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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  January 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> showdowns in the south.5 the republican i presidentialdea hopefuls squaring off once s again.qu this time in south carolina.ina >> live look outside on thishi friday morning january 15th,5th, 5 o'clock is our time.e. 39 degrees right now. relatively mild. what's the weekend have inkenda store? gary will update us inpn just a moment.t. but first in the news on thishi friday a deadly multi car accident in largo claimed the life of one woman and left lef nine cars mangled i mangled in n intersection. police say the driver whoay t
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caused the crash did not haveidh a license. fox5's annie yu joins us live from the scene of them accident with the latest. good morning, annie. >> reporter: hthitey, goodteey,d morning, holly.morn this multi vehicle accident isei still being investigated byti police. in fact, police are asking ask anybody that was out here any h witnesses to come forward withrw their statement. statement this happened yesterdayerda morning around 9 o'clock here oh at this busy intersection inioni largo, maryland.aryl it's route 202 and lottsfordford road. a total of nine vehicles weres e involved in this violent v collision. it just was a mangled mess atedm this busy intersection here yesterday.erda 53-year-old angela jeffersonfe of springdale was killed whenie her car was struck.uc it was violent. the rear bed of her car, the gmc she was driving landed in le the roadway and the steering stg wheel with the air bag deployed actually separatedepar from her car and landed on theae grass. it was just a violent crash out here that seta off a chaina reaction involving seven otheren cars. at least three others wereer w taken to the hospital.he hospita now, police say the man who caused this crash is juan sanchez.saz. he's a laurel man who was w
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driving on a suspended licenseen from a dwi incident back in 2014 and police also tell us als there was a warrant for his now while witnesses tellwhil police that sanchez was driving recklessly out here,le h police have not confirmed that. at we spoke with sanchez's familyey last night and they told us ahe that he actually suffers from fo epilepsy and he had called hisle girlfriend to say that he wasas driving to the pharmacy forharm his medicine.edine. take a listen.n. >> very sorry for what f w happened, that we understandndes how they might be feeling, that -- and i'm sure he didn't d mean this to happen.ap but it was an accident. aid it was an accident and i'mnd i'm sure he probably feel like he h would rather be the one that died than this other personth because it's terrible.errible. we are feeling really bad,llyad too, because we don't knowon't what's going to happen. >> reporter: this morning sanchez remains in policen lice he was released from theelsed
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hospital last night.hospgh we also went by the victim's family's home angela jefferson s and they were obviously very distraught and declined toht speak to us. again police asking any witnesses to come forward and help them out. that's the vceerye latest heren largo.o. become to you in the studio. the >> thanks annie. a prince george's county man is under arrest accused of f murdering a woman ina man in hyattsville. police say marvin vasquez vqu juarez was arrested in thetein death of katherine half rad rad coher body discovered newis year's day along the northwest h branch flail hyattsville. fla police say the murder wasas domestic and two werewo previously in a romantic roman relationship. juarez is being held onngeld charged of first and second and degree murder. >> also in prince george's county dozens of families remain out of their homes t after a massive apartment firemf wednesday in adelphi.. investigators have released these 911 calls that detailat di the frantic moments right rig before firefighters arrived. >> 911 what is the location ofoc your emergency. emergen >> um, i don't know what's i that building right d there? he uh, it says 9205 its a fire.ire. somebody apartment building onnn
5:04 am >> it's a fire in my apartment.apartment. >> is everybody okay. >> yes. >> stay out. >> okay, we're out. >> okay, ey,veryone get out of the apartment.nt >> the fire reportedly startedra in the kitchen of a fourth fou floor apartment before quicklyoe spreading to surroundingurroundi units. many residents who live in theee apartment were at work whent the firwee started and returnedr home to realize that their t longingbelongings were damaged.m firefighters estimate the loss at $200,000.2000 >> the republican presidentialli candidates facing off in debates in south carolina. carol >> heated exchanges betweenngesn candidates donald trump andes dl ted cruzd dominated much of the debate which was more than twoch hours long. w now trump has been raisingai questions about ted cruz's canadian birth and his eligibility to be president.rede >> there's a big question markir on your head.rea and you can't do that to the party.rty. >> well, listen i've spent mypem entire life defending theefen
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constitution before the u.s.on . supreme court and i'll tellurt you i'm not going to be takingtk legal advice from donald trump. trump. >> you don't have to.ou >> cruz is also facing new d scrutiny for failing toailing disclose a loan from goldmanold reacks where his wife workedhe in campaign reports related to his 2012 senate bid.ene b candidates sounding off onat relations between the unitedes states and iran, once again in c the spotlight after the iran brief -- after iran briefly bri held 10 u.s. sailors who drifted into iranian waters. >> ♪ five minutes past the hour.theou gary i have to say it wasas pleasantly mild. >> it's not bad. b and you know yesterday was 53 degrees. >> i know. i had my son's heavy jacket ontn and he was sweating. he's like mime can i change.e >> that's right.mi i was right there with him.theri i was outer with a heavyths outh jacket on last night and i was g just like wow, wait a minute,a t i should know these things andes it was just not tooe >> we'll take it when we can. >> january 2016. who knew? here's what's goinghg on. we got a hurricane out there, t,
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too. we'll talk about that in a second. 36 degrees one of the earliest hurricanes ever in thean atlantic. 30 degrees for gaithersburg,aith 32 for dulles.ulle winchester you guys have dropped off now.dr you were in the lower 40's. you're 37. 37. culpeper is 27. is 2 fredericksburg is 31.ericks i the clouds are kind of playing o hit and miss with us thiss is morning and where there are whee more clouds that's where that' temperatures have been auresavea little bit milder this morning m but it does appear that somer t of these clouds are moving on and breaking up just a little bit and that's allowingll temperatures to start falling off.of 8:00 a.m. it's still cool. coo 40 degrees there. we'll have, you know, partlyw, y cloudy skies an few more ski clouds by lunchtime today.od temperature will be righte wi b around 49 degrees or so for later today we'll make it upl mt into the low 50's.0's. it does look like thise afternoon increasing clouds. cld the rain should be holding off until later on.n. hopefully the rain holds offoldf until we get everybody home, get the evening commute pretty much over with and that willwith be good news. and it does look like it'slo going to be dry this weekend.hie so, don't worry about that. t
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erin como is patiently standing by. she's trod ready to deliver to i the traffic report on a friday morning.g >> i am patiently waiting onai this friday 66 incidents eastbound exit ramp at westemoreland street that earlier crash scene haser c cleared so you can access acc
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>> tropical storm formedto f southwest of hawaii. haw it was the only third such s system to develop in januaryan in over 40 years.r ears. neither storm is expected toor have any significant impact on land. >> up north many are finallyin using their snow shovels forir s the first time as the warmti temperatures give way toes givy winter weather across parts of the united states. s nearly a foot of snow has fallen in watertown new yorkn butwa small towns closer to lake ontario have seen 3 feet. f now, despite the difficultcu driving conditions many peopleeo are happy to see the snow at last. last. >> it's been interesting.been you know, getting into thettinit thing just now starting tog t snow and getting everythingveryn together and this is what this w we've been waiting for.
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>> winter weather affectingfec parts of the midwest as well. m icyid roads in missouri made foe some dangerous and slipperyery roads. the warm weather isn't totally'l gone. temperatures are expected toes o rise in the northeast the nextee couple of days before dropping o back down below freezing through the next week. nk. >> coming up, new details onailo that deadly terror attack in indonesia. the clues authorities have nowie found. plus, mayor bowser taking new steps to keep d.c. safe. why it could mean extra cash in your 5:08 is the time right now. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> firms believe they have established the identities.dentt items claia black isis flag was found atas a the home of one of the of of attackers an national policel pc spokesperson says two of thetw five men were previouslyprev convicted and imprisoned ford terrorism offenses.ffse the fbi investigating thevee shooting of a philadelphia o police officer as a terrorist attack.attack. edward archer is accused of of shooting officer jesseer jse hartnett as he sat inside his police car. c arch are allegedly toldol investigators he committed theoe act in the name of islam by pledging his app hadis a allegiance to isis. i archer used a stolen policeolice handgun to commit the e despite his injuries officer o hartnett was able to chase thehe
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suspect down and return >> a maryland man accused ofcced attempting to provide material support to isis. i this is mohamed elshinawy'slshiy apartment in edgewood.n eew federal investigators say he he received at least $8,700 from70f what he thought was theas islamic state to carry out an attack in the u.s. prosecutors say he used social media and other methods to try to avoid detection. if convicted he faces moreces re than 30 years in prison. pso new health concern is i linked to the devastatingevastai water crisis in flints fli michigan. mi governor announcing that 10hat people have died from two outbreaks of legionnaires'ionnre disease in the flint area.e in while it's not known if the contaminated water is the cause investigators areinve checking to see if the two mayim be related.elated >> major change is coming tocomg one maryland school district.nds still ahead, why it could mean a some extra days off for students.
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>> plus, fleece chicago f releasing video of anotherno officer involved shooting of an unarmed teenagers. teege how the victim's family is reacting this morning. >> we have showers andhors thunderstorms, too, but too they're way down south butou this is the developing systemgys that will bring us showers us s later today and into the overnight. will this stick around for thek weekend? we'll talk aboutk abou that. th it's all coming up.ll com forecast is next. stay with us
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>> look at that.>> can you even stand it? bei bei fans rejoice.ce. the adorable panda cub makesub his official public debut tomorrow morning. morni five months after the doors to the panda exhibit shut for his r scene keepers say bei bei iss s active and boisterous and they're expecting big crowds crd to turn out to meet the cub.ub now members of the groupup friends of the national zoo, zoo fonz, got to see bei bei aei a little earlier includingnclu myself. >> you did a fox5 exclusive excu investigation on the story.ion . >> let me tell you. >> okay. >> i could have because beiav bei and i, he was me aking eyese at me. >> okay. >> that is adorable. >> too cute. t >> be a member of fonz. you make your money back. >> membership has its privileges.ivileges >> it does.>> i >> there's the fonz membership n and then there's whatever theter membership is that holly gets. >> regular fonz.egular fon >> fonz 2.0. >> that's right, that's right.ha that's like the super fonz.on >> fonz squared.quared >> fonz >> the fonz platinum has itsz an
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benefits, there's no doubt no about that. here's what's going on. o i don't know what i mean byea b that. hare's what's going on. w temperatures out there not tooot bad but they are getting ating little colder within the last hour or so. reagan national gown to 36, bwi marshall 35 degrees.grees. so, listen you know across the t nation we still done find any super cold stuff unless you go u fargo.fargo. hey, it's minus five there. thee winnipeg is minus s international falls is 3 degrees.gree but minneapolis that's not bad b for minneapolis, 22 but thehe cold air is lurking right l there. we'll get a little littl piece of the cold air comingg in. in. not today, not tomorrow but on b sunday and then it looks likeike a big chunk of arctic care is c going to come down and visit the northeast starting on ourst holiday monday. s martin luther king day andholiky then staying with us most of moo next week, okay, so it's not n going to be a real just fast visit of cold air.ld looks like it's going tokes goin settle in at least for most of s next week and then long rangeg i see that the week after nextfx
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it appears that we're going tooi be mild again with temperatures going back into goi the 40's and the 50's for the latter part of january. janr some clouds moving throughhrough this kind of hit or miss. of hit mis does look like we're movingovin these clouds to the north andor then we're getting somee're get clearing skiesti.ring ses now, that's why temperatures t are dropping off.e droppi we'll get good sunshine today to start the day.ay temperature at 8:00 a.m., oh,h, 40, 41 degrees or so.o. the suburbs will still be intil the 30's.0's. noontime more clouds, 49 degrees. and it will be cloudy by late lt in the afternoon.fternoon it looks like 4 o'clock we w should be dry. dry after 5:00. 50. after 5:00 we could have somee m showers starting to move on inon so let's just say it that way.ay hopefully here in the metro weee get most of the evening eve commute in dry. dry 53 today. 51 tomorrow.51 trow. those early showers tomorrow t don't worry looks like they're 39 degrees. so colder on sunday. sday. then comes the arctic air.c a 32 on -- monday looks boneooks e chilly cold because the windsbea will be 20 to 30 so you know kw what that means.ea 34 on tuesday.ue here's erin como with a lookn co
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at your friday morning traffic. >> friday morning traffic. >> yes.. >> i do too gary. 5:17. 5:17. we have crash activity breaking news here that you need to be aware of in fallhes seven westbound is closedund lod right near arlingtonon serious crash is blocking allh n lanes so you'll need to detour d around that area this morning.r aside from that as you maket ase your way out on 66 earlierar crash cleared.leared this was on the eastbound sidene of fairfax drive so good newso w there no problems to report r and in frederick, 270 on the southbound side cruising along a 70 to the truck scales.ruckle let's take a live look outside i top of the beltway outer loopelw no problems on new hampshire. n you can see light volume from new hampshiewre tt o colesvillee road. got you covered if and whenif w that changes but traffic is i cruising with great speeds right now. that's your look at traffic. back to you guys.o you guys. >> video released of the fatalot police shooting of 17-year-old7o cedric chapman.ce he was shot by a chicago chica police officer. o officers was chasing chapman chn
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who they believed was aey suspect in b a car theft. they fired after believingft chapman was reaching for a gun. he was reaching for a r smartphone box.ea chapman's family has filed a federal sieve lawsuit againstvel the city and two officers. twoic over to baltimore withit where commission groups wantsnrp the city to remove two monuments that celebrateelebra confederate leaders. the recommendation was that the statues of robert e. leeertl and thomas stonewall jackson jas be offered to the u.s. park service to replace rlace chancellorville virginia -- tont be placed in a place in chancellorville virginia. the two confederate generalsnf last met in person shortlyed beforepe battle in 1863. 1863. >> time now is 5:19 and we'rend' talking right now about somee big changes to the schooll calendar in one county butty b there's a bit avenue twist here. fox5's melanie alnwick is here with the very latest ont this attorney what happened aty this boardwh meeting last lasttt night. they could have more days >> this has been a
5:20 am
controversial subject in many mn school systems and in december r howard county was actuallynts talking about dropping twoppingo religious holidays, two jewish holidays from the school cal calendar.cale last night when the board was voting on that proposal theyat p not only put the jewishhe jewh holidays back in but they added other religious holidays, too.ho now it took some shoveling ofinf teacher workdays and other school breaks but now howard nod county students will have the holidays of eid duwa i and the lunar new year off. o thousand recognize or notecnizeo recognize religious holidays hos has been an issue in manyin m local school systems. syste howard county board member anemr delacey got right to the point. >> there is nothing to study.thn i go out of my door.oo i see people who celebrate duwali, people who celebrateelee the muslim holidays. holiday friends who called me and are jewish felt the very same way that i feel. fl.
5:21 am
you either celebrate all or none.none. >> now n-addition of the n-a hole -- the addition of the holidays is effective for just this 2016-2017 school board.rd the board voted to commissioncos a study whether to make the additions in some cases the new holidaysod will remain teacher workdays.or. interesting, though, this year y anne arrundel county schoolsoo will be opened on rosh orosh hashanah shanna. that's a big change for them. t montgomery county must best b public schools removed remov religious labels from theirlabe days off in addition to makingon eid a professional day.ay. this generates lots of discussion so please reachr outer to us let us know wasnow s think about religious holidaysoy if schools. back to you guys. >> in honor of the lateat dr. martin luther king jr.g j students from watkins watki elementary school in d.c. will l recite his "i have a dream"ve d" speech today from the steps off the lincoln memorial.emial. students have beenstents participating for the last 12th2 years in this. thi this is video from last year.laa the speech will be recited by
5:22 am
100 students and each students n will read one line on the site s where king delivered theeliv t speech during the 1963 march on washington.hingto >> also happening today, ahapp regional meeting to discuss to s gun violence will take place pla here in the district. dict. attorney generals from d.c.ener maryland and virginia will discuss how to bettero better collaborate acrossross jurisdictions to solveon problems involving illegal illeg guns and related crimes.mes. it lapse at 12:15 today at the1t office of the d.c. attorney general. good news if you live inif the district and have ad have security camera outside yoursi home.home today mayor bowser will signl s the private security camera system incentive program emergency act which offerst whis rebates to businesses andto property owners b and religiouss institutions who install ins security cameras.amas they must also be registered with d.c. police. p >> still ahead this morning,head new concerns overve e-cigarettes.rett why they may not actually help l you quit traditionalal cigarettes.cigarettes. >> plus fans taking to socialaka media month remember actormber a alan rickman. ran. we're going to talk about thee unique way they're raising their glasses to him when we come back. 
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so we know how to cover almost alanything.ything, even a stag pool party. (party music) (splashing/destruction) (splashing/destruction)
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(burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> live look outside rider now r as traffic is moving along at 5:25 in the morning. mor 36 degrees outside.ut it's amazing to me, you tellou t me if you guys agree with this, but when we are way up way in the temperaturepera unseasonably warm and then it comes down and we're like oh, it's so cold but then when ithe goes the other way when it's freezing and it comes up to like 36 we're like oh, it's i not that bad.
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>> you adapt. are blood thickens.e bl >> is that what happens. ipp >> bottom falls out.fallout. [laughter] >> either way i will tell youou i've heard this right h. >> you may be mental. be m >> i am mental. men >> i prefer this to like the cold-cold that we had a fewd th days ago. >> i did live up north for aup f couple years, way up north.p no. >> like, what, minnesota. >> no, way up -- >> nova scotia. >> in michigan.>> in it was 32 degrees. people running around inroun shorts. >> it's all relative. it' >> exactly, exactly.>> 36 degrees here in washingtonin now.w. annapolis is 38.s 3 forecast highs for today will ty be 53 degrees or so brieflyo bri and then we'll cool down cool here's erin with a look at your traffic.your well, i can keep talking about weather. they kept telling me rush the re weather, are you sure the weather. >> i didn't heary a >> they're not talking to you, they're talking to me.n'e lkin now it's time.s t hey, erin. he >> sorry about that. s we have some breakingor news. i was getting it sorted out.ingd we have a live look at this thi crash scene westbound seven isni
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shut down at arlington boulevard. let's take a live look out look there so you can see whatee w you're up against thisyo morning.u' it will give you a little bit of extra time to y get around an that scene. that you can see the flashingshing lights there. t smashed in front end of thatin f vehicle right there and youri can see traffic is getting byghy very, very slowly. slo looks like that crash hastra moved over to the shoulder for the most part.t. but again police activity at that location. one of the vehicles involved on the flatbed. the f seven westbound affected att arlington boulevard so we'll keep you posted on that tha accident location. aside from that let's switcht' things over.ings again this is in falls church. alexandria 395 on the inbound ib side cruising along withoutisaln any accidents or incidents toncn report. things in maryland lookingmaryla good. we'll have more traffic inhave just a few.ju back to you guys.o >> all right, erin, thank you very much. > ♪ >> ahead at 5:30 a fox55 exclusive. the family of the man accused ac of causing a multiple carultipl pileup in prince george's county coming to his did he h de first plus a slowdown in theloo south. in south carolina as thearol republicans go head to headead a once again.ce aga time now 5:27.:2
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we're back in a moment.
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>> the family of the man the accused of causing a multi carur pileup in maryland is speakingpk out this morning.or why they say it was all just ala terrible mistake and they'rend ' blaming it on a health scare. singer celine dion mourning the loss of her husband. a look back at the successful career. later women puttinglate motherhood on hold. how long many are waiting to wag have kids and where d.c. ranks.r
5:31 am
on that hit. tt the republicane presidential candidates facingng off in debates in south carolina getting an opportunity to sway voters before the february 1st iowa f caucuses.cauc heated exchanges between bet candidates donald trump and tmp ted cruz dominated much of the debate claw more than two hours long. trump has been raisingen rsing questions about ted cruz's canadian birth and his eligibility to be president. prt >> there's a big question markue on your head.r h and you can't do that to thet t party. >> well, listen, i've spent my t entire life defending theefendig constitution before the u.s. be. supreme court and i'll telle co you, i'm not going to beot gng t taking legal advice fromice donald trump.nald >> you don't have to. he >> cruz is also facing new scrutiny for failing tong t disclose a loan from gold planod sacks where his wife worked in d campaign reports related to his 2012 senate bid. sen b candidates sounding off ongff relations between the u.s. and . iran once again in the spotlight after iran brieflyr an held 10 u.s. sailors who drifted into iranian waters.ers. >> ♪ >> now to a fox5 exclusive.xclue an investigation continues
5:32 am
this morning after a deadlyy multiple car accident in one woman died in that crash c and this morning the man whoan police say caused the accident c is now in jail. fox5's annie yu joins us joins live from the scene of that t accident with the very lateste t in the story. annieni >> reporter: hey, good morning, wisdom. w that's right, the suspect remains in police custody.police he was released from the t hospital last night. lastig meanwhile it's a much different scene out here atut this busy intersection in largo. the accident happened aboutde 9 o'clock yesterday morning at thent intersection of lottsfordo road and route 202.oute 202 as you mentioned it is stilled s being investigated as far asstir how it all unfolded but it wasut a total of nine cars involveds l in this violent collision. colln it was just a mangled messgl when we got out here in theere n morning yesterday. 53-year-old angela jefferson of springdale was killed when kh her car was struck and the and rear bed of the gmc she wasmc se driving landed in the roadwayint and we actually saw the steering wheel with the air w bag deployed separated fromepard her vehicle and it was just sitting in the grass and some
5:33 am
of the other vehicles were completely crushed.tely so, you can imagine just theagee scene out here.scene t her you're looking at the video lnga now. no the crash set off a chain cin reaction involving seven other o vehicles and at least three lst other people were also takeno to the hospital. hosta now, police say the man whoho caused this accident is juan is sanchez.ncz. he's a laurel man who was driving on a suspended license l from a dwi incident back in i 2014.. and police also tell us thatll u there was a warrant for hisrants arrest. now, while witnesses out here at the scene say that sancheznes was driving recklessly, police e have not confirmed that yet with us.wi we also spoke with sanchez's family last night and theyly lah told us that he suffers from epilepsy and he had actually acl called his girlfriend to tellisg her that he was driving to thent pharmacy for his medicine. medin take a listen. >> i got a call from his girlfriend that he didn't feel well, okay, and he was goingwa g to get his medicine when this t happened. so, it's not something that hete planned or he was reckless driving, no, okay. oy.
5:34 am
and we don't know in fact ifact this is what happened because b we haven't even talked to him.i. don't judge until they know u what's going on for real. >> reporter: again, charges chag are pending against sanchez at h this time and police are also asking anyone who was out here, any witnesses to comey wie forward way statement.te back to you in the studio. s >> also in prince george'sce county dozens of familiesie remain out of their homes the after a massive apartment fire wednesday.wednesday. investigators have released these 911 calls that detail1 cat the frantic moments right before firefighters arrived. aiv >> house is on fire. fir >> what is the location of theif emergency. emer >> somebody -- i don't knowod what's that building right there? uh, it says 9205 its a fire. fire. somebody apartment building onrt fire. >> it's a fire in myy i carried myen mom and my glad g sever s everyone out.e o >> yes. >> stay out. >> okay, we're out.>> okae' >> okay, everyone get out of the apartment. apart >> the fire reportedly startedrt in the kitchen of a fourth f
5:35 am
floor apartment.partnt investigators say it was allator likely an accident.ccid and there's nothing suspicious i about the fire.t the re. even so, more than a hundreded residents remain displacedmaipl after the building was deemed de uninhabitable.uninha one resident fox5 spoke withke w says he hopes to know moree about when he can return homee soon. >> the situation still notti good but at least we been allowed to get inside to see toe if we can get any belongings bon but still we are not allowed a to go back in the building builn because it's still not safe n s until tomorrow we might know mhk something which is going ong who but they're trying to dry upo d and see if we can come backac but my own apartment is completely damaged by water by because i'm on second floorm sed and the fire was on fourth fou floor which is completelywhh isc destroyed. >> many residents who live here -- residents who live here were at work when the fire startede s and some returned home toho t realize that most of theirfheir belongings were damaged.e dam firefighters estimate the loss
5:36 am
at $200,000. >> ♪ we're going to talk weather now. what's going on now and most importantly since it's fridaytl we want a sneak peek into the it weekend. >> i can do that.>> >> you can do that. iat. >> hold on one second. i tell you what, it's little l after 5:30.r 5 we'll start with the bus stophes forecast. >> okay. >> we'll show that.>>e'll kiddos out there this morning,si dress warmly.mly. it's 28 to 38 this morning. it won't be bad, kind of mild this afternoon after we get -- - kiddos get out of school andl a they get dropped off by the bus. bu i haven't planned for this but t since wisdom asked about it we can pop up the weekend wee forecast. here's you were weekend forecast. tomorrow is 51. wisdom came over wanting ati little early forecast. forecast. he asked if there's going toe'si be any showers i said it looks dry.ks in terms of the rain tonightig it does look like that thelike rain will get out of here presunrise, okay and we'llrise,' warm up with some sunshine toe t about 51 degrees.ees. getting colder on sunday. temperature of 39 for a high. h it will be breezy, too.
5:37 am
so, temperatures will onlyes feel on sunday like it's inike s the 30's or the lower 30's,0' some places only feeling like fk it's in the up are 20's or so. real cold air comes in sunday s night which will drop the the temperatures down for our holiday on monday to real coldec levels. monday temperatures will onlytuo be in the 20's and the 30's20's' and it will feel like it's ine t the teens most of the day with w a pretty strong breeze out of the northwest.the northwe that's your forecast for thet weekend because wisdom asked a for it.fot. now we're going to talk to erin about traffic. traffic >> that looks like a prettys good forecast. i'll take it for the weekend.eed >> not bad. >> for january. >> yes. >> we're in business, gary.n bu >> one of those days in theose 50's. 50 come on, come on, >> hey i'm not complaining.ompli for our morning commute we're tracking this breaking newsbrngw out in falls church. chu seven on the westbound side atie arlington boulevard iston boulev currently shut down at leastn l one lane still blocked. block let's take a live look outsideoo and show you what you're upe up against. against. they're getting that vehiclegete towed out of the another one withwe app smashedpa in front end waiting to getnt ew towed as well. police are out there investigating.stig
5:38 am
doesn't a appear that any traffic is getting by on theis n westbound side so you'll needoul to detour. some folks cleaning up some debris. you can see them sweeping thehee road from that crash from them o front end that of vehicle.d thae we'll go to our maps and let and you know when that one clears out of the way. this is out in fairfaxai southbound lanes blocked at old king mill road. caution there. we'll take a look at some of our interstates next. back to you guys. g >> remember this image we ima showed you earlier this week ask car frozen in place in upstate s new york. w happy update.pdat the tow company has finallyly gotten the car free from thereee ice. once the car was free, left a memorable shell of ice behind. n the car was placed on ad flatbed truck and driven top and warm are spot where the spot hee vehicle will finally thaw out.hw >> look at all that ice. tt >> there is crazy.>> t >> i'm surprised that ice'm s didn't break the window. win >> do >> or cave in the roof. or cavei >> it's amazing.>> i >> there is >> yes. >> all right. still ahead, jetblue recovering from a major glitchag that impacted dozens ofsf >> plus, when it comes to comes motherhood women are putting pui it on hold. hol the average age most women areee
5:39 am
now having their first child.ld >> ♪ >>
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uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> in health news, electronic nw cigarettes are promoted as a a way to help smokers kick the habit. a new study says they hurt h your chances than helping.n hel
5:42 am
the odds of quitting smokingin o were 28 percent lower inower i smokers who used e-cigarettesige compared to those who did not.on an advisor to the american the i lung association says theiation findings show simply switching from one nicotine deliverye system to another doesn't leadea to quitting. quiin more women in the united thu states are opting to starttota their families later in life.tef new study from the cdc finds cdc the average age of new moms is i at an all time high, 26 years old. this is largely due to a drop d in teen pregnancies.gnes the study found that the rate th of women having children before the age of 20 droppedropd 42 percent. and get this.s. d.c. has one of the highestst average age for new moms at 34 years old. old. now to a list the district r should not be proud of; kin the pest control company ranked the nation's capitol number three in the countryou for the top cities that have bed bugs. >> "eeeewwww." >> that's up 11 spots fromfr last year's list.t. chicago, l.a., new york and columbus ohio round out thed oue
5:43 am
top five.p fi now the reason d.c. is so high, kin blames the numbersbl ofam tourists that come in and out of town.ow >> "eeeewwww." it's the 1 billion-dollaron-dola mystery this who, who won powerball.ll >> and as we wait to find thetod answer to that question, we do know there were some small are a winners right here in the in the district. details straight ahead butstra e first gary mcgrady. mcg >> doesn't sit sit w some places it doesn't feel f like january. jan here we are 36 here in town.e it that's well above normal formalf where we should be for a sho morning low.rning . down in fredericksburg you y guys have cooled down now. you're in the upper 20's. culpeper in the middle 20's so 2 that's dropping as well.el we're going to warm up today.upd upper 40's, low 50's. 5s. we'll have your weekends forecast and all that stuff coming up in just a bit. stay with us.
5:44 am
5:45 am
♪ ♪
5:46 am
>> ♪ >> hey, hey friday morning. that's the most importanty m part. we see more cars nos ow goingow g across the woodrow wilson butil still everything is movingthis good. erin is standing by. b she's going have traffic ine tri just a second see if there's tr any problems on your friday fda morning storm system coming up thep east coast for later today. it will bring showers in but but probably after 5 o'clock. olo here in the metro area southern sections south sth western sections maybe a fewbe a showers maybe a little earliertt than that. and then all of this kind ofki comes on this is going to become a fairly potent storm system bute as it passes by us overnight tonight, it will drag all thell rain with it.ra there will be a little bit of b snow on the backside in thein t colder air. a
5:47 am
tomorrow we should have allouldh the rain out of here by --y -- before sunrise. so, it looks dry all dayll tomorrow with some sunshine,shi, too. winds will kick up late in the day and that's going to startart bringing in some colder airder for sunday. the real cold air comes in late sunday just in time forn te our holiday on monday.on dulles now down to 32 degrees. bwi marshall we're a little cooler here inr n town, too. to reagan national sitting at 36. here's all the rain to theh south.ut some big thunderstorms comingorg into the florida panhandle. pha there's a chance for severeev weather down around miami late i this afternoon and early thisony evening.ev it will take awhile to get get this up here but eventually evet this afternoon it will geteron i here and coming in thisn evening and during thend d overnight.ov clouds are raking up. a lot of sunshine to start.e tot temperatures start off in the s up are 30's, low 40's by aboutut 8 o'clock this morningcl obviously cool. still cool at lunchtime lunch temperature right around 49 degrees.49 d. we will see the increasingncreas clouds so that by 4, 5 o'clock'c we'll be completely cloudy anduy then the showers will startill t moving in for everybody thisdy t
5:48 am
evening and overnight.vernight still 50's tomorrow. torro two more days in the 50's. how nice that will that be? th upper 30's on sunday.un martin luther king day ofuthe course the holiday is very cold. cold. temperatures will only be in wib the upper 20's, low 30's and the winds will be blog so it's i going to feel like it's in thete teens most of the day. cold next week. really feels like january nextt week. we here's erin time for traffic.ic >> we have been tracking this ti big crash scene in fallsne church. chur seven at arlington boulevardva lanes blocked.ed let's go ahead and take a liveev look at that scene and show ands you how things are progressingsg along.on one of the vehicles involved already towed out of the way. this other silver car with the smashed in front end got g debris swept off the road.oa looks like they're letting onete lane of traffic by right nowc bn but watch for slowdowns inlowdon that area again they need toa ag get that vehicle towed from the scene. we'll keep you updated whenpdatn that is cleared out of thes location. latt that we'll switch it back for acht ba look at our maps and show youhow what else you're up against're a
5:49 am
this morning.this morning. rolling road a crashra southbound lanes blocked at old king mill road. caution in fairfax and then inad prince george's right now.eorgsi 50 on that inbound side minor m volume starting to build fromldo columbia park road to roa kenilworth avenue.nilw a quick look outside at some ate of our interstates right nowes n and you can see traffic on 95 o north moving well dale city too 123. 12 same story on the beltway and a 270 south. we'll let you know when thatt yo changes.change back to you guys.o yoguys >> well, if you're thinking if about taking a road trip nowrip actually might be a good the national average for a gallon of regular gas dropped to $1.93 yesterday. this according to aaa. toaa the average price for gas inn d.c. is $2.12 and in maryland it's $1.94. in virginia the average priceri $1.75. $1.75. >> system wide network outage og left jetblue passengers holding the bag literally.iterly this happened as they werenes tw unable to check in on andn a board their flights. f the technical issues yesterday d grounded flights and passengers who endured longed ln delays and cancellations. jetblue apologized.poloze
5:50 am
the company blamed the issuesy on a verizonbl data center power outage. by 8:00 p.m. last night jetblue announced that alled tht systems had been latest now on that record rc powerball jackpot. jkp we now know where all three of the tickets for the historicisri jackpot were sold. sol a convenience store in chino hills california, a supermarket in melbourne beach florida and a family owned grocery store in munford,rd tennessee. none of the winners have comewir forward yet, >> the owner of the 7-eleven in chino hills california where one of those winningning jackpot tickets was sold isas s also richer this morning. mning he scored a million dollar bonus for selling the winning ticket. he plans to share the winningsng with charity his friends andds family. family no one in the dmv won theont big jackpot but three millioniln dollar tickets were sold in maryland, 24 $50,000 tickets tic in washington, one ticket won $100,000 prize due to the to power play option and two
5:51 am
$1 million tickets were solderes in salem and virginia beach. 24.. >> amazing. >> not bad. >> and i got not one number. onn i k know. >> many people bring theirleri laptop to starbucks while theyle drink their coffee and there ane are some unwritten etiquetteentu rules while you're there likeik not blasting music through the h speakers. >> how about making starbuckssts your own personal office. oice. take a look at this.k s. this man was seen in hollywood y with his entire computercomper setup.sep. he has a huge monitor keyboardeo equipment sitting in boxes and bubble wrap everywhere.p everywr >> you got to be kidding. to beg >> what? >> this is when likeike overboard. now i see why some companiespa say look you can drink yourri y coffee but please don't stay doa all day. >> i'm hoping that he kept patronizing.trin >> yeah, like buying >> don't we have a localha a l business that stopped people from staying too long? iyi think we reported on this --or what is it called? did you d know. >> bred first.>> b >> bred first, right.ig >> drink and then move on.hen m >> you know what's interestingeg about that is that that is so i
5:52 am
massive and so large.soarge i'm stunned that starbucks letrl that go on. on. >> i'm stun they had someonead s would travel with he will to make several trips to bring it >> i'm going to throw a red red flag on that one. i'm going to challenge that as a publicity stunt.tunt. >> well, they're reviewing itwii as we speak. speak >> mark zuckerberg's neighbors are ready to unfriend himen him because they say his securityit team parks illegally in theks i neighborhood. letter obtained by buzz feed bzd claims his security teamsurity a parked in front ofrkedfr zuckerberg's house or drive's hr way but they do not.eyo n neighbors want people tont peo o report illegal parking to the police. police. the neighbors allegedly have complained to zuckerberg'sed t security manager but noting nin nothing has changed. #they're jealous. pop icon celine dion is dio mourning the loss of her her husband and former manageran renee he lost his 16 year battle bt with cancer yesterday.esterday last year celine put her put h career on hold to help careo her for him. the couple has three sons, a a 14-year-old and five-year-oldivr
5:53 am
twins. >> meanwhile david bowie'sle family has announce addnce a private funeral service will be held for the star and anr e r upcoming tribute concert forrt f the late singer claw plannedaw a for his death will now be a two-night event. eve first concert will take place on march 31st at carnegiet carne hall. the second will happen at wil radio city music h the lineup includes the roots, jason dillon and harry potter fans are paying tribute to actor alanorla rickman in their on special spei way.way. many took to twitter to raise their wands to the actor who t passed away after a battle btl with rickman played the role ofe severus snape in the harry th h potter films. the raising of the wands is aani reference to a scene in the movie when hogwart students raised their wands to the sky to honor the fallen dumbledore. >> we are shore that you have yh seen the promotion with allti wt the hot young stars. sta fox is going all out to make grease live a major televisioneo event and now here's yoursou chance to travel to l.a. too share in the excitement sunday
5:54 am
january 31st when grease live ge goes on air. >> the trip includes airfareclud for two, two nights hot tail, enter for a chance to win gochae to the contest page on betweencontt now and 11:59 p.m. one winnere r will be selected by randoman drawing on january 19th of 1h o this year. the prize has an approximateroxa retail value of $2,500 and is provided by fox broadcastingadin company.any. good luck to all of you fans. fn >> just an idea we should hear some grease songs. >> gary was doing the whole w hair comb back thing. comb ck t >> time to say good morning tooo our fox5 facebook fan of thehe day. it is tiffany gibson. gso >> hey, tiffany. tiffany >> she says she watches fox5s sh every morning to get her dayeray started and that the entire ther staff is a pleasure to watch. w thank you you tiffany.iffa >> indeed thanks tiffany. for a chance to be tomorrow'sor fan of the day head to our fox5 facebook page post aeost selfie and comment undermentnd tiffany's beautiful photo.tifu i like the pose, hands on the o hip, that is a classic for alass every woman. w you look amazing tiffany.ny >> ♪ >> and actually she's probably o
5:55 am
dressed appropriately forpriatey today.y. oo's not too cold out there. t >> no. >> relatively mild. >> since we came inince wcame temperatures have beenures have dropping off. >> have they really?e they >> yes. >> so, it has been gettings be colder out there since the out t skies have been clearing,n c okay. okay. >> that's because we come ine we before sunrise and it's always a great just before sunrise. sri >> we pretty much come in inetu the middle of the night.he n >> i'm going to let that sink in. just when you said it it'sidt it like -- we come in in thee in middle of the night. of >> are you just now realizing ri that maureen. maure >> it felt like a new epiphany.ny >> it beats the >> which is. >> not going to work at all.wo >> since you put it that way.tay >> you got to have perspective.perspe >> i love these hours.thes >> we do not have to deal withet traffic. >> there you go. >> lots of blinking lights.ight >> we get off early.get ofear >> i see a full glass. >> yes, there's the bus stopp forecast. >> i've been healed. >> all right. [laughter] >> let's do it. >> increasing clouds today. we'll have late day andhave evening showers.ho temperatures again today getes a up into the low 50's. 50' colder temperatures settle in.
5:56 am
not tomorrow but sunday and next week looks --- >> cold. >> that was just my voice cracking.acking. i don't know what happenedkn there. >> man. >> temperatures getting your voice, too. going through puberty. or second tiond time. that's what makmee.s it so craza >> that's got to be crazy fort z a seconds time. >> hopefully not crazy on thelyo roads >> we're dealing with somere dea stuff out there. i had my had first cup of coffee sincefee si sunday and i'm bouncing offerofr the walls right now.lls righ right now crash activity sevencv at arlington boulevard.gton boue let's take a live look.iveoo falls church traffic ish tr getting by but there is stillhes a scene seconds vehicle in theec process of getting hoisted onto that flatbed to geted to gt out of the way.t he w they had been letting traffic tc by. right now on the westbound side looks like everything ise t stopped. until that tow truck gets outow of the way. the good news is things appear to be getting back to normalo na soon. we'll keep you updated on o seven out there in falls church. let's switch it over.s again traffic moving so that'ss g it's just light volume so we weren't seeing it for at eing moment. rolling road a crashroad ara southbound lanes at old king k
5:57 am
mill road. we are also seeing problems on 66. we are seeing a crash on the the westbound side on the shoulder l after the beltway. btw light volume.t you can see those flashingvoosan lights. this is heading away from they m district so give yourself extra time there.timehe 66 eastbound also that inboundtb volume building as usual.s usua. that's your look at traffic.r lr back to you guys. >> ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
blan >> ♪>> >> this is fox5 news morning. . >> straight ahead at 6:00,d at:0 still trying to piece togetheroe
6:00 am
what led to a deadly crash in i prince george's county.nt police blame a driver who did a not have a license.icen why the suspect's family saysams he was behind the wheel. wheel >> also a debate that may have e narrowed down the large fieldie of republicans in the race for r the white house. >> when how about a live look outside.tsid it's friday morning,, january 15th. weather and traffic on the 5's at 6:05.:0 good friday to you, i'm youm allison seymour.allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. s c welcome to fox5 news morning. m. this morning we continue to wntn follow a fox5 exclusive as a police are still investigatingti this deadly multicar accidentccn in largo. >> it happened yesterday. one woman died in that crashsh and this morning the man who w police say caused the accidenthi is now in jail.ail. >> annie yu this morning joins us live from the scene of the accident once again this onc morning with the latest. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodorte morning, allison and steve. ste at this time police are still investigating as to how this all unfolded. they got a


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