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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we'll tell about you it. and we'll pull it on our web site as well. we'll start with bit egg cold temperatures prompting area schools to on on eye two-hour dlaixt here are counties. alleghany county, prince william county, loudoun county, clark counts yes, i frederick county in virginia and faulk ear county and ham hire county and harding county and page count county rapahana and warren county schools all these counties under a two-hour delay this morning and you can find the latest school information scrolling at the bottom of your screen and there's a full list on "fox5" >> melanie alnwick live on the scene with the latest, mel, what happened? >> we can tell you was a massive house fire here in prince dorj county. crews are being kept kind after cross the way.
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you can see there looks like brick on bottom and wood frame on the top. you can see there are still crews in their with flashlights look around. we did see forensic investigation team coming in as well. i don't know if that should lead us to think anything or probably standard procedure. i have not seen a massive response like this from fire and rescue not just from prince george county but support vehicles from other counties as well. we know that four occupants were trapped in the home. and they were pulled from the purposing house all critical injuries. also, the fire task force and ems task force were here at well. we're seeing additional units on the scene. we have not been able to get much information yet. i know they're still working to get updates for us why perhaps this fire was so intense and so bad and how it was these four people got trapped. we believe it is two adults and two children and don't have ages yet on that. i can tell you also, that we
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have see what could have been family member or someone who knew the people inside very distraught being comforted by other family members and members of law enforcement here as well. so, definitely a heart-breaking scene. we're hope toling get an update as far as the injuries and how those four people rescued pulled from this burning home are doing at this hour. we'll stay on top this story and bring it to you as we get it. we want to check the other top stories this morning. would woodbridge men accused of trying to join isis will appear in court this morning. joseph hasan farook and mohammedel hasan were in contact with them they thought they had isis ex connections. after arrest on friday neighbors witnessed them searc searching el hasan's house.
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>> if convicted both men could face up to 20 years 234 prison for terrorism charges. iraqi security forces are going house to house in a baghdad neighborhood lookeding for three americans abducted over the weekend. the americans were kidnapped from the home of their interpreter in the southern baghdad neighborhood of dorah it's unclear what they were doing in iraq. developing overnight, a deadly bombing in norm west pakistan kills nearly a dozen people. officials say they targeted a police check point on a road that led to neighboring afghanistan. among the 11 killed, reportedl reportedly, includes police officers, civilians and a child. officials believe the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber and so far no one claimed responsibility. this morning new details out about the final moments in iran "washington post" journalist jason rezaian. he is the bureau chief jailed
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there more than 500 days. iranian officials resist add louing jason's wife and mother to leave with him and then decided to allow his brothers and two others to leave. jay sop's brother is thankful for the "washington post", u.s. government and journalists for raise ago wareness of jason's imprisonment. >> obviously better i have not had a chance to see him wret. i'm hopeful he will be okay and it has not taken too much of a toll on him and he'll be ready to come home soon. >> he sounds good, strong, hopeful, reallyalle together which is great and i think it's going to be work but i think he'll get bert. >> jason told his "washington post" editors that he was held in solitary confinement two months and would get exercise by walking a round an 8 by 8 foot area. they plan to unveil a visual display today in jason's honor. >> in prince george county all
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lanes on on the beltway after an accident between a ambulance and car. take a look at this prince george county fire department says the ambulance was sideswiped by the car inner loop near st. barnabus road exit in oxen hill 8:30 last night. a female driver swiped the ambulance and then overturned and struck a light pole. light pole then toppled and pierce aid separate car unrelated to the accident. the pole went through the roof of that car. and incredibly the driver of the car was able to walk away unscathed. as for the two paramedics they were taken to the hospital with serious but non life-threatening injuries. >> that is a miracle indeed. 4:35 is the time. let's get a check of today's weather. gar yes, i very, very cold out there this morning. >> it's super wind cold. super wind chilly out this morning. wind chill advisory wind chill advisory in effect. not officially for d.c. or prince william or fairfax or prince george, really montgomery, loudoun, frederick,
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all those giza long the i 81 corridor too no north seeks of faulk ear county and places like that. this goes through noon. windy, breezy this morning and then wind gust will kick up more during the early morning hours once the sun comes up, i believe. we'll have win chilled between minus 10 and minus 20. that minus 20 granted is extreme. we may touch that only in ridge tops where the wind is higher. winds gusting here in town, 33 miles an hour. annapolis 22. you see the sustained wind speed, 24 miles an hour here in town. temperature is sitting at 16 degrees. you can imagine with the wind just -- we have a lot of temperatures in here this morning. there we go. there's the wind chill factor. down below zero now that changed in town and you can see below zero frederick and hagerstown as well. lots of sunshine today.
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it stays breezy. temperatures in the 20s. it will never feel like that it feels like teens and single digits all day long. this is the last super cold day. we start warming up tomorrow. erin cuomo in with a look at traffic on this tuesday mornin morning. >> good morning, gary, traffic is moving along long fine as you head to the district. if you wake newspaper any counties dealing with a two hour school delay you may see adjusted rish hour times and traffic lightser this morning than earlier. if you take the bay bridge wind warnings in effect urminging folks to reduce speeds and tractor-trailers reduce speeds and use caution. it's very windy morning there. aside from that active roadwork zona approaching 212. give yourself extra time for that and montgomery county this morning also roadwork, 2 south. we'll keep you posted. that's traffic. back to you guys. the music world is mourning the loss of another legend this morning. glen frey.y passed away sunda
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he was battling intestinal issues for month. his condition got worse over the last few days. fry wrote many tips including desperado and hotel california. he was just 67 years old. >> still ahead the water -- we'll tell you what she is asking for and why the state governor is firing back for one presidential candidate they made for the handling of the ongoing crisis. >> continued back lash over oscar knowledge neighborings as more stars boycott the show. oscar knowledge neighborings as more stars boycott the show. we'll be back after this.
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. 4:41 is the time. the mayor of nript michigan is heading to washington to look at the city water crisis. this is after the water is contaminateed with lead. and during sunday's debate clinton commented if kids in rich suburb of detroit had contaminated watt they're, there would be auction. the governor accused clinton of making this a political issue. more than 1,000 demonstrate he's shut down san francis ki cooakland bay bridge.
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they chained themselves and cars together to form a line reading signs with black health matters. the group is calling for 96 hours of direct action to reclaiming keen's radical legacy. ak victims alleging for increase in health and well-being of all black people in oak land and san francisco. learning more about a utah officer shot and killed over the weekend. new reports officer douglass barny was working over time to pay for cancer treatments. authorities say the incident started with a car crash involving korey henderson and a woman he was with when barny pursued the mana texting to leave the scene he shot him in the head and the officer died hours later at the hospital. >> we're continuing to follow breaking news out of prince george county. several people rescued from a house fire. the latest next. >> honoring civil rights icon how the district remembered martin luther king, jr. there were several events across the area. we'll talk about a few of them. gary. >> really cold out there this
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morning. wind chill values are below zero in sports this morning. we'll tell you how long the wave of cold sticks around. yes, no snow in the forecast but a storm is coming friday and saturday, stay with us, but a storm is coming friday and saturday, stay with us, weather, news, next.
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>> we're back now with breaking news out of prince george county. we've been following this morning this is a live look house fire in maryland. the home is located noll brook drive. four people were rescued from the home, two adults and two children. no word on how the fire started. our melanie alnwick is there on the scene. we'll check in with her at 5:00 for the very latest. and happening now the bitter cold temperatures prompting area schools to on on a two-hour delay this morning. here are counties affected. alleghany, prince william county, loudoun, clark county,
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in virginia, fauquier county, hampshire. hardy, page, rep hanic, shenandoah county schools and warren county schools all those counties under a two hour delay this morning. remember find the latest delays scrolling on bottom of the scene and a full list on >> all right. no doubt about it now, gary mcgrady. it's cold. we're in it. >> i wouldn't per more schools will be added to that over the next hour or so. >> simply because of cold temperatures. >> was that they tell me because it's cold. wind chill values below zero. you have to and kids going to the bus stop. it will be almost as cold. but there will be sunshine. so that makes -- >> psychologically. >> it makes a difference. you see the sunshine as opposed to dark. if you're at the bus stop or going into school and whatnot. listen, i want to touch on this
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real quick and coming up at 5:15 i'll have more detailed analysis of what is going on. here are the main points. you'll probably see this the next couple days. snow begins friday afternoon. it will continue through saturday all right? rain, snow line achallenge. always a challenge up and down i-95 with the big storms and yes there's potential for a major accumulation. and i mean we're several days away here and still seeing a ry, very strong consensus with the modeling that this, indeed, will happen. there will be a storm. super specifics. we probably won't be getting more specific until thursday. maybe wednesday night. because confidence looks pretty good. reagan national 13, bwi 14. temperatures 16 in city. doesn't tell the tale because wind chill values are below zero in some cases taken was below zero for last count washington minus 2 and frederick minus two and there is a wind chill advisory in
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effect until noon. pittsburgh 8, columbus 8, chicago one, detroit 10 and raleigh is 19 this morning. true arctic air in place. look at the snow off the lakes. that happens with the super cold air coming over unfrozen lakes picks up moisture and deposits the snow. there's a clip tort west of us. we'll be watching this. this represents this evening. cold air in place here. breezy. you see the snow coming through the midwest. by tomorrow, 6 p.m. it shows this clipper back to the west of us. but by late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening we'll get flakes coming across. it doesn't look like accumulation just fast flakes coming in here and that holds offer for the commute until tomorrow evening. 15 this morning and breezy at 8 a.m. but school bus and everything will be very, very cold out there at the bus stops and with two our delays that means kids stand at the bus stop 8 a.m., 23 noon, 23 at 6, single digits
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and teens it will feel like all day. not as sguingty as yesterday. here's the specifics. up to 40 by thursday and we get cold again. clouds to snow friday. snow on saturday. we warm up once the nor'easter passes and we'll be breezy on sunday. here's erin cuomo with a look at your tuesday morning traffi traffic. >> the cold, tuesday-morning commute. >> your voice sounds better. tea and honey gary taking advice. >> we're on our way. bundle up. if you are dealing with two hour school delay, just be prepared you'll see more traffic on the road later than typical. the commute into the district looking good. 50 problem free. bottom of beltway cruise ago long, great 295 and 66. keep in mind if you head across the bay bridge and an adrun dell wind warnings in effect. and especially tractor-trailer tractor-trailers. in the district rights now we have construction. also a tree down on the 1500 block of fourth street
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northwest this happened yesterday. that scene cleared. we'll keep up updated. that's a look at traffic. >> erin, thank you very much. time now is 4:50 this morning start of street escape construction project will impact traffic in howard theater wear. vdot is altering traffic from 7 street to florida avenue and work is expected to continue until january 2017. construction include installation of new streetlights, traffic signals and landscape ago long 7 street. over to hawaii there's still no sign of the twelve marines missing since last thursday night. however, rescue crews have found life rafts in the u.s. navy ship now aiding in underwater searches. two helicopters carrying the marines crashed. we know one of the missing marines corporal jardis is brom of haley jardis. >> a family in prince george county is counting blessings
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after a huge tree fell on their house in clinton, maryland, four members of belt family were asleep in beds on one side of the house when the tree crashed down on other side. it happened around 5 a.m. yesterday morning. strong winds set the tree crashing through the house. they thought it was someone trying to break in. >> we heard a crack and break and then i heard the smash. and at that point, you know the house shook. i tried to get my family out as safe as possible. i had a 10-month-old dmawingt there. >> luckily, officials say no one was hurt. turning to politics, donald trump making campaign stop at liberty university where he worked to appeal to evangelical voters. he quote aid bible vurs in speech. but questions around how he introduced the verts. >> i hear this is a major theme right here but two corinthians,
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3:17 that's the whole ball game where this fruit of the lord right where is fruit of the lord is, there is liberty. >> some say trump made a mis-step by taking 2 corinthians instead of saying second. was it a mistake. you decide. tweet us "fox5" d.c. and british parliament deciding whether to ban trump. over his comments on muslims. that petition coming up short. hillary clinton shared her thoughts on martin luther king, jr. day the democratic national candidate joining liv civil right leaders at the north carolina state house. she mentioned gun violence and police brutality and immigration. this is the first they gathered without the confederate flag flying over them. >> bernie saunders spent a day and spoke to a crowd of 5,000
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in birmingham, auditorium. fearly 1,000 people were outside. sanders hop order martin luther king, jr. by discussing his legacy and told a crowd he's running for office because although the country is in a better place than they were 7 years ago the middle class is still disappearing. his legacy and voice very much alive. 48 years after his death. yesterday the world came together to celebrate the life and legacy of martin luther king, jr.. here in our area people celebrated by participating community service projects along the street named for the legendary civil right leader in southeast d.c.. organizers hosted tenth annual peace walk. >> we have to make sure that what we do has meaning, that when we come and gather at event like this that we tallly network with each other and leave going home going to the positive in our neighborhood. >> there was also wreath laying ceremony at the king king
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memorial. >> jada pinket smith and spike lee calling for boycott of the event. she posted online video message of lack of people of color among the nominees. take a look. >> okay it was a facebook message she posted but a minute long lamb entering there were no black nominees and asking people to not go or not watch them. spike lee asked the question how is it possible for the second consecutive year all 20 contenders under the acting category are white? very controversial topic. seems to be gaining momentum. maybe this will have impact on the way they select movies. >> it's a good question. >> very good. >> two years in a row, right. >> meanwhile it's cold. >> it is cold. >> really cold. >> there's no controversy over this. >> no. >> it's just cold. gary. >> yeah, there's no way around it, either, arctic air masses
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settle in. i'm trying to figure out this morning, you guys can weigh in should i snow potential snow fat totals for this storm friday and day. karen is shaking our head she's our floor direct tour guys weigh in. >> no, no. >> people don't hear the word potential. >> but should i should no numbers but color where's we think the heaviest snow may be. >> i like that. yes. >> you like that more? >> yes, that's visually stimulating. >> and we're visual people. >> i know basically i created something yesterday and tucker showed it yesterday morning and i don't know how or where it fwrent there. but -- >> let's do it again and see what happens. >> we'll talk about it more. >> 16 now in up to and 10 in gaithersburg. it's cold. but the wind stayed up overnight. and so this wind chill factor is kind of boups around everywhere. we keep getting updates in town. last time we checked it was minus two in d.c. and now up to
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4. but again it's not a constant thing. it goes up and down with wind. wind gusting earlier in d.c. and gusting now. dulles feels like minus two. there's a wind chill advisory western and northwestern neighborhoods until noon today. breezy all day long. gustier this morning than this afternoon. temperatures warming up top mid to upper 20s. listen, i have to get in with the winds it will feel like teens and single dimming its. it warms up before the storm gets here. we'll talk about that coming up. now it's erin cuomo's turn. >> i'm bracing my steevl what the snow will do to the traffic. >> it's going to be a storm, for sure. >> main concern right now things could change friday evening commute home. >> absolutely. >> but we'll see if that affects it earlier in the day. >> driving is still a big issue. >> we'll keep a close eye on that. as you wake up in town bundle up it's a cold start to us it, bay bridge dealing with wind warnings reduce speeds through anne arrundel and prince george. we have roadwork approaching
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212. notice green. slow it down. columbia pike roadwork 29 south fairfax land road and in addition to that taking a wide view of district commute. you can see all the inbound routes looking nice, crash free on the secondarys. we'll keep you updated with tuesday morning traffic. back to you, witness dom. >> thavrj you erin. coming up at 5 two virginia men accused of supporting isis said to make first court appearance today. >> we'll get the latest from breaking news out of prince george county where several people had to be rescued from a house fire. >> a quick check on the stock market. markets closed to observe serve martin luther king day. futures are back up. martin luther king day. futures are back up. back
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell.
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> back now at 5 a.m. on this fright fully frigid tuesday morning. >> your eyes are not fooling you. temperatures are only in the teens. we'll talk to gary mcgrady. he'll have a full forecast coming up at 5:05. >> there's numerous school delays to tell about you because of subzero wind chills out there. let's take a look n virginia, clark, fauquier, frederick, loudoun and page county schools are delayed two


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