticket. tke >> really. >> $50,000. $50,000. >> gosh, not me, though.h, not >> not you. maybe next time.mayb let's talk right now about met t tomorrow i don't know if this is a lottery that anybody would really want to wanto w running the metro board rightoad now. we have a ceo in place. pla. so this would be i guess theuess second highest position initn metro. metr >> exactly. like the chairman like theirmant general manager's boss's bos
7:32 am
essentially.sent like a board ceo exactly. ectly so yeah we have a bit of a showdown brewing today potenti potentially between ward twobetw council member jack evans here h in the district and corcoran the chairman of the northernorer virginia chamber of commerce. corcoran is the compromised pick he doesn't roughly as manysan feathers as jack evans. who's shaking things up metro riders long wait we had for f general manager last year.ea that was because metro virginiaa and d.c. fighting over heightr t should be and jack evans more of a fire brand. bra stirring things up a bit >> would this be considered thee highest position in metro if you're overseeing the general gl manager.mager. >> perhaps. >> more powerful.>> >> not day to day operations. and yeah, you certainly have a y lot to say about it.ayut jack evans certainly has lot off opinions about how metro runs. >> if that happens would thatha alter his city council positiono at all --ll >> this is a position he holdsih because he's on the city counc council. it's certain council members arl on the board and he would be trying to be chairman.hairma >> gotcha.
7:33 am
let's talk about other city a business right now.bonessht the mayor first accountability report is out. how did she do? >> well, so essentiallyssenti according to her own assessmentt of how she did, right. so -- so >> she did well.he did >> check up on the recommendations of herco mmtransition t it's been roughly a year nowear since she took over.k o they're saying we had all theset recommendations for what we wa wanted to do in office. o how many of them did wffe getet done. done >> got a lot of them done.e. certainly in the way they're wae describing it.ribi i now something they didn't gett g din make new hotline for youthou crime and obviously that turn tr out to be a hot issue in 2015.5. so, you know, not a perfect record. >> all right.>> is that your last line on that one? e? >> mayor giving herself a repor card. card not all a's.not all >> that's okay.hat' you don't want to give yourselfs all a's.'s lead yourself to lot --lot >> i took a look and i'm the best mayor ever. e >> the most recent mayor beforeb the current mayor looking to get back into the we talked i about this a numbero times. i guess now that he's been cleared of any of this criminal investigation, is it all systeme
7:34 am
go at this point.nt >> exactly news this week aews w couple of his friends puts together this pack we mentionedn before. be that it would created to poll on his chances of next -- this ts year's races for at large citywide seat and ward seven war seat his former council seat. and they found this is your y friends assessing yourself hereh they found he has great chanc ca at large leading the race theree hypothetically, of he's not in eat one and icin wan seven as well.. so it looks pretty rosy for himm i was telling him about the results with pac he technicallyl is involved and he said i'm woww even at large race much he'such looking at it. >> which do you think he'llk e' enter?enter? >> probably ward seven he's got better numbers there and thatha way -- just more favorable toblt him. at large is little moretle m prestigious but, you know -- kno >> last line on vince gray. v g >> i would say vince gray gray talking about rgiii as well thii week is kind of getting a raw a deal comparison between anothera guy who got a bad deal perhaps.a >> he think that is rgiii will
7:35 am
wind up in houston the same them thank i think.k i we'll see what if you pick up the cityk te paper you have a story in therey interesting follow-up on bigig doings up on capitol h >> we liked to crime stories ats city paper and this is a story about a cochran a senator from s mississippi who started became involved in this trading alldina this meth and ordering it fromgf china. it's a really crazy scheme, anda last line here, breaking bad thad.thad. >> very cool.l. thanks will. thanks for having me. f hav >> always a pleasure. loose lips columnist for the city p let's check in with tuckereck ik barnes right now at 7:35. 7:3 >> cold temperatures to start sa your day. upper 20s out there. definitely want jacket.ant acke thanks, erin. en you taking a look at our maps.. i'll send through. all right. (laughter). >> scared me a little bit. 19 now in gaithersburg.therur 21 dulles and manassas. 18 in culpepper, yeah, we are featuring chilly temperatures tu start your day.your day the good news is, the winds have let up and we should be milderel
7:36 am
than yesterday. yesterd in fact noticeably mid 40s for daytime highs. h snow showers flying to our norto that's the warmer air trying to get up into new england and thet bottom line is, mix of sun and a clouds today, mid 40s with less win. wi quick look at your planner.ur we'll go 46 degrees thiseeshi afternoon at 4:00 p.m. stay tuned. i'll have the seven day comingdm up we'll talk about rain showers moving in and very cold end of o the weekend holiday weather as well.well that's weather.'s wther erin is back. b she's doing weather and traffica >> i was hanging out c the chairs are very comfortablet in the weather sent.t >> good place to hang.d pl to h >> it's a good place. it's a go right now crash reported 202 att bw parkway look at all that redt on the map. give yourself extra time to getg through that area. area. aside from that we can see a lol of our inbound routes are slow, 295 inbound down 10 miles an0 m hour delays 202 to the 11th t street bridge.stre 50 inbound once you get insidegd the beltway really slow rolelo from about 202 as you make youry way past 295 and then taking a look 66 eastbound left overt delay crash blocking the right t shoulder right now.should
7:37 am
crash activity after 50 delays y back to 29 centreville as you ao can see long line of very slow-moving traffic inbound.oun. so i'd advise extra time there h as wl crash with wires down wood burnd road remains shut down, shutn,hu down all morning long at tobin road in annandale.andale police directing traffic to knok road and metro orange linein delays in both directions dirti earlier malfunction at newonne carrollton.lton green line expect delays toayto branch avenue earlierar malfunction at green belt.eeelt. check your metro schedule aheade of time. busy morning right now.orniight steve.ev >> erin thanks.n popular brand of lip balm ll under fire this morning why they company is being sued.ue are you looking for new car? w c you may be driving away with ah steal of a deal. we'll explain why coming upg u next.
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
>> tough news for media friendsr al-jazeera america goingie off e air.he the cable news network says it will shut down completely at the end of april aft just two and a fthalf years on the air. a they released a statement whilet it has built a loyal audience i the u.s. the economic landscapes of the media environment driven strategic decision to wind downd its operations and conclude itsi service.. the qatar based al-jazeera is planning to expand its digitaltt services with the aim of mayingf it more available across moreos platforms in the united states.e so the main group overseas willa continue but no more al-jazeerar america.amic general electric is on thet the company confirming reports p that it will move its corporater head quarters to boston.. employees will first move tors v temporary location in boston.osn
7:41 am
it starts this summer.umme ge will sell its offices in fairfield, connecticut and at 30 rock feller plaza in new york i city. full move is expected to be all finish but it will be doneeon several steps by 2018 to bosto boston's seaport district. this new year means new price tags for cars and a lot ot buyers will be driving away witw pretty good deals. deals >> new report says new car repos prices are likely to stall thiss year. some of the reasons more usedese cars are on the market and rising costs for car loans. loa >> coming up this morning kevink is going to sit down with thewnw men who inspired the new movie 13 hours that's the benghaziazi movie.movi >> fascinating.cite first though the group thatt organize the massive powerball a pool how much do they spend on e their tickets.their . so we're just trying to get tipt for the next time, right? back with that and more. ♪
7:42 am
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7:44 am
♪ it's time to say good morning to our facebook fan of o the day. it is a lora plumber. she watches fox5 every morningrr and she just graduated with herr master's degree in professionalo school counseling from bowie frb state university. >> all right. congrats. >> congratulations. >> you can see the logo righteeg there in that that's fantastic.ic >> i thought she graduated witht degree of fabulous. >> i'll bet that was secondarydy degree. >> her minor.>>er m >> yeah. dual degree.dual d for your chance to be the next fan of the day go to fox5 d.c..c facebook page leave a commentom and photo under a lora'ss
7:45 am
picture.picture. congratulate her.tulaer >> all right. all right. >> tucker barnes.>>ucke >> love the picture.. >> good picture. pture. >> love the picture behind youpt as well. as sun getting up. kind of partial sunshine today.y warmer temperatures to looks too forward we're not there yet.noty so if you're running out thengut door, be prepared for cold. c threats, 28 in look at leonardtown 32 degrees.. 25 in fredericksburg.g. 18 this morning culpeper.per 19 martinsburg.bu 24 hagerstown. everybody at or below freezingwg to start the day.tart tay here's the difference fromfere yesterday.. less wind and warmer wind d wa temperatures on the way with onw daytime highs back in the mid 40s. 40s. close to where we should be w fourths time of year. ofear. got a few snow showers flyingin across central pennsylvania thii morning. the reason for that we gotw g warmer air trying to lift up to the north and east causing a fea snow showers up there.he notice the cloud cover locally c we'll be kind of in and out of the clouds today. today i won't call it completelyplet cloudy day partly cloudy dayudyd today. there's look across country ifrf you're traveling.vng fairly quiet weather in facteata very quiet weather.ther. the exception some rain showerso and snow up in pacificif
7:46 am
northwest. california getting a break theyg need it. they've had days and weeks of rain in a row.. focus on local weather aboutth high pressure off to our south u and notice that flow comingloom around that area of highf hig now pushes our area out of the south and west.nd w this time of year well any timem of year we'll get winds out of the south and west we start tott warm things up we'll get all get chance to warm things up withrmt that area of high pressure presr giving us that nice southwestoue flow. mid 40s today and we should be near about 50 tomorrow.0 we are going to get a chance fof rain showers second half ofrs tomorrow into early saturday. s that's our next chance for justr rain. no snow herera. sw her 46 sun and clouds not so coldo c winds south and west five to 10. last night i was down to the verizon center at the wizardshew game lots and lots people askink me about snow.w. winter weather lovers we're l trying, but just not quite theut combination there for any snowrs any time soon.y we do have colder temperatures next week. so again rain friday intont saturday. tu and then look at early nextly week. monday, tuesday, wednesday highn temperatures do not get out of e the 30s.the so at least we've got cold airdr around. we'll see what happens laterat l next wee
7:47 am
that's weather update. erin is she has roads.has ros >> i. >> i. to right now at 7:46, we havee h some crashes reported.ted. 202 at the bw parkway that's ths slowing down inbound suitland parkway after silver hill road another accident. a you can see all the red on thetn map.. we have some massive slow downsw there in prince george's thiseoi morning. aside from that, in southeastou section of the district works 9s inbound delays from 202 to the0e 11th street bridge.t you are downbr to 10 miles perm hour.ho as we move over crash activity v northbound gw parkway approaching 123 dealing with an accident scene there as well as alexandria 395 no crashes toes report but big delays northbounu the beltway to king street givev yourself extra time to getto get through that area.t a take a look here.take we also have crash activity 66 eastbound moved over to the shoulder, however, delays stills really heavy through 29. you can city long line of red sd make sure you plan ahead andheaa leave the house earl there. 95 northbound through lortonorn typical congestion same story 270 southbound by father hurleyr i would just suggest gettingstet that usual early start makingtag
7:48 am
your way into the district. secondaries in the districtistr downtown backing up as well juss because of congestion.of congeso that's your look at traffic. atc back to you guys. maybe you and your friendsrf or co-workers did a power bowl l pool. we did. we a couple of friends started a pool on social media that loud u them to buy $70,000 worth of o tickets in tampa. >> the group buy began with a facebook post the pool costs $500 to get into. i they eventually got 140 friendsf to join them so we don't know k yet if they came away with anything one winning ticket wast sold in florida, right?? >> the group has a cpa ann attorney on hand, too, and process to notified of one inie the pool of their lucky numberss if they did win. >> that's tough when you do itty online like that. t like through, you know, sociall media to make sure that you're y guaranteed to be in that pool. p >> would you be mad if you put 500 -- even it's no guaranteeee but wha would a part of you be e
7:49 am
that was not smart.thatas n >> i would have powerball regr regret. >> maybe they won. may if did you not win and you weree in las vegas plaza casino offering $25 in free game playla for your losing tickets.icke dollar for dollar if you spent e $10 on lottery tickets and youty lost they'll give you $10 in free money to play at theirt r i like t. >> good way to get people in tho door. sure it is. su >> not bad at all.>> n >> you can still win. y can just differently.ifferently. >> all right. kevin is back with us.s. got his tucks on because it's i the day we find out whose nominated.d. >> oscar nominations coming outn today. today. here's what i'm hoping and we'l' get to the package right now.. 8:30 we'll have the oscarhe oscr nominations i'm hoping to hearoa best picture straight out of compton, mad max, i want to hear those two at least.ea >> i'll be happy. >> i want compton and mad max to be in there. the and i want star wars, too.s,oo those three. >> historically, kev, does it ko feel leak mad max is a movie that hitter tour rock klee woule be in.
7:50 am
>> no. which is the best part about it. >> okay.>> >> i want com ton, mad max andtd star wars in that best picturere category.category. >> i'll write it down. >> compton -- compton- >> if they're in there i'll behe happy. >> for how long.>> >> for a little while. i lost all face in the academymy awards on march 21, 1999 when they they didn't give it tot private ryan.ivate yan. hopefully they can restore thatn faith. >> we fine out what timing. >> 8:42. 8 i'll be live with that.:4li i'm excited about that.. >> 13 hours secret soldiers ofoi benghazi opens up friday veryyer powerful film. fil michael bay who i've been a fana since the movie the rock, armageddon transformers this is the most mew hasn't film he's't' ever not necessarily structured inly political a jenn more about thee human story of these 6cia contracts on the ground that tha day, that night in benghazi bgh during the terrorist attack inki 2012 which left four americansfr dead. de >> inside we never get.nside >> four americans killed thatt day.da and high a chance to speak to three of the reliable of live contractor who's fought thatho night on the ground to talkrount about what they think could have been done different toll changea the out come but also great gret
7:51 am
quote in the film by joseph campbell that says all the godss all the heavens and all theavent hell's are win us.he's a i wanted twang that quote meantt to them as people who were wer involved in this night. nig >> what line of the movie all me the gods, all the heavens alleas the hell's are win you, i'm youm wondering just for you guys guy obviously what you experienced,e can you explain what that quoteo means to you.s to. >> that was from boone when hehe was reading, yeah.. yeah, db, he's the philosophical one out of the bunch and one ofe the ones he wasn't named.t n he was one of my best friends. s it's just -- it is. you are an angel.el. we need to be angel if you get pushed enough those bullets start snapping by your head youy basically poke that hornet's nest and we'll turn on you. tury the great philosopher patrickck swayze who said, be nice untilel it's time not to be nice. nic that's how -- that's simple phase it what all the smart t sa people use. that's how i interpret it.pret i you're going to help out, and o take care of, take care ofare
7:52 am
business you don't mess with us. >> god has arc angels. >> yeah. >> he just happens to give us h theap weapons to use them.. >> i'm going use that wherever i go. go. i love talking to you . you guys are are being there what could have been done differently? like in ine i your minds. min what could have been done toe change the out come.utome. >> we can have left earlier. instead of waiting the 255 minutes. s. we should have gave them thehe five minutes and then left.. the ambassador and john smithohs would still be alive, and just j air support.up if we air support i'm not sayins but highly good chance the mortars wouldn't have been ablet to set s >> why do you think the airo yo support couldn't get there.he >> no idea. >> no idea. no idea >> no idea. >> that's still something weomhg deal with. >> they always come back and say air support -- >> any support. sup >> any support -- they want to say any support never would have
7:53 am
saved the ambassador and john smith. we would have leaving early but it's high chance you would havee saved two other lives.iv >> the movie does an excellent job in that it does show -- itw doesn't get political but it shows the out come.ome. it shows the distances where they're at and michael pulledul that right from the new e-mailsi that have come. c did he his due diligence makingn sure he wasn't making up stuff. >> just to clarify those t gentlemen were the ex militaryit cia contractor who's were on the ground during the 2012 terrorisi attack in benghazi.. and just -- they were advisersee in the film which is incredible. for me, when you're talking're k about true stories, real peopleo there giving ---- >> always adds credibility.dibi. >> the man in the middle when he watch the film he felt like hei was right back there. tre pretty insane. i i felt like i was there.washe that's the closest i'll he haveh get to something like that. t
7:54 am
pretty while. >> i'll have the review cominghm up friday morning, tomorrowor morning actually.tually >> next hour --our >> oscar nominations.. compton, mad max, star wars. w >> that's what we want to see. e >> tuck has been begging forgior snow out there somewhere ifew you're waiting for snow you'llwl have to head out to west virginia. you can fine out snow shoeut sw mountain resort. resor they got over half a foot of foo snow overnight. that means 100 acres of the skis park will be open just in timetn for the martin luther king, jr.j holiday weekend always big timee for the ski resort.ort. >> ran into somebody yesterdayoo who said he'sme going ski dag.a. >> great.reat >> heading out there.ea yediah, finally after people p playing golf a few week ago youg can get out there and do some d going to be a nice weekend for f it. 28 nice day 40, too.0, 28 at reagan national. dulles 19. bwi marshall 22 degrees. we're featuring medical mid 40'm locally warmer day. less wind than yesterday.terday but we're also waking up withpit cloudiness out there.ines you can see that on yoursee th satellite/radar.llit a few snow showers flying off to our north. nth getting warmer air push to theut
7:55 am
north and east and that's caused a little bit of snow shower up p ahead of the front. for us no snow shower activityst in and out of the clouds today,d as we're trying to warm thingsag up in the atmosphere here. h 46 this afternoon.. about 15 degrees warmer thanmera 50 tomorrow around 50. 5 50 on saturday as well.s w and i do want to mention aon coastal system that will bring g us just plain old rain showers e saturday night -- ex me.x me. try that again. late friday night into early saturday get it out of heref h midday saturday. saturday. saturday looks like a decent dak with sunshine in the afternoon r and 50.. do want to mention the colder ce temperatures for early next ear week. we martin luther king dayki 33 degrees. i know we have a lot of outdoort parades on monday.on it's going to be cold. col windy as well.el all right. that's your weather update.. erin is back with a look at your roads.s >> that's right.>> 7:55. and traffic is backed up and wed have crashes, too at bw parkwayy inbound suitland parkway afterkr silver hill road. roa caution in both of those areas e and as you can see red pickingic up on the maps inner loop also o backing up from five to thefive
7:56 am
wilson bridge. 295 inbound down to 10 miles anm hour delays from tower 202 to 2t the 11th street bridge. bri northbound gw parkway approaching 123 a crash and youd can see how backed up traffic ia there because of that accident.. and then in alexandria, 395 onn the inbound side even though weg are crash free northbound delay from the beltway to king streete let's take live look outside. oi keep in mind 66 eastbound is i backing up by 123. 1 right here you can see traffic t looking okay. oy 270 on the southbound side wed d have off and on traffic backedac up from father hurley to the spur. sp just increased volume out theret so be prepared for that one. one nothing atypical through throu gaithersburg or rockville thishi morning.morn typical delays top of thel lays beltway outer loop by new by n certainly keep updated.ainly that's your traffic.ic back to you guys.s. >> erin, thank you very much. y 7:00 vick right now stillk w ahead we're waiting for the liss of oscar nominations this t morning. will it be leonardo dicaprio versus matt damon for best actor?to >> all right.>> a >> wouldn't that be somethinllg. your golden globe winners. wne tweet us what your predictions.s >> you heard some of one kevin
7:57 am
kevin's. while no one won the big jackpot here in the dmv there were a wer couple of one until i don't know dollars winners sold in our ara area. live report from prince george's county coming up. >> it was sol at that story. >> i know. annie yu is out there. we'll be right back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. back now at 8:00 a.m. n theow pictures of powerball on this thursday morning all thatt ticket buying has paid off and d
8:00 am
it's paid off big time. t thee winning tickets sold foricr the record-breaking jackpot.ot there have been celebrations ats some of the stores and mysteries going on at the others includinu right here in our area where w there are several until i don'tn know dollar winners. good thursday morning. mni let's just say congratulations to all the winners. all tinners i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve we'll get to the powerball newss in just a minute but first nere's breaking news coming ing from overseas right now from noo hollywood actually british movie actor alan rick man has died atd the age of 69.f 6 you probably know him best fromo the harry potter films. f kevin probably knows him besthim from diehard he was villain to bruce willis in the originalgil diehard movie. mov he had been suffering from from cancer apparently.areny all of the publications in thetn uk alan rick man dead at the age of 69. >> love actually as as lots of films.ts of there is a major breaking bk news story coming out of theingf asia this morning.orni take look. surveillance video showing the g moment a series of explosions es rocked indonesia this morning.hg suicide bombers with gunss
8:01 am
attacked downtown gentlemanenan cartage one of the targets a a starbucks.bu officials there say this all hah the signs isis. isis. this happened at a popularar shopping mall in indonesia'sesia capitol city again. aga witnesses say three suicide bombers blue themselves up in i different locations including ic that starbucks, and after policp arrived at the scene, there wase an additional blast. authorities say there were morew than two hours of gun battlesgua after five of the attackers and two other people are dea at least 10 people were injurede and at least one police officer was killed in addition to theite bombers. well the wait is over powerball numbers have been he e drawn. for most of us we're not wakingk a bill krohn nair this morning. as a matter of fact nobodyter actually woke up a billionaire. a>> okay. because the tickets were sharede if you know someone insomee i california, in tennessee or in florida tell them to check theie tickets because they might haveh hundreds of millions of dollarsf coming their way.ming tir w >> wow! good all right.ight but while local residents didn'' win, the huge money, a few still did score prices in thecein t thousands even millions fox5'ss annie live in bladensburg,rg,
8:02 am
maryland, with, with it's a really great day for somebody. >> reporter: it really is. i let's just put it out congratulations to all the big winners.wis we are so happy for you.ou. no, allison you're right, rht though.thou. eighths happy day in the dmv.v several people waking upaking millionaires or $50,000 richer.e i spoke to one my heart went out to her becausb she was kicking rocks this thi she comes here every single dayd every day. day she works right up the streettr here and gets her coffee and donut and she decided that she would buy her lottery ticketsic somewhere else and so hero husband got on her this morningr but you know what, we check here ticket. she won $4. so that made her a littleittle happier. this is the this is where one of thosehose million dollars tickets was sold receipt off annapolis road ind i bladensburg maryland. this is a busy 7eleven.. i mean it stays busy and we'rere still seeing people buying peopb lottery tickets back down to 40 million but still that is a lot of money.oney
8:03 am
the other two locations one waww off urbana pike in frederick,ck, maryland the second location oro the third i should say is walkel mill am ma company in capitolap heights, maryland. unless our area in d.c. therea r are two people who have the $50,000 tickets.kets those were sol at dave browne b wine store northeast and tunelel market in northwest.thwest. and in virginia, lotteryot officials confirmed to us there were two people who hit theple $1 million jackpot those ticketo were actually sold in virginianv beach and salem v have a. he not in our immediate northernthr virginia but still congratulations toatas them. that's a lot of money.'s a so the powerball jackpot goeskpg back down to 40 million.0 llion. still plenty of people playingng lottery this morning and a mr. hussein who owns this stores tells me that, you know, overr the last week or so, he has jusj dealt with a ton of sales.f s sales soaring. normally they sell about $150 of lotto sales daily. but over the past week it soared no $3,000 day and he's also walk
8:04 am
aig way with about $2,500 in his pocket. so very good morning for mr. hussein.hussn. back to you. >> excitement all over thet allt place. thanks annie. >> that tuneley town market iske where bob barnard was all week. >> if one of our viewers was the $50,000 win are in let us know.o celebrate with you. >> somebody who was on.ebod >> good luck.>> goo >> dozen of people though werehw unable to stay in their homes h last night as we get back to bak news of reality here, steve.te due to a fire at a condo in a delphi. >> you can see just how grand hg those flames are.e fl two people from the condo wheree the fire started were hurt. h but we're hearing non-life-l threatening injuries. i burn injuries.burn iurie they remember taken to burnemben unit. three firefighters were alsofigh injured while battling theatin flames. several people were seen being i rescued by ladder from balconieo in the upper level.pper lev i mean just a drama scene theree prince george's county assistans fire chief says firefighters were still working to put out to those flames after nearly an hour after that huge fire star started. >> i saw people runningeoplrun downstairs, and then we were thw like wouldn'ting what happened. and then she was like, there'srs
8:05 am
fire. fi so we just like run out. >> were you able to get -- you y left with what you're wearing. >> >> that's all i have.ha i mean, everything is -- my clothes, my books, everything.g. >> tough scene for those folks.f >> prince george's county fire u chief said the fire appears to s have been an accident.n an no word yet on what caused it i though. the red cross is trying to helpl assist those display residents. all right. all tuck consider barnes standing bs with a look at what's going toot feel like out there.he 19 said it, it's cold. >> yeah, i mean everybody evebo freezing here allison. definitely prepare for cold f c morning.morn good news a little sunshine anda winds out of the south and weste we'll warm it up into the, um, i had to fix my mike. mike. am i still on tv.till on >> i am. i was trying to step out of tv, too.. >> you want smooth you going to somewhere else. ee. 28 in washington.asto sorry about that.sorry about the mike fell off.e mike f
8:06 am
27 in quantico. nope manassas and dulles.. and again we are featuring at ot below freezing for everybodyvebo this morning with the very coldl past 24 hour period. perio in fact yesterday our highesrday temperature was only 32. 3 warmer today. tod snow showers up to the north.rsu notice we're getting breaks in the clouds. it will be kind of a partly sunny day today.d y y t and with winds here out of the south and west we will warm itwr into the mid 40s there's 40she something to look forward to.wa i'll have the seven day forecasf coming up in a couple of minut minutes.mi we'll worry about our thursdayy first. bring a jacket.brin but a lot better than yesterdayy also less wind than yesterday sd it should feel more comfortablec for you. all right. rht weekend weather coming up inomi just a minute.ju minut let's get traffic and find outut about, i don't know, what's happening. look good in purple.ood in p >> so are you sir. se you 8:00 sorry sick.8: sorry sic dulles toll road east we have crash activity before 28 watch for slow you can see that red our map is picking up much as move over to fairfax, 66 eastbound now this crash cleared awhile ago. after 123 but we still have delays and backed up traffic raf from 234 to 50.o0. so you need plenty of timey of
8:07 am
there. you can see that big red zoneedn from 66. sorry for my virginia drivers de this morning. morng another accident we've been aidn tracking all morning serious ono with wires down and downed pole. wood burn road shut down atnt tobin road and annandale. use knox to get around that mucc as we cruise over for a look inn prince george's county, we have another crash reported 202 at 2a the bw parkway area.ay are and then inbound suitland suian parkway after silver hill road.r that is involving several cars. inner loop bot to the tom of the beltway jams from five over ther wilson bridge aside from thatmht typical delays outer loop top oo the beltway new hampshire topshi georgia. keep updated that's your look aa back to you tyou >> thank you very much.hankou v coming up go live to south ugo carolina for preview of pre of tonight's republican debate.n e. >> plus a break in the case ofho an american killed in italy.ta who was under arrest thisest morning. we're back in just 30 seconds.j.
8:08 am
♪ those 10 u.s. soldiers --olr sailors captured then release by iran think weeks at a u.s..s. facility in qatar where they'ret being questioned. queione iran released video of their capture showing them pal apologizing.ogizin the video appears authentic butb they cannot speak to theak to conditions the crew was under at the time.t gop members are outragedhe over the incident showing it shows is how little respect iran has for president obama.bama we are following breaking newswi out of italy this morning.
8:09 am
prosecutors say the american a woman killed in florence suffered two skull fractures, steve, before being police have a suspect ingl cus custody. a 25-year-old man from senegaleg they detain the man following dna analysis of materials foundf at the scene, and under the fingernails of the victim. 25-year-old ashley olsen.. prosecutors say witnessessses reported seeing ashley and thend man leaving a nightclub prior to her death. in the french alps rescue rs crews still searching for moreor possible victims of an avalancha at a ski resort. the bodies of two french high hg school students and a ukrainiani skier were pull from the scene right now it's believed at least one person is missing still. >> new text messaging in theg in case of el chapo guzman guzn revealing that he was lesst heas interested in making movie of of his life than getting to knownow actress kate dell castillo facef to face. according to federal official e chapo appeared to be unfamiliara with sean penn and focused on ad expressing admiration for then t mexican actress.ctress
8:10 am
and longing for the next meeti meeting. perhaps she will be his downll w fall. fall. >> perhaps she will.>> >> interesting right.nter this leck season is now in full gear.fullr first gop debate year takesat ya place tonight. iowa caucuses nos just weeks wks away. >> it looks like the field iss e already narrowing.arrong fox's caroline shively has more now from north carolina stop, south carolina. >> reporter: the stage is allges set for tonight's debate inn charleston. which is being hosted by the fot business network.. the candidates have been gearine up all week. >> ted cruz, he's been really, really nice. nic other than last couple of days e getting a little testy. testy >> a lot of horse say you can'tc run if do you that.ou you can't be born in you can't be a canadian citizen. >> trump continues to hit cruzoc hard on his citizenship.ip as the texas senator and the and billionaire are neck in neck ink many iowa polls. >> it's very interesting, this t issue did not seem to concern donald until a little over a ova week ago when suddenly he was trailing in the polls in >> two have mostly played nice n
8:11 am
in past debates but expertsxp expect that to change tonight. >> donald trump is going to be e beating him down and beating him down and cruz actually needsuay that. he needs that moment and hetnd h needs to be able to endure it. >> rand paul didn't make the cue for the main debate and says hey won't come at all if that ifha doesn't change. c that's not stopping carly fiorina, former senator rick santorum and mike muck today b bee. >> from my perspective that's pt great it only leaves three of us the pie is the same size it'sizi just that all of us get a bigger slice. that was caroline shivelyhively reporting from north charlestono that debate starts at srt 9:00 o'clock tonight. tight you can watch it on the foxn t business network.etwork if you need helping finding that check out fox all righty. a popular brand of little ban ln many under fire this morning whr the company is being sued. >> also, it is oscar nominationn morning. that list will be out shortly. s
8:12 am
will leo get nominated for his role in the revenant? of courso he will kevin says.n s we'll fine out. it's 8:11.
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> tucker you excited about the oscar nominations.inat >> i had trouble sleeping lastl night i'm so excited. >> okay. o >> me, too.ka>> >> this is huge. me, t>> >> yeah. t >> if leo doesn't get that award --award -- >> he has been acting since he was like nine years old..
8:15 am
>> the bear should get nominaten too. isn't it wasn't neck tick klee e real pai >> was leo in growing pains.gai >> as a wrung story. sto evening he was on growing pains. >> was that the one he was? hats gnaw something else i used to es watch, too, but i forget. >> we have confirmation justines our producer setter >> we go way back together. toge time for cuteness. cutes let's get cute. yay. >> we got tiny tiny cutenessenes here. here. all right. everybody, this is at a marry. >> sew such acute picture. >> she's just a little tiny five months old.. and ready for snow. >> yay! >> i wish i can deliver it tod today. she's so precious i don't wantcu to disappoint her i don't realla want the snow.nt guess what, for you, i hope it p snows because you're just thatuj cute. cute. >> little snow bunny. lit >> lock at her little outfit.e o >> i know.. >> cutest little outfit ever. >> aww. >> we love your you >> have a super day.
8:16 am
>> we are wintertime so we willl eventually -- if you're five'rev months old you probable haven't senior first snow.seniirst s >> no. you probably didn't know exactly what it >> i mean you realize the levelv of excitement for that first tha snow.. >> oh yeah. i do. please. >> she's like i grew up in's l pittsburgh.ttsbur it was never exciting. eit >> i was born in snow. i worn >> to zen us your child'shild picture go to fox5 d.c. and please send us your picture.tu we'll try to get it up tomorrow. >> have a good one. o >> let's do some weather.. no snow but cold enough for snow. snow. 28 in washington. washi steve this is our favorite timet of day we get to take a tour.ou. >> where we going today, tuck.y. >> our favorite spot in canada minus 26 this morning. morng >> my goodness.s. >> actually, that's not my thatt favorite.te >> what's your favorite.avore >> it's not on the map today.od. >> miami?>>iami? >> it's up past good card up car there. the one that starts with t.wi t >> way up there. >> yeah. >> not on the map today.e >> i'll go have a big trout lakl you wanted to fishing in canada
8:17 am
minus nine.minus nine. >> ice fishing. >> minus nine.inus most of the country fairlyuntr seasonal. i mean look at atlanta 34 degrees. drees. 36 in las vegas. plenty of cold air.dir we're in the middle of january.y typically this time of year.of a unlike december which wasch unseasonably warm for much of w the country not the case so far in january. jua most country quite if you're qe traveling today, california, sas francisco, la getting a rain a r break they need it 12 days in a row of rain in san francisco fnc probably starts to get old aftet awhile. >> i would think so. i w >> again, i don't expect many travel delays there as most ofay the country pretty quiet. q >> 46 for us today.>>for yesterday we were 32.2. so let's see what's thats t 14 degrees warmer than yesterday. 50 tomorrow and saturday.. do plan on rain showers secondrd half of friday into earlynt ear saturday and maybe a shower aho around on sunday.un and then a lot of cold air earle neck week. highs next week don't get out oo the 30s for several days in a row. >> all righty. all righty. >> yup.>> >> um-hmm. >> let's get another check of a the roads this morning. erin como, howno ares you?ou >> hanging in there. 8:17. we are dealing with heavyea traffic around the area.ound t
8:18 am
this is a look 270 as you makeom your way down towards the spur.s we have off and on delays father hurley down towards the belltow way. give yourself the usual extraal time there as if you're wakingen up in gaithersburg or fredericks burg. right now here's another lookhek you can see those camerase c breaking up a little bit closert to the spur. the switch it over now for look at o our maps.maps dulles toll road east we have av crash alert there.he it's just after the greenway and before 28. befo so make sure youre give yourself extra time to get through thatut scene and loudoun county movingv over to fairfax 66 eastbound6 ed it's been a mess all morning. mg we had two accidents one byents nutley street another one out by 123. 12 that cleared but you're stillti really backed up 234.34 aside from that in fairfax a crash with downed wires, don'tes pole wood burn road shut down all morning long at tobin road r and annandale.da use knox road.x we have crashes reported inorte prince george's county.ounty 202 at the bw parkway and and inbound suitland parkway after silver hill road so giveoiv yourself extra time to getimto around there.around there you can see all the red leadingi into the it's just morning we're dealinge
8:19 am
with a lot of congestion as we well. that's your look at traffic. back to you guys. >> erin, thanks it is a lip balb the company being sued the s kers of the very popular eos lip balm.alm. >> holly, i might have likeave three in the car with me rightir now. >> really?>> really? >> yeah. >> have you had any problems with them. >> no. >> i think that's the bigthbig question.questi right? >> yeah. >> more than likely you've seenk the popularel eos products inn stores and on the lips of manyis people.pele the brand featured in adsds a cult favorite among beautyea bloggers and teens and allison s seymour popular with celebritiei like britney spears and kim kardashian. but now they are getting slappes with a suit by a californiaifora woman who says the product madem her lips feel like sandpaper afr she used i there's pictures l you can seeeu she claims after she reappliedhp the balm her lips began to cra crack. flake and even now the next day she says herd s moutheh was covered in blisters
8:20 am
and rashes. rashes. eos is responded to the lawsuitw in an e-mail that they sent tot time magazine.azin the company said we firmlyir believe this lawsuit is withoutt merit.merit. our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and meet or exceed all safety andafy quality standards set out by our industry and validated byalided rigorous testing conducted by an independent lab. so obviously have to see how see this story unfolds.nfol i will tell you that this youngn woman she does have mark geragor as her attorney.y. >> oh. >> he's a big player.s remember him from oj trial.ri. >> sure.ur >> when i saw that, at first i was like, maybe it's --t' >> you don't find him on yelp. . >> you don't find him on yelp, and he's i would think not thi cheap. >> maybe he's doing it pro bonob i don't know.i don't kno if not --ot - >> interesting. >> he must think there's merit's there much. there >> that's interesting.t's inte it's so popular. so polar. >> yes.>> y. >> you see it everywhere.ever part of it's just a little round >> they're cute.hey'reute. >> i'll bet they were a lot ofao stocking stuffers. s >> i'll bet they were.
8:21 am
>> okay. >> at your house. a>> holly, see you later. l thanks so much. >> healthy eat asking need to bo complicated or coming up find easy to prepare e snacks under 150 calories.. >> matt damon won a gold againda globe nor the martian.the martin will he be nominated for an fora academy award? we'll find oute in just a few minutes. mut >> best musical or comedy. ced we'll find out in just a fewt minutes when the nominations ars announced.ed. minutes when the nominations ars announced.ed. ♪ advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. two words: it heals.e different? how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing.
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let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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8:24 am
♪ >> look at that. who are those guys?o ar >> that looks like a lot of funf >> this is bill and ted's excellent adventure at verizonre center. >> i wish i was there.was t why wasn't i there? >> we had the best time. tim >> the point look at the emojiso on the left side of the screen r and look at the shirt carefullyc much we have one of the shirtsvh heree. let's show it off.let's i >> yeah, we do. >> emojis of the faces of thehe wizards players trying to get ii the all star game.e al >> so cool.o co >> how cool is that, right? >> so the campaign is for all f star votes obviously and tuckerc and wisdom down at the game lass as you can see it looks like seo they've never, arc lot of peoplp were having fun last night whenw they got on the big screen.e g s >> got the tongue out. tongu you got to match what the emojii is. is. >> tongue out. >> what was your emoji. >> i didn't realize --ealize >> you were just doing the tuck consider. >> it look like you were having
8:25 am
so much fun. >> we had a great time.a gr >> we feel left out.eft >> why didn't we go? >> i don't know al.'t know al >> i hoping it was going to be i kiss cam --kiss - >> evening it was kiss camng i actually. >> do you? >> i was reaching out and wisdoo was kind of like -- >> he didn't want to kiss. k >> great big thank you.nk y >> support for john wall and tha crew. >> whole idea to get john wallaw and any players we can into the all star game.starame >> can we still dot hash tagoth today.y. >> absolutely. >> what is it hash tag --- >> check out the shirts. shi everybody wanted the shirt off t my back. >> hash tag wiz -- w >> you can tag your players.rlas >> put your player in there. >> gortat, nae-nae and on the te the porter. very cool.veoo >> they wouldn't last night.y wo we had great time. had great big thank to you everybody who said hi to us and we got lot of people to play along.lay a it was fun. >> it does look like fun. are you sleepy today. tod >> i'm exhausted. >> it's hard for us to go out.rg >> i know.>> i know >> it was totally fun. it was to okay. ok i'm going to do the weather.ea best part was being on that camt i was totally surprised, too. then everybody is like you're oo
8:26 am
camera all the time.he tim >> different. d >> it's way did you have.way yu yeah. >> i felt excited. i 28 at reagan national. natio 19 dulles.. 24 at bwi marshall. marsh cold start to the day.cold srt h kind of partly sun 93 day todayd we are going to warm it up intoi the mid 40s and less wind. w if you didn't love yesterday's d daytime high of 32 you'll like'k today a lot better.lor. frick this afternoon.this cold early this morning. morning we'll gradually warm it up. 50 friday saturday rain showerss second half of friday intorida t saturday. with a coastal low. and then much colder next week.x still no signs of any real any winter weather on that seven day although last night when i was at the game every other personer that asked stopped me said youai know what i'm ready for day off. when is it going to snow? s >> oh, right.h, rig we got all kinds of people reada for a snow day. day. >> last year there were so manyr snow days -- >> try to make it happen.. >> just not this week.k. >> okay. >> all right. thanks tucker. >> check in with erin get a lool what's happening in the world oi traffic this morning.afthis m >> i agree with them.>> i a i love snow coverage.erage.
8:27 am
i don't mind covering it.t >> we don't get a day off.t a da >> you like to drive -- drive >> i like snow i think it's exciting. >> wow! >> all right. we need snow for erin. >> yes. i would rather have the day offo i'll be honest.ones >> right. >> but i don't mine the covera coverage. dulles toll road crash activityt after the greenway before 128. fairfax 66 east it is all backed up 234 to nutley street where we had two crashes earl. e by one by 1231 down tonlet.on down to 16 miles an hour onceesa you get inside the beltway 66 eastbound still jams up and youd can see we're all backed up on e the inner loop between b springfield interchange andntchn annandale.naale 95 northbound seeing big delaysb as well.ell. take look as you make your way through lorton speeds under u 15 miles an hour.esn h crash having at causing bigt ca problems northbound gw parkway approaching 123.approach so watch out for that one and id to fairfax a crash with wires down, down pole wood burn road n closed at tobin road ind annandale.annandale. police directing traffic to kno road much that's your look at yk traffic. allison and steve? >> erin, thank you very much. v
8:28 am
still ahead, gang violencene on the rise sad until sad u alexandria.ex now, people living in the area t are on edge. on we'll have a live report for yoy coming up. also more on that record-breaking powerballakg jackpot. what we know about the winners n now, and who was it that won a a million dollars at this storehis you're looking at right now? ow the leading cough liquid only provides relief for four hours,
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this has been medifacts for delsym®. ♪ we are awaiting -- yes, likn
8:31 am
all of hollywood i'm sure just awaiting the nominations out oft the oscars this year. the first round of nominations s will start any second now. right. supporter of supposed to startrt 8:30.30. famously walk out podium and itm all gets started.rted second round will start at 8:38. we'll carry it live with kevin.n >> we'll get back to in just a t few minutes it is 5:30 in the0 morning in hollywood. first national star of ther t historical powerball win not faf from hollywood. chino, california chino hills c the 7eleven store this is wheree it is where that first of the ot winning powerball tickets wasas sold.ld three tickets will share the $1.5 billion jackpot. crowds flocked to the store last night as you can see. everybody wanted a piece of thef celebration. cheering celebrating.elrating. the other winning tickets were sold in tennessee and in florida. flor but locally, there were three, $1 million ticket that is were c sold all of them in the state of maryland.maryland one of them sold at a bp statioa on walker mill road in capitol heights.hes. >> yes. >> also, one sold where annie ye
8:32 am
was a couple them were sold wer across the area.acro two in prince george's countyrie and one in frederick much thosee are yourde million dollar winne. also in the headlines thisdlinet morning two murder cases localll solve. arrests made in lex look but with those arrests real concernn the gang violence still very sll much an issue in the region. >> fox5's bob barnard is live lv outside of the alexandria police headquarters with more now.rsit residents worried andorried and understandably so.rsta bob, good morning. morning >> reporter: absolutely, yeah, , good allison and steve.d ste. alexandria police say both of their most recent murder cases had ties to ms13.3. and that gang activity here iner the city and elsewhere is ge getting worse and more violent.. now the most -- two arrests were from these two most recent ren cases.cas. the% one was back on november 9th in beverly park. a 24-year-old man was found nearly decapitated in thehe playground there. his name jose perez. police say a 17-year-old boy hay been charged with murder. a 16-year-old girl has also beee arrested in the case, and adult
8:33 am
gang member has also been bee he was arrested outge of state d is waiting -- awaitinging extradition back here to h t alexandria.ia. the second case was fromro december 4th. 4th this was at 4-mile run park ink alexandria. 22-year-old man was foundn w murdered there.rded there his name eduardo al monday rose. 18-year-old man that is a been charged in that case now.e n police say all the suspects ares members or affiliated with ms13. police say the victims are notre gang members. but all, all of them the victimi and the suspects are in this ths country >> all of this gang activity inv the region and many of you haveh reported on it recently in thete last couple of years, the the intensity theiolence has risen r a great deal in the last couplee of years.ears we unfortunately had two victimi here in alexandria die becauseee of that violence. >> reporter: now, chief cook
8:34 am
says the fbi is assisting policc in combating all this violence c and the crimes, the murders andd what have you tied to ms13. guys? >> all right. rig bob barnard live for us.for u bob, thanks very much. we appreciate it much thisat morning a memorial service willi be held at the arlington national cemetery in other newsn for a missing in action worldiow war ii >> back in 1945, tuskegee airmaa second lieutenant samuel left lf net was involved in mid airid collection causing him to bail out of the his damaged plane.lae he was declared dead thered following year and was never anr found. second lieutenant was awardeden the airan medal and the purple heart posthumously.ou >> erin como standing by.tag it's been a rough road out there for many what's going on now, erin. on ne >> that's right.>> that's 8:34. 8:34. we're still seeing slow downsow and several crashes around the dmv. dulles toll road eastbound telling you about this one afteh the greenway and before 28. some big delays i'd watch out'dt for that in loudoun county. c moving over to fairfax 66 eastbound two earlier crashesra
8:35 am
one by 123, one by nutley streee cleared.cleare 234 to nutley dealing withith speeds 16 miles an hour but itmi look like the bigger delleay isy breaking up now that we passedas that 8:30 half hour. h incidents to report. rort. crash cleared good news there on northbound gw park with approaching 123. 123. 66 eastbound inside the beltwayl to fairfax drive down ton t 13 miles per hour. some heavier delays inside thenh bell w crash with wires down avoid wood burn road at tobin road muchoad that's your look at traffic. >> ♪ >> coming up oscar fever f shifting into high gear thisntoa morning. big day. bi >> sure s we're waiting for thii year's list of nominations. nomo we'll take you live to hollywood year's list of nominations. nomo we'll take y[ julie ]o hollywood the wrinkle cream graveyard.
8:36 am
8:37 am
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8:38 am
>> 8:38. keeping an eye on the right side of the screen. o as soon as they come back to stage the we'll take it to you live. you've been tracking early many nominations. >> a lot of the technical categories came out already. for me ikif love the cinema tol category. carol and hateful eight.ight >> everything that came outut before december -- end of end o december is eligible for likeike the ref nan opened on christmash day in a couple theaters. it's relevant.t. >> carol, hateful eight, mad max fury road, the revenant and is a karo.karo that's beautiful roger deaconsea who shot is a karo, emmanuel who shot revenant and roger richardson who shot the hatefulf eight against each other.
8:39 am
>> revenant is amazing all shots with natural light by the wayhew very very cool.very vco >> and this is kind of cool.inof best song category this is kindh of a surprise.pre. fast and furious seven.ev >> are they coming back? >> here we go.o >> who is doing the honors tod today. >> i believe john extra sin ski will be there for the nominati nominations and aimly.nationd >> welcome.>> welcome what an exciting morning.. thank you for kick it off. john, let's continue.onti >> let's do it.o it >> for performance by an actor a in a supporting roll the the nominees are... >> christian bail in the big short.shor (applause). >> tom hardy in the (applause). >> mark ruffalo in spotlight. (applause). >> mark rile lense in bridge of spice. >> and sylvester stallone iner l creed. (applause).. for performance by anance actress in supporting roll thert nominees are...
8:40 am
>> jennifer jason lee thesoe t hateful eight. rooney march rah in carol.. rachel mcadams in spotlight. alicia vick candor in danishanih girl and kate winslet in steve (applause). >> for achieve in many visualvey effects, the nominees are... ex machine n mad max fury road. the martian.. the revenant.. and star wars the force awakens. for achievement in filmil editing the nominees are the big short. short. mad max fury road. r the revenant. spotlight and star wars thes t force awakens. (applause)..
8:41 am
for achievement in production design the nominees are... bridge of spies, the danish girl, mad max fury road, the martian and the revenant. (applause). for a dapped screen play the nominees are -- charles randolpo and adam mccay for the big sho short. nick horn bee nor brooklyn, phyllis noj for carol. drew goddard for the martian,an and emma donahue for room. (applause).. for original screen play tht nominees are, matt spice. alex garland for ex machina. pete doctor, meg labeouf, josh
8:42 am
coolly and ronnie dell carmenela for inside out. josh singer and tom mccarthy for spotlight, and jonathan herman andrea burr love, savage and alan for straight out of thet ot compton. >> very good.. for original score thecore t nominees are -- thomas new man m for bridge of spies, carterar burrell for carol, annie for the hateful eight, johann johann sos for is a car yo and johnd j williams for star wars the force awakens. (applause). in the best foreign languagg film category the nominees are -- from columbia embrace of the serpent, from france, mustang, from hungary, son of sol, from jordan, th i.e. b and from denmark a war.
8:43 am
(applause). for achievement in directing. the nominees are -- adam mccay m for the big short.ho george miller for mad max fury road, al will he andro for the revenant, lenny abramson for for room and tom mccarthy for spotlight.otght. (applause). for performance by ancey a actress in a leading roll the te nominees are... kate blanchettnt in carol. brie larson in room. jennifer lawrence in joy. charlotte ram link in 45 years. and sharon nan in brooklyn. (applause).(applause). for performance by an actor in leading roll the nominees are... brian yann krahn stow ino trumbo, matt damon in the the
8:44 am
martian, leonardo dicaprio inrdo the revenant, michael fast bender in steve jobs and eddie redmayne in the danish girl. (applause). and finally, we are pleaseds to announce the film selected as the best picture nominees. they are... the big short, deedee careener and jeremyander kleiner producers, bridge off spice, steven spielberg, mark m platt and christie mccosco mcc krueger producers, brooklyn, if you nola dwyer and amanda posey producers, mad max fury road r doug mitchell and george millere producers, the martian simon kin berg, ridley scott, michaelel schaeffer and mark hoffmanan producers, the revenant arnoldd mill sean, steve goal lynn, aly, will he andro g, mary parent and
8:45 am
keith redman producers.. room, ed genie producer. and spotlight michael sugar, steve golan, nicole rockland and bleih pig again faust ain producers. >> for the complete list of all nominations please visit >> kev is not happy.evnot ha >> that's ridiculous. rs. >> i got a lot of things to sayo about this.t >> we need to explain what's going on. that came back on to us. u. we do facebook mentions foron facebook family as well and sond that's what -- i fell out of mym aiair. >> there's monitor here.'s moni. that's why i was watching down h here. >> all right. kev. >> i got a lot of issue. of iue. >> i got issues, too.. >> where the heck is compton.on >> i get it. it. >> first of all, best pictureic where is straight out of com tom and star wars? w >> i don't understand that.'t u those are two of the best filmsf of the year. tof theear. >> i'm very surprised happy to o bridge of spice got nominatede n didn't see that coming. comin room by the way is this littleit film that could.
8:46 am
we had brie larson in studio. su so happy she was nominated.. >> very disturbing. d >> cease amazing where a jacob item play for supporting actoria who's her -- the person she'ssoe with in the movie. in the mov >> where is michael b. jordan for -- i'm grad still investor s stallone got in. gotn >> no star wars no comptonon actress category, that's prettyy much how i thought would it goo down. charlotte ram pling nomination in supporting was a big deal.a d i think that bryan cranstonto getting a best actor nomination for trumboly hollywood movies no one saw trumbo.mbo. i'm happy heisen berg isei nominated for an oscar no one nn saw it. in the category as well michaell eddie redmayne, matt damon in dn the actress category rambling rm was the one the big surprise. sir sarone nine to is it a lonel nominated for as an oscar in i creed. big upsets where is steve jobs
8:47 am
for a dapped screen play? that was the best script of the year. no question.uest that's ridiculous it wasn'tn' nominated.note >> not everybody sees it the way that you do. at >> it was a good script. sip those are pretty much and wheree is the see you again song from r fast and furious seven with whii kalif f it seems like it was l older. maybe it wasn't.e it >> i thought so too.ught soo >> we'll have more from kevinrok coming up if you want to his toh reactions as you saw most them.e i'll throw it out there. out the he will fan in the room where is the call for diversity. >> where is the diversity intyn hollywood.oo >> straight out of compton -- it got nomination but deserved bett picture.ure >> what do you think. >> back after this. >> ridiculous.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> all right. i'm going to invoke even morenv okard shows so i can see the reaction of kevin.reacon o 28 now in washington.hing 34 in leonardtown. you should have seen that behint the scenes. scenes. 24 in baltimore.24 in ltim north and west 19 in manassasan and in dulles. obviously very out there early e this morning.this mor we'll warm it up in the mid too upper 40s this get a break from the coldk fromt temperatures of yesterday. yestd actually snow showers flyingno early this morning acrossw ornir central northern pennsylvania. not here locally. we'll clear it out.t o be kind of partly sunny today. and our breezes out of the south and west will warm things up.hig country is quite if unique tod today. doing traveling. most of the country very quiteye even out in california they've'v had weeks and weeks of rain.s or they're getting a break today.kd high pressure off to our south.u and notice the flow. flow. this is the wind flow around it. pushes our winds out of the
8:51 am
south and west and for us that t means warmer temperatures on th way. still a cool afternoon.fterno with highs in the 40s. 4 but we'll feel a lot warmer than here's your forecast fordar focf thursday. 46 today.46 notice the winds are lighterer south and west five to 10.ive to not as cold as yesterday. yested and again we'll have mix ofix clouds in there as well.ds in warming it up to 50 tomorrow.omo rain showers heads up rain u r showers tomorrow night intotomor early saturday.y satur that's our next chance for somem rain.ra and we'll keep the temperaturese milder around here also want tot mention very cold next week. nee monday, tuesday wednesday our wy daytime highs only in the low tt mid 30 that is could be ouruld o coldest stretch of weather since last winter.last w so get ready for that. t that's the latest.. allison and steve, back to youck guys. >> we want to actually go next o door check in with maureen andre wisdom find out what's coming ug on good day d.c.. >> hi, guys. hi, guys. >> good morning to you.d we're all over the stillmoer ths developing details of the ohe winners of this historicisri powerball jackpot.ot in fact a few people in ournur region have reason to celebrate. they want a million dollars.dols we're live with the latest.. >> celebrities have reason to cheer this morning also afterors those oscar nominations were announced.
8:52 am
a little controversial you guysg saw that playing out here on heo fox5. we have the surprises the snubsu and social media reaction stilli ahead.d >> live in the loft, at 9a redskins super star trenttatr williams he's here to talko t football and how he wants to put your best face forward.orwa check out the shoes.. >> sleek. also, she's going to hollywood l and she's from northern virgin virginia. a local idol contest tan talkinn about her journey on idol. ido >> and at 10a, empire fans bracr yourself because we're talking live with cookie's right hand woman porsche.orhe porsche.porsche. >> everybody loves her.very >> she's off the chain. c wait until you hear what at a rhonda jones right here on fox.x how is that for tease.ea >> it's pretty good.. >> good day d.c. just a fewt few minutes away.mites >> i'm going to work on my foott game. ga >> mose do. sure what wisdom wasisdowas saying. what were you even saying.g. >> porsche.. >> you're doing like -- le >> i thought you were doingoi
8:53 am
patti imitation saying porsche. >> my voice is too -- porsche.he porsche.rsche. >> okay. >> i got it. >> porsche.>> >> okay. my goodness. >> i get how cookie calls calls i got it now. n >> it is one of the most populap new year's resolutions losingos weight and with that comest c change your eating habits. h how do you feel full while stili cutting calories.alie >> fox medical team deena centofanti joins us withoins us answers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gd m guys. we are talking about snackingg because that seems to be one ofe our biggest challenges.hallge used to be mom told us no snacka you'll ruin your dinner but nowb that's all we think aboutthibo getting into all these snacks throughout the day.roug the problem they're a lot ofot more calories we realize we're eat bowing 600 calories a day d with snacks and that's probablyp too muchro depending how muchngh you're eating the meal. eating h we have 150-calorie snacks for you and here is the gold starr goes to this pla we have a little bit of hummus here. and then you can eat as muchsuc broccoli as you want frankly but broccoli and carrots. carro so this is about what
8:54 am
150 calories looks like and this is good because you get -- you want protein and you want fiber in your this is perfect, guys. okay.ok. also -- decent for you is gabs g mole physical you like yourcayo guacamole, this is an individual portion.rtio this is 80 calories.caloes so you are only allowed to havev one, two, three, four, five f chips.chip that's it. you open that big bag and keep e reaching in you can't do that. that's 150 calories right theree it helps when you portion it out that way. w because then you're not temptedt we have veggie straws here.awer. pretty decent amount of veggiee straws.straws i physical my kids i'm notical m buying these are supposed to bep healthy.healy that's what you's w you need something crunchy and salty. nuts we hear that nuts are goodg for us. they've got the good fats for us. so you think that this, i keep k this bag of cashews in my carn that's a decent snack.t snack. this is actually 330 calories. so this should be like two lik snacks throughout the day.thday. i guess. gue when you dump it out this is o t
8:55 am
what it looks like. your snack portion of cashews about 150 calories.alie it's not much at all. a and guys if you need something sweet, i have chocolate chips ci which you can have a lot ofot o these.e. semi sweet chocolate chips. i just took police from homeromh sometimes i'm in desperate movev going into the pantry and eat an few of these. you can have quite a few for 150 calories if you want that wt many. i did take the kids gummy bearss to show was 50 calories in gummg bears, i lost one, looks like. l if you want something sweet you can do it but count them out and be careful.ef experts say 150 calories whereie you shall be about in your snacking.acking. if you're trying torque you know, really watch your calori calories. >> chocolate chips so much chi better than the actual >> it is true, dana. >> i >> thanks deena.deena >> appreciate the tips.e th tip. let's check in with tucker tke barnes.baes 8:55. how we looking, tuck? >> better than those snacks that's for sure. (laughter).ter). >> 31 at reagan 28 dulles.
8:56 am
bwi marshall 24. 2 sunshine across the pleasant day.nt day mid 40s for daytime highs.hs. warmer than yesterday.ay few snowflakes flying up in fn pennsylvania early this morningg our flow is out of the south ana west. here's a quick look at your loou seven day, and notice the milder temperatures.. both friday and saturday aboutdy 50. rain showers, friday, second son half of friday into saturdayo sr rain showers around.rod that's a quick look at weathertr more coming up next hour. h more traffic.ffic. >> beep beep. >> erin is here.>> >> did you hear that horn? >> okay. >> right now dulles toll road ra east crash seen there after the greenway before 128.e 1 caution around that area. a lot of heavy traffic into thee district.ct this scene out there all morninm long wood burn road remains shut down at tobin road in annandalee because there's a downed pole and wires at that crash scene.ce still traffic is being divertedt to knox road.x be prepared for that. t we have a new accident rightnt t now. crash at westmoreland street onn 66 eastbound.tbou because of that, from theof thaf beltwayro to fairfax drive you a literally down to 13 miles persr hour. ho i'd suggest exiting at thethe beltway finding a different d route to get around that slow ao down. suitland parkway delays down too
8:57 am
11 miles an hour inbound branchh avenue to south capitol street.. watch for those inbound delaysny as well top of the beltway outet loop new hampshire to georgiaeo backed up.backed up. back to you guys. >> erin, thank you very much. still to come this morningis mng redskins trent williams willilll join us in the loft. l >> all right. more on the oscar surprises, the snubs, social sn, media reaction all of that whene good day starts after the breakk ♪
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♪ straight ahead, we have a winner! three tickets matched mt last night's record powerballll jackpot.jackt none of them were here in ourur area, but don't tear up those'ta tickets that's because several people il the dmv woke up millionaires. breaking news.>>ki at least seven people dead aftea a terror attack on starbucks in indonesia.indone what we know about the suspects and their possible ties to isis. so they polled all of thef debates and every single polll i've won.on >> smaller stage and sharpernd r attacks.attas. tonight the gop candidates headd south for another debate andebat that could have a big impact ono the first primary.rimary we'll tell you why. plus, hollywood gold.wood g the oscar nominations are out. o from leo to stallone, from stara wars to spotlight. we've got a look at who's got the momentum heading into thento big night. good day at 9a starts now.s. ♪


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