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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 18, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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opened fire a local concert we have a live update from the scene. >> the democratic presidentialoa candidates hit the debateit theb stage for the final timeinal t before the iowa we'll show you some of theou som fiery exchanges can coming up. >> a taste of freedom forom several americans who had been held in iran including ilu washington post reporter jason rezaian. >> a live look outside on this s monday mourning and ha january dr. martin luther king jr. today 2016.da weather and traffic on thed trai 5s at 7:05. 7:0 good morning to you. i'm allison seymour.n >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. mr it is 7 o'clock and we are d still following breaking newsins out of falls church virginiaalls where a shooting took placeti to outside of the state >> fox5's melanie alnwick is i lie outside of the theater now with more. m mel. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison andan incredibly unusual here for her the city of falls church andh a police say also unusual foror the state theater known for its concerts. last night you can see there s was a concert there they t
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titled love peace and unity two. it involved two griest a northeast group and lip hop liph artist scar fails.rai the shooting victims were w either attendees or somehow connectd to the concert conrt unside.. in all three shooting victims. i police tells they were called here actually about 1:45 in:4 the morning for a report of at f fight and when they arrived arr there was a large crowd in the i parking lot and then theyn t heard gun shots. sho >> it was a mass crowd coming cm out of the state theater afterft the show this evening.. and we had officers actuallys aa on the scene and then officers coming to the scene for the fight. fi and so it was pretty brazen bra there was shooting rightti outside in a large crod >> reporter: now, policeic said that the suspect got got away. aw they didn't have much of af a description except to say that he was slender and about five-eight. also adult male -- all the
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victims adult males as well.l. one victim on the scene with a gun shot wounds to theotound shoulder. shou that person was taken to ason nearby hospital.osta interestingly, though, theh,he other two victims were not weren even discovered until severalev hours later when police got a a call from police in frederick,, maryland, saying that two that w people had come to the er e there in frederick, maryland,an, also who had been injured weur believe with gun shot wounds shn as well. we don't know the extent ofen the injuries for those gun g shot wou everything we're told expected c to be nonlife-threateninghrte injuries but certainly they'rele still trying to developoel information now to find out fin exactly what sparked thatrkedha fight, whether anything ath happened inside and then t spilled out into the parkingt ip lot or whether it was justasus contained to the parking lotto t as well. police still working to to develop those angles and also develop more information onman that suspect suspe l live in falls church, i'mh, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> mel, thanks very in other news this morning political news the race foranl s the democr tatic nomination continues to heat up now.ow
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the candidates facing off in south carolina last night.ig final debate before iowa. i martin o'malley trying the make a larger impact. imp hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashed on severalcl topics including gun control wall street anasd healthcare.ear while senator sanders debateddeb clinton hard on the issues he t still refused to talk aboutbo her former husband former, president bill clinton. >> have i said a word aboutord b that issue. issue the debate are the issues facing the american future not r bill clinton. cli >> reporter: while clinton maintains a large lead in moste the national polls sander san center city closing the gap inhi iowa. has lead in new hampshire.nempsh much more on the debate at 7:30. 7:30. our political reporter ronicar n cleary will join us then. t >> another example of violence c on the metro. a fight on the green line cane caught ocaught on
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this incident happening friday afternoon.oon. 3 o'clock in the afternoon and d group appears to be attackingaci another teenager a group of groo teens attacking another metro riders say the answerhe ar could have a metro officer riding the rails. r >> never seen anything likeyt that on omet i ride metro seven days a week. so... >> reporter: do you see aorte lot of metro transit policero tp present?t? >> no. there could be a lot more.d that probably would help ald h lot. even one riding the train.ra i mean, it doesn't make sense't not to have at least one copstne riding the train going back and forth in cars and stuff.tu >> sometimes they are.hey i think sometimes their unpredictability is their strength in the sense that in people are going to go to go attacking others they may not know where they're going turny'e up.up. >> metro officials haven't offit commented on this latestes incident.inci steve. >> police in fairfax county faiy looking for a man wanted for looking into homes.
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authorities released image ofede the man captured on video they e say peeping incidents startedg n at the end of december in thecee springfield area.dre each time the man looked lke inside occupied homes and thenee ran away. a he was caught on surveillanceone video. the suspect is believed to beelb in his late teens or early to mid-20's. anybody with information isth asked to call police. ito c today is the day theay nation remembers the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. in an official way. the civil rights leader wouldeao have been 87 years old. bee events are planned across theed country in his honor includingng right here in the region. reg at 8 o'clock this morning a stop the violence march at mch fedex field. fie at 9:00 d.c. mayor and dignitaries gather at the memorial on the mall for a on wreath laying.wr lay a peace walk planned from dr. king's memory at 10 o'clock along martin luthertu king, jr., jr. avue the parade begins atins 12 o'cloc o'c what else do they all have in common? they're all outdoors and you'll have to bundle up.dlp >> chilly.>> c >> it's going to be sold.goin >> serious cold. we're talki>>ng about windbo w chills right now zero in someom
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spots so obviously lots andnd lots of layers.fayer limit your time outdoors. outdo if your pets don't have a a heavy coat, i know you like to,u dress them up before they go out.out. >> brownie is a short hair and he doesn't play it.'t pla. he's like two minutes i'm outesi and i'm back.i'm back. >> he's all business. he's al going to be a very coldto be afternoon for us. for 19 in washington, 20 north and west -- those are a actual air hagerstown has fallen to 13 degrees, 12 out inrees, outn martinsburg, cumberland is i 12 degrees. did you enjoy our first our fir official measurable snow of the year yesterday.e year yeste. >> it was fun, yeah. yea >> picked up .3 at reagan national. heavier amounts towards the eastern shore, fenwick winds gusting to 31 miles per hour.ur. air temp in the feels like two in washington, wg one in gaithersburg, one outg,ne at dulles.ul you get the idea here. her
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bitter cold. air temperature doesn't getatur above e probably 28 degrees andd we'll be very, very cold againd tonight and tomorrow and then a we're setting the stage for for more fun later this week.hi 28 today. tod very cold and windy.nd there you go. again, please, you get frost g f bite if you're exposed to the t wind. >> wc is wind chill. wc is >> yes. >> trying the pick up on yourpik code. >> there's something about som friday. >> friday is --s >> don't speak.peak [laughter]augh >> erin, over to you. >> friday. >> don't speak.on'tak. >> allison has banned the s t word for the morning. >> i'm not accepting i >> right now we're going to we'g take a live look things have brightened up. btene crews making progress. we have a downed tree northwest section of the district blocking the 5800he 50 block of fourth.f you can see they're gettinget debris out of the way.bris there was a huge tree acrossge s the road. r keep to it third or fifth toit t get around that.around tha it's near nicholson. nicholson. let's switch it over and takechi a look at our maps.our m dealing with wires down. d darnestown road at white at w ground road.
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you'll need to detour around d that one.that o look how nice and quiet 270 is i through gaithersburg andersbg a many of the hov restrictionstrin around the area have beenha bee lifted. lift that's keeping traffic moving. n traffic into the district onist the outer loop top of theter beltway looking good.wa no problems.y bottom of the beltway across the wilson bridge inner i loop. loop metro update silver line mayay see residual delays to days laughing go town center due too an earlier trainto malfunctionfi at spring hill oh watch for that one in northeast an apartmentst a fire. watch for slowdowns around the area of brentwood road and woa street. st we'll keep you posted on that t but again a lot of green.en no normal congestion thision th just other problems we're w keeping you posted on.n. allison.alliso >> erin thanks. en t coming up severalcoming up v americans missing this morningir in iraq after being kidnapped. p how the government is workingor to find them some plusd em som americans held prisoner insor iran including washington post p reporter jason rezaian freeaian this morning. mor the latest on their journey homecoming up next.
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>> ♪ >> developing this morning thein embassy confirmed several s americans are missing in iraq and they are investigating it ig as a possible kidnapping.idna iraqi media reporting that t three americans were kidnappedep in baghdad by local mis militia.
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the embassy says it iss working with iraqi authorities i to locate late >> freed washington post fed w reporter jason rezaian is inn germany awaiting his trip backri tots u.s. he and four other americans were released by nine a by prisoner exchange on saturday. t one of the freed prisonershe fee opted to stay in iran.y in i another has returned home toto as part of theac deal presidents obama will pardon or commute the sentence of seven iraniansn imprisoned or awaiting trialit here in the united states.n th president obama says diplomatsas worked on the prisoner swapner p deal for more than a year. while the news is all goodsl for the families of the freed americans there are stillan questions surrouns ding the fatt of robert levinson. levin the former fbi agent went at missing in return in 2007.00 the president said as part of the deal iran has agreed toasgr help find >> search continues for 12 marines who are missing afternga two helicopters crashed offrasho
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hawaii last week. rescuers have been searching around the clock. clo the coast guard says itguard sa doesn't intend to call off or suspend this search. meanwhile we've learned at thewe sister of one of the missing marines 23-year-old corporal-ola thomas jardis lives in theves in d.c. area. haley jardis is the raining r miss d.c. america. ame changes in store fors tore parents in the district dis applying to the city's publicthp school lottery.scol lot we'll tell you about your newoun options coming up. comg >> live look outside on thise t monday morning.nday mor starting to look a little lit nicer out there but my goodness the wind slake on the camera.mera. the wind chills in the single digits this bundle up. it's 7:11. 
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>> ♪ >> little breezy. >> little breezy.>> >> like that>> l shot. good morning.or is that a steady cam. >> sure is. sure i >> i like it.ike i >> kind of big time. t >> let's do the weathere wth forecast. lo its to talk about.ts t this is one of those winter win weather weeks where weatherea people get excited because we bw have a lot to talk to you.k you >> uh-huh. >> start with the current condititions.nditio steve let's have some fun one fo our maps this this m 19 in washington. was >> i can't see what it is ineett my favorite town of kushwog. khw >> that's behind our banner. >> hiding behind our could be minus 21 or it couldcod be one. be i can't te oll.
7:15 am
>> minus 22.>>inus 22. look at international fallstionf this morning. minus 20.0. these are actual air temperatures.erat minneapolis minus 12.minus 2. coldest air yet this year plunging down into the lower l 48 and down into the midatlantic. >> what is that it keeps the coasts so much warmer than the midsection?midsec >> the water. >> allison excellent answer. awe >> you don't have to have a ph.d. in climatology. >> you're on it.>> >> tucker is making me angry. >> look, we've talked about this. these are the questions to ask tucker so he can show off hisofh smartness. >> why am i making you angry ang this morning.this morni >> you know why.ou know w >> i know.>> k >> it might snow. it might snow. >> the seven-day forecast ofen the here's the bottom line onlin today. your actual air temperatures will be in the upper 20's withih plenty of sunshine but theine be wind chills today are going g the lang out in th hang out in e wind chill in washington is 2 we have outdoor activities actit associated with the take the cold seriously today. t there's your seven-days yo sev forecast. today, tonight tomorrow bitter
7:16 am
cold. we do moderate a little bit bit towards wednesday andesda thursday.uray. just leave it at that. >> tucker, take me back.e me bac i love you.ou >> i'll take you back. b >> tuck is worried aboutk wor saying anything about friday.inr we're going to get somewherere between probably one and aobab thousand inches of snow.s ofno >> he doesn't want to say. >> friday, saturday we'll focus on there in just a yes, we have the potential foref a significant winter storm.nt wr >> or maybe not.>> or ma >> it's got a lot of boom and or bust potential to it. >> we just need to be aware. neo >> you can put your vote in.ouve i'm telling you everybody canryo vote.te >> okay. >> we do that in this country. >> erin i know you want to seeow some snow. sw. you don't want to see a big snow because we give it names like snow maggeddon.agdd >> i'm worry about doing traffic here when it snows.hen >> a lot of people call off.oplf >> they'll work from >> we'll brace ourselves if the snow comes earlier on on friday.iday >> exactly. >> than anticipated.n an tucker going to be a popular pol
7:17 am
guy this you're not always popular. popur bottom of the beltway inner inn loop cruising along.ruisg feels like a weekend morningor because of the mlk holiday aolia lot of folks off today.of f if you're heading in keep inp i mind several hov restrictions lifted. ed 66 moving along fine throughehr manassas centreville and fairfax. we have a couple areas thatre t you need to worry about today.b. falls church between park avenue and broad street and washington street closed right r now for police activity. we also have some downedha wires. it was a really windy start to monday.nd. darnestown road at white townte road you'll need to detouroou around that. tt. taking metro silver line silvere should be getting back toback normal but we had residual delays to largo town center because of a malfunction at a m spring hill. check your schedule as you head out. o marc trains operating on a s. s. schedule. apartment fire shutting down a portion of brentwood road and w you can see all that green on o our majors into the district.trc
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steve. >> discussing a lottery of aeryf different kind talking about the d.c. school lottery. schoole >> if you live in the district you only have a few weeks left for the chance to choose which schools you want your studentanr to attend. fox5's bob barnard joins usoi lie outside of wilson high school with no more.ore. bob good morning u this is one n of the top performing publicingp schools in all of washingtonashn but you done have to live in lii upper northwest to come here.coh in fact because of thatof t lottery system, the best public schools all acrosscr washington are now opened to one the brightest and most m ambitious students. sde this is hd woodson in northeast washington. doesn't look like your typical high school but that's one oft'o the selling points as principle darren slade. >> i've worked in schools thatei would not like hd wootson thatot were not new and modernized.odei it's much easier to have t students come into youre in you building, have your students enroll and want to come to a a school when its nice like nice this. we have a state of the art
7:19 am
facility. >> reporter: including a brand new swimming pool. >> first year we're using it. w we also have open for then r community in the evening but t we have a swimminheg team thatma we just started up. u >> reporter: and an archery aarr class in the school's >> some events that are justts so new that it's new to the the students.. >> way to go.>> >> i hit the blue this >> feel how excited it is to participate with the archerye wi program today.thprog >> what if you got lost in space? i don't have an answer for that one. o >> reporter: at killeril miller these students are studying about summer abroadbr programs.og that's one of the reasons the principal says her school will l get scores of applications inon the upcoming lottery.. >> we do have elect activitiesce here at killly mille kelly milll we're sitting in our art room.rt you can see on display all of our students' artwork.nts' artwo we have band, we have a creative writing we have lots of electf e
7:20 am
activitieelective thatis studend >> reporter: including a ski a s team. team. >> on the 27th of this month m we have a core of 25 students su that are going to learn how to ski to compete at ski liberty. r so they're going to be goneoingg all day learning how to ski. to. >> reporter: they also sendy aln teachers out of the classroom and into students' homes to' heo meet and get to know parents. ps >> so our goal this year is to t visit at least 60 percent ofrct our families at home so our so o teachers go out and do homee visits to build the parent-student-staff-relation satio parent-student-staff-relations hip. and make sure that parents are aware of what's going on in school, how they can supportnt's their scholars at home. h >> reporter: yes, miss mis stafford said scholars.s. >> they're scholars.chol they're in school.ey'r their career is school rightl ri now, it is to learn as much asrs they can to see what they like k and what they don't like soat that they can prepare fory ca their future in high school socl we have plenty of options wheniw
7:21 am
it comes to high schoolgh sch whether they want to go into it engineering heart. >> reporter: which takes us back to wootson high school where dr. slade says they'rede getting ready to launch twoauh new academies next year in it and engineering.inri >> what those programs do theyoe help prepare students to dodentd well when they leave here andere helps them get a better job.r j >> take a look at the binder. b. >> reporter: data supportsa su the fact d.c. public schools are improving. improvi >> in this building, forlding, r example, for the past two for years we've had gains everyains year with our graduation we've almost improved by 20 points. poin last month 71 percent of ourtf students graduated.stra that's a big jump from the 40p e or so five years ago so mostos people want their chilen told to graduate high school and go to college and if you want thatha to happen d.c. ps is the placehe for you to send your students. >> reporter: yet you can'tter: help but notice wootson high h is surrounded by iron bars and security just inside the front t door. >> you need to creat you need te
7:22 am
safe. sa >> reporter: to be safe and successful. the dcps lottery is opened for february 1st for high schoolsor and until march first for free k3 through eighth we'll tell you about mostou unusual school opening nextpengn year here in the district.trt. it's the first all male public b high school in washington.ashing we're going the meet thegoine me principal coming up atcoming 8 o'clock, guys.oc g >> very cool.y cool shout out to bob for bob f looking calm and collected in 0-degree wind chill this win morning.morng. not even flinching.ev well >> he's a new yorker. yor health is on the way forhe f those living in flinted flint f michigan. michigan what the white house ishe w doing for them. t >> in the world of professional tennis allegations of match which player said he once turned down a bribe. it's 7: 22.
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>> ♪ >> all right, welcome back. we have very cold temperaturesht the start yourol day. day. the wind you heard rattlingeardn the windows late last night ifii you woke up ushering in thisinin cold arctic air mass and ms there's true arctic air in an place this 19ac washington, 21 leonardtownd 17 up in baltimore. you guys are in the single singl digits well north and west.norts 13 in hagerstown. hagstow and 16 this morning in winchester. so, believe it or not this is not the worst of it. i
7:26 am
the worst of it is the winds w which are blowing at about 20att to 30 miles an hour giving us hg a wind chill of two inn washington.inon negative one in gaithersburg.thr negative three in hagerstown. you get the idea what kind ofkid day we're looking a nine quantico. quaic very cold stuff overhead and it will not warm up today. tay upper 20's today. today plenty of sunshine early.shine y we'll get a little bit ofit cloudiness this afternoon. afteo should be dry but very, veryy, v cold today, tonight andight tomorrow and then a little bit e of a warmup here's your seven day 28 today. again you're outside for the holiday parade or the peacer t e walk, please make sure you'rese ready for a cold day m.ay friday, saturday, yes, looks los like we're going to get a g a snowstorm or a winter storm.inte that rain-snow line will be ae factor in it.fact in a lot of potential here but aere lot of potential that it could u also bust so we'll talk morekor about that storm coming up inomp just a couple minutes butines b again looks like it's cold's cod enough that parts of the areahea could get a pretty goodtty g snowstorm. that's erin is back.erin is b find out who is going to work tw this morning.. >> 7:26 and tucker not thatr many people becausemany interstates are really
7:27 am
we have a new accident in its in greenbelt. outer loop two lanes blocked two by bw parkway just happened soao use caution there.use check in next time with howt tie those delays are shaping up. sp. 66 right now if you're wakinge w up in fairfax moving really nicely 234 to centreville.entre. a lot of hov restrictions lifted in honor of the ho holiday. street closures from 11:00 cre until 3:00.:0 peace walk and the parade inlk e honor of mlk. watch out foreclosures betweenfe 2700 block and 4200 block of mlk jr. avenue southeast.e south a lot of extra folks in town inn for that as well and as tucker t has been telling you bundle bdl up. up you need extra layers ifs you're heading out for eitherite of those events today. t washington street shut down intw falls church between parketen p avenue and broadway dealingea with police activity there. the downed wires really windylly wiy start to monday.on darnestown road at whitet w ground road use caution aroundu that area. all metro lines on or close tolo schedule.du for the holiday marc trains on
7:28 am
an s schedule.ed that's your traffic. back to you steve.baev >> new children's book pulleduld from store shelves afterlves a stirring up controversy. u we'll tell you why some people are not happy with it. i >> much more on last night's nig democrat debate with our political reporter ronica cleary. we'll be right back. >> sniglets >> ♪ oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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>> i will not raise taxes on the middle class. i want to raise incomes, not taxes. >> it is beyond highh comprehension how we can elect t president of the united states a somebody like trump who believel climate change is a hoax h invented by the chinese. >> secretary clinton i cut you t off. i'll give you 30 seconds toondst respond on the issue of lonef l wolves. >> can i get 30 seconds, too?? (laughter).. >> maybe the last 30 seconds fon the former governor laughs andd cheers in the crowd in south iso carolina. those came from the candidate one liners but there were plenty of serious discussions as well.s heat the he can changes amongcha front runners bernie sanders ana hillary clinton that has youas heard last former maryland governor martin o'malley tryingy to get a word in.n. fox5 political reporter ronica cleary joins to us break down what happened last night.ight >> not terribly late night lasts
7:32 am
night. >> uh-uh only got three peoplehp and unfortunately for martinna r o'malley it felt like twoe people. people nd two and a half on stage. a what did you think. did you t >> i think there were thinkre substantive exchanges in this debate something we have beenet waiting to hear more about isuti the gundy bait, bernie sanders n has been attacked very harshly by hillary clinton on his votinn record when it comes to gungu rights especially when it comesm to liability for gun for gun manufacturers so we've got sound from that. for to you listen to. >> i have a d minus votin v record from the nra. i was in 1988, three candidates running for congress in theinhe state of vermont. i stood up to the gun lobby andy came out and maintained the position that in this country, y we should not be sellingelling military style assault weapons.o i have supported from day one instant background check to make certain that people who should l
7:33 am
not have guns do not have guns.g and that includes people witheow criminal backgrounds, people whw are mentally unstable.. >> i have made it clear based on senator sanders own record thatt he has voted with the nra with the gun lobby numerous tiles. nm he voted against the brady bill five times he voted for what we call the charleston loophole.oo he voted for immunity from gungu makers and sellers which the nra said was the most important impr piece of gun legislation in 20 >> heard a lot about gun contr control. what do you think are the ribs that are going to set these candidates apart or let someboiy define themselves in this race? >> i think in this race it is certainly about the issues buttu it's also about style.tyle style really came across lastt night and bernie sanders reallyy igniting that passion that we'va seen. donald trump ignite in thegne in republican party. p it's funny, bernie sanders sande really came out a few times tims attacking mr. trump, but it's is been argued time and time againa
7:34 am
that they both egg site the same sort of excitement in the voter -- in the populous wherehe hillary clinton i meantime and time greg she's talking aboutbo president obama continuing a lol of his ideas from his two terms in office. o you can't help but say she wouldn't like a third term ofrdr president obama.pres that may ab good thing when youu talk about what people are goine to choose when it comes to thiso case, you really have two veryer different stylistic candidates.s and another issue that they arey you know, really coming at aboua is health care. we have more sound with that ont the health care debate for to f you listen to. >> but right now what we have te deal with is the fact that 29 million people still have no health insurance. we octane the highest prices in the world for prescription drugc getting ripped off and here's oa the important point. poi we are spending far more for f personal health care than thelte people of any other country. my proposal provide health carer to all people, get private priva insurance out of healthealt insurance, lower the cost oft o
7:35 am
health care for middle class mic families by 5,000 bucks.uc that's the vision we needed to take.take >> senator there are things weot can do to improve it but to tear it up and start over againgain pushing our country back intok i that kind of a contentiousnt debate i think is the wrong direction.di >> so right now in the nationalo polls hillary clinton still has 25-point lead over bernieni sanders, but bernie sanders wits the lead in new hampshire, no, surprise there, it's his homee territory essentially butenti closing the gap in iowa nowa two-point lead right now forighw hillary clinton.y if bernie sanders can up end hed in iowa, what does that do for r the national tape where she wre still has a commanding . >> it changed the dynamic he is special what you're talking're a about even last night' decembere bait. it was more aggressive and you can really feel a sense ofen hillary clinton on the defense where -- people were saying thin would be a coronation forn hillary clinton. they said she would come in ando take this. thi nobody expected bernie sanders n to come in and really give heryv the run for her money that he
7:36 am
has. has. so if he really does come out de and win iowa and new hampshiream that's going to make this race r even more of one to watch, i wat mean we thought -- when you -- n watch the republican -- when yon watch the republican debates alb they talk is about taking ong o hillary. whoever wins we have to take on hillary i think that's shortt's sighted. si they might be taking on bernie e sanders.nder >> it's showing right now if you look at the national polls the latest poll out of the walll street journal over the weekendo showing both hillary clinton anh bernie sanders with a lead overo donald trump head to head. head so got to watch o >> you real dollar.olla >> you can't count anybody out. >> thanks ron any casm that's ta send it over to tucker right.. cold frigid conditions outside.i wind chills near zero.ea >> air temperatures right now ia the teens and low 20s. it is going to be a bitter coldc day today. wind rattling windows last nighn really coming in how long inn last night.ight. winds gusting right now tosu 30. 19 in washington. in w eight in pittsburgh. ph. look at chicago this morning,, minus 4 degrees. des these are air temperatures.empee if i showed you the wind chillsl take 10, 20 degrees off theseeeo
7:37 am
numbers as we're looking at winds gusting right now look at that 31 miles per hour windslerh current until washington guststg out of the north and west. t nor so wind chills right now right around zero here in the city. minus two, minus fourth inh i gaithersburg, dulles and dul frederick and very very cold dad today.y. daytime highs unfortunatelyornae don't get out of the upper 20s, upper 20s and your wind chillsdi will be in the teens. so please take the cold t c seriously there. the 28 degrees winds north and westw 15 to 25. the w you see that's wind chillc single digits. coming up i'll show you a foughu computer models and what theyat want to do the end of the week w with out snowstorm.noto we'll discuss that at length. ln you excited about that erin. eri >> i'm very excited about it.ut specials follow the weekend.. >> yup. >> i don't want to see a commute here during the dur i have a feeling i may this win a little bit of delay on the outer loop this is by good luckd road as you approach bw parkwayw let's take a look at our maps. m we are seeing a stalled vehiclel taking out at least one of thesf lanes. you can see that yellow line
7:38 am
leading up to that point.up to h now volume is really light inigi honor of the holiday today.ay a lot of folks off from work. fw we're not dealing with typicalyc congestion. watch little slow there.lo the in bowie things looking good 50 inbound problem free.robl f not seeing any issues 95ssue southbound if you have an earlyo morning flight to catch bw parkway on the northbound sideon quiet on the way to bwi. as cidar from that, wires downow this has still an active scene 2700 block of mlk, jr. avenue. e you need to use caution f you'ry traveling in northwest earlier i large tree that was knocked ovee and taking out the road cleared out of the way fourth street str northwest at nicholson back to k normal road is open good newssng around the apartment fire,rtment everything is under control andd we're seeing everything reopen brentwood road northeast istheat clear all lanes open out byn out rhode island and w street noee n issues there. there if you're making your way in fairfax 66 moving well 234 to centreville.ntrevill 270 southbound wide open 95 o northbound. 395 as you head to the 14th4t street bridge all flowingllwing friehl. check in with me on twitter at
7:39 am
erin fox5 d.c. if you're headed to southeast su for the parade and mlk walk wal later today.r i have all road closures listeds that for you.thor you >> allison. >> erin, thank you.>> eriha some relief coming to flintn michigan as the city deals with on-going water how the federal government isern going to help. help. >> wild weather in florida.lori a tornado touches downown devastating results there.ts t we'll be right back with the weather and more coverage around the d.c. area next. weather and more coverage around the d.c. area next. it's 7:39.
7:40 am
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>> in florida two people dead dozens of homes destroyed. yesterday two tornadoes rippedto through the central part of the rastate within minutes of eachts other. ot the first one touched down ine c man at a tee county a couple cou died their adult son and four af grandchildren were injured whend it hit their mobile home. the second twister struck nearea see teas key in sarasota county. some relief coming to flinti michigan as the city deals witht a contaminate the water crisis. >> president barack obama signed a state of emergency order for the city. this means flint will haveill h access to federal aid. the city is also getting helptip from the national guard and thed american red now the problems started when we flint switched its drinking dnk water source from the city ofroy detroit to the flint river backk in 2014. 201 all right. still to come major scandalorca rocking the world of tennis. >> children's book stirring ups we're going to let you know whyw folks are mad about it. it.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
♪ yeah. right now you can't see it.w yo steve is actually playing the pi drums.s. >> no, that would be allison bua i know we're hard to tell aparta sometimes. >> this is what happens when yoo work together so long. tso isn't that wonderful.t that wonl >> it really is. >> we've come a long way, tuck.k >> you have. ye. you guys look good together. >> i meant you inclusietve. (laughter). >> all right. let's do the weather. we got very colddo temperaturese start your day.stt yo very cold temperatures to endtud your day as well as a matter oft fact. so obviously you want to taket t the cold seriously. get frost bite very quick very i physical you're exposed to beino outdoors for a long period ofd f
7:46 am
time. ti 17 in washington.asngto 17 baltimore.17 bal north and west looking at teens. hagerstown 13 this morning. winchester 16.nche 20 in fredericksburg.ksbg. mix in winds, and it feels likel 2 degrees out there right now.t look at this negative one inn gaithersburg. feels like negative three inivei hagerstown.ha our winds are currently blowingg out of the north and west atesta about 20 to 30 miles an hour anu unfortunately the winds will bel with us all day today. t along with the very cold cold temperatures overhead so we'redw not going to warm up.arm up daytime highs upper 20s but it0i will feel like teens throughoutt date.da i know we've got outdoorknow wet activities associated with the a martin luther king holiday, the, peace walk and parade that kinda of thing. please take the cold seriouslyes as it's not going to warm up.m that's with sunshine later thist afternoon.te all right.all ight there's bigger look at yourtou satellite/radar.llit we're doing fine today. t dry conditions tonight. tight dry conditions tomorrow. just arctic air mass in place ip keeps things very cold here fore the time being. bei focus later this week will be on friday, saturday, lots and lots of question marks about oursbouo storm. i can tell you this. thi i'll show i was computer modelrd in a minute that is one of the
7:47 am
models we trust most in the mt world of weather forecasting ang what it's trying to do for theno weekend, but the pieces areies generally going to be in place.. high pressure to the north,th aerial low preshow right that ra you want to put it in the sweete spot friday into saturday. sat and if that were to occur, we,e would like val a pretty goody winter snow event around hereund for the all allison and steve i'll let youl chime in. this is what we call the euro wt model.mol okay? the euro model one of ouf most trusted models. this is the last run as of aboua midnight last night.ig we get these several times a d day. so they are subject to change.a we're still several days out.ile so this is not written in stoneo what i'm showing you. i'm showing you the potential oo this sto this would be possible snow totals by saturday afternoonernn across the washington area. i know you're tired but lookbuto carefully at that. t that is not one to 2-inches. 2nc that is one to 2 feet. >> what? >> perhaps you should make it y look moreou feet. f write the word out.. >> put two little feet.. >> that's not one to 2-inches.oc that would be feet.thatould
7:48 am
>> two little feet on it. litfet make it comical. >> big feet.>> big f >> you want me to start drawinga on it.ont. >> yes. >> obviously this is why the alarm bells are being sounded. this is just potential have itil seen storms that look like thist five days out and they don'ton materialize? yes.e? es but the guidance has been prette consistent several of our betteb trained weather models have beeb trying to give us pretty goodoo snow events around friday into o saturday. we may get a rain/snow line thaa will hold down on total.otal friday, saturday the timing on m that storm. s 28 today.28 today and once again, what i just showed did you not guaranteegua we'll get that. winds north and west 15 to 25. . gusts to 30.s to sun and clouds.sun i want to give you a sense ofouo what we could be looking at vert cold later today. t there's your seven day forecast. and, yup, friday, saturday sat timing on that we have to fine e tune it snow totals fine tune i y, all those things. t let's do traffic now with erin.. again very cold today.ol please take it seriously weeeriy continue to watch that storm ass it gets g >> i have a feeling traffic t could be floor one to two feast
7:49 am
snow. definitely keep us updated on k that one. right now 270 northbound we have a crash reported by 124 blocking the shoulder. s in gaithersburg as you can seesa plenty of green.en traffic is really light a lot ot folks off today for mlk holidayl if you are making your way toray work we're not seeing any a southbound delays down to the do spur outer loop no typical typ delays between new hampshire and georgia of a area. aa. we do have wires down right nown really windy start to monday. darnestown wide at white groundd road caution around thatund that intersection in green belt a ie stall on the outer loop movedhe over to the shoulder so you can see as you make you're up from f new carrollton towards that aret by bw parkway traffic quiet onct again back to normal. 50 inbound smooth sailing rightr now no crashes or delays to or t report.rt. and then wires are down rightirw now in southeast second of theoe district still tracking thisghi scene 2700 block of mlk, jr. ml, avenue we'll give you heads up u when that gets cleared out of the way right now you need tot d detour around that.etouarou aside from that right now we had an earlier apartment fire wantee to give you a heads up thatp cleared all traffic is movingsov
7:50 am
once again. again that is out in the area as you u make your way westbound block of 1300 brentwood road.wo road. we'll keep updated if anything y else develops. metro on or close to schedule. check the they are working on an s schedule for the holidayid commute. back to you >> new children's book is makini a whole lot of folks now it's being pulled from stors shelves. holly joins us this morning witw more on what the book is allk is about. what's up holdly.'s >> i think this is a case wheree something just really wasn't w very well thought out. out. >> right. >> i think that's what we're talking about who are.lkab scholastic of course is aurse ia publish cher known for specializing in children's boo books. but its latest offering haserg parents calling for a book bank and it seems now they are getting their a birthday cake for georgeoreo washington about the first president's chef. hercules and his daughter. it's the president's birthday,ia and he asked to bake a cake.a c it sound simple enough, right? , but the chef isn't just a chef. he's slave and critics areriti having a hard time with thehe upbeat images of slaves who are excited to bake a cake for a man
7:51 am
who treats them as property.pert the reality of slave treatment t in found in a story. while we have great respect fors the integrity and scholarship of the author without moret historical background on then evils of slavery the book may m give a false impression of there reality of the lives of slaves and therefore should bend tfore withdrawn. as for the author she's's defending the story saying in ay blog post many of us don't liket to consider this.his. fearing that were he deviate from the narrative constantt cruelty we diminish the horror h of slavery. but if we chose to only focus os those who fit that viewpoint wei run the risk of erase see thoset like chef hercules who were remarkable, talented enough to use every and any skill to theit advantage. book received more than 100eive starry views on it has also set off discussionss on social media and there is also a petition online to ban
7:52 am
it. the statement from the publishrp cher saying it should bet shoul withdrawn from the same people who publish the book in thee bon first place.rst pla >> correct. they obviously didn't have a good vetting system, again, not enough thought put into it, asoi for the author, i see the pointp that she is trying to make. mak in terms of there are stories of slaves who loved their master m and had wonderful relationships. but that's the minority. and that's not the real story oy slavery as we all know. right? >> when you're reading to au'rea young child at this age, they t take things very literally and a think the big point of that it's not painting the correct picturp is very valid. v >> i agree with wit y >> also shows the power ofer o social media. this is not a book that isbooth number one on the best sellerstl list. amazon has it ranked 13,202nd 10 on its list of available books.s >> a part of the like the pamhe net that kids bring home i wouli imagine to buy the scholastic book series. series. >> you hear scholastic book.sti. as a parent those are good boo books.
7:53 am
>> it's been approved.t's >> it's been approved, vettedpp and clearly not vetted enough.. >> nope.>> n holly, thank you.lly, tnk you >> talker for sure. talker for >> the world of professionalfess tennis rocked by major scandal. >> new report accuses dozen ofsn players of rigging matches inchs exchange for cash.exchan the report also claims three thr possible fixed matches tookatcht place at wimbledon.blon the association of tenniss professionals they say theyayhe reject any suggestion of match m fixing and this morning the men's number one player in thern world says he was approached tod fix a match earlier in his in career. care he says he wasn't approached aro directly but through people hego was working with at the time. he was offered $200,000 to throt a match in the first round of a tournament in russia. >> djokovic we're talking aboutt right there.righther interesting. >> why would he lie?hy wou he >> there's no reason why.'sreas >> exactly. >> top of his game so to speakgo right now, but definitely easier to fix matches when you only you have two people involved in avei sport. sport. >> right exactly.>> r >> as opposed to team effort.eaf >> you hope it isn't too bad. with less than a month to go a h before the super bowl the top
7:54 am
4nfl feels are set to square off for their spot. >> the field is set right now afc peyton manning and tom brada will renew their rivalry i thik like 17th or 18th time theyimhe faced each other broncos andncoa patriots battle it out for super bowl tick in the afc that game g will be in denver on the nfc nfc side the game will be in b i carolina the cardinals squaringr off against the carolinaint thei panthers for a spot.or you can watch that game on foxn net next sunday kick off forxt f that is at 6:40. 6 arizona never lost a playoff a p game on their home field.ield >> did you know that.>> did you. no. >> isn't that interesting.ha yeah it's. >> won't be playing at homeplayn again this year either.r eit time to say good morning to ouro facebook fan of the day.f thday it's marie and her adorable daughter. >> aww. i love that picture. pture marie says, they watch fox fox e morning because it gets them going. it's a holiday today. a hiday i'm hoping they're up ory're somebody is letting them know k they're facebook fans of the dt day. we certainly appreciate and lovn that picture, ladies., ladies. for your chance to be tomorrow'o fan, leave a comment belowommenb marie's photo on our facebook
7:55 am well it is time once again e we turn our attention to the one and only tucker barnes for as fr look what's happening outside.nt if you've been outside today, t you're going to feel the second you step out the out door. door >> it's cold out there.. temperatures continue to fall.uu we lost another degree. degre reagan national getting dresseds as we speak 18 degrees.8 degr 15 dulles. bwi marshall 17.arall this is not showing was thehowie winds are doing.nds are do wind chills right now near zeror four to be exact here in washington.washington winds blowing 20 to 30 miles ani hour overnight out of the northh and west this is cold arctic air it is just even with sunshine sn not going to warm up a whole loe today. today. upper 20s for daytime highs. hig so again we want to take theo tk cold very seriously look at the wind chill gaithersburg,sb hagerstown negative numbers toat start your money.stt yo satellite/radar. dry today. upper 20s for actual airtual a temperatures. it will feel like teens with thh wind chill.wi even some single digits out digt there. there. bitterly cold c cold again and then we'll focus on then the system for the end of the week.e and y, we could have a winter storm system i don't want to'tat over sell it at this point as in
7:56 am
couple days away. dayswa we've seen these storms lookheso impressive days out and thenndhe bust. but the potential is there forrf pretty good snow around hered h friday and saturday.friday and . that's weather update.'s weather is back with traffic.rac >> right now 7:56. 7 definitely feels more like ately saturday or sunday morningnday i drive. driv take look at all the green on an the map right there.righ t we're not seeing any slow downsw from alexandria on the inner loop across the wilson bridgen b you're in great shape same storo goes from the springfieldprgf interchange through annandale.a. 66 inbound quiet, 50 inbound inu looking really nice as you makeu your way passed the beltway andw outer loop top of the beltwayay from 95 to georgia.a no congestion as we usually seee this time of morning. morni as you head out in gaithersburg 270 northbound reports of atsf crash by 124 blocking the t shoulder but it's not slowing s traffic down volume right now in very light.very light same story on the southbound side. side. wires are down, however,ever, darnestown road at white groundo road. road detour around that one. one earlier issues dealing with have cleaved ad cleared outweighlear including the stall at baltimore washington parkway.wa if you have an early flight toan catch traffic on the way tohe wo dulles and reagan nationalio
7:57 am
moving just fine on this mlk m holiday. we do have wires down 2700 blocb of mlk, jr. of a southeast.thea we'll let you know when things w get back to normal there. watch for a lot of extra peoplep in the southeast section of theo district today for the mlk parade and walk.k use caution around the area. ar. rolling road closures from 11 confidential till about 3:00. 3 check in with me on twitter att erin fox5 for the latest on on those road closures.. >> i ward season continues lasts night. last night the critic choice thi awards in la. >> health warning for women.rnim what you need to know about oveo the counter birth control. 7:57. 7:57 7:57. 7:57 ♪
7:58 am
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>> this is fox5 news morning. back now at 8:00 a.m. on this monday. it's january 18th, dr. martin luther kin8tg, jr. day. events honor to the civil rightg leader are getting underway thii morning. you can see on the left of yourr screen the mlk memorial on thelt mall of course.. official wreath laying takes place next on the right, the scene at fedne ex field where a stop thep t violence rally in march. mch they're due to begin any minuten now. marchers will head to nearbyy jericho city of praise where a forum begins of begin at noon. good morning to you, i'm yoi allison seymour. seyur >> i'm steve chenevey.'m sve c welcome to fox news morning.s a lot of other events in thents region including several days od service programs and annual mlkk parade in the district starts at
8:01 am
noon today. many of these eventshe e outside. if you plan to participate,tici, please bundle it is cold out there.cold out te we'll get more on the frigid fgi weather from tucker at 8:05. >> temperatures in the means ini the district. >> in connections to thisconn concert not sure if we were juss attendees or if they had anyny more involvement in the plannine or production of it. i but usually they tell us theylth have no trouble with events here at the theater but police wereoe called here last night firstht when there was a large fightgeig outside.
8:02 am
>> there was a mass crowd cominm out of the state theater afterer the show this evening.. and we had officers actually on the scene and then officers offr coming to the scene for the fight. fi and so it was pretty brazen a bn shooting right outside in a large i have no reports of vehicle. vh police chief tells thus officers actually heard the gunshots as t they were coming here to try to deal with that altercation.ercan they can't tell us whether whetr they -- whether it happened anda side and spilled outside orsi o whether outside here in thedeer parking lot area was really where it all sparked and began.n they saw a suspect leaving theea scene but they didn't get a good description of them they say adult mail, splendorenr build, 5-foot eight and wearingw dark clothing much that's aboutt it. it don't know whether he eventualll fled on foot or in a vehicle. ae they were attending to of coursu one victim of the gunshot woundu who was found here in the parking lot area.a. gunshot wound to the shoulder sl taken to inova fairfax hospitala is expected to be okay.e
8:03 am
a few hours after that, they got a call from frederick marylandar police saying two people had h showed up at the emergency roomo there also who had been injuredd in this fight. fig so we're not sure if they wereer gunshot wounds or some othere kind of injuries.. but certainly they are trying ty talk with those folks, develop l information figure out if theyui can get any more suspectus information to put out to folksl they said at this point we don't have any pictures or surveillance walking around.rod i don't see a lot of securityect cameras out here so nothing thag we would obviously know that kna they can pull video from.m maybe perhaps pictures on thes t inside.side this investigation is continuini live in falls church, melanieele alnwick fox5 local n >> mel, thanks. 8:03. on the political front the racet for the democratic nomination nt continues to heat up after a bib debate last night. n candidates faced off in south it it's last debate before the ifot way caucuses. >> fox5's mitt cal reporterte ronica cleary joins us in studiu with with more now.withith
8:04 am
good morning. m >> good morning, guys. it's great to be here.'sat t last night fourth democratich da debate.bate the final debate if you canf u c believe it before the iowaow caucuses and the new hampshirehe primary.imar now, while there were threere people on stage most of that focus was on hillary clinton and bernie sanders with martin marti o'malley not taking muchakin attention away from the twohe front runners.runner now, a major issue we expect tht to hear covered in last night's debate gun roll. rl. clinton has attacked sanders for his roar. here's a bit of the exchange. >> i have supported from day one instant background check to makm certain that people who shouldhl not have guns do not have guns. and that includes people withe criminal backgrounds, people who are mentally unstable. >> i have made it clear based on senator sanders own record thatt he has voted with the nra with the gun lobby numerous times.nuo he voted again the brady bill five times.. he voted for what we call the charleston loophole.ole. >> now, donald trump he has h h
8:05 am
brought up bill clinton's indiscretions of the past back s into the spotlight after hillarr clinton accused the candidate of sexism. in the debate, bernie sanders se was asked about bill clinton's's past. >> it could be that the inevitable candidate for thehe democratic nomination may not be so inevitable today. >> zen health insurance to the states.. >> turning over yours and myrsnd health insurance -- -- >> now, in the he can change,he, i'm not sure we have the right r sound for you hillary clinton cn was nodding while bernie sanders talked about the fact that he ih not going to make bill clinton's sexual inn discretion as part oo this campaign.ampan so here's my question for you.. a big criticism that theci that democrats have received. receive did you even see the debate? d? did you watch it? or was it just too inconvenient it's onve sunday night during holidayiday weekend? do you feel like feele upping enough about theng candidates t eo make yourou decision? let's talk about it t on twitter, you can find me at e ronica back to you guys.ys. >> thanks ron any casm.s ron c.
8:06 am
it is 8:05.> its 8 let's check in with tuckerth tuc barnes and fine out what'ss happening in the world ofg in weather today.roday. because we have things obviousls this weekend we're looking look toward but today, let's not gett too ahead of ourselves. ourselvs >> we got a holiday.>> we goa h. let's enjoy that first mucht m weather wise tough to enjoy a ta whole lost time outdoors muchou it's out's out the people are tweeting me i'm me im taking the dog out for walk. wal we're doing half the normal walw that kind of thing.that it's really really cold. c over into the lows back in thehe teens, but wind chills down neaa zero. okay j. ok >> feels like it, too.eels >> it will feel leak it latereee today. toda so if you are going to be outngb and about for whatever reason,e, taking the dog for walk, goinga for run, going to the peaceo t p walk, you know,. k >> standing out there. s >> raking leaves.taaking a >> getting your bread and milk for the weekend. >> hey, hey. you are non-stop on this today.t 18 in washington.washiton. 17 up in baltimore.altire 20 some place else. els there's your winds gusting north and west at about 20 to 30 milem an hour. h this is why really feels so terribly out there. there. wind chills right around zero z with wind gust of 24 here in
8:07 am
washington. 23 out at dulles please take the cold seriously frost bite thatst kind of thing becomes an issuess when you get -- skin getskin g exposed for any period of time t cold arctic air. air. sunshine plenty of i partly suny dry today and tomorrow.and morro bitterly cold. cold. actual daytime highs hig but the wind chill the wcs wills be in the single digits andigits teens all day.ay coming up, plenty more on thehe weather.athe focus on the on friday saturdayr might be a few snowflakes.nowfle >> just because i care, al justs because i care. >> i'll go around to the all the different bathrooms and get ad a whole bunch.ol >> this may be gold in a few gow days.ys. >> yes. >> check in with erin and get aa look at the roads this morning.. (laughter).(laughter) >> i'll tell you i lived down on 14th street having brunch andncd it was it was beautiful.ut >> yeah. >> i didn't have hat or glovesv and i remembered i need thatd tt stuff.uf >> you need to go to the storetg today.da >> yes, i do. >> if you don't have them form f potential snowstorm moving in on friday tucker more on that, tha you'll want that and perhaps per toilet paper as steve generously
8:08 am
shared. >> if you're waking if you werer mlk day commute 95 northboundoro very rare by route 1 at this t time of morning you see this see quite a traffic.trc occoquan up we're seeing light that's pretty much the theme ofo all our majors around theund district.dirict let's switch it back over for ar look at our map. m green everywhere.n ev i like what i see. 395 inbound through the 14th 14h street bridge problem free. 50 looking good.king no problems in bowie or green or belt. be traffic on the way to bwi,o bwi, reagan and dulles is movingov along without any problems.s we have down wires really windyn start to the monday morning. dry, darnestown road at whiteshi ground road because of again ofa downed wires you they need toy n clear out of the way.r heading for the southeast s section of the district watch dc for rolling road closures csu between 11:00 and 3:00 for piece walk and parade from the 2700 to the 4200 block of mlk, jr. of aa southeast.ast. we'll keep updated thon but a ta lot of extra people heading outi if you want to bundle up, have v some patience to find somee in parking and drive very carefullf because again a lot of pedestrians wham walking aroundm the secondaries in the southease
8:09 am
section of town.ow steve?? >> erin, thanks.n, tha coming up sean penn finallyf speaking out in a new interviewr about his meeting with the mexican drug rd el chapo.ha >> we'll tell you how first ladd michelle obama celebrated herrae birthday this weekend. w michelle obama celebrated herrae birthday this weekend. w back in a moment. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios.
8:10 am
♪ 8:10 right now.ig n the weekend box office rideeid along two becomes the most the m popular movie at the box officec takintaking away from star wars. earned first place this weekend earning $34 million. mil the revenant came in secondn co place taking in $29.5 million..i rounding out the top five, star wars, 13 hours and daddy's home. actor sean penn is openingie up about his time with mexican drug lord el chapo.po. >> the story penn's intervieweri appeared on rolling stonene magazine and in an interview ono 60 minutes he discussed the ware on drugs and des dcribed his h reasoning for meeting el chapo. >> i do what i call experienceie
8:11 am
shall journalism. i don't have to be the one thate reports on the alleged murdersds or the amount of narcotics thata are brought in.roug i go and i spend time in theinhe company of another human being,b which everyone is and i make an observation and too toy paralle that, try to balance that. >> mexico has begun the processo of extraditing el chapo to thepo united states but officials sayf it could be a year before thater happens.pp first lady michelle obamaema enjoying a birthday night out on saturday.tu >> she and president obama dine with friends at a local l restaurant right here in town. two ate at the mexican restaurant.. dough you like oy mel.. >> unfortunately they'rey're nighties disrupt add few folksif who wanted to eat there. the some twitter posts complained cd that the president eating theree made parking impossible.ossi it was so much easier beforee he -- >> try going on a game night.ig happy birthday. b >> coming up, meet the man who m will lead d.c.'s first all malem
8:12 am
public school. >> interesting. live look outside right now on this monday morning much it is i sunny. sunn it looks nice. but it is also 19 degrees in thn district this morning.or wind chills near zero.ea z we'll get update from tucker l: next.! we'll get update from tucker l: next.! it's 8:12. okay! fun's over. aw. aw. ♪ thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk. ♪
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8:14 am
>> looks like a nice day.ks l >> it looks beautiful >> it is.>> it i it's going to be beautiful day.d i mean as far as sunshine.
8:15 am
>> we're all >> yeah. yeah. >> it's great. it's >> it's holiday for many.liy fo they get to relax and drink a nice cup of coffee and hang outg >> that's right. >> we got cuteness.>>got >> we got cuteness.>> we got cu >> we sure do.>> w let's get to it.t to i >> holiday cuteness today. >> what's going on.ha >> that is a real hung rightl ht there.. >> super duper adorable. ara that's time for fox5 first fivef photo of the day. the d this is forest everybody. every. >> hey, forest. >> i love that name. i love that little outfit. >> at the a great name.atame. >> i want to pick him up.ick m >> he looks like he's waving's v high tuck consider i'm watchingg you on tv.v. >> six months old.. >> hi, sweetie. sweie >> you know what -->> you know h >> what does he like to do.e li. >> forest likes to hang out h ot watch football, new york city. t forest likes to sit and play. >> aww.>> a >> while his mom watches us w every morning.evy mo >> for sure cutie. super dupe peer cutie. >> cute little face.e. >> isn't that a sweet a sweet expression?preson? >> he's a hunk.>> he' forest we love your picture.icte to send us your child's picture go to our facebook page fox5x5 d.c. and we'll try get yourour
8:16 am
picture on the air.. >> at home healing with mommy.nm >> we appreciate you watch wigot your mom every morning. wom eve we love it.we li >> let's do the weather.eaer forest, these might be the coldd temperatures you've everat you encountered in your six monthsos of life here on the planet.the . 18 in washington this morning. i please please please take the pe cold seriously limit the petsets exposure outdoors.. don't leave that many outdoors all day. very cold today. daytime highs in the 20s.e his n wind chills right now near zero. look what's happening across ths rest of the country that's what you call arctic outbreak. yeah. i think, upping, i don't d't actually know if talks likeal l that. that's not cold talk. t >> that's what you'll talk by iy you're outside. minus 20 in international falls. these are air lynn miss hasn't been above zero since friday.nce iday it's been days and days of day o negative numbers there. lincoln is minus seven.even arkite air here for the nextor t couple of days much it will bee major player in the end of the e week. high pressure off to our northor
8:17 am
will deliver cold air mid andirm end of the week looks like we'l' get an air of pressure in ourn sweet spot.swee spot. if we get it in the sweet spotpo like the computer models predicting we could have a sizeable winter event friday into saturday. i don't want to ever sell it yet but the potential is there forhr pretty good winter storm. storm where will that rain/snow lineon be. how intense will it be? these t questions are still unanswered so but definitely put it on your radar friday saturday could be o sizeable winter event.ter e >> all righty.>> >> good to know.>> g >> we'll find out morellind oute throughout the week as we get te closer to the polls possiblels i storm day.. >> erin como. co >> i'm using my air quotesy airs today. they're getting tired.e ge >> steve, i think it's a, i probable storm a question of how much exactly.y >> i'm going to go to thehe grocery store and stock up justj in case. cas >> be careful. c you don't want to do it tooo early does i'll run out by thene >> right. rig >> right now 395 on the 395 on e northbound side at duke street s cruising along for the holiday commute.mmut feels more like saturday orike sunday no problems as you come fromome duke street to 14th streettreet
8:18 am beltway quite enjoy conditions i if you are working on mlklk holiday. if you're off, enjoy the day ofo and again tucker will keepill k updated on the potential for big snowfall i might be one the onlo ones excited about it. about it's a weekend that could meann better commute. c switch a look at our maps. aside from that plenty of greenn all over major 66 on the inbound 270 southbound looking o bw parkway 95 nothing but goodug things to say about our majorsuj if you're waking your way out ii gaithersburg, keep in mind an earlieearl 270 boo 124 cleared o the way. move along with much lighterht traffic we have the mlk paradee as well as peace walk so that's the southeast sectionc of the district check with thoso road closures next.ex allison. >> kids are out of school today for the mlkof holiday. plenty of parents in then t district already thinking aheadk to next school year. yr. >> d.c. school lottery underwayd and one new high school due to o open in the fall will fulfill a promise to help black and latino male kids. ks.
8:19 am
bob barnard in northwest for usu just for the guys, right, bob?hb >> reporter: yes, exactlyxa right, steve and allison muchlls it's an interesting and uniquee concept.ncep and according to the founding fd principal of the as yet unnamedn all male public high school, ses to open here in washington next year, recruiting young men to ao apply to this school has been be fairly easy.. >> chancellor and the mayor havh had this initiative going nowatg for the past two years whereea they wanted to increase the graduation rate for young men in the city.the city. and this opportunity came abouto most of the time i've been very hesitant to reallily take allile chance or something but i saw a great opportunity. this is something that's been a dream of mine for the past 10foh years and something i've reallyl been planning for for the future, for my future w thise t opportunity came about i had too take the chance, and so it's is really an opportunity for youngg men to be in an environment that is conducive directly to them,m, and so most of what we will be b
8:20 am
doing would be to make sure tha when the young men leave our doors, they are men of highh character, service of the community, and also young men ym who are academically curious and who are ready to take that am dem mick curiosity to the nexthe level and foster it.veand >> these are young people whongo want to, right, they'll apply tt get into this school, is thatch right?ri >> we are open lottery school, h zone this is open to every young man in the city who's going into the ninth grade next year.ea and so this is, again, this is family that is may be interested, men who may beay b interested in this type ofedn th environment.envi the cull which are that will be built in that school will beschl directly for young men and a that's the exciting part aboutbt it. it it's open to everybody. eveb any and every male in the cityat has an opportunity to be in this school through my school d.c open lottery nootte criteria whatsoever.ts >> what's the thinking,hat's dr. william, in terms of just oj men in the class, no young yng ladies around? what's thes psychology behind that? >> single gender education has been a part of our academic acai
8:21 am
culture for many, many there is a bit of research thata states that young men and youngy women learn differently, and so again we're trying to increase the -- we're trying increase the graduation rate of young men inn this city so this is just one new opportunity to really targer those young men. m and so those hundred 59th9t grade young men coming into ouro school they will have a culture and an instructional climate that is conducive to them, and so they are we do, professionals development is going to bepm centered around single gendergld education particularly youngoung men. men. everything that we do in on thet parts of our professionalroio development is going to bet isne increasing the cultural theultu relevancy so no matter what w demographic a young personhi coming into the school they wilo have an opportunity to 35 and so this is again just a different school, this is another aer opportunity in the city. the this is just to give every youny man and every person in the cite different opportunities and soos this may be conducive for youngg men it may not but those younghe
8:22 am
men that come in, they will have wonderful opportunity because ou culture and the instructionalns practices geared towardsow instructing young men. >> reporter: that schoolt doesn't have a name yet andvee they're not telling us exactly where it will be located but itt will be in northeast washingtong and as you heard doctor ben ben williams say you can apply online through the dcps websiteb we have a much longer interviewi with dr. williams and you can see that listen in on our website and we'll have that up t later this morning. guys.ys >> all right. ryank you very much, we poor it. we poo >> just to be clear we heard b from vie there have been male high hh schools in the past in theast district.district. >> this would be the only oned right now a public schoobel juss for the boys.for thboys >> right. >> we hear you.>> yup. still ahead this morning bigning winners at last night's criticsi choice awards could it a precursor to the oscars. osc a lot of favorites won. w >> did kevin say it's one. same people are winning. winng >> plus, kevin mccarthy take use to the world premier of kung fu panda
8:23 am
we'll hear from the stars of the animated movie next. >> including angelina jolie. yup.
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ good morning.od welcome back. very very cold temperatures.petu i'll get out of the of your way. check our your 18 reagan national. nio 16 dulles. bwi marshall 17.shal 1 very very cold degrees and it'si been very very windy overnight.g continues to be windy. wdy right now we have winds gusting
8:26 am
to 30 miles an hour making itakg feel like 4 degrees these arehea wind chill temperaturespera 4 degrees in washington. washin. just one in frederick one innen two dulles please take the colde seriously today.od taking the dog for a nice long l walk or headed out to the peacea walk here later this morning for the holiday it is going to beoit very very cold this afternoon.. so just not chance to real warm up arc tuck air mass in places e moved in last night you probabll heard your windows rattling astg the winds picked up overnight,rt and it's just going to sito overhead here for the nextor thn couple of days.upf d daytime highs today, with lotsit of sunshine, upper 20s.. big arctic air mass in place and bitter cold with a lot of wind.. the winds will continue to be with us for the next 24 hours.2s there's your seven day forecast. more on the potential stormntl s coming up. up. friday, saturday definitely ania time frame if you'll be here ifo locally keep an eye potential is there for a pretty good snowstorm and/or rain/snow storm depending on you're watching'r from this morning.orni again, friday into saturday still a lot of question marksst we'll talk more about thate
8:27 am
coming up.ming that's weather. erin is back with roads. >> 8:26.>> if you're heading out in calvert ton new accident 95 on the southbound side.sohbou on the ramp to powder mill road. the ramp is still open just uses caution there. aside from that taking wide viev of the district outer loop looking good.okin bw southbound no problems.. bowie looking good and on 50 eastbound speeds in the 60s nots problems on 270 right now.ig n heading out in the southeast s section of the district later today, several street closuresue will take place starting aboutga 11 lasting threw 3:00 in the 3:n afternoon for mlk piece walk anl par ray. r ray. give yourself extra time to getg around there much closures inh e place between the 2700 block and 4200 block of mlk injury of aofa southeast.southeast. make sure you use extra cautionc a lot of pedestrians out andut d about enjoying those events and bundle up.bu it will be a really cold day. d need the hat, gloves, the scarfs and the jacket.acke watch out for a tree down danc danceville road at white groundd road. keep updated with your traffic.f back to you guys.s. >> erin thanks. eri coming up the pill without at a
8:28 am
prescription. what you need to know about over the counter birth control. much more on last night's nht's presidential debate when we check in with fox's bret baier. it's 8:28.:2 we'll talk with him next. it's 8:28.:2 we'll talk with him next. ♪
8:29 am
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8:30 am
>> there's a look what's the happening outside bright sunshine. it's beautiful day as we look al the us capitol dome right now, n but look at the temperature inpu the bottom corner of your screen.en. 18 degrees out. degrees very chilly out that thisth morning.rn the race for the democraticemoci nomination heating up though asg
8:31 am
we are just about two weeks awaa from the iowa caucuses and we're learning new information thisewi morning about the freed t f americans from iran.amican fox's bret baier host of speciaf report joins us this morning non with more. no holidays for bret baier thist morning. always working especially durinn primary season. sso before we get to the debate last night in south carl, let's talks about what's happening in this prison -- i don't know if we kw should call eight prisoner swaps i guess in way it is. >> it is. seven iranians released by theye us provided clemency by the t president in exchange for thexca release of these five americansi by the irania iranians.rani this steve was a dual track t negotiation that apparently wenl on for for 14 months separate of ear yann nuclear deal negotiation and finally got too fruition right before the rig nuclear deal went into effect. c apparently according tongo reporting numerous times hadim stops in which the iranians werw demanding more.g m it finally ended up with the seven being released in exchange
8:32 am
for the five. those families are obviouslyus ecstatic those people are home.m there is some criticism abouttia the way the administration hasin done the president was touting theng whole thing as a package packa yesterday. >> it's interesting curious how many wheels were in motion here. i know it gets tricky in international relations despites the players involved hereveder specifically, but you know evenw the fox news article right nowhw talking about how thehe possibility of not pressingin certain sanctions against iransn and then of course we saw ths eh big dietary pale to iran with ah billion plus in interest. suddenly out these pieces seem e to come together. tog are they directly related? >> well, eventually they are,y you know, it is you're righte three dimensional chesky. one peace moves and another paro of the negotiation moves theoves other way. this nuclear deal iran gets $150 billion. it opens up a lot of doors for the administration claims that t it stops iran from getting to aa nuclear weapon in a short period
8:33 am
of time.ofime. critics doubt that.. but you also have at the same a time these prisoners beingsoners released in exchange for otherso and the u.s. putting newti sanctions on iran for its ballistic missile testing there's a lot happening hereni h with the relationship and the president says in all it is as a good thing for dip employee ma massey and for the us.he >> let's get to the debate route now and 2016.016 obviously democratic debate lass night. last one before what i finstd interesting, brete not necessarily from the debateb but in the latest poll that camt out over the weekend and keep ie mine this is an nbc wall street journal pole that has hillaryt h clinton and bernie sandersbernie beating donald trump much it'srs all over the place when it comea to the race for 2016.01 >> these national polls it's tough at this moment, because we don't have a single vote that tt has been cast as of so all of this was playing was p towards the iowa caucuses andcus new hampshire
8:34 am
this was the last democraticem debate before both of those tse contests. democrats won't have anotherats debate until two days after neww hampshire. and there were really rea interesting exchanges. exchang long gone are the civil c friendship exchanges betweenet hillary clinton and bernieary cl much more sharpened elbows eow of many people, steve, believe that bernie sander has a good a night because he didn't fumbletm the ball and he landed some punches. and his momentum probably willyw continue in the early states. sa >> well that debate continues. i we are debating here with oure w own tucker barnes whether or nor we'll get big snowstorm comingtc up this weekend or not. so you know how that works. here in the nation's capitol. >> i'm listening.. >> intently listening. listenin. >> shopping for milk soon. >> i think right now we're in rw the range it could be 2-inches-e or 2 feet.or 2 so it's just depending how the models work out this i'll let the expert talk.ert thanks, see you tonight on specialtot >> have a good one.oo >> you got it.>> y bret baier special report airs a on fox news channel everynevery evening.. all right. now let's get to tucker. he can fill us in on theus ion
8:35 am
details. >> let's start with today first obviously you got numbers likeom that you got to be concerned coe about.t. 18 in washington.ashing eight in pittsburgh. three -- chicago air temperatures minus 4 degrees.. big stalling air mass arctic aic mass in place and it's not goini budge today.budge daytime highs only in the uppern 20s check out your winds gustins all morning 20 to 30 miles ans n hour.hour 25 in quantico. qntic 22 annapolis.ol 23 dulles.ul cold today.cold tay daytime highs upper 20s. wind chill single digits andit teens this afternoon so pleaseos make sure you dress accordingssg physical you'll be outdoors for any extended period of time. there's your satellite/radar.ted generally clear lots of sunshine to start your y day. lake effect snow machine in full effect this morning with coldmol air on top of the warm legs ands you can see starting to blazetob up. we'll focus on friday saturday r coming up in couple minutes. min i'll show you another weatherea model coming up. very colder conditions windyditn this afternoon and again daytime
8:36 am
high 28. 2 cold tonight.ld tight single digits to 15 here in then plenty more wet coming up look at the storm in just a let's do more traffic with erin. >> beep beep. >> thank you tucker. (laughter).gh >> right now, i can count on yoo for the sudden effects. 8:36. 8:36 volume is light for mlk day aaya lot folks have off work today.k a few accidents you need to be o wear. one on the inner loop over the wilson bridge.lson blocking the shoulder.ulder. it's not slowing you downwing yu caution another 195 southbound in belt beltsville ramp to westboundle powder mill road is affected. ae caution there but you can seeyo 95bw parkway route 1 all movingv along without any issues. new york avenue looking good 505 inbound problem free and then aa you make your way out keep in ki mind we have a downed tree this is south of gaithersburg darnestown road at white groundn road caution through that areatn and southeast second of thea sec district 11 to three cool you'lu see street closures we have thee peace walk and parade today.. rolling road blocks 2700 to 4200 block of mlk, jr. of a southea southeast. bundle if you you're headed outo beautiful day but a cold one.u o
8:37 am
need those extra layers muchxt that's your look at traffic. atc back to you guys. >> erin, thanks. thanks. 8:37 right now on this on ti monday morning. award season in hollywood.seon i the critics choice awards the te latest those awards will lastast night. nigh >> complete list of the winners, plus we'll tell you why that t little guy stole the show. plus we'll tell you why that t little guy stole the show. do you know who he is, steve?
8:38 am
♪ ♪
8:39 am
in hollywood last night theo biggest stars hit the stage ford the 21sthit annual critics choc
8:40 am
awards. >> spotlight was one of the bigo winners last night. taking home three trophiestrhi including the top prize for best picture.ctur. that's one that kevin thought t would win the golden globe for e best picture. mad max furry road the most nominated film. it won best director and they t actually have category for bestf action movie.action m that's a good idea.ood id >> right. rht. >> right? >> other big winners best actora leonardo dicaprio for gruntingot after being attacked by a bear.. best actress brie larson for the room we like her because sheer b came on our show. s best supporting actor sylvester stallone because he actually did a good g job acting in that movie. >> best supporting actress alicia vick candor in the danisa girl. girl nine-year-old jacob itemly won e the best young actor award for his role in room and kevin kin thought he was deserved of and a academy award nomination.ation >> kind of scary role.ol i wonder how they shoot those with little kids.e kid kevin can answer that question i suppose.e his acceptance speech stole thes show. take look.
8:41 am
>> this is super cool. (laughter). (applause). >> this is the best day of my life. life. i first want to say thank to you all the critics who voted for me. it must be a super hard votear v because of all the other great t actors in this category. >> aww. >> >> that it is.>> t >> yes. you see that phrase tracy just made? >> my goodness. super super cute. congratulations to him and allti of the winners.onners >> look at the little hairdo. h >> he's a hollywood star. hollywood award within are in wt now. now. >> coming up the debate over th birth control and whether it whr should be available without a a prescription.cripon what health experts are saying.. >> also kevin speaking of takest us to the world premier of kungu fu panda he actually made stop there on t the red carpet before he went tn the big award show last night. n the red carpet before he went tn the big award show last night. n we'll hear more coming up.
8:42 am
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♪ steve i know did you this dd for me and i want to thank you.y >> you're very welcome. that was years ago, al.ears >> you know how much i love itwu and so i'm sure you requested ie for me right now. >> always. >> thank you. >> i do think of you when ik ofw listen to the original maroon five. five. >> there you go.>> >> love it.>>ove >> what a way -- can we justus hear this. t >> i was so high i did not recognize -- >> the voice of an angel. >> if you say so. say s >> i thought you were talking y about me.ou >> you, too, but --ut >> let's go to the forecast.orat live shot featuring sunshine.un do not be fooled.oo it's cold. >> yeah.>> if you heard the windows
8:45 am
rattling last night, maybe justy me the windows rattling. ratin >> no, they may be.may i heard the wind howl. hl. >> me, too.e, >> that i can say.>> that >> it was like, you know, like e wind storm last night. currently 18 degrees in in washington. 17 in baltimore. in ltim 16 up in frederick.reri 13 in hagerstown. and in martinsburg very very vev cold temperatures here to stayha today. to look at your current wind curren chills. feels like four here in the ci city. one up in frederick earlier thit morning negative wind chills sol obviously you got to take thatet cold very seriously. serious winds will be with us through o the the day gusting awit times , 30 miles an hour. h so arctic air mass in place. p that was the wind last that front blowing through hereh means business today.ay. and even with plenty of sunshinh and dry conditions we'll havee' extremely cold afternoon withrnn highs in the upper 20s. uer so make sure you're ready forou very cold day. cold tonight, cold tomorrow.omro and then we'll set the set stags for what looks to be a winterin weather event around here on friday into the day on saturdaya there's still a lot of questiono marks.
8:46 am
anybody that lived in this area for any period of time noticeim these storms will show up on our computers, and sometimes theyets verify and sometimes they don'to >> which is why i am going on record as rebuffing it rebuk reg it sane no way. w >> you have every right to votev if you don't want it tweeter met and let me know.ant me can we go to the next map? i'mm not quite done >> letting you know. >> let me show you this map.ow a okay.ay this the reason we're concern. n this is one of our computer guidance models trying to givegg us this is what we call the eurr trying to give us a very significant winter event fridayy into saturday right now last time this computer model ranodel 1:00 o'clock in the morning. m another reading around noonoo today driving to give us -- u that's not one to 2-inches.nche that's one to 2 feet of snow fof the eastern corridor.r. obviously you'll want to stayllo tune to the forecast.nefo this does not mean we'll get one to 2 feet of snow. there's still a lot of possiblee scenarios. >> it could change a lot.ul >> i want to say there's generar consensus with our weather wth computer models sizeable winter
8:47 am
storm at the rental of the weekt >> all in it together with ourto friends in baltimore,nds in b philadelphia and new york. so we can get through it, tuck. >> so we'll talk a lot more lot about that this there's your storm friday no saturday. notice cool temperatures thistet weekend very cold today. tod take the cold seriously.. >> the only thing i wouldi w request if you have any ideas ww get closer to these things whene it might start. might start are we talking friday morning, i friday afternoon, friday night.t >> still question right now friday midday intoiddi saturday afternoon.. >> we'll see how things change during the week. >> okay. okay >> gets no energy from me. >> let's check in and head overd to studio b check in withly monthly maureen find out what'sa coming up on good day.oo day >> me, too. >> bitter cold of courseteld potential for significantignica snowstorm this weekend. weend >> we just saw tucker' forecastc ahead on good day d.c. updateses throughout our two hours asou a tucker continues to get newet models in this morning.orng >> also at 9a the finalhein democratic debate before iowa.. so who came up the winner? did? you watch? we have reaction.eao
8:48 am
>> plus we'll go live with w dr. oz to talk about his new his interview with charlie sheen.he ahead the medical issue the iss actor has been avoiding. aidin that will happen at 9:15. 9:1 >> if you have daughter you noty doubt know about this one. o. the american girl dolls are aole must have.e we an american doll fashion shoi >> girls and dolls. gir >> yes. >> and did you watch this asat well? the real housewives of potomac.c premiered last night on bravo and life in the loft on good day at 10a some of the ladies willis join us live.jos li >> it's a good one. one. if you have a question for theme tweet us using #gooddaydc.dayd we'll see in you a couple a cou minutes for good day at 9a. 9 >> we'll see in you a couple ofl minutes. right now 8:48. 8 in today's fox beat, kevinev mccarthy got to spent theo spent weekend out in sunny los angeles and he went to the world premier yesterday of kung fu pandag fu three. he hit the red carpet gone tot o speak witness stars of thehe animated film including angelina jolie one of his favorite actors of all time bryan cranston hereh it
8:49 am
>> playing an animated charactea versus a live actor the difference into getting int the character. character is there any difference at all?t >> much easier and a lot more lm fun. fu >> you go in >> yes. >> i love the dramatic entrancec sequence.sequ. how do you perfect the dramatica entrance.en. how can i perfect the drama entrance walking into analkinton interview room. is there a better way we can walk in dramatically?maca >> well obviously i mean music s is a thing.hi if you had like a little tapee e recorder and you could push your theme music and open the. t >> that could help.>> tt co >> good one for that is what'sha the who song? like a kick theie down -- kick the down. >> yay.y. >> meet the new boy.ew >> yeah exactly. >> perfect entrance music. >> deo could work. wk holy diver or stand up and chow. >> no doubt. dbt ♪ >> i sort of like the thunderhud struck route. like the -- r t >> a cdc. >> that is one of the greatestes riffs ever.riffer >> it's just one -- i know it's a real sports song but when youe
8:50 am
hear that, like i just wantt to --to -- >> ♪ >> i just want to enter.nter >> when we see in you a scenen e where you have all the dumplingl in your mouth, when you have tov voice that -- do you put food in your mouth. >> it helps. yeah.yeah. but you can't -- you have to still be audible, you know, so i talk like this with food in mydm mouth.h. yeah, i did.did. i shoved a bunch of food in myny mouth. and then you have to preventnt yourself from laughing too muchc because it is a silly look. >> right.ight >> and you could actually choke to death, you know f you of -- o you can actually have -- asave a you're trying to breathe and talk, the passageway flips opens for food or for air and, you a, know, you make that mistake andd you're a goner.. >> the movie itself kung fuu panda opens up i think thiss weekend. it went away, al.y,l. the words went away. >> that's okay, steve.te. in today's health watch over the
8:51 am
counter birth control a realitya in some states, and while healta professionals say this givesons women more control over theirr t own reproductive health otherslh say there are a lot of issues tt consider before being able toint buy these pills over the count counter. joining us now as does every eve monday dr. shilpi a physician pn board certified in familyied fm medicine. good to see you.good to see >> good morning.>>ood morning. >> let's talk about this. ts. good or bad, birth control pillp over the counter?? >> really this actually makes m worry a little bit, because evee though it's going to beng available on oregon and later or this year in california, thehe problem with having birth bir control pills over the counterhu available and it's available va through a pharmacist. p you fill out a questionnaire ane then you're given the birth control. contro it's not exactly over the exalyo counter, but it really emy e eliminates that step of goingp g see your health care provider pe and talking about it, and the ad reason i really kind of worriedd about this is because peopleple really need to sit down and have a conversation about kind of kdo what your personal risk arek are because birth control just liket any other medication is really
8:52 am
there's no one size fits all.. there's so many different typest and we have to really consider e what your risk do you have migraines because that can increase your risk ofkf certain adverse have you had blood clots in theo past? do you smoke? are you y over 35? these are all things g that need to be considered conde before just going and getting aa prescription.cription. so i think by eliminating that chat with your health careouheal provider and looking at yourt y risk, it makes it kind oft dangerous.erous. >> which group are you more g concerned about?ned t? >> i'm actually colonel at botho ends of the spectrum.. so women over 35 they need at a tuck because their specific spei risks with their but then also the youngerng generation. i think that parents this is nos going sit well with.t well i mean you may be able to say aa a mother, allison, to young woman, i worry that they don'tht have that conversation withh their doctor. d they may be at risk of otherer things.thin. they may really be missing a log of the responsibility that goesg along with taking this type of medication.cati >> so now it's already in placea in a couple of states oregonre among those states.s. do you have any idea and i knowo maybe this is out of the the
8:53 am
wheelhouse when other states might be able to do this or nott >> it's harder to say but iay b think that they're going to seet how it ends up playing out inyig oregon and california, and then seeing basically what that woulw look like in other states.ta and again, it is going to be covered by insurance so we stile have to take that into tt but i real dollar worry thatwora this could create some problemsl health wise and just, you know, ethically it makes me worry ae y little bit sometimes yearimes exposing people to medicationsio without really sort oft counseling them and helping thee to understand what they'rewhat ' actually taking.tually >> concerns me, too, about a sexually transmit the diseasesnd because the bill does notoes protect from you that.t om y >> it doesn' let's move to very troublingroug report out of france about about clinical trial gone very wrong.g what happened here? >> in this clinical trial, theyi had look at study parents pantss testing out a painkiller activity medication in one off those participants unfortunatele they suffered brain damage andnd then died. dd and it really is worrisome and it kind of speaks to the facttof
8:54 am
that when we hear all of these solicitations for clip trials. >> on the radio.>> >> on the radio, you know, you hear wait loss drug, drug to d help you with sleep, eye i don't know about you i would say signs me up. where can i get involved? but we really have to think tohi critically about what these the trials are looking at and specifically where the trial isi in researching the drug becausec these are phase one trials whicw are early in the research of the drugs and no medication whenionn you're taking it is without ri risk. so understanding the side okaysd really looking into what the the drug is is important and it'st' also important to know these t chill trials are very differentr from other clinical trials say i cancer drug is being testified.. that's a specific sub set ofc s people and so that's a differene situation but when you'reou'r hearing about it on the radiot t it's easy to say iowa want to take that drug but you have toe look at the risks because they're not risk free.'re t ri some people get nausea. nu some people have unfortunatee ue events like this.eventsike th >> very troubling.roling before we lot you go any updated
8:55 am
on the cough medicine recall.l >> 20 it was actually the meshym device for the cough medicineedn not the medicine itself. its >> okay. >> you should be good if you goo have the regular medication you don't need to throw that out.tut but be very careful and kind and of -- >> the dosage.>> the >> remember when we're measurin' the medication for young kids,id be very careful you're gettingoi the right amount. >> right. dr. shilpi, thank you very much let's head over to the loft.yove that's where we find tuckerucr barnes talking about this coldng weather. >> yeah, allison, her ae to stas today. look at our current temperaturee 19 in washington.washinon 18 dulles. bwi marshall just 17 degrees.7 this is not showing the wind thn chills. wind chills right now hanging hi out around zero.d z very very cold.ery co very blustery day t winds out of the north and west gusting at times to about 25 miles an hour and we're going to be looking at justt bone-chilling wind chills later today right around zero thisaroh morning. rnin single different later this afternoon. that's with sunshine so please o take the cold seriously today,a, tonight, tomorrow. tomorrow. there's your seven day forecast, notice today and tomorrowomorw daytime highs only in the upperu 20s and, yes, we are focused on
8:56 am
friday, saturday for possibleble winter weather event much lotsnt of question marks we'll talk an lot more about thimas the next t couple of hours.couple o but potential is there forhe f pretty good snow accumulationsut locally for parts of the area be friday and saturday.y. so we want to keep an eye onny that. that's a look at weather.k i have no idea where i'm going.i i'm going erin with traffic.. >> hello.>> >> it has been very quieter q commute tucker 8:56. 8 that is just because mlk holidal lot of folks off work if you ari heading to work keep in mine at the wilson bridge on the innerhn loop a crash blocking theg shoulder you can still see cantl plenty of green on our map. m no major slow downs thisownsth morning. feels like a weekend commute. ce bw parkway looking good if you have an early morning flight tot catch on the way to bwi no problems heading to reaganng to national or dulles this morningg 95 on the utsoound side out byit powder mill road on the ramp an crash but the ramp is still open aside from that 66 eastboundnd really nice cruising in from irm manassas all the way throughay u fairfax.irfax 95 on the northbound side frombo the okra bon to the beltway b problem here.lem as you header out inside theid e district southeast section keep in mind for the peace parade and the walk today from $11.3.3
8:57 am
rolling road blocks on mlk, jr., of a southeast.ou be prepared for that.repad for h that's your traffic.raic >> celebrations being helds i across the country in memory of dr. martin luther king, jr. lr i including many right here in thr nation's capitol. cit >> we get ready and get real the real housewives of after the break premier laster l night on bravo. b good day at 9a is next. n
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♪ straight ahead, washington's first real winter storm? thosee weekend flurries could beould nothing compared to the snow wew could see by the end of the of e week. plus how long the deep freezeez could last. he has voted with the nra with the gun lobby numerous numu times. he voted against the brady billl five hillary clinton may be thehe democratic front runner during last night's debate she was on o the defense.the dese why the gloves came off. prisoner swap five americane held hostage in iran finally fal freed. freed. thanks to historic deal betweene washington and tehran. tra one of them a washington post reporter.reporter. >> the ball is is the ground and recovered by ware. w >> wild weekend in the nfl from crazy coins to toss an epicpi rematch. we'll have a look at what tohato expect now on championship weekend.we good day at 9aek starts now. ♪ we'll take the freez


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