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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 6.. tonight at 6, iran has released four prisoners. one is jason row sign and of the washington post.gton a fifth american was also freed in an unrelated swap.swap we'll have the latest. a prince george's fire deputy is facing backlash tonight. he spoke out about dispatch delays claiming area ambulances weren't being sent to the righth location.. we'll have the latest on that one. and pandemonium at the national zoo. fox5 5 was there for bay bay's big debut. the news a at 6 starts rightight now. good evening, thanks for joining us i'm matt ackland. lauren has the evening off. our top story tonight at 6, five americans being held in iran are
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being freed tonight.bein four of them in a prisoner swap. the prisoners include anrs american pastor, a us marine and a washington post reporter. in exchange seven iranianrani prisoners that are held here inn the united states will be freed. fox's doug myocele way with more. washington post buyer owe chief jason row sign and is one of the prisoners being released today. pastor sigh read a and deed ' and a student. they're flying from take ron ton switzerland and then to germ in i for medical treatment. the family is excited about this, the children especially with not having a father or over three years. it's a bit, as you can imagine, it's shocking to believe that this day has finally come ando that he's made it through. > in return for the release of the prisoners, the united states is granting chem situate for c seven iranian to the united
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states. washington has also agreed toto drop red notices fugitives. contenders for the white house are already reacting to the news. there may be some ugly parts ofs this deal that we don't knowwe about yet. so we should withhold judgment, but right now i give thanks than the americans are coming back and this should have happened a long, long time ago. the prisoner swap happens as the international al aphemic energy issues a report on the nuclear program. once economic sanctions againsta iran are lifted they will buy 114 air bus jetliners, those urine passenger planes will be used to upgrade american's fleet. > back here at home two woodbridge men are facing terrorism charges. one man planned to travel to syria to join the islamic state. he was arrested in richmond. authorities say the other man
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was trying to help. fox5's alexandra limon spoke exclusively to one of the suspect's neighbors tonight. she joins us live in woodbridge with more. that's right. one of the two suspects arrested on those terrorism charges life right here in this townhome development in woodbridge. tonight i did talk to some off his neighbors who say they werey here yesterday when the fbi showed up to search the house. before we get to their reaction, let me tell you what we know so far about the two men and the charges that they face. 28 year old joseph farrucas a us citizen. he lives in woodbridge, but is originally from pennsylvania. he is charged with attempting to provide material support andpo resources to a designated terrorist organization. in this case that would be isiss authorities say he planned toto fly from richmond to chicago to jordan and ultimately go to syria to join the islamic state. he was arrested at the airport in richmond yesterday before he boarded his first flight. the other suspect, 25 year old
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mack mood ma whom add is fromis sue dan, but he is a legal resident. he was arrested here in woodbridge after he allegedly drove far rook to the airport.ip charging documents say he spoke to the fbi willingly.illi i did talk to the neighbors who were here when they searched the home. they snapped these photos thatpt you're looking. they say they've known the family for several years and they never suspected anything ay suspicious was going on,on especially not anything linked n toot terrorism.erro when we came home last night, there was -- when i was comingas home there was a mobile unit crime lab left and there was probably about 15fed officersed still at the house.o > of course it's concerning.s you got family and everybodynd around here is very close.lose it's concerning. > now, according to the charging documents, the two us s
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pecks had been making plans since at least november and thed got in contact with people they thought were affiliated to isis, but instead it turns out theythy were fbi informants and that's how these arrests came about. both suspects are scheduled to appear in court tuesday and could face up to 20 years inn prison if they are convicted onn these terrorism charges. reporting live in woodbridge, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > we'll look for more from you coming up at 10. to west africa where islamic militants attacked and ceased an upscale hotel last night killing more than 23 people. the hotel is a popular meetingmt place for western diplomats. more than 100 hostages were taken in the house-long siege. four attackers were killed byled security forces.orce an al qaeda affiliate is claiming responsibility tonight for the now to a fox5 followup.foll we're learning today that a deputy fire chief in prince
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george's county has been demoted after speaking to fox5 about a problem he thinks needs attention. michael whose was serving ass deputy fire chief at the branchville station. erased concerns about a gps system designated to improve response times, but he said it is not working. hughes received a letter from the deputy fire chief, dennis wood, the letter dated yesterdae says in part, earlier today the leadership of the branchvillera volunteer fire company and rescue squad sought out localocl media outlets into an attempt to bring discredit to the fire and ems department regarding the transition to automated vehiclei location technology for incident dispatching. these actions demonstrate a significant lapse of judgment and organization l al leadership.ip. hughes say he's ' been demoted from captain to dep think fire chief. > let's take a live look
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outside. a beautiful evening there at the washington monument. we had quite a bit of rain last night, over cast today, but now, boy, itç is turning cold. let's check in with gwen.wen. hi, there. cold is the word. bundle up.bu get the woolies out, it's that kind of weather. you know i never talk about the woolies unless it's that kind of weather. one of the other things that'stt going on is we're going to see some increasing clouds tonight. partially cloudy and by tonight it ising whying to be very muche on the cooler side. but here is a look at the pattern right not much going on.t we have a frontal system that's moving through, but we have an artic ridge of high pressuree that'sof going to make itselfake right at home. here's a look at your highs today, 52 at dulles and 55 at bwi thurgood marshal.
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those temperatures above thebov seasonal average. we should really only be in the whose a little bit of a treatle for us on the b mild side.ide. enjoy it while it's here. it's coming to an abrupt end. right now it's 46-degrees in the nation's capital.apit 44 at baltimore, 41 at dulles, the same at gaithersburg, but a very cold 39-degrees to martinsburg to the west andand 37-degrees for cumberland.umb so, the cold air is going to be moving in. take a look at the mid atlantic. you can see as the temperatures are really starting to plunge and that cold air is going to move with some pretty brisk westerly winds as well. right now the winds aren't toooo bad, but they will start to geto a little gusty once we get into tomorrow. so just be prepared for that. our overnight low, say it ain't so, 33. it is going to be a cold one outside. and we are talking about a bigbi temp dip.ip. make sure you bundle up. > get those woolies out.
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> that's right. > so today is a big day for you. were you -- were you at the national zoo today for little bay bay. >> i knew that if i went i wouli probably go in the overnight hours, sit there in the rain and get when the and cold and maybe not even get to see him.. > would it have been worth it. >> it would have been so worthoh it. i am so panda addicted. the public was invited to theini zoo to see the cub in person for the first time. fox's meaghan dice brings us there. court reporter court reporter good morning c everyone and welcome. in his short life he has met first lady. people have flown across the country for him. i'm here for bay bay. >> they keep getting cuter and cuter. many waking up very early forary him this morning.morn we got up very early to make it here. it all didn't seem to phase
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beibei. he has been kept out of the public eye except for this panda control on the website. > i check in a few times on th day. if i'm having a stressful timets at work, i'll put on the national zoo panda t cam app and i'll look at him for a few moments. this is a big story as there are a lot of people ine line to see this little l in fact, when his sister debuted two years ago, 4500 people came through. bay bay was much a more independent. sea liked to stay out of the public's eye. bay bay if you have them headead
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over to our facebook and our twitter pages and sent it to us. a lot of people are taking to twitter to show their excitement. we have some really cute pictures.pi there's another one, some days you can't cope with all of that attention. it's tough. > so this happened, went to see beibei, the baby panda, five months old. the line was a mile long. > i believe it.t. it was a nice update. at least they had the weather. keep them coming. we'll try to show you some more pictures tonight at 10. gwen, i think you have some as well, don't you. >> i do and i can't wait because i'm addicted to the pandas. > you'll put them on your twitter page so folks can checkn them out there. >> i will.>> > see you in i a bit.
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still ahead, rescuers at hawaii continue to search rough waters. this comes after two marinemari helicopters collide after a training mission.miss ted cruz is get ago lot of backlash over his comments over new yorkers. find out what he has to say for himself tonight. back in a moment. day with us.
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tonight the search continues for survivors off the coast of hawaii where two marineine helicopters collided. it happened during a nighttime training the marines in the crash had water survival training for a case just like this just in case this happened. fox's diana hew reports. h >>reporter: would you know what to do if the aircraft you were crashed in the water? the us manufacture liens prepared their men for just that.hat. it is called the bunker.unk
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all anti-inflammatoriors go under initial survival training that focuses obviously on the on water and then there are refreshers to keep your skillskl up to snuff. it sings in seconds and flips on its side.ide up is down, down is up. they mimic the inside of a helicopter and it mimics a crash sort of event and they are th trained to exit the aircraft safely. it gets marine used to breathing compressed air out of a miniature tank, comfortable he in you have to find their whichr out of a sinking aircraft. eventually they do it wearing blacked out goggles. there are many factors that go into that search protocol. the age of the people in thehe water. so we have a number of young, fit marine. so that goes into the calculous. friday, the coast guard leads the rescue years. res the coast guard is calculating the rates where we might findind them and then we provide the
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guidance to helicopter, police, fire, coast guard about where to conduct the search. the on scene weather which unfortunately is building up on the north shore right now. so the waive heights, the watere temperature plays into this. we actually have tables thattabl tell us how long to search. we covered the marine case hawaii in 2010.01 we're trying to get give thesee guys a comfort level for theth wear. knowing how to use their th equipment and having a procedure, that step-by-step-by- process that will get them outot of the aircraft. all right month the raise forh the whiteth house. we are just about two weeks away from the iowa caucuses and on the republican side, well donale trump and ted cruz are still running neck and neck. earlier trump was campaigning at new hampshire and took aim at cruz for not disclosing a loan he received and for comments about new yorkers. yo ted cruz criticizes new york and
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the people of new york is a disgrace. i think it's a total disgrace.. when you think he talks aboutalk he's going to be rob hood he's protecting and then you find out on his personal disclosure form he didn't disclose that he's borrowing a the lot of money. mn on the democratic side new polls hillary clinton lead's in iowa over bernie sanders has shrunk to two points. they will hold their fourthour presidential debate tomorrowomor night in south carolina. men while ted cruz is apologizing for comments he mad about new york values in a recent debate.ate. tonight he is responding to critics, donald trump as youon justal saw.. fox's matt king has more. >>reporter: i apologize to the millions of new yorkers who hava been let down byç liberal politicians. he used the word i i poll apologize, but he didn't poll apologize for anything he saidat
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about the new yorkers.. cruz' apology is basically weighting people down on an insult. david bird sell believes cruz's intentionally doubled down. do politically it was a great move. outside of new york, west of the hudson, people hate new york.or. i for train new york as a liberal den of sin. all residents at the largest city in the station met cruise'i remarks with hostility. the senator from texas did nothing to hurt his chances of f becoming texas.ming i think they were short sided. d they were strong, intended, unique. hard work. everyone is different.iff they have their own style.ty when the world trade center come
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down, i saw something that no place on earth would have handled more beautifully, more you manually than new york. he knows he's not getting many e votes out of new york in any case. > still more to come tonight. paying try bought to doctor martin luther king, jr. local children sit down to hear written words by doctor king's sister. that story is coming up.up. also it's becoming called thelld swiss army knife of helmets. this is an interesting one. find out how it could save your life. life.
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i have a dream. my poor little children will one day live in a nation will they t love you just by the color ofr o their skin, but by the content of their character.acte i have a dream. this is a l holiday weekend and we are honoring the life of martin luther king, jr. j terry toll vera member of the fox5 family sat down with a group of children to read them t book that was written by doctor king's sister. fox5's photo journalist microfiche offwas >>reporter: he wasof iconic anc
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he was such a big person in his legacy. it's such a big thing. we have to understand that there was a little boy. all of the children that are here one day (applause). there are so many wonderfulonde events.
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and the one that they do on then steps where he made the famous speech. we showed that last night. it's a great way. i'm glad that children are getting involved in celebrating. i think a lot of people will bee heading to the tidal basin to see the memorial there. they'll have to bundle up. bun >> it's going to be so cold by y the time we get to monday so make sure you dress warm. layers is what i always advise because at that least you can stay warm inside out. in there are going to be par razorb as well. so make sure you are prepared. as far as right now arew a concerned. the skies aren't too bad but but they're seeing some increasing clouds. i'm starting out with my panda pics. i posted them yesterday on my twitter pages. we have a picture of big momma panda watching me. i got my panda scarf and socks c that i got from sue palka and
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mike toll better. bet let's talk about what's happening here because bei bei i has a nice furnish coat to staya warm, but it is going to be cole out there. winds are now gusting from 17 t1 25 miles per hou7r and we havee wind chills as a result of thath right now your temperatures are above seasonal in most places. we have 46 at d.c., 44 at baltimore, 48 at qunatico, qun 41-degrees at dulles this hour. look to the west, this is where we have the 30s and they have some snow showers over theer highers elevations that started yesterday and will continue intt the weekend. the overnight lows can the rain is this should not be on there. my apologies for that. the temperatures are going to be in the 30s and 40s. 40 it's going to be a pretty cold night. this is what's happening. we have artic air that's going to move in and it's going to go become my unwanted house guest. look at the jetstream, it's
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dimming, but as we progress fror the end of the weekend to the beginning of the week all of that cold air set also in acrosa the mid atlantic and we're goino to have daytime highs that are equivalent of what our overnighv lows will be. the winds will be brisk moving i in from the northwest and we're' going to have some wind chills i as a result of that. tha by 9:00 only 30-degrees, folks., and by the 11:00 hour we're going to be down to 28-degrees over cloudy skies. over areas of higher elevations their temperatures are onlymp going to beer in the low 20 #-s and also in the teens as far asa the winds are concern. here's a wrapup for your holiday weekend. for tonight an overnight low of only 33. sunday there's a chance we could see a snow shower, but quickly moving through, nothing that is going to stick around. a i just want to put it out thereh and then on monday, sunny, but bitter cold with a high of only 30-degrees. so make sure you dress warm, bundle up because as i said, a lot of outdoor activities goings
6:27 pm
on there. you know you do have to really make sure that you're save,ou' especially if you're taking the kids out there.ds even for the kids, mittance aren't going to hurt by the time they're outside waiting around on monday for par razor becauseb they keep your hands warmer thah gloves. january could be colder than december. >> it could.t co > they're calling it a swiss army knife for your bike helmet. this is a great idea. using smartphone technology a new helmet kit can actually act sense accidents andcide automatically call for help.. unforth fatally you have some family members who just want you to be sick. 100 percent. if you fall on the trail you could be knocked unconscious and
6:28 pm
not be able to move. there's much we can do with thee technologiment one of the reasons ryan sherman invented the mohawk, a state of the art helmet kit that can detect accidents in realtime. so you've got internal components here that sense impact and will immediately im notify loved ones and ems if there's been a crash. >> that's correct. >> there's an on board access motion sensor that can detect that collision. it knocks down the last two minutes of telemetry so you havç a full record leading up to thee accident. a walkie talkie system allows users to communicate with up to 12 friends at the same time making money al rides more money al.on it alsoey has advanced gps tracking that maps all activitya of current and past trails and trips. the first device that's consolidating features from fe action cameras and communication
6:29 pm
devices, navigation, activity tracking put in one.n but it's the new advancedd minutes on helmet recording that leaves before it jumping for f joy.or the camera always records the last 15 seconds of time so you never miss anything that's really great. absolutely. i can't tell you how many times i wish i could have gone back ba and recorded what i missed but t that won't happen anymore. and more importantly he he'll be safer. at grandville park in new york, dougly concerned did i. > the gun debate rages on where people say one gun store is simply too close to a school. he certainly continued to make sure that schools, all of the of doors are constantly locked. that anybody coming in to the school has to come tot office and they know to be screened. > what are they proposing.
6:30 pm
we're going to have more on that story coming up in just a moment. remember this one, since the miracle on the hudson. hu you'll remember a us airways flight hit a flock of birds right after takeoff, the damage shutdown both engines that th happened in new york. cap contain chelsea suiten ^ber landed it safely on the bird. all 155 people on board survived
6:31 pm
chessly suit berger. sol berger.
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among those freed in exchangefr the united states isee freeing seven iran and it imprisoned ini the us. a fifth american, a student from massachusetts was also set frees but his release was not part of the prisoner swap. two men from woodbridge,odbr virginia are in custody and face terrorism charges tonight. the department of justice sayss one man tried to travel to syria to join the islamic state while
6:33 pm
another man is accused of helping both men were arrested yesterday. fbi agents searched their homes looking for more evidence. a big debut at the national zooa take a look, the public was invited to see bei bei the panda cub. the national zoo was packed as you might imagine. some people say they wanted toto stand in a mile long line just to get a peak at the panda. they said it seemed like a milee long, i'm sure it wasn't. but everyone says it was definitely busy the national zoo's giant pandana habitat is home to four aiant pandas, but right now the big star for sure is bei bei. > meanwhile secretary of statee john kerry is in vienna tonightv for talks on the iran nuclear. the united nations told us that the atomic energy agency is is expected to send us a report saying that iran completed its
6:34 pm
deal. they said the sanctions will be lifted on saturday. meeting with officials from the eu and ieau to finalize the certification. once that happens iran will be able to recoup 1 billion-dollarb of its assets that have been frozen many of the sanctions on trade will be lifting allowing it to once again sell its massive oil and gas reserves on the global market. on friday, white house spokesmas josh earnsette praised iran for how quickly it fulfilled its part of the deal. to dismantle significantnifi portions of their nuclear there are important steps thata they have committed to take and they will not be receiving any sort of sanctions release until the iaea has been able to independently verify that thoset steps have been completed.
6:35 pm
once secretary of state johnta kerrryy arrives in austria he's expected to meet with iran's foreign minister to complete the deal. it's important to note that once those sanctions are lifted theyd are pushing the white house to impose new separate sanctions on iran for two firing two ballistic miss ills late lastt year, both in violation of un security resolutions. > we have an up sedate to thato story since it was filed, two hours ago secretary of statese john kerrycr said iran was inir compliance with the nuclear dea and lifted the sanctions. fox5 in prince george's now where police say a studentce brought a loaded gun to school. it happened friday at a middle school in hyattsville. a student was taken into the custody. he is facing disciplinary action. fox5 in northern virginia now where in was a rally today to keep gun stores away fromom schools am it happened in front
6:36 pm
of nova firearms in mclean, which is located about 100 feetu from franklin sherman elementary school. some parents, elected officialsa and other concerned citizens have proposed a law that wouldul keep gun stores 1,000 feet away. the way the laws are in virginia, local government hasor no right to set up any zoning situation, requirement for trade secrets or things like that or proximity to a school. on the other side of a debate pro gun people say this is an attack on their second amendment rights. new tonight, just one week after mexican drug lord elship owep guzman was captured we're're getting our first look at his hideout. this is where drug kingpin hidn for six months. this is new video. it shows his hideout in a mountain news region in his home
6:37 pm
state. el chapo is back behind bars in the same prison where he made his caring escape.ape. authorities say they have beefed up security in that prison. meet the tennessee couple who came forward on friday to claimm the big power ball jackpot. we're going to take the lump sum because we're not guaranteed tomorrow. ain't that the truth. in return, find out what theyt plan to do with all of that money. stay with us. s.
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> what would you do if you wonn the power ball? how many times have you asked yourself that inh every time the power ball is up
6:40 pm
for grabs. > would you quit your job, buyj a mansion? >> the family that did win a win piece of the lottery pie isn'tpi doing any of those things. >>reporter: talk about a lucky dog, this poor is now part of af tennessee family that won the lottery. john robbins says he purchased a the winning ticket at a grocery store on his way home from work. speaking of work, he's in it and his wife works in a dermatologist office. both of them say they're keeping their jobs. >> why not? that's what we've done all our lives is work. you just can't sit down and lay down and not do t nothingothi anymore. i mean how long you going to last? the robinson's have two children, a son who is an an electrician and a daughter who a just graduated from college. co when we bought our tickets, our first priority was to pay her py student loans off. we just wanted a little piece oi the pie. i'm real grateful that we got the big piece of the pie.
6:41 pm
the main thing is we always sayy i want a small piece of the ball. i always hope for five because c know you get a million for five. their daughter says she really wants her father to buy her a horse. tiffany says he's been asking one for a long time and he always says when i win the lottery. instead of the yearly payments, the robinsons are taking the big check. we're going to take the lump sum because we're not guaranteed gua tomorrow. there are three winning tickets for the $1.3 billion jackpot. ja the other two winners jet to come forward.orwa those tickets were sold in a 7/eleven in california. and a supermarket in medical med born beach. good news, if you've got got somewhere to go, the airlines, they are doing a better job of f getting you there on time. new rankings released yesterday
6:42 pm
by the department of transportation show that hawaiian airlines and dealt a a are the best for on time tim arrivals. making the naughty list, budget airlines, spirit and frontier for their late arrival. you're watching fox5 local news at 6 and we're going to be back in just a moment. stay with us.
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> you remember that show, he'se known bestr for his role as sci
6:45 pm
of in the show saved by the tonight, actor dozen tin diamond is taking on a new role behind bars. he checked in to a county jail in wisconsin late last night.nih he's serving a four-month sentence from a 2014 christmas day bar room stabbing. the actor was convicted in junei of carrying a concealed weaponep as well as disorderly diamond says he was trying to protect his girlfriend at thenda time and he accidentally stabbed a man. absenter christian bale isale pulling out of a movie over concerns about his health. he pulled out of a movie about an italian auto maker.aker production was set to begin ifbi the spring, but the actor says he can't put on the weight that is needed for the role and do it safely by spring. > georgia been joins. > gwen joins us now. >> still have the panda shakes. >> i need to hug the panda, the real panda.
6:46 pm
> a lot of people are off this evening, heading out tonight, are we going to see it very cold. >> it's going to start tonight,i but tomorrow and monday it's going to get bitterly cold. co make sure you take my advice. if you listen closely i'll tell you what the temperatures are going to be and trust me, it isi going to be that cold. clouds rolling in tonight,onig though. we're going from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. artic air is moving in and making itself right at home inel ourf era. look at this, i can't rule out maybe a passing snow shower or two and we're going to talk about that in a second. nothing to be too concerned about. very cold on mlk day. sunday and monies normally whenm there are a lot of par razor and outdoor things going on. please pay attention and dress warm. we're going to see clouds rolling in increasing in thethe overnight hours and lingering into the early are thearly pennsylvania of your day.ay.
6:47 pm
current temperatures areent gradually starting to fall. 46 at d.c., 39 at gaithersburg, 41 at dulles, 37 for winchester and that's the same for cumber license. the winds are a factor as well. north westerly wind is going tog make it feel a lot colder than it actually is once we get into the sunday, monday periods. look at this artic air right here, pretty evident, this isis exactly what's going to move its way down the mid atlantic andtla this is what we're going to be dealing so where we've had daytime highs in the 50s like today where temperatures were some 10 to 1 1 degrees above the seasonal average we're going to go theo opposite directions and ourour overnight lows are what ourhat daytime highs are going to be.e. the ridge of high pressure that builds in behind it is an artici ridge of high pressure and that's what is going to bring the cold air in along with ourur north westerly wind. we do have a chance of seeing a passing shower or so.
6:48 pm
it's going to move its way up. a fare amount of moisture withsr it. i can't rule out maybe a chance of a very quick passing snowsnow shower. nothing that's really going tong be too much in terms of, youou know, we're not talking a heavy accumulation or anything of that sort. take a look at the timeline.ime this is sunday morning. southern maryland getting theyl blunt of at 2:00 p.m. you see it crossing the i95 corridor right into d.c. and to areas of the east and them it's all but over the mountains they'll deal with mountain snow. they've had today and they'll have it tomorrow and that's going to continue. artic air moving in on tomorrow and worse on monday where ourur daytime highs are only going to be in the low 30s. overnight lows in the 20s andnd the teens. here's a look at the holiday forecast. by sunday, a chance of passing forecast. monday 30-degrees in the city, only in 20s in the suburbs.ubur sunny and very cold. here's a look at future wind chills that you have to deal
6:49 pm
with. monday in the morning, look at the single digits.igit when you get into the afternoon hours, just income if you're looking at the parade, highs ars going to be in the 30s. 33-degrees for tonight. partly cloudy, cold, becomingeco mostly cloudy and then as wes look at tomorrow, 39-degrees,9-d mostly cloudy skies.kies here's your fox5 seven dayy forecast. our next chance of seeing a passing snow shower or so is at the end of the week. we have a system that the modele are much whatting. keeping an eye on that.hat. we've done very well. i want to say my uncle nova sashays dealing with a no storm. more snow again there. we are very lucky and fortunate that we are not dealing with that. so fingers crossed. that is the truth. spring training isn't that far away. >> it isn't. > just a couple months. speaking of that, tomorrow, the washington natsç are holding
6:50 pm
auditions to fill the shoes of george, tom, and bill. a group of pre-selected candidates will ve to perform a free-style dance, a 40-yard dash and participate in twowo raises from the center field to the first place. i got to tell, brody, i thinkink that's one of my favorite parts of seeing a game. it's almost so much fun to muchu what. it really is. i'm going to be out there tomorrow auditioning with the presidents. i'll be putting on the giant 12-foot heads. coming up in supports, afterfte their big 10 loss of the year, the terps hitting the century mark in l college park. we'll have the high flyinglyin highlights after the break. .
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brody junipero srra us now.ju the terps bouncingni back afterf rough week. they had a rough loss this weeke they're coming in as a final
6:53 pm
four favorite potentially but bt that loss might be one of thoseo come march that really hurts them. but definitely bounced back bac today. before this week the terps t basketball team was rolling. they then they had their bad the loss of the year. maybe they were caught looking ahead to ohio state. the buck eyes have embarrassed the terps lately beating them by an average of 20 points per game last year. today they look for redemption e at the xfinity center terps fans week for this one. s that no luck feed to robert carterment the first lay in, carter lead all scores with 25.w and this only the beginning. carter getting his teammates tea involved, down low. the diamond stones. s two of his 15. and the route is on. terps lead by 18 and a half andd then put up 52 in the second half as they get pay back for
6:54 pm
all those bloats beating ohio state 10 to 65. i knew on thursday we were going to play well. wel we had our best practice of the year. the tough period is over. we're learning a lot about ourselves. > georgetown hosting villanovai this big east rivalry dividing even the most prory of pros. diovan take smith rivera. shooting from klehr done and he hits it. smith-rivera led the hoyas with 15 points. po second half, watch lj peak. he's going to reach new heightsi georgetown cuts the lead to fouo after a seven-nothing run. villana just too strong around r the rim and the hoyas disappoint even their most hard dent fans.
6:55 pm
this winter's hot stove has taken a while to heat up. waiting for one signing for thee rest of the weekment orals weree rumored to have an offer on the table. the orals agreed to a new seven year $161 million deal with first base man chris davis, the, 29 year old davis lead the majors with 47 homers and 208 strikeouts. davis has spent the last five la years in baltimore and will be there for the long term. it's back sided payout that will pay him deferred the payments until 2027. last night the nats avoided arbitration signing four players to four one year deals. the nats committed almost $30 million to the group the bulk of it 10.3 million going to extras. he'll become a free agent next
6:56 pm
winter. the nhl division playoffs get started this weekend sadly without redskins. the skins would have been playing the carolina panthers. in their place the seahawks. the seahawks made it to the the divisional round thanks to some minnesota miss forth contain. the 27-yard field goal that tha would have sent its team onto the divisional round. instead he shanked it sending it to well left. he was killed on social mediaeda even though he scored all the viking points. po fans blamed him for the loss. that is most fans. the first graders of north elementary were not those fans. they sent him letters of encourage. the teacher had him write to hio to cheer him up as part of theif class lesson on empathy. what a shot off the bat of chris
6:57 pm
davis to end this one. that takes your breath away. aw the or lals defeat -- we're talking about spring training. we're already into baseball. the kids wrote some great letters to him. him one girl, one little girl said that everyone makes mistakes. i once made a mistake on a cartwheel so you'll bounce back and be great for the vikings. another one wrote you'll get you them nice time, puppies are cute. what a great lesson. >> it really is. blare walsh loved the kids and he said it he'll issue them.hem. he's missed one field goal under 30 yards in his entire career. a > i'm sure he's going to feel that fox for a long time. it's negative 15. it's like kicking a rock. > wind chills, that's what, th we're going to have.
6:58 pm
>> we'll look for you tonight coming up at 10. it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness...
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that's real estate, redefined.
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